Package Bombs Rock Austin, O.J. Simpson Offers Hypothetical Murder Confession, and Trump Backs Off Raising the Age to Buy Certain Guns: P.M. Links


  • John by John Barrett-PHOTOlink./Newscom

    Package bombs that have killed two in Austin, Texas, may be connected, say police.

  • O.J. Simpson offers hypothetical murder confession in a 2006 interview which just now surfaced.
  • Trump has backtracked on his calls for raising the federal age limit required to buy "assault weapons" from 18 to 21. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says that raising the age is still on the table.
  • Protestors gearing up for President Trump's visit to California this Tuesday.
  • British PM points finger at Russia over recent nerve agent poisoning of ex-Russian spy and his daughter.
  • Thousands of Cuban exiles consider returning to live in their home country.

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  1. NewscomPackage bombs that have killed two in Austin, Texas may be connected…

    …to the Unibomber 2.0

    1. Hello.

    2. You mean UNAbomber?

      1. Uh, he bombed universities, so therefore, ipso facto, unibomber. Don’t blame me if everyone else is wrong.

        1. UnAbomber. University + air transport industry.

          from WIKIPEDIA: “the FBI used the acronym “UNABOM” (UNiversity and Airline BOMber) to refer to his case”

          1. That still doesn’t make everyone else right.

          2. You mean the FBA?

  2. O.J. Simpson offers hypothetical murder confession in a 2006 interview which just now surfaced.

    It was in an unsearched corner of Al Capone’s vault.

    1. Q: Why did OJ’s Granny miss him so much, at Thanksgiving Turkey dinner, when OJ was in jail?

      A: They needed to have someone on hand, who knew how to cut the white meat!

      1. OJ’s defense lawyer shows up for a consultation with OJ. OJ shows up in a festive Mexican sombrero, swimming trunks, and a floral Hawaiian shirt (no,this is NOT about “cultural appropriation”; that got to be a “thing” much later in time).

        Defense lawyer looks at OJ, says, “Hey, man, why are you dressed so strangely?”

        OJ says, “I’m ready to go to Cancun! You said we’re gonna go to Cancun, right?”

        “No, Dude! I said, you’re gonna go to the CAN, coon!”

        1. Charming.

  3. I know I was on record complaining about how absurdly expensive SXSW tickets are, so I want to take this moment to state that I am not the package bomber.

    1. We already knew. Your package isn’t large enough.

    2. Back when it was a music festival I could see going. But somehow over the years, it has become CPAC for hipsters. I really can’t imagine giving a shit about all of the political crap that is now a part of it. And I don’t think the music is as good as it used to be either.

      1. I was in Austin about 20 years ago (1998 I think) for a TRRC hearing during SXSW. Hotels were tight so I ended up staying in an expensive hotel where a lot of festival visitors stayed. One night I ended up on the elevator late with a couple from Cali who were in town for the festival and they were talking – they had been at an event at a bar that was decorated with cowhide chairs and benches. They were outraged and angry about how cruel it was to the cow to use its hide to make furniture. And they were also decked out head-to-toe in leather hats, vests, belts, pants, and shoes. They had no clue why when I just burst out laughing to myself.

        I don’t think the CPAC for hipsters component of SXSW is all that recent.

        1. 20 years ago we were still reeling from PC 1.0. Amazing how time flies.

      2. The music isn’t as bad as it sounds.

      3. I live in Austin, and I haven’t bothered going downtown to check South-by out. The ticket prices are crazy.

        ACL Fest in the fall, 3 days of solid music, now that I’ll go to.

        1. ACL is a great time.

    3. That is exactly what the package bomber would say.

  4. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says that raising the age is still on the table.

    Until it gets pushed off the table and out of view by some more outrages about the president’s Twitters.

  5. Off-topic: Worst Reason trolls, round three: the talented/insane.

    A note before this starts: some trolls put on a persona and do it so well that you can’t tell if they’re genuinely talented or just completely insane. This round is for those trolls like OBL, whose persona is probably parody, and Hank, who’s probably serious with his talk about Christianity being fascism. Anyway:

    OpenBordersLiberal-tarian vs. Hank Phillips vs. SIV vs. Eidde

    1. Eidde is Eddie. Definitely not a troll.

      I’m all tapped out with March Madness.

      1. Yeah, but on Friday Chipper Morning asked me why the bracket hadn’t been continued, and I mentioned that insane/talented would be going up on Monday, and Eidde claimed he was definitely gonna win that round. He wasn’t included initially, but I decided to hell with it and slipped him in at the end. Since he asked nicely.

        1. Still waiting for the staff and sock puppet rounds.

          1. I nominate “staff and sock puppet” as creepiest kids show name evah

            1. That’s what’s written on the handwritten sign above Crusty’s desk.

        2. See, it helps to ask nicely.

        3. I am late to this, because I just got done with my day now, but why is Hihn not included in this round? He is the most certifiably insane one, and my vote goes to him. If he is excluded for a good reason, then from the remaining ones, I vote for SIV.

    2. What’s going to happen when you put a troll up against one of their own socks?

    3. I vote for Red Tony in this round. He’s probably not from the future, but I can’t be certain.

      1. Wrong round, and I so AM from the future!

        1. Then why bother with the tournament? Just tell us who wins/won already!

          1. Because stable time loops.
            Because Past Me didn’t really pay attention.
            Because I forgot who won.
            Because stable time loops.
            Because vaccinations are good.
            Because maybe I’m a Leo.
            Because Pablo Sanchez is the greatest baseball player ever.
            Because stable time loops.
            Because Michael Hihn keeps using boldface.
            Because I’m from the future.
            Because stable time loops.

            1. Ok, out of fear of creating yet another time rift for Violet Tony to come through, I retract my vote for Red Tony.

              SIV. It’s gotta be SIV.

    4. Ah man, Eidde doesn’t belong here.

      My votes for SIV though, he’s a true classic.

      1. Eidde said he’d win this round, so I put him in the bracket. Just to be nice.

        1. And I do appreciate it.

    5. My vote is for Hank. He’s a loon, but as you pointed out, probably serious.

    6. OBL is a parody account, not a troll. Which I suppose makes him the worst troll, in the sense that he’s not a very good troll at all. Unless SIV is a parody account as well, in which case he’s the best troll, which would be the worst troll. But now I’m confused, is the worst troll the one who does the best job of trolling or the worst job of trolling? Just to be on the safe side maybe I’d better just stick with giving Tulpa my nod in every category since there’s at least a 50/50 shot that regardless of the handle it’s just me.

      1. I am confused by this business about parody not being a form of trolling.

        Is not the definition of troll to deliberately get a rise out of people by whatever means? So yes, someone who expresses an argument meant to taunt or outrage an audience, rather than to persuade on their own terms, is one. But is not one who does it solely for the lulz, if anything, the purest species of troll?

        OBL is the greatest (worst) because he manages to continually get earnest reactions from his rather obvious parody performance; and every time I think he has surely gone too far this time and laid it on too thick, they keep at it. He is going to continue to push the envelope until he has half of H & R genuinely convinced that he literally worships Obama as the Messiah.

        1. OBL will surely be looked upon by future generations among Skaespeare and Twain.

    7. Chemjeff should be at or near the top of any troll list. Get this

      chemjeff|3.12.18 @ 4:40PM|#

      It is also about humiliating people into submission by forcing them to say things they know are lies in the name of politeness.

      So your complaint is about the standard that others have for what constitutes “polite”?

      You can’t control how others will respond to your speech. That is what “anti-PC” is really about – trying to force listeners to respond to speech in a manner that the speaker approves of.

      Behold the mendacity and stupidity of it. It is just remarkable.

      1. His point. I don’t understand.

        1. It is just a sea of stupid. And he thinks he is so smart. He is utterly idiotic but makes up for it by being smug.

          1. Last week you pointed out that, though prolific and people disagree with you, you’re not a troll.

            In my book, jeffie’s in the same boat.

        2. He’s saying that many anti-PC type people just upset that people are talking back to them for their shit.

          1. which is absurd.

            1. I’ve have met a fair amount of people who are basically upset that people tell them to stop saying nigger.

              1. I don’t live in the ghetto. So I can’t say that.

              2. Sheesh. Still, you persist, BUCS.

        3. You don’t have the right to be angry! Only the people angry at you do!

      2. No, trolls continually shitpost to deliberately get a rise. chemjeff’s posts are quite sincere and he doesn’t deserve the label.

        I wouldn’t call Tony a troll, either, because even at his arch-prissiest, he’ll still put forth an effort to make an argument that’s grounded in a legitimate worldview, even if we consider it to be in bad faith.

        Most of our trolls, honestly, are drive-bys who seem to pop in when one of Reason’s articles shows up on Reddit (the net neutrality articles always seem to get linked by Redditards and we get a temporary infestation of socially maladjusted dorks).

        1. Man, I do not understand how crazy things get with those Net Neutrality posts. No other topic is even close.

          1. It’s like a duck call, but for retards.

        2. Also, definitely, Chemjeff is not a troll. He has his arguments, sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree, but I don’t even think he’s trying to be an asshole. He just has opinions that differ from a lot here and it leads to confrontation. I like him though.

          1. Yeah, chemjeff is one of the most reasonable people that comment here. Arguably he’s the most politically balanced and objective, which is going to tend to piss off the partisans.

            1. Yeah only a partisan could think that PC, an explicitly totalitarian philosophy that came out of Marxist thought could be a problem. Chemjeff is all over it.

          2. I like chemjeff a lot. I find myself agreeing with him frequently, and he seems pretty civil for the most part. I would not call him a troll.

        3. I think Tony is at least halfway over the bridge to trolltown. Most of his posts don’t try to make arguments. They’re just insulting canards made to get everyone riled up. In that sense he’s a very effective one.

          Bo Cara Esq wasn’t a troll, he just disagreed with lots of people here.

    8. joe remains the King of Regular Trolls.

      Mary reigns supreme for scary, batshit insane trolling. She set out to force registration, and succeeded.

      Suave wins for HR staff trolls.

      Richman wins for Commie trolls.

      Tony wins for being joe.

      Caesar wins for being Chad.

      1. *pours a drink on the ground*

      2. You people all need go get a fucking life man.

  6. Protestors gearing up for President Trump’s visit to California this Tuesday.

    They’re using dry erase markers on their sandwich boards because of the ever-changing outrages.

    1. “Trump is playing with fire,” said Aram Fischer, a co-leader of Indivisible SF, the local chapter of a progressive anti-Trump group claiming 200,000 members in California. “The more he’s here, and the more we can call attention to how he’s hurting California, the better it is for us.”

      Please do show the rest of America what it’s like to be a privileged, professional “activist” layabout in the richest country in the world. We really need to hear your pain.

      1. Once his parents pay his cell phone bill, maybe he can call and tell you.

    2. Try shouting down this President… just try…

    3. Steel and aluminum tariffs, along with most tariffs, are great for the environment. They force US companies to use recycled materials or get supplies from American mines and producers who put out about a small fraction of the CO2 of similar ones in third world countries without environmental regulations, and we don’t need to waste CO2 shipping all that shit across the world.

      Lefties should love tariffs.

      But Drumpf proposed them, so now they’re bad.

      1. You forgot good paying Union jobs.

        1. And higher prices. Less buying power = less consumerism. And more government dependence.

      2. Although, technically, for recycled steel and aluminum made in America, all of the pollution involved with the recycling process is released in America. While cheap steel imports from China leave most of the pollution involved with their creation in China, which I am reliable assured is already a shithole.

  7. Thousands of Cuban exiles consider returning to live in their home country.

    Life is far less toxic with one fewer political party to deal with.

    1. Self Deportation?

    2. Consider, of course, only to realize that nah they floated over here on a refrigerator box for a reason.

      1. Maybe not. I thought the link was SF’ed but it doesn’t work at the Miami Herald site either. There’s no story, just a headline, and I’d be interested in seeing their take on it. Other sites are reporting the same thing, blaming Obama’s rescinding the “wet foot, dry foot” policy that put Cuban refugees on a fast track for citizenship and welfare bennies and now that the Cubans are being treated just like any other illegal immigrant they’re figuring they might just as well have stayed in Cuba. Or Trump’s USA has become such a fascist shithole that the Cubans are dying to get back to their worker’s paradise, pick your narrative.

        1. The article is basically people are repatriating because it makes it easy to visit family back in Cuba. A few needed medical care and went back for that because it’s cheaper. Both of these groups still live in the US, but went through the paper-work to also have Cuban citizenship.

          The final group was people who were old and wanted to die among their family back home. The article makes it sound like people are fleeing back to Cuba, but it sounds like almost everyone still chooses to live in Miami, they just want some specific benefit of repatriation.

  8. British PM points finger at Russia over recent nerve agent poisoning of ex-Russian spy and his daughter.

    At least they didn’t interfere with her election (or whatever they do over there to select a PM).

    1. The Brits new PM is selected when Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, holds aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that she, Theresa May, is to carry Excalibur.

      1. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!

        1. Be quiet!

          1. I suppose he deserves a spanking for that.

          2. See the tyranny inherent in the system!

            1. violence…damn it.

              1. This whole subthread is out of order!

            2. Help, help! I’m being repressed!

            3. What have the Romans ever done for us?

  9. Thousands of Cuban exiles consider returning to live in their home country.

    Reading this, your blurb is a little misleading. Because the article makes it sound like very few want to live there, but that the repatriation they are doing makes it easier to visit family or other benefits. But that they still wish to mostly live in Miami.

  10. The jury might have gotten past the if it don’t fit you must acquit. But when you have a cop on the stand pleading the 5th amendment over what he did with the vial of blood. The DNA evidence goes out the window.

    1. It was the worst tried case in the history of the world. You cannot overstate how stupid and what poor attorneys Dardin and the woman whose name I forget were. Honestly, I don’t think they even wanted to win. They just wanted to cash in on prosecuting the case. I can’t believe anyone who did want to win would try a case that badly.

      1. The prosecutors were dealt a poor hand by the police dept.

        Fortunately most crooks can’t aftord a defense attorney, right?

        1. They really were not. There was a ton of circumstantial evidence that established very clearly that OJ both had the motive, the means and was unaccounted for during the time of the killings. The DNA evidence ended up being a distraction. People didn’t understand it and it put them down the rabbit hole of Mark Furman and all that.

          The other huge mistake they made was making such a big deal out of the domestic violence. The jury to their credit I think rightfully concluded that just because he beat the hell out of her didn’t mean he murdered her. And all of that evidence ended up being a distraction that bought them nothing.

          What got lost in the trial was the amount of blood that was found in OJ’s home. Could the police have collected some blood from the scene and planted it at OJ’s house? Sure. But they couldn’t have planted that much blood. And that fact was totally lost in the trial. The other thing that was lost was how big of a buddy OJ was with the cops. They let him off for beating his wife because he was so in with them. The domestic violence evidence should have been used to show the police didn’t frame him. Instead they tried to use it to show he committed the murder and that didn’t fly.

      2. Every litigator ever: “Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.”

        1. Except Perry Mason.

      3. Marcia Clark. I’m not googling to see if it was Mar(sh)a or Clark(e)

  11. Package bombs that have killed two in Austin, Texas may be connected, say police.

    We need common sense package control. Packages of war do not belong on the streets of America.

    Also, making bets. Cultural enrichment from the religion of peace or peaceful protest from Antifa?

    1. Serial killer.

    2. It’s also Austin so there’s always the outside chance it’s some nutty Texas separatists. I would, however, be mildly shocked to find out that was the case.

    3. Cultural enrichment from the religion of peace or peaceful protest from Antifa?

      Definitely cultural enrichment from Buddhist monks.

    4. I’m betting on an enraged hipster who snapped due to the commercialization of Austin’s art scene.

    5. Anybody seen Brett Kimberlin? And where’s Jason L Van Dyke?

    6. I put my money on someone outraged that “turning blue texas” wasn’t even part lavender in the primaries. Because of the violence inherent in the system.

    7. “Also, making bets. Cultural enrichment from the religion of peace or peaceful protest from Antifa?”

      Well, all of the targets so far have been black people, so I’d put my money on a different area of political zealotry. But when the wackjobs are being wacky, it makes it hard to make accurate predictions…….


    The Great Spirit has not moved Elizabeth Warren to run for President.

    1. Nor moved her to take a DNA test.

      1. That will happen right after OJ finds the real killers.

        1. He was too busy retrieving memorabilia to look for them.

      2. Nor moved her to take a DNA test.

        A good argument for that not really mattering.

        1. As a young Cherokee woman, one would assume that I would take Warren’s side in standing up against Trump’s racist remark.

          I am *not* a young Cherokee woman.

          1. “Warren’s misrepresentation of her heritage has major consequences for Native Americans, who have little visibility not only in politics, but in American culture at large.”

            Something tells me she likes it that way.

            1. I think this was at a time when some law prof was striking or something until they appointed a woman-of-color professor, and unless I’ve been totally duped by Fox News, I think it was Warren whose appointment was deemed to meet the prof’s demand.

              1. OTOH – The Harvard Crimson covered her appointment and the diversity crowd saw her as a white woman.

                “The Law School faculty voted yesterday to offer a tenured position to Visiting Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, a member of the Appointments Committee said last night….

                “Despite the fact that a female was offered tenure, some students said they did not think the move went far enough, and said they wanted more ideological diversity as well.

                “The fact that the tenure offers tend to be right of center, and only white women is disturbing,” said second year student Julie A. Su. “Their definition of diversity tends to be very limited.”…

                “There are still no tenured women of color on the Law School faculty. Five of the 60 tenured faculty at the Law School are women.”

                I wonder what made her right-wing by this protester’s standards?

                1. That’s a bonechilling statement to read.

                2. “Right of center”? Jesus fucking christ, where do they think the “center” is?

                3. I wonder what made her right-wing by this protester’s standards?

                  Protester standards.

                4. I wonder what made her right-wing by this protester’s standards?

                  Hard to say, but I gonna go with the fact that she was registered Republican at the time and did a lot of work consulting for Wall Street:

                  Warren voted as a Republican for many years, saying, “I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets”.[25] According to Warren, she began to vote Democratic in 1995 because she no longer believed that to be true, but she states that she has voted for both parties because she believed that neither party should dominate.

                  1. She’s a trans-Democrat like Trump!

                    1. But, like, in reverse, you see.

  13. Six links! Is this a PR for Britches? Gotta give credit for incremental improvement.

    1. Reason should hire Michael Hihn for the links. It would be glorious.

      1. Dear. God. Make this happen.

        1. Everyone bitching about Britches? WELL HOW DO YOU LIKE LINKS LONGER THAN ALL THE COMMENTS IN THE WORLD?

          1. Quite the opposite actually. He would find articles from Fox News and Salon, and then he would post nothing… because left – right = zero.

      2. He would like his own website. About how he is libertarianul or The Libertarian.

        And of course the links would be in BOLD CAPS RAGE. They would end in (snickers). And Reason would get a tax credit for hiring someone in their 90s. A media version of a Walmart greeter.

    2. 75 words and still no goddamn AltText.

      Fuck Britches.

      1. Eh, I just assume he’s technically challenged and give him a pass. I still can’t do an embedded hyperlink even though multiple folks have shown me how on this forum.

  14. O.J. Simpson offers hypothetical murder confession in a 2006 interview which just now surfaced.

    Here is the clip in question.

  15. O.J. Simpson offers hypothetical murder confession in a 2006 interview which just now surfaced.


    1. If the confession doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

  16. Package bombs that have killed two in Austin, Texas may be connected, say police.

    “Keep Austin weird.”

  17. Real-girl mannequins are coming to a store near you

    Ralph’s mannequins don’t scream that they are ‘the other.’

    They just laugh like Alexa.

    1. I never thought of advertising clothing with mannequins that make it clear that it’s the clothing that makes you look fat.

    2. Stretch marks? You gotta be shitting me.

  18. Trump has backtracked on his calls for raising the federal age limit required to buy “assault weapons” from 18 to 21. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says that raising the age is still on the table.

    All that lefty money donated to the Trump campaign and no gun control? I guess its back to TDS.

  19. raising the age is still on the table

    Raising the age is unconstitutional, unless you want to change the age of legal adulthood to 21.

    1. What makes you say it’s unconstitutional? Under federal law, 21 is the minimum age to buy a handgun through an FFL. Plenty of states have even more restrictive laws for minimum age to purchase handguns. Courts haven’t found those unconstitutional. What makes you think they’d find raising the age on long guns unconstitutional?

      1. Age restrictions infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. Specifically by using age to prevent 18-21 year old adults from keeping and bearing said arms.

        Not only are courts wrong to undermine the 2nd Amendment based on age or for any reason but guns are specifically singled out for protection from government. States use age restrictions for products like cigarettes and that might not be unconstitutional because these other products don’t have a constitutional amendment protecting them.

        1. You may think that, but SCOTUS may disagree with you. They certainly left enough room to drive a truck through in the McDonald and Heller decisions. It’s not at all clear how they’d rule on such things. Like it or not, 9 highly politically connected people are the final arbiters of what the US Constitution means. It’s a big mistake to read your preferred policies into the USC. It is not a libertarian document by any means.

  20. Protestors gearing up for President Trump’s visit to California this Tuesday.

    I take it these people don’t have jobs.


    Alpha Chi Omega’s Theta Chi chapter’s Lehigh campus recognition was revoked for two years, starting March 5 until May 31, 2020, says the Lehigh Greeks blog.

    The sorority was accused of sponsoring a road rally scavenger hunt Dec. 8, 2017 in which participants “received points for various acts including sexual activity, the use of drugs and alcohol, ingesting food and other liquids.”

    Sounds like a fun bunch of girls.

    1. Sounds like the late (in both senses) Roman Republic.

  22. Thousands of Cuban exiles consider returning to live in their home country.

    Has the communist regime been deposed?

    1. No, but a potential Sanders/Warren ticket is worse.

      1. The worst possible ticket is Harris Kane. Warren is an honest person compared to Harris. How many innocent people are in jail because of Warren? It has to be in the thousands for Harris. She is just evil.

        1. I was thinking more from the socialist lackey angle. And yes, Harris overall would be worse.

    2. I thought that was their goal from the beginning.

    3. They found out from their families in Havana that Miami wasn’t the Shangra-La that had been described to them. JUST LIKE I TOLD THEM WHEN I WAS ON VACATION THERE ONCE!

      1. (By “on vacation” he means “publicly masturbating in a South Beach nightclub and disgusting everybody”.)


    Thank God this clown wasn’t elected President. Christ what an asshole.

    Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio legislature are fast-tracking a bill that that would consolidate nearly all educational departments into one unelected executive agency controlled by the governor. It’s a giant power grab by Kasich and Ohio Republicans, who have become frustrated by their inability to control the Ohio Department of Education and the elected members of the State Board of Education.

    1. “What I really want… I want to be able to run the Department of Education,” Kasich said at an Associated Press forum in early February, signaling his support for the move. “I don’t think we should have this elected school board.” Instead, he said the governor should be in charge of education in the state.

      “We have no clue who these people are and they’re running education policy,” Kasich said. “And I’m governor and I can’t tell them what to do. It’s nuts.”

      That’s the way democracy works, John.

      1. It’s one way it can work, but first we’re not a democracy, and second not everything should be run that way anyway.

        1. We are not a democracy but that doesn’t mean we are a one person dictatorship either.

          1. Agreed, but that is a form of republic that could exist. We could in one person who does everything. It’s a shit system though. Also a reason I don’t hold democracy particularly sacrosanct. The tyranny of the majority is a true tyranny.

            1. His bitch is that people have local control over education and he can’t dictate every community’s education policy. I say it again, Christ what an asshole.

              1. Yep, what an asshole. It’s astonishing in Ohio too. Last time I was there a lot of it isn’t exactly broken as far as public education goes.

            1. Nice band name.

    2. one unelected executive agency controlled by the governor.

      I’m for it as long as said agency is controlled by some Koch Brother crony capitalist or, preferably, by some religious whackjob from Focus on the Family. Otherwise the kids might learn something about labor agitation, anti war movements, and civil rights organizations that were run by dirty commies. We wouldn’t want that.

      1. “anti war movements”

        You realize that being anti war means more than opposing one side?

        1. Yep, I’ve got that. Plenty of socialists decried the Soviet Union and applauded its demise.

          1. Of course, because those Russians weren’t Real Socialists.

          2. I they didn’t. They only decried it after it was over. At the time they lived it and claimed it was the fire. There is a famous NYT headline about visiting Russia under Lenin “I have seen the fire and it’s Russia ”

            I know you are a troll and all but your ignorance is too horrifying to be funny. You need a new act

          3. And most cheered it on and denied its atrocities.

  24. Trump has backtracked on his calls for raising the federal age limit

    You know what other powerful leader backtracked on a major campaign?

    1. Hitler during his campaign in Russia?

      1. No, that’s the answer everyone is supposed to have in their heads, but for the joke to work, everyone has to dance around that answer and say things like

        Napoleon in Russia?

        James K. Polk on 54 40 or Fight?

    2. I recall Ted Kennedy backtracking along some road in Chappaquiddick.

    3. Robert Kennedy?

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