U.S. Trade Partners Promise Retaliation for Trump Tariffs, Israel and Poland Spar Over Proposed Speech Law, and the World's Last Male White Rhino is Gravely Ill: P.M. Links


  • Chris Kleponis/CNP / Polaris/Newscom

    U.S. trade partners promise retaliation over Trump's possible steel tariffs.

  • Poland and Israel are in tense talks over a proposed law that would make it a crime to blame Poland for the Holocaust.
  • British P.M. reveals detailed Brexit proposal.
  • Georgia punishes Delta Air Lines for crossing the NRA, scraps tax exemption.
  • The world's last male northern white rhino is gravely ill.

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  1. U.S. trade partners promise retaliation over Trump’s possible steel tariffs.

    War is no fun if the other side doesn’t show up.

    1. Hello.

      1. I guess he’s insinuating that the other side lack the nerves of steel for a trade war?

        1. Hopefully they don’t have brass balls.

          1. How about Ben Wa balls?

        2. All I said was hel….oh, you mean Trump…never mind.

  2. British PM reveals detailed Brexit proposal.

    And it looks like this.

  3. Georgia punishes Delta Air Lines for crossing the NRA, scraps tax exemption.

    Ball’s in your court, woke business!

    1. Looks like we soon won’t have to stop in Atlanta every time we fly overseas.

    2. Delta’s bluff got called.

    3. No worries – Minnesota Governor Dayton mumbled that Delta would be welcome in Minneapolis again (Delta merged with Northwest some years back). Former Senator Larry Craig used to like flying through MSP.

      1. Atlanta’s usually the busiest airport in the USA, rarely does weather ground flights, and ATL is a great hub for all sorts of destinations. Delta won’t move. Delta will learn their lesson soon and sit like a good doggy.

        1. As a small-government conservative you find this behavior by the Georgia GOP acceptable?

          Or are you just a leg humper for GOP-allied interests, the more shooty and evil the better?

          1. As a libertarian, yeah, I find the pulling of a crony-capitalist tax break to be perfectly acceptable.

            Oh, and “leg humper”? “Cousin-fucker”? “Kiddie-diddler?” Your obsession with deviant sexual behavior is somewhat…disturbing.

            1. Fair enough on the cronyism, but there’s an argument to be made that Delta (a corporate person) is having its first amendment rights violated.

              And I only use those terms observationally.

              1. “first-amendment rights?” As the Hihnfector says, snort. Here I was thinking leftists believed that corporations had no first amendment rights.

                Anyway, Delta got a carveout tax break. The government could put any strings on that break that it wants. No one’s making Delta do the deal with the devil.

                And I only use those terms observationally. Bullshit. You resort to name-calling because you have no rational explanations for your long-held biases, nor are you interested in examining their basis.

                1. I thought he meant he spent a lot of time watching people diddle kiddies, which I assume means he hangs with a Podesta or two.

            2. I also like getting rid of crony-capitalist tax breaks. They’re an abuse of power. But only getting rid of them for one company as a blatantly political punishment is another kind of abuse of power. So I don’t see this as a win for small government or liberty. It’s sort of a lose-lose situation. I fly Delta almost exclusively and nothing about any of this will change that.

  4. The world’s last male northern white rhino is gravely ill

    The rhino alt-right is lamenting its lost glory days.

    1. How much for the horn?

    2. This is old news, they have already reported that McCain has brain cancer.

      1. Double fuck Pandas. Why can’t those bastards die off?

        1. I never judge, but shooting them is more effective.

        2. Panda’s almost seem to insist on not fucking, but that hasn’t stopped people from ‘saving’ an animal that was fucked by evolution a long, long time ago.

  5. Poland and Israel in tense talks over proposed law that would make it a crime to blame Poland for the holocaust.

    Streisand Effect. Now I’m blaming Poland for the entire thing.

    1. Most anyone involved is dead. Stupid chest thumping.

      1. Considering how many “my grandfather/grandmother was a Holocaust survivor” stories are shared these days, apparently being a survivor is considered hereditary now.

    2. “I’m not BLAME-blaming!”

    1. Wait, the glue-huffer got banned and I missed it? Holy shit, what happened?

      1. Well, I went back to the “Anthropocene Park” article (I’ve been picking on mtrueman there for the last week) and Mikey’s comments there had disappeared.

        I think it might’ve been because he threatened to use his “professional software engineering skills” (as he put it) to figure out who Crusty is IRL, and the Reason intern that gets assigned to clear out the spam saw it and banned him.

        1. I like every word in this post.

          1. “Anthropocene” is a fun word.

  6. Poland and Israel in tense talks over proposed law that would make it a crime to blame Poland for the holocaust

    “NONE. The answer is ‘it takes none’.”

  7. Trump is strong. If I die I have to go before him, and he will ask me “What is the riddle of steel?” And if I don’t know it he will cast me out of Mar A Lago and laugh at me! That’s Trump – strong in his mountain!

    1. What use to call on him? Little he cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune! He is grim and loveless, but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man’s soul.

      1. +1 snake arrow through your girlfriends heart.

  8. The world’s last male northern white rhino is gravely ill

    You would want to die if you were the last male of your species and there were not females to fuck.

    1. Jesus, RTFA – there are two other white rhinos, both female. They thicc

      1. Thanks for ruining the joke dick face. Nobody is going to click that link nor care about that story except for the jokes.

      2. They are third wave feminists.

        1. Only black rhino lives matter?

  9. New York senator takes issue with S.C. judge nominee in protest of overwhelming whiteness of Trump nominees

    Schumer said in a speech. “It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents.”

    Seventy-one percent of U.S. District Court judges were white as of August 2017, according to data compiled by Statista. Fourteen percent were African-American, 10 percent Hispanic, three percent were Asian, and only one percent were Native American.

    But according to the 2010 census, African Americans make up 14% of the us population, so wouldn’t that mean that court actual do represent

    Yeah, Hispanic is a little low, but isn’t pretty close to what the 2010 census has?

    1. Isn’t that*

    2. Also meant to delete last block quote. Damn it reason, let us edit comments!

    3. Schumer should take a long walk off a short pier given that he’s white. I don’t think he knows how this works since he hasn’t given up his seat for a minority yet.

      1. 100% of U.S. senators from New York are white even though white people are less than 60% of New York’s population as of 2010. Why are New York Senators so unrepresentative of their constituents? What is Schumer doing to correct this injustice?

  10. My Polish friend said that one of the en-vogue ways in Poland to signal that you have money is to put a turret on your house. There, add that to “Poland isn’t to blame for the Holocaust,” and now you have two bits of Polish trivia.

    1. Lord knows they had enough T-34s, T-54/55s and T-72s left over from the USSR; may as well make some use of them.

    2. Turret syndrome! This explains a lot about Tony’s insults.

      1. That pun was lower than the old Polish navy in the joke.

  11. “The world’s last male northern white rhino is gravely ill.”

    I thought they recently reported that John McCain was recovering.

  12. And now, to celebrate Poland’s new law against publicly saying that Poland played a part in the Holocaust, my VERY FIRST, VERY OWN, ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT ORIGINAL Polish joke!!! Are you ready for this?

    Q: Why were the administrators’ offices in Polish concentration-camps always so brightly lit?

    A: Because in Polish concentration-camps, they put the lampshades in the gas-chambers!

    (Ba-DUMP-bump. Thank you, ladies and germs. What a terrific audience. You’re beautiful.)

  13. How about all that gun control Trump supports now? Hahha.

    The lefties and gun grabbers are so gullible. They thought congressmen would forgo their jobs to support gun control. Hilarious.

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