Democracy in Chains Author Nancy MacLean Calls Autism a Leading Cause of Libertarianism

"It's striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum: people who don't feel solidarity or empathy with others."


Screenshot via Joe Friendly / Youtube

Nancy MacLean, the Duke University historian who wrote Democracy in Chains, the deeply conspiratorial and much-criticized biography of public choice economist James Buchanan, told an audience in New York last week that Buchanan and other early leaders of the limited-government movement "seem to be on the autism spectrum."

According to MacLean, there is a connection between autism and libertarianism, and that connection is not feeling "solidarity or empathy," and having "kind of difficult human relationships sometimes." The implication is that libertarianism is similarly cold and unfeeling, and attracts people who don't care about others.

This decidedly unempathetic assertion was MacLean's answer to a question from the audience at NYC's Unitarian Church of All Souls: "Where do [Buchanan's] motivations lie? Are they ones of personal greed? It seems like it's a little grander, is it malevolence?"

Democracy in Chains, it will be helpful to know, makes the case that Buchanan, who won a Nobel Prize in 1986 for his work on public choice theory, was sympathetic to the segregationist cause; in MacLean's telling, Buchanan joined the burgeoning libertarian movement in the latter half of the 20th century because he wanted to safeguard the rights and property of white people. The evidence she provides is scant—and at times wholly flawed—which is probably why the historian Phil Magness, left-of-center academics Steven Teles and Henry Farrell, and many others, have thoroughly eviscerated her theory.

When asked whether "greed or malevolence" was the better explanation for Buchanan's desire to curb the power of the state, MacLean thanked the audience member for his "profound question." Then she confides in a low tone, "I didn't put this in the book but I'll say it here" and goes on to explain:

It's striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum. People who don't feel solidarity or empathy with others, and who have kind of difficult human relationships sometimes.

In Buchanan's family, his grandfather had actually been a populist governor of Tennessee… he ended up a very bitter man but he was very well known, and Buchanan's own parents wanted him to go into politics and have a political career. Buchanan says in his memoir, "there were early misgivings about my personality." Like they knew he would never make it in politics. But who knows, this is speculation right? Part of me, since you've asked me in the way you have, part of me feels like there was this some kind of wound in him that he couldn't be this political figure, and then he made it his mission to kind of debunk the whole of politics to show that no one who was in it was good. But I don't know.

She should have begun with "I don't know," and ended there. MacLean is making two not-necessarily-related claims here: 1) that Buchanan's autism made him unsuitable for politics, spurring his opposition to government, and 2) autistic people are less empathetic, which is why callous, unfeeling libertarianism appeals to them.

These are remarkably bad-faith assumptions (about libertarian philosophy and autistic people) built upon an equally shaky foundation: MacLean presents no evidence that Buchanan was autistic, aside from that single anecdote in his memoir. Her book does make reference to George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen's self-diagnosed autism (and how it inclined him toward "neither sentimentality nor solidarity"), but that's it. MacLean appears to have spun a single story into an entire theory that "many of the architects" of the libertarian cause are autistic.

"I've discussed how ableist people like MacLean use autism as a slur, but I don't think we've ever been accused of being the source of malevolent ideologies before," wrote Troy Earl Camplin, who blogs about living with Asperger's syndrome and having an autistic son. "If I lived anywhere near Duke University, I would be outside the History Department tomorrow protesting her."

Camplin also notes, "those of us on the spectrum know that we are certainly empathetic, as I myself have discussed several times—in some cases and ways, more so than others. I know that I have the ideology I do precisely because of my strong concern for the poor."

MacLean's comments were captured on video (skip to the one hour mark). In case there was any doubt about what she meant, another audience member asked whether Buchanan's ideas were spreading "to other universities and so that we've got this constant flow of libertarians, autistic libertarians." MacLean smiles and chuckles before responding.

MacLean did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. Lemme just quote every New Yorker comic ever:

    Christ, what an asshole.

    1. She’s just another normie bigot trying to be dismissive of her aspy betters.

      One day, we aspys will take over, and normies like her will beg us for mercy. We will consider it.

      1. Mercy’s not here, man.

        We’ll leave her alone, whether she likes it or not.

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      2. We have already taken over, we just don’t know it.

    2. Christ, what an asshole.


      1. That’s also what Tony says when he prepares to enter a prepubescent boy.

    3. Superb summation. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit.

    4. Ok. But why did Robby put up a picture of John Cleese for this article?

      1. I was wondering the same thing…

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    6. ‘autistic people are less empathetic, which is why callous, unfeeling libertarianism physics appeals to them.’

    7. EXACTLY my first thought!

  2. And the diagnosis of Autism causes mass murder. It’s all coming together now.

  3. Who knew a history degree trained you to diagnose the symptoms of autism, much less in people you’ve never actually met.

    1. It’s an entire spectrum, not a specific thing like a disease. This normie bitch clearly cannot understand it. Not shocking, considering her dull normie mind. Plus she’s a progtard as well, so she’s got that going against her too.

      1. Is there a “Stupid” spectrum? Seems like this yahoo would rate pretty high!

    2. She can’t diagnose the paper bag she’s in when she says “…the religious right that has grown so much over the last few decades”. Apparently she is blissfully unaware that the trend in church attendance is downward, and growth is not happening. What is growing is the rhetoric about the right [because the left can’t touch the center with a ten foot pole at the moment], but that’s about it. She confirms we are having a Lenin moment much like him maligning a fellow socialist traveler and declared Hitler a ‘right winger’ to provide the false contrast needed to step far away from anything the masses ever wanted or needed. Look at congress right now and you will see the so called ‘right’ maligned by our own radical nutjob marxists are to the left of JFK. Zero respect to this woman trying to bulldoze a path into the wilderness, where facts are “mean”, logic is bullying, and we are all expected to bow to worship the state while rejecting our own thoughts and inner compass.

    3. Who knew that wanting freedom for people meant you had no empathy?

      1. This, a thousand times this. Proggies empathize so much with the little people that they can’t help but feel sorry for their poor little benighted brains and souls, and thus must educate them in the ways of their betters, no matter how much the little people protest; in fact, the more they protest, the more they must be re-educated. The whole stinking philosophy reminds me way too much of those slaver owners who pitied their soul-less slaves and justified slavery for its never-quite-reachable goal of giving the heathens the trappings of Christianity.

        Whereas having faith in other people to know their own mind, to leave them to their own devices and help only when needed and asked, is to admit to being heartless devils.

        1. Elitism defined. The progressives today believe that their education provides a value over those them deem to be uneducated and those that philosophically disagree with their views. They reason, if education has taught me that [fill in the blank] is truth then anything but my view is flawed. This is coupled with valuing their own opinion or position as absolute truth. The real truth is that education no longer has a direct correlation to intelligence, common sense or integrity. This scholastic elitism is the worst of what our country has to offer. How about instead of sending undocumented workers back to their countries, we round up the elite turds and send them back in their place.

      2. Yes. I personally don’t care for people, and rarely leave my house, but I’m for total and absolute freedom for everyone?with the single caveat of following the golden rule.
        In the same way that I’m not in the top tax bracket (well, not most years) but I still want lower taxes and less government.

        1. I would be tickled to get back to a more constitutionaly compliant level of governance so I can go back to not giving a shit abut anyone else, or what they want to do.

    4. Who knew a history degree trained you to diagnose the symptoms of autism, much less in people you’ve never actually met.

      In the Soviet Union, if you challenged leftist dogma and didn’t respond to “reeducation”, you were also declared mentally ill. This is no different.

    1. Yeah, I definitely have empathy for that hair

      1. Yeah…’Course, three minutes to Wapner

        Definitely not my underwear.

      2. She kinda looks like David Bowie with a beaver on his head.

        1. Or the kid from The Wonder Years at 60… ugly beotch.

        2. actually that’s David Bowie with his head up a beavers ass

    2. I was thinking some kind of Barbara Boxer + Joe Pesci mutant.

      1. Barbara Boxer/Pesci? Nah…John Cleese with a wig.

    3. A piano concerto would be… a redeeming feature. I don’t think she has any particular talent – maybe that’s why she hates the world.

      1. James Traficant is prettier than she is. Much prettier.

        1. So, would? Asking for James Trafficant.

    4. How could a man with such sausage fingers be a piano virtuoso?

  4. Only because autistic people tend to be smarter than average.

    1. But often in only one very narrow area. Like D&D monster stats and stuff.

      1. Which helps in identifying and categorizing the many types of political monsters on the left and right.

        1. And making savings throws against death rays.

          1. Like when a paladin uses the Helm of Disintegration?

          2. High level clerics can turn progtards, unless the progtard can make a saving throw.


            1. Indeed

      2. Trolls die in fire, it is known.

        1. Chemical or electrical?

      3. Actually we tend to be smarter in most areas, with additional aptitude in specific areas. Of course, it varies greatly between individuals.

        1. Smarter, or less likely to skew their opinions to appear more appealing socially?

          1. Aspys tend to fare above average on IQ tests. The concept of lack of empathy is inaccurate. Aspys merely process, experience, and display emotions in a manner often different from the more neurologically baseline end of the population. Kind of like Vulcans.

            1. The inability to understand social cues and emotional displays from other people is where the ‘lack of empathy’ comes from. Whether or not that is ACTUALLY a lack of empathy, I can’t say, I’ll leave that to the experts.

              Also, there’s a big difference between the high-functioning and low-functioning ends of the spectrum. that’s a different discussion altogether.

              1. It isn’t a ‘lack’ of empathy. It’s just handled differently.

              2. You’re alive… you’re an expert. How dare you allow people to put their CV over your [very real] life experience? Diplomas are exactly… paper thin. I say this because I meet almost nobody that is average – they primarily exist on paper, as a statistical manipulation. What could it be… 2% maybe?

                1. What could it be… 2% maybe?

                  The 1%.

              3. “The inability to understand social cues and emotional displays…”

                The corollary to that is neurotypicals having no frame of reference in dealing with aspies. Indeed, what some would consider “normal”, aspies would consider manipulative. Just kinda depends on where your baseline is.

                It does fit in to a larger narrative of othering sociopaths and the like (as if having great emotion or “concern” for others was the hallmark of morality)- it’s always them causing problems, with school shootings and being mindful of accounting. Of course the other 10,000 murders I’m sure had a really good cause.

                Anywhoo, the calling card for liberals is that they care deeply even if they are criminally incompetent, and that should count for something, right?

                Of course I tend to be leery of anyone professing how deeply they care, as anyone who has dealt with an abusive relationship, that’s usually the signal the fireworks are about to begin.

                But they love you so much.

            2. Vulcans are actually extremely emotional and feel them similarly to humans, though more powerfully. They keep their actions in check through applying their silly philosophy at all times. They just avoid showing their emotions.

              1. If you’ve ever seen most aspy’s really lose their shit (myself included) you will see the parallels. Though I have worked through my whole life to develop control and coping mechanisms, my capacity for rage is vast. Like Spock kicking Kirk around when the spores go bad kind of vast.

                So self control became paramount, as I don’t favor sitting in a jail cell or a mental institution.

                1. Sure, I can accept that.

                2. So self control became paramount, as I don’t favor sitting in a jail cell or a mental institution.

                  Exactly this, along with all your previous comments.

                  As far as social cues and empathy. I want to focus on what is going on, and even more importantly, I want to understand what is happening with things around me without me influencing the activity.

                  As a result, I tend to go invisible and when people notice, they think I’ve frozen up or something. Far from it.

                  Of course, with enough analysis, most activity seems to be posturing and I don’t see much need to react or buy into that, so that too tends to make me seem disconnected as well.

            3. Yes. A friend of mine was absolutely startled when I cried because my dog died. He didn’t think I “felt”, apparently. Things don’t always show.

        2. Sure, D&D monsters AND Pokemon. I’m not literally saying ONE area.

          1. On that subject. How come most humanoid races can be any alignment, but Monster Manual races are all homogeneously aligned? Must all trolls be chaotic evil? And could there not be a bugbear that is OVD and lawful neutral?

  5. “Where do [Buchanan’s] motivations lie? Are they ones of personal greed? It seems like it’s a little grander, is it malevolence?”

    It’s all projection with these people.

    1. Exactly what I thought. Classic Alinsky tactic, accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of.

    2. I really want to know what that person means by “Malevolence”. Does she think that’s a thing in of itself?

      1. It’s the royal evil.

    3. yes even the question leaves out any alternative that might be based on the good of all people involved

    4. I ignored that, as projection and deflection are the only operating modes the left employs these days. What caught my attention was that she apparently has an unhealthy fixation with the Koch brothers much like the former Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid. People who casually whip that name out as if its an argument in and of itself should likely be mental patients, in my humble opinion, because they generally never get around to making the case against them in anything approaching actual logic even under the most extreme pressures. As an aside, if todays GOP was in fact ‘right wingers’ as she insists, the NRSC would have stepped to the plate early [and often] in support of Roy Moore’s election bid in Alabama. They did everything they could to put a fork in that, and only relented the final week with anemic support before polls opened when it became apparent he was not going to fold just because Gloria Alred was lurking in legal shadows and throwing rocks at him. They hoped to save face with party faithful… just in case he accidentally won, and nothing else.

  6. So she’s sexdecupling down on stupid, then?

    1. I don’t know what that word means, but if it’s a verb… wouldn’t.

    2. No, I’m thinking she used Avogadro’s number to arrive on stage as the logic tight compartment demanding we cast our own thoughts down the sink on account of her mere presence.

  7. The philosophy that racked up 100,000,000 bodies? Nothing but empathy there.

    1. They’re only flaw was loving too much.

    2. The philosophy that racked up 100,000,000 bodies? Nothing but empathy there.

      Cold, lifeless, unflinching, unthinking, unfeeling, spent having fulfilled their purpose. What’s not to empathize with?

    3. 100,000,000 bodies

      It’s statistics all the way down.

  8. According to MacLean, there is a connection between autism and libertarianism, and that connection is not feeling “solidarity or empathy,” and having “kind of difficult human relationships sometimes.” The implication is that libertarianism is similarly cold and unfeeling, and attracts people who don’t care about others.

    I actually agree that libertarians have a tendency to autism, but I object to MacLean and Soave slurring autistic people by suggesting they’re sociopaths. There’s a big difference between being non-expressive and not feeling empathy.

    1. Would be an interesting study to see.

    2. It is odd that she says ‘autism’ but lists off things that fall within sociopathy.

      1. I notice many liberals seem to be dependent on depression medication. That my just be me, but I’d be curious how that really works statistically.

        1. Anecdotes=/=data, but I concur…the most strident progressives I know are also riddled with diagnoses from anxiety to depression to outright bipolar disorder. This would also be an interesting study.

          1. Sorry, Bender, I am not going to let you get away with this. First, plenty of people with biological mental illnesses are libertarian and conservatives. Having been subjected to the Olympian all-knowing power of psychiatry, we value freedom. Having been exposed to the kind of blatant ableism and bigotry that you display here, we value the integrity of individual human dignity. You say “outright bipolar” like it’s some filthy disease. You need to stop being ignorant and hateful and, yes, stupid, and get some knowledge. The most important researher into bipolar, Kay Redfield Jamison, was herself bipolar. Take a look at some of the people in recent history with this condfition and their cobntributions to society. Signed–Bipolar, 30 years. Libertarian. Professor. There is no such thing as “outright bipolar.” Buit there is such a thing as “outright ignorant,” I’d stigmatize the latter. I hope you reconsider the way you so easily objectify people to win meaningless political points. For me, the integrity of the indfividual’s freedom and dignity is at the heart of this movement. Slaughter that, and I don’t give a shit.

            1. You’re right. We should not be stigmatizing bipolar disorder.

              We should be stigmatizing progressives.

      2. Well, she has an advanced degree in History and absolutely sucks at it, so I don’t know what excellence of scholarship we should expect from her in a field she apparently knows nothing of.

    3. “I actually agree that libertarians have a tendency to autism”

      Possibly. Of greater note is the progressive tendency towards mental deficiencies, especially retardation of cognitive functions, and a profound inability to control their emotional responses.

    4. Small minds think alike, it seems.

      I have of course noticed that people who are wrong about things like to use the term ‘aspie’ to insult people who are right about things.

    5. As I tell people, your emotions should reflect how you feel, but NOT dictate your actions.

  9. The more egregious thingto unpack is the notion that your politics is the way to express your empathy. It is rarher easy to be generous with other people’s goods.

    It is not empathy that drives progressives, it is envy.

    1. Envy and Guilt.

      1. and let’s not forget the stupid

    2. Stalin was the most empathetic person who ever lived. His heart was just so big the world couldn’t take it.

  10. No one could read the responses to Rico’s work and think we’re cold and unfeeling.

  11. You’re all psychopaths! All of you!

    We have the monopoly on empathy and human decency, and if you don’t agree with us, you’re a socialpathic monster!

    Get away from me! Get away from me now, before I hose you with my massive fear diarrhea!

    1. The irony is that they were desperate to install a clinical psychopath into the presidency in 2016.

        1. Paul, Paul, that doctor was long since…………..liquidated and all records of his professional interaction with HRC subsequently destroyed. As well as any asssitants and administrative staff who may have had access.

          1. I thought we just… you know, hacked her emails.

            1. The Russians might have it then. That’s why we need Mueller to go after a Trump, because democrat logic.

    2. Massive Fear Diarrhea is a terrible band name.

      1. for a cover band, not so bad…

        1. Massive Fear Diarrhea sounds like a Jimmy Kimmel live mash-up.

          Massive Attack
          Diarrhea Planet

      2. Is that similar to a massive fear boner?

  12. Clearly, these are the high quality observations of a professional, unbiased historian and mental health expert.

    1. They are all mental health experts theses days. Just ask ’em.

  13. “Where do [Buchanan’s] motivations lie? Are they ones of personal greed? It seems like it’s a little grander, is it malevolence?”

    – “One of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites of the twenties and thirties was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.”

    -Hannah Arendt

    iow – being utterly incapable of engaging Buchanan’s work or ideas on their own terms…. the totalitarian-leftist game becomes creating a web of lies around *who he was, and what his motives might have been*

    1. Where does your funding come from, Gilmore?

    2. That last sentence sounds like something someone on the spectrum would write.

      1. I see you have reared your moronically Marxist head again, eh comrade?

  14. Democracy in chains?

    Democracy is putting the 49% in chains built by the 51%.

    1. “ugh we wish! Fuck your fucking electoral college!!!”

      – the popular-majority

      1. Plurality, not majority.

  15. Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes it’s expressed by people who are right about little else. Those aren’t good reasons to reject the truth. Libertarianism definitely disproportionately attracts those who aren’t wired up right and who have difficulty fitting in. It’s obvious why such people would value personal liberty and autonomy more highly than those who easily conform and get along well with others.

    1. Yeah whatever, loser.

    2. Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes it’s expressed by people who are right about little else. Those aren’t good reasons to reject the truth.

      OK, good. Then when we deconstruct MacLean’s moronically ill-conceived fabrications and lies, there won’t be any problem.

    3. It’s all conjecture until you have a study.

      1. There’s also direct observation. Don’t know who would fund such a study, or why, but it would be interesting.

        1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there is no way in hell autistic people tend towards libertarianism.

          Do you even know anyone who is autistic? Do you understand the disorder in the slightest?

          1. Yes, and yes, very well.

            1. Not to be a dick, but perhaps you need to work on your observational skills.

              Also, autism != someone who thinks differently than you.

              1. “Not to be a dick…”

                Too late.

                1. Well, you deserved it.

                  1. Yeah, dicks always think that.

                    1. “Yeah, dicks always think that.”
                      And assholes respond like that.

                    2. But what about pussies?

                    3. Dicks fuck pussies.

                      And assholes.

                    4. And we haven’t even gotten to double penetration yet. Or DPP.

        2. but it would be interesting

          No it wouldn’t. Autism, malevolence, political alignment, and science contain several mutually orthogonal notions. At best, you end up saying libertarians are predominantly men and autistic individuals are predominantly men, neither of which is even a modest discovery nor contains any real indications with regard to malevolence or even really empathy.

          The only way it’s interesting is if you really, really like collecting ravens (but you’re not autistic!) in order to disprove Hempel’s paradox.

          1. I’ve got a problem with this.

            Hempel describes the paradox in terms of the hypothesis:[3][4]

            (1) All ravens are black.

            Via contraposition, this statement is equivalent to:

            (2) If something is not black, then it is not a raven.

            I don’t see these two statements as equivalent. They may both be true and support each other, but how in the hell can they be equivalent? The first statement is an inclusive statement about ravens. The second is an exclusive statement about non-ravens. They are not equivalent statements.

              1. I don’t see these two statements as equivalent. They may both be true and support each other, but how in the hell can they be equivalent?

                You aren’t exactly refuting Hempel’s paradox as much as refuting his verbosity.

                The two statements cannot ‘maybe both’ be true and ‘support’ each other. You cannot prove or disprove one without doing the same to the other. Both must be true or false and if one rises or falls, they both do. The only difference lies in the implication (or intuition) of one statement on other systems, which is where Hempel illustrates the paradox.

                1. Not every raven was all-black.

                  Consider:Pied ravens

        3. There’s also direct observation.

          Do you mean anecdotal evidence? Because that is not statistically valid. The plural of anecdote is not data, as the saying goes.

          1. Can you sucker punch a scientist that can directly observe malevolence or does he see it coming?

            1. No, all scientists are Paladins. It is known.

        4. Aren’t anecdotes great. The only two autistic people I know are Democrats. Turns out you can’t just draw conclusions from your limited point of view.

        5. Vernon Depner|2.13.18 @ 6:10PM|#
          “There’s also direct observation. Don’t know who would fund such a study, or why, but it would be interesting.”

          Seems you ought to start with the study and draw conclusions from that, but then proggies aren’t real bright.

      2. BestUsedCarSales|2.13.18 @ 6:03PM|#

        It’s all conjecture until you have a study.

        Fortunately Jonathan Haidt has done exactly this and done extensive research on different characteristics of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians (and he was the first to actually split these out specifically) and in general what he found was what you’d expect-

        namely, that libertarians are ‘wired up’ just fine, and the psychological profile fits somewhere between liberals and conservatives. libertarians are by no means some weird, disordered group

        i don’t know if this presentation covers all the same material, but his stuff from “The Righteous Mind” is where this work was discussed the most. I listened to the audio book during a long drive myself.

        1. According to Haidt you people have no group loyalty AND you whine about “fairness” like little girls on the playground.

          1. Well, I do consider both of those things to be complements under certain circumstances so…

          2. “According to Haidt you people have no group loyalty AND you whine about “fairness” like little girls on the playground.”

            Yeah, “fairness” is always a big issue around here.
            Fucking idiot…

    4. Progressivism Libertarianism definitely disproportionately attracts those who aren’t wired up right and who have a need to lord over others difficulty fitting in. It’s obvious why such people would despise value personal liberty and autonomy of those who don’t share the exact same opinion.more highly than those who easily conform and get along well with others.


      1. I agree with that, too.

        1. The same can be said for conservatism.

          1. I suspect the most mentally healthy people would be found among those who have no interest at all in political ideologies.

            1. Mental health tends to be defined as some average quality. My guess is that the large majority of people do not have much interest in political ideologies. So it would almost be true by definition.

            2. “I suspect the most mentally healthy people would be found among those who have no interest at all in political ideologies.”
              I suspect you’re talking through your hat.

              1. You do have to be a little off to believe it’s possible to change things for the better through political activism.

                1. Define “better.”

            3. I suspect the most mentally healthy people would be found among those who have no interest at all in political ideologies.

              This I totally agree with.

    5. You’re an idiot.

    6. Just because you don’t fit in doesn’t mean you’re autistic.

  16. It seems like it’s a little grander, is it malevolence?

    So, it goes well beyond just autism. Evil is a thing, it’s expressed as malevolence, the people who foster malevolence have autism, and libertarianism is an ideological organization that autistic people have concocted to spread autism and malevolence.

    White supremacist’s portrayals of black folk, Nazi portrayals of Jews, and progressive elites and ‘imbeciles’ all spring to mind.

    Any way you slice it, that’s some fucked up shit.

    1. To wit: I defend her right to say such things to an audience of her invitation and acceptance. Until she assaults her first libertarian, she’s just another self-proclaimed prophet espousing her flimsily-constructed religion’s idiotic view of the classic struggle.

  17. It’s a common ploy in the playbook. When you have no cogent argument simply assassinate the character of those you oppose. That way you can feel morally superior and lead others to follow you. Her predictably vapid and emotionally wrought screed helps no one but that too is predictable when persons of her ilk open their mouths and remove all doubt.

  18. If you can make a case that someone is mentally deficient, like they have tried to get scientist to claim of republicans, then you can ignore their comments without having to debate them, much like when they shut down debates with the claims of racism.

    1. Increasingly you can get them confined in a cell as well. Psychology can be a valid field, but it is also often a strong means to control and imprison. It’s at least one of the reasons to divorce the state from psychology as much as possible.

  19. Meh… is this any worse than the average tweet Dear Leader makes in any given day? And we’ve forgiven him. Christ, what a bunch of fucking crybabies some libertarians have become.

    1. The Drumptkin’s tweets make my head explode with massive diarreah, week after week.

      God: libertarians are thin-skinned.

      1. Your main problem is that you read Twitter at all.

    2. AmSoc, your comment was nonsensical and unwarranted, did you know that?

  20. Wouldn’t.

    But only because I’m cold and unfeeling, and don’t care about others.

  21. You know who else was on The Spectrum?

    1. Green Lantern?

      1. I was going to say Captain Planet but that wouldn’t really make sense.

        1. That weird Brazilian kid that got the heart ring might have been on a spectrum of something…

    2. IEEE Members?

    3. Bond villains?

      Sorry, that’s SPECTRE.

      1. Arlen SPECTRE?

    4. The Flyers and 76ers?

      1. Pearl Jam?

    5. Jenny Eliscu?

    6. Isaac Newton?

    7. Indigo Girls

    8. Sinclair Research programmers?

      1. Perfect. Thank you. 🙂

    9. Since the spectrum starts at zero, everyone.

  22. Libertarians simply have a better mastery of their emotions and do not often allow them to hinder their judgment. Sounds autistic if you’re stupid and don’t understand the meaning of words.

    1. Didn’t some dumbass here make a death threat against a judge? Is that the kind of cool analytical judgement you are talking about?

      1. Nobody made a death threat against a judge. They merely expressed an interest in woodchipping a Forrest.

      2. It was a more a general statement about the best use of mulching equipment than a specific threat.

        But yeah, libertarians do get upset when the state does something evil.

        Somehow the left supposedly has more empathy, but tends to apologize for the state’s atrocities. “Oh, those prison camps and mass starvation is okay, because the government is trying to help”

        1. I have never heard of any leftist apologize for atrocities committed by leftist governments. I’m sure they get around this by claiming they were really “fascist”.

          1. Well, …you’ll be first up against the wall, comes the revolution! is an old leftist trope.

      3. Sounded perfectly reasonable to me.

      4. It wasn’t a direct threat.

        But she does deserve all the worst that life has to offer.

        Leave it you to misunderstand why we were upset and aghast at the sentence.

      5. “Didn’t some dumbass here make a death threat against a judge? Is that the kind of cool analytical judgement you are talking about?”

        Doessn’t some dumbass here ask about this from time to time?

      6. No, no they didn’t.

      7. No, someone simply expressed the belief that private property principles should also apply in hell.

      8. “Didn’t some dumbass here make a death threat against a judge?”

        No, but I hear Tony is looking for someone with whom to form a murder/suicide pact. You two should totes get together on that. Commie shitbag BFFs forever, right?

    2. I don’t think that’s the case at all. It’s just libertarians tend to get upset at violence caused by the state – be it police killing or imprisoning people, the government keeping people in poverty by stifling the free market.

  23. She doesn’t even get the psychology right. What’s she referring to is narcissism, not autism, and she’s also exhibiting the symptoms of a narcissist while doing so, which is predictable for a narcissist.

  24. I guess that’s why leftists have so much sympathy for people starving in leftist hellholes? They can gloss over all the atrocities of Stalin, Mao, Shining Path, the East German Stasi, and present day Venezuelans killing zoo animals for food. None of that fazes them. Because they have so much empathy.

    1. Or the current love affair with North Korea at the Olympics.

  25. Political stuff aside, I’m sure psychologists love it when historians try to diagnose historical figures

  26. I’d be happier if I could distinguish between the average libertarian and the average conservative.

    1. Well, your mental acuity aside, I’d be happier if I couldn’t distinguish the difference. It would mean an actual libertarian moment.

      1. I guess what I’m wondering is where is the pounding on the table I saw here in 2009 regarding trillion dollar deficits. Where did those people go?

        1. They all went to Racismtown.

        2. I haven’t been following the site as much, but have there even been any articles on the budget? Besides when Rand was trying to filibuster it?

          If not, here’s me pounding on the table that trillion dollar deficits are fucking atrocious. DON’T SPEND MORE THAN YOU FUCKING MAKE, THIS ISN’T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE.

          Also: Fuck you, cut spending.

          1. No, Reason never does any articles on the budget. You can trust me because I’m on the Internet.

            1. Damn, that snark cut me to the bone.

          2. They had like three articles in one day about this new “budget.”

            Because it’s an atrocity.

        3. I think we’ve just accepted that we’ve gone off the cliff and the massive deficit spending will continue until the Great Collapse. Then, the survivors can begin to rebuild. No point in pounding the table anymore?all you can do is give a little head shake and sigh.

          1. It’s like people are just desensitized to it now. I mean, what the hell are you going to do about $20T+ in the hole? It’s not like that can ever actually be paid off or even cut in half. So at this point you just shrug and sigh.

        4. Right here. Repeatedly. But I also am humble enough to understand that not everyone follows my comments.

          1. Aww, I respect and value your opinions, DeRP. You are validated.

        5. You’ve clearly missed several articles and a few thousand anti deficit comments around here. I suppose that happens with your kind, as you frequently have your head lodged within your own asshole.

    2. Average conservatives pay their mortgage. Average libertarians pay their mortgage.

      You might be right, AMSOC!

      1. But what does the median libertarian do?

    3. Yes, it is pretty hard when everyone to the right of Fidel Castro gets labelled “conservative”.

  27. Would fondle her huge buttons.

    1. To be fair, Crusty probably is autistic.

        1. I’m stealing that…

  28. God, what an ignorant twat she is.

    I agree. Projection.

  29. MacLean has been avoiding direct questions about her “research” since the book came out. There are a number of very valid critiques that deal with factual errors on her part on this whole kerfuffle is just to distract from her shoddy work.

    1. And no matter how legitimate the claims and rebuttals are made by her critics, they’ll be painted as ‘mean alt-right extremists’.

      They have that tiresome shtick down pat.

    2. But she’s exposed herself to a potentially hostile audience of church members.

      Wait, it’s a Unitarian church, never mind.

      1. Whatever happened to Unitarians like William Howard Taft?

        “At a 1927 meeting of the International Congress of Religious Liberals in Prague, Taft was elected its president by acclamation.”

        That was when he was serving as a “reactionary” Chief Justice. I doubt if anyone like him could be elected as an usher today.

    3. She made one response, and the substance was that she was the target of some Koch conspiracy to discredit and frighten her.

      In that, it was similar to her supporters defenses.

  30. …Add Duke to the list of universities where you should not merely pay zero to attend, but should be paid damages to offset all those promotions you will get passed over for on account of being a fekkin loon.

    1. Wasn’t Duke where that team of lacrosse players were basically tried and convicted on TV of gang-raping some woman who later admitted that she invented the entire story? This was a good decade before the Jackie story.

      IIRC, a bunch of faculty members wrote an open letter condemning the young men, and, once they were completely exonerated, the signatories refused to recant anything because of “rape culture.”

      You couldn’t pay me to attend a school like that.

      1. Then the false accuser ended up killing her boyfriend. Don’t forget that part.

      2. And then there’s coach K.

    2. Ron Paul’s alma mater…

  31. Her utter being is so offensive that I was able to keep reading after your use of “unempathetic,” is saying unempathic so hard?

    He said in an unironic manner.


    1. Soon a libertarian mad scientist will invent a shrinking ray, and use it on government.

  33. Yeah, nothing says “lack of empathy” more than respecting other people’s rights to make their own choices in life rather than try to impose my will on them and force them to think as I think and do as I do.

    And nothing says “caring” more than treating an adult stranger as if he or she is your own young child, deciding that you know what’s best for them and making damn sure they follow YOUR RULES.

    Jesus, this woman is a moron!

    1. Empathy is imagining yourself as someone else, deciding what you would do, and then forcing that person to do it.

      1. That was savage. And hilariously, painfully accurate.

      2. Fucking awesome. Thread winner right there.

        [packs up and goes home]

  34. Lack of empathy? The other political philosophies call for locking huge swaths of humanity in concrete cages. Where is the empathy in that?

  35. So my childhood vaccinations turned me into a libertarian?

    1. Enough needles can have that effect.

  36. I’m sure Nancy Maclean’s problems with libertarians are purely on the up and up.

    She was never butt fucked on the first date by a libertarian who never called her back.

  37. The Naomi Klein school of progressivism: either my ideology is delusional …or the biggest opponents to my ideology are crazy, diseased fascists who beat their wives and eat babies.

  38. I thought the notion that austistic people lacked empathy was way outdated. But, if people like her are ever in charge, we know who they are coming for. Perhaps all libertarians will be sterilized.

    1. The point is to pathologize people who disagree with you. That way you don’t have to address their arguments.

      1. No doubt. I’m just a little surprised that someone can get away with using autism as a slur in this day and age. But, then again, no one really cares who this person is.

    1. The most interesting part of that video is how civil the comment section is, or maybe I just severely underestimate the unifying power of fashion

      1. The most interesting part of the video is that that culture exists and it was influential, you dirty racist.

  39. There’s a certain lack of self-reflection in a woman who’s spent decades as a lefty progressive historian, suspicious of people on the spectrum.

  40. Nancy MacClean and Naomi Klein both seem to get there ideas from the Bizzaro Universe. Why else double down on stupid when when both have pretty have gotten their narratives almost completely backwards.

  41. Not even with Crusty’s dick

  42. Vile cunt.

    Or am I being too emotionally non-autistic?

    1. No. You’re feeling solidarity.

    2. I empathize strongly with the marmot living on top of her head.

    3. So where is the outrage? Lets say she said the same thing about a group other than the most hated political minority in America-you bet the shit would be flying about her on Twitter.

      1. Libertarians may be the “most hated political minority in America” on a technicality, but most folk don’t know y’all exist, nevertheless know enough about you to “hate” you.

  43. Is it just me, or is that some ugly hat she’s wearing?

  44. having “kind of difficult human relationships sometimes.”

    Oh, FFS!

  45. There is nothing wrong with autism. The problem is the DIAGNOSIS, which pathologizes and exaggerates idiosyncrasies that would normally recede with age. And this coupled with prophecies like “you are unable to recognize social cues” and “your brain is defective and will make you do naughty things” can lead to a calamity. Thus the epidemic of TREATMENT means that we are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Many of these kids will become not libertarians but the opposite – mass murderers.

  46. So, trusting your fellow human to make their own life decisions, and wanting to enter into purely voluntary associations with them is a lack of empathy? I can’t brain this.

    1. You don’t have to brain it, just come to feel Big Brother’s love for you, his concern for your well-being and trust him.

  47. CrimeFeelz

  48. Isn’t everyone on the autism spectrum? i.e. the point of calling it a spectrum… there’s a perfectly well-adjusted end and a nonfunctioning idiot end with everyone somewhere between the two.

    Anyway, a person completely lacking empathy is not autistic but sociopathic. Sort of like what MacLean demonstrates in this incident. Autists have problems understanding or even paying attention to communication (intended and unintended) from other people, while sociopaths are usually very good at picking up on others’ communication and using it against them.

    1. The way psychologists and psychiatrists use the word “empathy” is different from the colloquial meaning. That causes misunderstanding. Lack of “empathy” in the clinical sense does not imply lack of sympathy or caring for others. It just means a lack of ability to intuit what others are thinking and predict their reactions.

      1. “The way psychologists and psychiatrists use the word “empathy” is different from the colloquial meaning. That causes misunderstanding. Lack of “empathy” in the clinical sense does not imply lack of sympathy or caring for others. It just means a lack of ability to intuit what others are thinking and predict their reactions.”

        Aren’t we happy to have a self-important twit here to educate us?

        1. Aren’t we happy to a have a bored teenager here to smear poop on the walls? No.

          1. Being super-empathetic, having “the common touch” – does not preclude one’s being a sociopath. Heck, your best actors, con men and pols (but I repeat myself?) are super-empathetic. It doesn’t make them more moral, or otherwise better people. The generation raised in the 60s, who were alive when the Kennedys & MKL, Jr were shot, place too much emphasis on “charisma” in politicians. I’m one of those boomer kids. I swear, if I had a nickel for every time I saw a photo or video of a tousled-haired young, earnest candidate, tie loosened, sleeves rolled up, suit jacket or sportcoat slung over his shoulder, walkin’ an’ talkin’ with THE PEOPLE…. McKay. A Better Way.

            According to an old maxim of uncertain provenance The important thing is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made… OWTTE

      2. She isn’t a psychologist and isn’t talking to psychologists, so it’s hard to chalk this up as a misunderstanding of psychiatric jargon. Especially when “empathy” is paired with “solidarity” in her comment, it seems she does intend the colloquial meaning.

        1. I agree.

        2. She does. Libertarians are not socialists and that is a problem for her.

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    omg i luv capitalism now.

    1. No-linking motherfug sucks at life.

    2. For a wine called Riesling….

      1. Hey, D Wade is a Marquette Man. Lotsa Chermans in M’waukee, so a little reisling, eine kleine liebfraumilch – prosit!

  50. Some people understand the importance of starting every conversation with an hour of emotional bonding. They make bad emergency medical technicians.

  51. Speaking of mental illness and ideology, modern progressivism could be basically categorized as a form of persecution complex (or vicarious persecution complex).

    1. I’d chalk it up to narcissism. What else accounts for the desire to rule other people?


  52. ‘It’s striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum. People who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others, and who have kind of difficult human relationships sometimes.”

    Liberals say Trump is divisive (I am not a Trump fan. He has many flaws. Some decent policy has come from him. Some really bad policy has come from him). Then one of them who is well respected says I am on the autism spectrum. I didn’t vote for Trump last election, but he is getting my vote next election. The regressive left have driven me toward him.

  53. Prog women like MacLean here are often pill poppers (usually antidepressants and valium); many are alcoholics too.
    Prog men are often serial rapists like Harvey Weinstein.

    I’d rather be on the spectrum-thank you…

  54. Isn’t she just gaslighting? I thought that was a bad thing. Or isn’t it bad when rich, privileged leftists professors do it to others?

  55. Riddle me this Ms. MacLean: Many college professors are on the spectrum, so why then are they almost entirely progs, and not libertarians?

  56. What a pretentious cunt.


  57. We libertarian people are fringe, or at least those of us who self identify are (of course there’s always those polls showing majority support for social liberalism and fiscal conservatism). So people like MacLean must be seriously threatened by us for some reason to take the time to attack us like this. What is it that libertarianism evokes in folks like her?

  58. Good article. Here’s a response:….._post=true

  59. Troy, you can let it be known that Maclean is a slimy hack without “protesting.” Believe it or not, holding signs and chanting slogans isn’t always, or even usually, the best wzy to have a disagreement with somebody. Even when you are correct, as you are.

    Also, ditch the “-ist” suffixes. That is a tiresome and intellectually lazy trope used to stifle conversation. That RS quotes you so uncritically is one of the reasons I dislike his journalism so much. He just buys right into crap like “ableist.”

  60. She wrote a book that was sure to be a best seller based on the time it was written and who it was pandering to and then got a new one ripped open by libertarian academics who knew she was full of shit.

    Totally no profit motive or resentment at play here, I’m sure.

  61. It’s not autism, but rather that it’s impossible to empathize with stupid and dishonest.

  62. I seriously doubt that Libertarians are high on the autistic scale. However, there is a bit of evidence that Libertarians are lower on the empathy scale then the general population. I took a rather comprehensive personality test several years ago, and it did show that I certainly was. Consider taking it yourself, you might be surprised about what you find. The people who created this test did not believe that it means that we’re bad people, just that we have a different personality. Neither right nor wrong. It uncovered quite a bit of my personality that quite frankly I already knew.

    1. Yeah.. a basic personality test has YOU lower on empathy.

      Some of us do things for others without having to brag about it or need to virtue signal. That’s what this lefty was talking about. Libertarians are not like her and she knows this because we are not sending the correct virtue signals.

    2. Basing national policies on empathy is a destructive, immoral way of running a country. Furthermore, commits the basic error of people like McLean, confusing policy preferences justified by empathy with actual empathy and actual moral behavior.

      A policy based on empathy, for example, is to give people large amounts of government aid. That reduces the discomfort that results from feeling empathetic with people who live in poverty. It’s an understandable choice, but it is selfish (and what makes it even more selfish is that the people advocating it usually don’t even bear the costs, and that they usually use their stated preferences for social signaling). But it isn’t a moral choice because it robs people of agency and personal responsibility, and it causes terrible harm in the long run. Misapplied empathy is toxic and destructive.

      And if McLean insists on reducing political issues to simplistic biological causes, then she should reduce them to the right causes: a much bigger cause of differences in empathy between individuals than autism is gender.

  63. Isn’t the narcissism and delusion that she has in the DSM IV?

    “It’s striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum. People who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others, and who have kind of difficult human relationships sometimes. ”

    Libertarians just don’t want a corrupt and tyrannical government messing up people’s lives. Its better for individuals to be charitable and form a voluntary community with those people they want to.

    Saying you should be empathetic and FEEL solidarity just for sake of acting like it, it probably the lefty’s feeling of grandeur. That and its a trick by socialists to control the lives in the state. Libertarians can clearly see this happening.

    A collective Fuck you bitch!

  64. I wonder what mental classifications MacLean would give to historical lefty socialists like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini?

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  66. This retarded woman is definitely on the spectrum.

  67. Well, I don’t know ’bout autistic, but based on the many hurt feelings here, I think you’re all definitely snowflakes.

    1. Less about feelings and more about not letting lefty media hacks get away with saying stuff that lunatics say.

    2. I really don’t think you get how “snowflakes” is supposed to be used.

  68. Hitler had solidarity as he had millions of people marched into ovens.

    MacLean’s a socialist’s socialist.

  69. Not likely since libertarians are in general very skeptical about govt mandated “public health” schemes such as the uninsurable risks of vaccination, so I suspect that libertarians in general have less incidence of autism. The increase in two generations of autism from 1 in 10,000 to a horrific 1 in 50 or thereabouts is not just a random change; not just “better” record-keeping. There are demonstrable causes, mostly regarding the toxification of our environment, with the pseudo-science of injected vaccine toxins leading the list.

    1. If you are saying that environmental factors contribute the most to autism, then there is little reason to expect anything but an even change across the political spectrum.

      If you are claiming that vaccinations are the cause, then get your pseudo-science out of here. The Wakefield paper was retracted eight years ago and overwhelming evidence points to it being full of shit.

  70. liberal thought at it’s finest. If you don’t want a big state you must be autistic. Because only some type of disability could make someone be against big government.

    Of course once you establish that it’s only a small distance to taking away those people’s rights…

  71. I’d be far more interested in seeing ‘belief in an authority’ being identified as a mental disorder, and then I’d love to see people’s political affiliation based on that diagnosis.

  72. Interestingly, you could actually label the US constitution as ‘Democracy in chains’.

    1. If you want to label anyone who is eccentric or socially awkward as autistic/aspy, then no she is not wrong. I have gone to some LP events and that’s who we (mostly) are-look at Gary Johnson. However, the fact that what was previously a personality type is now a disease, or disease spectrum, is because some wealthy narcissistic parents started freaking out about their kids being a bit weird and not having a ton of friends, so they had it labeled a disease in order to get the government to pay for their education and “treatment.”

      1. This is the right answer. Everyone’s freaking out about slightly aberrant behavior. Not being weird is more uncanny than having quirks; normalcy is a curse. A parent’s job is to teach kids how to cope with life, why is that different if they’re autistic? Newborns are tiny sociopaths. They do not experience empathy; they do not see anything outside of themselves; their entire world was a womb. Teach them not to be dickholes regardless of whatever pages from the DSM happen to stick.

    2. She is wrong in a much more fundamental sense.

      First, a much bigger factor determining differences in empathy is gender, not autism.

      Second, empathy applied to politics is toxic and destructive, so having more of it is not a good thing when it comes to politics.

  73. Never having heard of this person before, just by looking at the photo, I can somewhat tell that this person is a leftist.
    Leftists are characterized by displays of pettiness, frustrated ambition, envy, anger, and resentment — traits and emotions that are plainly displayed on this persn’s face.
    I’m curious if my diagnosis, based on 10 seconds of observation, is correct.

    1. Leftists are characterized by displays of pettiness, frustrated ambition, envy, anger, and resentment

      Its called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      1. Or just being a flaming asshole.


  74. It’s good to know that my 13 year autistic son – who, contrary to Nancy McLean’s unscientific and utterly bullshit theories is an extremely compassionate and caring young man – will be on the path to the best political sensibilities possible, those of a Libertarian. I couldn’t think of a better outcome than for him to be just like his mama, an avid supporter of liberty and freedom.

  75. She’s correct.

  76. Having lived with autism and Tourette syndrome all my life … CUNT!….WHORE…I can honestly say this woman is defective and I feel sorry for her.

  77. It’s not true you are autistic if you are libertarian, but it helps.

  78. It’s striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum. People who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others, and who have kind of difficult human relationships sometimes.”

    I feel so much empathy that I want to tax the daylights out of everyone who works and force them to take government medical insurance to assuage my empathy.

    1. The important thing is to shoot people if they don’t obey fast enough to suit you. Otherwise you’re no better than a Second Responder?

  79. It is not unusual for the argument by a Statist to include the absence of empathy a Libertarian has as a foundation for their need for authority.
    Actually it appears to be their fear and desire to control that manifests as “compassion”.
    A Libertarian would not want the nanny state or any state to infringe upon the Liberty/Responsibility of themselves and others. Oh yes, Responsibility is the same as Liberty for one can not be successful without the other. Otherwise, we have facism or stateism or anything you want to call the ability to control others lives when they have not violated others or broken LAW.
    This woman sounds like another educated ignoramus. Lots of intellect, no awareness or vision. To not see the inherent corruption in politics and allowing outside control of people’s lives requires a total disregard for the most obvious of examples,,, our society.
    Lots of rules called “laws” made up by people or groups to channel money and “power” in certain prescribed directions. That allow the few to control the many.
    I suppose idiot is not appropriate, yet, what can one say when the examples of her stupidity are blaring so loudly?

  80. Democracy vs Constitutional Republic – What is America’s Real Form of Government

  81. Republic, Republic, REPUBLIC!
    Much more than just a Democracy.. We The People in our U.S. Constitution; the most basic fact of civics, that these united States of America are a republic, a form of government guaranteed by We The People to each of the States in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
    I’m talking about most of our presidents, members of Congress, university professors, journalists and others who should know better. Like most adults trained in government schools, they believe that Abe Lincoln was our greatest president, a preposterous ‘fact’ of propaganda on which Washington D.C. has relied for 150 years. In this previous blog article, we offered six books and one website that put that destructive lie to rest once and for all.…..-republic/

    1. you almost had me. Religon is not a good place to start to defend to constitution.

  82. Reminds me of the Shelley Berman joke abt the parents telling the child psychologist their kid was taking things that don’t belong to him. “Your son is obviously a thief.” So here we have a force initiating looter complaining that people who don’t read her screed are “not playing with a full deck of altruistic initiation of force.” Makes sense.

  83. I have a much different take on this idea.…..tarianism/

  84. MacClean hates autistic children. She looks down on them. She is better than them. Got it. Next.

  85. if you asked me what the world is most in need of right now, I gotta admit I would say “solidarity” too.

  86. and everyone knows that armchair psychiatry is what you do when you really care.

  87. So who gets to define “normal”? Bleeding hearts claim that over-arching empathy is normal, and anyone who appears to have less compassion is deviant. I will claim that a balance of any quality is more properly normal, and therefore compulsive compassionists are also on a spectrum–and dangerous.

  88. 1) I have yet to see a government program that I would describe as “empathetic.” From food stamps to social security, the programs are autocratic and bureaucratic. Autocracies aren’t noted for their empathetic response to human suffering. I wonder if this individual goes to the DMV to find empathetic people?

    2) Autism and autism spectrum disorders have no relation to the capacity to feel empathy. The only definition of humans who experience no empathy is psychopath. The woman needs to do a little more reading and research before she plays doctor on such a public scale.

    3) The blinders this woman has to her own bigotry is astounding. There is a psychological term for that as well – delusional. And yes, embracing liberalism is symptomatic of having a mental disorder. That her opinions are given any credence shows that the inmates are in charge of the asylum.

  89. Love the ’80s trailer park hairdo. I’d wager that Nancy is a little bit special herself.

  90. I guess “empathy” to this bottom feeding, skanky, ugly, cunt control freak bitch is stealing money from other people and giving it to others. Fuck her and her ilk, they have no empathy. Most of the time, these types just use reflection when accusing others of a flaw they personally have. This moldy bitch is autistic. I would laugh if she fucking died tomorrow and I’d find out where shes buried and shit on her grave.

  91. Everybody knows that people with perfect mental health WANT to be serfs. It’s just common sense.

  92. Ironic that the left, who has no problem steamrolling the personal preferences of millions of persons with their own gov’t-enforced preferences, thinks the libertarians, who respect every single individual’s and group’s right to have their own preferences, lack empathy.

    How much empathy did Stalin and Mao have towards the millions they murdered?

  93. What a waste of human flesh. Not much different that Joy Behar’s comments about christianity being similar to mental illness. These people are awful. How is her comment any different than a gay or racist slur. Basically, it is “I hate you, or you are flawed, because you’re not like me.” Being fired for the is too easy. She should be professionally discredited.

  94. What a waste of human flesh. Not much different that Joy Behar’s comments about christianity being similar to mental illness. These people are awful. How is her comment any different than a gay or racist slur. Basically, it is “I hate you, or you are flawed, because you’re not like me.” Being fired for the is too easy. She should be professionally discredited.

  95. Finally, the looters blame something other than jewishness for revulsion at the initiation of deadly force.

  96. …and of course you must believe that they belong in a reeducation camp for however long it takes to club some empathy into them, right, Historian Maclean?

  97. It’s professors like MacLean that made me think you not only shouldn’t be paying tuition… you should be paid damages for your attendance to lectures. What a god awful piece of human debris. If she ever had a soul, she can’t remember when.

  98. She is a Democrat right? so who should be surprised. These are the people who think it is OK to call people racists and fascists if you dare disagree with them. These are the people who say anything for political gain and chose a Socialist and a Crook as potential Presidents. I mean “The Donald” may be a jerk and probably should think before he spouts but I will take him over those two. This is a Party that has failing cities and States and wants to do this to the entire country… I mean how often do they (the Democrats) come out with some study that proves Republicans are flawed in some way? FUNNY how Demo.S

  99. Her knowledge of psychology is apparently as amateurish as her knowledge of history. I tried to listen to her on Alternative Radio, but the introductory remarks — claiming that WWII was caused by 19th century capitalism — were laughable. Name the capitalist from among the following: Hirohito, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt, and Chamberlain.

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