Kim Jong-un Agrees to Meet Trump, Stormy Daniels Story Isn't a 'Sex Scandal,' Obama Coming to Netflix? A.M. Links


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  1. Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to talk with President Trump.

    Who in this football-kicking scenario will be Lucy and who will be Charlie Brown?

    1. Hello.

      Battle of the chest thumping!

    2. And who will be Snoopy? The NSA?

    3. Who do you reckon America would rather see assassinated? I’m not a gambling man, I wouldn’t put my money to a poll but I reckon the blues have that much hate.

      1. Normally, if Trump was attacked during this met up with Fat Boy-Un, it would be an act of war.

        I have a feeling that many lefties would never agree to casus belli against NK because they hate Trump.

        Then there is the rest of the USA that would most likely support killing Fat Boy-Un and wiping out his regime.

    4. I thought Lucy was the Jews.

    5. This will probably end without anything that helps the overwhelming majority of North Koreans, but I’ll gladly admit that I’m wrong if Trump’s posturing this last year actually succeeds in bringing Kim to the negotiating table in a meaningful way.

      1. Trump’s job isn’t to do what’s best for the citizens of North Korea, it’s to do what’s best for the citizens of America.

        1. Well, that would be getting off the Korean peninsula and basically ignoring the Kims’ bluster. If we are going to be involved then I would like to see us try and improve the lives of one of, if not the most oppressed populations on the planet in some meaningful way.

          1. if anyone is oppressing the people of North Korea, it’s that Kim family of fat-asses.

            They and their ancestors are the ones who are entirely to blame for the dismal situation there, not the United States and not Seoul. They are the ones who started the civil war in the first place, and they’re the ones who refuse to accept the fact that they will never succeed in their goal of spreading their version of Marxist/Stalinist/Leninism across the entire peninsula.

            The only real solution to the problem there is the same as it was for the old Soviet Union: that little fat-ass needs to give it up, step down, dissolve their own little iron curtain, and allow his own people to enjoy the peace and prosperity that they deserve.

            1. I can’t speak for LynchPin, but I’m fairly certain he was saying he hopes that we can help them in some way, not that it’s our fault directly. But it is consistent with your personality that you would immediately go into a huffy-fit out of fear of criticism, and then restate obvious facts.

              1. I’m fairly certain he was saying he hopes that we can help them in some way

                Ummm, I actually understood that quite perfectly. So now I’m going to say to you exactly what I said to him in my initial response: that’s not Donald Trump’s main job that he was elected for.

                If in fact he is somehow able to help out the citizens of North Korea in some way that’s awesome, BUT, 1) his ability to do that on his own is rather limited, and 2) that goal takes a distant back-seat to his primary job, which is to do what is best for the people of THIS country.

                Are you done now, or do you want to keep doing this silly around and around and around dance?

                1. And so your point is basically insipid. You agree with what was originally wrote, but you wrote a rambling attack against him because you believe he was too happy about the idea that something good might happen to foreigners?

        2. Enduring piece with NK kind of does both.

        3. Trump’s job isn’t to do what’s best for the citizens of North Korea, it’s to do what’s best for the citizens of America.

          What’s best for North Korea (or any other country) isn’t mutually exclusive from what’s best for Americans.

    6. Kim Jong Un Meets Trump:

      For you sicko’s on Twitter. he’s a good follow.

      1. We cannot look because your link is not even a link.

  2. It’s a campaign finance scandal, a transparency scandal and potentially part of an ongoing national security scandal.


  3. Iranian women continue to protest by pulling off their hijabs in public.


    1. Almost as hot as those naked Amish ankles drawn on sheep parchment.

  4. The lastest jobs report shows unemployment at 4.1 percent after 313,000 jobs were added in February.

    Final numbers or do they still make a living out of revising these things?

    1. Unemployment is still BS numbers because they stopped counting millions of people who quit looking for work. Maybe they re-entered the workforce or maybe they work off the grid like homemakers and such.

      1. ^ This. I have no idea why the media continues to use the objectively worse measure. Honestly, I’m surprised they’re not using the more accurate numbers during the Trump administration but maybe that’s a bridge too far even for them.

  5. The U.S. Department of the Interior spent almost $139,000 on an office door.

    Yeah, but that door is fucking awesome.

    1. It’s entirely made from gold-plated iPads.

    2. The article says it is six doors. I mean, come on, “Reason”.

      1. So only silver plated?

      2. Its a funny waste of money to Reason but its business as usual with the government, especially the military. There is horrendous waste and abuse and much of that is built into the system.

        Some government stuff, you can only get via government contractors and their supply catalogues. There is tad bit of markup- haha.

        Since Reason does these stories every day on government waste and especially during Obama’s presidency, we know it has nothing to do with TDS.

  6. The U.S. Department of the Interior spent almost $139,000 on an office door.

    Well, how else are you going to keep all the interior inside the department?

    1. Yes but it’s a…

      *dons sunglasses*

      Interior door.

  7. Iranian women continue to protest by pulling off their hijabs in public.


    1. You try finding shade in a desert!!

  8. Netflix is in talks with the Obamas about a possible series.

    They’re rebooting House of Cards already?

    1. The best part of Spacey having his career ended was Robin Wright’s Hillary avatar being denied a season in the big chair.

      Sometimes art and real life really do imitate each other. Unfortunately, the left believes it should be like that all the time.

  9. Netflix is in talks with the Obamas about a possible series.

    Like Arrested Development, another something sadly trying to extend itself past its shelf life.

    1. Like Michael Hihn?

    2. In the pilot, Obama’s Kenyan brother moves in and Michelle keeps tripping over his spear. Malia brings home a Republican boyfriend, and Bo the dog digs up a family of Russian moles in the backyard.

    3. I can’t imagine what they plan to do with this. Reality TV is popular because viewers enjoy making fun of the idiots on the show, and BO won’t abide that. It would have to be some sort of autohagiography which almost no one would watch.

      1. If by “almost no one would watch”, you mean “every Team Blue fan in the US”, you’re exactly right.

        For the poor dears traumatized by the Age of MAGA, Obama TV would be an emotional safe space where they can curl up with their cat and a cup of tea and pretend all’s well in the world. It would be a hit.

      2. They will ‘produce’ shows, which likely means popping in at the beginning and end with a voiceover, and doing a few ads for it. At most, there will be an exploratory doc series which the Obamas loosely ‘host,’ again largely meaning voiceovers and a few shots of them. Except for the premiere episode, which will be the two of them going out to interview people and junk; the rest of the episodes will be helmed by normies.

      3. Totally just realized that Bo the dog’s initials are the same as Obama’s…

        1. Ol’ Barry is a bit of a narcissist? Naw.

    4. I’m actually ok with this. We’ve elected actors to become President several times now, so I don’t see any particular reason why it couldn’t work in reverse.

  10. “Netflix is in talks with the Obamas about a possible series.”

    I really hope it’s a situational sitcom.

    1. There will be a laugh track.

    2. A situational situational comedy, Rufus?

      1. Good Times.

        With Obama starring as JJ.


      2. In the second episode, Michelle enters an arm wrestling competition, Barrack starts working on his Woke Beer only to discover it already exists, and Obama’s Kenyan brother gives Sasha a shawl made from a “miniature leopard” he ambushed on the neighbor’s porch.

        1. Okay, i would watch that.

        2. In every episode a running gag must be present.

          Say, Michelle breaking a beer bottle with her bare hands. Or slapping Obama off the side of the head.

          Something like that.

          1. So, basically we want That’s My Obama? Get Trey and Matt to do it and even I’ll care about it.

    3. A reboot of “I love Lucy”!!!!!

      Or maybe the “Honeymooners”!!!!

      1. One of these days Barry, one of these days. BANG! ZOOM!

        1. Back to the MOON!

    4. What happened to Barry O ? That shit looked dope.

    5. It’s totally presidential for a president to do a TV series.

      1. They should have him take over hosting The Apprentice.

        1. “You’re fired not worthy of my attention!”

    6. Barack discovers that he has unwittingly come into possession of an unusual book and a phone. Oddly Hillary Clinton just stops by after he discovers the book and seems to know an awful lot about it. As the story progresses, it’s gradually revealed by Hillary that if Barack writes a name, date and time, and method of death in the book and then calls her on the phone, the death will actually happen. Hillary consistently eggs him to pen names in the book.

      As a backdrop, outside the walled city that they all live in, a massive orange-haired Titan randomly appears and tears down walls. Letting the roving hordes of bumbling AR-15 toting deplorables into the city. Being too deplorable to give actual names to them, Clinton and Obama are powerless to prevent the fall/overrun of the city.

      1. This sounds binge-worthy.

    7. Worst. Sextape. Ever.

    8. Nope, it’s a reality show…

      “Welcome to ‘Due Process with Barack Obama!’ Every week, our Nobel Peace Prize Winning Constiutional Scholar secretly picks a lucky American as this week’s Imminent Threat! You’ll have a front-row seat as this week’s lucky winner gets blown to pieces by drone .. together with his friends, family, and anyone else in the vicinity. It’s loads of laughs, thrills and spills … and collateral damage, too! And remember….it’s all constitutional…because Barry said so!

      “(Winners chosen by secret criteria. Runners up win valuable consolation prizes.)”

  11. Amazon’s Alexa is the new police scanner.

    Scanner today, informant tomorrow.

    1. I’m gonna start on a screen play about this TODAY. Think I’ll call it “Scanners.”

    2. Alexa has been spying on your suckers for years.

      1. Normally, I don’t have suckers. I use hardened ridges of flesh as grippers on my tentacles–I’ve just never gotten into all the bother of all those tiny suction cups.

    3. But broadcasting is just the beginning of the county’s plans. The next iteration of the pilot program, expected to launch by year’s end, will allow users to report crimes directly to their smart speakers. After that, Flanagan imagines that Alexa might be used not just by civilians, but internally by officers for briefings and important information. “The cop [would] be able to say ‘Give me the warrant details for Joe Blocks,’ and then it would read back that person’s warrant and details and send the information to the offices mobile device that they have on their person,” Flanagan told Gizmodo.

      So Amazon will basically be the British police. I’m sure the NSA is pretty grateful for this!

  12. It’s salacious and absurd, but we should take it seriously.

    Which is it?

    1. The salacious and absurd one, totally.

    2. One takes Kafka seriously, not literally.

  13. The U.S. Department of the Interior spent almost $139,000 on an office door.

    I’d say hide the CIA black budget better but it’s not like anyone gives a shit. 100k toilet seats was a joke in the first Independence Day movie.

  14. It’s a campaign finance scandal, a transparency scandal and potentially part of an ongoing national security scandal.

    Are we still using the definition of “scandal” under which the Obama admin had no scandals?

  15. The lastest jobs report shows unemployment at 4.1 percent after 313,000 jobs were added in February.

    An overly-optimistic preliminary report that will inevitably – and quietly – be revised downward, designed just to make Trump and his summer of recovery look good.

  16. “Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to talk with President Trump.”

    That’s more than Chuck Schumer is willing to do.

    1. When did KJU become such a cucking cuckster?

  17. Netflix is in talks with the Obamas about a possible series.

    Dust off the framed Shepherd Fairy posters and let the Weigeltarian chicken-choking and soup-stirring commence.

    1. You have a one track mind, Mikey. Just come out of the closet already. Free yourself.

      1. This coming from the pathetic losers who now spend all their free time checking for the latest up to the minute Stormy Daniels news.

        1. Yeah, Chipper! You and your Stormy Daniels obsession are really bringing the tone of the place down.

          1. Notice Mikey’s comeback to me calling him a closet gay: “Oh, yeah? Well you spend all your time obsessing over a female porn star!”

            1. If stupid self-incriminating homophobic projection was a piano, Simple Mikey would be considered a bold and unpredictable new talent.

              1. He could be our John Cage, if only he would just stay quiet for a little bit.

                1. Instead, he’s more like our Nic Cage.

                  1. Don’t slur Nic Cage in front of me.

                    1. I’m sorry, i should have said “Nic Cage post-Adaptation.”

  18. Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to talk with President Trump.

    “Colluding” with a foreign dictator, I see. Time for some ‘Peachment

  19. we should take it seriously

    Seriously, Trump may have once banged a porn star. ///superserialrightnow

    The real question is, does she have the blue dress with the corroborating evidence?

    1. Of course not. Unlike Clinton, he knows what goes where.

  20. The Atlantic learns to stop worrying and love big business.

    A more excellent collection of cherry picking, Texas sharpshooting, and treating correlation as causation would be hard to find. As we all know, big business and big government are best friends, so it’s not surprising that leftists are coming to love the former as they love the latter.

    1. Big firms pay better, offer more paid leave, and employ a greater share of women and minorities than small firms do.

      Well, one completely irrelevant triviality out of three ain’t bad, for The Atlantic.

    2. The left hated Big Business when they weren’t in complete control as cultural gatekeepers. Now that they’ve managed to insinuate their way into corporations via “Diversity Departments” and other such nonsense, they’re learning to love corporatism and the centralizing power it represents.

      1. I always point out to my fellow gays that Chik-Fil-A treats their gay employees far better than McDonald’s or any other major fast food chain. The Chik-Fil-A owners actually live by most of the good Christian principles and rovide better pay and benefits than basically any other chain regardless of race or sexual orientation, but “GASP” they once personally opposed gay marriage, just like 70% of the country did 20 years ago.

        But those other chains put rainbows on everything once a year and have gays in their commercials so they’re totally super awesome!

        People don’t care about actions or deeds, they only care about feel-good virtue signalling.

        1. I knew a gay guy who worked at Chick-fil-A. Because he wasn’t snogging people at work, nothing happened, and it was a great part-time job!

          Excellent advice for everyone, actually.

  21. Did the career employees do this intentionally to embarrass the Sec?

    1. Says it’s a two year project, started during Obama years, and I doubt they expected Hillary to lose either. Makes you wonder what else is going on.

  22. The U.S. Department of the Interior spent almost $139,000 on an office door.

    “You don’t actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer or $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you?”

    1. “Nothing left to cut.”

  23. Iranian women continue to protest by pulling off their hijabs in public.

    The ‘Women’s March’ could not be reached for comment.

  24. Netflix is in talks with the Obamas about a possible series.

    As if there wasn’t already enough cringey idol worship of this man.

  25. $20 says Kim throws Trump the military parade of all times! Maybe a very impressive demonstration of massed artillery fire.

    1. Trump would probably defect for that.

      1. Give him three scoops of ice cream and it’s a deal.

  26. Somebody who knows somebody who knows Trump spoke with RUSSKIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Robert Mueller reportedly has evidence that Trump transition team tried to establish secret Kremlin back channel ”
    “Prince was never officially part of Trump’s transition, but frequently communicated with its members and served as an unofficial representative for it, according to investigators. He’s also the younger brother of Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.”

    I’m certainly glad the Daily News is willing to connect the dots for me!

    1. Now they’re posthumously trying to drag Prince into this? What a disgrace.

    1. Hmm. I’d rather it be Justice Ginsburg, but if Kennedy needs to retire, do it before 2020. I’m not sure how Gorsuch is going to be on social issues. Probably pretty conservative.

  27. Netflix is in talks with the Obamas about a possible series.

    I don’t hate Obama. I think he was just a typical sleazy politician but with mostly a good heart, who was a bad/mediocre president. He was a lot like Bush, who was also a nice well-meaning guy, but incompetent and disastrously naive.

    What I hate is the fucking Messiah-complex the media has with Obama. They can’t handle the fact that he was just a mediocre president who fucked up nearly everything he touched, and took some of Bush’s worst policies and made them even worse. They have to make him him into the greatest president ever, who could do no wrong, which is fucking nonsense.

    But that’s mostly not Obama’s fault. It is our pathetic excuse for a news media’s fault.

    1. I disagree. I really liked Obama. He was a relentless proponent of free speech, and consistently reminded us not to trade our civil liberties for ‘protection’. Also he held the line against military expansion better than Bush or Trump. This was not easy! Because of him, the country was resilient and better able to #resist.

      1. “…and better able to #resist.”

        So sarc?

        1. I’m unwilling to believe that it is not sarcasm.

      2. He talked a big game, but his actions were the exact opposite of the wonderful rhetoric he said. Trump is the opposite. His words are insane and ridiculous and his rhetoric is arguably dangerous, but when it comes to actually using his institutional power to intimidate the press and shut down stories, he still isn’t as bad as Bush or Obama. And Trump hasn’t started bombing any new countries or overthrown any more dictators yet, unlike Obama.

      3. “Also he held the line against military expansion better than Bush or Trump.”

        Ya Allah, that’s some wonderful satire there. You ALMOST sound like perfect satire of an Obama Worshiper. Except the Dems are pro-war now, so pretending Obama was anti-war exposes the fact that your post is satirical.

    2. Ever since Trump, the media seems to be also fawning and falling all over themselves to “rethink” George W Bush.

      No principle whatsoever. But it does a good job selling an audience to advertisers.

      1. It’s not that they are rethinking how good his presidency was. It is that they claim to now regret that they didn’t just portray him as a naive and incompetent fool, which was the case. They made him out to be an evil Hitler-esque villain who threatened the very foundations of America. I forget where I saw it, but a college professor asks his class every year if Bush or Stalin killed more people, and most choose Bush. When asked who was more evil between Saddam and Bush, a majority either say they were the same or Saddam was less evil.

        They made the similar mistakes with Romney, who is by all measures a pretty nice guy and a good person. Look at how they treat McCain now, who used to be just as evil as Bush when he ran for president.

        The Democrats, worse than Republicans in the last 20 years, do not just disagree with the opposite party. They have to make them out to be evil Nazis who will literally murder your family and who want to carry out a genocide of every non-white person on the planet.

  28. “a temporary restraining order to silence Daniels”

    When did that become constitutional?

    1. Since when has constitutionality mattered?

      1. Particularly if it’s temporary and can be resolved faster than it takes to reach the court.

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