Students Walk Out on Prof Who Teaches 'Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography' for Using the N-Word

What did you expect?


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You'd think that students who sign up for a class on "Cultural Freedoms: Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography" might have understood what they were getting themselves into.

But no, several students in Lawrence Rosen's Princeton anthropology class walked out last week, and made formal complaints, after Rosen provided examples of supposedly offensive speech. Among other things, the instructor asked which was worse: a white man punching a black man in the face, or a white man using the N-word. Rosen, who is Jewish, used the actual slur several times.

According to The Daily Princetonian:

Students began to argue with Rosen, demanding he apologize. Holliday and Salter both said that the students argued with Rosen for the duration of lecture, because he would not give an apology.

According to Salter, Rosen allegedly said in the class, "I don't think I need to apologize; I did not oppress anyone."…

Jeremijenko-Conley and Salter said that they filed a complaint with Justine Levine, director of studies for Rockefeller College.

Levine said in an email that she will work with the students to resolve the issue, according to Jeremijenko-Conley and Salter.

Kevin Ramos '21 said he plans to drop the class in light of the incident.

"The professor saw how uncomfortable the students were with his language," said Ramos. "If he doesn't respect the students' opinion, then it's not worth learning from him."

Christine Berchini, a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, told Inside Higher Ed that using the N-word in class is never acceptable, even for a clearly educational purpose. Rosen should have known better, she said:

"I would expect more from someone who studies anthropology, given how deeply such studies rely on context to understand the development of cultures and societies. The context within which this word was created to enslave, oppress and disenfranchise people of color should suggest that one must think carefully about how they are encouraging students to think about language invented strictly for the purposes of subjugation."

Quoting the author Ta-Nehisi Coates, Berchini said that "when you're white in this country, you're taught that everything belongs to you." That includes language, she added.

So far, Rosen enjoys the support of his institution. A Princeton spokesperson has said that "robust debate" is central to the mission of the university, even if it involves uncomfortable speech. An adjunct professor at Southern Connecticut State University, Eric Triffin, wasn't so lucky; the administration suspended him last week after he said the N-word while singing the lyrics to a song. The Black Student Union accused Triffin of fostering a racially hostile educational environment; Triffin identifies as "neither white nor black, just human," and often asks students to sing and dance to songs at the beginning of class.

Triffin's use of the N-word wasn't in service of any educational purpose, though it seems to be a harmless and isolated incident. Rosen, on the other hand, used the word on purpose, in order to stimulate a difficult conversation. Students are angry with him for hurting their feelings, but learning can't always be comfortable—particularly when the point of the class is to discuss what gives unsayable words their power. If some students wants to drop the class, so be it. But what did they expect?

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  1. According to Salter, Rosen allegedly said in the class, “I don’t think I need to apologize; I did not oppress anyone.”

    That is an A+ response.

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  2. If he says “Jehovah” one more time . . .

    1. Look, nobody is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle, even, and I want to make this perfectly clear, even if they *do* say Jehovah. (stoned)

    2. Or beetlejuice 3 times.

      1. DOG

    3. Sweet!

  3. “Kevin Ramos ’21 said he plans to drop the class in light of the incident.”

    Oh, what a tragedy.

    “”The professor saw how uncomfortable the students were with his language,” said Ramos. “If he doesn’t respect the students’ opinion, then it’s not worth learning from him.””

    Look, why doesn’t the student just get behind the lectern and the professor can take notes?

    Or everyone can just smell each other’s farts.

    1. Kevin needs to get some skinny jeans and a razor blade and get it over with already. If this pussy can’t handle a made up course in SJW, he sure as hell can’t handle an annual review from a real for-profit company. We need less pussies like this in the world.

      1. I would like to contribute to the “Kevin Ramos Please Cut Yourself” gofundme.

      2. *Fewer pussies

      3. But apparently you want the pussies freshly shaved.

        1. And remember, it’s down the road, not across the street.

          1. Well crap, that’s not where I thought the reply would stick.

    2. Kevin Sorbo would never drop a class like a pussy.

    3. “How can I learn when the professor won’t pander to my feelz?”

    4. Smelling the farts is acting class, not anthropology class.

    5. Things have definitely changed from 1988, when our Junior English class was taking turns reading Mark Twain’s “Pudd’nhead Wilson” out loud. I was definitely uncomfortable dropping the N-bomb then.

    6. You could probably have guessed it from Kevin attending “Cultural Freedoms: Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography”, but how casually he drops the class tells me he’s not spending money he has earned.

  4. Damn! These kids must be really, really fragile. Have they never been to the bar, drinking beer and hearing things from others with whom they disagree? The professor is giving them a priceless gift: a soft boot in the face for their precious little souls to contemplate.

    1. Class of 2021. He isn’t allowed to drink or probably even be in a bar.

      1. That never stopped anyone I knew in my college days

  5. The other night, my wife and were watching Roots. Take a guess how many times nigger or nigra was spoken?

    1. Yes, but it was by bad guys.

      Also, you can hear the word in blaxpoitation films – from white characters who are going to die.

      1. And in The Wire.

      2. Roxie Roker, Ben Vereen, and Richard Roundtree, amongst others, all uttered the naughty word. If you are not conversant with those names, they were actors of color.

        1. Rosen and the other guy were white. So the comparison isn’t quite on point.

          1. Yes, it is on point – that is the point. I do not subscribe to communist, progressive, socialist SJW claptrap.

            If a nigger can say nigger, then whitey can say it as well.

            Time for the nasty negro social justice warriors and their cucky white supporters to get woke.

            1. You’re not gonna get arrested for saying it. But you’re probably not going to go around a bunch of black guys and say it nonchalantly either, are you?

        2. Some color other than black?

      3. You can hear the word in Blaxploitation films– Sometimes it’s in the title.

        The western ‘Boss Nigger’ springs to mind.

        Not to mention at least two Richard Pryor albums.

      4. I’m almost certain I heard it used in an episode of Sanford and Son, but I can’t find proof.

    2. Fewer times than it was said in Blazing Saddles.

    3. Vic Morrow was in Roots too. Good character actor who died in a helicopter accident during shooting of the Twilight Zone movie.

  6. They’re there for the porn part.

  7. You’re now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

  8. “Sticks and stones can break our bones
    But words…THEY really hurt us”

    1. Cuz magic!

  9. “Quoting the author Ta-Nehisi Coates, Berchini said that “when you’re white in this country, you’re taught that everything belongs to you.””

    Really? Everything belongs to me?
    Damn, I wish someone had told me this sooner. I wouldn’t have wasted my time going to school, getting jobs, and working for these past 34 years.

    1. Really? Everything belongs to me?

      Well and, obviously for the professor in question, everything but the West Bank and Gaza.

      He really ought to, and I almost can’t believe he didn’t, couch the n-word with “Kike”, “Heeb”, and “Shylock”.

    2. This comment reminds me of an old Jewish joke. It goes something like a Jewish man in NAZI Germany read the anti-Jewish propaganda. When his fellow Jews questioned why he read the NAZI propaganda that bashed Jews, he said “Do you see how well we are doing? Hitler can’t stop us! We control everything.”

      1. Being a white American reminds you of being a Jew in Nazi Germany?

        1. Maybe the point was ‘more subtle than that.’

        2. Hear that noise above your head?

          That was the point. It cleared you with room to spare.

        3. Not yet

    3. Eddie Murphy’s SNL skit White Like Me.

    4. Anyone who quotes Ta-Nehisi Coates in seriousness just needs to be laughed at.

  10. Getting a bit tired of the overly sensitive types who seem oblivious to the world awaiting them after graduation. I am curious as to how many of those students listen to contemporary rap? Do they have the same issue with Cardi B?

    And Chris Rock doesn’t like me, so I can probably never say it. He came into a store I was working at as an assistant manager less than half an hour before closing and seemed incensed that I mentioned that fact to him while pointing out we had several employees who would love to assist him with his purchases. I didn’t want him to leave because he was black, as NYC is full of many ethnicities as was our staff, but really I just wanted him to get his crap and go so we could all get home.

    Celebrity or not, you don’t get to intrude on my “me time”.

    1. From what I have heard said begore there is some kind of magical difference between a -ger ending said vy a white man and a -ga ending said by a black man. Though it has mostly to do with the race of person saying it. Context and intent be damned.

      Which is kind of the definition of racism.

      1. You can call it racism if you want, but it’s not the kind of racism that anyone should care about.

        Sometimes it comes across like, after half a millennium of brutal oppression, someone finally discovers racism when they are told they can’t say nigger in polite society. How unfair!

        1. In case you hadn’t read a history book, 99.9% of ‘us’ have been at the receiving end of brutal oppression for most of human history up until around the 19th century.

          This needs to be said more often: your ancestors being slaves 150 years ago doesn’t make you a victim of racism today. My ancestors being serfs to some Prussian junker 150 years ago doesn’t make me a victim of oppression. My great grandpa being a potato farmer doesn’t mean I know a damned thing about potatoes. Victimhood is not inherited. So take your collectivism and your retrograde notions of racial/hereditary guilt and shove them right up your ass.

          1. This needs to be said more often: your ancestors being slaves 150 years ago doesn’t make you a victim of racism today.

            Unless it does.

            If you exclude racism from the list of causes of relatively poor metrics for black Americans, you have to come up with something else, and none of the alternatives are pretty. But I do wish more of you would openly state what your theory is.

            1. But it doesn’t.

              High rates of single motherhood alone explain a great deal of the underperformance of Black people. Factor in poverty, higher rates of criminality and abuse by parents, and there’s little left that even could be left to be explained by racism.

              And if we attribute any difference between demograph groups not explained by measured cinfoujders, then Asian privilege is bigger than white privilege and short people are much more oppressed by a tall ones (note: controlling for gender) than women are by men.

              1. Single parenthood and poverty ARE the metrics! I’m talking about what explains those kinds of things.

                1. And when was the rise of single parenthood and poverty started? Roughly the time that LBJ and Congress passed the Great Society and the dole came to its current situation. Government gives incentives based upon having more babies and being unwed and people take advantage. Give people “free” housing and no one takes care of it and there are fewer property tax dollars to pay for schools. From 1950-1965, the increase in the median household income of blacks was greater than whites. After 1965, it leveled off the started to decrease.

                  If you look at the raw numbers (Stossel did a good job of it a while back), out of wedlock births were around 20% in 1965. As of 2015, it was around 75%. People can talk about slavery and racism all they want, but if three out of four babies don’t have a dad it’s really hard not to see a correlation.

            2. None of the alternatives are pretty – *to you*.

              Because they indict your beloved Democratic Party. The party of racists for . . . pretty much as long as they’ve existed.

            3. Unless it does.

              It doesn’t.

              Nobody alive today was enslaved here.

              Nobody alive today enslaved anybody here.

              The rest of the world isn’t our concern.

              What happened to your great-grandfather is immaterial to you.

              If you exclude racism from the list of causes of relatively poor metrics for black Americans, you have to come up with something else, and none of the alternatives are pretty. But I do wish more of you would openly state what your theory is.

              Can you define the metrics that allow Asians (who, mind you, we had a VERY nasty war with in the 1950’s) to excel and blacks to fail to do so? What cultural traits both advantage Asians and disadvantage blacks?

              And why do they consistently do so in every country on Earth?

              1. Really? Billions of Asians have higher social metrics? Or maybe most of them are still doing worse than most Westerners, but the ones who’ve managed to immigrate to the West or advanced areas of Asia or wherever are a self-selected group of wealthier and healthier people.

                Bringing up Asians kind of makes my point. Nearly all black people in America descended from slaves. Asians came here on their own.

                1. You are completely ignorant of the realities of Asian immigration and the nature and character of those who have come to this country. Among other things, Asians have their own history of being brought here under horrible conditions and being made to work under what can only be called oppressive conditions. I know it’s hard, but do try not to be stupid.

                  I went to high school in the 60s with a significant number of Asian students. None of them were from any “self-selected group of wealthier and healthier people.” Generally their parents were working class and had sacrificed much to get here. What they brought with them was not wealth but an indefatigable work ethic and determination to succeed. The parents of one of my friends, who came here in junior high school from Taiwan, made him speak English all the time, even though they did not understand it. Total immersion. By the time he got to high school he had no trace of an accent — or attitude — whatsoever.

                  The fact is that the motivating instincts of other ethnic minorities got ripped from black people by the misguided liberal policies of the 1960s, leading black people to dependency on government and their “leaders”. That’s the most significant metric here. Blacks are not “oppressed” because of slavery but because of the slave politics of the Democrat Party.

        2. Actually, I was objecting to a race bssed double standard. That if a white person uses thst term at all, it is deemed to have been maliciously intended. While somebody else vould mean anything, including a bro term of endesrment.. That assumption is racist. I am perfectly fine for that word to be considered beyond the pale of civil discourse, it just must be across the board.

          1. The more nasty negro parasites whine about whitey uttering nigger constituting oppression, the more unbridled whitey should be in saying, “shut up you nasty nihilistic nigger”!

          2. I’m sure black people appreciate you telling them what words they can’t use.

            1. Words are things that all people can use.

              The notion that there are lists, with usage based upon race, is the definition of racism .

              1. How about this: women can jokingly refer to each other as cunts among themselves, but if a man calls a woman a cunt, even jokingly, it would be, let’s say, more bad. Why is this difficult?

                1. And yet, a woman can call a man a dick and it’s just as fine as if a man did it, or a black person can call a white person a cracker.

                  This is why your idiotic language rules deserve to be taken far less seriously: if you can’t abude by your own standards, why should anyone else abide by them?

                2. Why is it ‘more bad’?

                  Either cunt is a bad word, an insult, or its not.

                  1. Do you really have no concept of appropriate public behavior, even with its often arbitrary rules? Is this a libertarian thing or what?

                3. Why would anyone care?

            2. No more than I appreciate black people telling *me* what words I can’t use.

              Sauce for the goose and all that.

            3. I’m sure black people appreciate you telling them what words they can’t use.

              If they believe they can dictate my vocabulary, I see no reason why they should be immune from similar treatment.

              1. Nobody’s dictating the words you use any more than they’re dictating which fork you use for salad. You might be socially ostracized for choosing incorrectly, but that’s just how manners works.

                1. Fuck off, slaver.

      2. Just watch Jackie Chan in the pool room scene in the original “Rush Hour”. ‘Nuff said

  11. N-word? Nitwit? Nincompoop? No-account?

      1. Noncompliant

  12. Hey, it’s that Nigger Guy. We don’t like your kind around these parts.

  13. Sticks and stones, people! Nobody won any civil rights victories by looking for minor reasons to get upset. Fuck. I really thought post-Bush liberalism (when we were right about everything) would last a little longer before it started practicing another iteration of its radical, easily mocked tendencies.

    It seems that it’s more of a pendulum than something that easily switches back and forth. Trump should be even more focusing than Bush, his disastrousness leaving us with no time for childish things. Yet social justice language nitpicking and the bottomless pit filled with new petty outrages only expand. As we’ve seen on the other side, people don’t react as a strategist might. We have a long way to get through this before the pendulum swings back to some recognizable form of liberalism.

    1. “When we were right about everything…”
      How can you be right about everything when you take most of your policies from president who you say is wrong about everything?

    2. And yet here you are, freaking out that some white dude said ‘nigger’.

  14. Oh, the irony of seeing this article on the same page as Shackford’s article about Catholic Schools. You know, maybe you libertarians should be siding with the students who are trying to force things to change via “social pressure”.

    What matters is public opinion, and popularity right? The times of offensive speech are coming to an end. And that’s a good thing. Students want a welcoming and inclusive environment on campus, and if they can’t find it at Princeton, Yale or Harvard or some other school is bound to take their money and offer what they want. Let the market speak, and if that means “free speech” has to be limited by preventing hate speech, then the market has spoken.


    1. Good. Let them go. And leave the rest of us alone. And just for the record, I do not now nor have I ever used racial epithets as part of my speech.

  15. “when you’re white in this country, you’re taught that everything belongs to you.”

    I should have paid more attention in school. The learning I missed out on!

    All this time, I could have just put on a Viking helmet with horns and grabbed everything I wanted.

    1. The point is a little subtler than that. Of course as far as actually violently seizing the land and resources that make up this country, those were pretty much all white dudes.

      1. The point, however subtle it is, is wrong. White people are taught no such thing.

        Also, you’re lying again: native Americans were murdering each other and stealing each other’s land well before Europeans got here. Heard of the Aztec? The Comanche? The Apache? Inca? There’s a long list of exterminated races on which their empires were built.

        The only difference between them and the Europeans was that the Europeans were better at it.

        Of course, none of this matters to the moral status of anyone alive today; except to those of you who believe in hereditary collective guilt. Which is such a forward thinking, enlightened concept.

        1. Tony continues to overlook all of the social harm that has flowed from the enormous amount of black dysfunction that has not only persisted, but has escalated.

        2. You’re waving away the largest genocide in human history with… well, the excuse doesn’t matter, does it?

          But it’s not about guilt or feelings at all. It’s about the inequities that remain in society as a result of mass horrors of the past. You can say the best thing to do is ignore those, but then don’t turn around and tell me capitalism is so great because it’s so meritocratic.

          1. It wasn’t the ‘largest genocide in human gistory’, for one. First of all, native Americans aren’t all one people; secondly, 95% of them died of diseases the Europeans couldn’t have controlled if they’d wanted to.

            Lastly, read up on ‘regression toward the mean.’ Disparities between people tend to dissipate over time. It’s why witching two generations of being sent to camps, Japanese Americans were out earning caucasians; it’s why the average income of the descendant if a slave owner is almost certainly roughly the same as that of a non-slave owner.

            The leftist axiom that iniquities from generations ago cause disparities today is demonstrably false. It’s observable in every group and indeed among individual families (look st the average net worth of even the descendants of the richest people of the 19th century, for example).

            The reality is fortunes and disparities evaporate rapidly over time; usually only a few generations leaves them nearly nonexistent.

            So no, sorry, you can’t actually blame your sorry lot in life on how rough your great great grandparents had it.

            1. So black people are genetically inferior? Just say it and cut the crap.

              I have alternate explanations if you prefer.

              1. Go get a job at a drive-in movie theater with that case of projection, Tony.

              2. Jesus Christ, grow up, Tony.

      2. I’m interested…how does Tony plan to prove his “subtle” point that “when you’re white in this country, you’re taught that everything belongs to you”?

        1. You can be a second-generation immigrant from Europe and be treated better, inherently, by this society than a black person whose ancestors have been American for centuries.

          Somebody tell Trump that he’s not actually talking about immigration, he’s talking about race. Wouldn’t want him to embarrass himself.

          1. OK, and if this is true, how does it prove that white people are taught that everything belongs to them?

            1. “I don’t want to give up any of my money so that some lazy welfare queen can buy lobster.”

              It’s totally entitled.

              1. Ah, so not wanting the state to take more of one’s money = thinking everything belongs to you?

                This only proves that it’s the people making this “criticism” that think everything belongs to them.

              2. So, *I, a white person, has to give up my money, so someone else can eat whatever they want – but *I’m* the ‘entitled’ one?

                1. *I’m* the one who is taught ‘that everything belongs to me’?

          2. Except there’s no evidence (anecdotes don’t count) that this is true. In fact, there are many African countries for which immigrants out earn most white ethnic groups in the US.

            1. name one.

              1. Asians are the only ones, so far.


              2. Nigerian Americans out-earn the white median and Ghanaian Americans are on par.

          3. You can be a first generation immigrant from Africa and be treated better, inherently, by this society than a black person whose ancestors have been American for centuries. There’s something at play here beyond skin color.

            I really think you are projecting by insisting that any talk of immigration=race. It’s difficult to not see criticism of “dog whistles on the right” as projection from the left when that interpretation doesn’t follow the primary foundations of right-wing thought.

            1. Over the course of 40 years at my company I’ve seen a variety of genders, race, ethnicities and backgrounds.

              I can guarantee you, when someone displays either or a victim or entitlement personality, they will be both subtly and openly persecuted. Working with people like that is awful, and the sooner they leave the happier the rest of us will be.

          4. I love that I can just make up facts and not have to prove anything.

      3. Except for, of course, all the Spanish dudes that did it before we even showed up.

        1. Yeah, but they were white dudes when they were doing it.

    2. Viking helmets never had horns. Just sayin ….

  16. Posted this link in another thread but doing so again since, well it’s relevant, and an awesome defense of the First Amendment and freedom of expression.

    Watch Charles Cooke (an ex-Brit no less) from National Review (who stepped in at the last minute) wipe the floor with a couple of clueless academics who coudn’t, despite continual requests from the moderator and the audience, even articulate the terms of their position.

    It was two against one, would have been fairer if it had been ten against one:

  17. Rosen, who is Jewish


  18. Prof. Berchini’s scholarship centers on “Critical Whiteness Studies”. Sounds racist to me. String her up!

    1. Hating Whitey isn’t racist. My professor told me so.

  19. Social sciencetards deserve to get eaten by their own. This is one of the outcomes of their qualitative bullshit-pedalling.

  20. Arguably, a student’s opinion isn’t worth any respect. They are, in the final analysis, the student, and haven’t earned the right to have a respected opinion.

    1. As a counter-point, they are, in the final analysis, the guy paying for it – so they have earned the right to have a respected opinion.

      OTGH – there’s a *reason* they’re paying for this guy’s time. Sadly, in the past it was because he had something to teach, nowadays its because they just want someone to confirm their already existing worldview and toss out ‘A’s’ like cheap candy.

  21. What’s hilarious is when people like Libertymike adopt the grievance and language of oppression when whining about how whites can’t politely use the word nigger. This is while denying that blacks are victims of any such oppression, of course.

    Literally racism didn’t exist until white people stopped being able to say nigger.

    1. He said it again!

      1. If he doesn’t apologize he’d better lose his job over this.

        I mean, for Christ’s sake, it’s the current year!

    2. Oh bullshit. Saying “nigger” isn’t the problem, it’s how blacks feels that they are entitled to react to the person who says that word is the fucking problem. There isn’t a word invented that can make me lose my cool and act like a child. Black’s need to get to the same place.

      1. Don’t you mean “know their place”?

        I’m all for the sticks and stones route. I don’t believe words have magical powers. But if someone calls me a faggot it better be another faggot, because otherwise it will be incredibly rude at worst and I might even fear for my safety. If you’re not part of a group that has to worry about this on a regular basis, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t empathize.

        1. Keep putting words in people’s mouths. I think you’re really changing hearts and minds here.

    3. …or, Tony, it’s people noting that these rules seem awfully haphazardly enforced.

      If a word is “bad”, it is bad for all. If it is not bad for all, then it is bad for none.

      1. The more you people repeat this laughable nonsense the more I question your connection to the real world. Please, sell me on economic theory.

        Now go practice what you preach and use the word nigger around a bunch fo black people. See how it goes. Maybe you’ll figure out how this works.

        1. It’s a class ABOUT offensive words, you dull fucking tool. Nobody here is implying you should be shouting it at people in polite society, but obviously you should be able to use it in a class ABOUT offensive words. Talking with you is like talking to a child.

  22. I am pretty sure hearing the word “nigger” enunciated causes kidney damage. Those woke students did not want to wind up on dialysis.

  23. I suppose that means both “Blazing Saddles” and “Life of Brian” are right out for a class screening during the week before Spring break. Kids these days…

    1. They say nigger in Life of Brian?

      1. Not that I can remember. It’s actually sung in “Live At The Hollywood Bowl”, though.

  24. “Never apologize, Mister, it’s a sign of weakness”
    Henry Fonda to John Wayne in Fort Apache. John Wayne to Harry Cary Jr. in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.
    Good for the professor. Stay the course sir. Those idiots are students, they do not know as much as you do.

  25. The professor’s first mistake was agreeing to teach a course that panders to SJW interests.

    There was a time when anthropology involved studying early hominids, like the Leakeys discovering Lucy in Olduvai Gorge. Oh, sure, they also had “cultural” anthropology back in the day, but that was stuff like Margaret Mead studying the sexual practices of the natives in the Trobriand Islands.

    You start offering classes that legitimize garbage, and you’re going to start attracting students with critical thinking skills that absolute rubbish.

    1. I laughed out loud when I found out about how the island girls hoodwinked Margaret Mead. Served the nosy bitch right.


  26. Use-mention distinction

  27. The n word?

    Oh! You mean nigger.

    I don’t get how one is acceptable and one is not. They’re both audible representations of the same concept.

    1. G-d versus God version Yahweh versus Allah.

      Sometimes gestures of respect don’t make sense.

  28. “If he doesn’t respect the students’ opinion, then it’s not worth learning from him.”

    Yeah….that’s not how education works at all.

  29. The students feelings weren’t hurt. They are just virtue signaling.

  30. Rosen is right, the snowflakes are wrong, and shame on their parents for raising them in bubble-wrap.


  31. Not that I recall. I mentioned the movie because it would appropriate for the “Blasphemy” part of the course.

  32. It’s ok to say nigga though right? How else can I rap to any hip hop song of the last 3 decades?

  33. bunch a naggers these kids are!

  34. …though it seems to be a harmless and isolated incident.

    Spoken like someone who is super white.

    1. When white people listen to rap music with no black people around, we sing the lyrics completely. Not because we are racist, but because we love the music. You want us to walk on eggshells with you around, and so we do. But if you think this is a good thing for togetherness and racial harmony, you are wrong. It would be better if everyone could sing together, regardless of the contextless offense that the lyrics may engender, in mutual love of the music and one another.

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