Roy Moore

Dear Alabama: You Don't Have To Choose Between Roy Moore and Doug Jones

The Libertarian Party's write-in longshot, Ron Bishop, is also in the race. Bonus: a baker's dozen non-pedo reasons to dislike Roy Moore.


Ron Bishop, LP

Tomorrow's political news will be dominated by the special election in Alabama for the vacated Senate seat left when Jeff Sessions became President Donald Trump's attorney general.

Will Judge Roy Moore, the Republican, be elected despite multiple, credible charges that he was a perv who got banned from a shopping mall for cruising teenage girls? Or will the contest be won by Doug Jones, the Democrat, a political novice who is counting on the black vote despite having next to no rapport with that group?

Alabama, it sucks to be you! There is at least one other alternative, though, who has gotten little-to-no coverage. That would be Ron Bishop, who is running a write-in campaign as a Libertarian Party candidate. He's even more of a novice than Doug Jones, saying, "I haven't spent a life in politics nor in the public eye." And he's much less of a creep than Roy Moore. Just check out his campaign statement on civil rights:

Libertarians value the right of all to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.

To this end, I believe we should:

Protect freedom of religion, association, speech, press, and assembly.
Reverse the militarization of law-enforcement agencies.
Reform asset-forfeiture laws.
Restore Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.
Restore voting and gun rights for those convicted of non-violent drug offenses.
Fight against federal overreach and government spying programs.
Restrict law-enforcement use of general surveillance technologies.
Protect internet freedom & privacy.

I support the LGBT community in their struggle for equality. The government needs to get out of our bedrooms and our pocketbooks.

Check out the rest of his platform here. It's good libertarian stuff, from abortion (he says the state should butt out) to immigration (he's for increasing legal pathways and against walls) to fighting terrorism ("the wrong path is the steady erosion of constitutional rights in the name of patriotism and security").

Alabamians are famously annoyed at outsiders telling what they should do and who they should vote for. Fair enough. But in a race between a moralistic Republican with pronounced theocratic tendencies and a Democrat about whom even his own party couldn't care less, it's good to have a third choice, isn't it?

And for those limited-government types who don't necessarily believe the women accusing Roy Moore of assault and other awful behavior, here is a baker's dozen of reasons to find him contemptible. That case comes courtesy of Andrew Heaton and Sarah Rose Siskind, in the most recent episode of Mostly Weekly. Take a look:

Go here for the complete list of reasons, but here's a sampling:

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  1. Who is Doug Jones?

    1. Some commie the NeverTrumpers are backing against libertarian-Republican Judge Roy Moore.

      1. Is Christian sharia now an admissible part of the liberty agenda?

        1. We’ll let anything in if it brings women and booze.

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  2. who got banned from a shopping mall for cruising teenage girls?


  3. “I support the LGBT community in their struggle for equality. The government needs to get out of our bedrooms and our pocketbooks.”

    Well, pick one. Does he support the LGBT community strugglers or does he support small businesses and freedom of conscience?

    1. “Protect freedom of religion, association”

      There’s no way he can do that and support the GLBLT “struggle” at the same time.

      He needs to clarify if he’s a Johnson/Weld style Libertarian or if he’s a libertarian.

      1. Are there libertarians in the Libertarian Party? It’s run by cosmos.

        Except with no logo design skills

      2. I’m curious what examples he’d give of LGBT people currently being “unequal”

        Here’s one possibility off the top of my head, on craigslist the LGBT community ad for campaign workers I see most often is the “Did you know you can be fired for being gay?” BS. So if that is the “inequality” that the community wants support in eradicating, isn’t it safe to assume that Bishop agrees with them? Special protections are libertarian now?

        1. “Did you know you can be fired for being gay?” BS

          Well not BS, the supreme court just refused to hear a case on this and the lower courts are split on whether the civil rights act covers this.

          And for the record I am for at will employment.


    2. We let people who fantasize about having sex with children (just to pick something random out of the air) do business without interference, as long as they don’t act on this part of their conscience.

      Kicking customers out because they’re black is an action, not a thought.

      1. In other words, you’ll let someone read the Vagina Monologues, even if it is not friendly to transgender women, but you won’t accept someone who refused to do business with people who identify as diaspora Africans.

      2. The shit bag tony:
        “We let people who fantasize about having sex with children (just to pick something random out of the air) do business without interference, as long as they don’t act on this part of their conscience.”
        Uh, how would you even have an inkling of knowing that “people who fantasize about having sex with children” actually do so?
        Oh, don’t bother. You’re a fucking ignoramus living in some fantasy world,

      3. Kicking customers out because they’re pedophiles is also an action, not a thought.

        Not voting for Moore because he’s a pedophile is an action, not a thought.

      4. But pulling their bodies apart and ending their lives is Constitooshinal!!!

    3. He means help them by funding new science to cure homosexuality and such.

  4. “Dear Alabama: You Don’t Have To Choose Between Roy Moore and Doug Jones”

    Dear Nick: Alabama will choose one or the other, despite another Libertarian virtue gesture.

  5. Immigration

    We are a nation of immigrants. Every serious study has proven that immigration has made us stronger, not weaker. We should be encouraging immigration, simplifying the process for peace loving people of the world to join us in being the greatest nation on this planet, and NOT building walls.

    I think I like this Ron Bishop character. His wording isn’t quite strong enough here though; he should make clear that anybody who supports any immigration restrictions at all is a white nationalist.

    But this election looks like it might be close enough that throwing your vote away on a third party candidate could be a huge mistake. Remember the Nader voters after the 2000 election? I don’t, since I was barely in elementary school at the time, but I’m told many of them felt stupid for helping Bush steal the election from Gore.

    That’s why it’s the duty of all libertarians to support Doug Jones.

    1. Commie kid, you stink no matter how many times you change clothes.
      Supporting mass murder does that to a person; you smell worse than a Chinese public restroom.

      1. I believe there’s been some mistake, and you’re confusing me with someone else. I’m far from a “commie.” I don’t want to violently overthrow the US government, and I don’t hate all rich people. In fact, the Koch Brothers are worth about $50 billion each, and I think they’re cool because they support open borders.

        1. OpenBordersLiberal-tarian|12.11.17 @ 10:22PM|#
          “I believe there’s been some mistake, and you’re confusing me with someone else.”
          Commie-kid, you stink to high heaven.
          Fuck off.

    2. I’ve been reading your comments for a while, and I’m beginning to think the only issue you care about is immigration.

      1. Incorrect.

        Open borders is my main issue, because unlimited immigration will make this country more libertarian. However, it’s far from the only issue I care about. For instance, as a nonbinary (they / them) person, I also care about Transgender Bathroom Panic.

      2. “I’ve been reading your comments for a while, and I’m beginning to think the only issue you care about is immigration.”
        I doubt Commie kid cares about open borders at all. He’s a lying scumbag, pitching free shit, hoping to justify his bailing on his mortgage and trying to (oh-so cleverly) troll libertarians. His ‘principles’ are the same as Tony’s: “I want your money to make me feel good!”
        Read back over Stalin-Robespierre, American Socialist and other handles; same idiocy, same tire shit.
        Lame, Commie kid, lame.
        Fuck off.

    3. Only a commie piece of shit traitor will vote for Jones. No libertarian should vote for him.

  6. Alabamians….

    Drat. This reminded me of our fellow H&R commentator, the recently deceased Almanian!.

    Do any of you remember the campaign slogan he created for his fictitious presidential run?

    1. Vote Libertarian and Bugger Off?

    2. “Vote for me; I’m not as bad as the others”?
      Something along those lines; Alamanian’s (right?) made the point that he was a sort of an average guy, which probably put him head and shoulders above the scumbags working the Rolodexes to get elected.

      1. “Vote for me; I’m not as bad as the others”?

        Here our memories seem to align, Sevo, although there seems to me to be an additional caveat which he occasionally included as well.

        Thank you (and Paul) for responding.

  7. I’m glad we have a libertarian in the race. His platform is good.

  8. Wouldn’t rule out death penalty for gays.

    This is the only link from that list I looked at because it seemed like the worst one, and I really can’t see how you got to that conclusion from the article.

    I’m not trying to defend Moore, I don’t know very much about him, but this seemed disingenuous.

    1. Moore presumed his personal superstition was more important that A1; the guy cannot be supported if the Constitution means anything, regardless of his trolling malls for sweeties.
      AFAICT, what goes on now is similar to Franken: The GOP hopes to get Moore elected and then tossed by the “ethics committee” (which, if I’m not wrong, gave Ted Kennedy a pass, and ignored Bubba), allowing the AL governor to appoint someone not nearly as pathetic as Moore.

      1. I hope the republicans get their wish personally.

        Either way though, I’d say a nutty religious guy with zero chance in hell of getting a “death penalty for gays” agenda implemented, even if he really meant it, is unquestionably way better than a wealth-distributing socialist with excellent change of promoting further socialism.

        Don’t think the governor appoints replacements in Alabama though. Isn’t that why they have a special election going on now? Presumably there’d be yet another one. Unless they changed the law first then kicked him.

    2. “Disingenuous” should be Nick Gillespie’s middle name. It describes nearly every word that comes out of his mouth.

  9. Well, I’m confused.

    Black isn’t a racial slur. White isn’t a racial slur. Brown isn’t a racial slur.

    But Red and Yellow are?

    1. Don’t forget “white,” as in “Oscard so White” and “Toxic Whiteness.”

    2. Roy Moore has offended Andrew Heaton’s senserbility.

    3. Racist Gallagher discovers English has inconsistent rules.

  10. Split vote on the Republican side enough and the Democrat wins. Pretty clear tactic. I have no horse in their race.

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  12. Life is too short to bother dignifying this with a response. Just fuck off already.

  13. Well, I’m off to drop the daughter off at school and then throw my vote away, apparently.

  14. Roy Moore in 2011: Getting rid of amendments after 10th would ‘eliminate many problems’

    You know, like the “people who aren’t white men are allowed to vote” amendments. Or that “you’re not allowed to own another person” amendment.

    1. Mind you, the Progressives seem to have a death feud with the first ten.

    2. “The danger in the 14th Amendment … To restrict the states from doing something that the federal government was restricted from doing and allowing the federal government to do something which the first Ten Amendments prevented them from doing. If you understand the incorporation doctrine used by the courts and what it meant. You’d understand what I’m talking about.”

      Well, he’s not wrong. If I were a dead registered voter, I’d change my vote to Moore.

  15. a baker’s dozen non-pedo reasons to dislike Roy Moore.

    That’s an interesting comment. Are you unaware this site constantly lectures others about difference between pedophilia and attraction to underage but post-pubescent? Or do such distinctions not matter when you truly hate someone?

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