Roy Moore

Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat; Roy Moore Does Not Concede

Final tally: 49.9 to 48.4 percent.


Roy Moore
Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

Democrat Doug Jones has been declared the winner over Republican Roy Moore to become the next senator of Alabama. Jones is currently ahead 49.9-48.4 percent. Moore had been ahead for most of the evening, but the votes tallied last were coming from heavily Democratic parts of Alabama.

At around 11 p.m., Democrat Doug Jones took to the stage to declare victory over Republican Roy Moore in the special election for Alabama's Senate seat. A quote from his speech:

"This entire race has been about dignity and respect. This campaign has been about the rule of law. This campaign has been about common courtesy and decency and making sure of everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in, is gonna get a fair shake in life."

President Donald Trump tweeted soon after Jones finished his speech:

At 11:30 p.m., Moore took the stage himself at his own rally and refused to concede. Under Alabama law, there's a recount if there's a less than a half-percentage point difference between the two candidates. That doesn't appear to be the case here, but Moore said he was going to wait for the votes to play out and told his supporters, "God is always in control. Wait on God and let this process play out."

Hillary Clinton has already responded. This came out just minutes after the race was called:

The Moore camp is not yet conceding:

A reminder that Moore's campaign was heavily pushed by Steve Bannon:

From retiring Arizona GOP Rep. Jeff Flake, a consistent Trump foe:

Earlier in the day Alabama voters went to the polls to decide between controversial former judge Roy Moore and … um … not Roy Moore.

Technically Moore was facing off against Jones, as well as potential write-ins like Libertarian Party candidate Ron Bishop. But pretty much the entirety of the race has revolved around Moore's behavior and character, his troubled past, his disinterest in rule of law while claiming to be a champion of the Constitution, and what it fundamentally means for the Republican Party moving forward if voters embrace Moore despite (or because!) of all the allegations of misconduct.

I'll openly acknowledge personal hostility against Moore based on his lengthy history of extremely homophobic behavior, so overwhelming that his defiance of the Supreme Court on gay marriage was what got him booted out of the judiciary in Alabama.

Here's a Moore campaign spokesperson just today explaining why Muslims can't serve public office (he is wrong, obviously):

I'll also note, though, as a relevant observation, that the more power government has over the lives of individuals and their families, the more likely maintaining control over that power will outweigh any moral or ethical considerations. We're seeing that attitude play out among those who are considering holding their noses and voting for Moore anyway even if they disagree with his positions or his behavior.

Regardless of whether Moore wins or loses tonight, the Republican Party will maintain control over the Senate, by either one (if Moore loses) or two votes (if Moore wins). The race matters as a referendum on the direction of the Republican Party itself and how much voters will embrace Trump-style combative populism.

Polls are all over the place, and I'm certainly not going to make a prediction. CNN is reporting from its exit polls this afternoon that there's a much higher turnout of African-American voters than intially predicted, more than 25 percent of those turning up.

But I will predict that if Moore does lose, it's going to be the way that Hillary Clinton lost—too many people who typically voted Democrat didn't like Clinton and didn't vote for president at all. The same could happen in terms of how Alabama Republicans perceive Moore.

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  1. What a boob!

    But I will predict that if Moore does lose, it’s going to be the way that Hillary Clinton lost?too many people who typically voted Democrat didn’t like Clinton and didn’t vote for president at all. The same could happen in terms of how Alabama Republicans perceive Moore.

    Indeed, Snackman, that’s my prediction.

    1. Or maybe bc he forcibly mounted that underage horse.

      1. Wait? Moore is also a Brony?

        1. @RoyMooresHorse is today’s best Twitter.

          1. Now I hope he wins to see if he goes on a tirade against Pegasisters during his acceptation speech.

      2. Who wins a jousting contest, Roy Moore or Shirtless Putin?

        1. If the joust is on W Bush’s ranch? Putin.

    2. NYT just called it for Jones. One step closer to Majority Leader Schumer. Not a good thing.

      1. Boy, maybe the Republicans shouldn’t be such hot garbage.

        1. Yup. Don’t wanna be closer to Majority Leader Schumer? Don’t run a twat as toxic as Hillary Clinton. The GOP better own this shit or be relegated to the ranks of Tony.

        2. I’d vote for a CPUSA candidate before I’d vote for a Bible-thumper.

      2. Having a president and senate majority leader from different parties is almost always a good thing.

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  2. I’m sure this is a referendum on something.

    1. It’s punishment for Alabama not sufficiently hating gays.

  3. Who’s that fine young thing on Moore’s left?

    1. Looks like a nice pair of leather gloves.

      1. That was her nickname at equestrian camp.

    2. Careful what you say, or you’ll have a Jew lawyer on your ass.

  4. If Roy Moore gets elected, what will be our opinion of representative democracy?

      1. I’m inclined to agree. Two wolves and a sheep voting on what movie to see.

        1. Not really a good comparison. How many movies are there about sheep, let alone good ones?

          1. Are we including Scottish movies?

          2. Shawn the Sheep was actually really good.

          3. Silence of the Lambs.

        2. It’s like the allegory of the cave in Plato’s Republic.

      2. That’s been my opinion since I was old enough to have an opinion, when I realized that I wasn’t represented no matter who won.

  5. If Judge Roy Moore wins he can join in a “Senate Liberty Caucus” with Rand Paul and Mike Lee. If the three liberty-minded legislators are feeling charitable they can let Lyin’ Ted join the club too.

  6. Polls are all over the place,

    The same polls that said Trump would lose?

    *awaits kudos*

    1. I don’t think Mars makes Kudos bars anymore.

        1. Shit, I found a article saying that Mars reintroduced them this year.

          Even better, I learned that exists and does nothing but cover grocery store news.

          1. Is there an article on running a grinder randomly on the S/S elevator walls to keep the kids from scratching their names on them?
            Maybe covered earlier…

            1. Grindr doesn’t post those kinds of articles, Sevo.

              1. OMG linked to Grindr’s website is a magazine with Roy Moore coverage!

                When I’m cruisin’ for hog I don’t want to be reading about no politics!

                Man alive.

              2. However, there are helpful hints in the comments on how to best clean your sausage stuffer.

      1. He said Kudos, not Bruno

    2. Dammit! I missed the Paddypower odds on this one. Were Irish bookies even aware the Alabama race wasn’t about horses?

  7. I think its pretty clear that anyone who would ride a horse to the polls is doing it solely as a PR stunt to make people think he’s ‘down-to-earth’ and is the sort of person who normally doesn’t come within 50 miles of livestock of any sort and is actually someone with his head up his own ass.

    Genuinely down-to-earth people would have just taken their normal vehicle to the polls.

    1. Look, maybe you rich city folk have money lying around to waste on your metal monstrosities, but us Pennsylvania Dutch prefer the traditional efficient ways.

      1. My buddy got stopped for drunk driving on a horse (suspended driver’s license), but the cop just made him ride it to my house, tie it up to a tree in the yard, and go inside and sleep it off. He didn’t tie it up too well, because the same cop came back in the morning to ask us if we’d kindly remove the horse from the medial divider on Route 65 in Conway, PA.

    2. A horse is the “normal vehicle” Judge Moore takes to the polls on election day. He lives in a town of less than a thousand people and votes at the VFD.

      1. But he is cosmopolitan enough to have one of them Jew lawyers.

      2. Horses are better than cats. They’re not as smart.

      3. Obviously not – since he doesn’t know how to ride one.

    1. That’s satire, right? As well as your whole act? You’ve become a caricature of yourself lol

      1. It’s funny that you can recognize the exaggeration in someone else when your viewpoints are every bit as simplistic and visceral, only the opposite.

        1. Yeah I’m totally SIV’s mirror image. I spam the comment sections of every article about how the Democrats are so awesome and libertarian and making the country great, and that anyone who doesn’t vote for every Democratic shitbag is a fake libertarian?

  8. Moore’s wife says he has a Jew lawyer.

    See, he is no bigot.

    1. Yeah, probably has some of those colored boys working for them too.

    2. And a Dago mackerel-snapper secretary.

  9. If Roy Moore isn’t elected our society will continue to debase itself!

    A former teacher in Leander Independent School District was arrested on charges of having an improper relationship with a male high school student at a church where she volunteered.

    1. Damn, in a Church? Fucking around the Stations of the Cross seems like it should be a total buzzkill.

    2. They don’t show what she looks like in a bikini. So disappointing. Or not.

    3. Well I got into a fistfight in Catechism class. I’d say it’s better to make love, not war, if only I’d have had the opportunity.

  10. Jones has to win. We need a major victory to show #TheResistance has the momentum. Can’t afford another Putin puppet in the federal government.

      1. This is the best because I am actually insulted.

        1. This is the confirmation I needed, Crusty, that you are ok with all the references to you chinchilla cage domicile, your hirsute exterior, and your insatiable lust for questionable strange.

      2. Is this how Reason commenters always welcome new members? I’ve been accused of being Crusty, Buttplug, Eddie, Tulpa, American Socialist, and Robespierre-something-or-other. I’m allegedly a “conservative” but also a “commie.”

        Why is it so hard to believe I’m a young libertarian who discovered this site a couple months ago and finally decided to register? Or that I support open borders, like all of Reason’s writers? Or that I oppose Moore?

        1. Most long term H&R commenters have developed a Fregoli delusion.

          It’s part of why they’re being quarantined here away from decent upstanding members of society.

          1. Thanks, that was a very informative link. I hope those people get the help they need.

            1. They think psychiatry is a commie plot to turn them into women, so probably not.

            2. I will accept you if you solemnly swear you have never posted at the glib site.

              1. I’d have to plead the 21st Amendment.

          2. That’s exactly what I’d expect Tulpa to say.

        2. You can’t be the Buttplug.

          But basically, the paleo-libertarians deny the existence of liberaltarians and cosmotarians.

          See, one can TALK libertarian but you are not a real libertarian unless you vote GOP. Of course they are wrong about that.

          1. In your case you’re just an evil soulless thing. Also, your word means nothing.

            1. Jones won. Stick that up your ass.

              1. I’m sure that would get you off, wouldn’t it, you fucking sloppy bottom?

                1. Oh look, the fecal sockpuppet is back. The guy’s real name is Perry… Perry Stalsis.

              2. It’s not over until it’s over. Plus, even if Jones does win a recount he only has 2 years as an Alabama senator.

        3. Oh, hell, that’s nothing. Consider the reception I got at Glibertarians.

          1. That’s not reception, it’s rejection.

    1. If T.Ronald Dump is Darth Vader, then who does Roy Moore play and who the hell are you? Why don’t you just scurry on back to the Dagobah System.

  11. Forget Roy Moore, America’s greatest monster continues his reign of terror

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  12. CNN Does Seven Different Segments About Trump’s Diet Coke Habit

    First, Tab or gtfo.
    Second, I’m glad nothing else worthwhile is happening.

    1. My girl wants to party aspartame. It’s much cheaper than coke.

    2. I’ve never trusted a person who doesn’t drink alcohol, but Trump downing 8 diet cokes a day almost makes up for it.

    3. Crusty, I present this in your honor…….

      Apologies for the poor quality of the clip.

  13. This is right up TreasonNN’s alley – what are they hiding by not covering it?

    FBI appears to have investigated – and considered prosecuting – FOIA requesters

    1. Duh! +1 donut

  14. Ugh, CNN, why is Rick Santorum on my TV? WHY!?

    1. CNN viewers can’t be choosers.

    2. Better Rick than Santorum on your TV.

      Best Google-Bomb ever.

      1. LOL POOP!



        Take me seriously, I am a very serious person.

        1. Diarrhea cha-cha-cha

          Diarrhea cha-cha-cha

    3. Why would you willingly watch CNN? Or are you being held captive and this is how they’re torturing you?

    4. The real question is why is santorum (the common noun) all over your living room?

  15. I still believe that Jones will win, but if he doesn’t, I have decided to blame voter suppression.

    1. Must be a link to one of SF’s fanfics.

      1. Just Google Charles Schumer, Friendo.

  16. New York times is very optimistic if they’re giving Jones a 68% chance of winning.

    1. Nevermind, I’m retarded.

      At 81% its 49.6 to 48.9

    2. Its tightened up to a 20,000 vote lead for Moore with 76% in.

      1. You need to keep up better it’s now a dead heat 49.2 at 85% in.

        1. Jones up by 500 with 87% in.

          I want to see Trump lie about this too.

          1. Jones is up by 10,000 with 89% reporting in. He needs to win by more than 0.5% to not trigger an automatic recount.

            1. Well NPR just called it for Jones

              1. Same with NYT. Moore needs to pull some ballots out of the trunk of his car.

                1. “If you vote for me I’ll let you see my gavel.”

                2. He already did. The horse was a distraction.

          2. PB, if we’re talking about things we would like to see, I would include your suicide. Sadly, we can’t all get what we want.

  17. Some cosmotarian started a blog but sadly abandoned it five years ago:…..nyway.html

    Must have been the cosmotarian moment.

    1. You should take over.

      1. Because of this, the movement will become a political Pangea and fracture into several pieces. Some will remain a part of the original mass. Tea party conservatives, paleo-conservatives, John Birch Society members, some mainstream conservatives and those with an unbreakable loyalty to Paul the Wiser will likely to continue supporting Paul the Younger. Those who were previously apathetic will likely revert to apathy. And what of the rest of the libertarian movement? The classic libertarians? The left-libertarians? The cosmotarians? The genuine independents who like Ron but who wouldn’t find Rand appealing?

        Sounds kind of like Hihn.

        1. Hihn despises Ron Paul. Try to keep up.

        2. Yay! Just stock up on victuals, precious metals (especially soon-to-be-precious lead), liquor, smokes, and used brass.

          1. And cordwood and charcoal.

    2. Dammit. What am I gonna do with 3000 rusty coathangers, 250 “Member: Moral Majority” bumperstickers and 400 MAGA caps with “Alabama” stenciled over the “‘Murrika”? Who is the new Dixiecrat anyway?

  18. Jones has taken the lead, and if I’m reading the map right it looks like the remaining precincts are mostly in Democratic-heavy areas. Moore just might be headed for a loss here.

    1. Jones just won, apparently. After the bullshit accusations to steal this from Moore, I can’t wait until the next match up. Whenever that will be, the democrat needs to be set up as an out and out pedophile. In fact, I won’t consider the job done until that eventual DNC candidate is driven to suicide.

      These progtard fuckers think they can do anything they want and get away with it. That notion must be changed.

      1. Not necessarily. Unless Jones beats Moore by more than 0.5% then it triggers an automatic recount. Right now Jones is only ahead by 0.6%

      2. Moore really is a pedophile, you idiot. Or was.

        Quit reading Bratfart for your “news”.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug raped and killed a girl in 1990. You can believe it, folks.

        2. No PB, YOU are a pedophile. Just like every cheese pizza eating progtard.

      3. The accusations were only the beginning, and voters were starting to not care about them as much as time went on. But Moore destroyed himself during the past week with his shenanigans. Some people can’t help themselves.

        1. Which shenanigans were those?

          1. He had the audacity to not confess to child rape based on a forged signature in a 40 year old yearbook.

            1. The nerve!

          2. He expressed nostalgia for slavery era United States. That was a good one.

            Honestly, he was a laugh riot. I’ll miss him, and I can only hope his Jew lawyer helps him through these hard times.

    2. It’s not official until Trump’s Twitter meltdown starts

      1. “You see, Senator Jones, there is nothing you have that I cannot take away from you.”

      2. Around 4AM, we’ll get the, This is why I endorsed Luther Strange! Knew Moore was “BAD” NEWS! What a disaster! tweet.

        1. Or he could blame rapey immigrants again.

        2. Perfect.

          1. Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!

            OK, so who took Trump’s phone?

            1. Trump has bigger fish to fry, I guess. Plus, if Jones wins a recount he still has 2 years in office and then has to win the 2020 election to keep his senate seat.

              1. I prefer grunion or smelts.

        3. He would be right, incidentally. Strange would’ve won handily. He was a safe bet.

          Whatever the NYT and other lefties say to spin this, this isn’t a Democratic victory or a referendum on anything: it’s Alabama primary voters fucking up so bad they managed to lose a safe seat to the Dems. They’re their own worst enemies. Sad to admit it, but maybe the GOP would actually be better off if they all just shut up and did what the national organization tells them to.

          1. Yeah, if the last election showed how horrible Hillary was to lose, this definitely is an example of that same phenomenon.

          2. Oh, of course. And I’ll bet Strange will easily win the seat in 2020.

  19. Another Democrat in the Senate, the Senate to be held hostages by the RINOs…what a triumph for liberty!

    1. Don’t pretend this group of Trump/Moore GOPers is any more libertarian than than the awful Bushpigs were.

      1. Don’t worry, PB, I won’t scream at the sky or freak out, after all, it’s just an election, nobody is so retarded as to clog the streets and scream in inarticulate anger over the results of an election.

  20. Marxist Moment

    Cucks celebrate

  21. Dead baby parts to be Alabama’s biggest export.

    1. So you’re an Aborto-Freak too? That explains a lot.

    2. Who’s gonna get rage-fucked tonight, SIV? Icky, Elvis, or Diversity?

  22. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. Not having theocratic child predators in Congress is why we can’t have nice things?

      1. Don’t be silly. Gary Studds wasn’t a theocrat.

        1. You have to go back 40 years or more to find a child predator in Congress?

          What about Speaker Hastert (R)?

          Both parties are represented by perverts.

          1. 1983 wasn’t 40 years ago.

            I know being innumerate is a source of pride for Obama and Clinton voters, but you don’t need to keep putting on a demonstration.

            1. What about Speaker Hastert (R)?

              1. What about whataboutism?

        2. But he was a Johnny Holmes (the Human Tripod) stand-in. Moore aspired to this. Or Chester the Molester.

      2. So we should just content ourselves with atheistic child predators like you?

        Fucking chickenhawk boy hungry sicko.

          1. You obviously never remember the insanely vulgar stuff you write on here.

          2. Just plead the 21st Amendment. Who knows? It might catch on. I just thought of that today, after a few shots of Holy Cactus Juice.

      3. Add sarcasm to the long list of things Tony can not grasp.

        1. Sarcasm. Yeah, that’s real helpful.

  23. The media is comparing this to Scott Brown’s win in the Massachusetts special election in early 2010, which was the prelude to the GOP’s big wins in 2010.

    Seems a little bit of wishful thinking, since that election was about Obamacare rather than what a horrible person Martha Coakley was.

    1. No. Scott Brown is the type of Republican us secularists like. Boston is filled with us.

      Hell, the GOP would be fine if they ran all the Bible-beaters out.

      Goldwater would be a Democrat today. He warned the GOP about embracing shitheads like Moore and Jerry Falwell.

      1. The man who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act because he said it gave too much power to the federal government and would lead to a loss of individual freedom? I somehow doubt he’d be a member of the “bake the fucking cake” party. Or even the Democrats.

        1. BG was pro-choice. That alone would get him ostracized by today’s GOP. He was pro gay rights. Strike two. And he was a strong pro-regulation environmentalist.

          Strike three.

        2. I feel very definitely that the [Nixon] administration is absolutely correct in cracking down on companies and corporations and municipalities that continue to pollute the nation’s air and water. While I am a great believer in the free competitive enterprise system and all that it entails, I am an even stronger believer in the right of our people to live in a clean and pollution-free environment. To this end, it is my belief that when pollution is found, it should be halted at the source, even if this requires stringent government action against important segments of our national economy.

          Goldwater sounds just like Obama in 2009.

          1. I wish to make myself perfectly clear. The two portion so this bill to which I have constantly and consistently voiced objections, and which are of such overriding significance that they are determinative of my vote on the entire measure, are thoe which would embark the Federal Government on a regulatory course of action in the area of so-called “public accommodations” and in the area of employment–to be precise, Titles II and VII of the bill. I find no constitutional basis for the exercise of Federal regulatory authority in either of these areas; and I believe the attempted usurpation of such power to be a grave threat to the very essence of our basic system of government, namely, that of a constitutional government in which 50 sovereign states have reserved to themselves and to the people those powers not specifically granted to the central or Federal Government.

            Goldwater sounds just like Richard Spencer in 2017.

            1. Also vague.

              And I hope he opposed affirmative action. Everyone should.

              1. do Democratic party candidates?

                1. I don’t know. I’m not a Democrat.

                  But like Goldwater I despise the GOP Bible-beaters of today.

                  1. Unlike Goldwater you also despise individual rights, religious freedom, and free speech. Also unlike Goldwater, you vote only for Democrats and spew Democratic Party talking points.

                    1. Fuck off, liar.

                      You lost this debate and resort to lies and ad hominems. So fuck off.

                    2. Every thing in that post is verifiably true. You have proudly admitted your support for Obama and Clinton many, many times. Good try at projection and deflection from your own lies though. You might also want to Google up “ad hominem” some time.

                  2. “I don’t know. I’m not a Democrat.

                    But like Goldwater I despise the GOP Bible-beaters of today.”

                    Well let me help educate you. They do. Including Obama, that democrat you just mentioned.

                  3. Butt’s a lefty socialist but supports democrats.

                  4. I’m not a Democrat.


          2. Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.

            Goldwater sounds just like Ron Paul in 2012.

            1. Vague. Most all modern politicians oppose the unilateral executive.

              1. We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.

                We’re lucky to live in an era of such executive restraint.

                1. Signing statements are common. Bush legislated through signing statements the most even though he had a GOP Congress.

                  1. Rationalizations are common as dirt. Barry Goldwater wasn’t a democrat like you. Sorry.

                    1. Goldwater was more libertarian – unlike today’s GOP.

                      Pro choice, pro gay rights, – you are owned.

                    2. Goldwater was more small government conservative – unlike yesterday, today or tomorrow’s Democrats.

                      Pro free speech, anti-public accommodations, – you are owned.

          3. Conservatism, we are told, is out-of-date. This charge is preposterous and we ought to boldly say so. The laws of God, and of nature, have no dateline.

            Goldwater sounds just like Rick Santorum in 2008.

            1. “Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the nuts.”

              Sounds like Goldwater didn’t like today’s conservatives like Santorum and Moore.

          4. Yeah, but that’s before the EPA went fucking retarded and declared CO2 to be a pollutant.

          5. That’s because you’re a moron. Environmental regulation today is far stricter than even hardline environmentalists in the 70s were asking for.

            And supporting freedom of association is the only strike he’d need to never be allowed on the Democratic Party. As per usual, you’re just plain wrong.

      2. Hell, the GOP would be fine if they ran all the Bible-beaters out.

        Because that’s the mark of a small government party: “running out” people whose religion you disagree with! /sarc

        That’s the kind of bullshit we are getting from Democrats.

        As a gay man, I have no problem with conservative Christians considering me an evil sinner and refusing to serve me cake; after all, I also consider their version of Christianity to be bullshit and wouldn’t want to bake cakes for them. Politically, we can still agree that both of us are a lot better off if the federal government stays out of everybody’s hair. That is what a party of limited government should be all about.

        1. The Trump team is absolutely trying to “run out” Republicans they don’t like. See Jeff Flake and Bob Corker – who are both far more libertarian than any of the Trump Big Gov assholes.

          1. 5th D chess to get rid of establishment RINOs.

          2. The Trump team is absolutely trying to “run out” Republicans they don’t like

            You seem a bit fuzzy on what political parties are for. It’s, in fact, fine to kick people out of political parties over political disagreements.

            You suggested kicking people out of political parties because you don’t like their religion; that is both foolish and offensive.

  24. “But I will predict that if Moore does lose, it’s going to be the way that Hillary Clinton lost?too many people who typically voted Democrat didn’t like Clinton and didn’t vote for president at all. The same could happen in terms of how Alabama Republicans perceive Moore”.

    I imagine you are right, Scott. Given Alabama’s long track record of voting team-red for this seat, it seems entirely possible that the would-be voters were turned off by the allegations. Time will tell how the Moore camp and supporters play this off. Who or what the blame will be passed off on.

  25. A Democrat can win in Alabama as long as he’s running against a predatory hebephile. I’ll allow Alabama to breathe a sigh of relief on behalf of its reputation anyway.

    Boy, Steve Bannon is a fat drunken slob, huh?

    The new wisdom about how politics works is that the president’s coattails matter almost more than anything else for down-ballot elections. Trump is objectively the worst president ever already. Take note next time. Or nominate someone even more grotesque and unbelievably ill-suited. When you fail, do the same thing but harder, that’s what I say.

    1. Presidential coattails and “downballot” races by definition have to happen in a presidential election year. Like in 2016 when Republicans swept all three branches of the federal government. There’s no “downballot” fallout from the president in a special election where no one else is running. Don’t try to freestyle. Wait until tomorrow when the DNC official talking points come out.

      1. What I mean is that the president’s approval rating matters a lot, whenever the election is.

    2. Trump is objectively the worst president ever already.

      He is too ineffective to overtake the Bushpigs for that title. But he is trying to.

      1. We can thank Bush for whatever restraint Trump may show in bombing shit, but he’s already killed more civilians in the ISIS war than Obama–just as he promised in his campaign.

        1. Lol. It will take Trump 50 years to kill as many civilians as Hillary and Obama did in Libya alone without even getting into Syria and Afghanistan.

          1. I have a funny feeling your facts are incredibly wrong and you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. What is it with you people and Libya?

            1. It was drilled into their heads by Fox News when Hilldog was SecState. It’s harwired in.

              1. Yes, Libya was JUST AS BAD AS IRAQ! Heard it on this site all the time.

                Obama lobbed a few tomahawks into Libya with no ground troops. But Libya was JUST AS BAD!

                1. Some people feel that conducting an illegal war, plunging a country into civil war and chaos, and getting diplomats killed because you’re running CIA operations out of embassies are bad things even when the president is a Democrat. Nobody at Reason, but some people.

                  1. NATO said it was a legal action.

                    1. I didn’t realize NATO superseded the US constitution’s warmaking powers. The UN said Iraq was legal too, but congress still had to sign off on it.

            2. Now It Can Be Told: Libyan Civilian Deaths

              I’m sure now you’ll post a source for your claim that Trump has killed more civilians than 8 years of Obama melting down the entire middle east with haphazard military interventions with no approval of congress.

              What is it with you faggots and your militarism when your buttboy is in office?

            3. A funny feeling Tony? Like when you fuck little boys?

              1. Dude keep it light. My Jew lawyers can fuck you up.

        2. Tony, every one of those deaths is on Obama for causing Iraq to fall to ISIS in the first place. In fact, your support of Obama puts a portion of that responsibility on your hands, as you helped put Obama in office.

          You have a lot of blood on your hands. Do something smart for the first time in your wretched existence, and go drink that Drano. Your life has no value and no one could ever love something as vile as you.

          1. Obama got elected by opposing the shitstorm Bush created before it happened. You do better at managing it since you’re so smart at foreign policy.

            1. And then Obama doubled down on Iraq and Afghanistan, getting more Americans killed. Then he sent Americans into harms way in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen.

              1. Which you are saying, positively and without hesitation, is actually worse than Bush. Because of the letter after his name.

                1. “Better than Bush” is still worse than Trump.

                2. Boosh was a horrible president. Obama was worse than horrible.

                  Trump is doing better than Obama, Boosh, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, JFK and not even 1 year has passed.

                  1. Ha, I’d love to know your criteria. By best do you mean “looks most like a melting putrescent grapefruit” or “lowest poll numbers ever”?

            2. Tony|12.13.17 @ 12:37AM|#
              “Obama got elected by opposing the shitstorm Bush created before it happened.”

              Tony posted this and Tony also posted:
              Tony|9.7.17 @ 4:43PM|#
              “I don’t consider taxing and redistribution to be either forced or charity.”

              Now the later post is stupid and counterfactual, but at least understandable. IOWs a simpleton making an ass of himself in public.
              The former isn’t even understandable in any English grammar.

    3. Trump is objectively the worst president ever already.

      Seriously? Trump and his policies don’t seem very different from Bill Clinton, except that Trump has harassed and raped far fewer women than Bill had at this point in his presidency.

    4. So far the economy is booming and no new major wars. If he finishes out his term like this, he will objectivity have been the best president in decades.

      Now, to those of us who live in reality, the president doesn’t matter that much to what happens in the world. But if we insist on judging by quantitative indicators on how the country is doing and attributing it the president , Trump is outperforming his predecessor handily.

    5. Trump is objectively the worst president ever already
      Pretty sure that Buchanan’s record is still safe.

  26. Public Safety Alert: Please hide pills or booze of cherished Drumpfenc?cken.

  27. Let’s not forget the real losers tonight: fetuses.

    1. California and Massachusetts have to be crying. Alabamistan is now a shoo-in for the new Planned Parenthood Processing Facility

      1. And they said factory jobs weren’t coming back.

      2. Lol. Ok. I may yet be convinced that SIV is a parody account.

        1. Nope. SIV is a self-parody, sorta like Tony. Both too fucking imbecilic for consideration.


  28. Just looking at his home county (Etowah) where he was a judge:

    Trump got 32,132 votes in 2016 – Clinton got 10,350
    Moore got 15,693 votes in 2017 – Jones got 10,518

    That 17,000 vote loss is the entire margin of difference statewide. And pretty much proves that those who knew him/girls best – believed the girls

    1. Does Jones getting more votes in a special election than Clinton got in a presidential election make Roy Moore or Hillary Clinton look worse?

    2. Or that fewer people vote in local special elections in an off year than vote in a national presidential election. Whatever makes you feel better.

      1. Well obviously someone at GOP HQ screwed that message up then.

        You stupid intern – you were supposed to send the Don’t need to vote – it’s an offyear election memo to DEM voters not GOP voters. You’re fired!!

  29. Decency wins

    Doug Jones scandal in 3, 2, 1, ….

    1. A Doug Jones suicide would be even better.

      1. Classy.

        1. Today’s Christian conservative.

          1. Whoever said I’m either one of those things? No, I’m just someone that knows what vicious ruthless souls things progressives are. I’ve seen the historical examples of what happens when your kind are given free reign (Soviet Russia, Red China, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.). The way to deal with vicious creatures like you is to be just as ruthless, and put you down.

            You cunts are going to reap the whirlwind soon enough.

            1. Nazi Germany was right wing all the way, idiot.

              Communism and fascism are both nothing like the USA anyway.

              I’m sure you would call Warren Buffett (our greatest capitalist) a “commie” because he doesn’t vote for GOP Bible-Beaters.

              You are that stupid.

              1. Free healthcare. Free public education. Censorship of books. Expropriation of wealth. Nationalization of manufacturing. Nazi Germany sounds a whole lot like the policies you advocate for the USA.

              2. Butt, remember that that the Nazis are the National Socialist German workers party. Socialists all the way.

                You lefties can never live that down.

              3. Palin’s Buttplug|12.12.17 @ 11:47PM|#
                “Nazi Germany was right wing all the way, idiot.”

                You keep making an ass of yourself, spouting bullshit from “Parade”, where those of us who have done some reading laugh at your idiocy.
                Hint: If you are capable of reading, try “The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy”
                But knowing full well you are a slimy piece of shit incapable of dealing with facts, and incapable of reading, you won’t bother.
                Did I mention I despise you, you pathetic excuse for humanity?

              4. PB you are as ignorant as you are stupid and evil. The nazi’s were socialists. There are NO right wing socialists. You are cut from that cloth whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. An evil slaver without conscience or a soul.

        2. Coming from the people who endorsed mob violence against Milo Yiannopoulos and have called for the assassination of Trump. Do you really think you can play the moral high ground card?

          1. Where exactly did I endorse mob violence against Milo or call for the assassination of Trump? Where did I state that Democrats are universally classy people that never endorse violence, that they have a moral high ground, or that Republicans are universally in favor of their political opponents dying? Oh yeah, that’s right, I never said any of those things. All I did was make a sarcastic remark in reaction to someone hoping a senator-elect they don’t like commits suicide. I have the same reaction to any Democrat who expresses such sentiment. I’ve seen some people online this year cheer McCain’s cancer or Scalise getting shot, and it absolutely is disgusting and reprehensible. And the same holds for the comment I replied to.

            Contrary to your simplistic worldview, not everyone who has a negative opinion of the Republican Party is a Democrat, let alone a hardcore partisan who’s supports violence against their opponents.

  30. I agree with the point above that the circumstances around Jones’s win tonight are different than around Scott Brown’s win in 2010, and thus it may not be a precursor to a Democratic wave equivalent to 2010, but nonetheless just as it was amusing to see the Democrats going from a huge presidential win in 2008 to losing in freaking Massachusetts (Ted Kennedy’s old seat no less!) in less than two years, seeing the GOP go from the triumph in November to losing in Alabama of all places in barely a year is hilarious. And the honor of losing in such a fashion couldn’t have gone to a nicer shithead than Roy Moore.

    I’m not sure if this will result in any more introspection among the Republican base than any of the Democratic losses have caused a such a reaction among the Democratic base (that is to say, very little), but it would be a welcome surprise, and good for their party. Just as Democrats were foolish to think after 2006 and 2008 that they were in the midst of a permanent ascendancy while the Republicans were becoming forever irrelevant, Republicans who think 2014 and 2016 mean the Democrats are destined to repeat that failure in every election are kidding themselves. The last 10+ years of this country’s history should be a lesson on how quickly the political winds in this country can shift. I’m not saying an incoming Democratic wave is certain, but Republicans thinking it’s impossible are just as dumb as Democrats who thought 2010, 2014, and 2016 couldn’t happen.

    1. Primary driver of the winds shifting is that each party wears out its welcome within a few years once it gets control of all the branches of govt.

      GOP was talking about a permanent electoral majority in 2002 and 2004.

    2. It won’t result in any introspection.

      But at least there won’t be rioting in the streets.

  31. Well SIV, you were right, my head is exploding.

    I thought the racist theocrat vote was way more than 48.8% of the voters in Alabama.

    1. I’m sure you’ll stop stereotyping people as racist theocrats based on the geographical location they live in now, right? Faggots are oh so tolerant.

    2. Gee Stormy, bigot much?

  32. Why is the libertarian candidate only available as a write-in?

    Man, those in power are really intent on making every election between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

    Bernie said no one “needs” 23 kinds of deodorant, but damn near everyone says no needs more that two types of feces to choose from to “represent”‘them.

    1. Yes Alabama is a bitch to 3rd parties. Very hard to get on the ballot there.

  33. I didn’t like Roy Moore on many positions, but 40 year old accusations dragged out by a left wing rag a few weeks before the election should not decide elections.

    Democrats all over the country are salivating over the “vagina veto” now: any male political candidate can be hounded out of office if only enough women get together and accuse him of something.

    Hopefully, a few more of these cases will immunize voters against this b.s.

    1. What about him having the worst understanding of the Constitution of anyone else in the country? And he is a fucking judge?

      Fuck him with that 10 Commandments slab.

      1. “What about him having the worst understanding of the Constitution of anyone else in the country? And he is a fucking judge?”

        The competition for that title is so fierce I’d say you’re just cherry-picking the constitutional issues you care about.

      2. Palin’s Buttplug|12.12.17 @ 11:25PM|#
        “What about him having the worst understanding of the Constitution of anyone else in the country? And he is a fucking judge?”

        From the Obama-ass-licking turd.
        That is amusing at least, turd.

    2. This is the 3rd time Alabama has rejected him. He was recalled twice.

      And so far Democrats have lost more to sexual harassment resignations than Republicans have.

      1. Moo Cow, no they haven’t – they aren’t going to lose a House or Senate seat. If the Dems get their way, Trump will be forced from the Presidency.

        1. “…If the Dems get their way, Trump will be forced from the Presidency…”
          Do you have a unicorn in your backyard?

        2. The GOP amputating its putrid embarrassments is the theme of the evening, isn’t it?

          1. Tony|12.13.17 @ 12:42AM|#
            “The GOP amputating its putrid embarrassments is the theme of the evening, isn’t it?”

            Prolly a good idea to post in English, you pathetic piece of shit.

      2. And so far Democrats have lost more to sexual harassment resignations than Republicans have.

        Hard as that may be to believe, I didn’t make a partisan comment. My comment applies equally to Democratic and Republican targets of unproven accusations.

    3. Mark22, the endgame is to hound Trump out of office over old harassment allegations. The left also gained in another way with Moore’s defeat and the forcing of others from office over only allegations: Just like in current banana republics, as well as in Hitler’s and Stalin’s heyday, people can now be found guilty by accusations only – no need to bother with due process.

      1. You realize that the process for a criminal conviction is not the same as for getting elected to the Senate? You have no right to force voters to only take something into account when you’ve been criminally convicted of it. Moore lost because a lot of people reasonably believed the accusations against him were credible and that they weren’t all part of some giant evil homosexual conspiracy.

        1. You have no right to force voters to only take something into account when you’ve been criminally convicted of it.

          Nobody is trying to “force” voters. What I’m saying is that this sets a dangerous precedent and incentive where women can veto anybody they don’t like by making accusations of sexual impropriety just before an election.

          Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence that sexual impropriety is negatively correlated with ability to govern anyway, so it’s unclear why this should even be a factor in politics. I mean, we already know that our politicians (both men and women) are sociopathic a-holes. I really don’t care what our politicians do in their bedrooms or how they molest their staffers. What I care about is that they lower taxes, don’t take bribes from lobbies, and keep government out of my hair.

      2. Trump can just ignore them as he’s done so far.

        Moore lost for reasons other than just the allegations against him.

    4. The Washington Post is now some “left wing rag”? Take t down a notch, guy.

      1. Yes, the WP is a “left wing rag”; it’s close to HuffPo, Politico, PBS, and BBC, significantly to the left of MSNBC and CNN.……&p=4462444

        So, get a clue, “guy”.

  34. So who’s next in line for Bannon’s blessings?

    1. Whoever they are, they’ll probably be banned from Reason.

  35. Roy Moore is refusing to concede because GAWWWWWDDDDDD

    1. Mitch McConnell is the happiest US Senator tonight.

      1. This will scare the RINOs into straight voting to repeal Obamacare before it’s too late.

        Be careful what you wish for lefties. You might just get an Alabama senator for 2 years and then lose so much to Trump dismantling the Nanny state that your socialists agendas will never work again.

        1. That’s certainly a hopeful dream

          1. You never know.

  36. …wait five minutes for the left to start attacking Jones for being a DINO and acting like he owes them for giving him a job.

    1. Doesn’t bother Joe Manchin a bit.

      1. Maybe because Manchin votes like a good lap dog with every single thing the party demands and then goes home to play the gun-toting coal miner minstrel show for his constituents every 6 years

    2. Jones supports partial birth abortion, high taxes, and gay cakes at gunpoint. That covers everything the left cares about. What would they attack him for being a DINO for?

      1. Presumably he is thinking of Brown, and expecting Jones to move to the right to try and get re-elected. Given that the trappings of power and royalty are so hard to give up.

        He doesn’t have much time though. We’ll see.

      2. He’s with GayJay on 2 out of 3. Liberaltarian-Democrat Moment!

      3. Are all you wingnuts also Aborto-Freaks?

        1. I am a firm supporter of abortion. No one should be forced to have a child like you.

          1. It’s a pity his mother didn’t have enough postpartum depression to strangle PB in his crib.

        2. The dead only know one thing – it is better to be alive.

      4. Yep, Jones is just as much an evil slaver as the rest of them.

  37. “Tonight, Alabama voters elected a senator who’ll make them proud.”
    Screw Moore, but wasn’t the hag sent out to pasture?

    1. I wonder how many of those who voted for Jones we’re protest votes. I also wonder how much of the election was won by people not voting for either versus actually voting for Jones.

      Republicans are sad tonight, Democrats are happy. Everyone else should look at this shit show: another election won not because one side was particularly loved, but because one side was so particularly awful.

      And this person now wields an incredible amount of power. I’m glad Scott keeps mentioning this in the articles. These elections are only so important because we’ve let power consolidate so heavily in the hands of politicians.

      1. Over 600,000 less Republicans voted this election while only 100,000 less Democrats voted this election.

        In other words, almost every person who votes Democrat in Alabama voted Democrat and Jones only won by about 21,000 votes.

        Jones won because only about 50% of Republicans who vote ended up voting for Moore.

        I doubt the media will dwell on that fact.

  38. “And if Democrats can win in Alabama, we can — and must — compete everywhere.”

    Yeah it’s a workable formula, but the skeletons you dig up have to be bad enough to overcome the odiousness of your candidate and platform (e.g. pussy-grabbing vs Hillary).

    1. And republicans need to become even more vicious gong after democrats.

      1. Key part of the formula is to run a black guy that can’t be attacked, plus gets a free minority-vote-boost to edge out the win.

        Doesn’t work with a female apparently.

      2. Yeah you honestly expect the Grand Coward Party to do that. They are to busy trying to make the media their friends.

  39. “I am going to send you a nice fruit basket. I’m gonna *miss* him!”

    1. All the news about Moore kept me smiling in a way that’s so rare these days.

      1. I know what you mean. His landslide victory over Jones truly is a triumph for sanity and justice, right? And to think the media refuses to cover it…

  40. Republican votes during 2016 election: 1,318,255. GOP votes during special election 2017: 650,436.
    Democrat votes during 2016 election: 729,547. Democrat votes during 2017 special election: 671,151.

    Gary Johnson got 44,467 in 2016 and write ins totaled 21,712. Write in for 2017 special election totaled 22,819.

    Roy Moore should do a recount if he was smart but clearly almost 50% less Republicans voting allowed Jones to possibly win.

    1. Unless he comes within 0.5% of the winner, he would have to pay for it himself. Seems unlikely.

      1. Moore would get millions in political donations to pay for it.

        It keeps a Democrat out of the Senate until early 2018 which would be worth it.

        1. Moore will probably not be seated until early 2018 in any case, since the Senate will likely be in recess when he is certified.

  41. The big win is that Jeff Sessions is not in the Senate.

    1. Sessions is a peach next to this Jones slaver.

      1. If the GOP does not straight repeal Obamacare soon, they risk GOP voter wrath like in Alabama.

  42. “Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!”

    It will be interesting to see how this comment is spun by the TDS media.

    1. The TDS media will say this is another sign of strength for #Resist or whatever. Never mind that the loser was a complete fucking asshole and the vote was still pretty close. Politics is a pastime for the seriously retarded

      1. Regarding the outcome, I agree, but what I didn’t make clear was my interest in the response to a congratulatory tweet by Trump.
        I’m waiting to see how, oh, CNN deals with that.

  43. And why do you keep linking spin-doctor garbage like that CNN article reason? Is there no source out there that can present the facts anymore without burying it in narrative?

    1. They can’t help themselves. Most of the media articles said more black Alabamans came out to vote against Moore. There were 100,000 less Democrat votes than election 2016, so less democrats came out to vote in 2017.

      1. Sorry 58,000 less democrats.

        1. The big news is that not even half the republicans showed up to vote

      2. They’re also saying it was a huge embarrassment and defeat for Trump and Republicans in Washington.

        But Trump had nothing to lose, those that hate him still hate him. Republicans that grudgingly work with him will continue to do so. And he supported the hardcore Moore supporters who he needs. Best play he could make in the circumstances probably. Moore and his neverending-scandal sticking around washington, might well be worse for Trump.

        And Washington Republicans are rid of that crazy man too, and the leadership got a boost at least since they opposed Moore.

        Definitely a mixed bag since their majority got slimmer, but it’s still a majority. If they can still pass bills they are better off doing it with less if it means no more Moore. So we’ll have to decide in retrospect.

        And the projections of this election onto the national election in 2012 is outright campaigning. Given how extreme Moore’s scandal was.

        1. The thing I wonder is this going to be another Harry Reid “Well he lost didn’t he?” Moments. The GOP needs to start playing hardball but they are too much of a group of cowards too. If they think this won’t be used as a tactic in the 2018 elections they are fooling themselves. Listen Moore might have been guilty he might not. But it cannot be overlooked that the Progressives who have proven time and time again they will do anything to win see a valuable weapon to exploit.

          1. Foxnews can find some dirt on the democrat and run it 24/7 but the rest of mainstream media will wait till after the election and/or an actual conviction to grudgingly pick the story if at all.

          2. Moore is guilty

            Stop supporting him, he is a child molester

  44. “Moore said he was going to wait for the votes to play out and told his supporters, “God is always in control. Wait on God and let this process play out.””

    Those trusting to superstition are likely to lose to those trusting to reality.

    1. But if one really wants to justify raping teenaged girls, one could do worse than to remind us all about how God raped one too, and that it was kind of a big deal. Roy Moore, practically a deity.

      1. Tony|12.13.17 @ 12:50AM|#
        “But if one really wants to justify raping teenaged girls, one could do worse than to remind us all about how God raped one too, and that it was kind of a big deal. Roy Moore, practically a deity.”

        Uh, yeah, and, well something, something.
        You really are a pathetic excuse for a human being, aren’t you? Hint: You LOST, loser, more than a year ago, and you still are a loser.

        1. you sad?

          Sexual predator Moore lost

          Go fuck yourself

      2. Was Mary’s ‘yes’ not enthusiastic enough for your puritanical feminist standards?

  45. Photo finish – it’s up to the jockey.

  46. This race has amused me since it has really exposed the blatant tribalism of both parties and their. The Republicans begrudgingly supported Moore. The party the sent for decades back to the Senate and still idolizes a man who killed an alleged mistress is suddenly the party of moral high ground when it comes to sexual allegations. Sure they got rid of Franken and now are finally condemning Clinton but both of those are safe things for them to do. Do any of us truly believe that Franken would have resigned if a Republican was governor of MN? I doubt it.

    1. Ah. Go fuck yourself. Franken was no where as guilty to have that question.

      When Scott Brown won, Reid delayed the vote On healthcare till he was seated
      Some three weeks.

      Mitch held a vote on the SCOTUS nearly a year.

      AND now will rush it in a week.

      Again, go fuck yourself

      1. You are so full of shit.

        The Senate voted on Obamacare in December of 2009, Reid pushed the vote through while Kennedy’s seat was vacant and right before their winter break to keep Republican’s from being able to filibuster it.

        Brown was elected in January of 2010.

    2. Ah. Go fuck yourself. Franken was no where as guilty to have that question.

      When Scott Brown won, Reid delayed the vote On healthcare till he was seated
      Some three weeks.

      Mitch held a vote on the SCOTUS nearly a year.

      AND now will rush it in a week.

      Again, go fuck yourself

    3. Ah. Go fuck yourself. Franken was no where as guilty to have that question.

      When Scott Brown won, Reid delayed the vote On healthcare till he was seated
      Some three weeks.

      Mitch held a vote on the SCOTUS nearly a year.

      AND now will rush it in a week.

      Again, go fuck yourself

    4. Ah. Go fuck yourself. Franken was no where as guilty to have that question.

      When Scott Brown won, Reid delayed the vote On healthcare till he was seated
      Some three weeks.

      Mitch held a vote on the SCOTUS nearly a year.

      AND now will rush it in a week.

      Again, go fuck yourself

      1. The house voted to accept the senate bill passed BEFORE brown was elected because he would have allowed a filibuster. Amendments were passed on reconciliation after he was seated, so aside from your mendacious framing that Brown had any say on obamacare passage, you’re right.

    5. I’m sorry to tell you that the media has duped you as Al Frankenstein has NOT resigned; his “resignation” was 100% fake news. And now that Moore has lost he’s not going to resign either.

      At least Reason had a good reason to party along with their fellow liberal democrats all night long!

    6. This race has amused me since it has really exposed the blatant tribalism of both parties and their. The Republicans begrudgingly supported Moore.

      That has less to do with tribalism and more with rational political calculus: the only thing that ultimately matters to voters is how a representative votes, not what they do in the bedroom or with their horse.

  47. Damn, Republicans posing as libertarians are in mourning that their sexual predator lost.

    On a horse

    1. So, what if Doug Jones starts voting along party lines for more socialism? Would that prove them right?

    2. I really have no opinion on Moore vs Jones politically; they both seem absolutely awful.

      But given that Congress is full of sexual predators, I don’t see what difference one more would have made.

  48. God sorta fucked Roy Moore on this one.

  49. Jeff Flake
    Decency wins

    Supporting putting a gun to someones head to coerce them to labor for another person is “decent”…

    *Really, no matter who won, decency would still lose.

    1. Decency for some, and miniature rainbow flags for others!

  50. “God is always in control. Wait on God and let this process play out.”

    “Allahu Akbar!”

  51. Headline over at The Root:

    “You’re welcome, white people. Black voters just saved America.”

    I’m losing track of how many times America has been saved and destroyed over the past few years:

    Voters saved America by keeping Romney out of the White House.

    Then they destroyed America by voting for Trump.

    Then they destroyed America again by voting R in the Georgia special election.

    Then John McCain saved America by voting against the Do-Nothing health care bill.

    Then Trump destroyed America again by approving the Keystone Pipeline.

    Of course, America was destroyed again when Neil Gorsuch became a justice.

    America was saved last night by Alabama voters.

    And now it’s going to be destroyed again by Net Neutrality.

    Man, America sure is a resilient bitch to be destroyed and saved so many times in a year!

    1. The Root? C’mon, consider the source

  52. “Regardless of whether Moore wins or loses tonight, the Republican Party will maintain control over the Senate, by either one (if Moore loses) or two votes (if Moore wins). ”

    While technically correct (the best kind of correct), how does a small majority turn into control?

    1. Because it determines who’s agenda is on the agenda. The minority party, even if it’s just barely a minority party, doesn’t get to choose which legislation is up for a vote, what the timeline or agenda is, what procedures are being used, and so-on.

  53. How many people on here are seeing all the close eyed, pretentious liberal ‘good for you black people’ posts on facebook?? It’s so condescending.

  54. By a 1.5% margin, Alabama voters prefer a Democrat to a pedophile.

    1. The Democratic election motto: “Our candidates suck, our political program sucks, our party is full of racists and sexists, we’re going to plunge everybody into poverty, but at least we aren’t pedophiles!”

      It worked in Alabama this time, but it’s not a smart long term political strategy.

  55. Did the LP even have a candidate in that dogfight?

  56. Someone tell “Hillary” that he lost. Doug Jones won, and Moore only has himself to blame.

    1. Hillary is wondering whether she would have won against Roy Moore; she’s such an awful candidate, it’s not clear that she would have.

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