White House Backs Off Raising Minimum Gun Age, FCC Accuses Start-Up of Illegal Satellite Launches, Black Panther Crosses Billion Dollar Mark: A.M. Links


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    The White House wants to help teachers get "rigorous firearms training" and backed off a proposal to raise to 21 the minimum age to buy a gun.

  • The Federal Communications Commission accused a Silicon Valley start-up of launching four mini-satellites without permission.
  • 60 people were killed in a plane crash at the Kathmandu airport.
  • South Korea praised China for its role in nuclear talks with North Korea.
  • The prime minister and finance minister of Japan are under scrutiny for allegedly covering up cronyism.
  • Oprah Winfrey's A Wrinkle in Time bombs at the box office while Black Panther crosses the $1 billion mark.

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  1. The White House wants to help teachers get “rigorous firearms training” and backed off a proposal to raise to 21 the minimum age to buy a gun.

    So this is what you’re negotiating with, Kim.

    1. Hello.

      They won’t raise it? Oh, I don’t know. I think we’re going to see a spike in murder sprees!

      1. No, but expect a spike in gun sales.

    2. No, Kim is negotiating with a nation that lets teenagers use guns just for the hell of it.

      I will post more when I get back to the USA. One learns things whe one travels, takes risks, and experiments. It turns out, Heathrow Airport is not THAT serious about the whole “don’t leave bags unattended” thing, and the wifi here is worse than the wifi at a rural Romania gas station.

      1. No, Kim is negotiating with a nation that lets teenagers use guns just for the hell of it.

        I know. Can you believe those bumfuck backwaters full of redneck hayseeds like New York City used to have gun clubs in the public schools in the old days when there were no school shootings?

        1. Letting teenagers have guns just for the hell of it is a feature, not a bug. It strengthens the negotiating position of our representatives when they can chuckle about those raskily kids who shoot tin cans and blow up garbage cans on the weekends for entertainment. You have not met my old crew from high school.

      2. “No, Kim is negotiating with a nation that lets teenagers use guns just for the hell of it.”

        Or just for the freedom of it.

        “I will post more when I get back to the USA.”

        Thanks for the warning.

      3. It’s best that you stay where you’re at then.

      4. Be right back guys. I was selected for a random enhanced security search. And I thought I would not get any action on my trip when that stripper had logistical problems.

        1. Welp, that’s the last we’ll see of sharmota4zeb.

    3. Sad – and unfair! – how Trump proposes some shit and then the failing loser White House backs off the proposal. Obviously the White House must not want to MAGA.

  2. The Federal Communications Commission accused a Silicon Valley start-up of launching four mini-satellites without permission.


    1. Haven’t you ever heard of “Infinite Domain”??? It’s right there in the Constitution!

      1. “Four Tiny Satellites Launched into Space without Permission, Says FCC”

        Yeah man, you guys beat me to the punch! Launched on an Indian rocket, presumably not launched from the USA’s soil. WTF, is the USA now the “Evil Empire” of the entire Universe?!?!?

        1. We’re doing our best to be.

  3. Oprah Winfrey’s A Wrinkle in Time bombs at the box office…

    Christianity was the only thing keeping the story coherent. Probably should have left it in.

    1. Then what *is* left?

    2. A Wrinkle In Time Bombs, a story about a man and his satchel charges.

      1. Or there’s the gay porn spoof, A Wrinkle In Tim.

        1. Shouldn’t that be twink? You’re terrible at coming up with porn parody names. Don’t quit your day job, unless that is your day job.

          1. Fine. A Twink All In Tim. Happy now?

            1. Not when you put it like that.

              1. Don’t prod him, X. Fist is very sensitive and it takes very little to get him to go off.

        2. Considering that the actual characters in the movie look like low-budget drag queens, your version practically writes itself.

      2. Reminds me of “With the Old Breed, at Okinawa and Pelilieu”, by Eugene Sledge. A great book, if you haven’t read it yet.

  4. The prime minister and finance minister of Japan are under scrutiny for allegedly covering up cronyism.

    But not for the cronyism itself?

    1. It is always the cover up that gets you. Consider Watergate and the time Christie’s friend said, “If you go after us, we’ll go after you.”

  5. The White House wants to help teachers get “rigorous firearms training”

    This is a federal responsibility? Who knew?

    1. It’s happening in the United States, therefore it’s a federal responsibility.

      In related news, the founders are spinning in their graves so fast that we can harness them to meet all our energy needs. MAGA!

      1. New fidget spinner concept: Thomas Jefferson in his grave.

      2. The mini-satellite launch didn’t happen in the United States and it’s still a federal responsibility. American jurisdiction extends to all the multiverses now I expect.

    2. “”This is a federal responsibility? Who knew?”””

      He will contract it out to the NRA and watch the liberal freak out.

      1. The NRA of old would have been fine. Post-70s/80s NRA is nothing but a lobby group that launches political ads and works to mobilize scared voters.

        1. So your saying they don’t offer gun safety programs anymore?

          1. I think he’s implying that government shouldn’t be securing work for a lobbyist group. It sounds like classic corruption.

  6. No Stormy link?

    WTF? We need ENB back on the Stormy beat.

    Stormy Daniels Interviewed For ’60 Minutes’ Amid Reports Of Possible Legal Challenge

    White House looks to silence interview in legal challenge.

    1. “It’s time to move on.”

      -Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton

      1. No, no, we want to hear more evidence. The public interest requires it. Ms. Daniels, please describe every detail of your hideous experience. What were you wearing?

      2. No, no, we want to hear more evidence. The public interest requires it. Ms. Daniels, please describe every detail of your hideous experience. What were you wearing?

        1. Chanel Number Five.

      3. WWJD?

        Would Jesus rawdog a porn star while his 3rd wife was giving birth to his 5th child?

        Serious reply only.

        1. You violated your own request that “serious replies only” when you did not provide a serious reply to the cock ring.

        2. Trump is not a moral exemplar, to be sure. We should elect more Demcrats – morality is their specialty.

          1. Anyone looking to powerful people for moral guidance is fucking up right from first principles. Good people don’t want power over others.

            1. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
              – Alastair Crowley

              1. “‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
                “- Alastair Crowley”

                More concisely, he said “whatever it is, goat to it.”

            2. A convenient attitude for when a serial cheater Republican is in office. Boys will be boys!

              1. Seem to be the attitude when a serial cheater was Democrat.

                1. Yes Bill Clinton’s BJ was just sort of ignored by everyone.

                  1. Nobody really knew about the BJ until he was sued, lied under oath, and then when that came out he told America “…I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false.”

                    1. I get no pleasure in witnessing you people turn yourselves into such miserable hypocrites that you’ll never be able to say a bad word about a Democrat again considering the mobile globe of foul mucus you now support. Well, just a little.

                    2. Tony, the sex scandals issues was already decided in the 1990 with Bill Clinton. You hypocrites on the left said it didn’t matter and you won.

                      It doesn’t matter. It certainly doesn’t matter if it happened because that was before he was elected.

                      It must bug you to no end that most Americans are just not taking the bait on this issue.

                    3. “”I get no pleasure in witnessing you people turn yourselves into such miserable hypocrites”‘

                      Are you talking about the democrats? We already had a national conversation on this and the dems did not find the fact that Clinton lied about it in court, or did it, was worthy of impeachment or removal from office. Now, the republicans can lean on the Clinton precedent.

                      I didn’t have a problem with Clinton’s sexcapades. As long as it was between two consenting adults. Nor do I have a problem with Trump’s for the same reason.

                  2. Yes Bill Clinton’s BJ was just sort of ignored by everyone.

                    It was–as people said endlessly at the time.

                    It was him committing perjury about it that was the problem.

                    Get blowjobs all you want, screw interns in the Oval Office–on the desk, if you’re so moved–so long as they’re willing.

                    And lie about it all you want–we don’t care.

                    unless you lie under oath.

              2. Actually, many libertarians could care less who cheats on their spouse and who doesn’t. Are people supposed to care? Does this alone have any bearing on elected officials doing their job? Is what they do in their private lives consensually supposed to be out business?

                1. Only if it makes them a security risk.

                  1. Lefties worried about security risks. Hahaha.

                    What a joke.

                    1. It doesn’t matter that the leader of the State Department had no idea how to handle classified information and didn’t know what the “C” meant.

          2. Virtue (TM) is the main Democrat advertising campaign.

        3. Would Jesus rawdog a porn star while his 3rd wife was giving birth to his 5th child?

          Serious reply only.

          Trump never really struck me as a New Testament kinda guy.

          1. I wonder what New Testament-friendly options Tony and PB would offer to voters who are interested in that kind of candidate.

            1. Hillary the would-be minister?

          2. Jesus hung around in bars with whores. And his buddies apostles.

            People tend to overlook that.

        4. Equating Trump to Jesus is a mistake.

          Trump isn’t claiming to be much other than Trump, and doing a porn star seems completely Trumpish. Not my place to judge.

          1. I mean Trump could not just go into a bar in NY and pick up a chick without it being a huge deal.

            Its why rich powerful types use discrete whores.

      1. I wonder how much of that is Trump haters hoping to find a Trump/Daniels video.

        1. 100%, according to surveys.

          “Yeah, honey, that’s the ticket, it was political research.”

          1. “Yeah, honey, that’s the ticket, it was political research.”

            I believe that was Kurt Eichenwald’s excuse when he got caught looking at tentacle porn.

            1. Cephalopodaphiles are the worst

        2. Tony would give his left labia to get his hands on that video.

  7. South Korea praised China for its role in nuclear talks with North Korea.

    Its role: standing there looking menacing.

  8. “The Federal Communications Commission accused a Silicon Valley start-up of launching four mini-satellites without permission.”

    Why should an American company need permission to do this, but not China?

    1. Slap a tariff on Chinese satellites! They aren’t playing by the same draconian rules as we are… that’s not fair!!

    2. Well, apparently they didn’t need permission to do it.

      1. +1 forgiveness

      2. They didn’t need permission to launch. They need permission to have the sattilites broadcast signals into the US. The FCC owns the entire broadcast spectrum. That was the problem here not the launching of the sattilies. The headline is deceiving.

        1. The story says the problem is that the FCC turned down their request to launch because these satellites are so small they can’t be tracked with our current hardware and therefore pose a danger to space traffic. And then the company went ahead and launched anyway. Maybe there should be some sort of international treaty governing space traffic so China doesn’t accidentally ram their military satellites into our military satellites like they’re planning on doing.

          1. You would think so. And I had no idea the FCC governs space traffic. At this point there needs to be some kind of orbital traffic cop.

            1. Part of this issue is self-correcting. Too many satellites in orbit and they collide, creating less satellites in orbit.

              1. But more debris, ’cause Sandra Bullock

                1. Is that the movie where Sandra Bullocks acts all innocent but isn’t?

            2. It’s kind of a moot point in terms of China since they already fucked everyone by blowing up a satellite with missiles. I mean, if China can do that without repercussions who gives a shit about four tiny ass satellites? Compared to a massive debris cloud of deadly shrapnel, it looks like the FCC is just butthurt that they weren’t asked their opinion on if India should or shouldn’t launch something.

              The transmissions issue is the FCC being petulant.

  9. “The prime minister and finance minister of Japan are under scrutiny for allegedly covering up cronyism.”

    Under scrutiny in Japan. Up for reelection in the USA.

    1. I didn’t think you had to cover up cronyism anymore.

      Whatever happened to honest graft?

      1. It’s encoded in US legislation, so not a crime.

        1. Exactly.
          The US has done a truly impressive job of legitimizing and institutionalizing corruption.

    2. And praised for their competence.

    3. It’s almost like that’s a normal feature of Japanese political life. The only difference is that the prime minister is involved.

  10. Lauren Southern being held in the UK. Spread the word.


    What a shithole the UK has become.

    1. Anyone who says that Europe has free speech is outright lying.

      If you say the wrong thing, you might get in trouble in Europe. Consider that policy.

      1. If you say the wrong thing, you might get in trouble in Europe. Consider that policy.

        Arbitrary law. And there is no way that determining what is legal/illegal speech based on ideas can not be arbitrary law.

        Once you limit ideas, you must limit more ideas. Arbitrary law is inconsistent, by default. One can preach hatred of group X, but not group Y. So they must make hate speech of group X illegal. Then one can’t preach hatred of groups X and Y, but we still have group Z that can be targeted in speech. Better make that illegal too, because disparaging X and Y is illegal.

        And it goes on and on. Arbitrary law is the antithesis of a free, open society.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got word that antifa goons were targeting them, and this spot of bother is going to be portrayed as “for their own safety”.

      1. Well, beats the idea of her being detained because she’s conservative/libertarian and connected to Tommy Robinson.

        Because this would be abhorrent.

        Especially given Imams can spew hate in the UK without much repercussions.

    3. You’ll rot your brain reading Gateway. No thanks.

      1. Yeh, keep these things to a minimal.

    4. Orwell was only off by a couple of decades.

    5. No one confronted me when I passed out Mohamed Cartoons on a London sidewalk yesterday, unless you count the folks sticking there tonugues out, but they do that to someone wearing a bandana and a Star of David anyway.

      The British are kind of mild here. I accidentally dispersed a PETA protest against fur by phubbing the protesters.

      1. Granted, I handed out the cartoons to promote a pro-polygamy book.

      2. You’re in England?

        1. Fub= frottage?

  11. So, how does this FCC giving permission to satellite launches work? It was an Indian launcher, so if you have permission from India, does the FCC still get a say?

    1. Your comment gave me an idea: perhaps Native Americans can start building launch pads instead of casinos.

      1. A combination spaceport and casino has real potential. Come to watch the rockets and stay for the gambling and the showgirls.

        1. +1 wretched hive of scum and villainy.

          1. Mos Eisley Spaceport looked like the kind of place you could have a pretty good time spending the weekend.

            1. Bring the kids!

        2. Look up Bigelow Aerospace.

  12. Florida shooting: Trump backs off on assault rifle curbs -BBC News

    Haha. All the gun grabbers that gave money to Trump and they never got him to sign any gun control laws. Some staff at Reason fell for it too.

    “n”th D chess.

    1. Oh just wait, we haven’t yet determined who the last person to talk to Trump on the issue will be. His principles are likely to change at least a few more times.

      1. He already got the media to move on from gun control.

        Trump’s Rook just put gun grabbers King in check to push them around the board.

        1. Trump should have probably communicated his gambit to the other chess pieces in the party. Some of his pawns down in Florida are going to be sacrificed I think.

          1. He probably shouldn’t but some of these people on the left are so dumb that they have been missing the difference between what Trump says and does.

            1. Trump praised gun control positions in an unscripted TV appearance and you can bet those words will be used to undermine opponents of gun control. And you’re forgetting about the big gun control march next week. You’re fooling yourself if you think Trump’s plainly contradictory remarks and positions are helpful or strategic in this instance.

              1. I don’t see how they could be used to undermine opponents of gun control. If anything it will be the opposite. Those words prevent gun control advocates from claiming their opponents are unreasonable.

              2. Trump says a lot of things. The media cherry picks what he says and runs with soundbites that further the narrative they want.

                As a few of on here caution. Pay attention to Trump’s actions rather than words to understand what Trump is really about. Trump knows the lefties get distracted easily when he says whatever is on his mind.

          2. Umm… what do you think pawns are for?

            1. A great chess player never sacrifices pawns just to trade pieces. You gain position for future moves.

              Any Florida Republican who does not stand up for the 2nd Amendment deserves to get voted out.

            2. They vote for Hilary so she wins the popular vote?

              1. 1789, you’re correct – but they are expendable.

                .00000000013% – well said.
                I’d note that many are illegal pawns, but I’ve been told no pawns are illegal

      2. How dare you doubt Chairman Trump.

        1. Funny. Lefties trying to make Trump out to be a socialist leader like their heroes who are socialist leaders.

          Trump is an authoritarian leader for not violating American’s 2nd amendment rights. Who would have thought?

      3. The sad thing is that you really believe this, Leo.

    2. they never got him to sign any gun control laws

      A bit early to be saying that, I think.

      1. Maybe. Maybe not.

        The news cycle has moved on from Florida and gun control.

        1. CNN’s home page is still all Trump, guns, and “teen activists”. It doesn’t look like the news cycle has moved on just yet.

          1. I thought CNN went bankrupt. CNN is carrying the torch, I guess.

          2. That was so 40 minutes ago. cnn.com now shows helicopter crash in Hudson river as the most important news in the world, followed by Betsy Devos and Tim McGraw’s collapse on stage.

            1. Enh, I’m sure proper order will be restored shortly.

              BTW those people are dead because they *removed the doors* to the helicopter and strapped them in so tight they couldn’t save themselves. And it will be interesting to hear if the pilot did anything to help. In any event I have a feeling these kinds photog tours are at an end.

              1. From Fox news article:

                The company says on its website it has been in business since 1990 and offers “unparalleled safety records and a commitment to customer service.”

                But Sunday’s crash is the third one involving Liberty Helicopters in the past 11 years, according to reports.

                1. Unparalled safety record can mean a lot of things, and all but one of those things are bad.

      2. Yes. But, it is still fair to say “get back to me when it happens.”


        It is almost like it was all a smoke screen to win the news cycle or something.

        1. Sure, I’m not going to assume that he will do what he says any more than I’ll assume that he won’t do what he says.

          1. There is no way to tell. All you can do is see what actually happens.

  13. Trump praises Chinese president extending tenure ‘for life’

    U.S. President Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping Saturday after the ruling Communist party announced it was eliminating the two-term limit for the presidency, according to audio aired by CNN.

    The party ruling has paved the way for Xi to serve indefinitely.

    During the remarks, Trump praised Xi as “a great gentleman.”


    1. That is right shreek, we are going to amend the constitution and make Trump President for life!!

      1. No, we’re going to make the Presidency hereditary in his family, and to preclude any challenge he’ll arrange a dynastic marriage with the Clintons. Is Roger single?

      2. I wonder if PB realizes that the only president to not abide by Washington’s example was noted tyrant and generally bad president FDR.

        1. But FDR got socialism really going in the USA, so free pass.


    2. White House Communications Director Anita Dunn extolled Chairman Mao in a 2009 speech to school children. Dunn is not obscure, but was originally one of four top consultants to Barack’s presidential campaign (a group including Obama’s current chief advisor, David Axelrod). Dunn’s husband is Robert Bauer, Barack’s personal lawyer and new chief White House Counsel.

      Dunn, on her favorite “…political philosophers: Mao Tse-tung?I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point which is ‘you’re going to make choices; you’re going to challenge; you’re going to say why not; you’re going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before.”

      Butt always gets excited in his sloppy purse when Americans say anything good about Communists.

        1. Obama, who?

        2. Dunn Kirk?

      1. Dun dun dunnnnn!

      2. WHATABOUT OBAMA?????

        1. When you people act like “Trump praised Xi as ‘a great gentleman.'” means that Trump wants be President for life, you can expect to be treated like kids who need to be reminded about their favorite black doggy, Obama.

          Who cares that Trump meant that China’s Commie leader treated him like a gentleman. Fuck that! There are narratives to further!

          1. When Obama acts buddy-buddy with foreign dictators, that proves he hates America.

            When Trump does it, it means the dictators are actually great, misunderstood dudes.

            1. Let me know when Trump gives a country like Iran $1.7 Billion dollars in cash.

  14. http://www.nationalreview.com/…..ce=twitter

    Police failed to stop child sex ring for fears of racism. Here is Progressive governance in a nutshell. They import people from horrible cultures and do nothing but encourage their worst instincts by declaring them, victims. That victim status then confirms virtual immunity from prosecution for designated groups. Meanwhile, the rest of the public is disarmed and prevented from doing anything to defend themselves. And even pointing out the situation is called racist and not allowed.

    1. The police should have stepped up to stop the abuse. Private citizens can put pressure on the police and establish non-profit safehouse for victims to flee to.

      1. The police didn’t because Progressives make enforcing the law against preferred minorities racism. And the public couldn’t pressure the police because not only is it racist to enforce the law against preferred minorities, it is also racist to even point out preferred minorities committing crimes. So, this went on for decades.

      2. Not if the cops come down on them, and force the victims to be turned over from their parents and back into the hands of their abusers…

        Which they did in Rotherham…

    2. Here I was thinking this was old news, when it turns out it is now the third city (out of N) where the same thing happen. Putting the Progress in Progressive!

      1. It seemed pretty unlikely that it was only happening in Rotherham. The full extent of it may never be known and is horrifying to even contemplate. The UK needs to go back to having public hangings for some of these people. They won’t but nothing short of really drastic measures are going to put a stop to this. The people that did this don’t care if they are sent to prison and the UK doesn’t send people to prison for very long anyway.

    3. Telford’s MP, Lucy Allan, called the investigation’s findings “extremely serious and shocking,” and said, “There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute ?confidence in the authorities.”

      Too late for that. Maybe with a mass perp walk of ‘authorities’. Maybe not even then.

    4. Police failed to stop child sex ring for fears of racism. Here is Progressive governance in a nutshell.

      You know what Hollywood needs? More diversity clauses!

    5. Police avoided sharing information about the abusers with Telford’s Asian community

      “Asian community”–what a delightfully general, yet deliberately vague identifier.

      This will go in one of two directions; given that this has gone on for decades, it will become even more widespread as Britain continues to import the Third World in a desperate attempt to save its pensions while cracking down even harder on “racist” speech, or right-wing groups will become more ascendant out of frustration that such behavior was enabled for so long and take drastic measures to curtail such migration from taking place, with the possibility of race riots included.

      1. I cannot believe that there isn’t going to be vigilantes at some point. When the government won’t protect its citizens, its citizens will protect themselves.

      2. Asian in British media often means Middle Easterners. Oriental is the common term for what Americans call Asian.

        1. I think it’s closer to “Pakistani” – those were after all the original Asians to arrive in the UK en masse.

    6. When are you conservatives and libertarians going to learn to celebrate diversity? You’d do well to follow the example of the police in the U.K.

    7. I’m sure that slobbering loon Hihn will be along any minute now to tell us the top picture in that article’s Photoshopped, because all police in the UK are unarmed.


    8. It’s telling that the article — while being about Brit cops suppressing crime reports for fear of being labeled racist — completely fails to mention the race of the alleged criminals.

  15. http://pagesix.com/2018/03/11/…..edy-a-car/

    Some socialite broad once refused to loan Ted Kennedy a car saying “Are you serious? Don’t you know there are no fewer than four bridges between here and there?'”


    1. John, you see they made a movie “Chappaquiddick”?

      They show the lady dying in the trailer but I am curious at how they blame her for dying and it not being Ted’s fault or his father covering it up by literally paying people off.

      Maybe the left has written off the Kennedy’s like they are starting to with Woodrow Wilson.

      1. I hear it is really good. And tells the truth. I guess with Kennedy safely dead, we can no admit what a complete scum bag he was.

        1. Haha. The left would have never okayed this movie if Ted was alive.

          I would be surprised if portrayed the Kennedy family as the criminal enterprise it was. Joe was neck deep in bed with the mob.

          War on Drugs advocates typically ignore the fact that organized crime became a huge racket because of the ban on alcohol. It made the Kennedy family rich.

        2. I guess we’ll see when it comes out, but this could all be aligned with the ascendancy of the #MeToo movement making it okay to call out “respected” leftists if they were crass skirt-chasers.

          Ted’s always been an easy target, though–you’ll know the worm has turned when they do something similar about Jack and Bobby’s escapades and how they treated Marilyn Monroe in particular. That probably won’t be until the majority of the Boomers die off, though, because that generation still worships them.

          1. A movie about JFK being addicted to opiates for his war injuries and having secret service bring hookers into the White House would let me know that the lefty is finally throwing the Kennedys under the bus.

      2. Well, hopefully it will be honest, and be the last cultural gasp for the Kennedys. Ted was the last one worth paying any attention to, and he’s good and dead now.

        1. everything I have read about it says that it is very accurate.

      3. The left isn’t writing off Woodrow Wilson. When some BLM types protested him at Princeton they were shut down hard. WW is THE progressive saint. His statues won’t becoming down and his name will remain on buildings and institutions.

        Scholars defend…

        1. Wilson was a much more vocal racist than Robert E. Lee ever was. And Wilson was responsible for resegregating the federal government. He didn’t just not advance the cause of civil rights. He was actively hostile to it and set it back significantly. It just goes to show Progressives care about power and only pretend to care about other things as a means for getting power.

        2. Thanks SIV. I will have to pay more attention to Wilson being defended by lefties.

      4. They show the lady dying in the trailer

        I think Kate Mara has a thing for getting murdered by politicians.

  16. backed off a proposal to raise to 21 the minimum age to buy a gun.

    This would be unconstitutional on multiple levels. I await the recently passed FL bill to be challenged.

    1. Yup. I was impressed to see the ageism lawsuit quickly filed against Dick’s for raising the gun age.

      That should be a good strategy in Florida too. That and the 2nd Amendment protection against keeping and bearing arms.

    2. Good luck finding a court that will actually enforce the 2nd Amendment.

    3. Yet it is fine for a 16 year old to zoom around the highways steering a couple thousand pound vehicle. Of course, no teenager ever killed him/herself or others in a motor vehicle accident.

      1. Don’t make that joke, because I see more and more the tide turning to ban cars too. It doesn’t help your argument if your opponent agrees with your sarcastic quip.

        1. If so, then let’s advocate NO VOTE until 21 and no joining the military.

          1. There goes a good portion of the Democrat voting block and cannonfodder in the endless wars.

      2. I think you unintentionally highlight the issue.

        If carry (concealed or open) were as common as a driver’s license, we wouldn’t be having these discussions.

        But while the utility aspect of cars is the most pre-eminent feature in most folk’s minds, the most common feature of guns that folks hear and think about isn’t the non-threatening utility, it’s mass shootings, suicide and gun violence.

        In short? If gun-rights folks want to win this fight in the long-run, y’all need to get more folks to actually carry and make it normal again. Protecting the legal right, while only a minority of folks exercise it, just delays things. You need to change the culture so the gun clubs in New York City are normal again, rather then abnormal.

  17. Steven Bannon has been reduced to this:

    This weekend, Ms. Le Pen hosted Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, along with hundreds of party rank-and-file at a National Front congress in northern France at which she railed against immigrants and the global elite. At the same time, she said the party needed to soften its image to strike alliances.

    . . . .

    “Against the backdrop of internal tensions, Mr. Bannon took the stage on Saturday and delivered a barnstorming speech in English that laced his perennial critique of globalism with a nod to the National Front’s extremist roots.

    “Let them call you racist, let them call you xenophobes, let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor, because every day we get stronger and they get weaker,” Mr. Bannon said.”

    —-Wall Street Journal

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/ marine-le-pen-urges-makeover- as-support-for-her- national-front- shrivels-1520802122

    My understanding is that, before, Bannon would never have consort with antisemites, and the National Front is rife with them. At this point, he may have to take any invitations he gets to speak in public. Send him an email, and for the right price, he might make an appearance at your kid’s birthday party. I wonder, do you think he can make animals out of balloons?

    1. My understanding is that, before, Bannon would never have consort with antisemites, and the National Front is rife with them.

      So is the Democratic Party but that doesn’t seem to matter.

    2. I’m not exactly a fan of Bannon, but I fail to see the issue here. Is associating with Marine LePen somehow giving shade to antisemitism in the eyes of most people?

      1. Even if it did, LePen is the anti-defamation league compared to Louis Farrakhan, with whom a lot of people a whole lot more important than Bannon happily associate.

        1. Forget Anti-Semite…. Farrakhan openly advocates a belief system that includes Africans as the only true human beings. White people are not humans in his belief system. They were not even created by God.

          He makes KKK notions of “subhumans” seem quaint.

          But it is OK, because minority victim status, I suppose.

          1. I respect him because he used to live in Phoenix.

          2. It’s all primitive tribalism, whether white or black nationalism: just turn the intellect off – the part of the thought process that acknowledges complexity, nuance and variables, and reduce the thought process to merely reacting to stimuli (group “x”). Essentially, regressing the mind to primitive survival mechanisms to see the world.

            1. It absolutely is. The white nationalists are nothing but progressives.

      2. The observation–rather than “issue”–is ‘Oh how low the mighty have fallen”.

        Bannon has been reduced to consorting with pariahs, probably because he is a pariah, himself, to the point that he no longer gives a fuck.

        A year ago, he was considered one of the most powerful people in the world.

        Now he’s walking around in public with his dick hanging out of his pants.

      3. The National Front has been associated with antisemitism for decades now. Hence the current “rebranding” effort underway.

    3. I don’t follow this kind of stuff very closely. So forgive my ignorance. But, where did Steve Bannon come from? I know he worked for Trump and ran Britbart at some point but what about before that? He doesn’t look like a young guy. And I honestly had never heard of him until the 2016 election. How did he get to be head of Britbart?

      1. He was a US Naval officer then worked his way up to VP at Goldman Sachs. Then Hollywood for years.

        He co-founded Breibart.

        He knows the lefty mentality well but does not seem to grasp an every day American kind of life.

      2. After working at Goldman Sachs, he was a producer in Hollywood for years, which is where he got his media savvy. He co-founded Bretbart from there.

        I believe he simply took the reins when Breitbart died.

        1. Great minds think alike, Ken @10:20am.

        2. Thanks Ken and 1789. Funny he was a Hollywood producer.

          1. There are all sorts of weirdos that are Hollywood producers.

            Kevin Smith has a great story about producer Jon Peters, who demanded that giant spider thing in Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith.
            Kevin Smith Superman script story

            1. I have a friend who is a documentary film maker and she tells me that it is actually very difficult to read a script and tell if it will be a good movie. Lots of scripts read great but are disasters when made and lots of great movies didn’t seem that way when you just read the script. It takes an almost uncanny skill to be able to read a script and see what kind of a movie it is going to be. So, it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of producers are nutcases.

              1. Then how is it that certain discerning actors and actresses manage to choose mostly good movies?

                1. They are good at reading scripts or have agents who are. Notice a lot of great actors throw away their careers making bad role choices. I don’t think someone like Sandra Bullock, who can be very good in the right movie, made all of the bad movies she has made on purpose. I guarantee you she thought those movies were going to be good.

                  1. Or she just wanted a paycheck.

                    1. Yes but Bulluck had lots of options. She wasn’t broke like Kim Bassinger, who took parts just for the money. James Cahn is famous for turning down some of the biggest movie roles of the 1970s. After the Godfather he was a huge star. And he chose one bad to fair movie after another until he wasn’t a star anymore.

                2. It may be that certain directors tend to choose the same actors and actresses, and directors are like rock stars–if they have a low budget hit, they can do what they want. Picking a director is probably more important than picking a script.

                  You don’t look at the script for The Shape of Water and think, “Well, there’s a hit”.

                  You look at the guy that made Hell Boy and Pacific Rim, and think, I want this guy working on my movie.

                  If he wants to do an art-house flick, you look at his work on The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth and think, “This guy’s low budget films make bank, too!”:

                  You can’t look at the scripts of those first two movies and see why they’re likely to succeed over other big budget, superhero fare. You can’t look at the last two art-house scripts and see why they’re likely to succeed over art-house fare either–and they were in Espanol.

                  You look at the director.

                  1. Makes me think of Tarantino. He recycles the same talent for every movie.

                    1. So do a lot of them.

                      Find me a Cohen brothers movie without Frances McDormand.

                      Scorsese with DeNiro.

                    2. Yeah, Coen brothers would be my go to. John Turturro, Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi – they show up over and over.

                    3. I think the formula is to have a good team. Good director who can see the movie and fix bad parts of writing and acting. Good actors who make the movie characters work. Good writing to have that foundation of what the movie is about and dialogue. Good producers to get the good actors and enough money for the movie to have what it needs.

                      Another under-mentioned role are good editors.

                      Sometimes its good luck that movies turn out good. Since most movies ever created are bad, IMO Hollywood is not a lucky town nor do you find good teams of the above mentioned jobs to create a movie.

                    4. Jackie Brown is still easily in my top ten favorite movies, but goddamn, i am so sick of Quentin Tarantino.

              2. I have a friend who is a documentary film maker and she tells me that it is actually very difficult to read a script and tell if it will be a good movie

                Unless it’s been written by John Milius, then the presumption that it will be awesome is the default position and you have to come up with reasons that it won’t work.

              3. If you read the script for Wild, Wild West and didn’t know that it would be an offensive disaster, then you have issues that go beyond being able to imagine a script as a movie. The giant spider thing was way, way, way down the list of problems with that movie.

                — ok, admission time: That one is a bit personal for me. I went to see it with my ex wife. I was the only white person in a completely packed theater. She was the only black person not laughing. Although several people immediately around us did seem a little bit uncomfortable with the openly racist humor with us so close by. It really damaged my faith in humanity to see people being taken in by that type of stuff. ( a faith that would be completely destroyed by all of the excitement over The Davinci Code and Lost. Holy crap, people are insipid.)

                Ok, rant off.

            2. Our Treasury Secretary was a film producer. That’s how he hooked up with a young hot no-talent Eurotrash landed gentry wife.

              1. You make hooking up with young, hot, no-talent, eurotrash sound like it’s a bad thing.

                1. Seriously. That sounds like a huge win!

                2. On the contrary. Bagging Louise Linton is why I have great respect for Steven Mnuchin.

          2. Well that’s because Andrew Breitbart was originally the writer of Big Hollywood, which was basically a Hollywood criticism weekly. His major idea was that Government lags behind culture and so paying attention to mass media is important for the impact it has on culture. This is probably how he came to originally meet with Bannon.

            Someone tell me if I’m an asshole, because I was never a solid reader of Breitbart, but I swear Andrew Breitbart era Breitbart was a lot more reasonable than after he died.

    4. Your link is borked but I’m curious about the “support-for-her- national-front- shrivels” bit. If that is true, it would be the opposite of what seems to happening in every other country in Europe.

      1. https://tinyurl.com/y8couvb3

        She’s under investigation for a number of things, including the misuse of funds and a criminal investigation for publishing violent photos–by way of a tweet that showed some violent graphic images.

        The article goes on to talk about some factionalism in the movement–she has a hot niece, who is presenting a challenge to her leadership, as well.

        Yeah, both Germany and Italy saw big gains from anti-immigrant parties, and I don’t think they’re saying that immigration is no longer a dominant issue in France. I think they’re saying that Marine Le Pen, personally, is having problems, and her personal issues are affecting the image of the party.

        1. I think they’re saying that Marine Le Pen, personally, is having problems, and her personal issues are affecting the image of the party.


          I wonder how long until the leaders of Europe’s other “far-right” parties find themselves “under investigation”.

          1. The “violent photos” bit is, to my understanding, her retweeting ISIS photos, warning the nation of what the immigrants have in store for them. That has landed her in an investigation. Because pointing out what the enemies of your people are saying they will do to you, and what they are doing, is bad or something.

            I am pretty sure every right-wing leader in any “liberal” European nation is going to find themselves on the wrong end of the same stuff. It’s a bad move for the left. If they lose, the right will have no reason to stop themselves from doing the same to them.

  18. The White House . . . backed off a proposal to raise to 21 the minimum age to buy a gun.

    Still, I think shitting our pants was the right move anyway–just like it is whenever Trump tweets something.

    I bet Reason has somebody with clean undershorts manning Trump’s twitter feed right now!

    1. They have to bounce between twitter feeds and the sockpuppets on here to get website visits up.

  19. So the other day Trump called Maxine Waters “low IQ” and she immediately called it a racist remark. Given that she’s a crazy old black lady, why isn’t calling her “low IQ” also sexist, ageist, and mentally deficientist?

    1. Trump could tell her to have a nice day and she’d find a way to spin it as racist. It’s her shtick.

      1. Is there a thicker limb to climb out on than calling Maxine Waters stupid? Maybe calling her crazy.

        1. Racist.

    2. why isn’t calling her “low IQ” also sexist, ageist, and mentally deficientist?

      It is, but racism is literally worse than Hitler so accusations of it tend to carry more weight.

    3. I wish someone would ask all of the various journalists who are having kittens over that remark if they think it is possible for a black person to be dumb and if so why Waters doesn’t fit that description. If there is any racism going on, it is the patronizing of liberals who seem to look at black people as children who are unworthy of ever having a negative truth told about them.

      1. The soft racism of low expectations is done by people who mean well. They have good intentions so it’s OK.

      2. Racism is the fact that if any black person were 1/10th as fucking dumb or crazy as Trump, the idea of him being president would be obviously ridiculous.

        1. That’s a fundamentally racist statement, any way you slice it, Tony. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        2. And Tony comes along to prove the point. Tony won’t admit that it is possible for black people to be dumb just like all people can be dumb because he is too much of a racist to see black people as human beings. Waters is stupid by any reasonable standard. If she were white, you would admit that fact. You don’t admit it because she is black and not really a human being to you.

          Your racism is appalling Tony. It is so complete that you have managed to rationalize it to such a degree that you don’t even think of yourself as being racist even though you see black people as something less than human.

          1. Is Tony telling us that white people are fundamentally racist by virtue of their whiteness?

            Is Tony saying black people don’t like Trump merely because he’s white?

            I’m trying to think of a way to understand Tony’s statement without any racist overtones, and I’m coming up blank.

          2. Trump is stupider by any reasonable standard.

            1. Tony. Objectively by any standard, Trump is not stupid.

              He has run numerous successful businesses. Trump was on countless corporation boards. He won the election of 2016 as almost the most hated underdog. The FBI, CIA, and NSA were trying to sabotage his campaign.

              He beat Hillary and you think Hillary is the smartest person eva.

              1. Trump is perhaps the world’s most obvious grifter, and while your little batshit conspiracy theory isn’t true, it is true that the Russians tried and succeeded in putting him over the top. And you support this person.

                1. Aw Tony, your batshit crazy conspiracy theory about the Russians is either correct and the CIA, NSA, and FBI were involved or none of it was correct.

                  You cannot wiggle out of indicting the FBI, NSA, and CIA if the Russians did pull of a voting coup.

                  Luckily for America, Trump was voted in because he was better than Hillary and the deep state got caught being corrupt traitors for trying to protect Hillary.

                  You really believe that the Russians won Trump the election, don’t you? There is zero evidence that the Russian altered voting numbers, nor was there a violent coup, so you think an election can be stolen by some other way.

          3. John, you articulated lefty racism in a nutshell.

            Part of me thinks lefties are jealous of Trump that he can say whatever he wants and get away with it. The last time Democrats called blacks, asians, and latinos the slurs they wanted to, the Democrats lost the Civil War.

            1. He’s not getting away with it though. He’s about to lose yet another election for Republicans, November will be a bloodbath, and most Americans just want him to go away.

              1. Bloodbath like all the special elections in 2017 that Democrats lost?

                You and the lefties are simply not paying attention to the voter signals. You must be too busy virtue signalling.

                Not only will Republicans gain more seats in the House and Senate in 2018 but even more in 2020. Trump will also win re-election based on his current trend.

                Democrats have lost too many blue collar workers and minorities who are not falling for the SJW bullshit anymore.

              2. Look at Democrat political contributions have gone way down.

                Most Americans like Trump which is why he gets more popular every day.

                If he would stop with the few bad decision like tariffs, he would be even more popular. Tariffs will be popular with blue collar workers. You will see shifts in voting areas that used to vote Democrat.

        3. Hate to break it to you but quite a few black people voted for Trump. Women too.

          Democrats will never admit this but many black people just did not vote for Hillary and voting for a Republican was not something they wanted to do… yet.

          1. Democrats will never admit this but many black people just did not vote for Hillary and voting for a Republican was not something they wanted to do… yet.

            From what I understand, a big reason Trump won Wisconsin was because a lot of African-Americans, men in particular, from the Milwaukee stronghold specifically didn’t bother to show up and vote for Hillary. Whether out of apathy, the assumption that Hillary would win, outright animus for an old white woman who reminded them of every hectoring bitch they hooked up with, or her simple lack of campaigning in the Midwest, she lost a critical demographic.

            1. I have a black neighbor who has a real job that is non-union. He is a family man and had a Trump sign in his yard.

              That should scare the shit out of Democrats.

              That and the Civil Right Act was not a savior for blacks in the USA and many are realizing that. If anything Lincoln helped break the chains and he was a Republican. The rest of the good fortune for black people was themselves rising up in spite of government putting its boots on their necks.

            2. http://www.nytimes.com/2018/03…..crats.html

              The missing Obama voters. The article doesn’t break them down by sex, but I bet a lot of them are men. The Democratic Party’s obsession with women’s issues might not turn minority men into Republicans but it almost certainly gives them less reason to care or show up to vote.

              1. There’s also the gay and transgender worship. Black folks, generally in my experience, tend to be at best uncomfortable with it if not outright hostile.

                It’s ironic and sad that Ds have such a lock on the black vote. When you know and talk to black people about their values, rather than their politics, they’re more often pretty conservative.

                1. “It’s ironic and sad that Ds have such a lock on the black vote. When you know and talk to black people about their values, rather than their politics, they’re more often pretty conservative.”

                  It’s almost like they don’t vote based on values, but based on some other metric… I just can’t put my finger on it….

                  1. The media bashes Republican as racist. Lincoln freed the slaves and almost all black people voted Republican after the Civil War. That is where you got all the Jim Crowe voting laws to suppress black voters. Black people are waking up to the fact that Democrats only say they want to help them but have not for decades.

                    Black leaders get paid too much money from Democrats to preach to black people about Libertarianism or the real GOP. Most black people, I know, figured it out themselves and they say there is a lot of ignorance out there. Blacks are starting to like that Republicans protect their religious rights.

    4. I’ll never forget that time the Democrats dragged Old Man Toyoda before her committee to excoriate him on camera for apparent safety issues in Toyota’s cars.

      Waters kept going on about how this proved that Japanese made cars were of no better quality than American made cars. People kept interrupting her to explain that the Toyota cars in question were all manufactured in the United States.

      She couldn’t get that idea through her thick skull.

      Over and over, she kept talking about how American workers made higher quality cars than the Japanese, and if these imports hadn’t been allowed . . .

      She could not understand the idea that Toyota builds cars in the United States. It was one of those things that makes you cringe for somebody, it’s so embarrassing.

      1. I wonder if it was just for sound bites. Every time I see Elizabeth Warren posted on FB it’s just her making comments unrebuked in anyway. Maybe this was the same. Playing to the constituency is the most important skill for politicians.

      2. People like Waters double down on stupidity rather than admit their entire position is wrong.

      3. Tony will be here shortly to explain that if she were white she’d be president though.

    5. Given that she’s a crazy old black lady, why isn’t calling her “low IQ” also sexist, ageist, and mentally deficientist?

      “I thought I fired Omarosa?”

    6. Apparently Waters is quite woke on the issue of Race and IQ.

  20. Hypothetically –

    1. OJ is looking for the real killers, right now.

    2. I still think OJ was framed.

    3. Marcus Allen shared Nicole with Al Davis.

    1. There’s a problem with 3.

      If Marcus Allen had shared Nicole with Al Davis, Al Davis wouldn’t have sat Marcus Allen in spite for so long.

      1. It was the man with the peg leg – who managed to fit a Bruno Magli shoe over the peg leg, which is quite a feat.

      2. Yep. I would much rather have Marcus Allen than Bo Jackson. Marcus was a better, all-around back than Bo.

        John, you might disagree, but just look at (1) the numbers, and (2) the way they played. Marcus was smarter. Marcus was more diverse. Marcus was a much better blocker and pass catcher. Marcus’ running style was such that he was less likely to be injured than Bo.

        I repeat, the most overrated attributes of athleticism are:

        (1) straight ahead speed;

        (2) straight ahead strength; and

        (3) straight up / vertical leaping

        1. Something really weird went down between Al Davis and Marcus Allen. I would love to know the reason why Davis decided to treat Allen the way he did. It was such a bad football decision that it had to be something very personal. Maybe Allen shared her with Davis and then took her back. Or banged one of Davis’ girlfriends. It had to be something like that.

          1. Perhaps – but, what do you think about Marcus Allen vis-?-vis Bo Jackson? Who would you rather have as your featured RB?

            I have had many an argument on this issue with most people choosing Bo. Just imagine if Marcus had played all those games where he was benched. As it is, Marcus scored 145 touchdowns, good for 6th all time. He is one of only three players to have 10,000 + yards running and 5,000 + receiving.

            Do you remember when Bo suffered his career ending injury against the Bengals in the 1990 divisional playoff game? Marcus came in and saved the day for the Raiders.

            1. Davis was always about big plays and speed on offense. Bo Jackson was the biggest and fastest running back probably ever. And Davis fell in love with that speed not understanding that since Jackson ran upright it was just a matter of time before he got hurt and his career ended.

    2. The LAPD was definitely trying to frame OJ. He did it, but they tried to frame him.

  21. Governor Rick Scott signed into law a three day waiting period to buy a long gun in Florida. Apparently, it never occurred to anyone in the legislature that NW FL residents can make a very short drive into Alabama to buy whatever long gun they want with no waiting period. Good thinking there, guys.

    1. You’re right, this needs to be imposed nationwide to close the federalism loophole!


  22. CNN touting a poll on the PA special election. Lamb ahead by six percent!!!

    (they later say this is using their “surge model” that predicts a huge surge in turnout for Democrat voters – a surge of more than six percent. )

    I have no idea if they are right or wrong in their predictions – but leading the news with “Democrat takes the Lead!” when you just assume that he gets a huge bump in base turnout over the Republican seems a little dishonest.

    1. If CNN were a friend or family member, you’d be talking with everyone that knows CNN about how to stage an intervention.
      “CNN, we’re concerned about you. We always loved you for your… for you. But we’ve watched your behavior get more erratic over the last 2 years. Now, you’re hanging out with hookers and accosting old ladies in their front yards. We’re worried. The other day we caught you digging through people’s trash! You’ve hit rock bottom, CNN, and we can’t sit by and watch your degeneracy anymore.”

  23. The Federal Communications Commission accused a Silicon Valley start-up of launching four mini-satellites without permission.

    So, the *FCC* regulates not only what Americans put into space – for ‘tracking reasons’? – but what other countries can launch?

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