Trump's Slam Against Wives of Foreign Techies

He thinks scrapping their work authorization will Make America Great Again.


Restrictionists like to pretend that their beef isn't with immigration as such, just the illegal variety. But if there was ever any doubt that

Silicon Valley
MarkRichardsZumaNews via Newscom

their slams against undocumented aliens were only a cover for a far broader animus toward all immigrants and foreigners, it ought to be put to rest by their abject silence or, worse, cheerleading as the Trump administration goes after one legit immigrant group after another.

The latest victims of this president's anti-immigration jihad are legal, employed, high-achieving, educated, tax-paying wives of foreign techies on H4 visas. The administration is preparing to scrap their authorization to work in the United States that President Obama awarded late in his term. This would mean taking talented women out of the economy and confining them to their homes to bake cookies and make babies. But only in Trump Land could making productive women unproductive be a recipe for Making America Great Again, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia.