WATCH: The Case for School Choice in 2018

Tackling the Most Persistent Arguments Against School Choice-and Why They Are Wrong


Demand for school choice is growing, as parents look for the best educational outcomes for children who are often stuck in low-performing government schools. Unfortunately, media accounts often do not offer a fair and accurate picture of school choice policies and the many positive stories and outcomes for families that participate in a wide variety of options, including public charter schools, public magnet programs, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling.

The panel will feature Matthew Ladner, Ph.D., who is the Senior Research Fellow at the Charles Koch Institute; Jason Bedrick, the Director of Policy for EdChoice; and Lisa Snell, who directs Reason's Education and Child Welfare research program.

Reason celebrates National School Choice Week with this live event at our Los Angeles Headquarters.

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4 responses to “WATCH: The Case for School Choice in 2018

  1. Unfortunately, media accounts often do not offer a fair and accurate picture….

    I cannot argue against this observation in good faith.

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  2. I’m baffled that anyone that went to a public school would ever argue FOR public education.

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