Details Emerge About Yesterday's Bridge Collapse in Florida, Local Toy Stores Thrive as Toys 'R' Us Goes Bust, and CA City Agrees to Pay Couple $2.5 Million For Falsely Accusing Them of Faking a Kidnapping: P.M. Links


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    Local toy stores stand triumphantly atop the rotting corpse that is Toys 'R' Us, reports CNN.

  • Washington man who survived samurai sword attack from jealous girlfriend gives tell-all interview to the Oregonian.
  • The Miami Herald has a good write up of what might have led to yesterday's bridge collapse at Florida International University, which Reason wrote about here.
  • City of Vallejo, California, has agreed to pay $2.5 million to a couple it falsely accused of staging a kidnapping hoax.
  • Vanessa Trump is lawyering up after filing for divorce from current husband, Donald Trump Jr.
  • National Review's David French praises the NRA for endorsing Gun Violence Restraining Orders. Reason criticized these policies here and here.

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  1. Local toy stores stand triumphantly atop the rotting corpse that is Toys ‘R’ Us…

    That backward R looked too Russian.

    1. Those local toy stores best watch out for Amazon P?ime.

      1. This report is very weird. Someone recently wrote that practically all commerce in the US is done with a select few corporations, which is why we need the government to step in and break them up. I think it was some lefty moron.

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    2. Jonathan Davis hardest hit.

    3. Hello.

      Has anyone on Twitter or Facebook blamed Trump yet for the bridge collapse?

      1. Someone pointed out in yesterday’s Links that commenters on HuffPo were blaming Trump within minutes.

        1. It wasn’t the links, it was the thread on the bridge collapse.

          *pushes taped-together glasses up nose*

        2. The standard line seems to be it is Trump’s fault because he is neglecting the infrastructure. The fact that the bridge was brand new seemed not to matter.

          1. The fact that the bridge was brand new seemed not to matter.

            And the fact that construction on college campuses doesn’t actually have anything to do with the Federal Government.

            1. Except according to the article linked, they paid for it.

              1. You don’t expect me to read the articles, do you? Do you think I’m made of time?

                1. Aren’t we all made of time and space and….?

                  1. Poutine, in your case?

                    1. I hate poutine. It’s an abomination.

                    2. Weird. What don’t you like about it? I think it’s pretty good. Like Crispier mashed potatoes.

                    3. How are those things supposed to be crispy under all that gravy? That’s the thing I never got about all these flavored fry messes. Crispiness, under normal circumstances, is a cardinal virtue of french fries; that’s why so many outfits try cheating with various breading abominations.

                      I think I might give poutine a whirl if it were a dip you could wet your fries in. Why couldn’t it be a dip?

                    4. If the pile is big enough then only the top has gravy on it. But I like that stuff anyway.

                    5. Sorry, that’s bogus, try…

            …..kouts.html “ohio student suspended for staying in classroom during walkout”

                    6. Well, I am made of pouts!!! And poots, AND pouting, of the MOST FOUL kind!!!

                      DEAL with it!!!

      2. Now that I’ve RTFA, here’s the salient point:

        “The decision by its contractors to undertake testing while traffic flowed along the busy roadway below will also be scrutinzed.”

        You don’t stress-test a bridge when there is traffic flowing under it. That’s straight-up criminal negligence.

        1. Actually, the loads are so small it is considered absolutely normal and is done all the time.

        2. Actually, the loads are so small it is considered insignificant and it is done all the time.

          1. Well, evidently it actually is significant and never should be done – – – – – – –

    4. [Checks for alt-text]

      Well played, Britches.

    1. School district spokesperson Stacie Raterman said official policy prohibited school officials from leaving Shoemaker unattended in the building for “security reasons,”

      Wait, I thought this was supposed to be some kind of student led protest. Why were the teachers walking out too? Shouldn’t they, you know, teach those who want to be taught?

      1. The kid went to school expecting to learn something instead of being brainwashed into a trained progressive monkey. What a rube.

      2. Sounds to me they dropped the pretense in that district and essentially made it a school field trip. Which is taking it a step further from some of the stuff we’ve been discussing. And, at least as far as I can see, they might actually have been within their legal rights to do this, and punish the kid for not coming along.

        1. Some students showed up in NRA and Pro-2nd shirts and were given written warnings.

          If that was my kid the principal would have gotten that written warning shoved up his ass before I dumped him in a woodchipper.

      3. They were following “no child left behind.”

      4. The non-protesting students had the option of going to a study hall. This kid refused to leave the classroom at all because he considered going to the study hall to be “taking sides”.

        It is reasonable for the school to be reluctant to leave a kid alone in a classroom. What happens if he fucks shit up while he’s in there?

        And if the kid went to a public school expecting to learn, he is deluded.

    2. And this is surprising because?

      Look. Years ago, in a similar vain, a school came up with the stupid idea of asking students to wear Montreal Canadiens attire to, as Puddy used to say, ‘support the team’. Alas, there was one student who didn’t pull for the Habs. She was from Ottawa and was a fan of the Ottawa Senators the team the Canadiens were playing in the playoffs. She refused to wear a Habs jersey and came to school decked out in a Senators top – as proper. The school promptly sent her home.

      Over a stupid fucken hockey game and team.

      The kid didn’t deserve that kind of treatment and thankfully she stuck to her guns.

      1. Did they say it was for her safety? Sounds like an angle they might have used, and probably a convincing one to Canadian parents over the issue of hockey.

        In Scotland it’s probably just straight-up illegal to speak a word about soccer in school. Which also, Scottish parents probably find convincingly prudent.

  2. Reason criticized these policies here and here.

    Give us solutions, Reason!

    1. But the Flynn plea is totally legit. Ken Dopehat White assures me of this.

      1. “[REDACTED] suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one on one meeting,” Strzok told Page. “I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party.”

        WTF is this redacted for? Redacted is apparently a party to conspiracy to commit… obstruction of justice? Bribery? Corruption?

        RICO every-damn-body.

        Oh, and glad to see Reason, as usual, was all over this gross violation of civil right/s…

  3. City of Vallejo, California has agreed to pay $2.5 million to a couple it falsely accused of staging a kidnapping hoax.

    The ultimate ransom demand!

  4. National Review’s David French praises the rotting corpse that is CNN.


  5. Vanessa Trump is lawyering up after filing for divorce from current husband, Donald Trump Jr.

    Probably should have done that before.

    1. Probably just now found out Lionel Hutz is no longer available. Could there be any bigger comedy goldmine than anything involving battling Trump lawyers?

  6. Vanessa Trump is lawyering up after filing for divorce from current husband, Donald Trump Jr.

    What would be interesting is if they didn’t use divorce lawyers.

    1. Assaulting the student is horrible, a crime and incredibly immoral. As for trashing a Walmart, I feel a little more lax about, due to the fact that the equipment necessary to discern a trashed from a non-trashed Walmart is still only a few years old.

    2. Isn’t trashing the local Walmart a weekly pastime for Chicago teens?

      1. And Wal Mart employees.

    3. Those food deserts aren’t going to make themselves.

  7. Healthy mother-daughter relationship found in Oklahoma.

    Past Me wants you to read this to prove that Oklahomans aren’t just cousin-fucking hicks.

    1. You are a sick cruel bastard aren’ you? Why did you have to post that link? Some things cannot be unseen.

    2. What would you call me, this dimension’s future me, and this dimension’s present me having a threesome? I feel like masturbation would be underselling it.

      1. Underwhelming, probably. I’ve been informed that I’m not a good lay.

        1. How many Tonys does it take to form a full circle soul train?

        2. That’s why I should practice with myselves.

      2. My head hurts.

        1. Spent the day giving yourself a Rusty Venture, eh?

    3. There’s no reason beyond squeamishness that this is illegal.

    1. Nothing quite as ironic as calling for gun control while wearing a Molon Labe hoodie.

      1. It’s ironic, duh. As in, please come and get it before someone uses it.

        1. Maybe she thought the Spartans actually wanted the Persians to come and take them,

  8. “Innovations always bring potential ‘failure modes’ that have not been previously experienced.”

    “I’m looking at you, Microsoft.”

  9. The Miami Herald has a good write up of what might have led to yesterday’s bridge collapse at Florida International University, which Reason wrote about here.

    Spoiler alert: they spent less than a day building it and only six hours installing it.

    1. I was going to guess “gravity” as the answer.

    2. When you’re building a suspension bridge, maybe build the suspension part first and the bridge part after.

      1. Well, fine, except that this was not a suspension bridge.

        It was a cable stayed bridge. The concrete truss section that they erected was supposed to be OK for normal construction loads until the towers and the cable stays were installed.

        I am getting tired of explaining that there is a difference between a cable stayed bridge and a suspension bridge both in construction methods and sequencing and design theory.

        So get your fucking self To Da Chippah.

        1. I am getting tired of explaining that there is a difference between a cable stayed bridge and a suspension bridge both in construction methods and sequencing and design theory.

          Kinda like splaining semi-automatic and machine gun?

        2. Please explain the difference so we can bridge our knowledge gap. Otherwise we will have to stay in suspension.

          1. Noice

  10. Vanessa Trump is lawyering up after Washington man who survived samurai sword attack from jealous girlfriend gives tell-all interview.

    The more interesting story nobody wants to talk about.

    1. Venessa Trump attacked someone with a samurai sword? Big, if true.

      1. The bigliest.

      2. Maybe Don Jr. isn’t going give her enough quickenings in the divorce settlement.

  11. Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED
    The Mirror’s 18-month investigation reveals abuse on unprecedented levels. We found:

    Social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s but police took a decade to launch a probe
    Council staff viewed abused and trafficked children as “prostitutes” instead of victims, according to previously unseen files
    Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of “racism”

    1. But Lauren Southern is a threat.

      1. Reason doesn’t like to talk about that terrorist.

        1. Yeh, it’s kinda strange come to think of it You would think a Canadian being preposterously denied entry into the UK under the terrorist law would garner some interest on some level.

          1. Or the American Brittany Pettibone who was held for 3 days and finally banned and expelled from Britain because she was going to interview Tommy Robinson. That might make it worth Reason’s time, if they are concerned with Americans more than Canadians.

            1. I got two words that explain this: cocktail parties.

          2. Look, she was denied entry to the UK, which is OK. It’s not like she was denied entry to the US.

        2. It is almost like their outrage and concern over free speech is selective or something.

          1. Cocktails > Principles

    2. Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds
      …The report found: “Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”…

    3. Nothing to see here. It is just one of those things.



    4. Britain’s Grooming Gang Crisis
      The scale of the street grooming crisis in the UK almost defies belief. Hundreds of girls and young women were raped in the city of Rotherham, and hundreds by similar exploitation rings in Rochdale, Peterborough, Newcastle, Oxford, and Bristol. Now, up to a thousand girls are thought to have been drugged, raped, and beaten in Telford between the 1980s and the 2010s….

      Responses to the crisis are contentious because most of the perpetrators are British Asians; specifically British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Child abuse is not uniquely or largely a problem of particular demographics but grooming gangs ? that is, multiple offenders exploiting women they have met, manipulated, and abused outside their homes ? are 84 percent Asian, and this does not mean Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Indonesian (other perpetrators have been Somali, Romani, Kosovan, Kurdish, and white British.)

      1. Why even call them Asian if it’s not the nations that people think of when they think of Asian.

        1. Because it takes heat off of the usual suspects. Can’t have the local population that is being intentionally replaced coming to realize that the Muslims are an issue, and that since the cops won’t stop them raping their kids, maybe–just maybe something extrajudicial will have to be done.

          1. Straight up advocating a race war now. huh?

            Well, at least we’re finally being race realistic.

        2. In the UK, “Asian” means a person from the Indian subcontinent.

          1. Yeah, whenever I see this complaint it’s a guarantee the person has no idea about the usage of the term in the UK. It’s not the same as in the US. “Asian” in the UK is to “South Asian (Indian subcontinent” as “Asian” is to “East Asian” in the US. There’s no confusion to British people about who is being referred to here.

            1. I guess I was confused then. Why do they specifically disqualify all those nations in the article then?

            2. So…
              How many Indians are in these gangs?

  12. The High Price of Denial
    …On Monday February 26, Merkel gave an interview to the German broadcaster N-TV. In it she finally admitted that there are “no-go areas” in her country: “that is, areas where nobody dares to go.” She continued: “There are such areas and one has to call them by their name and do something about them.” The Chancellor claimed that she favoured a “zero tolerance” attitude towards such places but did not identify where they were. Two days later, her spokesman, Steffen Seibert stressed that “the Chancellor’s words speak for themselves.”…

    …Of course, the upsurge in gang violence, and specifically grenade violence, in Sweden has been covered in other media outlets in recent years. These have pointed out the Swedish police’s often ridiculous ways of addressing this problem. For instance, that Swedish police chief Linda Staaf recently tried to dissuade gangs from using hand-grenades in Sweden by pointing out that grenade-throwing is dangerous because the person who pulls out the pin could “expose themselves to a huge risk.”…

    1. Grenades are timed explosive thrown weapons.


      1. First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.

    2. The weapon of choice in Sweden is the hand grenade. And Reason not only advocates for the same policies that created this problem, they refuse to say a single word about this. Rest assured is someone in Sweden or Germany so much as tossed a rock at a mosque, reason would be all over it. But, they just don’t have the time to discuss mass child rapes and the complete breakdown of law and order in large sections of Europe.

      1. Look, if you weren’t racist, nativist scum then you would realize that the issue is that the white Europeans are too hateful to the immigrants. The only solution is to open the borders and take in more of these people. For the economy.

        1. And food trucks. Don’t forget the delicious food trucks these rape gangs often run.

      2. No, Reason does not advocate for the same policies that created this problem.

        There’s a yuuuuge difference between ‘open-borders’ and ‘multiculturalism’.

        America the melting pot works, Europe the multi-culti doesn’t.

        1. I’ll take a citation where they actively disparage the latter. And it needs to be more than a simple comparison stating that immigrants are isolated in Europe while they’re not in the US. That’s an observation only.

        2. America the melting pot works, Europe the multi-culti doesn’t.

          ^ This.

          It takes about an hour of being in European city to see this.

        3. It’s completely impossible too assimilate people at open borders speeds

        4. Except progressives threw out the melting pot a decade or so ago
          I absolutely agree with you that melting pots work and multiculturalism doesn’t. Another word for multiculturalism could be segregation, btw.
          But when is the last time you heard an open borders advocate speak of America as a melting pot?
          Melting pot means assimilation means having a fundamental culture.
          Well, can’t acknowledge a fundamental American culture if you’re waging a socialist culture war.

      3. Islam is a curse upon the earth.

  13. …which Reason wrote about here.

    Far be it from me to criticize, BUT THAT’S NOT A LINK.


    One of David Brock’s thugs attacked a female spokesperson for the secretary of the Interior.

    1. American Bridge is known for having operatives follow Republican candidates on the campaign trail.

      Republicans should be flattered that they’re important enough to have their own personal stalkers.

  15. “”Washington man who survived samurai sword attack from jealous girlfriend gives tell-all interview to the Oregonian.””

    Is his name Bill?

    1. Guess that five finger exploding heart technique didn’t take.

  16. Vanessa Trump has hired a criminal defense lawyer to represent her in her divorce from President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

    Emphasis added. A-HA!!

    1. She doesn’t need a criminal lawyer. She needs a criminal lawyer.

      1. “A fellow potato-eater! Real name’s McGill; the Jew thing I just do for the homeboys.”

  17. Every year I let myself talked into making a pick I would otherwise not. I planned to not take Arizona but after all the ‘they’re hot’ talk, I figured, sure why not? Momentum could matter.


    1. It hurts me more than it hurts you.

      1. Arizona guy?

        And I just don’t like poutine is all.

        1. Arizona True, U of A graduate. At least ASU can still fuck off.

          1. As an ASU grad, the only consolation I get from my school bowing out in the play-in round is that U of A did an even bigger faceplant.

    2. Zona has screwed me so many times, that I was thinking of taking them this year and opted just to not do a bracket. Couldn’t risk it


    Modern humans had sex with more than just neaderthals. Apparently, early man fucked anything he could catch.

      1. Well, the first iteration of Florida Man was Early Cuyler.

    1. Gives me an idea for a good story for porn.

    2. Fire and Ice anyone? I imagine human and Neanderthal relations to be something akin to Human and Orc relations — but more rapey.

      Seriously, the ancient, ancient world had multiple sentient races; crazy to think about.

      1. Don’t forget the Flores hobbits and the Irish.

    3. One major difference between sexual behavior in humans and chimpanzees is that human females are very sexually selective and chimp females are not. I wonder if Denisovian and Neanderthal females were more like chimps in that way. And a good outlet for human males when they couldn’t get any tail from their own species.

      1. human females are very sexually selective and chimp females are not

        Always had an easier go with the primates, didja Zeb?

        1. I wonder how many IPAs Zeb downs before heading to the zoo to work his pickup lines.

          1. She said you finished the last IPA in the fridge, then went to the zoo.

      2. Chimps are also rapey as HEEEEEEELLLLLL

        1. Yeah, I think he was thinking bonobos. They are very sexual.

          1. No, I think it’s chimps in general. From what I’ve read, females in heat are not selective about who they mate with. Dominant males are only more successful because they chase off rivals.

            I am not a chimp expert. Or even particularly well read. I could be confusing something.

            1. Dominant males are only more successful because they chase off rivals.

              And the rivals will go for it the moment the dominant male turns his back. There’s a great cheating scene in a classic documentary on chimps called People of the Forest. A beta and one of the females go at it behind a tree, and the male backs off every few seconds and looks around like he’s innocently whistling, just in case he gets caught. The female thinks nothing of it. It’s one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.

            2. Orangutans are the worst.


        2. Did you find that out first hand?

          1. He found it out with BOTH hands.

            And his mouth.

            1. They raped his hands?

              1. And his mouth.

          2. If doing some great ape research counts as first hand, then no. But if my dad doing some great ape research and then telling me counts, then yes.

            1. I have a friend who used to work for Jane Goodall. The stories she tells about the intelligence of apes made me think perhaps they shouldn’t be studying us.

      3. Would ^this^ qualify as “slut-shaming” to a member of the SJW species of the contemporary postmodern age?

        1. *Referring to Zeb at 5:06

          “One major difference between sexual behavior in humans and chimpanzees is that human females are very sexually selective and chimp females are not. I wonder if Denisovian and Neanderthal females were more like chimps in that way. And a good outlet for human males when they couldn’t get any tail from their own species.”

    4. As a former ASU Sun Devil, the only satisfaction I got after seeing them get kicked out in the play-in game was the fact that the Pussycats did a bigger tournament faceplant.

      1. I’ll have to just keep on living with the fact that at least Arizona isn’t a diploma mill.

        1. So many U of A students need remedial education it’s hard to reach diploma mill status in the first place.


    Telling the State of California something different about your charitable foundation’s doings than what you told the feds is generally frowned upon in this establishment.

  20. Ed, please come back! Even in my original dimension you never left Reason!

    1. It hurts. And Heaton. Everyone I love leaves me.

      1. Just think of all the love you will get running an H&R RPG campaign.

        1. Yeah, we need to talk about that at some point. We need to see how many people actually will do it, 10 or so said they’re interested. I expect that to actually drop at least by half for people actually willing. If not, we might have to split the group, because 10 is too big for any RPG I know of.

          I guess we can all play Maids RPG, but that might get a little to weird for many here.

          1. West Marches my dudes

            Prolly work for any RPG setting. If you have never seen a Matt Colville video, you’re welcome.

            1. Interesting. I’m leaning towards Pathfinder, DnD, or Shadowrun because they’re a bit easier to run.

      2. It hurts even more because Heaton’s last video was really good.

  21. I feel like Reason has given up on defending free speech. They shamelessly condemn free speech proponents as alt-right without batting an eyelash. I’m sad man, this magazine has done so much for me, I heralded it for years to proggie friends — I held the line during the glibbening.

    Now I feel like Reason dances on command for their mainstream superiors.

    This article turned Reason into cowards.


    1. Doesn’t the fact that Rothbard had to leave mainstream Libertarianism to pursue all of his allegedly racist goals pretty strong evidence that whatever Libertarianism is, it isn’t what Rothbard was? Otherwise, why did Rothbard have to leave?

      These people are fucking morons. They really are.

      1. I am not sure there is such a thing as mainstream libertarianism.

    2. It’s probably true that some of the overlap between libertarians and alt-righters can be explained by their companionship as members of the political fringe.

      “It’s probably true that some of the overlap between lesbians and child molesters can be explained by their companionship as members of the sexual fringe.”

      “It’s probably true that some of the overlap between curlers and mumblety-peg players can be explained by their companionship as members of the sports fringe.”

      1. More lesbians have been child molesters than Libertarians have been members of the alt-Right. But go ahead, keep lumping legitimate political beliefs in with the alt right. That will work out real well for everyone. Instead of making the political beliefs illegitimate, it will just make the alt right legitimate by having it associated with so many reasonable positions.

        1. Somebody should just write up how much overlap there is between the Alt-Right and Bernie Sanders.

          1. A hell of a lot more than there is with Libertarians or really much of anyone on the right.

            1. Pick any two groups, political groups, cultural, racial, economic, and I can find you overlap.

              The thing people don’t want to talk about is the underlying ideas. Those are what differentiate and define different groups. Not that both happen to like hamburgers or something.

              1. Exactly agreeing on something for different reasons doesn’t mean you are alike.

              2. Ok. Uighurs and California surfers.

                1. They both like nice weather. Can’t you see the overlap?

                2. Both like food that is a unleavened bread wrapped around fillings.
                  Both wear hats they think are radical.
                  Both are helpless to the lurid tones of Billy Joel

                  The list continues.

                  1. Both have an intimate relationship with sand.

    3. I love this part

      Rothbard’s eight-point program for toppling these elites included a call to “abolish affirmative action, set aside racial quotas, etc., and point out that the root of such quotas is the entire ‘civil rights’ structure, which tramples on the property rights of every American.” Also in his program was a call for economic nationalism, under the ominous heading “America First.”

      The ominous heading America First. It is ominous for Americans to put their own nation’s interests first. God, I loath these people.

      1. America First means World Last, duh.

    4. Even I have noticed that they shy away from defending a lot of people who are out there defending free speech. I don’t know if it’s editorial policy or just who they have on the free speech beat. They should really have someone who isn’t trying to be cool, like Sullum or someone, cover free speech.

      What the hell is the “alt-right” anyway? Is it just racists, or something else? Some definitions I’ve heard seem like they could include some libertarians. But I really know very little about anyone who calls themselves “alt-right”. I mostly see it as a slur used by leftists against anyone they want to shut up.

      1. The real alt right are people like Richard Spencer Vox Day or whatever the fuck his name is. And they are straight up fascists. They believe in tribalism and that people’s destiny is determined by their race. They totally reject any form of classical liberalism. And really reject capitalism, though they are not bright enough to understand that they are. They claim to believe in capitalism but then turn around and engage in tribalism and think you should only do business with people of your own tribe. That isn’t capitalism. They are all first class shitbag who make up for by being profoundly stupid.

        The fake alt right is anyone on the right the left and douchebag Washington Conservative right doesn’t like. That includes both you and me and all of the people who post on this board sans Tony, Shreek and a few of the left leaners. People keep using alt right as an all purpose slander to delegitimize anyone they don’t like. And all they are doing is giving the real alt right legitimacy by allowing them to be associate3d with reasonable people.

        1. The fake alt right is anyone on the right the left and douchebag Washington Conservative right doesn’t like. That includes both you and me and all of the people who post on this board sans Tony, Shreek and a few of the left leaners.

          This is true. It just galls me how The Washington Post called Reason alt-right sympathetic and they got all huffy about it and then Reason turns around and does the same thing to Lauren Southern or Sargon of Akkad — these people visit, they champion free speech, they thought Libertarians had their backs.

          1. How awesome would it be if Robby showed up one day with the sides of his head shaved?

            1. Pre-op or post-op?

            2. On one hand it would be awesome, but to be sure, skinheads also like short haircuts.

    5. Two words: cocktail parties.

      I imagine most Reason writers aspire to move on to even more prestigious and high-paying media outlets. Free speech is only of interest to people whose speech is being curtailed and censored. Anybody who would defend the right of free speech of the alt-right is icky in the eyes of mainstream media types because the alt-right is icky. Reason writers have good reason to avoid being seen as icky by mainstream journo types.

  22. Hey, can we give some props to Britches? These are some really nice links.

    1. Plus there is alt-text.

      1. That isn’t alt-text, man.

        1. The alt-text says “alt-text.” Britches had to put that in there, otherwise it would have the image source information.

          1. It might as well not even be there then!

            1. He is trolling us, which is an improvement over his usual phlegmatic attitude.

              1. Is this what love feels like?

                1. It is for Tonies, Alternate Universe Me.

                  It is for Tonies.

                  1. Whoa! This is too much!

                    1. Yeah, it’s getting me turned on too.

                    2. You’re turned on? I was accused of being a malignant narcissist on another thread. What do you think this orgy of mes is doing to me?

                    3. I don’t want to assume, but I’m excited to find out.

                  2. Alternate universe? I thought it was like the rainbow spectrum of power rings bearers.

                    1. So, Tony is regular Tony.

                      Red Tony is me. I got sent back in time from the future for being a dick on the internet, and I’m trying to get Past Me to change his ways so I stop being a future dick and don’t get sent back to the past.

                      Yellow Tony is from a universe where the Libertarian Moment? actually happened.

                      So far no other Tonies have been reported. But you never know.

                    2. Green Tony, bearer of an Oan power ring?

        2. It is by Christian’s standards.

  23. Off-topic: Worst Reason troll playoff lineup.

    So, the six divisions held their elections, and here are the results.

    Round 1: annoying-ass lefties: Palin’s Buttplug vs. Robespierre Josef Stalin Pot. Winner: Robespierre Josef Stalin Pot (0-3)
    Round 2: annoying-ass righties: John vs. loveconstitution1972 vs. Sevo vs. Weigel’s Cock Ring. Winner: Weigel’s Cock Ring (1-0-0-1) (decision)
    Round 3: the talented/insane: OpenBordersLiberal-tarian vs. Hank Phillips vs. SIV vs. Eidde. Winner: SIV (0-1-2-0)
    Round 4: the staff: Shikha Dalmia vs. Robby Soave vs. Christian Britschgi. Winner: Shikha (2-2-0-2[write-ins for Ed K.]) (Eidde decision)
    Round 5: annoying-ass know-it-alls: Tony vs. Red Tony vs. Reverend Arthur L. Kirkland. Winner: Tony (4-2-2)
    Round 6: Hihns: Michael Hihn vs. Michael Hihn as a sockpuppet vs. Hihmitators. Winner: Hihmitators (1-0-1) (coin toss)

    And here’s the playoff bracket:

    1: Robespierre Josef Stalin Pot (bye week)
    2: Tony (bye week)
    3: SIV (vs. Hihmitators)
    4: Shikha Dalmia (vs. Weigel’s Cock Ring)
    5: Weigel’s Cock Ring (vs. Shikha Dalmia)
    6: Hihmitators (vs. SIV)

    Playoffs start next week.

    1. I’m glad OBL lost round 3. He’s not creative with his persona nor is he insane.

      1. Yeah. He tries too hard. Just ends up being tiresome.

        1. You are missing the point of OBL. He does absolutely nothing to disguise the fact that he is insincere, just does more and more obvious and over-the-top parodies of progressivism. And not until last night did he fail in his attempt to provoke reactions from people who took him to be a “real” cosmo troll. Even to this moment, commenter for commenter most people probably are at least a little unsure.

          I appreciate him for what he is. Sui generis, not to be compared to the others.

    2. If the final isn’t SIV v. Mikey, I will be disappointed.

      1. But is Mikey Real Mikey, or Pantomime Mikey?

    3. I wish Ed had won, just so we could have consecrated his memory in some way.

      1. You will have to consecrate/desecrate in your own way.

    4. How the hell is agile cyborg not in round 3?!?! You call yourself a real libertarian! Assholes like you ruined Libertopia.

      1. I hate to break the 4th wall but there really needs to be a ‘funniest’ category. Maybe a total hacks one as well. Most reasonable too.

        Fuck them trolls. WHERE DO I FIT IN GOD?!


    Female CEO accused of assaulting and sexually harassing female staffers. Have at it, you sick bastards.

    1. Nice

      1. Wait, is alternate-dimension me bisexual?

        1. Pansexual. To be anything other than that in my home dimension gets you scrutinized and bullied.

      2. The former Defy staffer who accompanied Hoke on the trip also quoted Hoke telling her “she ‘doesn’t usually like blondes, but that I am really hot.'” She also wrote that Hoke said she and her husband “would try to ‘gross each other out'” by imagining a former employee masturbating, and that Hoke was sad she had to share a room on the trip “because she wasn’t able to bring her toys along.” On another occasion, the former employee wrote, Hoke told her “she was ”totally checking [me] out’ and that I have a ‘nice little ass.'”

        1. Nice

        2. Yeah, I agree. Not a big fan of blondes.

        3. “she was ”totally checking [me] out’ and that I have a ‘nice little ass.'”

          Pics or GTFO

    2. Grrrrrowl.

      Cat fight!

    3. This story has it all: Preet Bharara, bisexuality, the Koch bros, corruption, masturbation and #metoo sexual harassment.

      1. Are Preet and the Kochs central to the plot, or do they just have walk-on roles so the ads can say they’re in the movie?

  25. Why is no one freaking out about the latest NRA betrayal and what it means for the already bleak future of gun rights? Come freak with me! You know it’s what I do best.

    1. NRA

      Their commitment to the 2nd Amendment is


  26. Jeffrey Adams Sachs in the Washington Post asks who are you going to believe: Him or your lying eyes?

    “The ‘campus free speech crisis’ is a myth. Here are the facts….

    “Myth #1: Young people in general (and college students in particular) don’t support free speech..

    “In fact, the opposite is true. For nearly 50 years, the General Social Survey (GSS) has asked Americans about their tolerance for offensive speech. Some questions include: Should an anti-American Muslim cleric be permitted to teach in a public school? Should the local library stock books hostile to religion?

    “On almost every question, young people aged 18 to 34 are the most likely to support free speech….

    “…some critics have argued that the GSS is not a reliable measure of young people’s tolerance for offensive speech because some of the kinds of speech it queries (by communists, the anti-religious, etc.) is less likely to be offensive to the young….

    “Myth #2: Universities make students less tolerant of offensive or opposing speech

    “Consider the findings of one recent survey of over 7,000 students from more than 120 schools. After one year of college, a plurality reported improved attitudes toward students holding opposing political views….

    1. “Myth #3: Universities may claim to support free speech, but their actions show otherwise…

      “…The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) reported 35 no-platforming attempts in 2017; out of those, 19 succeeded. In a country with over 4,700 schools, that hardly constitutes a crisis….

      “…The number of universities with restrictive speech codes has been dropping each year for the past decade and is currently at an all-time low….

      “In fact, our speech is often much more restricted off campus than on. Consider the workplace…

      “…in the case of the standard narrative of the “campus free speech crisis,” there’s a good deal less than meets the eye.”

  27. FBI ex-deputy director Andrew McCabe sacked days before retirement

    Haha. YOU’RE FIRED! You get nothing after years of screwing over the Americans people. Good luck at your mall security position.

    1. Man, your president is a dick.

      1. He was fired by Sessions.

      2. Yeah, my heart bleeds for this poor guy. Decades spent dutifully kicking people in cages and he doesn’t even get his nice pension that would exceed the median American income. Terrible, just terrible.

        I think the appropriate civil libertarians’ reaction is: McCabe can go fuck a cactus.

  28. So sad about the victims in the bridge collapse. 🙁

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