Gun Control

The National School Walkout Reveals What Students Really Want: Safe Spaces

"It's about keeping people safe."



Students across the country plan to walk out of class at 10:00 a.m. today to protest the government's failure to prevent crimes like the massacre at Parkland by tightening gun laws.

In doing so, the students are providing more evidence that increased safety is indeed the paramount goal of modern millennial and Gen Z political activism. They want to feel comfortable and protected, and they are willing to curtail other people's rights to achieve this.

"It's not Republican or Democrat; it's about keeping people safe," Arielle Geismar, a 16-year-old student from Manhattan, told Vox.

Another student activist, 18-year-old Fiorina Talaba, said, "We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all."*

Perhaps ironically, the administrators at Geismar's school also cited public safety as their top concern, and used it to justify their reticence about the planned walkout:

Arielle Geismar, a 16-year-old junior at the Beacon School in Manhattan, said her school administrators were primarily focused on student safety. "There definitely was pushback in terms of disrupting classes," she said. "But we're going to be loud, and we're not going to apologize for that. I think that's also the point of the walkout. We're going to make ourselves heard whether you want to hear it or not."

Of course Geismar and her fellow activists shouldn't apologize for making themselves heard, being loud, or walking out of class. Nor should their First Amendment rights be curtailed because some overly cautious administrators are concerned about safety. Public safety is frequently used as a pretext for trampling the civil rights of some group or another. Think of racist stop-and-frisk policies, the anti-Muslim bigotry of domestic War on Terror paranoia, or the immigrant purges of the Trump era. Such measures are often justified on grounds of safety, security, and comfort.

Young people would therefore be justified in treating any safety-related abridgments of their rights with skepticism. Yet this post-Parkland student activism seems grounded in the exact same thinking: that we should sacrifice the rights of one group—gun owners—in order to make everybody else feel safer.

Whether doing this would actually make anyone safer is of course the subject of considerable policy debate. But just feeling safe is incredibly important to the current crop of high school and college students, who came of age during a time of increasingly paranoid parenting and hypersensitivity toward harm. Students certainly do deserve literal safety from violence. In many ways, they already have it: Schools are safer than they used to be, and mass shootings are no more common. Unfortunately, these actual, dramatic social gains might seem counterintuitive to kids who live at a time of constant media coverage of murder, terror, and death. And the right caters to these fears by pushing airport-style security, more cops in schools, and metal detectors as reasonable solutions to school shootings, even though there's little reason to believe these ideas work.

One of the main goals of this movement is to raise the legal age to purchase an AR-15 from 18 to 21, so these young activists are sometimes clearly willing to impose limits on their own freedoms as well as other people's. Whatever you think of the gun issue, there's reason to be concerned about just how much freedom the fragile generation would happily give away in order to feel safer—even when they're getting safer already.

CORRECTION: The statement, "We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all," was initially attributed to Geismar, but it was said by Talaba.

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  1. “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.”

    I’ve got some bad news for you.

    1. “No guns” isn’t going to happen overnight. But as someone only a few years older than these high school students, I hope to see a gun-free America happen in my lifetime. It won’t be easy, but after a few decades with a Supreme Court composed entirely of Democrats, we can rethink the absurd idea that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own a gun.

      1. These guns ain’t going nowhere.
        [Kisses biceps]

        1. Hey! Keep your lips to yourself!

        2. *tchk-tchk

      2. Dude, just stop it. This lame shtick is played out.

        1. I made the point in another thread that OBL is just a Chinese room. He parrots the things said by the Left, without truly understanding why they say what they say. To get really good at this, he needs to think like a Leftie and live like them for a while. Is he committed enough to his trolling craft to do so? Will he rise to the challenge? Only time will tell.

          1. Every time I think he’s pushed things too far this time, he gets a whole crowd of people to fall for it just the same. Who the fuck are we to tell him how to parody, when it’s he who obviously knows his audience? Just admit the artist knows his art better than you, and sit back and enjoy the performance.

            1. In B4 OBL lectures me about the importance of preserving government funding of the arts.

            2. Agreed. I like him.

        2. The NRA, which exists to maximize the profits of the gun industry at the expense of public safety, is the most powerful lobby in the country. It owns far too many politicians, and attempts to thwart widely popular, common sense gun safety legislation. #Resisting the NRA is not “lame shtick”; it’s one of the most important duties of any American who cares about people over profit.

          1. “Who controls the British crown,
            who keeps the metric system down?
            We do, we do!”

            1. “Who keeps Atlantis off the maps,
              Who keeps the martians under wraps?
              We do! We do!”

          2. The NRA is not the most powerful lobby in the country.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug posted a link showing that it is. I trust him.

              1. So what are you parodying now? Are you supposed to be parodying open border libertarians, or progressives? Because I don’t think there is a single open borders libertarian that supports gun control.

                1. I think he’s parodying progressives a la Rev. Kirkland, who pretend to be libertarian by just putting libertarian on the end of the descriptors that actually define them.

              2. If you would trust anything that shithole says, you’re as fucking stupid as it is.

              3. Palin’s Buttplug posted a link showing that it is. I trust him.

                Ok, I actually laughed at that one. Bravo.

                1. He just proved what we have all suspected-he is a trollbot. Who else would take PBP seriously?

            2. It might be, but it’s not because of money. It’s because it delivers voters. The 5 million or so in the NRA equate to probably 100 million voters.

              1. This is true Christmas, and I have come to prefer that the left/ progressive element just continue to misunderstand or outright refuse to accept that. That way they can continue to congratulate themselves on 17 minute school walk outs and playing the SJW card on rental car businesses. And then continue to ask why nothing came of those efforts, and repeat blame the NRA and how members of Congress have their “balls in a money clip” and so on.

              2. 2A supporters are far more than just conservatives and libertarians. In WA, I have some very far left friends that are proud owners of handguns, AK-47’s, and the dreaded AR-15.

          3. I thought NPR and Planned Parenthood were right up there as well…can we include them in our #Resisting portfolio? … asking for a friend

          4. The most powerful lobbyist organization is AARP, if you think otherwise mention cut and social security in the same sentence and see how fast you get stomped.

            1. Do you think AARP is more ripped than the farm lobby or the defense contractors? Legitimate question, I don’t know. But the NRA seems like the JV league compared to either.

              1. If you don’t think the Social security Lobby is more powerful than the farm lobby or defense contractors, ask yourself when was the last time you read an editorial criticising, really criticising AARP’s position on anything. When was the last time you read an editorial urging legislators to “stand up” to the Social security Lobby? The Fourth Estate is afraid to even label AARP a “lobby”, let alone question whether what AARP wants is for the common good. The farm lobby, defense contractors, the NRA, you name it, will get editorially raked over the coals on a pretty regular basis, but NO ONE dares take on the Social Security Lobby.

          5. Does it hurt being that ignorant OBL?
            Or is it just normal for a Progressive serf?

            1. Ignorance is bliss for Leftist trolls.

          6. They also obviously get the most bang for the buck.

          7. Hmmmmm, let’s see: The NRA spends about $20 million a year lobbying Congress, virtually all on the Right & Big Pharma, which provides the drugs that makes these young mass shooters even crazier spends about $25 billion a year lobbying pols on BOTH SIDES & bribing Drs. to over prescribe their side-effect laden ineffectual poisons…..Which one is more dangerous to America?

            1. The actual number for the NRA is about $5M

              The number for Big Pharma is about right, though.


              The forum wouldn’t let me post the actual pages because the URL was too long.

        3. I find it amusing; it is good trolling, just the faintest whiff of sarcasm.

          1. Bit of a straw man, though, isn’t it? Here I am posing as a proggy asshole and making arguments you just can’t wait to refute.

      3. Lets just remove THESE kids right to bear arms. And their right to drink. Dont let them drink either. Hell, end their free speech. They are incapable of adulthood.

        1. The National Education Plan since at least the late 80’s.

          1. Looking at the FL HS bitches, I get the argument

        2. Take away their right to free assembly, too. That’ll put a stop to their idiocy.

        3. Just set the age of majority to 19 for everything, to keep it out of the high schools.
          Or better yet, end high school a year or two earlier.

          1. I’m pretty sure the goal is to extend high school by making college free.

        4. Sounds like you mostly want to stop their right to assemble and have free speech…

      4. OBL, you’re a special level of retarded if you think guns will EVER disappear. Newsflash, moron, that horse left the barn a long time ago. With the rise of 3D Printing and computerized milling machines, its categorically IMPOSSIBLE to ban firearms. And, on the off chance asswipes like you intend to outlaw those things (or restrict them), good luck. It won’t stop the manufacture of firearms and will just drive it underground and then the real fun begins when people will make Full Auto rifles since Semi-Auto Rifles are already a felony to possess. Shit-covered peasants living in 3rd World hellholes like Afganistan’s Khyber Pass can make fully functioning copies of every goddamn firearm currently known to exist, WITHOUT modern tools. Its not fucking magic.

        1. Ama-Gi Anarchist|3.14.18 @ 10:16AM|#
          “OBL, you’re a special level of retarded if you think guns will EVER disappear.”
          OBL is a lame attempt at satire; a troll. There is no need to engage OBL, since nothing posted by OBL is sincere in the least.

          1. ^This^

            It boggles my mind how many people still fall for its shit and respond to it.

            1. Heh, I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the sockpuppets and assorted Tony-like asswipes like Buttplug, et al….

              1. Don’t forget Rev. Slaver Fuckhead.

          2. OBL’s only purpose is to prevent libertarians from having any honest discussion among themselves

      5. “No guns” isn’t going to happen at all. And you should continue your education before making such idiotic, thoughtless statements like “the absurd idea that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own a gun.”

      6. Better start eating well, because you have to out-live my pre-teen sons … both of who know their guns, and know their history about what happens to “the people” when they have no guns, and their governments do.

      7. absurd idea that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own a gun.


        But seriously, you must learn the difference btw a prefatory clause and operative clause.

      8. Is this satire?

        1. Very poor satire.

      9. so, you’re going to send people with guns to collect guns from people with guns? seems like a poorly thought out plan…

        1. It worked in New Orleans after Katrina. When the remaining homeowners really needed weapons to defend themselves from roving criminals in an undefended city, the authorities went door to door and tied people up with cable ties and searched their homes and took their property.

          1. Lesson learned. Shoot anyone attempting to disarm you in an emergency. The costume is irrelevant.

      10. ” . . . but after a few decades with a Supreme Court composed entirely of Democrats, we can rethink the absurd idea that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own a gun.”

        Liberaturd !

        Using your logic: The First Amendment: Congress shall make a law respecting an establishment of religion, and that religion should be the religion of Warren Jeffs. An lets get him out of jail. And Congress shall decide who has that ability to exercise freedom of speech and who possess that right. Freedom of the press, Congress will decide which newspapers, electronic media, and public speaking possess the innate right to say whatever they say is the truth.

      11. Don’t feed the troll.

      12. OpenBordersLiberal-tarian –

        you’re a fucking retard. Who is going to go door to door collecting guns? You’re a fucking retard. Will you go door to door in the state of Kentucky asking people for their weapons? I’d give 1,000.00 bucks to see you try to do that.

        fuck off

      13. The Right of the people… Please then explain who are “the People” and who are not “the People”. And please explain why we should not be able to defend ourselves against a state militia or a federal one that means to harm us. Google the “Ludlow Massacre” and read about what am I asking you and tell us how that could never happen again.
        Ludlow is in Colorado as is a site now referred to the Sand Creek Massacre. Sand Creek was an Indian encampment of mostly women and children that the US Cavalry along with others such as Colorado Home Guard raided on an ice-cold morning before residents had woken up, just like a meth raid. Two massacres committed on human beings in the United States by those under the command of a governor and a president.
        And for those who bellow of the dangers we face with Trump in office one would think their anti Second Amendment stance would reverse. But that is the irrational thinking of the anti-people people and ‘irrational’ is not common sense nor should irrational people have a say in anything especially what will affect untold future generations.

      14. At least you are honest. Most anti-gun folks lie and say they don’t want to take anybody’s guns away.

      15. Great satire. Keep it up

    2. Every single fucking argument they make is the exact same fucking argument made at the beginning of prohibition, and the beginning of the War on Drugs, and still as an argument for crackdowns on legal prostitution. All three of those ventures did far more damage than good, and continue to be a huge detriment to society.

      Anybody who points this out or disagrees is labeled a terrorist who wants kids to die, EXACTLY the same rhetoric used by Drug Warriors.

      1. Plus the previous efforts didn’t work to reduce the vice they were supposed to be addressing.

    3. It will be interesting to see how she gets that last gun ban enforcer to give up his gun.

      1. The police don’t count because they’re here to protect us from ourselves.

        1. That’s the worst part of all this bullshit. I might, in some distant future, be ok with the human race saying no to personal firearms. But that would mean fucking EVERYONE. If the police are going to be armed, it is essential the citizenry be armed as well.

    4. “We know what we want from our society: to have less [sic] guns and, at some point, government to have all of them.”

      * fewer

    5. No shit, unless by “society” she means outside America.

    6. No shit, unless by “society” she means outside America.

  2. “It’s not Republican or Democrat; it’s about keeping people safe,” Arielle Geismar, a 16-year-old student from Manhattan, told Vox. “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.”

    It’s okay, Arielle. When i was a child, i had really dumb ideas about the world, too.

    1. My 18 year old sin: I voted for Carter. Lesson learned, but I suppose that is how it must be.

      1. I voted for Gore… Ugh. Actually I think he would have been slightly less damaging to liberty than Bush was, but still. Ugh. It only took a year or so in college to finally understand that Simpson’s skit where Kang and Kodos run for president.

      2. As long as you vote with your feet, that is the vote that counts. The vote at the polls doesn’t mean much.

    2. Example?

      1. Fine. When i was a teenager, i was both a rabid environmentalist AND a McCain supporter.

        1. The first is forgivable and understandable. The second….perhaps you were under the lich’ s spell?

    3. When I talked that way as a child, my Dad would say “people in Hell want ice water, too”.

    4. He also wants a hamster wheel, and a regular change of litter.

    5. given one of the legal arguments as to why it’s cruel and unusual to keep “children” incarcerated for long periods of time based on acts committed, i.e. their brains aren’t full formed sufficiently to make measured mature judgments…why do we entertain their thoughts and opinions about anything other than sex, drugs & rock and roll?

      1. Why doesn’t that apply to school? They’re being locked up their just because of their age.

    6. “It’s not Republican or Democrat”, says the Democrat.

  3. Robby once Walked Out to get fruit sushi.

  4. One of the main goals of this movement is to raise the legal age to purchase an AR-15 from 18 to 21

    A common sense proposal if I’ve ever heard one. 18, 19, and 20 year olds should not be able to buy deadly military style assault weapons. On the other hand, 16 and 17 year olds should have the right to vote.

    1. The only thing I want a 16-year-old’s opinion on is which brand of laundry detergent is tastiest

    2. Then they need to be prohibited from serving in the military; can’t have 18, 19. and 20 years olds “manning” a Ma
      Deuce, now can we?

      1. I think that one Manning traitor was enough.

      2. Let’s staff the military with ex-cons. Anyone serving 10 years or more for a violent sentence can get out if they do 4 in the service without fucking up.

        1. Hasn’t that been tried quite a number of times in various places in the world.? Generally speaking violent criminals don’t make the best disciplined soldiers.

          1. Uh, Dirty Dozen? Ok, so the Telly Savalas psycho ripped a frau, but otherwise they weren’t too bad.

    3. The voting age and the gun carrying age should be the same. With the same background check.

      1. drinking & drugging age?

    4. 20 year olds can be police officers in the state of Florida, yet we can’t trust them to buy guns ( if they are not police officers). Something is wrong with that picture.

  5. “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.”

    Ooopsie. I guess she didn’t get the complete set of talking points, re “nobody is trying to take your guns away”.

    1. Yea, about that “no one is going to take your guns” shit. We recognize gaslighting as sign of sociopathic behavior in people with borderline personality disorders and how they do irreparable psychological damage to the people in their lives. Funny how the fucking gun-grabbers think that gaslighting us ISN’T the same goddamn thing.

    2. That is the good thing coming out of this cause these kids are not seasoned politicians and activists they expose the true goal of the movement. This could end up backfiring for them.

      1. I believe it already has; a bit like Hilda, every time she let the truth slip out she was in a world of shit.

  6. Pathetic. I hate student activism. Why does anyone thing we should listen to a bunch of teenagers about what anything? I suppose for most anti-gun people they are just a convenient prop to promote what they already thought.

    And how about some stories about students who don’t want a whole bunch of new gun laws. I’m sure there are plenty of them out there.

    1. I was wondering something along the same lines. Why should I care if they skip school for 17 minutes? Hell, if it’s a government school they’re really not missing anything.

    2. Tens of thousands of high school students and young adults show up to the March for Life every year, but that’s bad activism and should not be celebrated.

      1. because it changed exactly what? jackshit is what…

    3. And how about some stories about students who don’t want a whole bunch of new gun laws. I’m sure there are plenty of them out there.

      Yeah, like “the news” is going to go to flyover country to get the opinions of kids who grew up hunting and fishing and arene’t afraid of guns. That’s almost as much of a pipe dream as “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.

      1. aren’t*…

        edit sure would be nice

    4. How many millions of high school students are there? I could get a few thousand to walk out of class for anything. The fact that there are ten or even a hundred thousand progressive stooges who want to walk out over GUNS! means jack and shit.

      1. I could get a few thousand to walk out of class for anything

        To quote a local radio DJ this morning:

        “When I was in high school you could have staged a walk out to protest my mom and chocolate chip cookies and I would have been ‘Hell yeah!'”

      2. My 13 year old didn’t want to go today because the administration was making them walk out.

        She said it’s 30 degrees out and I have more important things to do.

        I was all for it but she wants to see her buddies, and who can blame her.

        The reality is that they are sitting ducks once they’re outside in a large group with no cover.

      3. It would have been funny for adults to counter protest with rifles and pistols. Just walking around talking about how great it is to drink, have guns, and drive cars. All the shit adults can do.

    5. “Pathetic. I hate student activism. Why does anyone thing we should listen to a bunch of teenagers about what anything?”

      No kidding. I was an idiot at that age, who wasn’t?

      1. Steven Fucking Hawking, that’s who…oh wait he’s dead…never mind.

        1. What kind of genius dies? Doesn’t sound so smart to me.

  7. Please, Robby, will you finally recognize that the demand for “safe spaces” is simply a rhetorical figleaf for the use of governmental power to deny others their individual liberties, be it the right to speak, listen, publish, read, debate, own handguns, own and use property, or receive due process of law? These students have simply learned the proper vocabulary.

    1. “…hat the demand for “safe spaces” is simply a rhetorical figleaf for the use of governmental power to deny others their individual liberties,..” And that is all it has ever been, correct vocabulary notwithstanding.

      1. And the reply should always be: Fuck off, slaver.

    2. What Number 2 said. And Robby can never admit the truth because he would face social ostracism and an end to whatever career prospects he has.

      1. I’d rather be right with absolutely no career prospects than an idiot shill with many, but that’s just me.

        1. who’s the pretty boy with the microphone in the photo? some aspiring gay model no doubt…

      2. John is that how you got banned from reason? I come across that statement from time to time and just wondering what the red line is with that.

    3. In a society where schoolchildren have to participate in active shooter drills, treating concerns about safety as rhetorical rather than literal is… rhetorical.

  8. Perhaps ironically, the administrators at Geismar’s school also cited public safety as their top concern…

    At least they appear willing to eschew security in favor of their First Amendment rights. (And when I say their First Amendment rights, I do mean their First Amendment rights. I doubt many would trade personal safety for someone else’s rights.)

    1. “I will gladly trade your rights for my security. I will also spend your money on my causes. Why are you resisting?”

    2. Trading one’s personal safety for someone else’s rights is kind of the definition of the American soldier.

      1. Up is down, 1=/=1 in today’s new perfected progressive world.

        Now stop thinking before you have to be repurposed into a statistic.

  9. “We’re going to make ourselves heard whether you want to hear it or not.”

    We hear it all the time. The problem isn’t that we don’t “hear” it; the problem is that the solution you’re proposing is wrong.

    1. My son has a great t-shirt:
      “I would agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

    2. Your solutions have been allowing the bodies to stack up pretty regularly, though.

  10. Robby actually thinks these protests are generated by the students, and not from the teachers.

    1. Soave’s article here makes a good point about the irony of the protesters’ safety/liberty gripes. Won’t you give him that?

      1. And the right caters to these fears by pushing airport-style security, more cops in schools, and metal detectors as reasonable solutions to school shootings, even though there’s little reason to believe these ideas work.


        1. On the other hand, to be sure, it goes without saying.

        2. That was a separate point.

          But, yes, caters is the wrong word there. The right, so much as you can define it these days, is trying to appease those with said fears in order to stave off the pined for abridgement of certain liberties. Judge the nobility of that as you will.

          1. And yet not one mention that it is the left which is the driver of all of this in the first place. In fact the specific quote at the beginning of the piece was ripe for refutation. It IS democrats advocating for this. Instead we get yet another “republicans POUNCE” article.

    2. “You get an extra x% on your final mark if you do y and yell z.” Social engineering at your local re-education mill.

    3. It is being organized and was created by Democrat organizations and grown by the media. The women’s march is the organizer of this (albeit through a branch of it.)
      A short list of their sponsors.
      It’s democrat party activism and they are using children during instruction hours.

      1. Don’t parents get sent to court for taking their kids out of school? Where’s the ‘law’ on this one? It’s now ok for the Democratic party to take kids out of school, give them talking points and parade them in front of cameras?

    4. Robby actually thinks these protests are generated by the students, and not from the teachers.

      It’s not a protest when you do exactly what the entire elite society wants you to do. It’s called being a useful idiot.

      1. You guys are the entire elite of society in charge of keeping things the way they are, though. Pretending otherwise is.. propaganda.

  11. And the right former-Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate caters to these fears by pushing airport-style security, more cops in schools, and metal detectors as reasonable solutions to school shootings, even though there’s little reason to believe these ideas work.


    Robbie, if you like Vox as a source so much why don’t you go work there?

    1. “The right” as Robbie cites from Vox consists of Wayne Allyn Root, Geraldo Rivera, some chick defense technology journalist, and Sean Hannity.

      1. Yogi Bear?

        1. The case for: Sworn enemy of NPS.

          The case against: Picnic basket redistributionist.

  12. Is Donald Trump still literally Hitler? If so, it seems odd to demand that he disarm the populace

    1. People whose political thought consists solely of “four legs good, two legs bad!” don’t think their proposals all the way through.

      1. Dear god you people are insufferable.

        1. “Dear god you people are insufferable.”

          When Tony is confused. Which is often.

          1. Come on, Tony calling anybody else “insufferable” is comedy gold. Or at least comedy bronze. Comedy pig iron, maybe.

        2. What is “insufferable” about wondering why people who think Trump is a “fascist” and Hitler reincarnated want him to disarm the citizens? I likewise wonder why people who hate and fear him so much want to give him complete control of the health care system.

          Does it ever fucking occur to you that the things you’re demanding have consequences? That you can’t count on people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to always be in charge of the dictatorship you so fervently want to set up?

          1. Tony hates that we’re right and he’s insufferable.

        3. Ugh, white people i can’t even! Amirite, Tony?

        4. wait, I thought we were deplorable. Will you make up your fucking mind? I have a t-shirt to pick out!

          1. Bitter clinging, deplorable,irredeemable, and now backward looking. So many frigg’n choices. But from a libertarian perspective I have come to understand that is usually a good thing, and accounts for ratings drops for all things from football games to awards ceremonies.

  13. It’s perfectly reasonable to believe that when feelings are more highly valued than evidence, when reflexiveness is a metric of virtue, and when the ills of society always reside with other people, never oneself, it’s not hyperbole to consider a sort of mass-psychosis on the rise.

    1. is it still true when shit = shinola?

      1. That’s some old timer stuff right there… haven’t heard “he doesn’t know shit from shinola” in years!

        1. How about ass from a hole-in-the-ground?

    2. And to think they will fill jury boxes and judgeships some day.

    3. So, does that mean I’m eligible for disability??

    4. Too late for that insight, it already got Trump elected.

  14. Why is no one talks about the most obvious solution to this issue – card key access? Companies across the US have this type of system but for some unknown reason (not really) this is never mentioned. If you had a card key system that only allowed teachers or school staff to open the doors during the day, it is impossible for anyone to enter the school with the intent to harm others. You have a single entrance that forces visitors to enter the school office and you have the door into the school access controlled as well. There problem solved. Schools are safe and the issue is not about guns. The reality is the issue of school safety is being used as a ploy to impose more restrictive gun laws, period.

    1. Nobody’s ever shot out a lock before, or shot through a door’s window, like, ever.

      1. or shot a teacher for their key card…I mean come on, they even pull out eyeballs for optical recognition scanners.

      2. Shooting off locks is easier said than done. The Parkland shooter initial plan was to shoot at fleeing students from an upstairs window. It was hurricane glass, and he shot 15-20 shots at it, and it didn’t break.

      3. If anyone was to shoot out a lock, you would generally hear it a bit before a person actually gets shot, which means a little more time to do something about it. Of course, some people might just sit there and wonder what that loud BANG was.

        I don’t see this to be a waste of money given all the other crap it’s wasted on.

    2. That is how most schools work these days. I think this one has multiple buildings.

    3. I’ve been saying this for years. Every place I’ve worked in the last 25 years has had card key access. If you forced everyone to use card keys to enter, then if the school administration even got a whiff of a rumor that some current student was going to attack the school, they could disable access for that student. And somebody like Cruz (or any other school shooter) would have had a much tougher time gaining entry.

      In Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ case, they had fire alarms that automatically brought the school out of lockdown, too. So Cruz pulls the fire alarm, and all the doors unlocked. The fix for that li’l bug reportedly was supposed to cost just under a million dollars…and was supposed to be completed in 2016. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that the work hadn’t been done yet, even though the bond money had already been taken from taxpayers.

      Of course, they also had Deputayyy Dumbass, who never entered the school and whose location was unaccounted for during the shooting.

      Restricting guns would have mitigated all of these problems…not at all.

  15. “They want to feel comfortable and protected, and they are willing to curtail other people’s rights to achieve this.”

    Infantile narcissism; the driving force of the left.

    1. Model 3 line and gigafactory halted for “improvements.” But they’re gonna meet production quotas Real Soon Now.

      Also, model 3 owners (all 6 of them) have to pay to get charged at musk’s supercharger stations. Ain’t that a bitch?

      1. NotAnotherSkippy|3.14.18 @ 10:45AM|#
        “Model 3 line and gigafactory halted for “improvements.” But they’re gonna meet production quotas Real Soon Now.”

        ‘Bout the time I can take the Hyperloop 90 minutes from New York to Paris…

    2. It is always sad to see people who are forty-something going on 14. Those people cost us alot of money at the ballot box. It is always evil to see pols feeding that monster instead of dismissing their illogic.

  16. “Students across the country plan to walk out of class at 10:00 a.m. today to protest the government’s failure to prevent crimes like the massacre at Parkland by tightening gun laws.”

    I suspect less than 1% of students across the country participate, which tells us nothing about anything.

    1. But will be #1 in newzycle until next shiny object appears. Who wants more Zika?

  17. I want my money back for all the lost class hours I was forced to pay for.

  18. “It’s not Republican or Democrat; it’s about keeping people safe,” Arielle Geismar, a 16-year-old student from Manhattan, told Vox. “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.”

    Maybe she was out protesting when they covered the Prohibition Era in history class.

  19. “It’s about keeping people safe.”


    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – B. Franklin

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. – T. Jefferson

    Ah. I see.

    1. There you go again. Quoting wealthy white heteronormative cisgendered males who either owned slaves, or willingly engaged in social interaction with those who owned slaves without constantly announcing their personal revulsion to be in the presence of slaveholders. Anything they have to say is automatically dismissed as unworthy of attention.

  20. If the left was serious about getting rid of guns they could start with the government’s guns. If they do that I really would give serious consideration to repealing the 2nd amendment. Not until then though. It’s quite obvious that they don’t really want to get rid of guns. They just want the government to have a monopoly on them so it can act unchecked.

  21. “It’s not Republican or Democrat; it’s about keeping people safe,” Arielle Geismar, a 16-year-old student from Manhattan, told Vox. “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.

    1) You know nothing and are advocating violation of individual rights because you know nothing. 2) Even with the constitutional problem aside, guns are never ever going away. It would behoove you to become familiar with them so that you refrain from being a hoplophobe and are better equipped to be an upstanding American citizen.

  22. “Anti-Muslim bigotry of domestic war on terrorism paranoia”

    Lol, what nonsense.

    It’s not bigoted to be opposed to a belief system which promotes terrorism and the persecution, even genocide, of non-Muslims. There is literally a genocidal ethnic cleansing being perpetrated in the Middle East against non-Muslims and this is the kind of nonsense spouted here. Can we just stop with this illiberal pc nonsense? At least, he didn’t use the term “Islamophobia”? Much like Naziphobia, it’s a completely rational phobia.

    1. Actually, I was understating my case. Islam doesn’t just persecute non-Muslims but also women and non-heterosexuals. Alternate sexuality is punishable by death and women are literally treated like animals in Islam. Islam itself is one heaping pile of bigotry and misogyny.

      1. So, what you’re saying is it’s diverse, right?

        1. I thought it was peaceful. I can’t keep up.

  23. “Nor should their First Amendment rights be curtailed because some overly cautious administrators are concerned about safety.”

    You haven’t established whether walking out of class is a First Amendment right.

    If it is, what are the limits of that right, assuming there are any? Can you walk out of algebra class if the questions get too hard?

    1. It is your right to do that, yes. People have the right to spend their time as they choose. The government wouldn’t allow it though.

    2. Worse things could happen than the televangelists trying to repeal the 14th Amendment (so they can shoot clinic doctors) and devout communists trying to repeal the Second Amendment (so only taxmen and dry killers have guns). These are non-deliverables to whip morons into a foaming frenzy against each other. The backdrop is perfect for LP candidates to convince additional voters to abandon aggression as their Final Solution and turn to spoiler votes instead.

  24. If they want to be so safe, why don’t they just go to prison? Few things safer than being locked in a cage with your basic needs provided for.

    Kids are stupid, don’t know much and are easily manipulated by cynical adults. Let me get my surprised face. The worst offenders in any bloody revolution, be it the French, the Russian, China, Nazi Germany or wherever are always young adults. They don’t have fully formed morals and are just smart enough to be dangerous about most things. They make perfect fanatics.

    1. Perfect Fanatics – form this band immediately!

    2. Little red books replaced with little black and silver boxes with screens and screens of blue check marks. What could go wrong?

    3. John, you have been on a roll lately with good comments.

        1. Ken was getting bogged down with all the lefty trolls trolling his comments. He is only one man after all.

          Split the burden as they say.

    4. Bingo. That is why communist societies are always a cult of youth. Cheap places to give birth, but they take it on the backend: grandma and grandpa are disposable after they can’t work. They get multivitamins for lymphatic cancer and are told to go home.

  25. “Fragile generation”?

    Robby, you do know that most folks that would use that term would include you in it, right?

    1. More like Fragile X generation, amiright?

      1. Too similar to Generation X, who precede the Millennials.

        1. Good point. But you find a better way to call them retarded, hmm?

          1. Gen Retard?

          2. stupid fucking brain damaged idiot children for the win!

            1. Bill Cosby was right when he called his kids brain damaged.

          3. Generally speaking, if I find the need to “call [someone] retarded”, I find the most effective method is to simply quote what they’ve said.

            That said, I also don’t find it effective to slander an entire generation.

    2. BURN

      1. Yes, that is what Robby was trying to do by dissing (his own) generation.

  26. Gotta make the most of those American-made kegs while they can.

  27. Oh, come on, they’re school students. The walkout doesn’t show what they want, it shows what their teachers want.

    You don’t think the kids organized it, do you? Please tell me you’re not that gullible.

    1. At least 70% of them can’t even plan out their lunch for the school day before they leave.

    2. At least 70% of them can’t even plan out their lunch for the school day before they leave.

      1. And from what the second most recent moral panic, before the latest gun outage, tells me, many of them are eating Tide Pods instead of food.

        1. Tide Pods do not taste so bad if you wash them down with a nice refreshing Four Loko and vape some bath salts. Joe Camel taught me that.

          1. Or did I hear it on a Twisted Sister album?

          2. If you’re not butt-chugging that Four Loko, you’re doing it wrong.

    3. The problem will come when some students walkout for a non-teacher-approved purpose (Students Against Abortion!).

      If those students get disciplined, they will claim discrimination because students were allowed to walk out for a lefty cause, so why not for a “right wing” cause?

      1. Good luck having a writer at Reason take kid gloves to those protests or even defending their right to protest. Neoliberalism doesn’t play that game.

        1. I really wish Christians would organize a national student walkout over abortion. Watching Reason suddenly decide that rules are rules and how dare these kids to break them would be very entertaining. And you know they would. They would give some “well sure they have the right to their beliefs but that doesn’t give them the right to leave class and expect not to be punished” BS.

          1. Even more would be kids walking out of school to get the government out of the marriage business, so gay marriage would not longer be something that government mandated.

            Reason would flip their tune.

    4. Or it shows that they don’t want to attend class. If they can skip in a way that earns praise from their woke teachers, who is going to pass that up?

      1. Heh, in many cases it’s just earning praise from the cute guy or girl who sits two chairs over in 2nd hour history.

    5. Read a quote on a news feed that mentioned that the walk out is organized by the group who put on the women’s march, the one with the little kitty cat hats.

      1. That’s not good news. Should the secret service be concerned about this group too?

    6. If students organized this then they’ve had it in them to organize all along. If they’ve had that in them all alomg, we most certainly would have seen walkouts over Her Majesty Obama’s lunch programs. But we didn’t. That invalidates the hypotheses that these kids were capable of staging a walkout. That leaves us with “someone else” staged the walkout. Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

  28. Please.

    Where are the dumpster fires?

    1. No matches. They’re unsafe too.

  29. This is a witch hunt against autistic kids, which will only worsen the problem with ‘early intervention and treatment’ which only creates more psychopaths. Also, parents will use this as an excuse to homeschool, which is another contributor to these school shooting. The problem will get worse before it gets better.

    1. If we need interventions, it is for the pre-schizophrenic. You can often identify them by their espousal of progressive pie-in-the-sky logic that fails probative questions inside of 60 seconds, then rewinds to spew more of the same [with anger directed to those questioning their myopia] when unable to deflect.

  30. As absurd as their gun control argument is, it’s not unreasonable for children to feel afraid when the media has whipped society into a frenzy. And when you also consider that compulsory education laws require many of them to be there literally by threat of imprisonment, then they’re OWED safe spaces. (the far simpler solution, of course, is to end compulsory education, but since that isn’t going away anytime soon…)

    1. Their parents are ordered to furnish their kids with an education – they can meet that obligation most cheaply in a public school (or if they’re fortunate, a good charter school), or they can cough up some dough (or sacrifice some opportunity costs) and provide private education or homeschooling.

      So I guess you’d say “the poor are hardest hit.”

    2. This is interesting — you rarely find a goober willing to advocate for ignorance in public.

      Thanks, JSIJ, for being open about it. Most people who think that way are unwilling to admit it.

      1. Fuck off, slaver.

        1. Hi, Finrod.

          Enjoy the next 50 years. Which should resemble the most recent 50 years — my preferences prevail, and are shoved down the throats of the backward and bigoted, ideally sideways.


          1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|3.14.18 @ 6:05PM|#

            Hi, asshole!
            I’m sure you’re hoping for Venezuela North. You could save us the grief and move there.

      2. Ignorance? You mean freedom from imprisonment. You know, like an actual libertarian?

      3. As an educator by profession, that’s obviously not what I’m advocating for. But I do advocate for innovation in education, which tends to only be embraced by people who acknowledge that schooling is but only one model of education, and that government schooling is but only one model of that.

        1. First politicians make government schools within walking distance into collaborators providing pretext for asset forfeiture and the death sentence for plant leaves. Soon these same collaborationist schools are shot up by kids–possibly pissed off at some paid informants or enforcers of victimless crime usurpations. Governments then proceed to transubstantiate their schools into “gun-free” brain laundries. Now that that is failing, they decide the Second Amendment is to blame. “That’s logic,” said Tweedledee.
          ‘I was thinking,’ Alice said politely, ‘which is the best way out of this initiation of force: it’s getting so dark. Would you tell me, please?’

      4. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|3.14.18 @ 12:42PM|#
        “This is interesting — you rarely find a goober willing to advocate for ignorance in public.”

        OTOH, we have lefty assholes demonstrating their ignorance daily; glad you showed up to prove it.

  31. how long until people start to demand to be locked in a room with a computer and food delivered by driver less cars and paid for by universal monthly stipend?

    1. You got some details wrong, but you’re pretty close to retirement and nursing homes.

    2. oops. John already made this same point above and I had not read through all the comments yet…

    3. About 15 years. We are alarmingly close to becoming Greece.

  32. My 14 yo cousin doesn’t really want to do this, but he’s doing it because of the social pressure…

    1. My 15 year old son doesn’t want to do it so he was (before he got the flu) planning on leading the counter protest. Couldn’t decide between a sign saying ‘The 2nd Amendment is more important than your feelings’ or ‘The Sutherland Springs shooter was stopped by an AR-15’.

      1. The solution: make a two-sided sign.

      2. “Fuck your feelings” is always a winner, too

  33. And people who say public schools are turning out activists are called “crazy.”

  34. And people who say public schools are turning out activists are called “crazy.”

    1. The exact technical term for a school funded at gunpoint by taxes and owned and operated by and for government bureaucrats and politicians is a… (Now let’s not see the same hands EVERY time!) If you said GOVERNMENT SCHOOL you get to stay after class and clean the erasers.

    2. With charter schools and vouchers you also have the taxes at gunpoint govm’t school argument. If Betsey gets her way we’ll soon have religious schools funded by your taxes too.

  35. The Children’s Crusade, 1212, bands of children marching to Italy, and children being sold into slavery many children were tricked by merchants and sailed over to what they thought were the holy lands but actually turned out to be slave markets.

    Useful Idots Then !

    At the AFT site called “Share My Lesson,” teachers are encouraged to use a classroom activity to “share students’ solutions to gun violence.” The article on which the lesson plan is based is a PBS opinion piece that promotes gun control and views the NRA as an organization that “has silenced our government.”


    1. Spot on ridicule of certified imbeciles. But I do find a use for the AFT [and the California Teachers Association]: their voter guidance is bankably wrong. I’m always happy to receive their recommendations so I can vote against them – there is almost no need to read the ballot initiative or check a candidates party status once they weigh in.

  36. These kids know they’re being useful idiots for the clowns that run the “Women’s March”, right?

    1. Is that Bloomberg? I know he’s funded Everytown and Moms demand action. Is he also funding this?

    2. Hey! Izzat any way to dismiss the useful idealism of the Bund deutscher amerikaner Arbeiterjugend? This is what they learnt in government schule. Today would be a good day to ask such a kid to divide 355 by 113. We would at least see if econazi schooling includes long division.

  37. It’s a shame that an ostensibly libertarian site has been overrun by right-wing authoritarians.

    I guess the losers are running out of places to congregate and swap defiant declaration about standing up for bigotry and backwardness, so they slip into silly libertarian drag and come here to masquerade as something other than backwater Republicans.

    Carry on, clingers.

    1. Fuck off, slaver.

    2. Get some new material, this shit is tired and I’ve only been commenting for a month.

    3. Right-wing means religious, btw.

    4. Thats an absurd analysis. When we have a trifecta of failure: federal, state and local, what is left but our rights? Clearly, they have never been more important, and the real question is… why are teachers being stripped of theirs [like convicted felons] on account of them going to college and getting a teaching degree? Helping kids is evil? You’re parked on the wrong side of the looking glass “rev.” – it’s a bitter place strewn with failure and no hope. Hope you make it back…

    5. You tell ’em! Fight authoritarianism by demanding people put their lives in the hands of the authorities.

      Nothing says anti-authoritarian like supporting more laws and sending police to go door to door to seize contraband. Fight the power!

  38. What about the rights of conservative students to not feel “othered” by their pro-gun control peers walking out of class? Isn’t that a first order microaggression?

    1. Didn’t you know? Only leftists have rights.

    2. You’re just not “woke” enough.

    3. Stop using leftist terminology CE: it legitimizes it. The ‘anti-gunners’ can’t think, and what they are actually screaming for is to maintain our schools as Criminal Enterprise Zones so the shootings can continue. That makes them mildly psychotic, and I would label them as Preemptive Euthanasian Advocates… aka: oven stuffers. They don’t simply have no understanding of freedom, they hate it, lacking only the brown shirts to certify their descent into sub-human worm status. The term ‘microaggresion’ is a fraud and a ruse – do not send your son or daughter to any university that has adopted it in any of their policies, as it is a certification that you should not merely pay no tuition, but demand damages for class attendance.

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  40. No guns at all sounds OK, provided that begins with no guns for the FBI, DEA, TSA, CIA, ICE, DHS, ATF (the one that murdered over 50 people in Waco trying to collect a gun regulation tax)… Or is the child thinking of a role in a remake of Schindler’s List?

    1. Then Kang and Kodos come and enslave us all because we have no guns to fight back.

    2. Add all police departments to your list Hank

      1. Those aren’t federal. But the Second Amendment specifically mentions a Free State, and state militias were what volunteered to throttle the Accursed Spaniard in 1898.

  41. Got an alert text yesterday that a school resource officer’s gun accidently discharged at the local middle school. No doubt the progs will use this as another “school gun violence” statistic.

    1. You are correct. Discharged weapons on or near school campus are chalked up as a “school shooting” without any qualitative analysis attempted.

  42. My son who is in second grade participated in this nonsense today-think my wife encouraged him while I kept quiet. She sent me a photo of him with a big grin on his face, so I think he was excited for the opportunity to get out of school for 17 minutes and maybe even be on TV. I wish he hadn’t done it, but I wasn’t going to tell him no. My mom dragged me to some hippy-dippy marches when I was a kid, and maybe that’s why I am a libertarian now.

    1. Sayeth the “libertarian” stumping for government brainwashing schools at the debate with the Spartacist communists.

  43. Young, dumb and all that aside, places “without guns” do exist [effectively], and Boko Haram waltzes in to kidnap schoolgirls at will. No thanks, but we can’t live there – even if they did find a way to give to the Clinton Foundation.

  44. I don’t understand why the GOP isn’t pushing the end of the current public school system as the solution to school shootings.

    Get rid of the mega-schools and the problem goes away if for no other reason you aren’t going to have a crazy kid go ignored when your school only has a classroom or two’s worth of kids in it.

  45. It seems to me that “rais[ing] the legal age to purchase an AR-15 from 18 to 21” would almost certainly be unconstitutional, as the NRA appropriately alleged in its recent Florida lawsuit (

    “[T]o preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them,” the Federal Farmer wrote during the debates over Constitutional ratification ( Indeed, in the Founding era many individuals aged 18-20 were required to own arms for militia service

    This idea of 18-20 year-old individuals being adults has carried over to the modern day. They have the right to vote, and may be drafted into military service for their country. It is thus indisputable that nearly all such individuals are a part of “the people” (the American political community), whose right the Second Amendment protects.

    To be sure, the Florida law does not per se ban the keeping or bearing (carrying) of arms. But consider how toothless, say, the First Amendment would be if the government could prevent the purchase of newspaper ink or WiFi access. Being prohibited from purchasing a gun makes it much more difficult to keep and/or bear one. So even if the Second Amendment’s letter does not cover the right to purchase firearms, its spirit may.

    1. I made this exact same argument with a lefty. I don’t necessarily know that the age restriction on long guns should be constitutional, but it does seem like something that should be questioned on constitutional grounds.

  46. “Public safety is frequently used as a pretext for trampling the civil rights of some group or another.”

    How ironic. I wonder if they realize that the right to bear arms is a civil right too.

  47. I’ve basically just let this take its course. I find debate with most gun control advocates useless, and despite what they say, contrary to what they really want. But if I had one wish in all of this, I’d like to ask politely that the media do its damn job and not keep giving these kids a platform to speak without challenging them. I don’t mind them speaking up, but anyone who allows for high school students to be leaders of a movement that could change the legislative landscape without wondering if they really have a clue isn’t being very serious in the first place. It would be enough that they were high school students who have been thru a terrible ordeal, which should be two huge red flags, but given some of the things they’ve said, it’s malpractice not to ask them a few penetrating questions at least.

  48. “The National School Walkout Reveals What Students Really Want: Safe Spaces”

    Uh no, that’s not what it revealed. It revealed that statists are prepared to jump on any tragedy and experts at organizing and manipulating emotional responses for maximum camera impact.

    1. The National School Walkout was conceived and organized by Women’s March and other related groups. This is all out in the open, see:…..ol-walkout

      1. Note that link was the top result in Google before today, but is page 2 now that the event has had the desired effect, giving the news and pseudo-news (Huffpo, I’m looking at you) organizations photos and reports just like Reason’s here: the poor kids just want safe spaces free of scary guns.

  49. Big news- kids don’t want to be shot. Surprising for sure.

  50. “immigrant purges of the Trump era” Really? You have to be kidding.

    Statistically, more people were deported from the U.S. during the administration of President Barack Obama than during that of any other president, including Trump. Data from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement show that overall, fewer people were deported in fiscal year 2017 than in 2016 (fiscal year 2017 included nearly four months of the Obama administration).

    You seem to be suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and it has affected your ability to understand reality.

  51. They’re protesting because they don’t want to get shot in the face by a fucking lunatic. This article is way off base.

    1. They’re protesting because of peer pressure and because they are kids with a lack of experience, relevant education, and an over abundance of living a lifestyle where they are forced to surrender all their control to an authority.

      My son, who is 16 years old and went outside to ‘protest’, told me last night at dinner he wanted to take up my brother’s longstanding offer to have my son come up to his cabin so he can learn to shoot a variety of guns.

    2. …By repeating all the mistakes that many nations pre-WW2 made before getting romp stomped by the Wehrmacht? Brilliant.

  52. High school kids would walk out in support of putting Mountain Dew in the drinking fountains if they could get out of going to class.

  53. Gotta love these kids because they are too stupid or too na?ve to realize they are being used. They want a country with no guns? Good luck. These types of protests are exactly why we should be fighting to keep all gun regulations local. Get the Feds out of the issue and you end people in states like NY and CA trying to impose their world vision on us all.

  54. My first thought, and one would think Reason would bring it up, is that this is another good reason to separate school and state, and get rid of government schools. At least with school choice, families could choose the school they felt met their “safety” needs. The one banning guns on campus, or the one with some of the teachers licensed for concealed carry, and carrying weapons.

    The government police are only minutes away, and will be running for cover when they hear gunshots, when seconds count.

  55. If an 18 year old really wants a gun and the age limit is 21 in his state he can get a 21 yr. old to buy it for him just like cigarettes. At least if the 18yr old is crazy another person (possibly also crazy but possibly not) will know about the gun purchase. 18 and 19 yr olds are still in high school. Most 21 year olds are not. Parents can still buy guns for their 10 year olds and take their 6 year olds to firing ranges now matter what the age limit is.

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