Larry Kudlow to Join White House, FBI Recommends Firing Former Deputy Director, Teacher 'Accidentally' Fires Gun in Cali Classroom, Pi 22 Trillion Digits in: P.M. Links


  • Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

    Larry Kudlow will join the White House this season as the new top economic advisor.

  • The FBI's disciplinary office has recommended firing the former deputy director, Andrew McCabe.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes with fraud.
  • A teacher who serves as a reserve police officer in California allegedly accidentally fired his weapon in a classroom.
  • 22 trillion digits in, there's still no end in sight for ?, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diamater.
  • Claudia Fontaine is dead, aged 57.

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249 responses to “Larry Kudlow to Join White House, FBI Recommends Firing Former Deputy Director, Teacher 'Accidentally' Fires Gun in Cali Classroom, Pi 22 Trillion Digits in: P.M. Links

  1. Also, tomorrow will be my last day here at Reason. Thanks for all the comments, tips, corrections, snark, and fish. Also for backing my kickstarters, that was awesome. Take care of the trolls and see ya on Twitter.

    1. Why is everyone I love leaving today? What is going on at Reason? First Heaton and now you?

      Good luck Ed. You were great, don’t give up on libertarianism just because all of us.

      1. I hope this wasn’t because I called you Krayven the Hunter last week.

        1. The time John said Ed looked like he was in a Blues Traveler cover band didn’t help.

          1. I mitigated all the unsubtle shade thrown by my fellow commenters by constantly telling Krayewski he was pretty okay for someone from New Jerksey.

            1. …and currently residing in Filthadelphia, don’t forget.

              1. …and currently residing in Filthadelphia, don’t forget.

                HE BETTER NOT BE.

            2. Ed’s beard is the only habitat left in New Jersey for the declining Mourning Warbler.

      2. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, Mostly Weekly posted it’s last episode today.

        This fills me with unease, and makes me wonder if something horrible is happening at Reason.

        1. The Glibening is finally having its intended effect.

        2. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, Mostly Weekly posted it’s last episode today.

          What the fuck… why? It’s enormously popular and very good comedy.

          1. I was worried when Heaton stopped hosting the Reason Podcast, which was a damn shame. I hated when they didn’t get that he was making a joke. Not all humor need be glib sarcasm, Nick.

          2. I have this horrid feeling that someone at the top is cleaning house.

      3. BRITCHES!

        GODDAMNIT, IT’S ALWAYS BRITCHES!!111!!!!11!!!!1111!!!!1111!!!111!!1

    2. Good luck Ed.

    3. Sorry to see you go.

    4. Good luck Kray. Thanks for all the links.

    5. May peace favor your sword.

    6. You’ll be missed, Eddie Kray.

    7. Wow, I will miss you, Ed. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    8. Good Bye and Good Luck.

    9. Damn, you were one of the good ones – you’ll be missed.

      PS – no chance they’ll reconsider the bail amount while the appeal is being heard?

    10. Hello.

      Kudlow is not a bad choice.


        1. I am starting to suspect that Rufus might not be Canadian after all. He gets my vote for Red Tony’s bracket of trolls pretending to be Canadians.

          1. That’s not a bracket.

            Why would that even BE a bracket?

            1. It’s a joke, Tony. Fresh.

          2. What kind of monster would want to pretend to be Canadian?

              1. Don’t remind me.

            1. Beliebers?

            2. Americans traveling abroad?

              1. This, in Egypt they told us to say we’re from Canada.

        2. Well, I admit the last time I saw him was on CNBC c. 2000s.

          Did he become transgender or something?

      2. I have formed a theory over the last fifty years or so that chief economic advisor are basically window dressing.

        President chooses highly credentialed economist and proceeds to enact policies completely contrary to the ideas for which said economist id known.

        The best illustration of this, IMO, is Richard Nixon and Milton Friedman.

    11. As long as you continue to be great on Twitter, this won’t sting nearly as bad.
      Best of luck with whatever you have planned next!

      1. Don’t bring up the T-word. (KMW fired him via Twitter.)

        1. Seriously?

    12. “Also, tomorrow will be my last day here at Reason.”
      Mighty sorry to hear that.

    13. With that shingle from CSJ I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding a gig in today’s vibrant media landscape.


      1. And with your chicken syphilis ridden brain, you will have no problem having your brain displayed in a medical curiosity museum after you die.

    14. Good luck, Ed. Always enjoyed your posts.

    15. Good-bye, person I never interacted with but nonetheless feel compelled to make something akin to a snarky reply to.

    16. This is what happens when you harass ENB or KMW.

      You could always joint the enlightened commentariat.

      1. Or better yet, the unenlightened commentariat!

        It’s simple: all you have to do is either A: practice until you can successfully lose all motor control within 2 seconds of hearing the words “net neutrality repeal”, or B: practice word association until the only thing you can think of when you hear the word “immigrant” is a swarm of cockroaches pouring out from behind drywall.

        Try it! It’s fun!

        1. Ew!!! You triggered me with that roaches behind drywall shit.

          1. That’s why Bannon pays me the big bucks.

    17. Good bye Ed! Keep fighting the good fight and best of luck in the newest, exciting part of your career!

    18. Oh. I missed this. I’m so used to Fist being first I didn’t see your message. /looks silently and sternly at Fist.

      Good luck.

    19. Maybe someday you will burn your Reason bridge and give us some insight into some of those secrets at Reason.

      Like how many sockpuppet accounts do interns have to maintain?

      1. all of the other accounts in the thread stand in unison and turn to stare at lc1789 without blinking

        1. Just what a Russian troll would do to deflect suspicion. 🙂

        2. I’m a sock. I don’t know about the rest of you people. I don’t know how we could excuse being so stupid unless we were juggling 6 accounts.

          1. What manner of coward are you, that feels obliged to attempt to excuse it?

          2. I’m a sock.
            But is your master still around or are you an abandoned sock?

        3. We’re all Tulpa down here.

    20. Hawkings, Heaton and now Kray, this is one of those days that reminds you that there is no god (and if there is a god, he’s a dick).

      1. Speaking as an atheist, I actually think programming in a kill-by date so that new geniuses, entertainers and educators can have their day wouldn’t be one of God’s worse ideas.

        Now, Holodomors and Candy Crushes on the other hand…

    21. HAGS


    22. WELL…

      *kicks pebbles*

      I mislike this. Hast thou a blog? Newsletter such that one might subscribe? Prithee, this is bullshit. Your spelling is superb, and I have not given you proper applause for this vanishingly rare skill. But I noticed, Ed, despite your lack of leather fashion wear.

      If the ability to properly spell an anarcho-capitalist libertarian philosophy is sexxy-bitchism, Kray-Kray, is, like, Pamela Anderson running on a beach. Or whatever is the opposite of Megan Fox’s thumbs.


  2. A teacher who serves as a reserve police officer in California allegedly accidentally fired his weapon in a classroom.

    Look, you fire them for not engaging enough, and now you’re pissed at them for over-engaging? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.

    1. No one accidentally fires a weapon. The gun went off because he pulled the trigger. Fucking moron.

      1. grossly negligent doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

        1. extremely careless

          1. No prosecution.

      2. This is national news because there is talk of arming more teachers. SEE this is such a bad idea. Lets go back to banning guns says every lefty eva.

        You rarely hear of about the cops, military, and other people who fuck up and misfire their weapons where nobody gets hurt. The media never advocates disarming cops and security forces for people like Hillary Clinton.

        1. there is talk of arming more teachers.

          No, there’s not. There is talk of ALLOWING teachers to carry firearms. Not the same thing.

          1. There is talk of allowing staff to be armed and in some areas, providing weapons to staff.

            They are different things as you say.

            1. I have not heard of any proposal to provide weapons for teachers.

              1. Doesn’t stop my cousin who’s a teacher to put a meme on Facebook that he is one of 82% of teachers who would not carry a gun.

    2. Look, even trained police officers can scarcely handle guns, this is proof enough that civilians shouldn’t have any gun rights.

      1. Police officers are trained to handle and use firearms in ways that civilian instructors teach people not to, and even in ways that would get civilians sent to prison. A cop with a gun, bearing and using it according to his training, is much more dangerous with it than a civilian who has received and follows normally taught and advocated practices.

      2. My favorite video of a cop showing school kids how to handle a gun:

        1. Ah, always a classic. These are some mature-ass kids in that classroom; anyone I grew up with would have been laughing their asses off right from the moment the sound wave hit their little eardrums. I’d still do that today, come to think of it.

          1. Though you missed the full video with the almost as good second part, where the fed tries to go on with the presentation even standing there with the hole in his foot, and calls for another gun to be handed to him to show to the class and the class starts howling at him to please not do that.

    3. If nobody got injured, who cares.

      1. Shhhh…. you’re messing with the narrative that armed staff at schools is the worst idea imaginable.

  3. 22 trillion digits in, there’s still no end in sight for ?…

    It’s a challenge, any way you slice it.

    1. I see what you did there.

    2. 22 trillions digits in, and Longtorso still hasn’t closed.

    3. Our national debt is the same as the current computational limit of pi.

      It’s really irrational.

    4. Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice.

    5. This is so stupid. Everybody knows that pie are round.

      1. And tasty.

  4. The FBI’s disciplinary office has recommended firing the former deputy director, Andrew McCabe.

    Trump: “Andrew… you’re being downsized. Best of luck in your future endeavors.”

    1. “…which hopefully don’t involve a tell-all memoir.”

  5. Larry Kudlow will join the White House this season as the new top economic advisor.

    She was great as Phoebe.

    1. You just made my day.

      1. Well I was aiming to make your day, your week, your month, or even your year…

    2. Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
      What are they feeding you?
      Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
      It’s not your fault.

  6. Off-topic: worst Reason trolls, round four: the staff:

    Shikha Dalmia vs. Robby Soave vs. Christian Britschgi

    1. Dalmia and by a considerable distance.

      1. I am gonna have to vote for Robby, as much as I love him, because he is the only one that intentionally trolls the commentators. Shikha is as Shikha does, and Britches is just a dialtone.

        1. Exactly. I’m a purist. If this bracket is to mean anything, if it is to have any integrity, it cannot be something we use to make other gestures. This is not a “most exasperatingly over-the-top cosmo” contest. Robby actually has a relationship with the commenters, actually trolls us. Shikha is just someone whose pieces appear here for some reason we have never been able to fathom. We might as well put some dude from Vox into this bracket, as much sense as it makes sense to include her. Robby 4Ever!

          1. Someone is defending her articles.

          2. Maybe because libertarianism is actually incompatible with forcibly relocating millions of people for no reason?

            1. Since illegals are criminals and violating national sovereignty, Libertarianism is perfectly in keeping with the government expelling them for those reasons.

              1. I don’t disagree, but why can’t we have really fast legal immigration?

                I mean, yes, because of the welfare state. The welfare state is a break from libertarian ideals for pragmatic reasons, and immigration control is a break from libertarian ideals for pragmatic reasons.

                We’ve shit the bed in a few ways, so now we have to roll around in it.

                1. “why can’t we have really fast legal immigration?”

                  You’re right. It can take ten years to attain citizenship. That’s ridiculous. Technology should allow for a more streamlined process, which shouldn’t take more than three years even with all the civics testing, background checks, etc.. With some kind of phasing for residency, work permits, etc.. All with much less paperwork than is currently required. Work VISA’s should be something that can be completed in a matter of weeks, or less.

                  None of this stuff has to be as slow and cumbersome as it is now, and it would also make it easier on the government support staff that processes all of it.

              2. Yes “all laws are just” is so libertarian.

                1. As much as “only laws I like matter.”

            2. There are good reasons to control the borders. You just don’t like those reasons.

      2. Shika is the best troll by far.

        She’s a first ballot Hall-of-Famer.

        I salute you, Ms. Dalmia!

    2. Once again, Christian don’t belong here, he’s a good man.

      I’m going to write in Ed, for breaking my damned heart.

      1. A good man would be able to construct a link headline that lasts more than ten words.

        1. A good man knows not to give any of us down here in the comments a single inch.


        2. What about well intentioned boys?

          1. Isn’t that the name of Tony’s favorite porn site?

            1. NO IT IS NOT.

              (No it is not.)

            2. I don’t think porn is necessary for auto-erotic asphyxiation.

              1. It doesn’t hurt, though.

                1. Not gonna fall for that again.

    3. Robby is forgiven everything because he quotes me on Twitter. Also, Dat Hurr.

      1. The Coif v The Jacket v The Bowtie is the next round.

        1. You mean David Tennant v Chris Eccleston v Matt Smith? A multi Doctor battle?

    4. Richman. How soon they forget.

    5. Finally!
      Ed for leaving us, or Shikha because she is the worst.

      1. Which would you prefer to cast your vote for?

    6. Robby, to be sure.

    7. If you are asking who is the worst troll, it’s Shikha. She’s terrible.

      If you’re asking who’s the best at trolling Reason commenters, it’s Soave.


    Florida teen goes on a stabbing spree for Islam. If a child dies at the hands of a radical Muslim, it is just one of those things. It is not worth covering and totally different than when a child is killed by an evil gun!!

    1. I’ve seen this covered by a bunch of different articles by various agencies.

      1. It is worth a page seven wire story.

          1. If it didn’t involve Muslims, it would make the TV networks and be a lead for at least a week. The idea that a Muslim might be violent is something that is just so unbelievable that it can’t be covered.

            1. Imagine if he had an “alt-right snapchat”

    2. O_O I see nothing. I am good, I swearz.

    3. Are kids going to skip school tomorrow in “protest” because government is not banning knives?

      1. Also meanness. Don’t forget about meanness. And has that ponies-for-all bill even made it out of House committee?

        1. Words can cut like a knife. By the way, that is not a good answer to give to a border agent when re entering the US when asked if you have any weapons. Not good at all.

      2. Or religion?

        Maybe I shouldn’t even mention it, they might actually do that.

    4. If a child dies at the hands of a radical Muslim but no one drinks his infidel blood, is he really dead?

    5. This would never happen in the UK. We need common-sense knife control.

  8. Larry Kudlow will join the White House this season as the new top economic advisor.

    I read Lisa Kudrow about five times.

    1. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA…

    2. Now that’s MY kind of economic advisor! I think in the alternate reality episode phoebe was a stock broker. That might be relevant experience.

  9. The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes with fraud.

    Hopefully she can remain sanguine.

    1. Your sense of humor could use some work.

      1. It’s a poor joke consumer who blames his joke teller’s joke telling tools.

        1. Obviously, you are not a barber-surgeon.

        2. Are we consumers, though, or free riders, or suffering externalities?

        3. Alright, blaming the joke teller it is!

  10. “Pi 22 Trillion Digits in”
    In other news, some number are irrational. You can quit now.

    1. ? is like popcorn; you can’t just have one.

    2. There must be some reason for calculating it. You can prove it’s irrational without calculating anything, so that’s not it.

      1. Well, I think there was some value originally for calculations that required extreme precision, but I imagine we’re a trillion or two past that point now.

        1. We seek order from chaos?

        2. When your precision exceeds the Planck length, I think you can stop. That was about 22TT digits ago.

      2. Pi can be expressed as an infinite continued fraction and is thus irrational.

    3. There might still be a message hidden in there.

  11. Let’s talk about circumcision

    One of Salt-N-Pepa’s less successful songs.

    Also, the title of an editorial by a European law professor:

    “My work has led me to be strongly, unambiguously, and unapologetically opposed to male circumcision. Yet there is nothing antisemitic or Islamophobic about my argument…over the last couple of years I have presented my arguments at various academic conferences and events, with many Jewish and Muslim participants.

    “The discussions were controversial but almost always respectful. They revealed that there is considerable debate among Jews and Muslims about the pros and cons of circumcision….We may not be able to reach agreement, and sharp divisions may remain. But we display the courage to look each other in the eye, go through the hassle of trying to develop the best possible argument for our view, and bring up the patience to listen to the other side’s views, trying to reach some common ground. In short, we treat each other as moral agents. It’s a very democratic thing to do.”

    1. Euro PP? srsly?

      1. Those rumors about Trump and Euro PP were all hack jobs.

    2. sharp divisions may remain.


    3. Deja el pipi lindo!

  12. Larry Kudlow will join the White House this season as the new top economic advisor.

    Hannity for Secretary of State!!

  13. Ev’ry time that I look on the table,
    I know damn well I can’t watch the cable –
    Remote is gone.
    It went bye ‘tween dusk and dawn,
    Isn’t that the way?
    Ev’rybody got excuse and lies, they say.
    I know nobody knows
    Where it went or where it goes,
    I know, everybody’s clean,
    You got two kids, you know what I mean.

    Half my day’s in frustrated rages,
    I wanna lock the damn kids in cages,
    You know it’s true. All the lost things won’t come back to you.
    Scream with me, scream for batteries,
    Scream for the scissors, scream for tape please,
    Scream with me just for today,
    Maybe tomorrow the lost things will come your way.

    Dream on! Dream on! Dream on!

    1. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest after the 1297th consecutive day of nobody having the slightest idea where the remote might be. And acting like they only have a vague idea what a remote even is, but they’re sure they’ve never touched it.

      1. I enjoyed it. Good luck finding the remote, brother. I feel you.

        1. or just download one of those free remote app things for your phone.

  14. Holmes, 34, who once graced the cover of countless magazines and was worth billions on paper, has already settled the charges against her.

    She will pay a $500,000 penalty, be barred from serving as an officer or director of a public company for 10 years, and return 18.9 million shares she amassed during the alleged fraud.

    What…no corporal punishment? Seems to me Miss Holmes deserves a really good spanking too.

    1. How do you spank a chicken, SIV?

      1. Same way you spank everything else.

    2. Administered by Tom Cruise!

  15. “Pittsburgh plans to replace a controversial statue of Antebellum (sic) songwriter Stephen Foster with one honoring African American women, the Office of Mayor Bill Peduto said Wednesday….

    “Peduto last month announced that the city in April would relocate the Foster statue from its long-time home on Forbes Avenue at the entrance to Schenley Park to a private location with public access….

    “The statue has triggered controversy because it depicts Foster, who lived in Lawrenceville, standing above what many have described as a black slave strumming a banjo. Critics describe it as demeaning to blacks while others view it as Foster gaining inspiration from a black musician.”

    1. WTF?

      America’s greatest songwriter is now controversial?

      Who’s next? John Philip Sousa, Duke Ellington…?

      1. I think it’s the attachment of Banjo Man to the statue which is supposedly the problem.

        It’s like if one Siamese Twin commits a crime they have to put them both in prison.*

        *I would imagine.

        1. The sculptor probably put Banjo Man in to be more culturally sensitive; in any case that’s the effect. He could have ignored the influence of black musicians on Foster altogether, but instead he explicitly acknowledged it. Nowadays, he’d know he’d only have a prayer of getting away with that if he made Foster the secondary figure in his own statue, but there’s nothing remotely undignified about the black figure or its posture in this one.

          Is he a “slave”? Presumably so. Unfortunately the regrettably pre-2010 sculptor seems to have forgotten that ignoring unpleasant history is now considered enlightened. The figure should have been a black neurosurgeon, because there were all kinds of those folks in this country back then. Maybe David Irving can design Pittsburgh a woke new Auschwitz memorial, with prosperous well-fed Jewish kids frolicking all over the place at their government-subsidized free Hebrew camp. It would sure avoid making anyone uncomfortable, unlike those old, triggering Auschwitz memorials.

          Make no mistake, this objections are the work of low-IQ, hardline anti-“cultural appropriation” blacks and the even lower-IQ whites who think it’s their job to “affirm” whatever low-IQ shit comes out of black mouths. Nobody even dreamed of objecting to this statue before two years ago–maybe two weeks for all we know.

          1. It never stops with retard SJW. Best to just stop them first.

      2. Remember when Reason said that taking down confederates would be an isolated event that was based on racism not whims of uneducated politicians trying to buy votes?

      3. You know who also had a big thing with statutes?

        1. Every judge ever appointed by a Democrat?

        2. Statues with big things?

        3. T.E. Lawrence?

        4. Pygmalion?

      4. “Who’s next? John Philip Sousa, Duke Ellington…?”

        Van Halen?

        “Only time will tell if we stand the test of time . . .”

      5. Who’s next? John Philip Sousa, Duke Ellington…?

        Well, Ellington was high yellow…

    2. Jolly well better destroy Henry Tanner’s painting “The Banjo Lesson”.

      1. Is the banjo now the “watermelon of musical instruments”?

        1. Wasn’t it always?

  16. Only an annoying troll would post this article about Michelle Obama preferring Chicago deep-dish pizza over NY pizza.

    1. ‘There are no comments’.’

      I like to think it’s because ‘shut up already with Michelle’.

      1. /faints.

      2. Yet another BUCS sexual fetish comes to light.

        1. If you’re talking about Chicago pizza, that’s just a taste preference. If you’re talking about black women, than that is not a new thing coming to light just now.

          1. I am talking about Michelle. Why else would you agree with her on something so vile, if not for hope of ingratiating yourself with the object of your fetishized desires?

            1. BUCS gaze is the worst gaze, on that we can all agree.

              1. I have the gaze of the basilisk, it is known.

    2. As John Stewart once said, deep dish pizza isn’t even pizza. It’s a casserole.

  17. I just found this nugget because Jgalt1975 is big fat liar
    As of 2/21/2018,
    Conor Lamb (D) raised: $3,869,247 spent: $3,031,838
    Rick Saccone (R) raised: $916,392 spent: $613,357 special election PA 18

    Jgalt1975|3.14.18 @ 2:39PM|#
    Since (a) Trump has been actively lying about the results of special elections (“5-0!”), and (b) Saccone and his supporters outspent the Democrat by a substantial margin, it’s clearly not just a “lefty narrative point,” it’s a Trumpian/GOP narrative point too.

    1. Yeah obviously that doesn’t include outside spending (to the tune of $10 million for Saccone).

      1. Don’t be lazy. Provide a link to something. does not list outside money broken down for district PA18.

          1. Nope. Provide a link dipshit.

            You responded to my link as untrue, so prove it.

              1. Dammit Tony, now they’ll think that’s one of our fetishes.

              2. Is that what you say to those eight year old boys Tony?

              3. Tony, this link goes to Communist News Network and they have no citations that back up what they are saying.

                They cannot prove how much Congressional Leadership Fund paid for a commercial. CFF does admit on their website that they paid for a commercial for Saccone but their website does not list how much they spent.

                You lefties and your unsupported citations.

                1. According to CNN, both candidates had outside money spent on them. CNN cannot prove that the amount spent on Saccone was more than lamb based on the article you cited.

                  So, we have actual numbers based on filings by the campaigns and Lamb received and spent way more money than Saccone.

                  1. What are we arguing about again? Lamb won. The Republican party wasted a bunch of money. The end.

  18. The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes with fraud.

    I’d still do her and not care if she fakes it.

    1. Miss Holmes won’t be faking nothing when I bring a tawse down across her bare ass.

      1. She does have galline features.

  19. Wong, the martial-arts master and slayer of the undead, charges into the barrow of the barrow-wights.

    One wight says to the other, “if that’s Wong, I don’t wanna be wight.”

    1. A wight.

      The correct phrasing is “don’t want to be a wight”.

      Wight is not an adjective, ergo your attempt at a pun is grammatically incorrect, logically unsound, and comprehensively unsuccessful.

      1. Yeah, wight.

        1. Lich I said, wight is not an adjective and cannot be substituted for one.

          1. Lich, please. That’s not how it’s pronounced. Are we ghoul?

            1. I am a ghast at people piling on the puns.

            2. The old English pronunciation is L?ch, so, yes, I forgive you for surrendering to populist mispronunciation.

              1. Yes, but back then it meant “corpse,” and we are dealing in the undead, so your ghost is toast, unless you got mohrg.

                1. As the pun in-spectre, I find your joke lame.

                2. There are no such thing as lichs, ghosts, ghasts, spectres or goblins, so I feel perfectly within my wights to use whatsoever pronunciation has the oldest provenance.

              2. You guys need to stop goblin each others knobs over here.

                1. …as they say in the Orc-ney Islands.

                  1. (I’d have said Isle of Wight, but I don’t want to have to pay a double-pun tax to the revenant office.)

                    1. And with that, I think we can officially state that this thread has become nothing more than trolling.

                    2. …by right-wing troglodytes.

                    3. Don’t even bother, the posts are too fArgonian at this point.

                    4. I don’t even know why you bother, consider they just igNord any points you make anyway.

                    5. I know, it’s like they’re using metric and I’m using Imperial.

    1. New Zealand intelligence agents are trying to influence election 2018 already?

      Maybe Mueller should investigate.

  20. Clicked on the Claudia Fontaine link. Is Elvis Costello singing in English in that video? I didn’t recognize a single word.

  21. Re McCabe: only in America can you fire a “former” employee. But I guess if he is still “technically” an employee, technically firing him is the only way. From the link:

    “The recommendation from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility is likely to add fuel to the political fire surrounding former deputy director Andrew McCabe, who abruptly stepped down from his post earlier this year but technically remained an FBI employee.’

    1. I assume that “stepp[ing] down from his post” means that while he no longer held his position as “deputy director” he was still an agent in the FBI.

      I think that might be similar to a military commander being relieved of his position (eg Captain of a ship or CO of a unit) but still being an officer in whatever branch he was a member of. Dismissing someone from the service takes a few more steps, IIANM.

      Bureaucracies are complicated that way. It even happens in the private sector. I recall someone I knew at a company I had formerly worked for being removed as a manager of a department and demoted to a job in sales.

  22. I don’t think they’re going to find an end to pi.

      1. “What’s this about an end to pie??!!! Patriarchal oppression!!!”

        –Lena Dunham

        1. “And why do they keep dismissing pi as irrational, like men do with women all the time?”

    1. When they do, the universe will vanish.

      1. + 9 billion for the obscure reference.

        1. I wasted my childhood reading science fiction anthologies.

    2. Like our lives

  23. Pi gets all the love, but real geeks love e.

    1. e is the shit! Also easier to memorize the first few digits of. 2.7 Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Isoceles Right Triangle. I couldn’t even tell you a digit of pi past 3.14. You never really need to know the approximate value of either one anyway in actual math of course; might be 45.14 for all I care. I think pi memorization is probably mostly for Indian kids. Indian parents like to make sure their kids waste at least some amount of time on utterly useless shit like that or spelling bees, as a gesture of goodwill to the other races to make the college competition fairer for the rest of our kids.

      1. That’s mighty white of them.

  24. So, if we used base pi arithmetic, wouldn’t that make pi rational?

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