Brickbat: Acting Like Adults


India Supreme Court
Legaleagle86/Creative Commons

India's supreme court has overturned a lower court ruling that confined a woman named Hadiya, 25, to her parents' home, allowing her to return to homeopathy college. But it refused to overturn the lower court's annulment of her marriage and placed her under the guardianship of her college dean who has said he will not allow her to see her husband. Hadiya was raised Hindu but converted to Islam two years ago and married a Muslim man last year against the wishes of her parents, who say she was brainwashed.

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  1. In response to her saying that her husband could take care of her, justice Chandrachud condescendingly told her, “?a husband cannot be his wife’s guardian. A wife is not chattel. She is an individual with her own mind and talents?You must have the ability to stand up on your own feet and live a life of dignity.”

    …in theory.

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  2. “?a husband cannot be his wife’s guardian. A wife is not chattel. She is an individual with her own mind and talents?You must have the ability to stand up on your own feet and live a life of dignity.”
    You do not belong to another person. You belong to the government. We will tell you where to live and who to marry.

    1. “You belong to the government. We will tell you where to live and who to marry.”

      Yes, this is very progressive!!!

      I hear ya, Bro, that’s what the Church of Scienfoology has been advocating for YEARS. It should be called SMARM; “The SMARM agency will be the Soul Mates And Religions Ministry.” If you will hit the site and put in for a search-string, that last little thing I put in quotes, you can find the BRILLIANT ideas of the Church of Scienfoology spelled out in detail? You’re welcome!

      1. All About SMARM -ishness –
        The SMARM agency will be the Soul Mates And Religions Ministry. Now back off and think about things, from, say, the Woman from Planet Claire perspective. We all have many-many decisions to be made, individually or collectively. What to eat for breakfast, what kind of military defenses to erect against foreign would-be despots, what kind of church to attend, if any, what kind of domestic courts and laws to erect against domestic criminals, what kind of person we want to marry, what kind of roads should be built (and shall we all drive on the left, or all on the right), and, what kinds of medicines work for us. Even to the non-Earthling, it is obvious that SOME of these must fall into the public domain. Others, we as Earthlings have traditionally put into the individual-freedom bucket. We don’t say, “What kind of breakfast works for me? Hmmm? I don’t know. Let’s go ask democracy”.

        1. And we don’t say, “What kind of husband (or wife, or Church, etc.) works for me? Hmm? Let’s go ask democracy. Let’s put it to a vote.” But then there’s ONE place where we have (thank GAWD!) been WAY progressive, and that is, in the matter of medicine. We COULD have said, as barbarians did in the old days? And in light of modern science, which points to WAY strong powers of placebos? “Well, if this medicine works for you, it works for you”. And not put it up for a vote. Instead, we have wisely chosen to be more progressive and hippagroovalistic these days. “Does this medicine work for YOU? We don’t care WHAT you think, and we don’t even care what your doctor thinks, either. We only care about what GAWD / Democracy / the FDA / etc. think about this.” You may access ONLY the GAWD-approved medicines. And so now, Thank You GAWD, we ARE protected from un-prescribed earpoppers and lung flutes, oh my!

          1. Well, we need to get even MORE progressive, then, and go ahead and ask Democracy, “Does this wife work for me?” ?and? “Does this Religion work for me?” (The breakfast thing, we can put off till later). That’s where SMARM comes in, then (the Soul Mates And Religions Ministry). They, through the Grace of GAWD, will be empowered to pick our mates and religions for us, optimally. I am QUITE sure that we can solve ALL the problems of high divorce rates, and un-wed parenting, and low Church (Mosque, Devout Atheists Congregations, etc.) attendance, if only we’d put GAWD in charge here! And of course, the un-employed-ex-FDA-employee, problem, too, would be solved as well, which is where we started out from. Through opening up new jobs for all of our quite-deserving public servants, of course. Praises Be to GAWD in SHAMM On High!!!

  3. Maybe I’m missing something, but unless this woman is severely mentally disabled, why does she need a guardian at all, no matter if it’s her husband, the dean, or her parents? I don’t know what the age of majority is in India, but I doubt it is more than 25. She should be able to do what she wants.

    1. She acted in an unapproved manner. What additional proof do you need that she isn’t mentally competent.

    2. Did you miss the part about “India”, or about “Hindu”, or about “Muslim”
      Welcome to the first amendment free zone

      1. No, I saw that. I suspect it has to do with the arranged marriages. Her parents probably had a husband lined up for her, and a Hindu one at that, and went to court when she chose her own way.

        But did you miss the part where the judge tells her she must stand on her own feet and make her own decisions, and immediately proceeds to decide everything for her?


    – Reason commentariat 1.5 years ago.

    1. Was that a Rankin-Bass production?

      1. The original, animated version of The Lord of the Rings movie was a Rankin-Bass production. It was damn good. I think it was one of the first uses of rotoscoping, and the atmosphere was dark. Those black riders scared the crap out of me as a kid.

  5. Cases like this show how arbitrary incompetency rulings can be.

  6. Married a Muslim?
    She should be in terrorist jail, not college.

    1. Well, it is homeopathy college and she is trapped there under guard of the administration ? so not that far off.

      1. Besides, how is terrorist jail different from regular jail? Is it that fellow inmates do their best to rape your mind instead of your body? Or that the homemade tattoos feature Muslim symbols instead of gang signs? Or maybe they smuggle in hookahs instead of Marlboros?

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