Texas Rangers Want Apple to Unlock Mass Shooter's Phone, Charles Manson Dead, More Earthquakes Expected in 2018: A.M. Links


  • HumanArtistVendingMachine/flickr

    President Trump renewed his calls for a border wall with Mexico after a border patrol agent was shot and killed in Texas.

  • Authorities in Texas have served a search warrant on Apple, looking to have the phone of the Sutherland Springs mass shooter unlocked.
  • The ruling party in Zimbabwe has moved to impeach Robert Mugabe after their Monday deadline for his resignation came and went.
  • Talks to form a three-party coalition government run by Angela Merkel in Germany have collapsed.
  • Accused of sexual harrassment by two transgender colleagues, actor Jeffrey Tambor signaled he would not be returning to Transparent, claiming the on-set atmosphere had been "politicized" in recent weeks.
  • Charles Manson died in prison, aged 83.
  • The slowing of the rotation of the Earth is expected to lead to an uptick in earthquakes, according to scientists.

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