Government Shutdown

The Government Shutdown Is Over for Now

Another shutdown looms in three weeks.


Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

Senate Democrats supplied the necessary votes to reopen the federal government after striking a temporary deal with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), according to multiple media reports this afternoon.

McConnell, speaking on the Senate floor Monday morning, promised to have a "fair" debate on an immigration bill with an open amendment process as long as Democrats voted to re-open the government by helping Republicans pass a continuing resolution (CR). The CR bill passed with an 82–18 vote in the Senate shortly after noon.

Democrats had withheld their support last week in order to force a settlement on the so-called "DREAMers," immigrants who entered the country illegally as children and were given special status by the Obama administration with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. Those individuals could be deported beginning in mid-March, unless Congress or the White House extend the protections included in the DACA bill, something President Donald Trump has said he will not do.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) accepted that deal, which will keep the government open for another three weeks. Significantly, the more progressive wing of the Democratic caucus—including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—largely voted against the CR on the Senate floor Monday.

Monday's action starts the clock ticking on the next shutdown, which could happen February 8 if no deal is reached on immigration and several other issues. Republicans are seeking to lift spending caps on order to pump more money into the Pentagon, Trump wants funding for his border wall, and Democrats want a path to citizenship for the DREAMers.

In other words, the fundamental disagreements that led to this shutdown have not been resolved in any meaningful way.

Even if McConnell allows an immigration bill to reach the Senate floor, right-wing opposition to even the most basic immigration reforms—here's where we remind you that more than 80 percent of Americans say the DREAMers should be allowed to become U.S. citizens—could sink the effort, either in the Senate or in the House. If that happens, Democrats could use their leverage to force another shutdown.

Congressional dysfunction remains high. We're no closer to having an actual federal budget. Republicans are determined to increase spending, even if that requires devising ways to ignore or abolish spending caps they helped implement in the Obama years. The three-week CR is laughably short. This isn't governing from crisis to crisis so much as it's governing from paycheck to paycheck in the midst of a never-ending crisis.

Complicating matters is the fact that no one seems to know what Trump wants out of a potential long-term deal—including, possibly, Trump himself. The president has flip-flopped on DACA several times since taking office, and he may have torpedoed a bipartisan immigration deal with his remark about "shithole countries" two weeks ago. Trump was largely silent, except for a few tweets, during the three-day shutdown; it's hard to imagine how Republicans will walk an incredibly thin tightrope on immigration policy without guidance and political cover from the White House.

The Panda Cam is on for now, but don't get too attached to it.

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  1. Mitch McConnell smiling looks like a promotional still from a horror movie.

    1. Have you no respect for the bluegrass boyar?

      1. Literally none whatsoever.

        1. Join the club.

        2. Is negative respect possible?

          1. Is positive respect for Hillary possible? I don’t think even her supporters actually respect her.

            1. #Whataboutism

              but but but HILLARY!

              1. Do you have some kind of point? Or are you just engaging in more proggy whining and bleating?

                1. I answered his question. You, not so much.

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    2. If this Congress thing doesn’t work out…

      1. At least they have towels in the gym.

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  2. I think Schumer caved because he wasn’t himself. He was napping in his office this weekend and his body was entered by the Spirit of Harry Reid’s Incompetence. The spirit is ruling his body now.

    1. How would you notice, other than the change in accent?

    2. Thanks for the laugh. I’ll be looking for Chuck to start mumbling ‘Koch brothers…’ on every issue without blinking at some point. I don’t think he’s there yet, but senators do seem to enjoy making each other crazy for sport.

    3. I’m surprised Tester voted against it. He must be pretty confident that the shitlibs in Billings and Bozeman will turn out in high enough numbers to put him back in office this year.

  3. Sadly we’ll never have a real housecleaning of those nice to have but not when we’re $30 trillion in debt expenses. Like the study on gendered icebergs…

    1. Like the study on gendered icebergs…

      Need to think bigger. You could eliminate all academic research grants and the debt/deficit would be pretty much exactly the same.

  4. Fuck it, shut things down over DACA. Seriously. See how long Democrats are willing to keep their spending at zero in favor of non-Americans.

    Please note that when Democrats could have passed any immigration reform they wanted, they choose to pursue nativist programs like healthcare entitlements for citizens.

    Only now, when it’s an issue that they can’t possible do anything about, are they at all interested in talking about it. If you think that’s an accident, you’ve been drinking too much mercury.

    1. Heffalumps voted against Obamacare until it mattered. Politicians are invertebrates, as a rule.

    2. I think the problem for the GOP politically in this situation is that as a party, they don’t seem to know what they want in this situation. Say what you will about the Democrats, but they’re pretty clear about what they want here, and the same was true in the previous shutdown battles under Obama.

      The GOP can’t seem to decide whether they want to tie the DACA fix to the spending bill, or what such a fix should look like. Between the president and the various wings of the party in Congress, there isn’t really a coherent message the party is sending. They’d have trouble passing anything even if they didn’t need 60 votes in the Senate.

      Also, the shutdown doesn’t put spending at zero. The vast majority of spending continues unabated, and most of what doesn’t continue gets spent anyway once the shutdown is over.

      1. Say what you will about the Democrats, but they’re pretty clear about what they want here,

        They are?

        and the same was true in the previous shutdown battles under Obama.

        It was? I suppose if their master stroke was to keep Ted Cruz from winning the nomination then, ‘Well played, Democrats, I guess well played.’

        1. The Democrats want a DACA fix/Dream Act and spending increases. In 2013, they wanted to continue the status quo and/or expand funding, and in particular to keep funding the ACA.

          Not liking what they want doesn’t mean they aren’t being clear about where they stand. If you set aside the Republicans, the Democrats could probably craft a bill that got the support of every member in their party, or close to it. Can you really say the same about the Republicans in the opposite scenario? Could McConnell put something together that would placate Susan Collins, Tom Cotton, Rand Paul, and Jeff Flake? And that isn’t even getting into the House side of the equation.

          1. The Democrats want amnesty. Nothing more, and nothing less. Refer to the last half century or so if you’re of a mind to collect evidence. That’s because they don’t know how to keep their nativist promises while also keeping their immigration promises since those two things are literally opposite sides of the coin that can’t balance together.

            Democrats are the party of cognitive dissonance. How else can they possibly think that things like the minimum wage are a good thing while also saying we need to import more immigrants? It’s like the Democrats forgot that they enacted the minimum wage precisely to hurt immigrants. HAHA, oh history you make Democrats look so fucking stupid.

            If you think the Democrats ‘make sense’ it can only be because you are ignorant. There is literally no other possible explanation as their party is schizophrenic on every issue.

            1. I’m talking about how the Democrat’s messaging of what they want in these particular budget battles is clear to the average voter. Most people aren’t listening to the shutdown debate and then (competently) pondering how each party’s position makes sense compared to their stance on the minimum wage.

              “Fund the government with DACA/Dream Act” is a much more clear position to the average person than “Well some of us want DACA, and others not. And some only want it under conditions X, Y, and Z. And then some of us think this bill needs to cut spending while others think it should stay the same or increase.”

              Step back and take a breather for a second, and you might understand that I’m not defending the Democrats or saying their ideology makes perfect sense. I’m just saying that their message on the shutdown battle sounds more consistent than the GOP’s because there is less ideological disagreement on the issue than there is within the GOP.

              1. Yes, their ‘messaging’ is clear to those individuals who have no rationality or basis of reasoning. That is who their ‘messaging’ is aimed at. If I sound accusatory towards you in particular, it’s unintentional.

                It is simply true that the Democrats platform is schizophrenic, and that their show of unity is made much easier by their complete and utter lack of ability to accomplish anything without GOP support right now. It’s merely a flip-flop from how it was with the Republicans under Obama (until they gained power, obviously).

                How does one support a sky-high minimum wage while also supporting open immigration and/or amnesty? Easy. Just don’t know anything whatsoever about either of those two things while making decisions. It’s really that simple.

                1. I don’t disagree, I would just add that I don’t think the Republican’s offer a particularly consistent message to rational people either. The Dems position on immigration does seem odd given their historical stance on labor issues.

                  1. Shouldn’t be an apostrophe in Republicans there.

                  2. The problem here is that I am neither party, yet for some reason when I criticize Democrats people assume it’s because I support Republicans (and the other way around, which is perhaps even more hilarious).

                    I do not support Republicans, unless that Republican happens to be Rand Paul specifically and even he ain’t perfect. Both parties are morally bankrupt and we are on the certain road to doom.

                    I hate Democrats more than Republicans, but it’s mostly because I find them to be more hypocritical in general and because Democrats are more openly socialist/communist which is essentially the antithesis to my entire world view.

                    1. I understand, people make the opposite conclusion about me.

                    2. Well of course it’s easier to hate slavers more than non slavers. The GOP is almost hopelessly lost, but at least they’re not dedicated slavers.

      2. Democrats do not know what they want, and they are not clear about it. It changes by the minute, according to the circumstances of that day. In other words opportunism, plain and simple.

        If reporters used the same verbiage between parties, we would be hearing all about how Democrats voted in a nativist program like the ACA over saving brown people, and it would be ceaselessly pointed out how they are racist because of it.

        So you’ll forgive me if I give negative fucks about this situation. Democrats weren’t serious about immigrants under Obama, and they’re doubly not serious about it now. They’re in the position of being able to win points in the exact same ways Republicans did under Obama.

        They’re all hat, no cattle, but I’m supposed to just sit here and hear about how Republicans are racist nativists when all evidence points to the same exact opinion on the Democrat side? Give me a fucking break. The only plan Democrats have in terms of immigration are amnesty, amnesty, and oh did I forget amnesty? That’s not a plan.

        1. That was Ronald Reagan’s plan, but it’s not Democrats’. It should be, but it’s not.

          Immigration is one of the most inaugurating political subjects because nothing Republicans care about has any connection to reality. We don’t have an immigration problem. We don’t have an immigrant crime problem. We don’t have an immigrant welfare state problem. It’s all a bunch of nothing.

          Unless you get one to admit that the reality is their primary voters hate brown people and want to kick as many out as possible.

          1. infuriating*, that was weird

            1. I sort of took it as is and thought you meant it was one of those starting or basal issues that is at the core of certain people’s beliefs.

          2. Are you really so stupid that you think that just because Reagan did something that it automatically means the Democrats are against it?

            But by all means, continue to distract from things like the minimum wage and unions being explicitly designed and founded to literally keep immigrants out of the market.

            1. Every institution in America was originally designed to shit on minorities. Want to talk about some of the highlights in the history of libertarianism?

              And that’s not what I meant to imply. I meant to imply that the GOP used to be able to be sane on this subject, even to the extent of mass amnesty. That was within my lifetime. Now amnesty is a bad word (for a libertarian, that’s kind of odd). And not only is it a bad word, every tiny attempt at basic human decency Democrats or Republicans try to offer immigrants is labelled amnesty and sent to Rush Limbaugh to screech about.

              1. So you’ve come full circle and you now agree with me that the Democrat plan is amnesty, amnesty, and oh yes more amnesty.

                It really didn’t take long for you to reverse yourself. You really should learn to hold onto a train of thought.

                Every institution in America was originally designed to shit on minorities.

                This is actually not true, but it is almost entirely true of Democrat creations. Coincidence?

                1. No that is most assuredly not remotely their plan. Their plan is to attempt to appease Latino voters by standing up for the absolute most sympathetic immigrant groups and letting Republicans get away with shitting on all the rest.

                  it is almost entirely true of Democrat creations.

                  Oh, sometimes I forget this place is populated by those who actually listen to Limbaugh.

                  1. Ha, Limbaugh. Such a powerful argument in the face of almost a century of programs like the minimum wage, strong union support, and having as many members belong to the KKK as there are members. I’m sure you’d love to say that reflects the Republican party, but unfortunately the history books still show that it was Democrats in charge.

                    Unless, of course, you think LBJ was a Republican? Say it ain’t so…

                    1. The apartheid-supporting Southern racists defected and formed the modern Republican party, which now skews largely rural and white. Any idiot understands this.

                      The mere recitation of this mindless bit of historical semantics overlays a racist premise: that blacks and Latinos are voting for Democrats despite it being the party of the real racists. Boy, they must be really dumb, huh?

                    2. Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act and remained prominent Team Blue politicians until their deaths this century. The ridiculous narrative that the GOP went ‘Red Rover Red Rover send racists on over” sometime in the 60s is so demonstrably false as to be patently obvious to anyone but a Team Blue shill like you.

                    3. You know, except for people like Robert Byrd.

                    4. Save it for someone stupid enough to buy it. “But Robert Byrd!” excuses the Republican party for all its racism, past and present. I know, I know.

                    5. You’re a functional retard Tony since Democrats still support those programs. You need to get new talking points, yours were clearly meant for the 12-14 ‘young adult’ demographic.

                    6. Tony uses ‘Media Matters’ talking points and MSNBC sound bites, and thinks that crap will actually work here. I’ve got a proggy at my gym that does that. He’s afraid to talk politics in front of me.

                    7. Tony, that whole trope about democrats going to the GOPafter the sixties has been disproven. It’s just a fairy tale progtards tell the younguns to hide the fact you democrats are rabid racists.

              2. It’s funny you keep bleating about Limbaugh. Especially when it’s unlikely that much of anyone here listens to him. Except probably you.

          3. Tony, we tried amnesty under Reagan. It was a huge failure and fixed nothing (in part because, as usual, a promise from a democrat is worth nothing). So why would we do that again? Only a moron like you thinks that’s a viabl solution.

            1. What were the Clinton years amnesty, chopped liver?

              1. Chopped dog shit.

        2. Once again, calm down and actually try to understand the other person’s argument before you start banging on strawmen. I completely agree with you about the Democrats being hypocrites and opportunists on this issue over the years. All I was saying is that on the shutdown battle, there is a more consistent message from them because there’s less disagreement within their ranks on the issue.

          1. I am calm, but your point amounts to ‘Politicians agree when nothing is on the line’ which is as obvious as saying ‘the sky is blue’.

            1. Do you think there would be substantial disagreement on this issue among Democrats if they were in power? Again, going back to the question above, who do you think would have an easier time crafting a DACA/CR bill acceptable to all or at least the vast majority of their party: Schumer/Pelosi or Ryan/McConnell? I simply think regardless of what’s on the line the Democrats have more uniformity of opinion on this issue.

              1. Do you think there would be substantial disagreement on this issue among Democrats if they were in power?

                Yes, and I know this because they didn’t pass immigration reform while in power which is the best metric I can think of offhand.

                Much like how Republicans were completely united behind killing the ACA until they were in power.

                This should not be surprising, but it’s even more true when a party doesn’t have a supermajority which is an excuse the Democrats in particular can’t use since they literally had one.

                1. And, notably, as I pointed out immigration and protectionist programs can’t work well together which is ultimately why I think they opted for healthcare since it was easier to build a consensus of ‘it should be free’ among their socialist and progressive membership.

                  Immigration is a lot more complicated since it would necessarily mean less intrusion by the state into the private market. That is at odd’s with progressivism and socialisms desire to centrally plan, hence amnesty which is essentially a ‘we’ll figure it out later after we’re a utopia’ kind of answer.

    3. Or, you know, it might be because the DACA question was itself an “immigration reform they wanted” and it’s now expiring in March.

  5. McConnell had already reneged on his promise to bring DACA to a vote in January in exchange for Flake’s support for the tax bill. So I think McConnell’s strategy was to run out the clock on Trump’s time limit on DACA. Don’t hold any votes, just let the thing expire. Schumer’s antics secured at least a very public and definite commitment to vote on DACA. It probably wasn’t worth shutting down the government over it but it wasn’t a total capitulation.

    1. The whole thing is such a shitshow. Trying to balance the interests of all of these groups, just on the immigration issue, is close to impossible:

      – Establishment and moderate Republicans
      – The hardcore nativists
      – Rank-and-file conservatives in between those two groups
      – Democrats
      – Trump/Executive branch

      And then when you add on all the fiscal-related debate in a CR, the situation gets even more complicated.

      1. Well I think this gets back to Suderman’s article earlier about the complete brokenness of the Congressional budgeting process. Of course DACA is attached to a spending bill because literally the only thing that everyone in Congress can agree on is to spend tons of money. Every priority now must be attached to a spending bill because that is the only thing guaranteed to be brought up for a vote by either tribe.

        I just wish that there was some way out of this complete mess, but I don’t see what it could be.

        1. “I just wish that there was some way out of this complete mess, but I don’t see what it could be.”

          Something something… tree of liberty… something something… blood of tyrants

      2. The situation is complicated at all: US Congress is primarily responsible for the well being of US citizens. The only reason we have a shutdown is because Democrats are holding Congress hostage to the demands of illegal aliens; and they are doing that in a cynical attempt to skew demographics in their own favor.

        1. That right there is a perfect summary of this whole mess. But to point that out is considered racist.

  6. Worst game of chicken ever.

    1. Over non-citizens who’re illegally in the country…

      If the Dems keep doubling down on immigration, they’d better get really used to Trump and people like him being in the White house.

      1. You describe an ethnically warring shitshow run by demagogues like it’s a good thing.

        1. Tony, Trump is the best thing in the White a house in decades. Since Reagan anyway. Until we can get you progressives out of this country we probably won’t be able to do much better.

      2. As far as immigration issues go, it seems DACA Is about as politically safe of a thing to stand for as any.

      3. There are lots of non-citizens in this country. Odds are, you have some non-citizens in your past as well. (If you’re white or black, the odds are 100%.)

        The Dreamers aren’t here illegally any longer. That’s the whole point of DACA. They came here illegally, through no choice of their own, and became temporarily legal under DACA. They’re documented immigrants with the right to work, pay taxes, and even join the military.

        1. Or, more correctly, their deportation was temporarily postponed.

        2. Through an executive branch action. I do not understand why the Emperor gets to decide everything.

    2. Odd indeed. Normally it’s the republicans that suck at it. What this means is there is no consensus on the left. And, like good progs, they can’t function in a horizontal structure without it. Could this mean…Trump is winning? It can’t be the GOP – they only figured out who the president was just a couple months ago.

  7. Trump “may have torpedoed a bipartisan immigration deal with his remark about “shithole countries” two weeks ago.”

    I think you confuse who shot that torpedo. An utterance (“shithouse countries”) in a private meeting while negotiating vs leaking story to the press to gin up the OUTRAGE.

    Ya, it vas Herr Durkin.

    Herr Schumer, upon seeing the still-live torpedo miss the USS Stormy Daniels and return to sender, agrees to end the shutdown. Who now has more leverage to get more of what they want?

    1. I’d heard that people were trying to pretend “shithouse” was what he really said and that it was intended as a serious commend on countries with poor plumbing. Because, you know, we always use plumbing as a metric when talking about other countries!?

      I couldn’t believe anyone could be that gullible. But here we are with someone using it seriously.

      1. Since democrats are such sociopathic liars, who can say what was really said. Dick Durbin is such a conniving piece of shit he even attacked our own military personnel during wartime to advance his political goals. I wouldn’t believe a goddamn thing that comes out of his mouth on face value.

    2. The hardest part of playing chicken is knowing when to flinch.

  8. Republicans can’t even provide relief from expulsion for people who are 100% American except some paperwork (which is the fault of their parents when they were children), not because of any ideological commitment or genuine democratic support (this is the most sympathetic group of immigrants possible), but because if they give a single inch on helping out the brown people, some fat talk radio assface will take them down in the primaries. It happened to Eric Cantor. They’re fucked on this thing. More importantly, so are the human beings they’re going to deport because their party is in a racist death spiral.

    1. 100% American except some paperwork

      I am 100% Billionaire, except for some paperwork!

      1. I’m a billionaire too – but there are only a few currencies where that checks out. The dollar isn’t on the list.

    2. So you’re saying that when Democrats give a temporary stay of deportation that what they actually meant was citizenship?

      Hmm…it sounds like you think Obama was a real bastard to me.

      1. Obama was a real bastard when it came to immigration. I kept trying to tell him, Republicans are never going to give you credit for this, you know?

        What is the problem you want to solve with immigration policy, precisely?

        1. You would need to ask Democrats, who are notably the party seeking immigration reform.

    3. So this argument again.

      If parents can’t pay rent, the property owner can evict them, including kids who had nothing to do with the rental agreement. Aside from immigration, liberals don’t make exceptions for legal obligation (especially property and intellectual rights of the ultra wealthy) and strive to create a bunch of arbitrary ones – like safe spaces and diversity quotas. If Tony can’t stay in my house because he secretly mows my lawn, and undocumented aliens can’t stay in America because they’re “100% American” or other random standard that has little to do with their legal standing.

      The courts struck down Obama’s EO because congress needs to be involved in resolving the DACA situation. Trump deferred the matter to congress as he should. What did the democrats propose? They could have given Trump his largely meaningless wall and at least gotten a stay of deportation.

      The democrats could have resolved this many months ago. They didn’t, because it’s in their interests for these DACA kids to remain in limbo. Durbin’s crew knew they were dealing with a mercurial president who was nevertheless eager to make a DACA deal, and they leaked the “shithole” comment anyways. Yeah, they knew exactly what they were doing.

      1. Schumer offered the stupid wall. Then Trump’s dementia kicked in. Sorry, “best leadership skills in the history of humankind.”

        Citizenship and property rights are not completely analogous. And frankly the level of callousness that you people are willing to treat millions of human beings is psychopathic. And there’s not even a problem to solve other than their mere existence.

        1. So it is psychopathic for people to live in their home country until they are granted citizenship in another country?

        2. Tony, that’s a funny comment! Not based in reality in any way, but funny nonetheless. You silly bitch.

        3. Rules are for chumps. Just take a flight to America on a tourist visa, ignore the visa rules (this is America after all, who cares about stupid crap like following the law in regards to visas, that works for other shithole countries like France and Germany and Canada), wait for the feels to roll in, and become a citizen through legislative blackmail.

          Sprinkle in allegations of racism for anyone alleging annoyance at the whole charade and publish countless articles of heartbreaking stories with beautiful illegal alien babies. Win.

        4. And frankly the level of callousness that you people are willing to treat millions of human beings is psychopathic.

          What you call “callousness” is the rule of law, across the globe. If you’re not a citizen, you have no right or expectation to keep living in a country, no matter how much you may want it. That’s what every immigrant has to deal with. I have had to deal with it myself when I lived in different countries.

          What is “callous” and “psychopathic” is that you and the Democrats are advocating treating illegal migrants better than people who obey US law.

    4. people who are 100% American except some paperwork

      Well, that and their birthplace isn’t in America or on a military base or embassy or anything that is legally considered U.S. soil.

      Ditto that for their parents.

      But yeah, totally 100% American.

      1. Why does it matter to you?

        1. Matter, as in the law? I know that concept is alien to your progtards, but to real Americans it means something.

    5. So, I take it that you will also be for the ostensibly unlimited chain migration of people from (to take a phrase attributed to President Trump) shit-hole countries? In the parlance of leftists today – F – U, Tony!

    6. Tony, everyone knows you progressives ar the real racists here. Just admit what too are.

    7. Republicans can’t even provide relief from expulsion for people who are 100% American except some paperwork (which is the fault of their parents when they were children),

      Good. I keep hoping that they will stand firm on this.

      More importantly, so are the human beings they’re going to deport because their party is in a racist death spiral.

      It’s the Democrats who have always been racist and continue to be racist. Voters seem to be waking up to this.

  9. Aww. I was so looking forward to a 3 or 4 week media extravaganza, where they flushed out free range morons to put in front of the camera demanding the very same government that would be continuing to show up to work m-f “do something” about the alleged shutdown. But it also occurs to me: the real game being the budget, Harry Reid has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that our federal government is now setup to run 100% on autopilot. So what do we need congress for, anyway? They don’t do regular order anymore [funding agency by agency, with all the debate that accompanies it], and they don’t do any meaningful oversight. They also haven’t gotten off the dime to impeach sitting judges trying to steal their constitutional power to form immigration policy this past year. Not to pour salt in old wounds, but this is an institution that decided not to remove two sitting AG’s for a plethora of wrongful deaths caused directly by their malfeasance – one being Reno’s mass child bbq in Texas, the other being Holder giving guns to drug cartels that resulted in hundreds of deaths including US law enforcement. It seems ‘legislative branch’ just no longer works to describe congress… we need a new name.

    1. Amen to that, Flinch. I second you.

    2. It seems ‘legislative branch’ just no longer works to describe congress… we need a new name.

      Easy, just call them congress, since they are the opposite of progress.

  10. Where in HELL did you come up with that 80% of Americans want the Dream Act and the unsustainable chain migration that goes with it? I have been a Libertarian long before I registered as one, but find that many posts now are inane, anti constitutional. The founding fathers are having their graves pissed on by many with their leftist (not Libertarian) ideas. If this is going to be the Libertarian Party of the future, I shall not be a part of it.

  11. So, “we” have roads again?

  12. “Republicans are seeking to lift spending caps on order to pump more money into the Pentagon”

    Just last September, Congress increased military spending from $619,000,000,000 to $700,000,000,000? Already they need more?

    1. Just doesn’t go as far as it used to.

    2. The demand for free sex change operations turned out to be bigger than expected.

  13. The Government Shutdown Is Over for Now

    Too bad. I was hoping for at least a few days. Two weeks would be even better, because I have it on good authority that at that point, shutdowns finally start hurting.

    Another shutdown looms in three weeks.

    I guess there is hope yet.

  14. What? The government shut down? Didn’t notice.

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  16. Trump should not budge an inch. With DACA he has everything he needs to make the Dems look like shit to most people.

    Most people are OKAY with letting the DACA illegal immigrants get amnesty… But the numbers are very different for every other thing the Dems want. Most don’t want broad amnesty. Most don’t want chain migration. Most want lower overall numbers of legal immigration. A slight majority even wants the wall.

    So Trump just needs to keep saying “All I want is what most of America wants: 1. End to chain migration. 2. End to diversity lottery. 3. End to unskilled immigration and shifting to a points system. 4. Build the wall. Give me that, and I’ll sign off on DACA. If the Democrats won’t do it, everybody needs to understand they’re the ones ignoring the will of most of the country.”

    It will kill the Dems because all of the above is borne out by polling. He has the upper hand, and should just let the government shut down if the Democrats won’t do it. It’ll be all on them over something they’re completely out of step with versus most of the country. He’d be a fool to not use this to push through a major immigration reform.

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