Brickbat: Indonesia Isn't for Lovers


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The government of Indonesia looks to be aiming to outlaw gay sex and sex outside marriage. The head of a panel set up to update the nation's criminal code says there is consensus to recommend those changes "but only if one of the sexual partners or their family members report the crime to police."

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  1. I can see why Hillary Clinton praised Indonesia as a modern Muslim-majority country. Same-sex relationships were illegal in Arkansas until the court struck down its sodomy laws in 2001.

    1. We have the conservative types here and they win elections

    2. Hillary has supported gay marriage for three years out of the 97 years she's been alive.

  2. "Without this kind of firewall, there is the risk that the public can try to take the law into their own hands," he said. "We are not banning gay people. We are trying to give them freedom within certain limits."

    They always seem to like to pretend the only tool they have to help people is a prison cell.

  3. Outlaw sex outside of marriage? But that's the best kind! (And often the most lasting kind, too.)

    I also can't help but wonder what the reaction would be if it was a majority-Christian place rather than a majority-Muslim one that was trying to outlaw this 2018.

    1. I have some news for you. Conservatives here are still trying to outlaw gay sex by refusing to actually remove the criminal prohibitions from state law codes and seeking to overturn the legal rulings that invalidated those laws so you can stop wondering about it now. The answer to your question is that half of the country will pretend like it's not happening.

      1. Oh, I know all about so-cons...More than I'd like to.

        I also have news for you. Those conservatives are no longer the only members of the Junior Anti-Sex League. We now have some SJWs/neo-feminists who are against straight sex because they think consent cannot really exist when there is "rape culture" all around us.

        The sex arena is another reason libertarianism is so appealing to me. It is really no one else's business what consenting adults do in private. Not government, not busybodies, not anyone should be sticking their nose in other people's bedrooms.

        1. "Not government, not busybodies, not anyone should be sticking their nose in other people's bedrooms."

          Ding, ding, ding.

          Close 'er down, we're done here.

          Libertarianism. Super simple stuff.

    2. In 2013, Russia banned gay propoganda without Democrats in congress complaining loudly. It's not like that Russian law hurt the left's election prospects. Dems can relly on most LGBT leaders supporting them in exchage for a few crumbs and a seat in the back of the bus.

      1. Marriage crumbs, adoption crumbs, staying out of prison crumbs, workplace anti discrimination crumbs... you could make a cookie out of those crumbs..

        1. The so-cons have lost the culture war. They are not going to succeed at any of your darkest fantasies. Meanwhile, the left have been wildly successful at their pet project of extracting dollars out of my paycheck to hand to their cronies, and there's no end in sight.

          1. Seriously. I want to say to folks, "we are 90% of the way to a social utopia," but I'm sure I'll get slaughtered. Yeah it's not perfect, but social progress will march on. I can't imagine voting for a candidate solely because of social issues. Won't matter who's married or earning 3% more when we're all broke in the middle of a giant depression. Level the legal playing field for all and let culture hash out the details outside of the legislature.

            If only there was a party that supported a "live and let live" concept..

            1. Libertarians trust the general public and not the government and population. Everyone else is the other way around.

  4. Well, crimes that are not reported to the police are legal most everywhere.

  5. Uh oh. Indonesia of about 1 billion people does not condone homosexuality.

    Reason will have something to say about that.

    1. ? Indonesia does not have one billion people. Are you thinking of India?

  6. This is what happens when you got the Koran all stuffed up your government's ass.

  7. Jail will help all those gays from having sex?

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