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Republicans Won't Win Unless They Start Electing Cannibal Dictators

Losses in Virginia and elsewhere aren't stopping some in the GOP from demanding ever-more cartoonish candidates.


Whenever Republicans lose—and, let's face it, they have been losing a lot lately—a certain faction of the conservative moment is sure it knows why: The candidate wasn't conservative enough.

So went the explanation for the 2008 and 2012 elections. "The moderates have had their candidate in 2008 and they had their candidate in 2012," one movement activist said after Barack Obama won a second term. "And they got crushed in both elections."

After Mitt Romney's 2012 loss, the national GOP conducted a postmortem that included the results of a nationwide survey. The survey "said that the Party is 'scary,' 'narrow minded,' and 'out of touch' and that we were a Party of 'stuffy old men'," the postmortem noted. "This is consistent with the findings of other post-election surveys."

Au contraire, insisted conservatives. "The Republican party lost because it's not conservative, it didn't get its base out," explained Rush Limbaugh. "People say they need to moderate their tone—they don't."

"We don't need to change who we are," said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck a few months after Sen. Mark Warner (D) beat Ed Gillespie in 2014. When Gillespie ran for governor this year, the hard right derided him a "Establishment Ed."

Sure enough, when he lost, the interwebs blasted him for running a campaign of "boring, centrist 'moderacy'." In The Hill, Rick Santorum's former press secretary blamed Gillespie for not following "Politics 101—you bring your base together so they're united and motivated to turn out and vote for you."

But this problem is broader than commonly understood. Just look at what happened last month in Virginia's elections for the House of Delegates, where the GOP lost more than a dozen seats.

Case in point: the 13th District, where Democrat Danica Roem beat Republican Bob Marshall by 7 points. Why? Obviously, because Marshall was too liberal. True, he co-sponsored the state's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, opposes abortion in just about every instance, and—in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting—filed a bill requiring public school personnel to carry concealed weapons. But he clearly stood too far to the left for hard-right Northern Virginia. So to drive that point home, voters elected not only a Democrat, but a transgender one.

Now we have the latest data point: Alabama, where Republicans nominated Roy Moore to run against Democrat Doug Jones.

Moore—a former state judge—was kicked off the bench twice, first for disobeying a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from public space, and again for ordering other justices to ignore the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage.

He considers homosexuality an "inherent evil" and Islam a "false religion," and thinks America would be better off without the constitutional amendments that outlawed slavery and guaranteed women's right to vote.

In other words, he's just another squishy, feminized RINO. And look what happened: Moore lost! Not only that, he lost to a Democrat who is an abortion-rights absolutist. How much more proof do you need that the GOP needs to move to the right?

Or take Joe Arpaio, "America's toughest sheriff," as he liked to style himself. A federal judge found Arpaio's practice of racial profiling—part of his Ahab-like pursuit of illegal immigrants—violated the Constitution. Another judge found that conditions in Arpaio's jails also violated the Constitution. Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for defying the judge in the first case. He's also a birther and a big fan of Donald Trump.

But last year voters threw him out of office. Why? Obviously, because they were tired of this limousine liberal's sob-sister sympathy for Latinos, criminals, Barack Obama, and other assorted lowlifes. So they picked the Democrat instead.

It should be clear by now that the GOP will continue to lose so long as it keeps running crybaby beta males like these. If it wants to get tired of winning, it needs to start picking some candidates with real guts—human ones, preferably, worn around their necks like meat jewelry.

Which brings us to Virginia's next big election: the contest for Democrat Tim Kaine's Senate seat. So far the two most prominent Republicans to enter the race are Corey Stewart, the Prince William supervisor, and E.W. Jackson, a minister.

Some choice. Stewart is another immigrant-basher who gave away an AR-15 during the primary. He has railed against the GOP's "establishment pukes" and appeared with Jason Kessler, organizer of the Unite the Right disaster in Charlottesville.

Jackson has said Planned Parenthood has been worse for blacks "than the KKK ever was," considers homosexuality "perverted" and "sick," and has warned that meditation could leave the door open for Satan.

Two more P.C. snowflakes, in other words. Yawn.

Everybody seems to think Kaine has a pretty good shot at winning re-election. And you know what? If the GOP can't find a real conservative to run against him—someone in the mode of Benito Mussolini, say, or Jean-Bédel Bokassa, the (alleged) cannibal dictator of Central African Republic—they're probably right.

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  1. The moderates have had their candidate in 2008

    John McCain is no moderate.

    1. No, but he is (or was) perceived as the candidate for Republican moderates.

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    3. We called him “democrat lite”.

    4. Why, McCain’s the very definition of a moderate! Just as was said on South Park to define an atheist, based on their observ’n of Richard Dawkins, as someone who doesn’t believe in God and is an asshole. McCain’s the Dawkins of moderates! Or of somebody.

  2. “People say they need to moderate their tone?they don’t.”

    Caving to proggie hysteria is what cucks do.

    1. Elections are rigged because of the importation of brown voters. Elections are un-American. Trump should declare martial law backed by a military coup. Democrats can’t do anything about it because they don’t believe that there is any use for a Second Amendment- except shooting birds and targets.

      1. Another real libertarian…

  3. It’s the economy, stupid?

  4. Stewart is another immigrant-basher who gave away an AR-15 during the primary. He has railed against the GOP’s “establishment pukes” and appeared with Jason Kessler, organizer of the Unite the Right disaster in Charlottesville.

    Jackson has said Planned Parenthood has been worse for blacks “than the KKK ever was,” considers homosexuality “perverted” and “sick,” and has warned that meditation could leave the door open for Satan.

    Two more P.C. snowflakes, in other words. Yawn.

    Wait, now it’s PC to associate with the alt-right? And so is pointing out that more black kids have been killed by abortion than the KKK ever could have?

    C’mon Britches.

    1. OOOPS! Not Britches, this is Hinkle. That makes me even sadder, he usually does some great stuff.

    2. You may want to reread after getting your sarcasm detector repaired.

      1. In Kivlor’s defense, Hinkle (woulda/shoulda) used the /sarc tag enough to make the /blink tag seem functional and fashionable.

        I’m seriously confused; does Hinkle really believe the Republicans ought to be running someone to the Left of Mitt Romney, Mitt’s loss was just a fluke, or does he really think they need someone more to the Moore and Mussolini end of the spectrum than Trump?

        At least if he’d written the article using blinky text I would’ve just not read it.

        1. The sarcasm is five-dimensional to be sure. The only takeaway I can perceive is that the Republicans might as well just give up.

        2. In Kivlor’s defense

          There is no defense for this level of misunderstanding.

          I’m seriously confused

          That’s hardly surprising.

          1. Trump is Hitler didn’t work… let’s go with “The GOP is Mussolini only worse!”

        3. He is talking about VA specifically which has shifted to a more socially liberal, fiscally conservative state. I believe he’s advocating to keep the Terry McAuliffe’s out by not running Ken Cuccinelli’s.

          1. They did.

            They ran Gillespie.

            He did exceptionally poorly.

            Want to win VA? Run somebody who supports growing the government.

            1. Or they could just gift the NoVa counties to DC to create a new state. DC wants statehood after all-not sure how long before NoVaers start creeping back into “The Real Virginia” once they get tired of high taxes, bad schools, and corrupt government, but its worth a try.

              1. Why not just let the NOVA form its own state? They haven’t felt like they are a part of Virginia since the mid-ninties.

    3. What’s wrong with giving away a AR-15?

      1. I also like the mockery of Planned Parenthood has been worse for blacks “than the KKK ever was,” because the US has never implemented a social policy, or twelve, to *both* the direct and indirect detriment of *that* community.

    4. and has warned that meditation could leave the door open for Satan.

      *starts meditating, since he’ll doubtlessly be better than the next round of presidential candidates.*

  5. Mitt Romney is a boy scout, and he was dragged through the mud. So if having the most honest / honorable person they could nominate didn’t work, and still led to the racist / sexist / etc smears, then why would I blame them for going Trump.

    1. Romney was a RINO. He was okay with Massachusetts having RomneyCare.

      1. All the Republicans in Congress appear to be okay with ObamaCare too, since they haven’t repealed it yet.

        1. Not all but enough to stall its repeal.

          Too many republican listen to lefty media and believe they would be voted out if they straight repealed ObamaCare which is not correct.

          1. Yep. Fear was the deciding factor; it always is.

      2. Hang on. If people within their state chose healthcare or health insurance run by their state, why does that make him a RINO? Which interpretation of federalism are we to agree with again?

    2. Mitt Romney wears magic underwear. If that’s not gay, what is?

      1. If that’s not sheer insanity, what is?

    3. Dragged through the mud? Was his very legitimacy questioned via racist insinuations? Because that’s what Obama had to deal with along with a million other slanders, most of them equally disgusting and racist.

      But Mitt got called out for things he said on camera. Aww. Moor Mitt.

      1. Everything is about race with you Tony, it is almost like you’re… ah what’s the word?

        1. Asshole?

  6. The survey “said that the Party is ‘scary,’ ‘narrow minded,’ and ‘out of touch’ and that we were a Party of ‘stuffy old men’,” the postmortem noted.

    Well, reality does have a left-wing bias, in the immortal words of Cory Doctorow and John Stewart.

    1. And applies to Democrats as well, if you change it to “stuffy old men and women”.

  7. If the GOP can’t find a real conservative to run against him?someone in the mode of Benito Mussolini, say, or Jean-B?del Bokassa, the (alleged) cannibal dictator of Central African Republic?they’re probably right.

    Mussolini was a prog, much admired by none other than FDR.
    Isn’t it Eurocentric to judge cannibalism as abhorrent?

    1. Mussolini called himself a man of the right because he was.

      1. the nazi’s were left, and so was Mussolini.

        They were “right” in European politics. In America, the right is about limited government and individual freedom – that does not exist in Europe. Their “right” is just the nationalist version of the socialist left.

        1. You just said they were left and then explained why it’s appropriate to call them “right”.

          1. He mentioned some of why socialists call Nazis and Mussolini on the political “right”.

            He forgot to add that socialists want to distance themselves from Nazis and Italian Fascists as much as people’s memories will allow. The lefties have conspired to act like Nazis and Fascists are like European monarch conservatives, who are on the political “right”.

            1. My view on the left/right debate is that they only mean anything in a specific political context. And movements like Fascism and Nazism don’t fit neatly into either category. So it’s a dumb fucking argument.

              1. The left/right political spectrum started because fucking Bastiat and people like him sat on the left.

                Fascists, Communists, Socialists, Progressives are all right wing ideologies. American Conservatism is center left, while classical liberals and libertarians are the sole, tiny voices of the true left.

              2. You’re probably right. Whether you focus on their socialism aspects or their militancy probably decides your preferred left/right vector.

      2. He was an opportunist first and foremost though. He started out as a socialist, then gradually found himself teaming up with Hitler in 1940

        1. And Hitler started out a Communist – they’re all just slightly differently-shaded peas in a pod.

          1. Actually, Hitler was a socialist and never a communist. Communists take all property and the state owns it which Hitler would not have been successful doing in Germany. The socialist Nazis in Germany seized a lot but not all property, used race in politics, and all people did belong to the state.

            1. Nationalsocialists kiss the toes and rings of popes and bishops and field-marshals. Soviet socialists kiss the boots and pistols of bureaucrats, politicians and field-marshals. To them those are huge differences.

      3. Mussolini was inches from Communism. There was nothing “right” about him.

        1. You don’t know what “right” means.

          It means a state preferred ethnic/race/social class.

          “Left” means egalitarian.

          1. YOU don’t know what “right” means.

            On a left right spectrum, right is conservative with the extreme being monarchy or theocracy. Change only happens slowly and with massive support.

            The left extreme is anarchy with socialism, Nazism, Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism right of anarchy. Change happens through revolution or violent action and does not typically have universal support.

            Libertarianism is in the middle. Fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

            1. Libertarianism is where the left and right extremes meet — extreme social freedom and extreme economic freedom. That scares a lot of people who don’t trust other people with freedom, even though those same people trust other people with government power.

            2. That’s a hell of a schizophrenic political spectrum you’ve got there, lc.

              1. How is that? (Anarchy)………….. (Libertarianism)……….. (Monarchy/ conservative)

                1. That one looks more accurate. Now put socialism, communism, fascism, etc. over on the authoritarian side where they belong. Because here’s the thing: the only political spectrum that actually makes sense shades from authoritarianism on one side to libertarianism on the other. Right and left are just flavors, and the more libertarian you get the less they matter.

                  1. I am somewhat in agreement. The two extremes of government are anarchy and tyranny. If you are enslaved by government it doesn’t matter if that government is a monarchy or socialist.

            3. The problem with the one dimensional, left-right political graph is libertarian doesn’t fit.

            4. love, you have to realize how buttplug defines things.

              Right is bad.

              Left is good.

              That is all.

            5. i’ve seen libertarian political spectrums that put all the baddies on the left. That’s like rewriting history to suit your own beliefs.

          2. Explains the racism in Cuba well.

          3. Egalitarian. That’s not at all a poisoned word.

      4. Mussolini was a socialist. He said he never stopped being a socialist. He stopped being an internationalist.

        1. Let’s just all agree with this and stop the stupid arguments about what left and right mean.

      5. Palin’s Buttplug|12.18.17 @ 12:21PM|#
        Mussolini called himself a man of the right because he was.

        You just lie so much.

        Mussolini wrote for Avanti publication which was socialist. He was kicked out for being a fascisti socialist and started his own publication named Il Popolo d’Italia which became the socialist military voice of Italy.

      6. “Mussolini called himself a man of the right”

        Well, you call yourself a libertarian.

  8. It should be clear by now that the GOP will continue to lose so long as it keeps running crybaby beta males like these. If it wants to get tired of winning, it needs to start picking some candidates with real guts?human ones, preferably, worn around their necks like meat jewelry.

    I don’t care what anyone else says about you, Bart. This is lovely.

    1. They could probably get some supplies for those necklaces at the local Planned Parenthood.

      1. Do you know how many dismantled fetuses you’d have to braid together to make a single necklace? That’s a lot of work.

  9. it didn’t get its base out,” explained Rush Limbaugh. “People say they need to moderate their tone?they don’t.

    Pig-boy is a Roy Moore protegee in many ways.

  10. They’ve lost “a lot” lately?

    What have they lost – Virginia, which was a winnable race run by an odd candidate who tried to be a moderate and Trumpist/populist at the same time. A state which is a swing state, but has leaned Blue on statewide elections the last couple cycles as all those well paid fatcats in NOVA vote to keep the gravy train coming.

    And and Alabama special election in which they ran a candidate that was completely out of step with the culture, who’d been thrown out of office twice, and is at best a creep and possibly a pedophile. And they lost that race by a smidgen. I’d say they nominate some unknown who mouths the right words about strong national defense, responsible spending and ‘Mercia! and they hand Mr. Peterson his ass in the next election.

    Plus, didn’t they defend a whole bunch of random elections around the country over the last year – each of which was supposed to herald the tremendous backlash against The Donald?

    1. Make Middlesex Great Again!

      1. Middlesex was never great.

    2. Now that Republicans have lost a few, finally the predictions that they’ve been making for a year are coming true!

      That appears to be the slant everywhere, and anyone with a brain knew it was coming in the wake of the Moore election since the predictions haven’t changed, even all those times when it was dead wrong. You not doing journalism wrong, because you start with your conclusion and then work backwards. Duh!


  11. Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Not conservative enough?

    1. Too few female supporters willing to wear vaginas on their heads.

    2. Hillary Clinton lost because of these reasons:

      1. Russian interference
      2. Sexism in the media and in the electorate ? including among white women voters
      3. Racism, because that’s the only explanation for supporting Drumpf’s idiotic “build a wall” idea

      1. 1. Russian interference


        1. What do you think Mueller is doing? Surely you can’t believe he’s wasting his time investigating “dank memes”? #TrumpRussia goes deeper than that.

          I also notice you decided not to address the other points. Exit polls show a majority of white women supported Drumpf. I’d like to see you spin that as anything other than a betrayal of their gender.

          1. Gender is not destiny, my good… person.

            After two terms of Obama, and Obama himself claiming he’d won a third term, it clearly was racism. There’s no other possible explanation.

          2. Hillary lost because reid and the dems were gerting too close to the ufo truth. It’s convenient and typical thay a lizard person wouldn’t mention that.

          3. Geez, name ONE PERSON that you know that could have their vote swayed from HRC to Bernie or even Trump, by interference by Russia in ANY POSSIBLE FORM.

            1. All claims of Russian interference boil down to the claimant’s belief that nobody could ever genuinely disagree with them for any reason other than bad faith or credulous idiocy.

          4. Betrayal of their gender. So you do want to end women’s suffrage? You will just make their decision for them? That is some deep level shit. That is just as stupid as saying any black males that voted for Romney betrayed their race. How they vote is to be respected, irrespective to race, creed, religion, gender,etc.

            Go ahead and talk more about how egalitarian you are.

      2. Clinton lost because of her feral, predatory, animalistic foreign policy. In her I saw many a Cheney (not a compliment.)

        1. That. And that many saw her capacity to be a lying, mendacious bitch.

      3. Oh, and don’t forget that antiquated wreck known as the electoral college.

      4. So the commies losing had nothing to do with a carbon tax, keeping marijuana illegal, shutting down electric power plants and trying to nullify the second amendment–all of which are in the Dem platform of some 50-odd pages?

  12. The GOP base is being led around by Talk Radio like a cat following a laser pointer. Talk radio must keep its listeners angry, fearful, and hating….with the new boogeyman being “the establishment”….and so we are left with unprofessional candidates, poorly vetted, who are staking out wacky policy positions for largely shock value or ideological rigidness. Trump showed us that, however unlikely, someone can win by appealing to this lowest common denominator. Much of Talk Radio, Fox News, and the Evangelical Right went all-in with Trump and the unhealthy obsession with the notion of an outsider and seduction by personality….and now they must stick with this meme….and when not tooting the Trump train, doubling-down on ideological purity. Favoring a pathway to citizenship….is now code for mushy-moderate….though it was standard Republican orthodoxy not too many years ago. Democrats are generally horrible with regards to economic liberty and smaller, smarter government…..but it’s unclear what the GOP is becoming with its circular firing squads and unquestioned anger. Paul Ryan is now a villain……PAUL RYAN!? We need two healthy parties….I fear we will need a catastrophe before this corrects,

    1. Yes, White Nationalism has gripped the GOP under Trump. Anti-trade, anti-immigrant, anti-intellectual, anti-globalist White Nationalism. White Nationalism has never ended well.

      1. Exactly right.

        The United States in 2017 is frighteningly similar to Germany in the 1930s. As a member of a marginalized group, I fear for my life.

        1. No, silly. Not the USA. We will be fine.

          Just the Trump GOP is – consider Robert Kagan:

          “This is how fascism comes to America, not with jackboots and salutes (although there have been salutes, and a whiff of violence) but with a television huckster, a phony billionaire, a textbook egomaniac ‘tapping into’ popular resentments and insecurities, and with an entire national political party ? out of ambition or blind party loyalty, or simply out of fear ? falling into line behind him.”

          1. Wait, I’m confused. You admit Drumpf is a fascist white nationalist, and Drumpf is now President …… and you shrug it off with “We’ll be fine”?

            Are you a straight white able-bodied cis-male by any chance? You seem to be speaking from a position of privilege if you can dismiss a fascist President so nonchalantly.

            1. Oh look, Tulpa is talking to himself again. Yeah you’re totally not Tulpa.

              1. No, I’m not Tulpa. I’m also not American Socialist, Crusty Juggalo, Eddie, or any of the other commenters I’ve been accused of being.

            2. Trump may be a fascist but he is an ineffective one and our great system of checks and balances will contain him.

              1. I thought you were going to answer yourself there for a second with one of your Tulpa accounts.

            3. I just got a bingo with all of those new speak soft target words there. What did I win?

          2. Sounds a lot like Tom Steyer to me.

        2. That is officially the most stupid thing I have read today. Congratulations. I would like an apology from you, but if you are correct I’m sure the brown shirts in Trump’s undocumented army have already rounded you up with all of your likewise encumbered people. That is to say, I expect an apology.

          1. Fuck you, Shikha (Nunya
            That is officially the most stupid thing I have read today. Congratulations

            Not as stupid as your own handle. It’s like jumping up and down … wildly screaming at the top of your lungs … that you’re a raging bully … AND PROUD TO BE!

            Say hi to the folks at Breitbart, Infowars, WND et al..

    2. Talk radio is following a tried the true model of fear and hate mongering. They were too late on the scene to tell us the world would end if Blacks were treated decently, but showed up just in time to have “the gayz” to blame for all of the country’s problems. Having lost that battle, they needed a new “criminal”. Just as it had been “criminal” for Blacks to go certain places / do certain things before, and it was “criminal” for two men to have sex, now they ramp up the concept that crossing a line on the road without permission is the end of the Republic.

      Fear and division are great politics. Just ask Adolf, or Barry.

    3. Talk radio must keep its listeners angry, fearful, and hating…

      But enough about NPR.

      1. I know, not to mention every other form of leftist “news”. I can’t even look at CNN’s website because I can feel the rage emanating off of it.

        1. Two brainwashed snowflakes, drinking Kool-Aid together.
          And wearing the blindfolds wrapped by Steve Bannon.

    4. There’s already a path to citizenship.

  13. Congress isn’t full of cannibals already? Then how do you explain the fact that so many legislators seem to be suffering from kuru?

    1. Not just legislators, either – there are a bunch of for-real kuru symptoms on display in this video.

  14. I just want to know when the Right is going to decide to start discussing ideas and policy again, instead of victim-whining, whataboutism, conspiracy mongering, and unbridled hatred of the other.

    1. That’s not how modern politics works.

    2. #resist

      It does take a special kinda crazy for 52% of dems to believe that Russia literally hacked the election.

      1. #whataboutism

        1. I feel like people who use the #whataboutism think they are much more clever than they really are.

    3. “when the Right is going to decide to start discussing ideas and policy again”
      …again? Must have been before my time.

      1. No, they did. Back in the 80’s through the 90’s, I think. Perhaps it is just nostalgia on my part, but it seems to me that there was actually a discussion about ideas. Should health insurance have an individual mandate or should an HSA/HDHP model be adopted. Should welfare be administered by the central government but block-granted, or should it be abolished entirely at the federal level and left entirely to states. Republicans were the ones who had the foresight to explicitly make ISP’s exempt from liability for content that they delivered via the Internet, which was a big deal back in the 90’s when the commercial Internet was still very young and no one really understood what form it would take in the future. I really do think Obama caused them to go more than a little bonkers. I just wish they would go back on the rails.

        1. Its hard for Republicans to fix things because of RINOs in the GOP and decades of socialist plants in every level of government.

          Its why federal budget cuts are met with literal screaming and apocalyptic narratives from the left.

          Trump is getting things back on track. Tax reform then Obamacare repeal before 2018 elections. Then more rolling back government after more Democrats lose seats in election 2018.

          1. What federal budget cuts?

            1. The Congressional Budget Office reported its evaluation of the budget on July 13, 2017, including its effects over the 2018?2027 period.
              Mandatory spending: The budget cuts mandatory spending by a net $2,033 billion (B) over the 2018?2027 period. This includes reduced spending of $1,891B for healthcare, mainly due to the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare); $238B in income security (“welfare”); and $100 billion in reduced subsidies for student loans. This savings would be partially offset by $200B in additional infrastructure investment.
              Discretionary spending: The budget cuts discretionary spending by a net $1,851 billion over the 2018?2027 period. This includes reduced spending of $752 billion for overseas contingency operations (defense spending in Afghanistan and other foreign countries), which is partially offset by other increases in defense spending of $448B, for a net defense cut of $304B. Other discretionary spending (cabinet departments) would be reduced by $1,548B.
              Revenues would be reduced by $1,000B, mainly by repealing the ACA, which had applied higher tax rates to the top 5% of income earners. Trump’s budget proposal was not sufficiently specific to score other tax proposals; these were simply described as “deficit neutral” by the Administration.

              2018 Trump budget (wiki)

              1. A fake budget from Trump. He just gave a speech where he said he wants to eliminate Obama’s real budget cuts from 2011 called the sequester.

          2. Its hard for Republicans to fix things because of RINOs in the GOP

            Would be even harder with your powerful 25% of the electorat … FUCK VOTERS …. authoritarian purity and self-righteous screeching can save us!


    4. As soon as they get tired of using the Left’s political tactics?

  15. …Rick Santorum’s former press secretary blamed Gillespie…

    Nick Gillespie can’t seem to get any respect nowadays.

    1. Too many illiterates like you.

  16. Everybody seems to think Kaine has a pretty good shot at winning re-election. And you know what? If the GOP can’t find a real conservative to run against him?someone in the mode of Benito Mussolin

    Hinkle is evidently historically illiterate. Benito Mussolini was a favorite of American progressives. European fascists in general ran on massive welfare expansion, redistribution, government by experts, and corporatism and was closely tied to a worship of youth culture and modernism. Mussolini hated conservatives and “the bourgeoisie” and attributed Italy’s downfall to their dominance.

    The Democrats and moderate Republicans of the 21st century basically represent European fascism warmed over. Hinkle’s love of those ideologies and his visceral hatred for conservatives is certainly consistent. It is precisely those ideologies that the Republican base wants to get away from. If you give the Republican base a choice between a theocrat and the kind of fascist Hinkle apparently favors, yes, they will usually grudgingly pick the theocrat as the lesser of the two evils.

    1. This is why I always say that a sense of humor is wasted on this site.

      1. You do have funny tendencies.

      2. This has nothing to do with lacking a sense of humor. Mussolini was the prototypical early 20th century progressive. Hinkle’s statement about Mussolini made about as much sense as if he had said:

        Everybody seems to think Kaine has a pretty good shot at winning re-election. And you know what? If the GOP can’t find a real conservative to run against him?someone in the mode of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, say, or Jean-B?del Bokassa, the (alleged) cannibal dictator of Central African Republic?they’re probably right.

        Such a nonsensical statement leads one to conclude that Hinkle simply doesn’t know what Mussolini actually stood for.

        1. Mussolini stood for treaties with the altruist Pope iv Rome to force chillens in gubmint schools decorated with cadaver effigies to recite catechism and pray to Jesus. That, and display no selfish Jewish symbols of any kind! Hitler and Franco likewise posed at every photo-op with Cardinals, Bishops and priests all giving the American Bellamy salute. Collected images are at, Lateran treaties in Google News archives.

  17. The candidate wasn’t conservative enough.

    And yet they overwhelmingly went for Trump. Once you strip him of his crude vulgarity, he’s indistinguishable from a 1990s liberal.

    1. Except for rolling back 1990’s liberal policies.

  18. You can’t use Roy Moore in 2017 to disprove an analysis that was pretty spot on for Trump in 2016 and Romney in 2012. Milquetoast moderate candidates get crushed. Firebreathing bullies like Trump get the electorate riled up. Moore didn’t lose because he was too conservative. He was going to win in a landslide if certain other news hadn’t come out when it did.

    1. I think his comments about “everything being better before despite slavery” contributed as much as the certain other news. It certainly got blacks in Alabama to turn out against him.

    2. You realize that Trump (a) was up against the most hated presidential candidate in recent history, and (b) very nearly lost to her. If the weather in WI/MI/PA had been a little bit different on election day he goes down in flames.

    3. Dear snowflake,…
      Why did 10 million vote AGAINST Trump?
      Why is Trump TWICE as disliked as ANY President, in all but one year – SINCE EISENHOWER?
      Why did only 37% of Republicans support his nomination?
      Why did his LOSING vote include a RECORD NUMBER OF ANTI-OPPONENT VOTES? (voted against Hillary, NOT for him)
      Why did he win the Electoral Vote by fewer than 80,000 votes in 3 states COMBINED?
      How much influence would Russia have needed to swing so tiny a margin?
      Why does Trump deny collusion, when the issue is CONSPIRACY — which his son confessed to.
      And OBSTRUCTION, which HE confessed to?
      Why do voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by a massive 10% or more … PER FOX AND GINGRICH.
      And why do FOX AND GINGRICH say a Democrat wave is coming unless the GOP changes NOW?
      Newt Gingrich: My fellow Republicans, a Democratic wave election is coming unless we act right now | Fox News
      Why are Trump’s snowflakes as eager to be brainwashed as Berniebots … and so totally contemptuous of “incon-veeeeeen-yent facts?
      Why are they as vacant-eyed as students at Berkeley?


  19. If a candidate goes around saying the end of the world is nigh and everything sucks, he’s less likely to win.

    Even Trump, for all his supposed negativity, focused on Making America *Great Again.* And he was so obviously enjoying himself.

    Being a Happy Warrior helps, but of course if you do that it means you’re frivolous and unserious, like they said about Reagan.

    1. Also, if there are reports of groping or even dating minors, that tends to tell against a candidate. At least in a Republican state.

      1. Yep- a dead woman in the back seat, or reports of groping young male interns did not end political careers in Massachusetts.

        1. Yep when I lived in MassHoleLand I got a tattoo of Fat Teddy on my ass so I would still get invited to parties. Not on the left cheek nor the right, in the groove.

        2. Those things also didn’t come out in the last 3 months and the parties involved are dead or retired. If Teddy and Barney were still in congress today, I bet they’d be getting the treatment.

          1. Barney Frank had terrible taste in men. Before the guy who headed Fannie Mae, he had a boyfriend who ran a gay escort service out of their house. One guy brought misery into the world by exploiting people and ruining lives, and the other was an actual pimp.

            1. AND OBAMA IS A KENYAN!
              You people are hysterical

  20. Trump gets nominated in part because, for lack of a better terms, the big donors and establushment political movers were behind Jeb Bush, and slow to rally around any other more normal politician. Moore gets nominated, in part because the national party targets the tea party candidate in the race, because sonehow they figure the handpicked successor facing ethics charges is more likely to beat Moore. The people running the GOP have made some tactical blunders with their primary strategies, and the lack of trust that the will defend any ground against the Demicrats as opposed to kneecapping conservatives.

  21. The party of the president tends to lose seats during the (first?) midterms. GOP’s senate majority is probably already gone, even if all their candidates are viable.

    The thing is, they’re in a good position to buck this trend, especially with the economy improving. The wave of sexual assault allegations have mostly spanked the democrats and their Hollywood pals. Trump is shooting himself on the foot with a lot of ill advised tweets and distracting fights with the media.

    1. Don’t be so sure about that. The 2018 Senate races are the same as those in 2000, 2006, and 2012, all of which the Dems gained seats in. The pendulum has a way of swinging back (just as 2016 swung back toward the Dems compared to 2002 and 2010).

      1. Voters punished the President’s party for every President since Clinton … then Bush … then Obama … and Trump alone could kill his party in 2018.

  22. “…[Rob Moore] thinks America would be better off without the constitutional amendments that outlawed slavery and guaranteed women’s right to vote.” REALLY?! What the fuck, Reason? Rob Moore is/was repulsive, but you don’t need to constantly, and deliberately misrepresent his positions. They are bad enough without exaggerating them. What he actually said was that we’d be better off if we stripped the Constitution back to the first 10 Amendments (Bill of Rights). That’s not at all the same thing. This is as bad as “Andrew Heaton’s” video saying he referred to people as “Reds” and “Yellows”, like he was intentionally making a racial slur, as opposed to the actual context of the statement which is the lyrics of a very old Christian Hymn “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. Roy Moore, is a (likely) pedophile, and disgusting human being that wants to persecute gay people, and generally ignore the 1st Amendment. Why the hell does Reason need to resort to this fucking garbage of taking him out of context?

    1. Rob Moore is/was repulsive, but you don’t need to constantly, and deliberately misrepresent his positions. They are bad enough without exaggerating them.

      His name is Roy and nothing was exaggerated.

      What he actually said was that we’d be better off if we stripped the Constitution back to the first 10 Amendments (Bill of Rights).

      YOU support that?

      That’s not at all the same thing.

      It’s worse! READ those amendments — one …. at …. a ….. time …. slowly.

  23. The reason Republican win cyclically is because a) The Democrats have shown exactly how nanny state they are and how much they like to spend and b) Republicans feign being Libertarian. The reason Republicans lose cyclically is because a) the Republicans have show exactly how nanny state they are and how much they like to spend and b) they lied about being Libertarian.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all just voted Fucking Libertarian?

    1. Two major problems
      1) The libertarian establishment is just as useless. NO policy solutions – for anything — when Americans are ready for even radical change.
      2) LibertarianISM (the ideology and label) is rejected by 91% of libertarians. (per Cato’s survey)

      We can’t take back America until we take back our movement. Back to pro-liberty (people) and away from anti-government.

        1. Bend over. The proof will go in easier.

      1. 1) I am dues-paying, vote, and have rejected CATO as infiltrating impostors since 1980.
        2) Every recent sea change (Roe v Wade, States repealing prohibition, federal growth stoppage, the Trump nomination) has been the result of Libertarian spoiler votes. Every previous shift into totalitarianism was the result of mystical altruist spoiler votes. Any fool can read the old platforms, see the election results and reproduce the math. VOTES, not movements, are what change the laws.

        1. Correct on Cato — The Kochs dumped them because they never do anything Their “policy” proposals are slogans and soundbites for goobers. who can’t think.

          Libertarian goobers sneer at any need to get elected. Some giggle. While drooling.
          They have NO CLUE how to create a free society ,.. and are PROUD of that! Even giggle..

          What kind of nitwit would think Medicare Vouchers are “free market?”
          “But they add insurance companies! ”
          “Umm, as costly and useless middlemen. Do the fucking math”

          Medicare has always had competition, but seniors have no skin in the game. So the champions of free markets have the wrong market, and somehow never heard of “skin in the game.”

          Not that Reason (mostly Gillespie) is any better.

    2. We do! But the Commentariat is heavily infiltrated by DemoGOP cross-dressers desperately selling their “wasted vote” shibboleth to keep cowards from casting spoiler votes packing 6 to 21 times the law-changing clout. Our 4 million votes made the popular vote an even split on energy and the Second Amendment. But looter infiltrators are rooting for jobs, handouts and coathanger abortions–not freedom.

      1. The commentariat here sucks because Reason is ignorant of market incentives
        If only ONE state legalized anything, where would most of that activity occur?

        Reason is the ONLY major political website with UNMODERATED comments — a growing number now have NO comments. Cato NEVER did. So Reason is a magnet for EVERY asshole on America … as their thuggery gets expelled everywhere else … ALMOST as bad as openly recruiting assholes and cyber-bullies..

        ALSO the only major political website with with CAREENING web traffic — hence the desperation of adding pure clickbait, like Stossel’s idiocy and (too much of) Volokh’s fine work

        THIS section is the biggest threat to libertarian outreach … PLUS the partisan conservative bullshit .. in a magazine that celebrates independent voters!!! Do YOU want people exploring libertarianism here? The libertarian brand is REJECTED BY 91% OF LIBERTARIANS (per cato)

        The growing acceptance of social tolerance PROVES a libertarian moment.
        So does extreme social INtolerance and blatant bigotry by Ron Paul!!
        EVERYTHING proves a libertarian moment … soon, even the sun coming up!

        Americans are ready for radical change — a once -per-century opportunity — we’ve have 50 years to prepare — what have we got? … not one fucking thing — NO policy solutions … now anti-gubmint slogans and soundbites for the new goobers … not even rhetoric that’s pro-liberty.

        As Lady Liberty gets gang-raped. … .

  24. Meanwhile, even Newt Gingrich warns of a “Democratic wave” if Republicans don’t change FAST.

    Published by Fox. “Newt Gingrich: My fellow Republicans, a Democratic wave election is coming unless we act right now”

    On the generic ballot, Americans now prefer Democrats over Republicans by a staggering 10% – 47% to 37%. And note that Newt has no clue WHAT to do. Trump’s approval is down to 24% among women OVERALL. He is indeed destroying the GOP. Goldwater famously predicted the “Moral Majority” would destroy his party, but he only got half of it.

    1. Perhaps Republicans could stop damaging their own brand by undermining the agenda that got themselves and the president voted into office.

      1. Legalizing electric power and preserving the Second Amendment? Even God’s Own Prohibitionists have sense enough to stick to their guns on the winning planks they copied from the LP!

      2. Deven, the President got into office because Hillary is hated by more people than he is.
        1) He was nominated by a mere 37% of REPUBLICANS. roughly the same percentage as Birthers
        2) Nearly 10 million votes were cast AGAINST him in the general.3) He got the highest percentage of negative votes ever (AGAINST the opponent, not FOR him)
        4) He won the Electoral Vote by fewer than 80,000 votes in three states COMBINED.

        Probably why his “agenda” is rejected by a the vast majority of voters.
        Bit Bannon will give you a cookie!

  25. I will abstain from the debate over whether this handful of examples (prominently headed by beauty-pageant + reality-TV-star Trump) constitutes any kind of genuine trend…

    …but will note: the DNC’s most successful, ‘inspiring’ national candidate of the previous election was a fucking *communist apologist*

    and their last, narrowly-beaten DNC chair was a member of the Nation of Islam who still sometimes said things about ‘the jews’ which would have made 1980s Jesse Jackson blush.

    just saying. if politics has become a clown-show, its certainly not a one-sided phenomenon

    1. (shudder)

  26. I don’t understand how anyone could interpret the Dems’ victory in VA as anything but the consequence of Trump failing to drain the swamp. The election was won by the huge majority of bureaucrats who live in N.VA, who are all Democrats to a man–or woman. What’s new. Hillary won in DC by 94%! The DC swamp extends into N.VA, just as VA’s Great Dismal Swamp extends into NC. Only difference is the DC swamp is more dismal.

    1. Trumpsters are starry-eyed cultists … just like Bernie’s.
      The biggest and most corrupt liar in American political history .. and they swallow every word.

      He even insulted them — said they’d support him even if he killed somebody in broad daylight, with witness
      HUMILIATED their pathetic asses … and the cheered.
      He’s an enabler for blowhards. Politically Incorrect has a new meaning — now means being a harred-spewing, belligerant asshole..

  27. Another looter media cover-up. God’s Own Prohibitionists WRECKED the economy with faith-based asset-forfeiture looting in 2007 as in 1929-33 and 1987. The 2008 election was the Blazing Saddles gambit that worked (lucky for us)! Every one of these recent elections were either decided by spoiler votes, or ensuing policies were a reaction to spoiler votes. The Liberal Party wrote the repeal plank that elected FDR. Bush-Reagan prohibitionism so damaged the economy that Ross Perot spoiler votes were able to shift power and change the deficit into a surplus. Republicans turned Dixiecrat by George Wallace votes still struggle to bring back the coathanger abortions the LP eliminated with a single spoiler vote. Democrats frustrated by Econazi spoiler votes in Y2k still seek to ban electric power to buy back the Luddite vote. But the looter press is paid to ignore insurgent parties, so it ignores us as the piper calls the tune.

    1. Bush-Reagan prohibitionism so damaged the economy

      Reagan inherited what is still the worst economy since the Great D, and launched one of only two postwar economic booms (by EXACTLY copying Kennedy’s tax cuts)

      that Ross Perot spoiler votes were able to shift power and change the deficit into a surplus

      You got flim-flammed on the surplus TOO???.

      1) A surplus means the federal debt declined.
      2) Tell us in what year the federal debt did not increase
      (Federal debt, 1950-1999. Link to 2000)

      Oh, it’s Hank …

  28. I’ve noticed that this site seems quite fond of proclaiming the Right snowflakes as they’ve tried their best to justify the Left’s actions for years.


    1. I’ve noticed that you’re a a typical bewildered rightwinger … SOMEHOW ignorant that libertarians have been fiscally conservative and socially liberal for nearly 50 years now.

      Right – Left = Zero (which are you?)

  29. Simple recipe:

    1. Tone down social conservatism. People can still profess their PERSONAL beliefs, which should be enough to keep the bible thumpers voting for them… But just don’t propose to make laws on such personal beliefs. This will pull the rug out from the left on a lot of the stupid social stuff. I’ve come to appreciate the social positions of trad cons as actually being good things as I have got older, but it’s not the place of government to be involved. Sell it on the streets by living a good life and convince people that way.

    2. Actually be fiscally conservative. If any major politicians actually managed to do this, to an extreme even, I think people would eat it up. Slash taxes and slash spending on all but the few “core” things most moderates, and even conservatives, are okay with spending cash on.

    That’s probably all it would take to fuck the left up hardcore. Yet they can’t seem to get it. Moore lost because of the allegations, period. He could have been a thumper and still won, but in much of the country that doesn’t sell. So tone down preaching and follow through on what you say. That’s all.

  30. One of the problems of politics right now has to do with gerrymandering. You have to move further right or left to win your primary, and then you don’t appeal to the middle, the people that actually decide elections. You can try to move to the middle after the primaries, but then you will be labeled a “flipflopper”. Oh, by the way Benito was a lightweight.

    1. Oh, by the way Benito was a lightweight.

      His victims, especially in Ethiopia, might disagree. One of few dictators killed by his own people.

  31. “We don’t need to change who we are,” said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck a few months after Sen Jasa Interior Design. Mark Warner (D) beat Ed Gillespie in 2014. When Gillespie ran for governor this year, the hard right derided him a “Establishment Ed.”

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