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Knock on the door
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz /

Karl Pollard and his 14-year-old daughter had traveled to Cheshire, England, to visit his mother, who is battling cancer. Barely 10 minutes after they'd checked into their hotel room, police came to their door. Hotel staff had reported him as a possible pedophile. Pollard says his daughter was in tears, fearing police were going to take him away.

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  1. I would like to thank feminism and in particular the SJW mindset of the loony left for ruining single parenthood for males.

    1. I’ve started to wonder why department stores sell women’s lingerie next to the children’s clothing section. Our society assumes that women are only sexual when they are married and saving themselves for their husbands. Lingerie to make the husband happy and sweaters for the kids are a logical combination based on this assumption.

      Can you imagine the sale’s clerk reaction if a man said, “I need a lacy jockstrap for my hot date tonight. Where is the kid’s clothing department?”

  2. In a statement to The Sun, Travelodge said: “We are sorry for any distress caused to Mr Pollard. We take our responsibilities towards protecting children and vulnerable young people extremely seriously.”

    Nice half measures, Travelodge. If you’re really serious you would have armed guards there to shoot the man on the spot.

  3. Last year, the company issued an apology to widowed dad Craig Darwell, who had a similar experience while checking into a Travelodge hotel with his daughter Millie, 13.

    Why the apology? Single parenting is a non-traditional family lifestyle that should be ostracized. And I can’t wait until they put in its proper place the next gay couple traveling with a daughter.

    1. “One minute I was brushing my teeth, the next I was being told I was a paedophile.”

      You’re male. You guilty of something. We’ll use what we can.

      1. “Show me the MAN,….”

  4. I explained to her [the officer] that I was Stephanie’s dad. The officer had to ask her loads of questions to prove it.

    That is why I branded my kids.

  5. I’m guessing there was a scathing Yelp review about the hotel.

    1. I would have left a review such that nobody would ever stay at that hotel again.

      1. It would be so poorly written and dumb that more people would actually stay there.

        1. I would never have YOU write my review for me.

          I would write for adults not lunatics.

        2. I think I figured out who you are on the Reason staff.

          1. Oh boy. I can’t wait to see who your diseased little mind thinks i am!

  6. He should have remembered to be Pakistani, then British law enforcement would have ignored the situation.

    1. Hey, it’s cultural, you know.

  7. This is why women should not be in charge.

    Every man is a sex criminal: rapist, pedophile, or murder-rapist in waiting.

    Then comes the Nanny-State. In England you don’t have the civil rights protections that you do in the USA.

    1. used to have in the USA

      1. True. They are still on the books though.

        1. Title IX “dear colleague,” Need I say more?

  8. Well, are y’all gonna carp and moan, or suggest some SOLUTIONS, fer cryin’ out loud?!?!

    Here’s mine: Before ANYONE (especially nubile young females) go on ANY crying jags, they must visit their friendly neighborhood helper-type social workers at the Ministry of Crying and Lacrimony, and get a Certificate of Lacrimonious Justification, where one describes (and PROVES) one’s need for crying (Grammy is dying, etc.). Then, the crier MUST carry his or her paperwork at all times.

    Then, Our Heroic Saviors and Protectors can rapidly determine if your crying is legitimate, or is because you are a SEX SLAVE!!!

    You’re welcome!!!

    1. No thanks.

    2. Or … guys can roll their eyes when women cry instead of jumping to get angry in the hopes of impressing a lady enough to get laid. A room full of crying women does not do much damage. In fact … it distracts them from doing more dangerous things.

      There are women, like Ayn Rand, who interact with others logically. There are guys, like Bill Clinton, who lack the intellect to remember the definition of “is” when push come to shove. Only the combination of emotionally distressed women and angry horny men is a problem.

  9. Go fuck yourselves Travelodge. He should have gone to the lobby and told every incoming customer they better not have kids or these fuckers will call the fucking cops on you.

  10. But did you click to that story –which presumably justifies this sort of overzealous vigilance and moral panic– about an American Airlines ticket counter exec who thwarted a possible sex trafficking act that had like a MILLION more red flags than all possible cases of a simple dad and his daughter traveling together, combined? The link is at the end of the article.

    Yes, that makes the humiliation imposed on many all that worthwhile, says the article. Like, a lot.

    1. Just like “a couple” of kids being wrongfully accused and forced out of school under Title IX oversight; one good case makes it all worthwhile.

    2. I like how the link says the airline worker “recused” the girls. The British seem to be very poor spellers.

    3. A “possible” sex trafficking act. Anything is a “possible” sex trafficking act. This was some loser trying to get two teenage girls into bed.

      As the article said, “It’s unlikely the man will be prosecuted over the incident.”

  11. The logical extreme of “if you see something, say something.” I recall watching coverage of the Tiananmen Square in 1089 and how the grandmothers of the local collectives were hanging around embassies and taking photos of any Chinese citizens who approached them. Thought how utterly reprehensible that was, and now here we are.

    1. 1989

  12. As the single father of a little girl, this whole thing makes me shudder.

    1. Good luck. These people that think every man is a perv have brain damage.

      Like its not hard enough for single parents to take care of kids. The you have psycho people who think every single dad is hurting his kid.

  13. I’m just amazed there are so many busybodies. I worked a bunch of hotels in my day and the unstated rule was always keep your mouth shut. Ain’t none of my business. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make you “say something” – or else.

    1. Yeah well, that was when everything was white man’s good old boy network. When a a powerful white man could check into a hotel with a startlingly young woman and everyone kept mum.

      1. A or two generation before that, the couple would have to register as Mr. and Mrs. Smith to avoid the hotel clerk’s wrath. An unmarried 20 year old woman checking into a motel with a man used to have to worry about the clerk spreading the news until her father found out and took steps to restore the family honor at the woman’s expense.

  14. See something? Shut The Fuck Up! Unless you’re willing to go to jail for making a false call, mind your own fucking business.

  15. Yet another motel chain I will never stay at again. The list is getting shorter by the minute.

  16. See something, say something stupid.

  17. Well, there’s been a concerted effort to eliminate fathers for years. Guess this is the next step.

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