Net Neutrality

Nick Gillespie Debates Net Neutrality with Tom Wheeler on NPR's editor in chief hashes it out with the FCC Chairman who passed net neutrality.


Yesterday, I taped a spirited conversation with former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler about net neutrality for WNYC's On the Media program.

My main points included the following: Net neutrality rules are unnecessary based on the actual history of the internet and set a dangerous prededent for government control of the 'net; the way in which net neutrality rules were implemented is a classic case of overreach by the administrative state; and to the extent we all agree that competition is the best way to create better, more varied products and services at ever-more-affordable prices, net neutrality is a complete diversion.

Here's the edited version of that debate, which was moderated by Bob Garfield.

For more Reason coverage of net neutrality, go here.

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On November 21, current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced a draft resolution to repeal the agency's 2015 net neutrality rules. I spoke to him hours after his announcement. Go here to read a full transcript and click below to listen to my interview with Pai.

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