White House Days Numbered for H.R. McMaster, Stormy Splits GOP and Democrats, 'Gang Injunctions' Are Bad for Liberty: A.M. Links



    Belief in Stormy Daniels' affair with Donald Trump, and assessments of the morality of it, comes down to strongly partisan lines.

  • National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is allegedly on his way out.
  • A federal judge put a temporary halt to Los Angeles police enforcing civil court orders known as gang injunctions, finding they "impose significant restrictions on plaintiffs' liberty" and are likely unconstitutional.
  • Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee want another special prosecutor appointed, this one to look into how the FBI handled its probe into possible Russia election meddling before the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.
  • Fired New York City Metropolitan Opera director is suing over his firing for alleged sexual misconduct. "Cynically hijacking the good will of the #MeToo movement," the Met general manager Peter Gelb "brazenly seized on these allegations as a pretext to end a longstanding personal campaign to force Levine out of the Met," claims his lawsuit.
  • Here are Americans' favorite sex toys by state.
  • Don't embalm your brain.

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