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When an armed man entered the Faith City Mission in Amarillo, Texas, security guards took the man down and a student wrestled his gun away from him. Then police officers responding to a call of a hostage-taking entered the mission. At least one of them shot and wounded the student who'd taken the gun from the man.

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  1. The linked story says there really was a hostage situation, This summary says there simply was an “armed man”, and implies that security guards “took the man down and a student wrestled his gun away from him” for no reason other than that he had a gun. Which is it? Does author Charles Oliver have any reason to think that the “call of a hostage-taking” was unfounded?

    1. Seems like at most he was a would-be hostage-taker, as everyone was assuming or found out later that was his intent.

  2. If it doesn’t mention AR-15 it’s not newsworthy

    1. Only for cops vs. dogs situations.

  3. 911 call said 100 hostages.
    Charges said 6 kidnapped.
    Must be the common core math.

    Again, calling the cops before instead of after seems to be the only mistake made.

  4. Perhaps SRO Peterson waited outside at Parkland, because he knew standard procedure was to shoot the hero if the responding officers couldn’t take down the bad guy?

  5. Everything the authorities did failed – FBI, the rent-a-cop etc, this is precisely why private citizens should be able to arm themselves, the government certainly isn’t efficient enough. In Pennsylvania German country every Fritz up & down the rural roads owns multiple firearms but it is extremely rare that incidents happen. People know that each house has firearms available.

    1. You’re saying these Pa. Dutch guns don’t just rise up and cause mayhem, on their own accord?

      1. on their own accord

        You mean, they go Dutch?

      2. Old joke:
        Burglar breaks into a Quaker house, feeling pretty safe. Then he hears a movement behind him, and a voice says “Friend, we in this house be Quakers, and would not harm thee for all the world. So I must tell thee thou are standing where I am about to shoot.”

      3. Nope they are quite the peaceful folk. Amish, Mennonites etc. Although the youth parties get quite rowdy. Rumspringa!

    2. Actually, private citizens are guaranteed their natural right to self defense and to keep and bear arms by the United States Constitution. You might want to consider joining an organization that has worked for decades to defend that right, because it is, in fact, being infringed.

      1. ^ that Long; for that matter nothing is guaranteed without the support of a plurality of citizens willing to defend it.

  6. To protect and serve

    1. To oppress and enslave.

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