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America Shrugs at Trump Paying Porn Star to Keep Quiet About Old Affair



Barry Brown / Splash News/Newscom

Americans have hardly seemed to care that the president probably had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and then paid her to keep quiet about it. Let's hope that keeps.

"You're not crazy," tweeted The Takeaway host Todd Zwillich on Wednesday evening. "The married president of the United States had an affair with a porn star when his son was an infant, paid six figures for her silence, and in the final analysis, no one really cares."

The lackadaisical outrage over these antics—which supposedly occurred in 2006, and were reported by the Wall Street Journal on Friday—has spawned scoffing about how absurd our political frame has become.

"Our government is so dysfunctional that we just learned the president probably paid thousands in hush money to cover up affairs with porn stars and it's, like, the 10th biggest news item," tweeted Vox Senior Reporter Zack Beauchamp, in another example of the genre.

According to the Journal, porn actress Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 by Trump's lawyer in 2016 to keep quiet about a sexual relationship between Daniels and Trump in 2006—once he was already married to Melania and she had recently given birth to their son Barron. In Touch magazine subsequently reported that Daniels had talked to one of its reporters about the encounter back in 2011, but the story never made it to print.

In a not-long-ago era, this story would have some striking potential and some sticking power. It would be weaponized against the president, and dominate cable news. It would require commentary from key federal foes and allies. People would care. People wouldn't let the opportunity go to waste.

But compared to Trump's many more substantive sleights against American values and all propriety, and up against the many real and imagined ways his administration has perverted the democratic process, a consensual decade-old romp with a porn star hardly registers. Certainly, nobody is surprised. Maybe curious, but hardly scandalized.

Bombshell allegations and and behavior that breaks all bounds of traditional presidential comportment are kind of Trump's thing.

The idea that the Daniels story could fail to faze us can certainly be read as an indictment of Trump and his associates, even if one isn't specifically concerned about the sex or the settlement.

But there's also something reassuring about our collective failure to be so scandalized here. Do we really want folks to be focusing more on this than the more ongoing and direct doings of Trump and his allies? Shouldn't it matter that Daniels (who had plenty of interested press) chose to accept settlement money rather than dish on her tryst with Trump? Isn't it nice not to have to endless news cycles devoted to something with ample prurient interest but little relevance to almost anyone's lives? Perhaps Americans have exactly the right level of not giving a damn about this.

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  1. Now if we could get the public to focus their outrage on the FISA bill or actual policy rather than shitholes or whatever other stupid outrage of the day.

    1. Could you please rephrase that comment in hashtags so we can understand what you’re saying? Policy what? Brains are melting out here.

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  2. Now if we could get the public to focus their outrage on the FISA bill or actual policy rather than shitholes or whatever other stupid outrage of the day.

    1. Thank you.

  3. If they’re willing to admit that affairs are meaningful, then this truly means they are ready to give up on Bill Clinton.

  4. I don’t care.

  5. Yet more evidence that Trump’s a Democrat at heart. If he had a heart. Which he doesn’t. It’s just a big, empty hole in the center of his soul left by the fact that his mother loved him too much and he’s always had this unachievable goal of proving himself worthy of his mother’s adoration. Sad that such a momma’s boy can never find the validation he seeks.

    1. Eh, our (Missouri) governor just admitted to having an affair with his hairdresser (who was married at the time)

      1. I thought men had barbers, and women had hairdressers.

        1. I say hair cutter person because neither of those seems quite right.

          1. Poe’s Law

        2. Luddite

  6. When rethiglicans aren’t thumping bibles over peoples heads for bad sex, they’re hooking up with porn stars! Because they’re bad! BAD!

    1. Wouldn’t it be weird if all these morality plays and social hang-ups turned out to merely be a ploy to reduce competition for sex?

      1. Get your hands off my women chili!

      2. Half of all adult behavior is motivated by the desire to reduce competition for sex. The other half is motivated by fear of death.

        1. You forgot hunger and pain avoidance.

          1. You only eat so you can boink, and you only avoid pain to make sure you don’t damage any boinking parts.

    2. I thought Trump was Democrat years ago?

      That would make Democrats hooking up with porn stars.

  7. Byron?

    But rich guy sleeps with hot women for money. Not exactly a shocking story.

    1. “…up against the many real and imagined ways his administration has perverted the democratic process”? Huh? He won election despite being opposed by both major political parties’s power brokers, and the press. Defeated the two most corrupt and powerful political families. (Thank goodnesss). I am familiar with the “imagined ways his administration perverted the democratic process”, the fake news is obsessed with it. I’m just a little unclear on the “many real” ways his administration preverted the democratic process…unless that’s a reference to defeating the Bushes and Clintons.

      FTR, I voted for Gary Johnson. I’ve voted libertarian every election since 1980. I vote libertarian or I don’t vote.

  8. Some things never change, whether the POTUS is a Demoblican or a Repulsicrat… We elect the Biggus Dickus Asshole we can find, to empower them to steal from the (fictitious) “Other Guy” for OUR benefit… Trump had shown Himself to be capable of ripping others off in business, to His (and His family’s) benefit, so we collectively decided we could elect Him to do that to other nations, and to other races and ethnic groups, for OUR collective benefit… And we end up getting fucked over by a Biggus Dickus who gives not a hoot about anything other than Himself?!?!?

    Who knew?!?!?!? (Go ahead and fuck the porn stars, as long as you bring home the bacon for US!!!)

    Is this sustainable? Is it ethical or moral?

    1. I remember a comedy routine by Gallagher (you know, the guy who ended his show by smashing watermelons). He talked about how politicians (male in his example) would show off what great people they were by parading their wives and children. His comment on that was “Oh good, his dick works; he’s tired of her, now he wants to try it out on us”.

  9. The religious right should have their faces rubbed in Trump’s shit for the rest of eternity.

    1. Pat Robertson has simply evolved with the times. He’s famous for doing that.

    2. Oh, so sexual freedom is bad now? The boomer shitlib philosophy really is dying out.

      1. It’s just envy. The boomers can’t get it up anymore, so now they don’t want anybody else to have fun anymore either.

  10. I’d pay her to say we had an affair.

    1. Who knew a stormy relationship could be so good?

      1. Who had a relationship with Stormy, you or Paul?

  11. I remember, like a thousand years ago, when Bill Clinton had a sex scandal and so many of his supporters said it’s not important, American’s are so puritanical and hung-up about sex and we should be more European about it. After all, European leaders are almost expected to have affairs and flings and it’s no big deal so get over it and move on already you prude.

    OK. Moving on. C’est la vie!

    1. I also remember a lot of Republicans setting their hair on fire and pretending to be outraged and focusing the entire government on the issue.

      And then it turned out they were cheating on their wives and touching little boys the whole time.

      1. I remember it had more to do with perjuring himself in a sexual harassment case. Sexual harassment and hostile work environments were a big thing for Democrats until Bill became president. Then they kinda went away for awhile. Strange.

        1. Getting a consensual BJ at work seems like the opposite of a hostile environment.

          But how woke of you, just like Republicans of the 90s who insisted on this course of action out of pure motives I’m sure.

          1. It’s consensual because who wouldn’t want to give the president a bj. Right?

          2. Tony, show me any private corporation or government agency that would allow a married boss to have sex of any kind with an intern half his age whom he directly supervised.

            Doesn’t matter if it was consensual, Bill’s behavior violated numerous sexual harassment rules and guidelines. I should know, my employer recently forced everyone to re-take Sexual Harassment training just last month.

            If Bill didn’t have a “D” by his name he’d have gotten the Weinstein treatment back in 1999.

            1. 1. Remind viewers that President Bill Clinton had fellatio in the White House.

              It’s been an enter goddamn generation dude. How about talking about something newsworthy?

          3. Tony, if you were to have a sexual relationship with a subordinate today, it would be considered ipso facto sexual assault because of your authority over them. We have more than one #metoo case bouncing around with this exact same scenario right now.

        2. “When a major news story is breaking and the news is injurious to conservatives or Republicans or can’t otherwise be avoided, Fox News takes one or more of these strategies:

          1. Remind viewers that President Bill Clinton had fellatio in the White House.

          1. If it weren’t for Faux News hacking the election with the Russians and the NRA, then it would be Hillary’s turn now.

          2. “”1. Remind viewers that President Bill Clinton had fellatio in the White House.”‘

            No, you mean remind viewers that Bill Clinton was charged with sexual harassment, and lied in that trial.

            But do people care if the President cheats on his wife with an intern or porn start? Mostly no.

            But if qw want to have a conversation about if sexual harassment claims should remove a president from office, we should not ignore the precedent that Clinton and the dems set.

        3. Agreed, that’s the biggest beef that most of us had with it. He looked straight into a camera, on national TV, and lied with a sincere smile. It’s a smarmy move. Now whether the subsequent three presidents were any better? Haha. Yeah… We’re in a bit of a pinch.

          1. My primary complaint was that he was fucking his interns.

            Secondary was that he and his wife then tried to discredit her when it leaked.

            And then we are supposed to believe he wasn’t doing the same thing as governor?

            1. Your primary concern is the letter after his name.

          2. I was more concerned with the fact that he lied under oath, and had White house staff going around destroying evidence under subpoena and suborning perjury from other people.

            But I was particularly concerned about the fact that he knew they’d do that for him. And he’d previously had a lot of much more serious scandals that had just sort of petered out in a swamp of missing evidence and witnesses changing their stories or going to jail rather than testify.

            Does anybody sincerely believe that the one time his obstruction of justice was accidentally proven, was the one time he’d obstructed justice?

            Nah, it was just the one time it didn’t work.

          3. People like Tony, who have no real arguments for their positions, have pulled out the “Republicans wanted to remove Clinton for a BJ” red herring for 20 friggin’ years now, and I’m quite tired of it. He was impeached for perjury. Clinton could have just pulled a Letterman and admitted it from the get-go– because adultery is a civil, not a criminal issue– and there would have been little to go after him for. But he lied to protect his political position. If Clinton had lied in a civil dispute in any other matter (such as a contract), it would still have been impeachable.

      2. Touching little boys? You mean like you do Tony?

        1. You’re just not very good at this, are you?

      3. My Hypocrites are so much better than your hypocrites , , asshole!

      4. I remember Republicans being outraged that Clinton was spewing his DNA all over the Oval Office with Lewinsky. Other than that, it was Clinton’s former conquests that were doing all of the talking, not Republicans. No wonder Bush Jr. wanted a new Oval Office rug when he took over.

      5. Tony|1.18.18 @ 6:25PM|#
        I also remember a lot of Republicans setting their hair on fire and pretending to be outraged and focusing the entire government on the issue.
        And then it turned out they were cheating on their wives and touching little boys the whole time.

        It was Bill Clinton and Epstein touching little girls on the Lolita Express flights.

    2. That was a “perjury scandal”. Clinton was impeached and then disbarred over his perjury.

  12. $130k seems a little cheap to have sex with Donald Trump.

    1. It seems an awfully low price for hush money from a presidential candidate. Maybe Trump is an Artist of the Deal after all.

      1. Cheap hooker on the streets gives a blow job for $50 and gets hauled off to jail for it. Empowered by your tax dollars.

        Expensive hooker sleeps with Biggus Dickus and gets $130k for it, empowered by lawyers and contracts and, yes, your tax dollars… via court enforcement, ultimately. Government Almighty punishes the poor hooker and rewards the rich hooker.

        Does anyone see anything wrong with that?

        1. Missing cocaine?

      2. It seems an awfully low price for hush money from a presidential candidate

        Considering we’re reading about this, it would seem $130K is vastly overpaying for not particularly hushing.

    2. The real scandal is how little she was paid.

  13. The impending apocalypse does tend to focus the mind.

    1. We probably won’t survive Drumpflestiltskins.

      1. Our dignity certainly hasn’t.

        1. I’d blow Bill Clinton to get my dignity back!

        2. Your dignity will be fine if you don’t live vicariously through the executive in the white house.

          1. Sort of like how the entire population of the country does from the perspective of the rest of the world?

            1. Why aren’t you drinking your Drano? Gutless piece of shit.

              1. I prefer red wine. And he raped me with white!

          2. Sort of like how the entire population of the country does from the perspective of the rest of the world?

            1. The rest of the world is largely a bunch of weak disfunctiknal socialists, oppressive dictatorships, and third world shotholes. Fuck them.

              Oh, and fuck you Tony. You malignant pile of rotting offal.

  14. You correctly say “Isn’t it nice not to have to endless news cycles devoted to something with ample prurient interest but little relevance to almost anyone’s lives? Perhaps Americans have exactly the right level of not giving a damn about this.”

    Then why are you publicizing this particular piece of prurient news? It seems as though you’re a real prude, not a real libertarian at all, and that even though no one else cares, you do. Shame on you and shame on Reason for publishing this!

    1. Because the article is discussing how it is good that people are not reacting to this news. It isn’t discussing the news itself. It’s a relevant distinction.

  15. no one cares about this story because it was consensual and Trump had no power over her as an employer unlike Bill Clinton who did use his political position to threaten some of the women he raped

    1. Were the little girls he ogled backstage at his pageants also consenting?

      1. Enough about Harvey Weinstein.

      2. Jeffrey Epstein, is that you?

      3. Were the little girls he ogled backstage at his pageants also consenting?

        Yes. That’s why they’re in pageants. To be ogled. That’s what a pageant IS.

        1. Not backstage.

  16. Breaking: Russian government bigwig/mob boss laundered money through the NRA to fund the Trump campaign.

    1. Finally, the conclusive proof Mueller will present to the Democrats’ Congressional majority that will justify …… no, demand impeachment! Hillary can still become President, I learned that from Newsweek’s Twitter!

      1. The outlandishness of the scenario of Hillary being installed president is outweighed only by its righteous justice.

        1. The noose is tightening around the neck of Die Drumpfkinspeigel!

        2. If I ever have children, I’ll be proud to tell them the first vote I ever cast for President was for Hillary. The story will be even better if it has a happy ending in which nevertheless she persisted for over a year after the election, until she was finally declared the rightful winner.

      2. When will Stormy Daniels divulge her extra-marital affair with Hillary? The only reason she hasn’t talked about it so far is that Clinton turn coats end up dead.

        1. Even a veteran porn star wouldn’t want to relive the horror of getting close to that vagina.

    2. You need to work some white supremacists into this fantasy for the proggie orgasmic trifecta.

    3. Breaking: Somebody alleges Russian government bigwig/mob boss laundered money through the NRA. At this point it’s more of a “Well, it could have happened!” thing, than a “did” happen thing. Kind of, “The NRA spent a lot of money, and we don’t know some of it didn’t come from Russia!

      I’m guessing Mueller has decided that, as long as he’s trying to tear down the President on a government salary, he might as well go after the President’s allies, too.

  17. “According to the Journal, porn actress Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 by Trump’s lawyer in 2016 to keep quiet about a sexual relationship between Daniels and Trump in 2006”

    Is she paying back that money?

    1. No comment.

    2. I believe it was outed not by her. Seems she hasn’t talked about it.

      1. Her lawyer has also categorically denied it. Could be more fake news.

        1. That wouldn’t be shocking. I reflexively disbelieve any allegations against Trump by the MSM. Based on dozens, and maybe now hundreds of lies and distortions reported about him. Yet always managing to suppress any news of his accomplishments.

          1. I usually give it a week. That far out it’s usually clear whether or not the story has any basis.

            I’m not saying that they give up the fake stories after a week, but they do start to look rather threadbare.

          2. yup. I disagree with a lot of what he’s doing (although some of it is totally fine and non-hitlerian), but the media are trying really, really hard to make me like him. do they not understand, not care, or just refuse to accept any responsibility for their role in his ascendancy? I had thought I just didn’t care about whatever agenda cnn & co try to push, but I guess it actually actively turns me off. go figure.

  18. What about the 80% of the Evangelicals that voted for Trump? They don’t want american citizens that love each other to get married because it against this book they read, however, it’s okay if there “chosen one” breaks one of there laws in that same book.

    1. Think of the fetuses.

      1. Florida Jury Awards $115 Million to Hulk Hogan in His Gawker Lawsuit, see…..on-to-hulk … So a MALE acts all sleezy-skeezy-like, and Government Almighty (through the power of the courts) steps in, acts as hit-man payment-collector, collects $115 million for the MALE, because sleezy men are socially approved “studs”…

        A female sleezy-skeezy-like person is just a socially disapprovable SLUT, so she has to settle for a mere $130 K… Like almost an order of magnitude less “worthy”… But again, rewarded by Government Almighty and courts, lawyers, and contracts…

        But these are both famous people! Hookers on the street? Government Almighty spends your money to put them in jail, for collecting fifty or a hundred bucks, for being similarly sleezy!

        I smell sexism, yes, a huge stench… But the stench of classism and Government Almighty ugliness if FAR worse…

        1. This just proves that Trump understands the art of the deal.

        2. Oooops, make that almost THREE orders of magnitude! If’n ye want to be a slut, make sure that ye are a MALE slut!!!

    2. What about them, Bill? You should be happy that they’ve accepted that “it’s just sex.” So what exactly is the problem here?

      1. Currently there’s no indication that they’ve accepted anything other then IOKIYR (It’s OK If You’re Republican). Seeing as in California you have one Republican house candidate attacking another Republican house candidate for playing gay roles in movies a decade ago, it might even just be IOKIYT (Its OK If You’re Trump).

        That is too say, there’s no indication that Republicans in general or evangelicals in particular have gotten better on sex topics, just that they’re hypocrites.

        1. Or, they’re just holding their politicians to the same standards you hold yours, i.e., none.

  19. Trump likes cheap hamburgers and expensive pussy.

    At least he has his priorities right.

  20. So let’s take this step by step:

    1) There is no evidence of an affair. It is implied by the payments, but both Trump and Daniels deny it.
    2) It probably did happen, but it is conceivable the pay was for something else, or even that Daniels effectively blackmailed Trump because there was plenty of evidence that they hung around each other, and it was just more expedient to buy her silence than deal with the fallout of a claim of impropriety.
    3) Assuming he did have an affair, who knows if it even matters from a moral point of view, maybe he has an open relationship with his wife, maybe it was a moment of weakness. Maybe (almost certainly) he’s just a cad. The point it, Brown is pulling a dick move by making a statement as if it is a fact when there is no evidence to support it.

    I think it is frankly a positive development, that in the age of hyper-outrage at everything Trump does, America has maybe started to get to the point where we can say, “Meh” about personal sexual escapades.

    1. Especially after a year of 24/7 Trumo related shrill pants shitting by the media. It’s all background noise anymore.

    2. Like they do in Europe!

  21. I approve this affair. Would vote again.

    1. I’m disappointed Stormy never did a DP during her porn career.

      1. You can hardly call it porn.

        1. Glorious titfucking though.

  22. But compared to Trump’s many more substantive sleights against American values and all propriety…

    Sleights? Is he a magician or something?

    And I don’t think “American values” means what you think it means.
    Slights against propriety, I’ll give you that.

    …and up against the many real and imagined ways his administration has perverted the democratic process…

    They seem to be mostly imagined. Undoing previous executive orders with new executive orders has nothing to do with the democratic process.

    1. And so far Trump has been far more respectful of the executive’s constitutional limits than his predecessor. And most certainly better than the alternative.

      In fact, Trump is shaping up to be the best president since Reagan.

      1. Indeed, the big story of the Trump presidency, is that when some nobody judge somewhere grants a BS injunction, he complies with it! And he figures it’s the legislature’s job to write legislation.

        And reporters complain incessantly about him being a threat to press freedom, because they know he actually isn’t going to do squat to them.

        Frankly, I’ve been shocked at the degree to which he’s been just outright lawful.

        1. Me too. It’s pretty crazy.

          The level of crazy coming from the media has been ever crazier though. How they shriek and moan and freak out over him, by any objective standards, being a fairly normal, and arguably even decent, politician… His biggest liability is that he says what he thinks ALL THE TIME. It’s been his strength, but he really needs to learn how to turn it off the 1/3 of the time he would have been better off saying nothing.

          1. Even that might be a long game of distraction. So far, he has the dems so wound up that they are completely useless. If congressional republicans fully backed him he would be almost unstoppable.

  23. Does she have a dress with presidential spooge all over it?

    1. If it happened before he was president, is it really presidential spooge?

      1. It is now, bitches!

    2. “Presidential Spooge” is a GREAT name for a band.

  24. behavior that breaks all bounds of traditional presidential comportment

    This seems pretty typical of politicians. The only novelty is that he could afford the price.

    Then again, so could the Kennedys.

  25. The real lesson here is that after you have your lawyer deliver the hush money, you need to fuck your lawyer and then give them another hush money payment for themselves.

  26. America shrugged, along with the press, at Clinton ramping women. Heck, even Hillary didn’t care.

    1. Hillary cared because it affected her and Bill’s marriage deal. Hillary getting to be president. So, Hillary went after the women who Bill messed with. Hillary knew that she could not divorce Bill and remarry because that would be used against her in the election.

      Hillary cared. She just really had no power to stop it.

      1. If they divorced, then one can be compelled to testify against the other. They will never divorce.

        1. Indeed. All those murders, treason, rapes, etc..

  27. OK, JFK using the Secret Service to usher tawdry women out of the Whitehouse when Jackie came home early might be a political scandal, and also stuffing cigars in a Whitehouse Interns (lying about may get you impeached). But really, a guy rents a woman for sex, gets sued and pays hush money (well before being in politics) is a “guvmint scandal”? The fucking FBI, etc. spying on US Citizens is a scandal, idiots in Congress approving these violations of the US Constitution is a scandal, the Clinton Foundation “pay to play” is a scandal, as is the Uranium One deal. Are you guys Libertarians or are you repressed Protestant work ethic oligarchs?

  28. I blame Viagra for Trump-if he couldn’t get a boner, he wouldn’t be acting the way he does.

    1. That pretty much applies to most people in the beltway.

  29. Woman takes money to have sex.
    Woman extorts money to not tell about taking money to have sex.
    Woman tell story anyway.
    Who is the bad person here?

    1. If she signed an NDA, Trump should sure her for violating said contract. Trump’s trying to fulfill his campaign promises, so he’s got bigger fish to fry.

      Its all political circus that Americans are just largely ignoring the lefty media. The lefty media hates this of course.

      1. Based on the Vox reporter’s comments, that seems to be true. They seem perplexed that the public hasn’t shown sufficient outrage.

  30. Is there anyone who believes Trump wasn’t banging hookers, porn stars, models, beauty pageant contestants, and anyone else he could get?

    Obviously it hasn’t hurt him with his supporters who admire that behavior and wish they could too.

    1. Not so much admire that behavior, as notice that it doesn’t seem to influence his judicial nominations.

      I suppose it’s pretty awful if you’re the sort of person who looks up to politicians as moral role models.

      But if you’re that sort of person, you’re something of an idiot.

      1. It’s so self-contradictory, yes. Day in and day out, they simultaneously pummel readers with Trump outrage and “resistance” hyperbole, while expecting the same targets to be some sort of role model.

        But when you’re selling audiences to advertisers, it does make sense.

  31. After the country gave Teddy a pass on drowning that boiler room cooch, I’m unimpressed with Oval Office sloppies and hushed hookers.

  32. “his [ Trump’s] administration has perverted the democratic process.
    If anything the Trump administration has restored the democratic process that the Obama administration ignored.

  33. finally, something that’s going to get drumpffff impeached!

  34. Our government is so dysfunctional that we just learned the president probably paid thousands in hush money to cover up affairs with porn stars and it’s, like, the 10th biggest news item,” tweeted Vox Senior Reporter Zack Beauchamp, in another example of the genre.

    Or maybe the obsession with the private lives of Trump or other public figures is what’s dysfunctional. Judging from the tone of the Vox reporter, America was apparently not sufficiently outraged.

    Of course, Vox, WaPo, etc thrive on outrage, especially outrage against Trump. Just read their headlines in the Google news feed everyday. Their daily injections of hyperbole and outrage can’t have the same effectiveness over a long enough timeline, and it certainly trivializes real outrage over actual, awful policy that merits it.

    1. Also, notice that “journalism” at Vox and similiar commercial outlets is never interested in challenging the reader, aside from token “think pieces” that usually wallow in the most shallow self-reflection imaginable. Those merely help reinforce their guise as willing to look at or accept uncomfortable truths. They maximize the investment (the audience).

  35. I haven’t read anything on this other than here, and a few headlines, but people keep saying he PAID HER TO HAVE SEX.

    This doesn’t say that. This only says he paid her to not talk about it. There is a difference there.

    If you pay a fat chick money to bang her, then pay her money to shut up… That’s one thing. If you get drunk and bang a fat chick for free, and then pay her to not tell anyone, that’s another thing. From what I have seen he didn’t pay to bang her, he just landed the deal, he only paid many years down the road to not talk about it.

    1. I haven’t read anything on this other than here, and a few headlines, but people keep saying he PAID HER TO HAVE SEX

      And plenty of people simply don’t care either way, at least those who care about policy and things that actually bear on the real world more than Trump’s private sex life.

  36. Incidentally, did anyone look at that pic and immediately say “would”?

    *raises hand*

  37. There is nothing more boring than Trump opposition outrage.

  38. Look, pics or it didn’t happen. Is that to much to ask for?

  39. Does the author genuinely believe or claim that prudish, authoritarian, intolerant right-wing scolds are inclined to declare a cease-fire with respect to their customary slurring of gays, or Muslims, or blacks, or women who have had abortions, or people who have provided abortions, or marijuana users, people born in Hawaii while black, or anyone else seen as an obstacle to medieval social policy, predatory economics, and old-timey bigotry?

    Maybe this site would permit someone that naive, or daft, or disingenuous to contribute content, especially right-wing content, but I hope not.

    1. Are you for real, or is this performance art? You’re really over the top. If you’re for real, you should just get it over with. Suicide is the answer.

      1. I have noticed that authoritarian right-wingers, especially those posing unconvincingly as libertarians, as tend to dislike my arguments.

        I am content.

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  41. At least Trump paid off his “conquests”.

    Clinton (and his wife) tried to destroy his.

    The left would not be outraged if Trump were a Democrat.

    So, they’ve taught me what to care about.

    I don’t like Trump, and I’ve gotten VERY LITTLE from this presidency.

    But I would vote for him again if he were running against Hillary.

  42. I’m sort of curious who this might surprise. I can’t imagine there is a single voter who voted for Trump because of his virtue or morals. Nothing he has done since would change anyone’s opinion.

    This entire last year has been an endless series of strawmen. Trump is this thing and he should be this other thing, so I get to say these nasty things about him. Sad!

    1. Maybe those who have been living under a very large and dense rock until recently.

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  44. Possible future Trump news conference.

    “First off, I totally deny ever having an affair with that woman at anytime. Second, we are seeking the return of the $130,000 in hush money for her breach of the confidential settlement agreement.”

    I would gain a weird respect for the man if he had that level of gall.

  45. Behold! The field in which I grow my fucks.
    Lay thine eyes upon it,
    And see, that it is barren.

  46. I don’t give a fuck if Trump has a revolving door of hoes going into his bedroom. What I do care about is his authoritarian tendencies and lying about everything except possibly the kitchen sink.

  47. The scandalous story is a decade or so ago, private citizen Trump stepped out on his wife. He and his family need to deal with it as they see fit. If it was in the workplace or unwanted advance there would be story. Just one big yawn of a story.

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