Rare.us Is Shutting Down, Kellyanne Conway Accused of Hatch Act Violations, and Tinder App on Boyfriend's Phone Sparks Samurai Sword Attack: P.M. Links


  • Katana
    Andrii Shevchuk/Dreamstime.com

    Rare, a libertarian-friendly news site, is shutting down.

  • The U.S. Office of Special Counsel says that Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act for public comments she made about then–Alabama senate candidate Doug Jones.
  • Trump denies his White House is in "chaos," saying instead there is "only great energy."
  • Illegal European immigrants stopped at U.S.-Canada border.
  • Camas, Washington, woman accused of stabbing boyfriend with samurai sword after finding Tinder app on his phone.

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  1. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel says that Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act for public comments she made about then Alabama senate candidate Doug Jones.

    Her speaking out against him would constitute helping his campaign.

    1. Hello.

      “Illegal European immigrants stopped at U.S.-Canada border.”

      I blame Trudeau.

      Hey, he keeps harping on Harper….so tit for tat.

      1. Hate all you want; American Tumblr is just thirsting for him to pick out that penis sheath and bodypaint for his monthlong diplomatic visit to Australia.

      2. Notice 4 of the people trying to leave Canada for US were French. How good of a sign that for Trudeau?

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  2. Rare, the libertarian-friendly news site, is shutting down.

    Reason24/7 shut down years ago.

    1. Did anyone actually read Rare?

      1. I’ve never heard of it.

        1. Because….their presence on the internet is

          /dons sunglasses….


          /makes like David Caruso.

          1. as in CSI or Kiss of Death?

            1. NYPD Blue. In other words, drew everyone’s attention by showing us his buttocks even though not even his wife had ever asked to see that shit.

            2. Who cares?

              They’re all annoying.

          2. You got a job as a cinema usher?

        2. I’ve never heard of them either. Must have been a niche site.

      2. Rarely

  3. World’s oldest message in a bottle found on a beach in Western Australia.

    It’s from Sting copyrighting the concept.

  4. Camas, Washington woman accused of stabbing boyfriend with samurai sword after finding Tinder app on his phone.

    That’s just silly. You don’t stab with a katana, you slice with it.

    1. So you’re saying she should have swiped left?

      1. At this point, you just have a P.O. Box that people can mail receipts and photographic evidence to get reimbursed for their coffee soaked keyboards, right?

      2. That was uncalled for

    2. Her mistake is the only reason that her ex is still alive.

    3. Isn’t it time we had common sense sword control?

      1. Articles says she planned it over two days, so the least we can do is give a 3 day waiting period.

        1. Guys already have to put up with a three day waiting period when a woman is on her period.

      2. We don’t want to ban all swords, just military-style ones.


        1. Uh oh, here comes the swordsplaining.

          1. Shows like Forged In Fire only serve to glorify sword culture and should be banned.

        2. One handed swords are ok. But not the high capacity two handed swords.

          1. In which category do bastard swords fall?

              1. Lol. Epic

            1. You can only use them with one hand, if you are in New York.

              1. In Los Angeles, you have to grip all swords either coolly angled to the side, or gripping one in each hand simultaneously.

        3. They’re really only going to ban bump hilts

        4. We don’t want to ban all swords, just military-style ones.

          Isn’t this the specific reason for calling them ‘samurai’ swords?

  5. Trump denies his White House is in “chaos”, saying instead there is “only great energy.”

    But that energy is more destructive than fossil fuels!

  6. Illegal European immigrants stopped at U.S.-Canada border.

    Europe isn’t sending us their best.

    1. Keep those dirty English out.

  7. Camas, Washington woman accused of stabbing boyfriend with samurai sword after finding Tinder app on his phone.

    Well, he did violate Bushido.

    1. If he had been fucking young boys then it would have been entirely in line with Bushido.

      1. Much like European chivalry, most of Bushido was invented by bored samurai who’d been absorbed into the bureaucracy post-Meiji and wanted to create a romantic past for their class.

        1. So kind of like a feudal Japanese version of The Preppie Handbook.

        2. I thought it dated back pre-Meiji, so that for instance the Ezo republicans and other anti-palace uprisings appealed intensely to its already familiar principles. (Though, of course, in practice they used modern uniforms, weapons, and tactics no less than the Imperialists, and simply fought to win.) Like all such political displacements at the top, the Meiji restoration was less singular in its social significance than is commonly made out to be in retrospect, with for example modernization and globalization well under way under the ancien regime.

          The pacification and bureaucratization of the samurai, if I remember correctly, was rather thoroughly accomplished by the Tokugawa authorities; the very idea of a shogunate suggests a shift to internal peace and centralized bureaucracy. The Tokugawas were very successful in those efforts; hence, the invented heritage of bushido for the increasingly sedentary (if not quite yet completely harmless) samurai.

  8. Hey guys,

    I want to thank you all for correcting Robby Soave last night. I’m not an alt-right sympathizer. That’s because the Daily Stormer– the arbiter of who gets called alt-right– hates my guts. I would have been on here last night defending my honor, but after a bunch of Antifa meanies showed up at my speech I got a big hardon about how I could post this shit to my YouTube channel and looked for some SJW women to rape, but I couldn’t because all those bitches are ugly That’s too bad because they could have had a taste of my hot bod. Thanks Gilmore, you’re the sweetest!

    1. No problem man. I don’t think I did anything myself, but I will still post in response.

    2. Froot Sooshi earns all the abuse he gets.

      1. He does, though in fairness he backed off from that claim once the commentators corrected him.

        1. The whole article was a false flag. It was just an attempt to bait Sargon into drawing his Twitter and YouTube followers’ attention to Reason. Now Reason‘s views have exceeded last year’s total in the span of 24 hours.

    3. You know who else was an arbiter of membership in the right?

      1. William F. Buckley?

      2. The fascist progressive left?

        1. Fascist progressives? Do they have a nondiscrimination requirement for whom they send to the gas chamber? The trains run on time and there’s no such thing as first class?

          1. lol.

            SofA meet Tony.

            Resident….le mot juste….

            1. Why am I not surprised that you would be stupid enough to not realize this is Tulpa?

              1. Who knows anymore?

                I just play it as Tony.

                Whoever you are.

          2. Tony, fascist progressive is like you. For gay marriage, against wars… you know, like every other fascist.

          3. Past me, that one was pretty good. Kudos.

      3. New Kids On The Block?

      4. Billy Graham?

        RIP you fascist piece of shit.

    4. Robby needs to be reminded of the truth from time to time….to be sure.

    5. “Thanks Gilmore, you’re the sweetest!”

      He is?

      1. Christ what an asshole. Gilmore can have interesting things to say but he is probably the biggest asshole on here. I say that being an asshole myself and thus speaking with great authority on the subject.

        1. John, you are a sweetheart compared to Gilmore.

          1. The test for someone being an asshole is when you dislike them even though you often disagree with them. I generally agree with what Gilmore says. Not always but more often than not. Yet, the guy is forever nasty as hell to me for reasons that remain known only to him. I have actually posted comments that agreed with and expanded upon his point only to have him come back with a pointed personal insult.

            I really don’t get that guy.

            1. The test for someone being an asshole is when you dislike them even though you often disagree with them.

              To me, an asshole is someone I find who agrees with me most of the time.

              1. I misspoke. I meant to say “when you dislike them even though you often agree with them”. When you agree with someone and they still get on your nerves, they are likely an asshole.

        2. As someone who likes them both Sevo is probably more of an asshole. He’s OUR asshole though.

          1. I have always liked Sevo. He has never been an asshole to me.

            1. Yeah, me too. But I’ve still read what Sevo writes. He says “FUCK YOU SLAVER” more than any other. It’s part of his charm. I loved during the Net Neutrality stuff and he was working overtime telling people to fuck off. It was quite a thing.

              1. Sevo is an asshole, but after Mexican food. In other words, Sevo is fire.

                1. Sevo scares me.

                  Thank God he seems to like – or at least tolerate me.

              2. Sevo has, on occasion, unjustifiably jumped ugly on me. Not that I’m butthurt about it or anything, its just Sevo.

        3. You? An asshole? An asspuncture maybe. But asshole?


    6. No problem my dude.

    7. So what are you, really, Sargon? Categorize yourself, damnit!

      1. I’m not a conspiracy theory wielding nutcase because I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but I’ll ask the hard questions about why Mossad agents were seen celebrating in the streets on 9/12 and what exactly happened toWTC7

        1. I’m sorry I asked.

          1. What? You don’t like my deep dive analysis?

            1. Aren’t you the one who solved the single greatest issue of our time, too many chick characters in video games or whatever?

              1. Tony, There’s too many females in all professions is what I’m getting at. Jesus Christ, you fascist progressives would just like to cut off all of our penises, wouldn’t you?

                1. Its nice to see trolls interacting with each other. Sticking with their own kind, as nature intended.

        2. Winston Churchill celebrated when he heard about Pearl Harbor. That doesn’t mean he planned it or had anything to do with it.

          1. FDR though….

      2. No, follow the link in the first post. He’s not the real guy.

    1. Never has hot sauce seemed more boring.

      1. That’s it. You are banned. I was secretly Matt Welsh this whole time so I can do this.

          1. I am secretly Matt Welsh’s sock puppet. You are unbanned.

            1. Matt Welsh may need to work on himself some.

              1. Are you people talking about Matt Welsh the Google guy or Matt Welch the Reason guy, and are you getting his name wrong because Stephanie Ruhle does the same thing every time?

                1. Tony, tell me, do you find Stephanie Ruhle attractive?

                  1. She’s pretty but I like men.

                    1. She’s pretty but I like men.

                      I hear a good one is hard to find.

                    2. Depends on how you define good.

                    3. Tony finds them good and hard all the time.

                      Then they see him and go soft immediately.

                    4. Is is true that they don’t make men like they used to?

                2. I’m the founder of Welsh’s Juice company. You’re the one who assumed.

                  1. I am just a sock puppet. I follow my master.

    2. Tucson? The smaller, dirtier version of Phoenix?

      /runs away

      1. It ain’t dirtier than Phoenix proper. Unless you just are using that to refer to all of Maricopa county, in which case, for shame.

        1. “It ain’t dirtier than Phoenix proper.”

          Very true. Part of why I’m way out in the land of strip malls and cookie cutter subdivisions with tile roofs.

          1. Yeah, it’s nice out there. Tucson is home, but I’d take Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler over fucking Seattle.

            1. Seattle was described to me as “San Francisco, but clean.”

              1. That’s a low threshold for “clean” if Seattle meets it. Every time I walk past an alley it’s just garbage and piss smells coming out of it.

                1. To be fully fair, I am talking about Belltown/Capitol Hill/International District. Ballard seems cleaner.

              2. Somebody failed to accurately describe those two cities.

                Both smell like homelessness with a touch of brisk ocean air.

                1. And if you smell human poop on your shoe….. you’re in SF.

        2. In my experience, Tuscon has the tastiest water I ever had.

          1. Not sure if sarcasm…….

      2. There is no dirtier version of Phoenix.

        1. That’s because no grass will grow there, so all the trash has nowhere to hide.

      3. I can’t disagree with your assessment.

    3. Tucson is only awesome when you compare it to towns like Sierra Vista, Bisbee, or Tombstone.

      1. Nah, Tucson’s a great small-town city. Cheap to live. Quiet. Nice people. Great food. Beautiful mountains and landscape. Within several hours of Doug Stanhope’s house.

        1. Small town is Sierra Vista. But after living there for ten years I was glad to move on. But I will grant you that yes Tucson does have some awesome Mexican food.

        2. How about Arizona U and the gridiron and roundball Wildcats?

          1. I love my Alma mater, and the basketball is good, though our hockey is not good sadly.

            1. FWIW, I am rooting for Arizona and coach Miller to do well in the tournament.

              A colleague of mine is also an alum. Alas, sadly, he is a progressive, although he is personally a gentleman.

        3. Kinda related: Stanhope is a comedian I want to like because of his views, but he just isn’t A list funny, IMO.

          1. I found I just enjoy listening to him. His podcast I like. The biggest issue is that a lot of is humour is pretty offensive, and I’m pretty numbed to that at this point. His book about his mom was good though.

    4. Because they put cilantro in the salsa.

  9. During the “Fox & Friends” interview November 20, Conway was introduced by the show’s hosts as a “counselor to President Trump” and spoke from White House grounds. She said about Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones: “Folks, don’t be fooled. He’ll be a vote against tax cuts. He’s weak on crime, weak on borders. He’s strong on raising your taxes. He’s terrible for property owners.”

    Open politics fro the White House? So basically everyone who ever occupied a post or held office there has violated the Hatch Act.

    1. Not exactly, the act excludes are few people.

      “”The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch, from engaging in some forms of political activity.””

      Is Conway one of those “certain designate high-level officials”?
      Where does that get defined?

      1. AAAPPPA, because this country couldn’t afford cutesy acronyms with a Depression on!

      2. Also, isn’t that a pretty fucked up a law? That’s so clearly a Roosevelt era rule pushed to limit anyone from speaking out of his office.

        1. It is a very fucked up law. And it is one of the worst laws about selective enforcement. Several Obama cabinet officials were found to have violated it and nothing happened to them. Meanwhile, some poor bastard postman was suspended 50 days without pay for the crime of wearing a Bernie sticker on his uniform. No kidding.

    2. They can do it on their own time but not the public’s, and der Grapefruitenfuhrer and that Jesus freak who looks like a PE coach are exempt.

      1. Jesus freak who looks like a PE coach are exempt.

        You’re talking about Al Gore and his kajillion calls from Selena Meyer’s office?

      2. I’d like to think there is no off the clock time for our overlords in DC. I shudder to think what my fellow chess pieces would do left to their own devices.

      3. Actually, they can do it on the job. She was a political appointee.

        Either way, this will be another 1st Amendment win.

      4. Whoever comes up with the epithets is on vacation I guess.

  10. Rare, the libertarian-friendly news site, is shutting down.

    Better than selling out to George Soros, I say.

    1. Dance on their cuck-graves, I say.

  11. Homeless man’s truck is declared his legal dwelling by judge which prevents Seattle from impounding it over $900 of fines


    1. Wait until he gets the property tax bill for that dwelling.

  12. I hate it when something is cancelled before I’ve heard of it. I woulda been there for you Firefly!

    1. More heterosexual men should be like Joss Whedon. He views women as fully equal human beings, not mere sex objects. If all straight men in the movie industry were card-carrying male feminists like Joss, there would be no need for #MeToo.

      1. Libertarian males have masturbated to many of Joss Whedon’s strong female characters. Or perhaps you don’t even know who wrote the line, “I’ll be in my bunk.”

        1. Best. Episode. Ever.

        2. I heard Joss is such a dedicated feminist because his feminist mother raised him to be a feminist. I’ve seen some people claim his feminism is just a trick to get close to (typically younger) women because he only wants to fuck them, but I know better. His vocal support for Hillary Clinton proves his feminism is sincere.

          1. Hey OBL, what’s your take on affirmative consent? Where on the baseball diamond should it fall?

            1. He probably thinks… in the clubhouse, before the manager posts that day’s line-up.

              1. I thought OBL was female?

                1. You might be right.

          2. When I was talking about Masturbating to strong women, I meant Hillary Clinton.

      2. He views women as fully equal human beings

        Tell that to his ex.

    2. I wish everything Joss Whedon did was cancelled earlier. It’s a mystery to me why anyone likes Cabin in the Woods. I guess it’s because hipsters love any excuse to say ‘meta’ over and over.

  13. Guys, I just made a screen shot of this dot on a diamond where the dot is in the left-liberal quadrant in some political test I took online. That means I totally fucking owned Robby Soave and all those assholes who called me a creepy misogynist and right-wing nutcase. Next up? I’ll tell you about how I love Jeremy Corbyn but I wouldn’t rape his ugly Labour MPs. Nono.

      1. /slap!

        Be polite.

        I think he’s Gilmore’s friend.

    1. Is it: 1) Buttplug; 2) AmSoc; or 3) Hihn?

      Place your bets now.

  14. OT: worst Reason troll, go! Round one: annoying-ass lefties.

    Palin’s Buttplug vs. Stalin Castro Pol Pot (or whatever his name is)

    1. Pol Pot. Shreek can be entertaining sometimes. The other guy is just a tiresome dickhead.

    2. Josef Robespierre Stalin Pol Pot I think.

      1. Is that your answer or his name?

        1. Both. I think PB is actually trying sometimes, JRSPP is actually just being an asshole.

          1. Maybe man will one day lean to stop feeding shitposts.


    3. What about Tony?

      1. Tony shows up in a later round.

        1. A first round bye in the Reason Troll League? Impressive. I guess we won’t be seeing Hihn until the finals.

          1. No, there are six rounds to start, one for each category. THEN there’s a first round bye.

            Which Hihn will probably get.

          2. #ImWithHihn

    4. Stalin is worse than PB

  15. Help me out with the terminology:

    Rare, the libertarian-friendly news site, is shutting down.


    Rare, Cox Media’s Facebook-driven conservative site, is shutting down

    I’ve never heard of Rare, but is this like different news organizations deciding to call a person “controversial” or “alt-right” based on their own biases?

    1. Rare is (was) owned by descendants of 1920 Democrat Party VP candidate James M Cox. They make up half the list of the 10 richest women in America. They own a shitload of old-media and Autotrader.

  16. http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/s…..ists-cope/

    Stressed out moms turning to booze and therapists to cope.

    1. Didn’t the Stones do a song about that?

      1. Yes they did. What a drag it is getting old.

    2. John, I’m disappointed you didn’t offer your thoughts on the election results in Italy.

      1. I did. I think that it shows that the elites in Europe are so stupid they think they can get away without providing for the basic security of their citizens because the alternative is RACIST. By slandering anyone who speaks the truth about the refugee problem as a fascist, they are not marginalizing those views like they think they are. They are making fascism mainstream by allowing it to be the only truth teller.

        1. John, Can I have you on my show? You’re the type of balanced non-reactionary voice complaining about bitches in the media that you just don’t hear on YouTube any more. We need more voices like you. I’ll have my secretary call you if you agree. His name is Milo Yiannopoulos, ok?

          1. Only if I can have a date with Milo. I know he doesn’t date white guys, but he can take one for the team this time. And he better be a bottom.

            1. Ok! We’ll set it up, John. The titles of the segments I Had you in mind for we’re “All feminists are hairy-legged dykes who are trying to cut off men’s penises” or “19 year olds on campus: Could They Actually Get The Bomb and Nuke Hetero-Normies Out of Existence?!?”

              Which one are you most interested in and why?

              1. Yeah, I will get right on that.

                1. Which ones are you getting on? The hairy-legged dykes or the 19-year-olds on campus?

        2. Or Russia is engaging in a large-scale propaganda campaign to inflame racism and empower far-right parties in Europe and America.

          But it could totally be for real. This is the best thing you’ve ever said: “They are making fascism mainstream by allowing it to be the only truth teller.”

          You know how at some point when two things overlap enough eventually they become identical?

          1. Yeah Tony. A million refugees descending on Europe and causing chaos had nothing to do with it. It was all Russian propaganda. Jesus Christ Tony, that is even stupid for you.

            1. By chaos you mean polluting the gene pool right? Because I know of a certain white rightwing Norwegian who killed 77 people and injured 300, and I don’t hear you talking about the great rightwing white menace.

              1. I mean the explosion of rapes and violence. Try being openly gay in many parts of Europe now Tony. You won’t live long. But don’t let reality get in the way of your stupidity.

                1. John you are being ridiculous.

                  1. No Tony. You are a yahoo who has never left Oklahoma and is pig ignorant about the rest of the world. Even Amsterdam has a much lower profile gay community these days. Fucking Amsterdam. Live in denial all you want but being stupid and ignorant isn’t going to change that.

                    1. Stop using gay people as props for your anti-Muslim bigotry. It’s rude not to ask first.

                      Very few places have ever been particularly friendly to gay people. We’re not reverting from some golden age.

                    2. And I love this implication that you’ve gone all over Europe and experienced its increasing homophobia on our behalf. How worldly of you. You’re definitely not getting this shit from your stupid hysterical partisan media diet.

          2. You’re an idiot.

            In Italy, this stuff has been stewing since the 19fucken90s particularly with Lega Nord (formerly known as the Lombard League). Five Star, for its part, got its start (IIRC) in the early 2000s with the comedian Beppe Grillo. Forza Italia with Sivlio Belusconi, as we know, has already held power.

            I speak to friends and family in Italy and France not once did Russia ever remotely come up. The mindset of a progressively is so mind numbingly stupid and ignorant it shocks as much as it frightens.

            They’re hardly fascistic. Sure, there are some elements of neo-fascism with some figures but hardly a fascist movement. In fact, it’s the new centre.

            1. Russia didn’t come up a lot in 2016 here either, though they weren’t too concerned about getting the credit after the fact.

              You don’t have to call treating immigrants, i.e., a marginalized group, as the number 1 threat to society fascism, but it’s still dumb as fuck and leads to all sorts of nastiness. And yes, Russia, run by Trump and Berlusconi crony Putin, is behind much of the messaging effort, and that’s just the facts.

              People have to learn to make bigotry central to their politics, and it always takes mass media.

              1. Those are not the facts you moron. Berlusconi is a 4th wheel in Italian politics.

                Do you even listen to yourself? Russia has the power to sway Europe AND America?

                And it completely neglects the reality and valid concerns of Italians. Specifically, the persistent low growth and restrictive labour rules that have gripped the economy intermingled with the nflux of migrants their economy can’t necessarily absorb. Nevermind the nefarious over bearing rules of the EU have all but choked European economies in some cases.

                Putin stoked Italian discontent. Good one.

                Just stop Tony while you’re ahead.

                1. And here’s something you clearly haven’t observed.

                  The ENTIRE fragmented nation of this ‘geographic expression’ we call Italy essentially said no to the EU. That is, from Friuli to Bologna to Tuscany to Rome to Calabria and so on; from il Nordo to la mezzogiorno where the differences are stark and real they united like I’ve never seen Italy unite.

                  All Putin. Right.

                  1. Nobody said all Putin. And it’s not mind rays. It’s exploiting existing political movements and anxieties, particularly rightwing xenophobic ones.

                    You should be comforted that the Kremlin is behind it. Otherwise we’d be in a world that was organically choosing to be freaked-out rightwing xenophobes, and that would be a much bigger problem in my opinion.

                    1. Remind me of something, Past Me. Is Obama a Kenyan? Is jet fuel unable to melt steel beams? Did Jack Ruby shoot JFK?

                      Occam’s razor. Apply it. With shaving cream.

                    2. Occam’s razor suggests that news reports on this subject aren’t being faked and Bob Mueller isn’t on a witch hunt against the totally incorrupt Donald fucking Trump.

                    3. Did I mention you’re out of your depth on this?

                      And is tis what’s Rachel Maddow spewing out of her musty cunt?

          3. large-scale propaganda campaign


            1. You really don’t know what’s been going on do you?

              1. Tony. Do you follow Italian politics?

                And by that, I don’t mean via secondary sources from MSNBC or The Guardian.

                1. Tony sincerely believes that if it weren’t for Russian twitter trolls the world would be entirely socialist by now.

  17. Camas, Washington woman accused of stabbing boyfriend with samurai sword after finding Tinder app on his phone.

    *masturbates to strong, independent woman*

    1. Hey, where’s Crusty been? Hope he is ok.

        1. …….

        2. First question: did you invite he, or did he brutishly crawl in there to play cave explorer?
          Second question: do you like it?

          1. Hold up. Are you future me?

            1. No, I’m you that’s from the dimension where the Libertarian Moment? actually happened.

              1. Me or Past Me?

                Put another way, did you get sent back in time as punishment for being a dickhead on the internet?

                1. Wrong again, me. I’m the differently-dimensional harmonization of current and past me of this dimension.

            2. Too many Tony’s Tulpa’s.

              1. Time for a CBS Pedantic minute: too many Tulpas.

      1. He’s suckin’ your mom’s dick.

  18. I heard on the radio the Oscarites applauded the womanizer Kobe Bryant and some flick he made?

    How can this be? They’re so woke and #metoo.


  19. Once had the SWAT camped out on my porch because some claymore wielding dude in a kilt was trying to hack his way into the upstairs apartment. He had just used the claymore to slash the upstairs resident’s tires.

    Something something gun control something.

    1. + (there can be only) 1

    2. Sword, not land mine?

  20. I can’t believe the links aren’t hyping the Texas primaries, the biggest deal ever in the news world because it proves everybody hates Trump. Unless it doesn’t, in which case who gives a shit, it didn’t mean nothing noways.

    1. If everyone hates Trump, why do shows like the Oscars that go out of their way to insult Trump keep tanking in the ratings? Wouldn’t attacking Trump be good for ratings?

      1. I think there are a lot of reasons for ratings to go down beyond just Trump.

        1. Sure but why does every single show that goes after Trump tank?

          1. every

            Are you sure about that, handsome?

            1. Yes Mary. Try trolling somewhere else. You are so tiresome.

              1. Are you super duper sure there isn’t at least one exception that contradicts your claim, beefcake?

                1. The troll is now sockpuppeting. How original. Nobody cares dude.

                  1. Hey I’m not Yellow Tony.

                    Well I guess I am because time displacement or some shit where he’s part me and part Past Me but not us at the age in-between, and also from an alternate dimension.

                    Wow, it sounds really weird when you type it out.

                    1. You could say that the convergence of this dimension’s future and past me results in a different and new person. But that would identity theft more difficult.

                  2. Nobody cares? I care. Am I really a nobody?
                    Rachel Maddow’s show does well despite her dislike for Trump.

          2. Because almost every show has had reduced ratings that have been falling for years.

            1. You would think going after such an unpopular figure would at least slow that a bit. But it hasn’t. Trump really isn’t unpopular or any more unpopular than any other President.

              1. Okay, I’m willing to believe that’s true. If all you meant is that attacking Trump is completely neutral to ratings then I agree. Is that what you were implying?

                1. What I am saying is that if Trump were the uniquely unpopular figures the media claims he is, shows that attacked him would have a lot more success than they do. The fact that it doesn’t help them and in fact likely hurts them tells you that he isn’t unpopular or any more unpopular than other Presidents.

    2. How would primaries say anything about Trump?

  21. I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only person who’d never heard of “Rare” before it went out of business.

    1. If you read the linked article, it seems it didn’t die because it wasn’t popular, it died because something about Facebook re-prioritizing their news feed away from Russian Trolls who are undermining the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Or something.

    2. Disgraced Paul-family associate, Jack “Cuck” Hunter was the editor.

      Lucy and occasional-Reason-Kontributor Bonnie Kristian used to write stuff fo there.

      They may have tried a subscription-model once?

      Rare was founded as a cuck-news outlet from the get-go. Good riddance.

      1. I went over to take a look at it. The writing is even more horrible than I remember.

  22. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel says that Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act for public comments she made about then Alabama senate candidate Doug Jones.

    Here we go. The Hatch Act authored by Democrats which clearly violates the 1st Amendment and now being used because Trump is a poopy head.

    1. I just heard that too! LOL fucking Hatch Act! If Trump wasn’t feeling pretty damn good at this point, this certainly did the trick.

      1. Anyone else want to see what is in the hatch?

    2. Does Trump have any pets they can indict?

  23. Conservatives aren’t libertarian friendly. The bastards may be terrified of the way our spoiler votes put our plank in Roe v. Wade, and perplexed that their Prohibition Party mentors are also backing away from their Comstock Law and ku-klux prohibitionist platforms of yore. But conservative is code for nationalsocialist altruists who would gladly join the communists in killing us all if there were any such thing as honor among looters. The Hitler-Stalin Pact made them a lot more cautious, lucky for us.

    1. Cool story Hank.

      1. Made me miss Agile Cyborg.

    2. You really do need new material Hank.

  24. This woman is an idiot. Samurai swords are designed for hacking (cutting) not for stabbing.

    1. “Javier told police that she and Lovell had been dating and living together for about two years. She said he “just sits at home all day playing video games and does not do anything to help,””

      Seems like that is a common thing nowadays.

  25. Thank God they kept those 4 French people out.

  26. Gary Cohn quits because the Dotard is an idiot.

    Bad news – Cohn was the only one who knew economics in the Trump clusterfuck.

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