Reason Webathon MIRACLE: Over $200,000 in the Past 24 Hours Alone!

You're breaking records with your support for Reason! Please keep them coming on this last day! Plus, ANOTHER CHALLENGE GRANT!



On behalf of everyone at Reason, I'm ecstatic to report that we've received more than $200,000 dollars since 12:01 A.M. on Monday! Our total haul so far is north of $300,000, which means that over 1,000 generous souls have busted our graphic representation of expected donations (see right).

Thank you so much for your support, which is essential to publishing Reason magazine, Reason.com, Reason TV, the Reason Podcast, and everything else that we do to make sure a principled libertarian perspective is present and accounted for in all debates over politics, culture, and ideas.

But there's more: We've received another challenge grant, meaning that a generous (and anonymous) donor has pledged to match gifts dollar for dollar for the next $25,000 you send us on this, the last day of Reason 2017 webathon. So please, keep the gifts coming by donating now!

And a special shout-out to the donor who wrote, "I haven't had a paycheck for 16 months, but your stuff is important to me. sorry I can't give more. keep up the amazing work you do!"

Reason's message of "Free Minds and Free Markets" has never been more vital than it is today, a world in which speech is imperiled on the internet and on college campuses, Republicans and Democrats (not entrepreneurs and capitalists) are engaged in a race to the bottom, and governments at all levels shrug off elective wars and fiscal and constitutional restraints with abandon.

Nobody at Reason is standing still for any of this. We're pushing harder than ever for the sort of social and political changes that will make us freer and better-off than ever. We celebrate, document, and lobby for the end of the drug war, crony capitalism, and police abuse; we show how entrepreneurs, inventors, and groups are coming up with bold new ways of doing business and living life; and we push the limits and application of libertarian ideas and sensibilities in original directions.


All of our efforts, from publishing our monthly magazine to creating the world's largest libertarian website and leading-edge video platform, are designed to be a source of breaking news, deep analysis and community for libertarians; a resource for influential policymakers, politicians and our colleagues in the media; and to help create the next generation of liberty-loving generations. Back in 1955, the conservative National Review famously stood athwart history, yelling stop! The right is still doing that, especially when it comes to marriage equality, drug legalization, reproductive freedom, and immigration. Conservative media are joined by virtually every left-of-center counterpart in yelling stop, too, when it comes to new ways of doing business and making money, getting the government out of the internet, expanding gun rights, and uttering any sort of speech that might possibly be construed as offensive. As libertarians and across all our platforms (not to mention media and public appearances and writing for other outlets), Reason says defiantly: Screw you both! Let's speed up a world in which peaceful people are given more and more freedom to live however they want.

Your donations allow us to do more and reach more people. Over past few months, we've redesigned our award-winning magazine, launched Stossel on Reason videos and debuted the comedy show Mostly Weekly, and produced a three-times-weekly podcast, among other things. And this is all in addition to everything we were already doing: Eleven issues a year of Reason, countless words at our staff blog Hit & Run, and great viral videos by Remy and libertarian editions of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, and more by the Bragg Brothers, Austin and Meredith.

Your donations are essential not just so we can keep doing what we're doing but expand our efforts to reach more hearts and more minds with our libertarian journalism and analysis. Please end this FINAL DAY of our webathon by taking advantage of our new $25,000 challenge grant. Blow the roof of that mother-flipping R for a second time by donating now! Make it rain Reason orange one way last day!

As you start your Tuesday and settle into work, I leave you with a Christmas gift: The second-most-popular video we've released on YouTube, 2013's holiday classic "The TSA's 12 Banned Items of Christmas," by Justin Monticello.

Check it out and please, if you can, help us be your voice in national debates over politics, culture, and ideas; help us push back on government excesses that limit your right to pursue happiness; and help us paint pictures of a future that will be better for everyone by increasing our ability both to dream of and create a world that is better than the one we have today.

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  1. The local Trump fan club is going to have a shitfit.

    1. It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

  2. So all you assholes who donated $25 early on? Fuck you. You shouldn’t even have bothered. I smell a rat.

    Also, notice how they won’t say Christmas miracle, even though it’s through Him that all things are possible, including this complete and total sellout to some “anonymous” donor.

    Anyway, congratulations everyone!

  3. Katherine’s appeal to the poor, starving, uncovered wretches in the People’s States (where I live and work 30% of the time) tipped the scales. It was like that scene where Ragnar asks Rearden: “Do you know the conditions of existence in those People’s States?” The Nixon anti-libertarian law has been copied by parasitical looter-states all over the world to kill libertarian parties–like the snake in Baby Hercules’ crib. Brazil, for instance, has subsidized commercials for 16 communist parties and 16 fascist parties constantly blaring out of its telescreens. But with Reason in business, the truth leaks out. And we all recall what George Orwell observed about those sorts of leaks.

    1. …I know I’ve said this before, but WHO ARE YOU and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?

  4. I been saving this money for a divorce if ever I get a husband!

  5. I just realized that “TIRED OF DISHONEST MEDIA” in the popup sounds an awful lot like asking the reader if we’re tired of fake news.

  6. How big of a donation would be required to get Reason to clean out the comments section?

    1. You know who else needed money to clean out undesirables?

      1. The Orkin man?

    2. You sound certain that you will not be put up against the wall alongside them.

      1. *shrugs* Such is life.

    3. It’s not possible to kill that which has no life.

  7. I got your Christmas card. It’s on my mantle. Now go away! 🙂

  8. Donation complete. Thank you Reason.

  9. …Eleven issues a month of Reason…

    A month? Wow, you folks really hustle.

  10. They would have had $400,000 if they auctioned off a date with ENB.

  11. As much as I hate much of the bleeding heart/virtue signalling douche baggery going on here, it is still the best single place to read news. It’s a lot more sane than either the mainstream leftist media, or the right leaning media. I still wish there was a comparable right-libertarian site though, since Reason has clearly gone full bore left-libertarian on us. I used to be a lot more okay with the lefty social stuff (because their goals used to be more reasonable and defensible), but with how insane they’ve got in recent years I can’t even stomach listening to that kind of dribble anymore.

    If I read ONE MORE STORY talking about how we should let in every illiterate orphan from anywhere in the world because they’re somehow going to actually make the country better I’m going to flip! But oh well, at least it gives me something to bitch about!

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