Rand Paul

Rand Paul Single-Handedly Tries to Stop Massive Spending Plan (Update: Congress Passes Budget Deal)

"What you are seeing is recklessness being passed off as bipartisanship," said Paul on the Senate floor.


CNN, photo by Eric Boehm

Update: Congress passed the enormous spending bill early Friday morning after a brief government shutdown.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took to the Senate floor on Thursday evening to slam Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress for "spending us into oblivion." The firey speech was part of Paul's effort to postpone a budget vote until after midnight.

Paul stopped speaking shortly before 7:30 p.m. as the Senate entered a brief recess, but returned to continue speaking at 8 p.m. Meanwhile, the White House told executive branch agencies to prepare for a shutdown, according to Politico.

The three-week continuing resolution passed on January 18 will expire at midnight. Republican and Democratic leaders in the Senate were prepared to vote on a two-year budget that will annihiliate existing spending caps and increase the discretionary budget by about $400 billion, but Paul asked Senate GOP leaders for a chance to offer an amendment reinstating those spending caps. The nature of his speech on the Senate floor suggests that Paul's request was denied.

Paul slammed Republicans and Democrats for agreeing to a budget that independent analysts say will result in a $1 trillion deficit.

"A country cannot go on forever spending money this way," said Paul. "What you are seeing is recklessness being passed off as bipartisanship."

The budget deal would remove limits on military spending imposed by the 2013 sequester would be removed, allowing the Pentagon to receive an additional $80 billion this year and $85 billion next year. Other lids on the discretionary budget would be similarly lifted, allowing for billions of new spending on infrastructure, public health, and disaster aid.

Paul lashed his own party's leaders, saying that Repulicans "are the conservative party" only when Democrats are in power. "When Republicans are in power, there is no conservative party," he added.

A spokesman for Paul did not give a clear indication if Paul's speech was intended to run until, or past, the midnight deadline for passing the budget bill. It's possible we are seeing a sequel to Paul's 2013 filibuster against the re-appointment of John Brennan as CIA director. Paul said he was prepared to speak "until 3 in the morning," if it would force a debate on the federal budget.

As of this moment, Paul is still speaking on the Senate floor. Watch it here.

*This story has been updated.

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  1. He’s like Cato the Younger without the slavery or the suicide…standing in defense of the Republic when the cowards have abandoned it.

    1. An Army of one trying to hold back the rest.

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  2. THANK YOU RAND PAUL. This is a horrible bill that will cause grief for generations to come. About time someone spoke up for the country’s future. Most of this spending is completely unnecessary. Younger voters (who will be expected to pay for this) will appreciate you when the next election comes around. Also, thank you for not listening to the libertards who said, “Shutdowns are bad!” No they are good – they show we don’t really need government (even if it’s an expensive lesson to learn). People appreciate you even if they don’t say it. Keep fighting the good fight – we will win this!

    Still Shillin’ for Jill 2020 approves this message.

  3. Good on you Rand!

  4. Huh, I guess the Democrats only care about trillion dollar deficits when cutting taxes are involved.

    1. And Republicans don’t care about trillion dollar deficits (Rand Paul excepted).

      1. Republicans are ridiculous, to be sure.

  5. Looks like Rand is already done. Graham is talking now, and he’s defending the budget.

    1. Also, I can’t see anyone sitting behind him. So it’s possible he’s talking to a mostly empty room.

      1. I believe he still holds the floor. Some Republicans can spell him I think through some parliamentary magic.

        Also, even with everyone there he’s speaking to an empty room.

      2. I love watching CSPAN! It’s what I talk about at parties!

        1. Well, that one party several years ago anyway…

    2. Should have kept talking to midnight.

  6. Well, that was quick, I was about to post this.

  7. If people start worrying about the deficit by, say, 2020, then if the Republicans are smart they’d nominate someone who isn’t tainted by deficits.

    But this is the same party which had the chance to run on opposition to Obamacare, and nominated the one Republican who was most identified with a similar program…so I’m not very hopeful.

    1. I should have remembered to say debt not deficit, the deficit is just the tip of the iceberg.

      1. Deficit is the key. If that can be controlled, truly, then over time the debt will be reduced by inflation and increased earning of the economy. We should probably be more aggressive about our debt, but if we can even reach revenue neutral then other things will eventually resolve.

        1. Inflation increases the interest rates on the debt. So I don’t think that will work.

          1. Only nominal interest rates; not real rates ifbthe inflation is anticipated (and 2% inflation is always antocioated). And only on new debt. In theory you could just inflate away all the debt in good time if you never intend to borrow again and didn’t care about how it’d affect your citizens . In practice, since the government will never foreswear future borrowing, the point is that the future costs of steady, predictable inflation are already factored into the interest on currently issued bonds, so if we just stop increasing the size of the debt, steady, modest inflation that is taken for granted will gradually reduce the debt load, and therefore the cost of servicing the debt.

    2. And had the chance to run against TARP (McCain), but instead flew back to DC to vote for it.

      1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between “statesmanship” and utter retardation.

      2. McCain is nothing. He’s a warmonger and I can never get past that his supposedly principled stands always seems like just he’s selling himself to the media.

        1. McCain isn’t nothing.

          He’s an asshole with brain cancer.

        2. his supposedly principled stands always seems like just he’s selling himself to the media

          I imagine the same could be said about Abe Lincoln. It could also be said about Hitler, Mussolini, Nicolas Maduro, Rodrigo Duterte, etc., of course. But that’s my point: grandstanding is what politicians do. Hell, what Paul is doing right now could be considered that (since “lone debt Cassandra” is how he markets himself to his constituents- the only people whose opinion materially matters to him). Criticize McCain for his policies, not the fact that he happens to be better than most of his peers at the universal political art-slash-obligation of self-promotion.

        3. He’s clinging to power even with his declining health. He needs to retire.

  8. Oh, and fuck Rand Paul. He just voted for the tax bill that doubled the deficit and created the new trillion dollar deficit.

    1. Plus he apparently totally wants to shut down the government.

    2. As I posted about here, I was not fond of the tax bill’s addition to the debt, but how on Earth did it double it? IIRC the per year increase was about $150 billion. We were already well above $500 billion before that.

      1. *Obviously the numbers I’m talking about are regarding the deficit, not the total debt.

      2. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As the U.S. Congress limps toward the likely passage next week of another stopgap spending bill to avert a government shutdown, a Washington think tank has estimated the federal budget deficit is on track to blow through $1 trillion in 2019.

        If it does, it would be the first time since 2012 the U.S. economy will have to support a deficit so large, highlighting a basic shift for the Republican Party, which has traditionally prided itself on fiscal conservatism.

        The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a Washington fiscal watchdog, said the red ink may rise in fiscal 2019 to $1.12 trillion. If current policies continue, it said, the deficit could top a record-setting $2 trillion by 2027.

        Last FY the deficit was just over $500 billion.

        1. The deficit wasn’t this big since the Republicans last ran things, in 2012!

          1. That is a true statement, but only because the Republicans accidentally got sequestration passed.

        2. That $1.12 Trillion includes the $150BB from the tax cuts you mendacious fuck.

          And your beloved Democrats could always offer up $150BB in cuts to ANY programs and then smear the Republicans even more as the big spending shitheels they are. Instead, they just agreed to spending more money they don’t fucking have.

          1. The $150/B per year was the White House bullshit spin on the cost of the tax bill. They did it using something called “dynamic scoring” which is just pulling number out of their ass.

            1. That’s pretty much par for the course regardless of who’s running things.

            2. Even without dynamic scoring it didn’t increase the deficit to 1.5TT per year, fucktard.

              And the Democrats are STILL supporting this budget so their fake claims of caring about the deficit ring as hollow as Republicans claims under Obama.

        3. Fuck the austerity!

        4. Wat?

          Your claim would only be true if the increase in the deficit was solely caused by the tax cuts, which you haven’t shown at all.

          And regarding your claim below, the $1.5 trillion over 10 years was the number the CBO projected, and they don’t use dynamic scoring. Even it is greater than that, it’s nowhere near enough to cause a more than $500 billion increase in one year.

        5. The deficit will increase by roughly 250 billion for every 1% increase in interest rates. So the Fed has actually been subsidizing the deficit to the tune of about 750 billion/year for the last decade or so. That is, in theory, one thing that has started being unwound. Though it will only continue until it causes a financial panic and homeowners insist that they need yet more time on the tit now that they are comfortable.

        6. A conservative is a 19th-century Comstock Law bigot. Antiqueness has nothing to do with economics, and right-wing means only clinging to the Jesus-myth?s loincloth rather than Mohammed’s hat or Marx’s beard. The only reason “conservatives” quit worshipping socialism was that Russia’s Bolshevik government admitted that it did not worship the Baby Jesus. Before that, William Jennings Bryan, Edward Bellamy, William Dean Howells and other such pietistic populists were frothing with excitement over an Altrurian dictatorship of Red Republicans.

          1. You forget (or conveniently ignore) Abusus non tollit usum when it’s against “them”. You are a tribalist.

            Christians =/= Republicans, Thank God!

          2. Socialism and the right are mutualy exclusive you raving idiot. Seriously Hank, which mental institution are you currently committed to?

      3. Yeah, the tax cut bill had a 10-year cap on new debt at 1.5 trillion, or 150 billion per year. chicken feed.

  9. I’m pretty sure you mean “fiery”.

    1. I think I had a similar confusion…when I was like 9.

  10. On the one hand, he voted for the tax cut without any kind of assurances of future spending cuts, so putting his foot down now because he’s so worried about the deficit feels rather cheap.

    On the other hand, since there were no such assurances, this is exactly what he and other deficit-conscious legislators should be doing. So I hesitate to call these crocodile tears.

    1. tax cut without any kind of assurances of future spending cuts

      Has this ever worked? We get the assurances, but never the spending cuts.

  11. Republicans don’t like spending money any more than Democrats do.

    1. But they all love to spend other people’s money.

      They only differ in how they want to squander that money.

  12. Is this one of those things where McConnell let’s him talk for a while then holds the vote anyway?

    1. Yes, basically. Paul’s speech may be a lot of bluster, but it is getting a principled, reduced govt position some airtime, finally. If he can’t offer amendments, he can at least get some airtime for his cause.

  13. I wonder if anybody will listen.

  14. Rand Paul is for lower taxes and less spending. When the opportunity arose reduce taxes he voted for it. When a bill was presented that would dramatically increase spending he opposed it…. pretty simple

    1. Just don’t say he’s for reducing the deficit.

      1. Of course he is, just not by raising taxes.

      2. If someone wants to reduce taxes by X, and reduce spending by >X, they are for reducing the deficit. It’s pretty straightforward.

    2. Randal Paul is for sending men with guns to coerce and kill physicians who help pregnant women exercise individual rights. Those rights were enforced after the LP plank was copied by La Suprema Corte as the Roe v. Wade decision. It could be that Their Honors also read Robert Heinlein’s “I Will Fear No Evil,” seasoned as it was with judicial jargon, but the Libertarian plank is recognizably the lead paragraph in that decision. The Prohibition Party then shrieked they wanted a Constitutional Amendment forcing coathanger abortions as the only choice, and the Republican Partei copied that and have pasted it into their platforms ever since. The LP wrote the Supreme Court decision, and the Prohibition Party has written the Republican planks in a desperate effort to strip women of individual rights. That is the party Ron and Randal Paul support. Neither could be elected dog zoner in Canada.

      1. Seriously, fuck off. Thread jackingt abortion obsessed asshole. I’ll bet you think Kermit Gosnell was a martyr too.

  15. I see the trillion dollar coin people are back to caring about the deficit.

    1. Wha.. whatabout Democrats’ hypocrisy for being deficit hawks when they don’t even think deficits matter!

      Isn’t that just as bad as Republicans borrowing trillions of dollars to give Christmas presents to multibillionaires and bomb Muslims! Nay, even worse, because they also shamefully believe in helping people, the most important thing government isn’t supposed to do!

  16. Rand Paul being for massively costly tax cuts for gazillionaires and against increases in spending for any other purpose makes him a shameless hypocrite of course. But that’s only halfway to the ongoing decades-long hypocrisy of Republicans in general, who shut down the government, demand cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and are absolutely opposed any new spending by Democrats when Democrats are in power. And–get this–their excuse is the deficit they themselves ran up.

    Meanwhile Democrats aren’t allowed to borrow for any reason–even during a recession to do useful and vital projects. Each disaster aid package comes with strings or is actually opposed by the likes of Rand Paul.

    This is what looting a country looks like. And you’re all too fucking Team Red to notice.

    1. “Rand Paul being for massively costly tax cuts for gazillionaires”

      You slimy shit-pile, do you ever post without lying?

      1. You’re like a feral child whose only comfort is clinging to daddy Hannity’s leg.

        1. Tony|2.9.18 @ 12:11AM|#
          “You’re like a feral child whose only comfort is clinging to daddy Hannity’s leg.”

          You’re not “like” a lying shitbag, you are one.
          I doubt I’ve actually ever heard Hannity, unless he happened to be on a TV where I was vistiting.
          You, you pathetic excuse for humanity, seem to listen to him regularly.
          Fuck off, shitbag.

        2. “Hannity’s”

          Why is it always the same small handful of names with this guy? It’s like his knowledge on this subject is as abjectly deficient as all the other subjects.

          1. My knowledge on the subject of GOP propagandists and their talking points du jour is obviously greater than anyone here, not a one of whom has even heard of FOX News!

            1. It’s as broad and wide as your knowledge on anything else.

            2. You have no knowledge Tony.

        3. “You’re like a feral child whose only comfort is clinging to daddy Hannity’s leg.”

          Tony, you’re a communist. You exist as part of the Marxist hive mind, yet you call someone out like this. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Another reason your life has no value and no one could ever love you. Anyone who has the misfortune to know you will be better off without you. So go drink your Drano.

    2. You understand that money doesn’t belong to the federal government, right? That like 95% of tax payers are seeing a reduction, not just those filthy one percenters? That the groups that pay the most taxes in a progressive tax system will see the largest gains from cuts?

    3. Still making shit up about the tax bill I see. Have you not noticed unemployment is at the lowest point in decades and wages are rising significantly for the first time in years?

      And stop your moronic partisan bitching about how the poor little Democrats don’t get what they want: they got everything they could dream of out of this budget: tens of billions of dollars to be pissed away on “infrastructure spending” which will be doled out to friendly companies in their constituencies. Or subsidies for useless liberal arts degrees for thousands of people. They’re getting all the pork they want and they’re not even in power.

      It’s real rich, though, after Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus (that utterly failed to stimulate the economy) that you’re just now discovering what looting the country looks like.

  17. Tony, Jesus loves you.

    1. I don’t think I know any Jesuses. I have a secret crush??

      1. Homosexualists have crushes? Learn something every day.

      2. Tony is only turned on by the baby version of Jesus.

  18. Tony, tell me all about Wakanda.

    1. T’Challa would surely put Tony to death.

  19. Randal would make Anthony Comstock and the Prohibition Party proud. Indeed, the Prohis could probably score a few spoiler votes if the Senator were to re-register with that original 1976 coathanger abortion lobby. But the take-away in all this is that the God’s Own Prohibitionist half of the Kleptocracy would before the world lick the blacking off of Hitler and Stalin’s boots in exchange for more pelf, boodle and jobs for its ward-heelers and lobbyists with largesse. I am grateful for the Senator from Narcotic-Farm Kentucky for seeing to it that his colleagues’ masks slipped so revealingly.

    1. Indeed, the Prohis could probably score a few spoiler votes if the Senator were to re-register with that original 1976 coathanger abortion lobby.

      Yes, must make sure to make murder as easy as possible!

      1. Fuck off woman slaver.

        1. Tony, go drink your Drano.

        2. So you think murder is a woman’s right?

          (You didn’t actually argue against the premise, so that’s what I must conclude.)

    2. Hank, you’re an idiot. Babbling piece of shit.

  20. Rand cast an anti-war vote a while back which triggered his progressive neighbor into brutally assaulting him in a sneak attack.

    I hope he keeps his guard up against his other easily-triggered-to-violence progressive neighbors.

  21. “A country cannot go on forever spending money this way,”

  22. Sen. Paul made quite a few good points, and said things that really needed to be said, even if they fell on deaf ears.
    I did start to get a little uncomfortable when he invoked the spectre of William Proxmire and taught a little history lesson about the Golden Fleece awards.

    I’m the first to admit that probably 75% of what the USG does doesn’t seem to be a part of its legal remit, but I also remember that ARPA initially tried to shut down the first (organically evolved) Internet mailing list circa 1975, because it seemed to be off-task and a waste of resources. To ARPA officials’ credit, they relented, and we were all better for it (at least for a while).

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  24. Kudos and high priase to Senator Rand Paul for his standing tall and firm against recklessly increasing the already horrific and unsustainable national U.S. Debt.

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