American Exceptionalism

America Has Made the World a Better Place

Even Trump can't take that away from it


America's "brand image" has taken a beating in the Age of Trump. In many world rankings, America's reputation on a whole host of metrics has slipped

America Great
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several notches.

This is unfortunate but it'll pass, I note in my column at The Week. That's because when it comes to the sciences, arts, technology, and business—things other than politics and politicians that actually matter to humanity—America dominates the world.

"And it does so not by imposing its will on others, but by excelling so much that it forces other countries to compete on a higher plane. Quite simply, America has made the world a better place to live."

And even Donald Trump can't take that away from it.

Go here to read the piece.

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  1. Well there most be a blizzard blowing in the 7 circles of Dante’s inferno! Because Shikha Dalmia wrote a pretty decent article.

    1. First time for everything.

  2. I honestly don’t give a shit what other countries think of us. Never have. Never will.

    1. *smiles the condescending smile of a German commenting on US society and culture*

      1. You Americans think the world revolves around you! /after expressing detailed opinions on several US-specific current events

  3. Leftists love that appeal, see those other industrialized countries do X and we don’t so we must be wrong!

  4. Nailed it Shikha.
    From our genesis, the US leads the way, and we’ve just gotten started…

    1. Where were you this time last year? I saw the election as a solid indicator of America in decline, where the choice was down to Trump or Clinton. That’s what political leadership has come to. This ‘American brand’ nonsense is fine for toothpaste, bags of chips and such. It’s meaningless to the hapless voter faced with a choice between Trump and whatever Leftish candidate the Democrats decide whose turn it is this time around.

      1. WTF, the race was not down to Trump or Clinton, you had other choices.

        “This ‘American brand’ nonsense is fine for toothpaste, bags of chips and such”

        ^^ This crap gives you away for the elitist you are.

        The 21st Century will belong to the US much as the 20th has.

        1. There were only two real choices and if you chose the orangutan deliberately or by proxy you are an enemy to decency and humanity. Cankles and emails regardless.

          1. Begone, inconsequential irritant on the body politic and enemy of human liberty…

        2. “This crap gives you away for the elitist you are.”

          I also use the internet for more than sending email.

      2. If you’re looking for “solid indicators” of America’s status and future I suspect that there are a lot of options more telling in that regard than presidential election results.

  5. Haven’t read and won’t read. It’s tiresome to have to read about such things based on some metric.

    I really don’t think Americans should give a shit what the French or Polynesians or Aliens think.

    The way I see it (and as you all know I come from Norm MacDonald Land) is if America is bad, just how shitty are those other places?

    And seriously. If these people would bother to actually read and learn, Obama was a pretty damn insufferable and bad President who tarnished the ‘brand’ too.

    1. Obama did more to tarnish brand “USA” than Trump will ever will accomplish.

      Ditto, couldn’t give a rat’s ass what the rest of the world thinks of the US.

      1. Give him time.

        1. “Neil Gorsuch” says otherwise.

    2. Trump tarnished the brand the second he was voted in. Because he is just so damn powerful and efficient at being evil, while simultaneously a ridiculous simpleton that no one takes seriously.

      1. It’s so funny to hear the leftists make the Exact Same Arguments against Trump as they did against W.

        1. He should have at least received some kind of honor for being the nation’s first evil genius chimpanzee president

          1. Whoa, when did Reagan enter this conversation?

        2. Nobody ever thought W was a genius.

          1. Masters Degree and a fighter pilot.

            1. You know, I forgot that he was a Harvard MBA (and, of course, a Yale BA in something). I’m not all anti-Ivy League, but four recent presidents came from there. Not Trump. Wonder if that has anything at all to do with the election?

              1. Trump has an Ivy League degree (UPenn). Or were you just talking about Harvard specifically?

          2. He just masterfully conspired against genius Democrats and masterminded plots using GOP magic, or something

            1. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney got that kind of credit.

  6. “America Has Made the World a Better Place”

    Said no one being continually bombed in the Middle East ever. Shikha is a neoconservative

    1. So who’s getting continually bombed in the Middle East other than Daesh, who hates our guts anyways?

      1. Absolutely, we have special bombs that only kill the baddies. Also, drone killings never ever happen. All is well, nothing to see here

  7. In many world rankings, America’s reputation on a whole host of metrics has slipped

    On the international wokeness scale we’re now between North Korea and Somalia

  8. USA! USA! USA!

    1. “Every country that has put a man on the moon take a step forward.”
      *one country steps forward*
      “I see you, Togo. Get your ass back!”

      1. Does this count astral projection?

  9. America, fuck yeah!

  10. We’re so good that we call our national game “football” even though it’s not really a ball and feet are only occasionally used on it, AND WE DON’T CARE.

    1. And we drive on parkways and park in driveways and what are ya gonna do about it, haters?

  11. Here’s to our 51st State…on the moon.

      1. Mycroft Holmes will know its place and be required to stay there..

  12. This is unfortunate

    No, it’s not. No fucks given.

  13. America’s “brand image” has taken a beating in the Age of Trump.

    Because our chief exec is no longer bowing to foreign dictators?

    1. “Because our chief exec is no longer bowing to foreign dictators?”

      I appreciate his gratuitous insults to the American Indians.

    2. Just working for them directly.

      1. Podesta is president?

        1. No, it’s not a bad dream, the fat orange infowars troll is president, and the only thing on planet earth he won’t bitch about is Vladimir Putin.

  14. Trump’s reputation might have taken an even bigger hit internationally if he’d succeeded in getting legislation passed in the Senate to cut Medicaid.

    Still, I wanted him to sign that legislation anyway.

    It’s great being well thought of in some ways. I wouldn’t want to see the president make a bad decision just to bolster our image overseas. If people elsewhere in the world don’t like our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, then fuck people elsewhere in the world.

    Not interested in being socialist, authoritarian, or stupid just to impress the rest of the socialist, authoritarian, and stupid world.

    1. ^ ^ ^

      This squared.

    2. Ding ding ding we have a winner!

  15. “America Has Made the World a Better Place”

    Well, the girl third from the left has, anyway.

  16. “But the fact is that this country’s hard power ? and its embrace of its role as the policeman of the world ? has been more of a liability than strength. This is not to deny that America’s military strength has done some good, but, on balance, it’s been more of a liability than an asset. Indeed, almost every intervention America has undertaken after the two great wars has backfired, most notably in Vietnam. Nor did it redeem itself with its post-9/11 military action in Afghanistan and Iraq ? not to mention Libya.”

    America Embraces Imperialism; South Korea, Taiwan, Kuwait and Eastern Europe Hardest Hit.


  17. You are supposed to feel ashamed, ASHAMED!, for letting Trump win the election!


    Go to your room and think about what you’ve done with all the democracy we gave you. And, maybe, next time, you’ll make better decisions!

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