Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty

Prelude to a plea deal?


Mike Flynn

Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, was charged this morning with lying to FBI officials in connection with conversations with a Russian ambassador.

The charging document is short and simple, suggesting that Flynn may be cooperating with the feds in their investigation of whether Russian officials colluded with the Trump campaign and the extent that the Russian government might have meddled with the 2016 presidential election outcome.

The charges allege that Flynn lied when he told FBI officials he had not asked Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last year to avoid escalating tensions over U.S. sanctions against Russia. He's also accused of lying to FBI officials when he said he did not ask Kislyak last December to delay or oppose a U.N. resolution (though the charging document doesn't specify, it's likely referring to this resolution condemning Israeli settlements).

There's going to be a whole lot of speculation and analysis throughout the news cycle of what these charges "mean" to the Trump administration. Flynn only served as national security adviser for a very brief time, but he's the first person in Trump's campaign who actually made it into his administration to have been charged with misconduct. Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos were part of Trump's campaign team, not his administration.

The paucity of the charges against Flynn could mean that the retired lieutenant general is cooperating with FBI special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Flynn's legal team cut ties with president's legal team in November and stopped sharing information they had been learning about the investigation, leading to theories that Flynn was working on some sort of deal.

His plea hearing is scheduled for later this morning. If more relevant information comes out about where these charges are leading, I'll update this blog post. Until then, much like the Manafort charges, I'm going to resist trying to either overplay or underplay the meaning of these accusations in terms of the Trump presidency's fate.

UPDATE: ABC reports that Flynn is cooperating with Mueller's team and says that Trump as a candidate (important distinction) directed him to make contact with the Russians:

UPDATE II: Brad Heath of USA Today reports Flynn's guilty plea and says contacts with Russian officials were directed by Trump's transition team (which would put this all post-election, and makes everything a little more confusing):

CNN Correspondent Manu Raju also indicates the directed contacts happened last December, after the election. So far as I can tell, ABC is the only outlet reporting that Trump directed meetings with the Russians while he was still a candidate:

UPDATE III: And here's a formal statement from Flynn himself:

Flynn statement

UPDATE IV: White House statement in response to Flynn's plea:

White House

UPDATE V: Read Flynn's formal "Statement of the Offiense" that he has signed onto here. This statement makes it clear that the communications Flynn says took place between him and others in Trump's team took place in December of last year after the election. Absent any additional evidence, it does seem like ABC has misreported what Flynn admitted to.

UPDATE VI: As one final update to add the appropriate "fake news!" yell to today's news cycle, ABC admitted it screwed up when it reported that Trump directed Flynn to meet with the Russians when he was still a candidate. It was not until after Trump was elected:

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  1. The downfall of Trump is finally at hand!

    Episode one: Mueller’s Bueller.

    1. Don’t get too happy. Mueller largely hung this on EO 13757, which did not get published in the federal register until January 3, 2017. Much of what the special prosecutor claims hinges on activities around December 28/29 time frame, and it was December 29th that the press secretary made in known publicly. I don’t know what the lag time for promulgation is from agency to agency, but since Flynn was in the field working for the Trump team there is an argument that this may not have even been discoverable until January 3, which makes Muellers charges run close to malicious prosecution. Maybe that is why Comey gave Flynn a pass on this issue the first go round? Even if the EO was timestamped, the issue of promulgation should relieve from any issue of intent. What I find interesting about the EO is that after years and years of the federal government being hacked in just about every agency imaginable, there was less than a month left of the Obama presidency before he acted. Rome was burning… but Obama couldn’t be bothered until his bow caught fire [in the form of the DNC]. The whole case stinks, and Flynn would receive a pardon [my estimation] but for lying to the VP.

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      2. Yeah OPM gets hacked exposing millions of government employees and military personnel with clearances and they send a strongly worded letter. DNC gets hacked(again no proof just their word) and OMG they are almost willing to go to war over it.

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  2. Until then, much like the Manafort charges, I’m going to resist trying to either overplay or underplay the meaning of these accusations in terms of the Trump presidency’s fate.

    And you call yourself a journalist?


  3. The prosecutor has found his Scooter!

    1. Free Martha Stewart!
      Free Martha Stewart!
      Free Martha Stewart!

  4. Not specific to this case, I find lying to fbi to be a bull shit charge..

    1. Yes. The FBI doesn’t have to record interviews, but they take notes! This is a few years old, but it goes into a little detail about the FBI’s bullshit policy.

      If this has been updated the government lawyer vomiting all over the thread can be useful for once and correct me if I am not up-to-date.

      1. It is total bullshit but that is how they roll.

          1. I love how, in the end, we’re all friends here.

              1. That’s because you read The Federalist.

                Stop that.

                1. The old book, or the web site?

                  1. Wikipedia doesn’t even disambiguate that, so there.

              2. *sigh*

                It’s because you are beyond insufferable

      2. I’m sorry I read that. Looks like policy is: do whatever you want, but [we] “assume” recordings so agents not doing so had better be coordinating with senior hacks for guidance on political protection. Make sure your subject has protection, or face disciplinary action. Looks like corruption is largely set in…

    2. It *is* a bullshit charge that exists for no reason other than providing leverage to force people into testifying against someone else.

      I just don’t understand why people don’t follow Ken White’s (and many other people’s) advice and SHUT THE FUCK UP and refuse to talk to the FBI without a lawyer. Especially someone sufficiently rich and connected to be able to easily afford a lawyer.

      1. Don’t even talk to them with a lawyer. Tell them to fuck off. If they want to call you before a Grand Jury, then take the 5th. If they don’t like that, they can grant you immunity.

    3. It’s the same as lying in court or to a police officer. You are expected to tell the truth to authorities so that the justice system, as fallable as it is, can work. Anyone lying to the police/fbi should get at least 6 months of jail time. A lot more Especially if they are protecting someone who is committing treason.

    4. Considering courts have said police can lie to a suspect being interrogated, shouldn’t anyone charged as Flynn file a civil rights suit citing equal application of the law? If lying is ok for police, it is malicious to prosecute others not lucky enough to draw their paycheck from an approved agency. Personally, if lying is used to save a life [as in a kidnapping scenario or bomb threat] then force majeure applies, and carry on.

  5. Straightforward from here:

    Remove Trump from office.
    Pence becomes President.
    Remove Pence from office.
    Hillary officially declared winner.
    Hillary becomes President.

    #TrumpRussia #TheResistance

    1. No precedent for redoing an election result, but it’s just as simple assuming Democrats take the House in a year. Nancy Pelosi becomes president, appoints Hillary VP, then resigns. Justice is returned to the world. We all forget about that embarrassing episode when Russia managed briefly to get their man in the Oval Office. Trump is wheeled off to some institution where he can pee on other people indefinitely, if involuntarily.

      1. Tony, didn’t anyone tell you that the brown acid was bad? Drink a cup of coffee, lay down and listen to something light like Steely Dan through some headphones before you hurt yourself.

        1. Something from Two Against Nature, or Everything Must Go. Tony doesn’t deserve good Steely Dan.

      2. This reads more like a delusional fantasy from The Huffington Post than reality.

        1. I think Tony is Keith Olbermann.

        2. My favorite part is how retaking the House will somehow get the Republicans in the Senate to agree to make Nancy Pelosi President. Tony is nasty and stupid but Trump really had broken him.

          1. Nobody is under any illusion that Republicans give a shit about the constitution.

            1. Yes Tony, the 28th Amendment that says Democrats must always win. Your misery and anger brings me so much pleasure

            2. Nobody is under any illusion that Republicans politicians give a shit about the constitution.


              1. Not even just politicians. Truly only very few citizens give a shit about the constitution, despite what they’ll say. They like the general idea of the constitution, and they love to use it as a club to beat up the other side if they can, but if the constitution gets into the way of the policies they want, the outcome they think their policy will provide is reason enough to make an exception to the constitution. They’re really stupid, and it’s like 98% of the population, and it’s why politicians know they don’t REALLY have to follow the constitution, they only must speak publicly as though they care.

          2. I don’t think the Senate has anyway of blocking Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the House if the Democrats retake that chamber. And Speaker of the House is third in line for the presidency.

            1. But neither the President nor the Vice President can be removed unless 2/3rds of the Senate agree to. So, the Republicans in the Senate would have to agree to make Nancy Pelosi President.

              1. They’d also have to remove Pence from office before he can appoint a new VP.

                1. They can block a Pence VP appointment. The new VP requires a majority vote of both the House and Senate.

                  1. And then what, shoot Pence?

                  2. “They can block a Pence VP appointment. The new VP requires a majority vote of both the House and Senate.”

                    Yes, that’s correct. Succession from VP to President is automatic. Pence would become President. However, it would require a majority vote of both the House and Senate to confirm Pence’s nomination for a new VP.

      3. Nancy Pelosi becomes president


        Just hang in there ’til 2020, cupcakes.

        1. When Trump is re-elected I think Tony is going to have some kind of a meltdown and end up institutionalized.

          1. We can only hope…

            1. Someday he will get the help he needs.

              1. He will only accept the help if it is federally funded and called ‘free’.

          2. When Trump is re-elected I think Tony is going to have some kind of a meltdown and end up institutionalized.

            What makes you think that hasn’t already happened?

            1. Can’t post on the internet from there.

      4. Justice is returned to the world.

        It’s not a loss of justice just because your preferred candidate lost the election. Trump was duly elected by the rules of the game being played. Stop crying and get over it.

        1. Doesn’t mean we can’t fix the rules so that a simple plurality of votes wins. I’m all ordering in order of preference the top 4 candidates rather than voting for only one. it would be a lot more fair.

    2. OpenBordersLiberal-tarian|12.1.17 @ 10:44AM|#
      “Straightforward from here:”

      Commie kid, do you think you’re cute?

    3. I am in awe of your depth of understanding of the US Constitution.

    4. You were doing better this morning, but once again, this is way too obviously parody. F+.

    5. If Pence is kicked out it goes to Paul Ryan. Where the fuck are you getting Hillary from?

  6. Specifically, Flynn is accused of falsely claiming that he had not asked Russia’s ambassador to the United States last Dec. 29 “to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day.”

    Flynn also allegedly lied by telling the FBI “he did not recall the Russian Ambassador subsequently telling him that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of his request,” the information says.

    Flynn was at the time the National Security Adviser to the President elect. This is nothing but a case of him doing his job. Why he didn’t tell the FBI, who knows. But this is pathetic. This is a classic example of why lying to investigators is a crime that needs to go. Basically, Muehller has nothing. If he did, he wouldn’t be insisting Flynn plead guilty for this bullshit. If Muehller had any crimes or any prospect of finding any, he would have held this charge over Flynn’s head as a threat to get him to cooperate. The fact that Flynn is pleading guilty tells you that Muehller has nothing and insisted on Flynn pleading guilty to this so that he could say at least someone got indicted.

    Muehler seems to be desperate to do anything to win the news cycle. This is going to be a dry hole. Think about it, he is charging the guy for lying about asking the Russians not to escalate things with them.

    1. The fact that Flynn is pleading guilty tells you that Muehller has nothing

      Someday I must visit the psychedelic cuckoo land your brain inhabits. The fact that he’s pleading guilty to a relatively simple charge means he’s taking a plea deal. Meaning much larger charges hang over him if he refuses.

      1. Tony, if they had more serious charges, they would have brought them. You are just dumb as fuck Tony.

        1. “he is charging the guy for lying about asking the Russians not to escalate things with them.”

          Yes, this is seems to be a minor issue.

          1. He was the national security adviser to the President elect. I would hope he was not trying to start a war with the Russians. But that is just me.

            1. Jesus, comments like that really make it clear you didn’t vote for HillDawg.

          2. In a parallel universe where Flynn didn’t try to deescalate things:

            Flynn: Ambassador, it’s great to speak to you!
            Russian Ambassador: Vhat can I do for you Mr. Flynn?
            Flynn: Mister? Oh hell no. You’ll call me General, you Vodka nigger.
            Ambassador: Excuse me?
            Flynn: You heard me.
            Ambassador: Okay General Flynn…
            Flynn: That’s better. Now what I’m calling about is those sanctions the outgoing Administration just added.
            Ambassador: Yes, I’ve already spoken with Moscow and ve are going to vait until Mr. Trump takes office, and see what his policy vill—”
            Flynn: Don’t talk over me Natasha. Look, just consider those sanctions doubled. And about Crimea… we’ve decided to escalate our rightful claim on our ancestral homeland. We expect you to hand it over, and officially accept vassalage at Trump’s Coronation in January.
            Ambassador: Excuse me?! Who do you think you are ta–”
            Flynn: Tell Putin to come in person and to bring Katerina to offer as a hostage to prove you will remain obedient. We look forward to your unconditional surrender.
            {hangs up phone}

            Situation escalated

            1. That would be pretty boss, actually.

        2. “The fact that Flynn is pleading guilty tells you that Muehller has nothing”

          Tony is an idiot, but it’s quite possible Flynn pleading guilty to a minor charge is an indication that he’s reached a deal with the Prosecutor.

        3. You don’t appear to understand how this works at all. Boy are you going to be shitting yourself soon.

      2. And none of these people are in any danger, Trump can just pardon them. So suck it Tony.

        1. Trump is going to be the most despised president in US history no matter what happens. I’m sorry you took his side. But you were hardly forced.

          1. LOLOLOL You are so funny Tony.

          2. I don’t know about anyone else, but after seeing all my raises over the last several years completely eaten up by health insurance costs, Obama gets my vote for the most despised president in US history. I can only imagine how despised he is by people who didn’t get raises, and saw their incomes fall dramatically as a result of Obamacare. If you want to really hurt someone, hit them in the wallet. And that is exactly what Obama did.

            1. Do you people ever even sit back and wonder why you need to lie all the time?

              1. I don’t have to because I don’t.

                However you really should ask yourself the same question.

            2. I think Obama may be the worst president of my lifetime so far. But I doubt he will be most despised. A lot of people like him for silly reasons and a lot of people still believe Obamacare is a good thing.

              Trump may well end up most despised. Even a lot of people who more or less support him really don’t like him.

              1. Obama was never a traitor, as much as the current traitor in the White House tried to imply that his skin color made him one.

                1. Tony|12.1.17 @ 5:06PM|#
                  “Obama was never a traitor, as much as the current traitor in the White House tried to imply that his skin color made him one.”

                  You manage to pack a lot of bullshit in short posts, scumbag.

          3. Trump is going to be the most despised president in US history no matter what happens until the next one comes along.


            1. Trump might be a bit of an exception to that rule. It’s been a while since a president has been disliked by so much of his own party.

              1. It’s also been a while since ond of them managed to do as much good as he has. Could well be accidental, but I’ll take it.

    2. I agree this seems pretty innocuous. Flynn is a freaking dirtbag though, hard to not argue that.

      I am not sure how the former director of the DIA would somehow forget to disclose on his security documents that he took foreign money for lobbying, seems pretty bullshitty to me. I have, however, seen enough higher ups in the military so far play politics and ignore rules they don’t like to completely understand that lots of these dudes see rules as for other people. More than a fair share of shady flag officers around.

    3. Muehler seems to be desperate to do anything to win the news cycle.

      I’m not sure that’s a fair charge. Mueller is simply doing his job. The fact that he can only pin petty bullshit charges is not his fault. It’s a legitimate petty bullshit charge. It’s not politically meaningful. But it is a legal charge that will stick.

      Of course, the law is littered with such petty bullshit charges that could stick if anyone really wanted to try. Mueller wants to come out of this clean. To do that, he needs to be a nitpicky asshole. That’s not is fault. That’s simply a result of a situation receiving a high amount of public attention combined with the absurdly massive amount of laws which we expect human beings to comply with.

      1. If he had anything real, he wouldn’t have Flynn pleading guilty right now. If you want the guy to cooperate, you hold the threat of the charging him over his head, agree to a plea deal but don’t go through with the actual plea until the entire thing is over. That way if the guy lies to you or backs you, you can go forward with the charge later.

        What this plea deal happening today tells you is that they have no other more serious charges against Flynn. All they have is this and they want him to plead guilty and then hold off on sentencing as a way to keep him to the deal. The problem is that Trump can just commute or pardon Flynn if he wants to and as long as it is for some bullshit charge like this, there will be no political price for it. Muehller has nothing.

        1. Mueller has nothing.

          Agree totally. But I don’t think that makes him desperate to do anything to win the news cycle. He went to the well, came up with jack shit, and this is his end game. It’s what he should do. I can’t be critical of Mueller. I’m simply critical of the whole ridiculous witch hunt, a witch hunt that can’t be pinned on Mueller.

        2. The cooperation already happened. Mueller got a proffer and testimony from Flynn last week. Allowing him to plead guilty to a minor charge is Mueller fulfilling his end of the deal. The deal undoubtedly says that if Flynn tries to back out of that testimony, the deal is off and Mueller can bring all the other charges that he used as leverage.

        3. If Obama had pardoned someone in a similar circumstance, how would you react? Reach deep within yourself and attempt to scrape up some remnants of introspection.

        4. The worst thing that could happen to the Dems is Trump impeachment before the 2018 election. IMHO. The potential for backlash in 2018 from voters who feel the legitimate election was overturned by the swamp. Sure this will play well in NY and CA maybe IL but in the places Trump won it won’t. I expect Muller to try to drag this out as long as possible. The DNC needs this to try to win the Senate and Congress. Can Muller drag this out that long I doubt it. But if he finds nothing then you will see the DNC use that in 2018. But an impeachment anytime soon is not what the DNC wants.

      2. “desperate to do anything to win the news cycle”

        This is entirely a fair charge, as evidenced by the non-stop leaks from Mueller’s team since the start of this fiasco. No one leaks for anything other than ‘winning the news cycle’.

        1. Unlike the Mueller investigation, the White House leaks all the time, and it’s usually to gossip about someone in the White House. Such as how people think the president is losing his mind.

          1. We certainly are fortunate we got the better of the two last year. Imagine if the hag were investigated in a similar manner.
            What is the penalty for a sitting SoS selling political access to foreign governments?

            1. You believe the crap you do because someone is trying to sell you gold, or prepper crap, or whatever.

              1. Tony|12.1.17 @ 4:18PM|#
                “You believe the crap you do because someone is trying to sell you gold, or prepper crap, or whatever.”

                “New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors”
                “Judicial Watch today released 725 pages of new State Department documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which former Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin provided influential Clinton Foundation donors special, expedited access to the secretary of state. In many instances, the preferential treatment provided to donors was at the specific request of Clinton Foundation executive Douglas Band.”

                Reality sucks when you’re a slime bag, doesn’t it. slime bag?

            2. She was investigated over and over and they got nothing more than gossip and hearsay. She would have been fine, and much better than the Trumpocalypse. Johnson would have be head and shoulders above both though.

              1. “She was investigated over and over and they got nothing more than gossip and hearsay.”

                You’re a lying sack of shit.

    4. Oh he has a lot. Flynn will get a year (a slap on the wrist compared to what he could get for multiple other counts) for reporting on the act of Treason of working with Russians to help when the election. This is a plea deal to get the real head honchos of this act of sedition.

  7. Impeachment attempt #3?

  8. I never understood the uproar over this to be honest. Is it a law for private citizens not to get involved in foreign affairs on behalf of the US? Yes. But President Obama was carrying out some actions at the end of his Presidency that were pretty clearly designed to give a big fuck you to Russia on his way out the door, something Trump appeared to be trying to avoid. Of course the oncoming team would realistically try to tell the Russians to chill out.

    This whole thing is such a charade.

    1. I honestly forgot some of the shenanigans going on at the end of the Obama Presidency. Dude did not exactly bow out gracefully, he just let his goons handle the wetwork though.

      Trump is definitely a despicable douche but heh, hard to give a shit when his counterparts to the left are equally despicable.

      1. The uproar is a reflection of the culture of not taking personal responsibility for your actions. Hillary lost! Who can we blame other than Hillary and our own viewpoints?

    2. What concerns me very greatly seems to keep being missed. We had a DOJ and intelligence apparatus apparently conducting surveillance on an opposing party candidate’s campaign staff and/or family and then a President elect’s transition team. This investigation they at first claimed was based off a dossier that has since been debunked and was produced at the behest of Trumps political enemies and opposition candidate. After those facts came to light those same people began to change their tune and said oh now it was based off other things which of course they can’t release to the general public. They used FISA warrants for crying out loud. FISA warrants have their purpose but something this sensitive should have been done with the utmost transparency. That is stuff that would make Nixon look like a rookie. People will have to forgive me if this is of a greater concern then what amounts to basically them conducting Diplomacy 3 weeks early to try and calm down Russia so that they could work with them to try and stop ISIS and hopefully end the Humanitarian nightmare in Syria.

      1. Yeah there has been a lot of shaddy crap. I think people forget the details but when a story likes this comes out it all comes rushing back.

        I still am amazed that dossier has gained as much traction as it has. I knew that thing was bogus the minute I read it and we have had Congressmen and Senators cite it in testimony!

      2. No proof of this was ever shown. It’s all conspiracy website bullshit.

        1. None of that is conspiracy BS they have admitted to as much even on CNN. They have acknowledge that they did tap several campaign staffers communications. they admitted they obtained the FISA warrant. It is all out there. it has been shown(again even on CNN) that the dossier was paid for by the DNC and even Trumps enemies in his own party. At first the powers to be including Clapper sited the dossier as their basis for starting the investigation and only changed their tune once it was debunked. For example they were apparently too stupid or lazy to check with Customs to review a guys passport to confirm he was in a country the dossier claimed he was. This isn’t conspiracy BS this is Nixonian crap. As I said even Nixon wasn’t this good. This should bother every American. I didn’t vote for the guy and dislike a number of his policies but dammit this is insane.

    3. Why does giving Russia the middle finger have to do with colluding with them in an election year on something that is clearly as illegal as fuck? Otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to cover it up.

      1. The only thing that is being reported Flynn will testify too is that after the election he was ordered to talk to the Russians about sanctions in hope of defusing the situation a lame duck POTUS caused in a temper tantrum cause his party lost an election. They needed Russia to help fight ISIS and hopefully come up with a diplomatic solution to one of the largest humanitarian crisis in modern history.

  9. “Until then, much like the Manafort charges, I’m going to resist trying to either overplay or underplay the meaning of these accusations in terms of the Trump presidency’s fate.”

    That won’t get you invited to any cocktail parties.

    1. They’ve canceled all the cocktail parties due to sexual harassment.

      1. You think you are kidding but you are not…..ent-fears/

        1. What does it say about Vox contributors that this is considered a realistic fear?

          1. I see two distinct possibilities.

        2. Anything coming from the Daily Caller is crap.

          1. It makes Breitbart look like a shining beacon on the hill, in relativity.

      2. And this right here is why you’re one of the favorites. Well played, sir.

  10. It sounds like flynn lied about doing something legal? In reality If a person has done something legal they shouldn’t have to answer to anyone including the government for any reason and since this was a part of his job maybe he could have have claimed executive privledge

    1. When talking to the FBI, “lying” is equivalent to overlooking, forgetting, misrepresenting, or simply being misheard.

      Why oh why do people talk to the FBI….it is beyond stupidity.

      1. Have you read the statement? Literally this is one of the charges:

        “FLYNN also falsely stated that he did not remember a follow up conversation …”

        1. Seriously? That was a charge?

  11. Flynn is here pleading guilty but Holder, Clapper and many others openly and notoriously lied under oath to Congress about important things like sending guns to Mexican drug gangs and illegally spying on the American public. And they are rewarded with talking head spots on CNN.

    1. All the way back to Fast and Furious John? Hold on a second, let me refill my coffee. Now lean over, I’ll take two lumps of desperation, because it’s Friday.

      1. Tony, you’ve been spewing nothing but desperation for 13 months.

    2. Sandy Berger’s pants agree with this statement.

    3. We aren’t talking about Holder and Clapper, we’re trying to nail the Russians and the people who concluded with them. Politics is one thing. Selling off American democracy to the highest paying Russian is treason.

      1. “Selling off American democracy to the highest paying Russian is treason.”

        First, you idiot, what you describe is not “treason”. Next, the person who should have to answer for that activity lost the election.

  12. Brad Heath of USA Today reports Flynn’s guilty plea and says contacts with Russian officials were directed by Trump’s transition team (which would put this all post-election, and makes everything a little more confusing):

    Oh, boo! The day was looking a lot more fun with that first update.

  13. Making false statements to the FBI shouldn’t be a crime.

    1. Actually it should be, and it is.

  14. I must admit I’m not seeing the big deal here, other Mueller took down someone even Trump considered to be a liar, for lying to the FBI.

    It’s hard to square all the rapturous Media talk about Trump’s impending doom with the obscure pedestrian nature of Flynn’s guilty plea. I don’t consider myself to be a model of the typical American, but I figure if I can’t see the smoking gun then most Americans won’t be able to, either.

    TL;DR: Trump is not going anywhere.

    1. Or heck even if what they are saying is true people want to overturn an election cause they started diplomacy 3 weeks early. I am sorry a pissed off Nuclear SUperpower cause a lame duck admin issued sanctions cause truthfully they lost an election(Where was the big concern when OPM got hacked? We at most sent a strongly worded letter)

    2. Trump will be impeached within 6 months. Flynn is going to chirp like a stool pigeon. I for one am glad to see them getting to the bottom of this Russian interference in the election. It’s dead obvious that it happened and it went all the way to the top.

  15. The FBI lies to us, we lie to them. That sounds fair. So lying to them must be made illegal. No fairness required.
    I am still waiting for a valid reason why Russia would want Trump instead of the already bought and paid for heir to the throne.
    If only Flynn had thought to get a fifth amendment permit.

    1. Taking the 5th doesn’t erase all the evidence against you.

      1. No, but physical possession of the E-Mail server sure makes it a lot easier.

        “Oopsie, we accidentally wiped the hard drive … and the backups.”

        1. Don’t you think that chicken is pretty well fucked by now?

          1. You would know… chicken fucker.

            Seriously. What beyond forgetting about an otherwise mundane conversation with a DIPLOMAT about topics Flynn was well within his legar right to have is the crime here? How does it ammount to russian election hacking?

            1. Well, the hag lost. And it can’t be that Tony backed the slimiest human ever to run for prez. Nope, it’s just got to be something else, since Tony can’t possibly be that fucking stupid.
              Right, Tony you stupid fuck?

          2. Seriously you want to overturn an entire election cause at worst if what is said was true the WH wanted to defuse a situation created when a Lame Duck POTUS decided to impose sanctions on a Nuclear Superpower two months after the VPOTUS had threatened cyber attacks on said superpower. All of this cause the DNC claimed they were hacked(The only proof being the word of experts hired by the DNC) by said Nuclear superpower. Many people say those sanctions were imposed not to punish Russia but to deliberately damage the Russia US relations to leave the incoming admin a turdburger to deal with and derail any attempt by the incoming admin in working with Russia to stop the humanitarian nightmare in Syria. At worst this amounts to diplomacy being conducted three weeks early.

            1. I doubt the dnc had any actual experts [with skills capable of working in Silicon Valley]. Remember, they had a Paki national in there, and as far as what is known and assumable at this point the wikileaks material came straight from the inside with zero hacks involved. The problem? Hillary is about Hillary, and the world can burn for all she cares. DWS was a meat puppet to such a severe extent the party booted her just as the convention kicked off – an incredible event for a party that knows how to circle the wagons and protect their own. Security was subsumed by control and money issues, and anyone pointing that out was going to have their head bitten off. I don’t doubt that Donna Brazile wrote her book as soon as she saw what was under the hood at the dnc, given the whitewash event of Seth Rich and the ensuing non-investigation by authorities. The background at that time was State giving 99% and DOJ giving 97% of contributions to Hillary. That doesn’t look like a landscape for uncovering friendly whistleblowers or anything resembling help.

              1. Oh I agree. I am more likely to believe that the wikileaks was a DNC insider who was a BerniBro who was pissed at what the party did to him then a Russian smear campaign. I mean what did Russia truly have to fear with a Hillary admin? They got everything they wanted when she was SecState. They got Crimea and were pushing their influence worldwide without any push back.

      2. Taking the fifth leads to court, especially with an out of control special prosecutor. A lot of legal situations come down to one choice: do you want to be right, or smart? Mueller has unlimited scope [backed by the treasury], and has employed gestapo like tactics [kicking down doors at zero dark thirty]. Flynn was buried by the money, and the charges were irrelevant past that. Put your million up against, say, 50B dollars for lawyers, and they don’t even need to make good arguments – they just have to drag out process with motions/appeals/hearings/discovery manipulations until you are buried financially. The right to a speedy trial only begins after charges are filed – that’s how they bury you. Maybe… we need to be able to demand a 60 day clock: if charges aren’t filed in response to the challenged investigation, then the government is on the hook for court costs and all legal fees if they file charges late. We shouldn’t need to go there but for one fact: federal law has grown to such a volume no man can know it, and process is now capable of outliving the litigants. An old case illustrates what is possible: the “consent decree” that put public schools in Baton Rouge under the thumb of a judge for 40 years, and the seeking of fair allocation of resources that kicked it off was replaced by bussing as the judge turned it into a lifetime employment project for the lawyers involved playing an inside/outside game with the NAACP.

    2. The problem is that it doesn’t work that way, and it never has. If there is no guilt to be found then Trump has nothing to be worried about.

      1. “…If there is no guilt to be found then Trump has nothing to be worried about….”

        And nothing suggests he is worried.

        1. Meanwhile, Hillary isn’t in prison.

          I’m worried about that fact.

  16. “ABC has misreported what Flynn admitted to.” Never they would never do that to stir everyone up.

  17. Well, ABC is officially acknowledging its mistake hours after screwing up. I’ve updated the post one last time.

    1. This is close to a nothingburger if president elect Trump (not candidate Trump) directed him to meet with with a Russian official to discuss policy. President Trump eventually dismissed Flynn when he lied to Pence about the aspects of the meeting.

      Andrew Mccarthy at NRO is guessing that the FBI recorded the entire conversation, as allowed by FISA. Flynn was probably caught red handed. But if he was a participant to any collusion, Trump would have been indicted months ago.

      1. Colluding with foreign powers during an election is a big offense and he will be charged accordingly. Mueller wouldn’t have let Flynn off so easily if collusion and being able to prove it weren’t a sure thing.

        1. You lost, loser.
          The hag was so despicable, she lost to Trump, for pete’s sake.
          Grow up and forget the fantasies.

        2. No, you devastated jackass.

          There is NOTHING ILLEGAL AT ALL about an incoming administration TALKING TO any foreign government about policy, be it Russia or Japan or Canada. NOTHING.

          Are you aware that the charges against Flynn are all about lying DURING CHRISTMAS WEEK OF 2016? Are you so damned stupid that you don’t comprehend that that is AFTER the Election? (It’s even after the official Electoral College election, idiot!)

          “Collusion” would have to have taken place BEFORE November’s popular election. There aren’t any charges against anyone for that. DUH!

          Get out of here and grow up, Democrass!

  18. Not to worry. His buddy God will get him off the hook.

  19. “UPDATE VI: […] ABC admitted it screwed up when it reported that Trump directed Flynn to meet with the Russians when he was still a candidate.”

    So, having learned “information management” From Valery, they send out a short note on Friday evening, knowing full well it will be lost to most everybody.
    Yep, that’s what passes for ‘honesty’ at ABC. Tony would be proud.

    1. And they suspended Ross for four weeks without pay to show how sorry they are.

  20. The whole raison d’etre for this special prosecutor was the “collusion” narrative, remember? So, all they have on Flynn is a “lie” [could just be something that turned out to be incorrect] in the wake of Comey giving the guy a pass on exactly the same issue. So, no collusion likely means no crime committed to bring in a valid prosecution. Are we living in Zimbabwe? What the hell is this? Do we not pay our president and his staff to do exactly what Flynn did in interfacing with foreign nationals? Are you going to get destroyed if you accidentally flag down a cab in NYC driven by a Russian immigrant? Where does this end? Diplomacy doesn’t happen without meetings. The law hasn’t changed significantly since the abuse of FISA warrants and unmasking occurred of Flynn and others. The whole thing looks like poison fruit, and a malicious prosecution. None of this would have happened but for the dossier that Hillary threw around. I’ve heard a few republicans did some of the initial narrative during primaries, which is it’s own infuriating stupidity: opposition party my eye – more like the party of the stupid. But I digress. Mueller has a few conflicts of interest, and they aren’t being addressed. Keep a special prosecutor in place to resolve issues, but he and his team are an apparent menace to justice. Wholesale replacement and nothing less will serve the national interest. This guy behaves like he works for Stalin and his hand picked team is stained by default.

    1. Flynn is going to report on how collusion was there all the way to the top. There is some additional fodder for them trying to throw the FBI off the trail by firing Comey. This will lead to an impeachment if Trump doesn’t resign first.

      1. “Flynn is going to report on how collusion was there all the way to the top.”

        He didn’t work for the hag, so, no.

      2. What an idiot you are. Please go drool somewhere else.

  21. This Trump Derangement Syndrome donkeyshit needs to be done away with. This is a cartoonish “investigation” and the mob-rules mentality strong-arming General Flynn has not uncovered a single illegal thing done by the Trump Administration in concert. Take a hike, “Reason”.

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