Brickbat: Missing Weapon


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A school resource officer at Florida's Elliott Point Elementary School left her gun in a school restroom. The officer, an Okaloosa County sheriff's deputy who wasn't named in media reports, said she realized she did not have her gun within five minutes after leaving the restroom. But a parent of a student at the school had already found it.

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  1. Hey,women are scatter brained that time of the month.

  2. The school resource officer entered a staff-only restroom at approximately 9:05 a.m. Monday and left her handgun on a shelf approximately 6 feet above the floor, according to a press release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

    A parent of a student entered the bathroom at around 9:10 a.m. and found the handgun while looking for paper towels, the release said.

    The parent handed the gun back to the deputy who immediately shot and arrested her for trespassing in the teachers lounge.

  3. And nothing else happened.


  4. At least she ran back toward the gun.

  5. The resource officer at our school was burglarizing teachers’ homes.

  6. Who came up with that awful name, “resource officer”? None of them seem particularly resourceful. “Hey, go see Nameless, she’s got lots of resources” said no one ever.

    You know who else was resourceful at a school? Seriously, anyone? All the staff is good for is going on strike “for the kids” and there’s nothing much resourceful about that.

    1. Being that they are in law enforcement, they are empowered to lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder. They do whatever they want. With those powers they have virtually unlimited resources. Thus the name “resource officer.”

      1. Thank goodness no dogs were killed.

    2. “…she’s got lots of resources” said no one ever.”

      Well then, let ME say it!

      “She’s got YUUUGE….” (Shakes hands in front of chest, expressively) “…tracts of resources!”

      (On a TOTALLY different topic, I have noticed that the very best female figure figure skaters and gym-nymphs have small breasts; is the same true of female-type policewomyn?”

      1. In my limited experience, female-type policewomyn don’t have much in the way of breastessess, or femininity in general. However they do have a great difficulty in walking due to that enormous chip on their shoulder.

      2. Breastseses are mostly fat – women who are into physical fitness don’t have a lot so their breasts tend to be small. You want big knockers, with a few exceptions, you want a BBW.

  7. I can only imagine the criminal charges a peasant would have faced had they done the same thing.

    Principals, not principles.

  8. I thought they kept guns in holsters? Maybe her purse? Was this a “plain clothes” resource officer?

    1. They keep their guns in holsters on their equipment belts. For some reason, cops of all genders seem to be unable to take down their pants without removing the gun from the holster. Service pistols are rather heavy, but somehow “civilians” carrying concealed rarely have such problems.

  9. Well, unless the article left out the part where the ‘student parent’ was on staff, evidently the kids were at risk, because a silly off limits rule is about as effective as a ‘gun free school zone’ sign.
    Fire the deputy. Arrest the parent for ‘having a handgun without a license for exercising constitutional rights’.

  10. But only law enforcement officers can be trusted with guns because something something professional training.

    1. Don’t laugh. That’s the exact point a letter writer (ex-teacher, hunter) made in today’s paper for not allowing armed teachers. Apparently, only trained LEOs can be trusted to not have the students steal their guns. Also, by the time a teacher can respond, one or more innocents will be dead so why bother? He did say he didn’t think anyone was coming to take his hunting rifles (noooooo) and, of course, said the laws must secure schools as gun-free zones.

      1. Look. When someone intent upon murder sees a sign that says “Gun Free Zone” they like totally turn around and go home, because they don’t want to be charged with violating the sign. Don’t you know anything?

    2. Actually, it’s because guns are magic. They fill your soul with thoughts of darkness and the lust to kill. Only the protective talisman of a badge can protect people from their corrupting influence.

  11. Hey, i get it. Sometimes for a really big job you have to strip down and flail around a little bit, and things get misplaced.

  12. But only the government is responsible enough to have guns!

  13. We need more gun control for our LEO.

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