Dems Use Government Shutdown Threat to Demand Policy Concessions, Women's March Returns, Major Budget Cuts for Drug Control Office? A.M. Links


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  1. The possibility of a federal shutdown moved closer to a certainty after Senate Democrats rallied against [Senate Republicans’] proposal…

    So the GOP is going to shut it down!

    1. Hello.

    2. When Republicans are in power: “Democrats appear intent on securing concessions…”

      When Democrats are in power: “REPUBLICANS ARE HOLDING THE COUNTRY HOSTAGE!!!”

      1. Well, yea. Democrats care about the people. And Republicans are just bad with bad intentions. They’re like literally figuratively fascists. Tony said so.

      2. Democrats will cave first. Government shut downs actually hurt their agenda more than Republicans. The Republicans are just rolling back government, so a shutdown would temporarily slow that trend.

        You cannot have social security, welfare, and other social welfare programs run smoothly without government.

        The military is considered vital, so not much interruption there.

        1. The Republicans are just rolling back government,

          HAHAHAHAHAHA *snort*

          1. By continuing to spend more money every year than they did the year before.

            1. Rolling back is not just about how much money is spent.

              Hopefully Democrats agree to help Republicans spend less after Republicans have rolled back some government.

          2. Tax reform is adding government in poser’s book.

            So is eliminating 2 EOs for every EO desired.

            Poser has great grasp on what is happening.

  2. The Women’s March returns this weekend.

    Meanwhile it remains for the rest of the world Men’s January.

      1. Followed by several months of avoiding Facebook harder than usual!

        1. If you haven’t ditched Facebook already you have only yourself to blame.

          1. I only reply to birthday reminders and party invitations. It turns out I really don’t want to know what my friends are up to.

          2. If you haven’t ditched Facebook already you have only yourself to blame.

            I’m kindof a masochist with this stuff. Plus I like to troll my leftist acquaintances. Of which there are an ever shrinking number. They really are the most intolerant people.

          3. My work has banned social media. Oddly enough, I don’t miss Facebook as much as I thought I would. Oddly enough, I seem to be posting on Hit and Run a lot more.

            1. What’s Facebook?

      2. To complete the wardrobe they need t-shirts with upward pointing arrows that say “I’m with stupid”.

      3. Yeah, I hope they wear the hats. Because nothing says “take me seriously” like making your march look like a gaggle of three year-olds.

        1. Do you often see toddlers wearing pussy hats where you’re from?

          1. The pussy hats look very much like the cutesy knit hats toddlers wear.

  3. Trump is reportedly planning major budget cuts to the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    Get ready for Reason articles on all those lost jobs?

  4. announcing they would not lend their votes to a bill that did not reflect their priorities on immigration, government spending and other issues

    They should have thought about that before they didn’t get enough of themselves elected.

    1. Remember when elections had consequences?

      1. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

        1. hee!

    2. If the GOP needs Democrat votes to pass a budget, then it appears they *did* get enough of themselves elected.

  5. Federal prosecutors are dropping cases against 129 people arrested during inauguration-day protests last year. Charges remain against 59 people, who allegedly “engaged in identifiable acts of destruction.”

    So long as we make sure to add 188 to the inauguration totals.

  6. Playboy’s lawsuit is based on an imaginary (and dangerous) version of US copyright law that bears no connection to any US statute or precedent.

    I only read Playboy for the discovery.

    1. It really is interesting how standards of hawtness have evolved over the last fifty years. Not talking about furry vs shaven armpits, but dang, missile tits must have been the thing back in the day.

  7. Trump Reportedly Told Stormy Daniels to Spank Him with an Issue of Forbes

    1. Hey Dipshit, congratulations on being one of the very first (dis)-honorees in the first annual Trump Fake News Awards!!

    2. I always thought he’d be more of a Barron’s guy.

    3. Wouldn’t he want to be spanked with all of those issues of Time magazine where he was on the cover?

    4. Kinky.

  8. …bolster the government’s response to the opioid epidemic.

    Any excuse for an increased police presence. Central planning needs to be enforced somehow.

  9. they would not lend their votes to a bill that did not reflect their priorities…. government spending

    What the holy shit fuck? They want to close the government (aka: no spending) because they want more spending?

    1. no spending

      If by “no spending” you mean “the same spending as before, only pushed down a couple weeks and enhanced with additional spending to cover the setup and teardown”.

  10. The Women’s March returns this weekend.

    Pink Pussy Lizzie can’t wait to bust out that pink pussy hat and march with her fellow leftard lesbians once again.

    1. Why do you hate women, Mikey?

      Is it because they all reject you?

      1. PROJECTION!

        1. Blue Mikey and Red Shreek are two sides of the same unlikable coin.

          1. Is that the trillion dollar coin we can lock away to whittle down the national debt?

            1. More like a Chuck E. Cheese token covered with unidentifiable fluids.

              1. It make sense as the pizza there is covered with unidentifiable solids.

                1. A friend of mine worked (briefly) at Chuck E. Cheese during college. He said one of the worst things he saw there was an unreasonably huge lake of vomit in one of the play tunnels, with a child’s handprint right in the middle of it.

                  You might recognize this as an exact real-world analog of clicking on the comments to a Reason article and seeing a bunch of Mikey/shreek nonsense in it.

                  1. Oh Tony’s/Butt handprint is always in the middle of that muck the lefties yak up.

          2. Literally true.

      2. Well, duh

    2. You should stop pushing red pills up your ass. Just sayin.

  11. …they would not lend their votes to a bill that did not reflect their priorities on immigration, government spending and other issues,” reports The Washington Post this morning.

    Not only are Dreamers going to be deported, but grandma is going to be eating catfood again. Thanks, GOP.

    1. In fewer words: they’re all gonna die.

    2. It immigration was really a priority, why have they done nothing each time they are in power? Weird.

  12. The House Intelligence Committee released testimony from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson about the Steele dossier.

    I thought Pelosi already did this.

    1. That was Feinstein – Chuck Grassley’s friend with benefits.

      1. I always get the lovelies from California mixed up.

        1. You’re thinking of the most beautiful attorney general in the United States.

          1. The ears get me every time

      2. I think the only Friend With Benefits that Chuck Grassley has involves Metamucil and creamed corn.

        1. That’s actually a pretty good insult!

  13. Trump hasn’t appointed a permanent director or “drug czar,” to lead ONDCP or asked Congress for additional funding states say is needed to tackle the crisis.


    1. The White House Office of Management and Budget floated cutting the grant programs completely last year, but the plan was scrapped in the face of fierce resistance from Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

      Libertarian Moment stymied by bipartisan obstructionism

  14. The government shutdown is an existential crisis brought on by the rethuglican congress once again. It puts all Americans at risk. There will be no emergency services, no disaster relief. Social Security and retirement checks will stop being received by some of the most vulnerable Americans. The FDA will stop inspecting food and conducting medical research, putting the lives of the sick and disabled at risk. The VA will close, putting our veterans at risk.

    And why? Just so the Rethuglicans can shove their right wing agenda down the throats of the American people.

    We won’t survive the Drumpfkenfuhrer.

    1. Nann, like I have said many times Trump is a full time liar, con man, and scumbag but his presidency has been rather benign due to his inept leadership.

      Compared to Bush/Cheney and the real damage they did Trump is just a bump in the road.

      1. Stop sucking Drumpf’s cock, you right wing chuck!

      2. Trump is a full time liar

        I can’t take you seriously because you carry water for The Lightbringer and Team Clinton, who are every bit the liars you claim DT is.

          1. You’re a buttplug, you are surrounded and made for shit.

            1. He does have a strange fetish.

          2. And Butt knows shit when it sees it.

    2. I bet Trump doesn’t put up the barrycades in front of the open air war memorials like Block Insane Yomomma did. Unlike the Mofo, Trump actually likes and respects the veterans.

      1. Trump doesn’t give a fuck about veterans you festering puss-hole. He actually shit on a Gold-Star family for political purposes.

        Get your tongue out of his flabby white buttcheeks, Mikey.

        1. He actually shit on a Gold-Star family for political purposes.

          Literally? That’s a man who seriously knows what to do with power.

        2. As a veteran, I have never heard of a “Gold Star family”.

          Sounds made up by politicians like Obama to sound like they love veterans while simultaneously okaying a system that lets veterans die, by taking them off surgery lists to adhere to surgery list requirement time-frames.

          1. Gold Star Mothers was founded in 1928.

            1. As I said, made up by politicians to elicit patriotism in WWI.

              Sexist too. Only open to women.

              Its funny that actual veterans care about certain things relating to them and politicians care about other things relating to veterans. They rarely are the same things.

          2. You must not have lost many friends in combat. I assure you, combat arms of the last 2 decades know the term very well.

            1. I have had family die in most conflicts the USA has ever been involved in, since it founding.

              But yeah, the last two decades of Booosh’s and Obama’s interventions are way different about how veterans dealt with combat loses in the past.

              You people crack me up.

              You know that they still have an Armed Forces Retirement Home after all these years?

      2. The National Parks will close, ruining the vacation of hard-working Americans.

        The mail will stop being delivered, ruining the packages of shopping Americans, and grinding the economy to a halt.

        Medicare will stop working, killing millions of elderly people by denying their access to healthcare.

        And, worst of all, the FBI’s investigation into Drumpf’s treasonous collusion with the Russians to hack our election and steal our democracy from the rightful President Hillary Clinton, will also stop.

        That’s the real motivation behind the Rethuglicans.

        1. It would also hamper the current investigation into Hillary’s business ties to corrupt Uranium dealings.

          Also Hillary’s violation of federal law for mishandling classified information.

          So there’s that.

        2. Username checks out!

          1. *Golf Clap*

          2. Someone’s gotta keep these fuckers legit.


    3. Wow, how stupid are we that we put all these services under the control of something as capricious as the voters?

  15. And Reason links to the post that Boing Boing is being sued for linking to – if there’s a fair use exception for using the link to illustrate the news story of Boing Boing being sued for the link, Boing Boing can simply defend themselves by saying they were using the link to illustrate the news story that the link exists. But I wouldn’t suggest trying that sort of defense if you were providing links in a news story on, say, how ubiquitous links to kiddie pron are on the internets.

  16. “protect from deportation young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children”
    Sure, why not.

    “increase domestic spending”

    “aid Puerto Rico”
    Nope nope.

    “bolster the government’s response to the opioid epidemic”
    (i.e. give fed employees an unpaid vacation… and then give them back-pay later)

  17. OT: I’m trying to piece together an AR on a budget. I intend to get an Anderson complete lower. However, I am having trouble trying to find a decent and relatively inexpensive ($4-600 range) complete upper to go with it. What I have found so far tend to have poor reviews. Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. I’ve got a couple of Stag uppers. I don’t know anything about their current offerings, but that would be my first look just from past experience.

    2. Depends on what you are looking for. This offers a good starting point at companies and styles. Longer rail, heavier barrel, etc?
      Pew pew Tactical

      I have had good experiences with many of the companies mentioned there. Even with massive efforts by gun grabbers, the weapons market is fairly free market with lots of companies competing for customers. Good quality overall and decent prices.

    3. You’ll shoot your eye out.

      Sorry, couldn’t add to the conversation. I keep a 12 gauge Mossberg under the bed, in case any ruffians are in the neighborhood, and I can blast a few shots in the air from my porch and tell them to get lost, Biden style.

      1. #Double-Barrel Joe

      2. I would suspect you racking that 12 gauge would be enough to scare off any ruffians or Tony the Swede.

        I love to keep ’00’ shell, slug, ’00’, slug, etc. for those pesky criminals who think walls can protect them.

    4. If you’re using an Anderson lower, you’ve already skipped “decent”. Palmetto State Armory usually has some good deals on complete uppers.

    5. Go to Palmetto State Armory dot com.

  18. Trump is reportedly planning major budget cuts to the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    That sounds like a positive. Perhaps the looming “shutdown” could be a catalyst to all sorts of cut. ///stoplaughing

  19. Not a word about the memo. Color me shocked.

    1. I didn’t get the memo. What memo?

      1. The one multiple elected Congressmen are tweeting will blow open our entire government.

        Click here for Sara Carter’s article on the FISA memo

        1. Post a link that isn’t obsufcated and I’ll consider clicking on it.

        2. OK, Gillespie linked to an article about it.

          The process for releasing it to the public involves a committee vote, a source said. If approved, it could be released as long as there are no objections from the White House within five days.

          I’m guessing Trump will object.


          1. “It’s troubling. It is shocking,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said. “Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

            Nice canned shock and outrage speech.

            1. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News in December that his investigators have already uncovered evidence of abuse in the U.S. government’s surveillance practices.

              “I believe there’s evidence that abuses have occurred,” Nunes said at the time.

              You probably shouldn’t have voted in favor of reauthorization then, homeboy.

    2. Also not mentioned: Trump appointee resigning for statements so racist they’d make Bull Connor blush, and Mark Steyn claiming that non-whites don’t really count as Americans. Must be reason’s pro-white supremacist bias showing, there can be no other explanation.

  20. The Women’s March returns this weekend.

    Good. I was worried I wouldn’t have something to watch, deride, and mock while putting together furniture this weekend. (I also am in need of a sammich…)

    “You get a pussy-hat! You get a pussy-hat! You get a pussy-hat!” – Oprah

    1. I shudder a little thinking about how many sheep had to die to make Oprah’s pink pussy hat. That is one huge noggin.

    2. There is not enough Nutria fur in the World for that.

  21. And here it was assumed only righty-fundies saw “the end times”

    “The Final Year’ of the Obama administration hard to watch 2 years later”
    “But that’s not what we’re thinking about as we watch. Rather the experience of this movie is like being transported by film to southern Italy in early A.D. 79, to see a vigorous discussion as to whether to build the new City Hall in Pompeii or Herculaneum. You don’t even wish you could go back and tell them that the volcano next door will soon render the conversation moot. It’s all too depressing, to see these intelligent, concerned public servants while knowing who has since replaced them.”…..502427.php

    Gaaaaak! Cookies tossed.

    1. “there’s an odd smell coming off of Ohio”

      “Ew, deplorables smell bad!”

  22. Man is a pattern-seeking animal, often where none exists:

    “Warming, water crisis, unrest: Iran fits an alarming pattern”
    “In each country, in different ways, a water crisis has triggered some combination of civil unrest, mass migration, insurgency or even full-scale war.
    In the era of climate change, their experiences hold lessons for a great many other countries. The World Resources Institute warned this month of the rise of water stress globally, “with 33 countries projected to face extremely high stress in 2040.”…..508442.php

    It’s an NYT feed, so Trump is probably in there somewhere. Someone else can slog through the forelock-tugging.

    1. I’m not wading into that but I wonder if they touch on the idea that “water crises” are usually man-made.

      1. Given that water is possibly the single most abundant element on Earth, one does wonder.

        1. Not to be a stickler but water is a chemical compound made up of the elements Hydrogen and 2 Oxygen.

          Sorry to wreck your point.

  23. “A plan to end the nuclear crisis with North Korea”
    “(1) I am organizing a congressional letter to President Trump calling for military-to-military communication with North Korea to avoid misunderstandings.”…..ate-result

    A self-promo piece by Ro Khannna.
    The man is delusional enough to think the NK military is somehow allowed to act independently of the dictator.
    I think we should ‘organize’ a taxpayer letter suggesting that Khanna learn to STFU.

  24. “Fed up with drug companies, hospitals to start their own”
    “For years, hospital executives have expressed frustration when essential drugs like heart medicines have become scarce or when prices have skyrocketed because investors manipulated the market.
    Now, some of the country’s largest hospital systems are taking an aggressive step to combat the problem: They plan to go into the drug business themselves, in a move that appears to be the first on this scale.
    “This is a shot across the bow of the bad guys,” said Dr. Marc Harrison, chief executive of Intermountain Healthcare, the nonprofit Salt Lake City hospital group…”…..508119.php

    Good. They can find out how easy it is to produce meds. AND GET THEM APPROVED!
    Even a caveman can do it…

    1. Vertical integration, how does it work?

  25. A coworker proudly stated he was going to go the Womens March tomorrow. He proclaimed, “I am a proud part of the resistance!”. Maybe it’s because I was not fully dunked into the font of progressivism as a baby, but I just can’t understand this. What is the color of the sky in their universe?

    What exactly are they resisting? Do they think they will accomplish anything other than a heightened sense of smugness? Do they they really think they are telling truth to power? Do they think that power will actually listen? Do they think they can actually reverse time and usher Hillary into office?

    Look, I despise Trump just as much as any of them. I just don’t revel in the derangement. If I thought the march would get Trump out of office I would be there on the front line wearing my own knitted vagina hat. But it’s not going to happen. This march will do nothing but leave a whole bunch of litter for other people to clean up.

    it’s the ultimate expression of vacuousness.

    1. They are children pretending to be super heroes. They expect to be considered as heroic as underground resistance fighters who were hunted by the Gestapo in World War 2, the soldiers who landed at Normandy beaches, and the civil rights marchers who faced lynching, beating, and jail. Of course they don’t want to take any of the risks or suffer any of the consequences.

      1. They are children pretending to be super heroes.

        That’s a good way to put it. And consider this stolen. They are also the type of people that think words speak louder than actions. Which is why they feel the need to constantly virtue signal and why they hyperventilate about DT’s twittering. And, in my experience, they just plainly are not too bright.

      2. Of course, there are people who actually risk their lives to help others and then there are these types of people.

        Misguided Sheeple who have all sorts of lefty narrative to regurgitate about World affairs but cannot even point to the general vicinity of Aleppo on a map.

        Unfortunately these people breed too, so many more generations of nonsense are in store for America.

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