A.M. Links: Trump Meets Netanyahu, Florida Senate Passes Gun Control, North Korea Reportedly Willing to Talk Denuclearization With U.S.


  • Gage Skidmore / Flickr.com

    President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at the White House yesterday.

  • The Florida Senate has voted to ban bump stocks, impose a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases, and ban the sale of guns to people under the age of 21.
  • A South Korean delegation that has just returned from North Korea says that Kim Jong Un is willing to hold denuclearization talks with the United States.
  • Another big winter storm will hit the northeastern U.S. tomorrow.
  • The wreck of the U.S.S. Lexington has been discovered near Australia. The aircraft carrier was sunk during World War II.
  • Texas is holding primary elections today.

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  1. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at the White House yesterday.

    Now who’s the anti-Semite?

    1. Hitler?

    2. Hello.

  2. The Florida Senate has voted to ban bump stocks, impose a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases, and ban the sale of guns to people under the age of 21.

    And the grabber gods were appeased by this sacrifice.

    1. What is with the waiting period thing? Do people really think that there is an actual problem of people who own no guns deciding to murder someone and running to the gun store to grab a Saturday night special? Or (more likely, I think) do people just want to inconvenience people buying guns in any way they can get away with?

      1. And what about those folks who, during the waiting period, just keep getting madder and MADDER?

      2. FACT: All mass shootings happen spontaneously within a 10 day window of the first time the person has ever been angry enough to want to commit violence.

            1. Except for the times that people kill other people way after 10 days have passed since buying guns.

              Waiting periods are unconstitutional violations of the 2nd amendment anyway.

                1. Exactly.

              1. It was sarcasm. You obviously didn’t follow any links which point to warning signs and or firearms purchases happening for months or even years prior to the shooting.

                10 days, 3 days, 0 days, no difference whatsoever. Dumb as they may be, I don’t agree that they are violations of your right to keep and bear arms, and neither does SCOTUS.

                1. I thought it was well done Leo. On the flip side, I can understand someone not clicking links in these comments.

                2. Luckily, the 2nd Amendment does prohibit all infringement of the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

                  Waiting period are a direct violation of that government prohibition. The fact that the Supreme court decides thing in an unconstitutional manner is being rectified.

                3. Dumb as they may be, I don’t agree that they are violations of your right to keep and bear arms, and neither does SCOTUS.

                  But a waiting period for abortions are.

                  Can SCOTUS explain why one is and one is not?

                  1. Damikesc, Something tells me that you won’t get an answer to that.

                  2. Abortion isn’t murder to the type of person that would lock your gun rights down for a later term abortion than usual, I suppose. A three day waiting period for an abortion is essentially a three day cool off leading up a murder in some people’s minds, so it seems logical. The gun isn’t a sure bet on murder, but an abortion kind of is…

                  3. They are both pointless attempts to inconvenience people trying to engage in legal activities.

                    Has the court said that all waiting periods for abortion are illegal? Or just ones without an exception for health and well being of the woman? A lot of restrictions on abortion are allowed.

                    1. Right of Abortion does lack an actual amendment that protects the natural right like the right to keep and bear armaments.

                4. Indeed. And the sale of firearms to legal adults (18 year olds) is interesting since those same ‘kids’ can enlist in the military and be given a firearm to go and literally kill people.

                  Gee, I’m sure we’ll see a law forbidding 18 year olds to join up in the military since we can’t trust them with guns, right?

                  I suspect that going forward every one of these school shootings will be much more successful at locking down the rights of law abiding citizens. I furthermore suspect that it will have no appreciable effect on stopping mass violence of any sort.

                  Might we return to an era of the mad bomber or mad gasser? After all, there’s no waiting list for chlorine right?

                  These types of law’s never address how we educate people about chemistry in the United States. I say we should outlaw all knowledge of chemistry of manufacturing items out of steel. It’s the only way to be sure that we’re finally safe. Well, at least from domestic targets. The rest of the planet will still know those things. I see no downsides…


    2. “I’ll need to see your actual long-form birth certificate.”

      1. “Sir this is the line for the LEO’s and prior/current military to get their super duper awesome gun rights licenses. We thank them for their service. Your line is the one out the door and around the block. Also, you can’t wear that hat in here.”

        1. It’s a ski mask, I’ll have you know; it’s just rolled up at the present. And what; you’ve never fashioned one from the skins of your recently disappeared family members? I thought this was Florida, sir, last I checked.

  3. A South Korean delegation that has just returned from North Korea says that Kim Jong Un is willing to hold denuclearization talks with the United States.

    And if Lucy holds the football juuuuuust right…

      Oh, wait…

  4. Another big winter storm will hit the northeastern U.S. tomorrow.

    Blame the groundhog.

    1. Oh, shit. I need to full up the gas can for the snowblower.

        1. I don’t even know how you could turn that into a euphemism. You are one sick mofo.

          1. It’s all in his head. Ewwwwwww…

  5. The wreck of the U.S.S. Lexington has been discovered near Australia. The aircraft carrier was sunk during World War II.

    …when it ran into one of the myriad of poisonous creatures down under.

  6. Senator Thad Cochran stepping down on April 1 due to poor health.

    What a concept. I guess not everyone is a self-consumed, narcissistic sociopath. Yes, I’m talking about you John McCain.

    1. I like how Mikey’s new screenname really emphasizes the sexual nature of his obsession with Dave Weigel.

      1. Then there’s Palin’s buttplug.

        1. Yeah, he’s a dumb, classless sack of crap, too.

  7. Texas is holding primary elections today.

    Will Trump turn the state blue??? It’s a referendum on all that is good and decent and woke.

    1. They don’t have a jungle primary, do they? Otherwise it’s just a referendum on whether Democrats have the courage to adopt the full-blown socialism that paves the way to victory among the Texas 99%; or whether they will instead embrace the cowardly centrism that spells political suicide but pleases the white supremacist Koch organization and Russian agents, who pull the strings of the weak.

  8. ‘This right here is called parenting’: Father makes his son run a mile in the rain to school after he was banned from the bus for bullying


    Run Forrest! Run!

    1. Good for him.

    2. If only more parents took an interest in teaching their kids lessons, police might not be called to arrest kids of petty crimes.

  9. ‘Experience with apostrophes is a must’: Emma Watson pokes fun at her botched fake ‘Time’s Up’ tattoo as Brown-educated actress admits she didn’t notice grammatical error


    Education don’t equal intelligence.

    1. Emma Watson is a famous celebrity who not only was a full pay tuition but also provided endless amounts of good publicity for the college she chose to attend. Colleges love it when celebrities attend as students. Despite this, she ended up going to what can charitably be described as a ghetto Ivy League School. Brown is for the kids who can’t get into Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Columbia but are not good enough in science to justify going to Cornel or interested in business enough to go to Penn. It really is the rock bottom. If you are a full pay world famous celebrity that would allow your school to tell potential students “Hermione went here”, and you end up at Brown, you are a dumb as a post. It means you are so stupid that Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia decided your money and your fame still were not worth accepting you.

      1. I don’t suppose there’s any way she’s not hopelessly stupid and just didn’t look too closely at the tattoo?

        1. I think the fact that she went to Brown given her wealth and fame is pretty good evidence she is hopelessly stupid. I don’t hold the tattoo against her. The problem is that by the time she could have noticed the mistake, it was already done and there is no way to fix it. So, I understand why she didn’t look closely at it.

          1. Also, it’s just a temporary tattoo for the show, I think.

      2. lolwut? The valedictorian of my high school chose Brown over many other options. That was many years ago, but by objective measures they don’t suck.


        1. The Valedictorian of your high school class was not a millionaire world famous actress. And I bet one of those options was not Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Columbia.

          1. Emma Watson is not famous for her brains. She is very successful actress. Brown is a far better school than most 98% of people attend and there is no reason to taunt a freaking actress for not being as smart as Brooke Shields.

            I suspect she got a much better education than she would have at Harvard. At Harvard you are either a certifiable genius or a member of the elite. She is neither.

            1. I am not saying Brown is a bad school or easy to get into for ordinary people. I am saying someone who is famous and a millionaire has a huge advantage getting into any college over an ordinary person.

              1. You literally said Brown is “rock bottom.”

                1. I said Brown is rock bottom among the Ivy league.

            2. I knew a Harvard attendee who was neither. He had certain… qualities… that were likely “underrepresented”.

              1. What’s truly depressing is that the country is largely in the state that it is today because of policies implemented by Boomer Ivy League graduates–just imagine how much trouble we’ll be in when the current crop of credentialed retards reaches middle age and begins having a real impact on the national agenda.

        2. #14 in Best Value Schools

          Annual tuition + room/board: over $67,000.

          Best. Value.

          1. I bet Watson makes more money than that every time a Harry Potter movie is on cable.

          2. Education cost at the library $0

            1. And you certainly got what you paid for.

              1. You are arguing that people who attend universities get what they pay for?

                I am not saying that everyone who gets most of their education from library books are geniuses but have you seen some of the retards that have undergraduate degrees?

                1. I’m not arguing anything, i’m just making fun of you.

                  1. I was making fun of you.

                    Your joke was pretty stupid. Makes sense you were trying to joke than make a real argument.

                    I should have known since you don’t make arguments, you try bad jokes.

                    1. It wasn’t a brilliant joke, sure, but it was solid. You have all the wit of a particularly dull child.

                    2. “Solid” by the rationale of a child who attends college and thinks they are getting a great education for the money they spend.

                      I would point out that was probably you, but solid jokes are not something you have a grasp on.

                    3. See, you’re relying on the “rubber/glue” retort construct, which stopped being anything but sad in about third grade. I’m starting to suspect your education didn’t progress that far.

                    4. Aw, poor Citizen doesn’t even realize that he was doing rubber/glue retorts for years.

                      I simply pointed out your comment was not funny nor a joke.

                      You should have went to a library….BOOM! See that’s a solid joke on your nonsense.

          3. Isn’t that just fcking nuts? I hope the tuition racket implodes before my kids go to college.

    2. “Name names on stage or shut the hell up.”


      1. Oh come on Bubba, child actors get their parts by being talented and cute not because of a casting couch and their parents whoring them out. That could never happen.

    3. And in the article making fun of her, they say the tattoo was missing a “comma”.

      However, the former Harry Potter star, who has been an outspoken feminist and equal rights campaigner for years, failed to see the lack of comma at the time.

      1. Blocked at work but if you’re talking about the Daily Mail, those people sometimes call it an “inverted comma”.

  10. King of the concrete jungle: Breathtaking photographs show climber leaping between skyscrapers and casually balancing perilously high above the streets of Manhattan


    Ugh, I get dizzy just looking at the pictures.

    1. Hmm. Hanging off skyscrapers is potentially racially insensitive.

      1. It’s things like this that make it clear that Islam is the religion of peace, after all, their parkuor programs just aren’t going as planned:

        Islamic Parkour

        1. Those athletes just could not use the 2 seconds head start to pull off some amazing moves.

  11. Italy’s voters choose populists, deliver stinging rebuke to Europe.

    Some of the more ridiculous leftards are actually blaming Putin and Russia for this one too. But the reality is that more and more people in the first world are getting sick and tired of being inundated with hostile third world immigrants that they know hate their guts and will never assimilate.

    1. I brought up Italy yesterday.

      And it’s beyond retarded to think Russia was behind this.

      To those who observe Italy (like me), this has been festering since the 1990s. The Lombard League (now Lega Nord) started out as a separatist group always warned against excessive immigration. As the EU began to push for more integration and with it demands for countries to accept more migrants, it led to animosity.

      It’s very simple what happened in Italy: Low growth that has plagued the country since the 1990s (think Japan) and the immigration explosion = nationalist populism.

      1. If a government cannot fulfill the basic functions of defending its borders and protecting its citizens, its citizens will turn to someone who will. The elites in Europe and the US think that they can refuse to fulfill these basic functions and their populations will put up with it because the only alternative is “THE RACIST”. They are in for a rude surprise. By calling anyone who demands border security and the enforcement of laws a racist and a fascist, they are not marginalizing those views. Instead, they are just mainstreaming fascism.

        1. John, the invective “THE RACIST” is outdated. It has been replaced with “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” to describe any Caucasian who does not agree that Western Culture, capitalism, and individual liberty should be extirpated.

      2. Someone has to sell umbrellas to tourists.

        1. The Reason staff assures me that African refugees run delicious food trucks. And it is not like Italy has a great culinary tradition and isn’t in need of great food trucks or anything. What are some rapes and a total breakdown of public order compared to food trucks?

      3. And this new left-wing trend of claiming that democracy is only valid if people make the choices that the lefties agree with is irresponsible and more than a little dangerous. They’re taking McCarthyism to a new level.

        1. Even the Nazis figured out that its easier to use Democracy against itself by winning elections and then destroy it from the inside out.

        2. new left-wing trend of claiming that democracy is only valid if people make the choices that the lefties agree with

          I wouldn’t call it “new”–it’s been a pretty common feature of radical left-wing ideology since the French Revolution.

    2. It’s instructive that the populist party dominated in southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia–the areas where most of the refugees have ended up since 2011, while the only area that the left-wing party won was the northeastern Alps around Bolzano. Even the areas around Bologna, which is basically the Italian version of Berkeley, went for the center-right party.

      1. For all of Italy’s craziness, Italians as a group have always been some of the happiest people on earth. Even if you are poor, living in a place like Tuscany isn’t that bad. The Italian economy often sucked and the government has always been completely hopeless but the quality of life was always really good. The refugees are a direct assault on the one good and by far the best thing about Italy. I can’t believe even the dipshit leftists are happy about it.

        1. What a lot of these EU countries are going to learn, sooner or later, is that European-style socialism works best when it’s administered by and provided to Europeans. What they’ve done, first in the name of economic necessity 20 years ago followed by altruism in the last 7 years, is import what amounts to a permanent underclass that feels entitled to all the benefits of socialism while remaining culturally separate from that of the host nation, increasingly breeding resentment and hostility while increasing feelings of entitlement. It doesn’t help that a bunch of bureaucrats in these countries specifically and in Brussels generally are completely disassociated from those on the ground level they deign to rule, and thus have a rapidly depleting reservoir of credibility when it comes to dealing with it.

          “They’ve come to save our pensions and they’re here to stay” isn’t exactly a rallying cry for national and cultural unity.

          1. Hitler would have never imagined that the member states of the 3rd Reich European Union would want out.

        2. And you’ll notice that the countries pushing back against this the hardest are the old Warsaw Pact nations in Eastern Europe–not because they’re necessarily right-wing, but because there’s still enough national memory of living under an authoritarian “international” system that employed collective guilt as a coercive tool to control the populace.

  12. “The Florida Senate has voted to ban bump stocks, impose a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases, and ban the sale of guns to people under the age of 21.”

    And collectively refuse to take any responsibility for the long list of government failures and laws that got those children killed.

    1. That so-called “long list of government failures and laws that got those children killed” was based upon good intentions, so it can’t possibly be at fault. Something else must have gone wrong. Because good intentions cannot possibly yield bad results. It’s un-possible. Must have been the kulaks and wreckers.

      1. Procedures were followed. Florida won’t take responsibility for the actions of its LEOs because the LEOs did exactly what the state wanted them to do. The State doesn’t see any failures to take responsibility for other than holding gun owners collectively responsible for the acts of one of their own.

    2. Hey! What are all those moments of silence, chopped liver?

      1. Twats and prayers.

  13. Christopher Steel gets a puff piece in the New Yorker. He was just a brave English patriot trying to warn the world about Trump!! And G. Gordon Liddy was just a brave patriot trying to warn the world about the DNC.


    Serious question; suppose Mueller were to find absolute proof that Trump worked with the Russians to win the election. If you voted for Trump and otherwise approve of what he is doing as President, why would you care? If Rand Paul were President and it turned out he worked with the Russians to get elected, would anyone here stop supporting him? If that were true about Hillary, and it likely is, would any Democrat care if she were President? I can’t see why.

    If it is true that no one who supports Trump is going to change their minds no matter what comes out of the Mueller investigation, and I think it is, the investigation is not only a waste of time but likely a damaging distraction for Trump’s enemies. All it is accomplishing is to prevent them from making arguments that might persuade his supporters to change their minds.

    1. I can see some reasons to be concerned about a politician who actually collaborated with the Russian government to influence American politics. But I’d still rather have someone who is a bit corrupt doing some of the right things than someone honest doing all the wrong things. Of course, in the last election the alternative was far from honest.

      I’m still not a Trump fan, but Russia has nothing to do with why.

      1. If you hate Trump already, then this is just another reason. But if you like Trump and think he is doing a good job as President, why would this change your mind? I can’t see how it would.

        1. The left is trying to get rid of Trump [period]

          The left (and Mueller) are trying to imply that government is not already corrupt and incompetent. Most Americans are very aware that the government is seriously fucked up. That is why most Americans don’t care about Russians “trying” to rig elections.

          Democrats have been actually rigging elections for centuries. That is why America picked Trump.

      2. I can see some reasons to be concerned about a politician who actually collaborated with the Russian government to influence American politics.

        Define ‘influence’. Fraud or deception, B&E, racketeering, blackmail, etc. I get. I remain unclear how exactly you declare ‘influencing a democracy’ a crime without pulling the still-beating heart out of the 1A’s chest.

        1. I’m not talking about crime. Just how one might judge a politician. I agree that banning foreign influence is unconstitutional if the kind of influence you are talking about takes the form of speech or press since the first amendment is a limitation on government.

        2. Pretty much this.

          What’s amusing to me is that our government continually tells us that more and more contact with foreign nations, and surrendering more and more of our sovereignty to foreign pseudo-governments (the U.N. as a primary example) is a great and wonderful thing then turn around and tell us that Russian speech in the United States is especially a ‘bad thing’.

          I can’t help but think they haven’t thought any of this through and are just bouncing back and forth between idiot notions.

    2. All this because they cannot accept that Hillary lost.

      1. Mike Pence for President!

      2. But not being able to accept election defeats is treasonous. And something Nazi dictator types would do. I know this because of the flurry of articles telling me so after Trump was pressed on the question of accepting the election results.

    3. Why is it ok for British agents to collude with the CIA to interfere in the US election?

      Obama collected millions of dollars in untraceable credit card donations in 2008. Surprisingly none of his supporters cared.

      Reddit has had a massive purge of “Russian propaganda” this week. I won’t hold my breath waiting for their purge of “American propaganda.”

      Maybe the answer is that we critically analyze the BS we read every day.

      1. The DNC emails were legit and contained information that public had a right to know. What difference does it make who obtained them? The idea that truthful information is somehow out of bounds because a foreign country released it never made any sense to me.

        1. The delusional lefties think that America would not have picked Trump over Hillary if the emails were not released.

          1. The emails had nothing to do with Trump. The emails just showed how Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie. I can’t see how anyone who voted for Trump would have cared about them. The people who had a beef over them were the Bernie supporters and I don’t think many of them voted for Trump.

          2. The delusional lefties conflate the “Russian HACKING” with the classified emails embedded in Weiner’s dick pics.

          3. “”The delusional lefties think that America would not have picked Trump over Hillary if the emails were not released.””

            They have a problem with because they simple refuse to believe that Hillary does anything wrong.

    4. Unless “worked with the Russians” means something like stuffing ballot boxes, I don’t see what the problem is. “Buying Facebook ads” certainly doesn’t rise to the level of… anything.

      1. Exactly.

        Facebook isn’t suppose to be the all truthful media anyway. Why should any believe any meme?

        Isn’t not like they propagated their propaganda via the news outlets.

        1. The whole thing is absurd. The entire MSM and political establishment went after Trump day and night for months claiming he was everything from insane to a sex pervert rapist. And we are supposed to believe that he won the Presidency because of some Russian facebook ads? WTF?

          1. Wait, didn’t she win because Comey said he was reopening the investigation?

            The way Hillary was trying to place blame reminded me of the way Bush was throwing excuses to bomb Iraq at the public waiting for one to stick.

  14. OT – for those of you who may have missed it. Here’s the NY Daily News on the scourge of subway “perverts.”


    My question to you is: What is the proper Libertarian response:

    1. These guys aren’t initiating force or fraud, so no action it required. Tough luck, Ladies!

    2. Sell the MTA to private enterprise who will be forced by the free market to supply pervert free subway cars

    3. Use surveillance technology to identify the offenders, shame them and make like uncomfortable for their employers.

    4. Move out of NYC to a location with fewer or no perverts.

    5. Some other option.

    1. I think jerking off is something that a reasonable person is put off by watching. So, I think it is fair to call doing it in front of someone over their objection a violation of the nonaggression principle. I don’t see it as any different than someone standing in a subway car screaming at the top of their lungs. Your actions are disturbing those around you’s quiet enjoyment of a public space.

    2. Kick him in the nuts.

      1. That sounds like the initiation of force.

        1. Some might successfully argue that getting hit with explosive ejaculate would allow for preemptive self-defense.

          1. Do you have something you want to talk about LC?

            1. I can’t. I’ve walked away too much.

              I just saw “This is the End” again last night.

    3. the city is infected by a swath of men who can’t seem to stop pleasuring themselves in front of horrified women

      An epidemic as fake as every other fake epidemic. Most of them are repeat offenders. There are over 5 million daily riders. I would have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

      1. Yeah, getting off on jerking off in front of strangers is a very strange and rare kink. There just are not many men who would even want to do it much less are crazy enough to actually do it. I find it very hard to believe this happens very often and is anything but fake news.

    4. 3. Use surveillance technology to identify the offenders, shame them and make like uncomfortable for their employers.

      In the article you linked, the woman took pics and sent them to the media who distributed this perv’s name and face over the internet.

      #4 is pretty good too.

    1. Lying and brutally beating people is their job. Duh.

      1. It’s only a little bad if they’re doing it for their own gain and not he government’s.

    2. I don’t think those files are very secret. Pretty much everyone who reads the newspaper already knows that.

      1. Did you read the details? It’s pretty damning stuff. More than what they reveal to the MSM.

        1. I was just being a smart ass. Yes, they are very damning. It should be a national scandal but you and I both know it won’t be and nothing will change.

    3. “”Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People ? And Still Keep Their Jobs””

      The 1800’s want their headline back.

  15. 31 Journaling Prompts for Building Greater Self-Reliance

    The aim is to help you go deeper into yourself so that you might better reset your relationships to yourself, the world, and the people you spend time with.

    I’d recommend Twittering instead.

    1. That is a pretty good article. Most of the things seem pretty reasonable.

      1. The worst endorsement is a John endorsement.

        My God.

          1. It’s okay. I still love you.

            1. Better you than Crusty. So, I guess I can’t complain.

              1. Crusty’s love involves a ball gag, 2 ft of rubber hose and sesame oil.

                1. Probably not in that order.

    2. The aim is to help you go deeper into yourself

      Exactly how deep are we talking here? I don’t have much experience so 3-4″ might be enough for me. However, you get someone like Tony and he’s probably gonna need 10-12″.

      1. At this point, Tony’s going around sitting on fire hydrants.

        1. Large insertion fans are willing to pay good money to get their kicks.

      2. I think Christy Canyon might have a copyright case against this article….

  16. “A South Korean delegation that has just returned from North Korea says that Kim Jong Un is willing to hold denuclearization talks with the United States.”

    Are they insane?!

    Haven’t they seen Donald Trump’s tweets on the issue?

    Don’t they know that Donald Trump’s tweets (the most important thing in the universe) ruined the chances for peace forever?

    P.S. Jared Kushner probably offered them a piece of his next real estate deal or something. Someone get Mueller investigating this travesty, stat!

  17. “A South Korean delegation that has just returned from North Korea says that Kim Jong Un is willing to hold denuclearization talks with the United States.”

    Got to be fake news.
    Trump is still in office and we were assured by quite a bit of the media and assorted lefty assholes here that he was bringing us to the brink of nuclear war!

    1. Great minds think alike, Sevo!

      1. If North Korea does actually give up its nukes, which is considering its past a very big IF, we will hear about how Trump is the luckiest man alive and this just happened and had nothing to do with him and in fact was the result of years of efforts by Obama.

        1. Either that, or we’ll have a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the charge that Trump was colluding with the North Koreans.

          Personally, I think Trump’s brilliant efforts in collaborating with Putin to all but wipe out ISIS in Syria (without the U.S. needing to be involved) was along those lines–a great foreign policy coup for American security.

          If Trump hadn’t struck that deal with Putin on the ceasefire, the pro-Assad forces and American backed forces wouldn’t have been able to concentrate their efforts on defeating ISIS instead of each other. That was the turning point.

          Trump actually campaigned on doing precisely what he did, which is why McCain and his neocon buddies were so anti-Trump. We hardly hear anything about that triumph in the media because it doesn’t fit in with their narrative about Trump colluding with Putin to deny Hillary her destiny.

          If Hillary had defeated ISIS, (not that she could have or would have worked with Putin), we’d never hear the end of it.

          1. If Trump is able to leverage China and Russia into forcing North Korea to give up its nukes, and that is what it will take short of war, it will be the biggest diplomatic achievement for this country since the fall of the Berlin Wall. You couldn’t overstate how much safer and better off the world and this country, in particular, would be if the North Koreans really did give up their nukes. There would be no denying such a triumph, though the Neocons would try to. But they would know the truth and they would hate Trump even more for it. A real estate developer and reality TV star would have just pulled off the kind of diplomatic triumph that idiots like McCain have spent their whole lives trying to achieve but never have. It would make total fools of them and they would never forgive him or recover from it.

            1. I am fairly certain that they had to have learned the lesson the Gaddafi gave to the world by being brutally sodomized with bayonettes for the forward-thinking, progressive, reasonable and peaceful decision to give up his WMD and nuke programs.

              If NK gives up their only deterrent against invasion by the US and / or China they are fools and deserve to be conquered. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they do give them up, but if you were in the shoes of the leader of any nuclear nation would you?

              1. North Korea is not giving up their nukes.

                They are buying time to develop technology to hit the USA mainland accurately.

                North Korea is a threat because they have nukes and the capability to hit somewhere. They are not being taken seriously as a nuke power because they cannot hit what they would like to hit.

                The only way I can see things on the Korean peninsula diffusing is with China stepping in. Otherwise, it will end badly for North and South Korea.

              2. Korea isn’t Libya. No one wants North Korea to fall. It would create a humanitarian crisis that would cost China and South Korea and the world a fortune. A united Korea creates a hostile neighbor on China’s border and a land route for invading China. China is never going to allow Korea to re-unite and the US knows that and would never invade North Korea because they know it would mean war with China. South Korea learned from the fall of the Berlin wall that uniting with the North would bankrupt them. So, they don’t want North Korea to fall either.

                So, North Korea doesn’t need nukes. It is in no danger of being invaded. The problem North Korea has is that it can’t continue without reforming its economy and society. But, it can’t do that without risking things getting out of hand and the people finally taking revenge on the government for what it has done. So, the only hope of survival the elites have is to extort aid out of the rest of the world. And that is what it has been doing for over 20 years now. They do one thing, extort aid, everyone gets used to a given state of affairs, they run out of money and then do something more dangerous to change things and extort more aid. The problem is they have run out of ways to escalate things without risking real war. Neither China nor Russia want a war. But the US isn’t going to tolerate them having ICBMs. So something now has to give.

                1. John, what you said sounds reasonable… to an American.

                  If China is such an innocent player in all of this, then why allow and/or help NK gets nuclear technology and weapon technology for ICBMs? Same thing with Russia.

                  Americans assume Russia and China see eye-to eye on most things. They have not in the past and still don’t. Even while while North Vietnam was fighting the USA, they were also fighting along their Chinese border.

                  China is preparing for a showdown after it expands territory to the point the USA says enough.

                  China cannot be involved in a war with the USA. The USA would cancel all debt with China. China would also never win in a war with the USA. The USA doesnt want war with China but would could strangle all seaborne trade China has meanwhile trade with the World.

                  Its just a shitty situation with North Korea that has been postponed for decades. As you say, something will give.

                  1. China isn’t an innocent player Constitution 1789. China uses the Norks as a buffer against the South and Japan and as a way to distract and cause problems for the US. But, there is a limit to how far that can go and I think we have passed it. Whatever value the NORKs provide is exceeded by the problems they cause China via the threat of starting another Korean war.and driving Japan, Korea and the US closer together. China wants a stable North Korea that keeps the US occupied but doesn’t go too crazy. And they really can’t have that anymore.

                    1. John, I think you are right that China wanted that but things have gotten out of their control. NK has nukes now.

                      China must know that NK will not just be the good little kid and sit while China and the USA make trillions in wealth trading peacefully.

                      The Chinese are also quite racist. They don’t consider Koreans smart enough to play with the big players. Some of NK’s rise surprised the CPC.

                      The Chinese also get US news, so they don’t have a good grasp on what Trump’s strategy since the US media does not care to know either.

                    2. Most Americans don’t realize that the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans hate each other. Various reasons for this state of affairs but if not for the USA, there would have already been major Asiatic wars after WWII.

              3. During the height of the last big temper tantrum, China did something interesting: they moved 150,000 troops to the North Korean border. Russia did more or less the same thing.


                Some might say that was to counter a U.S. invasion force from crossing into China and Russia. I don’t think there was ever much danger of that.

                More people say it was to stop a potential tide of refugees from flooding into China from North Korea if there were a conflict. No doubt that’s a concern for China.

                Much more likely, to my mind, if North Korea got into a brawl with the U.S. and South Korea, there would be a tremendous amount of civilian casualties in Seoul, but I don’t think the North would win a conventional war. And, in that case, I don’t think China would sit back and watch while the U.S. overran North Korea either. They’d move in on the North on their own and set up a puppet government.

                I think it must have been unnerving for the North Koreans to see that. China will stand by and watch while North Korea rattles the sabre when it’s convenient for them to do so, but China isn’t really about to jeopardize their trade relationship with the U.S. over North Korea. If it looks like North Korea will lose, China will quickly morph into an enemy of the Kim regime and set up a new pro-Chinese government.

                1. “During the height of the last big temper tantrum, China did something interesting: they moved 150,000 troops to the North Korean border. Russia did more or less the same thing.”

                  It isn’t beyond question whether this was an anti-defector move. China saw what happened in Germany, and while China’s economy is claimed to be just fine, providing for millions of staving Norks is just what China doesn’t want.

                  1. No doubt that’s a legitimate concern.

                    It was more than that.

                2. Ken, I think China has 4 options:

                  1) Let NK keep on doing what its doing and see what happens. (This goes against what central planners do)
                  2) Maneuver to control NK
                  3) Contain an invasion or destruction of NK when the USA defends itself
                  4) Ally with NK and get into a war with the USA

                  China invading NK with US troops there, would start a war that China is not ready for yet. This war could end okay like when China sided with NK during the Korean war or could end with the Communist Party falling in China based on some unforeseen event. China’s economy would be devastated.

                  Why would China risk all that over NK? Having Korea united as a Democracy is still better than war with the USA.

                  Hopefully, the USA is able to read China’s Communist government messages and get an understanding what they are prepared to do. If it fits into Trump’s recent standing up to NK, then North Korea will probably be done soon. If we know that China is willing to step in and end Fat Boy-Un, then this might end somewhat peacefully.

                  The USA cannot allow NK to threaten to nuke us and work toward accuracy for their ICBMs. The USA has a better chance of not getting nuked by defending ourselves sooner than later, since most NK ICBMs will hit open Pacific Ocean. S. Korea would definitely get hit and Japan might get hit. China might even be hoping that NK nukes Taiwan.

                  North Korea is not developing better and better nukes and ICBMs just because. Its to blackmail the World.

          2. ALEPPO!

        2. I’ve been reading quite a bit about NK over the last several months and their foreign policy is dominated by lies. FDR and Obo were models of honesty by comparison to the Kim dynasty; if they say the sun rises in the East, you are well advised to look West tomorrow morning.
          They conduct ‘negotiations’ for as long as it takes to get some food for the army, and then, well…
          The comments by the media and the assholes were nothing but TDS, but only a fool thinks Kim is going to give up anything at all. If I were Trump, I’d send the janitor to ‘negotiate’; that’s how important those talks will be.

          1. I absolutely do not trust them. And I have no doubt their first choice is to lie, get the heat off, and then go back to what they are doing. That being said, I do not think they are suicidal and I do think if they are given no other choice, they will give up their nukes. But, I will believe it when I see it and still be skeptical then.

            1. There may be something to the suggestion that they’d like normal relations.

              If they become convinced that they’ll be treated more like Trump treats Duerte than treated like George W. Bush treated Saddam Hussein, that helps. A neocon president couldn’t do that; they couldn’t offer a carrot like that.

              Also, North Korea’s position has been helped a lot over the years as a counterweight to Taiwan. That probably isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be. China could still ask North Korea to throw a temper tantrum every time China doesn’t get what they want in the South China sea, but that issue is getting more and more settled all the time, too.

              We’ve always had vicious dictatorships as allies, and there’s no reason why North Korea couldn’t be more like Vietnam. They’re not exactly our allies, but they aren’t exactly enemies either. And having to throw a temper tantrum every so often so the starvation doesn’t spread so fat that it becomes a risk to putting your head on a pike is a pain in the ass. It might be better for North Korea to be more like Vietnam.

    2. denuclearization talks with the United States

      I’ll denuke if you denuke.

  18. Afraid of Snakes? Wasps and Dogs Are Deadlier

    But 95 children under 10 years old were killed by dogs over the eight years. The fatality rate from dog attacks on children under age 4 was twice as high as for people over age 65, and four times higher than that of other age groups.

    1. Stop being afraid of _________ because _______ is more deadly.

      1. More accurately, if you are not afraid of X, then you shouldn’t be afraid of Y, since Y is less deadly.

        1. I suck at this game.

      2. libertarianism, bananarchy

    2. I’m terrified of wasps. They’re just so menacing.

      1. If you piss off a wasp it will keep stinging you until either you kill it or it kills you.

  19. The Florida Senate has voted to ban bump stocks [unconstitutional], impose a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases [unconstitutional], and ban the sale of guns to people under the age of 21 [unconstitutional].

    1. I disagree with your assessment. I don’t think it is unconstitutional for a State to ban bump stocks of impose a 3 day waiting period. I agree that it would not be constitutional for the Feds to do it.

      The US Constitution does not actually specify an age of majority. It sets a number of different ages at which a person may vote or serve in public office. So, there’s nothing constitutionally protected about being an adult at age 18.

      1. I don’t think it is unconstitutional for a State

        I would say depends on the State Constitution. For instance, this would not be consistent with the Constitution of the Commonwealth of VA. But I’d say it is unconstitutional nationally, given the wording of 2A. Note that 1A references the federal Congress, whereas 2A just says “the right of the people…shall not be infringed” without reference to a legislative body.

        1. Agreed. I couldn’t find a concise version of the Florida Constitution so I don’t know if it resembles the Texas one, which is modified by referendum several times a year.

          My assessment of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights is that the States were worried about constraining Federal power, not State power. The point of the 2nd Amendment is to prevent the Feds from doing an end run around the State militias by disarming the People. Pennsylvania didn’t ratify the US Constitution for the purpose of constraining Pennsylvania. They have their own constitution for that.

          To me, the personal right to self defense is enshrined in the 14th amendment.

          1. Notice how the 1st Amendment specifically calls out Congress shall make no law but the 2nd Amendment does not have that caveat. We all consider the 1st Amendment to apply to states too.

            The BoR applied to federal power and was a minimum standard for the 13 states which all protected the right to keep and bear arms. This right is so fundamental that the Founding Fathers would have never imagined that states would reject it. Actually, some Founders did and added the 2nd Amendment.

      2. “The US Constitution does not actually specify an age of majority. It sets a number of different ages at which a person may vote or serve in public office. So, there’s nothing constitutionally protected about being an adult at age 18.”

        Way to completely ignore the last 200+ years of military history. Boys 10 and older fought in every war up until the 20th century and after that it was 14ish. Even in modern times kids at age 17 can enter the military or even younger if you take ROTC programs into account. What precedent ANYWHERE is there to point at to justify this?

      3. Thanks to the 14th Amendment, the 2nd does apply to the states. Its a minimum standard for state constitutions. The lefty state don’t like this but that is exactly what they did to Southern States after the Civil war. Used the 14th Amendment to force southern state constitutions to comply.

        Even before that, gun rights were so fundamental that the Founders even considered not including it in the BoR. Luckily for future Americans, they did.

        The 2nd Amendment was designed to prevent any infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. The age of majority has nothing to do distinctly with guns. If a kid can buy a candy bar then they can buy a gun. Besides, having various age of majority for different consumer items is just stupid central planning.

        Even if that was not the case, government could not prevent an adult from giving a kid a gun.

        It means that there are 100 different ways to say that government cannot infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

    2. Well, okay, but what does that have to do with gay sex, anti-fa on campus, marijuana legalization, or how prostitution is actually “sex work”?

    3. They will all stand though, of course, unless Trump’s next SCOTUS pick makes Gorsuch look like Merrick Garland. And this is awful precedent. Florida, surprisingly enough, never had particularly permissive firearms laws (it already has a handgun waiting period, for instance). But if it does this it will shift the window on the gun debate enormously, because EVEN FLORIDA REPUBLICANS did such and such. Someone needs to lean on the disgraces in the Florida House now, and hard, before they fuck everything up for everyone. This present gun-grabbing crest is already starting to rapidly disintegrate, if only the Republicans would let it.

      1. Florida has all sorts of snow bird New Yorkers that influence politics there.

        I am surprised that Florida did not turn blue a long time ago.

        1. Florida is two separate states. North of Lake Okeechobee, Florida is mostly part of the deep south – with the exception of Orlando, which is like a giant midwestern suburb. South Florida is mostly New York and New Jersey culturally and politically – with a big chunk of Cuban thrown in down near the tip.

          Actually, you could make a case that Florida is 3 states – North Florida and the panhandle, Central Florida and South Florida. One is southern redneck, the next is midsouth suburban and the last is northeastern obnoxious.

          In that way Florida is a lot like California, with large chunks of territory having almost nothing in common with each other.

          1. Florida is two separate states.

            The New Times says ten.

            I think the fact that Parkland is in Florida has given it a lot of unearned legs in the public imagination. Even among people who are aware intellectually that this is not Florida Florida, that this is a filthy-rich prog suburb in the most Democratic county in Florida (2 to 1 Hillary), people viscerally react differently than if they were seeing kids from the Philly Main Line or something. This even as the “ban all guns” picket signs and rhetoric make it clear that these are not gun-rack-truck kids reluctantly won over to “common sense” concessions, but kids as completely separated from that culture as those on 90210.

          2. Florida definitely has separate parts. I always saw the coasts as a different state than the interior of Florida. Mainly because all the lefties vacation from their New England strongholds to the beaches.

  20. The Florida Senate has voted to ban bump stocks, impose a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases, and ban the sale of guns to people under the age of 21.

    All unconstitutional. Anyone who want a bump stock can make one. It’s just a plastic sleeve for christ sakes. 3-day waiting period will put people in immediate need of a means of self defense at risk. And arbitrary age limit is arbitrary. Either you are legally an adult and afforded all rights of an adult at 18, or you are not legally an adult.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that you are not fully adult at 18 in our society and the US Constitution is silent on the question.

      1. The states have general police powers and can do this I think. That said, I think we have lost our minds regarding adulthood. We need to choose a single age where you are an adult and call it a day. You can be drafted and sent to the gas chamber once you are 18. I don’t see how you can square that with not having full rights as an adult.

        1. That’s what I was getting at. If you can be conscripted into the military to kill or be killed for your country at 18, then you are an adult at 18 and should be afforded all freedoms as such.

          1. Should be, but 18 year olds are morons.

            It’s why we rely on them for our army…

            If we made people wait until they 26 and their brains were fully formed, no one would volunteer.

            1. Most people are morons. If we judged who got rights based on whether the person is a moron, rights would be a very rare thing.

              1. Its hard to explain that to a moron gun grabber or their kids.

          2. “‘That’s what I was getting at. If you can be conscripted into the military to kill or be killed for your country at 18, then you are an adult at 18 and should be afforded all freedoms as such.””

            An 18 year old that was drafted to fight in Vietnam thought so.

            I think that’s part of the issue today, they don’t understand how important freedom and liberty is. A state that can force you to fight at a certain age, should give you the benefits and freedoms associated with that level of responsibility and sacrifice.

            1. Added irony, we will gladly hand an 18 year old a howitzer capable of lobbing a huge shell 25 miles and send him out to blow people up on our behalf…. but don’t you dare let him buy a .22 long rifle for plinking cans down at the range! Especially if it has danger-adding black plastic adornments.

              1. And the teenagers who attended the school in Florida have total moral authority to demand everyone give up their guns. Yet, since they are not 21, should be prohibited from owning or buying a gun.

                It is almost like logical consistency means nothing to these people.

                1. John, they don’t want consistency…they want to control and their kids say so like their good little Sheeple parents.

                  Test this theory and tell them since guns will be prohibited for sale to anyone under 21, anyone under 21 cannot vote either.

                  Gun control relating to age would end immediately.

        2. John, while the states were set up to have general police powers, this did not give them the power to do anything they wanted. The US Constitution sets forth a minimum standard for states with regard to rights of the people. The state could enact more protections of rights but could not say get rid of trial by jury even by changing their state Constitutions.

          Something a state could enact as a right could be public school. Not forcing people to attend school but collecting taxes to pay for public schools.

      2. The age of majority gets pushed up or down depending on the ambitions and fears of politicians.

        1. The fact that age of consent is generally 16 in most states is probably due to their ambitions?

          1. Roy Moore?

            1. That would be 14.

          2. I was thinking of how youth get prosecuted as adults for crimes, while adults are treating like children when doing something perfectly This flexibility is for the convenience of the controllers.

            But yeah, no doubt there are plenty of predators prowling the halls of power. They’ll take their scores at a time and place of their choosing.

      3. The Constitution give no authority to ban something. Even the Commerce Clause is to regulate business not ban it.

        Even the prohibitionists knew that they needed to pass a constitutional amendment to ban something. Otherwise, government cannot ban something.

        1. …ban products or services that is.

  21. Another big winter storm will hit the northeastern U.S. tomorrow.

    Am I the only one that is irritated that we now name every single freaking weather event?

    1. We have had a hurricane drought. The weather babes on the Weather Channel have to have something to get excited about.

      1. weather babes…excited

        Whatever weather makes them wet.

        1. Jenn Carfagno is about the cutest MILF there is.

          1. You could say that again.

        2. Jenn Carfagno is about the cutest MILF there is.

    2. When everything is extremely amazingly uniquely unprecedented, don’t you think it appropriate to name that shit. How else are we to remember the winter storms of history? The blizzard of ’93? Boring!

      1. Look machine, it is snowing in New England. That is like totally unheard of.

  22. Have the bump stock bans being proposed covered binary triggers?

    Because I am far more interested in a binary trigger.

    1. Is that the kind of triggers they keep talking about on college campuses? The ones that require a warning?

      1. My trigger is nonbinary, shitlord.

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