Reason Beer


Reason Beer is not affiliated with this magazine in any way, but it's good nonetheless.

A microbrewery in Charlottesville, Virginia, set out to make balanced suds and named itself accordingly. The company's products feature reasonable alcohol by volume (between 4 and 5 percent) and reasonable flavor profiles; there are no trendy palate-wrecking triple IPAs or super-sour experimentals in the bunch. The most complex offering, Reason's black ale, starts with unexpected tropical hops before offering a malty, Guinness-esque finish. Try it with your favorite grilled food.

The hazy yellow saison is another standout. Less funky than many saisons due to a colder-than-average brewing temperature, the wheat and oat flavors come through crystal clear for a highly drinkable beer.

Reason is a welcome addition to the bounty of choices that have been available to beer lovers since deregulation in the '80s allowed the craft brew scene to blow up.