Senators to Get Sexual Harassment Training, Woman Convicted of Marrying Her Mom, What Is Trumpism? A.M. Links


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  1. We’ve signed a “symbolic” trade package with China.

    President Trump has them right where he wants them.

    1. I think there is more than a little spin to that headline. From the article:

      “The package, said to be worth more than $250 billion, puts a symbolic gloss on fundamentally strained economic relations between the U.S. and China.”

      Does anyone reasonably think that if President Obama signed a deal worth more than $250 billion that the WP would label it as “symbolic”. Trump isn’t a good President, but the continuous attempts to belittle everything he’s involved with will just backfire.

      Does it not occur to the people engaging in this kind of obvious spin, that this is the single biggest factor for why Trump won. Good luck trying to convince voters that Trump is the ‘liar’.

      1. What substantive elements of the agreement are not getting reported?

        1. I think you’re missing his point. The point is if Trump signed a carbon copy of an Obama deal, they’d find a way to spin it against him by using weasel words and terms. Interestingly, when Obama was proving on some issues to be nothing more than a Bush clone, they either remained silent or made him look like he was a foreign policy genius playing 3-D chess. Which of course, he wasn’t. His actions in Syria alone revealed how sophomoric he really was.

          Trump’s visit of Asia has been going very well with South Korea giving two standing ovations, the military clearing showing enthusiasm as morale is up, China enjoys his brash, anti-elitist attitude and Japan is finding common ground with him.

          But what does the liberal media focus on? Abe’s fall on the golf course and that somehow points to Trump being evil for ‘not seeing’ it.

          1. Two standing ovations! My god you’ve gone full dotard.

      2. Obama never said China is a rapist of America and then went to China and treated it to a romantic night out over milkshakes.

        He’s letting China and Russia rapidly diminish the US by exploiting his own cowardice and incompetence.

        1. Why are you talking about Trump again when children are dead?!?!?!

          You monster!

        2. How are Russia and China ‘diminishing the US?’

          1. It’s well known that they are puppet mastering the entire US government.

    2. Hello.

      So much for her lips say no but her eyes say yes!

      1. Picture, if you will, President Trump in Asia selling by the square yard quality neckties to every Chinaman he encounters, at a significant markup. Without his stewardship back at home the GOP suffers massive casualties on Election Day as nearly every blue region changes from Robin Egg to Cerulean. Meanwhile, Congress passes a law making it illegal to sexually harass, carving out an exception for a serving or former legislator of your own party. Meanwhile, special prosecutor Mueller hands down his most seismic indictment yet: the architect of 2009’s Cash for Clunkers.

        1. Needs a panel with Trump kneeling in protest in front of a Chinese american flag manufacturing plant that refuses to relocate to Iowa.

        2. You’re doing God’s work. Cash 4 Clunkers: Never 4get

    3. You know who else had a symbolic package?

      1. Liberace?

  2. We’ve signed a “symbolic” trade package with China.

    The poop emoji symbol.

    1. They out scare quotes around it, but all they’re saying is it was written in the Ji.

  3. The feds are now looking into why former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with a bunch of Turkish VIPs last year.

    Weird Thanksgiving tie-in.

    1. Do people forget that he was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012 to 2014? Are to think that after decades of respected service he somehow turned evil foreign agent in the last 2 years? I don’t deny he’s doing some shady shit, but I find it highly implausible it started recently. How can we not assume he was doing this shit for the 2 years he was heading an entire government agency? Does Obama get a pass on this because he eventually replaced him?

      1. I don’t think anyone is saying he is evil, he is just using his former “public servant” position to enrich himself after retirement, like tons of other people do. I guess he didn’t fill out the proper forms or something though?

        1. If he’d run it through a sham foundation, there would have been no problem.

      2. And why wouldn’t the head of DIA meet with foreign VIPs?

        Presumably our spooks are meeting with all kinds of people off the record. Isn’t that their fuycking job?

      3. Are [we] to think that after decades of respected service he somehow turned evil foreign agent in the last 2 years?

        Kim Philby says, “Sure!”

        1. Philby was a foreign agent for more than two years! That mug was a Commie from way back.

          1. At the end, though, Philby was actually acting as a disposable double agent for the Brits in an attempt to prevent the Soviets from making an alliance with powerful djinn on Mt. Ararat.

              1. It’s not an anime, it’s a really well done spy thriller that veers into Lovecraftian occult about halfway through.

          2. Yeah, but as far as most of the Foreign Service and Brit public knew, he had decades of respected service before he abruptly defected.

            Maybe in 30 years we’ll discover Flynn has been an Ottoman puppet all along.

        2. Robert Hansen seconds the motion.

    2. More to the point…


  4. Enough with her emails, says a federal judge.


  5. What is Trumpism?, asks the National Review.

    Whatever you want it to be. Don’t pay me by the word.

  6. An Oklahoma woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for marrying her mother.

    She’s probably just happy to get away from her mother-in-law. Am I right, fellas?

    1. Misty Velvet Dawn Spann

      Three stripper names, and the fourth is German for “quarrelsome”.

      Moral turpitude ought to be expected.

    2. As repulsive as this might be to the normal person, it’s also a horrible miscarriage of justice to make either of these weirdos spent even a minute in prison for what is a non-violent non-crime.

      1. Yea, this seems like a textbook case for throwing out the last vestiges of state power regarding marriage. What other people are squicked out about concerning their relationship is 0% the State (or other people’s) business. Besides, you cannot even use the stupid argument of “Think of the childrenz!” since they’re rug-munching isn’t going to produce anything.

        And 10 years is more than a tad bit harsh for what is literally a victimless crime. If it was forcible, then its rape which is a whole other kettle of fish.

        1. Are we sure it’s not a scheme to protect their vast family assets from inheritance laws?

      2. Just another tax dodge, I suspect.
        (other than the fact that the mother is certifiable)

      3. I thought that marriage was a Civil Right.

        Guess not, apparently. Not sure how this is any different than any other Lesbian marriage.

          1. For what reason? Notably, a mother and daughter can’t have a kid together so who gives a shit?

            Oh, right, it’s because it’s not really a Civil Right. Oops. Guess that might be a problem, but only if you’re interested in being intellectually consistent.

            ‘You’, in this scenario, being the retards that wanted more government defined legal marriages instead of getting them out of the business entirely.

            It turns out when you support something because it has a greater chance of passing as a law, and not on the basis of rational thought, you end up in some pretty odd places and end up fucking over other people. I’m guessing those who pushed for gay marriage didn’t really care that they were screwing over incest folks and polygamous folks the same way straight people screwed them over. It was ok though, because those people are ‘icky’ which is totes not a label that could be applied to them too.

  7. An Oklahoma woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for marrying her mother.

    Sitcom husbands are sentenced to 5 seasons for marrying someone that is turning into their mother-in-law.

  8. A federal judge tossed a lawsuit Thursday that would have pushed the State Department and FBI to do more to try to track down Hillary Clinton’s emails, ruling the government has done all it reasonably could to locate the former secretary of state’s messages.

    Yep, it would be totes unreasonable to bring the NSA, or Russia, into the hunt.

    1. So, not “enough with the emails” but “enough with making the feds look for them”

      1. Didn’t Arthur Anderson get the “death penalty” for deleting evidence?

  9. Pakistanis are protesting in favor of blasphemy laws.

    Mandated worship is the sincerest form of worship.

    1. I didn’t give a shit about Benghazi or anything the Republicans were mad about. Obama lied. We get it. Happens all the time. Nothing unusual for any president.

      What pissed me off is he essentially enforced a blasphemy law. Instead of defending the Youtube video maker’s rights, he said he would be brought to justice. He would be punished for criticizing Islam. That is what people should have been angriest about.

      1. My observation is that no one died in Libya who didn’t volunteer to work for Obama/Clinton.

      2. Crisitunity. Any time you can chip away at the 1st Amendment…

    2. Just waste til doubting AGW is considered blasphemy.

  10. The feds are now looking into why former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with a bunch of Turkish VIPs last year.

    It’s nobody’s business but the Turks’.

    1. Excellent.

      1. Yes – despite his advancing age Fist is still able to pull out a good one.

        Also, this.

        1. Zany.

          A belly dancer and a dinosaur wearing a fez in the same segment.

        2. My dad says as soon as I turn 18 I have to move into the basement.

    2. Captain Oveur: Joey, have you ever been in a… in a Turkish prison?

  11. Enough with her emails, says a federal judge.

    It’s like counting Florida ballots.

    1. Can we release them in 50 years, like the JFK files?

  12. Trumpism is doing whatever it takes to win. You know, like how we were urged to hold our noses and vote for McCain and Romney even though they were RINO’s because, hey, at least they had an (R) next to their names and whatever it takes to win.

      1. “We” is the American electorate.* Broadcast messages are called “broadcast” for a reason, they’re put out there for anybody who’ll pay attention, not targeted at a specific audience. Were you not paying attention to the fact that there were elections in 2008 and 2012?

        *Give or take a few dead people and illegal immigrants.

        1. Look, McCain and Romney were literally Hitler at the time but that’s only because they hadn’t met Trump yet.

          Yeah, it’s really illuminated the ever more sophisticated methods the Democrats deploy. Oh, sorry, I spelled that wrong. I meant sophistic.

    1. Oh, that’s right. The fucking Hit & Run Republicans which I am told don’t exist. But I can name 20 of you GOP errand boys.

      1. I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary.

        Voted against Trump twice in 2016.

        1. I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary.

          Pigboy’s Operation Chaos no doubt. How did that work out?

          1. Yes, everyone who doesn’t like you is obviously lying about their beliefs, Blue Mikey.

            1. I didn’t say he was lying. Bubba is a fucking ditto-head follower of Rush Limbaugh and voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary to create chaos in the Democratic primary process.

              It failed, of course.

              1. Yes, i’m sure you have certain knowledge of this fact and aren’t just making shit up because you think it supports whatever your intended point is.

              2. I didn’t say he was lying.

                Pigboy’s Operation Chaos no doubt. How did that work out?

                So either you think everyone else is too stupid to read what you write, or you’re stupid enough not to know what you say. Actually, scratch that, it can also be both.

              3. Do you know this because he whispered it to you while was under your bed last night?

      2. I voted for Bernie in primary 2016 and then GayJay during general.


      3. Who’s “you”? I’ve mentioned here several times that I was a delegate to the 1988 state GOP nominating convention and when they nominated George Fucking Bush instead of Jack Kemp I quit the GOP and joined the LP. Which I quit when they nominated Bob Fucking Barr.

        1. It’s just the voices in his head, Jerryskids. Just the voices in his head.

  13. The feds are now looking into why former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with a bunch of Turkish VIPs last year.

    “Their rahat lokum is to die for!”

  14. What is Trumpism?, asks the National Review.

    Same thing as the Bush Doctrine. Whatever you want it or don’t want it to be.

    1. The Bush Doctrine is that government is going to grow, so stop wasting your energy trying to restrain it and instead use it for “conservative” goals.

      Unless you are talking HW and then it’s go to war on behalf of decadent sheikhs.

    2. Minus the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and massive increases of unconstitutional domestic spying.

      But hey, whatever you want TDS to or not be.

    3. BUCS, I hear, is a huge fan of the Bush Doctrine.

      Sorry, BUCS, I had to say that.

      1. Don’t sully my love by associating it with politicians.

      2. I don’t know, shaved kind of makes women look like underage teenie boppers dunn’it?

        1. Yeah, it’s gross. As much as I may be a freak, I’m a freak who’s attracted to adults, damn it.

    4. How long have you been a Trumpist, shitlord?

  15. So the mother devided she could marry het daughter because her name was removed from the daughter’s birth certificate. I did not realize the government was powerful enough to change a biological the stroke of a pen.

    1. I don’t understand why incest is illegal in a nonprocreative relationship.

      If it is illegal, I don’t see how the *child* can be criminally liable.

      1. After Obergefell, it is unclear what government interest is served by revogning marriage at all,but that is what you get from result oriented jurisprudence.

      2. I don’t understand why incest is illegal in an adult consensual relationship.

        Fixed that for you….

    2. Of course, given SCOTUS’ redefinition of marriage, it is unclear what givern3ment interest is served by making such a marriage illegal.

      1. Try this. Marriage is a religious institution, and any government interest or intervention is a violation of the first amendment (as amended by a letter from Jefferson)

    1. I have noticed that some IPA drinkers are insufferable douches.

      1. Off to a lunch for short rib tacos and a triple IPA….

    2. Uh oh, I never put sugar in my coffee.

      1. Me neither, I sometimes eat coffee beans plain. I also really like bitter melon.

    3. Dr Sagioglou said eating bitter foods may be “compared to a rollercoaster ride where people enjoy things that induce fear.”

      Sounds like this Dr is just a pussy.

  16. Roy Moore is proof of what scumbags all conservatives are. Fucking Christian Taliban Bible Beating assholes. Progressives suck of course – with their foolish egalitarianism. But conservatives are the true scum of US politics.

    1. Did you forget that Weinstein truthers don’t get to complain about other peoples’ sexual crimes anymore? God, you’re an idiot.


        1. I’m not saying forget about Roy Moore. He’s a piece of shit. I’m saying that you are also a piece of shit and you have no credibility whatsoever.

          1. Fuck you. I just don’t suck on the TEAM RED! teat and that bothers you H&R Republicans.

            I am a free trade capitalist secularist and don’t eat GOP dog food.

            1. I don’t give a shit about Republicans, you dishonest fucking retard. You on the other hand are, and have always been, a rabid Democratic partisan.

            2. Butt: You’re a socialist thru and thru.

              Go Nanny-State, says Butt!

              1. So those who like “bitter” tasting coffee and beer have Machiavellian tendencies; what does it say about someone who finds these threads funny as hell? Just curious.

            3. Fuck you. I just don’t suck on the TEAM RED! teat and that bothers you H&R Republicans.

              Bullshit, Pluggie. You’re pretty much proven to be a partisan for a while now that just about everyone is on to it. You’re just John’s mirror image….

              1. No, Tony is John’s mirror image. Shreek is Simple Mikey’s: dumb, deluded, and in love with constantly using really stupid nicknames.

        2. Bill Clinton
          Ted Kennedy
          John Kennedy
          Bob Filner
          Bob Menendez (I’m sure you’re rooting for an acquittal)

          It’s a very long list.

        3. I am not ready to condemn Louis CK. Did he even violate the NAP?

          1. I think he locked the door on them. I think you can easily argue that locking someone in a room with you while you jerk off violates NAP.

            1. Whoops, allegedly. I haven’t seen enough evidence to know if he is guilty or not.

              1. Allegedly, but the encounter has been shared almost since it’s happened, and I bet he’ll never deny it.

                And when it comes to his work mirroring these accusations, there is the awful scene in Louie where he stops Pamela from leaving until she relents and has sex with him. It was… impressive to me that so many of the people who rend their garments about rape in GoT were rather mum about that episode.

                1. I think it’s because tons of people don’t watch Louie. Possibly because it’s not actually funny.

                  Of course, that’s just my opinion.

                2. I bet he’ll never deny it.

                  In fact, he’s now confirmed it. Which was pretty much his only move going forward.

                  1. That’s pretty damn scummy. I wonder if this will impact his career going forward. I’m willing to say this doesn’t elevate to the level of Weinstein or Cosby or something, but it’s still a big black mark on his career.

                3. It’s been going around awhile I know. I recall Roseanne Barr bringing it up a few years ago. Though everyone immediately called her crazy and discredited it. Which really pisses me off.

            2. I suppose i owe my high school classmates an apology, then.

          2. I am not ready to condemn Louis CK. Did he even violate the NAP?

            Has anyone considered the possibility it was all a joke?

        4. They’re all bad. But libertarians don’t indict a whole group of anything for the crimes of individuals.

    2. “Roy Moore is proof of what scumbags all conservatives are.”

      But Harvey Weinstein isn’t proof of what scumbags all liberals are?

      How do you fit all that cognitive dissonance between a single pair of ears?

        1. Bill fucking Clinton. There are many women who accused Bill or assault and rape while AG, governor, and president.

          Are to believe every single woman is telling the truth, except those lying whores who accused Bill?

          I do not defend anybody on either side of this debate, but the only people who have any high ground are those who are consistent, and there are almost no people willing to talk about both Trump and Clinton in the same terms, even though they are the most apt comparison to each other.

        2. HW holds what office?

          Goal posts: moved.

    3. Bill Clinton (or Harvey Weinstein, take your pick) is proof of what scumbags all liberals are. Fucking fake feminist power hungry assholes. Conservatives suck of course – with their foolish theocratism. But liberals are the true scum of US politics.

      See how easy it is to flip things back and forth? The sad truth is that the number of people among our so-called political elite that have an ounce of principle is very, very close to zero.

    4. Who better to give people moral lectures than a guy who thinks Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong?

      1. I said HW was not proven to be a rapist until due process was exhausted.

        Which is again a classic liberal ACLU position,

        1. It’s a position that you’re not willing to extend IN THIS THREAD to people who are on the wrong Team. It’s like you can’t even be bothered to pretend you have principles.

          1. I am not calling for Moore to be locked up. He SHOULD resign from the campaign though.

            1. Why should he resign when he’s done nothing wrong? At least, he’s done nothing wrong that’s been proven until due process was exhausted.

              Jesus, you sound like Chris Cuomo on CNN arguing that talking about Clinton and Trump are totally different because nothing’s ever been proven about Clinton’s alleged scandals.

              1. Things were proven in regards to Clinton’s sexual scandals, actually. There was this thing called forensic evidence.

        2. I said HW was not proven to be a rapist until due process was exhausted

          But you won’t afford that courtesy to Moore because you have no principles.

        3. No you didn’t PB. I remember because I said I would have been sympathetic if that was your stance. You took the stance that his allegations don’t count as rape, and in a later thread said ,”Bitch was asking for it.”

        4. And why not extend the same courtesy to Moore?

          Oh right, because you such blue cock.

    5. Palin’s Buttplug|11.10.17 @ 9:15AM|#
      “Roy Moore is proof of what scumbags all conservatives are.”

      A comment by the poster-boy of what lying imbeciles proggies are.

    6. But conservatives are the true scum of US politics.

      I’m sure a smart, well-informed person such as yourself is aware that the vast majority of the recent allegations are against leftists, right? All those Hollywood types? And I’m sure you have the integrity to not collectivize all members of a group because of the misbehavior of one member. ///NotAllMuslims, right?

    7. I guess collectivizing is another minor area in which you fail the libertarian purity test.

    8. Because there is no higher form of feminism than pulling a female apart and stopping her heartbeat before she sees the light of day.

    9. Show us on the doll where Mr. Moore touched you.

  17. Enough about the emails?

    But meh. Who cares? So she broke the law. It was her turn. What difference does it make at this point?

    1. It was Bob Dole’s turn.

  18. Smarmy, small-statured Jew threatens university snowflakes.

    It’s not about not wanting to hear opposing opinions, or opposing thoughts, or anything like that. It’s just [Shapiro’s] opinions directly target my existence or the existence of people I care about. That’s not even dialogue any more. That’s you telling me that I don’t have a right to be here whether it’s as a student or as a human being. There’s no way you can create productive dialogue in that situation.

    Actually, that’s exactly what it is. I haven’t listened to everything Ben has ever said, but I listen to him occasionally and he has never struck me as particularly hateful. And he certainly doesn’t advocate against any particular person or groups existence. It’s almost as if these students do not actually research their ideological opposition. Instead, they default to calling them evil because reasons. And they project their own hatred and bigotry.

    1. Do much of their identities are tied up in their group identities that one someone days that that might not be a healthy way to live, it feels to them like an attack on them personally.

      1. It is a totally unhealthy and insane way to live. The thing about these idiots versus the radicals in the 60s is that whatever you think of someone like Abbie Hoffman, I bet he had a good time. These people are just miserable. I can’t imagine how anyone could look at them and say “I want to be like that”.

        1. When someone pees in the pool we all get soaked in urine. Knowing that the perpetrator does too isn’t much of a comfort.

          1. I don’t understand what you mean. My point is that for a movement to succeed it has to offer something and to quote Postrel have some glamour to it. The old radicals had that. These people don’t. I think their appeal is much more limited as a result.

            1. My point is simply that there isn’t much comfort in knowning that they are miserable ppl when they are so successful in imposing their misersble policies on the rest of us.

        2. It is the reason why the have rejected freedom of association as a civil right and demand acceptance or celebration rather than mere tolerance.

    2. Shapiro was okay until he started on his Israel First bullshit about how “You don’t give Terrorists a State!” Its like, really, dumbfuck? They sure as shit did when they created Israel or did you forget the Irgun and Lehi (aka Stern Gang), the massacre at Deir Yassin, The King David Hotel bombing or the fact former Israeli PM Yitzak Shamir had been a fucking member of the Stern Gang. Acting like Jews/Israelis cannot be terrorists is about as close to sucking Benjamin Netanyahu’s cock as it gets barring committing fellatio live on television.

  19. I wonder if Sexual Harassment Panda was selected to train the Senators.

  20. Pakistanis are protesting in favor of blasphemy laws.

    File under things that are not at all surprising. What is surprising is that there are Americans protesting in favor of speech restriction.

  21. Professionals who try to act professional while consistently using the incorrect “there, their, they’re” are stupid dumb faces from stupid dumb town, and they annoy me, and I hate them.

    1. There doing the best they can, Crusty.

      1. You know you’re killing him?

    2. I missed you yesterday Crusty. There was an article in the Post about how Weiner is looking for pen pals in prison. If that is not a cry from the heart for someone like you, nothing is.

      1. I missed you yesterday Crusty


        1. Come on Crusty, you wanted to watch me jerk off into that plant and you know it. Don’t play the innocent ingenue with me.

          1. You have jerked off into a plant? I have only peed into a potted plant – I feel like such a prude.

            1. I only pee in sinks.

              1. True fact: John is the kind of guy who pisses into empties in his own living room.

                1. Yeah, but have you smelled the carpet at your house lately? It beats doing it on the floor.

                  1. John, I too have spent too much time on my hands and knees…”smelling carpet.”

                  2. Crusty doesn’t have carpet, you silly goose. He has a nice bed of aspen shavings.

                  3. That smell is because it’s been raining for three days but the dog still has to go out sometimes, jerk.

                    1. By which i mean we got wet dog smell, not that the dog is peeing on the rug. GOD.

                2. You want a thrill? Go read stories on the /r9k/ board of 4chan about when people mixed up their piss bottles and their drinking bottles.

    3. And the ones who pronounce “processes” like it’s “process-eeze”, even though the singular form is “process” and not “processis”.

  22. Fun fact: isolating a woman, popping my hog out, and then masturbating in front of her is a move that I am going to add to my repertoire.*

    Thanks, Hollywood!

    *’Sup ladies.

    1. The only shocker here is that you’ve never tried that.

      1. Believe me I am disappointed in myself.

      2. I am pretty confident that every single commenter that is in a long term relationship has done that.

        1. Nope. Sex only happens in dark rooms in moonless nights for me.

  23. A federal judge tossed a lawsuit Thursday that would have pushed the State Department and FBI to do more to try to track down Hillary Clinton’s emails, ruling the government has done all it reasonably could to locate the former secretary of state’s messages.

    I presume this tacit acknowledgement of blatant disregard for and violation of federal record keeping law will result in an indictment. You know, because it acknowledges something that the gov’t is not even supposed to have to do: track down that which is legally supposed to be turned over in the first place.

  24. The problem with the Moore thing is that everyone knows that if he were a Democrat this story would have never been reported and would have made no difference even if it had. The media hates Moore and being shallow and vacuous are incapable of understanding how someone who supports Moore might see this. Why should they throw their candidate over the side and see a Democrat who represents everything they object to take the seat to enforce a rule that everyone knows would never be enforced on the other side?

    Then there is also the issue of culture. We live in a culture that can best be described as disgusting. Our culture sexualizes children like no other since Ancient Rome. Forget 14, talk to anyone with an 8 or a 10 year old daughter and they will tell you that they have a hard time finding clothes that are not overly sexual and suggestive. Clothes for 8 year old girls. We teach grade school children about the glories of anal sex, bestiality and being transgendered and hand out condoms to 10 year old kids at schools. And the same people who created this culture and perpetuate it want the people of Alabama to care that Roy Moore may have got his freak on with a couple of teenage girls during the Reagan Administration? Really?

    I have never been a Roy Moore supporter. But I can totally understand why those who are won’t care about these allegations.

      1. If Moore were a Democrat, Shreek wouldn’t care. No Democrat would. Everyone knows that. At some point Republicans are going to get tired of enforcing rules on their candidates that are never enforced on Democrats just so people like Jonah Goldberg and George Will can feel good about themselves. I do not believe you can have standards that are just enforced on one side forever. Eventually, the side they are being enforced on gets tired of it and stops caring. I don’t think that is a good thing because I like standards. But, good or bad, that is how things are.

        1. You’re an idiot. Weiner is doing 20 months, you stupid fuck. For sexting a minor.

          He is a Democrat if you forgot.

          1. Weiner got caught doing something today not in an allegation from 30 years ago. And if the FBI hadn’t nabbed him, he would still be in politics and you would be defending him. Just because you are a retard doesn’t mean everyone else is shreek. Stop pretending like we are.

        2. At some point Republicans are going to get tired of enforcing rules on their candidates that are never enforced on Democrats

          Republicans did elect Donald Trump, John. Also, Roy Moore is a moral scold who behaves in a morally questionable way, and he invites any and all criticism by his words and actions.

          1. Trump is a good example of that. And it doesn’t matter what Moore is or isn’t. The people who like him are likely not going to be interested in listening to what people like Shreek have to say about the need to kick him out of politics.

            1. I guarantee you that the people of Alabama are going to take notice. Moore is popular in AL because of his defiant religious stance. It plays well among the faithful. The current accusations will not, regardless of the passage of time. He may not fall, but he is going to be hurt because child abuse makes baby Jesus cry.

              1. You would think that. But I am not sure. As long he denies it, people just won’t believe it and see it as a smear campaign by the national media. And it won’t matter how compelling the evidence is because they will just engage in confirmation bias to see what they want to see.

                I think the response among his supporters will either be “it is just a made up smear and didn’t happen” or “it was 30 years ago and I don’t care” It won’t be so much that people decide banging 14 year old girls is okay. It will be that they rationalize themselves into either believing it didn’t happen or that the fact that it was so long ago and no one would care if he were a Democrat makes it okay in this instance.

                1. Well, it’s out in the wild now and AL still has local news media of varying quality. It won’t surprise me if more stuff pops up. WaPo didn’t have to dig very hard to find weird Roy stories.

                  1. They might find so much stuff there will be no way to rationalize it. But they have not yet and will have to find a lot more for that to happen.

                    1. I don’t know how to rationalize a 32 y/o laying down next to a 14 y/o and guiding her hand to his dick. Beyond poor judgement.

              2. I’m curious about the disconnect in the minds of liberals.

                They believe that the religious right are totally fine with things like old men marrying children, but they also believe this scandal will hurt Moore.

                Odd, that.

          2. And bernie is a socialist with 3 houses. Rules are for the little people. We already saw evangelicals hold their nose and vote for trump. John’s right, we’re getting to the point where neither side is willing to punish hypocrisy for their guys.

            1. Pretty much that Skippy. It is hysterical to watch the lefties on here deny that is the case.

          3. At some point Republicans are going to get tired of enforcing rules on their candidates that are never enforced on Democrats

            *stares off into space*

            1. We’re about Principles MJ. And if some people aren’t held to a moral standard, then the only moral thing is we won’t either.

    1. It always seems to come down to principals over principles, doesn’t it?

      This piece is a month old, but it is appropriate for the conversation:


      Then there’s Clinton’s friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whose plane ? disturbingly nicknamed the “Lolita Express” ? was used by Clinton on numerous occasions, including more than a dozen times when a woman whom prosecutors believe to have been tasked with wrangling underage girls for Epstein, was on the plane. Perhaps it’s just coincidence. But would we say the same if we found out it had been Harvey Weinstein’s name on those flight logs instead of Clinton’s?

      excerpt #2:

      Deafening Silence

      And yet, despite becoming a major flashpoint in last year’s campaign (and despite the emergence of a never-before-heard accuser coming forward), the allegations around Clinton have again faded into virtual nonexistence. In fact, many of the media commentators who, quite rightly, have spent the last few days tweeting and writing about Harvey Weinstein to condemn him ? and have denounced Trump for the same kind of behavior ? have either ignored the accusations about Clinton, or outright dismissed them.

      1. There is the famous Alynsky maxim that says “make the other side live by its own rules”. What people forget is that there is a limit to how long that will work. Do that enough while totally ignoring the rules yourself and the other side will just stop caring about its rules. So the end result isn’t your side taking over and imposing its rules on things. It is there being no rules. And we are pretty close to the point of having no rules or standards in politics anymore.

        1. I find the behavior of the apologists in print to be, almost, as repugnant as the actions of the alleged perpetrators.
          Window into the soul, and all that.

        2. Do that enough while totally ignoring the rules yourself and the other side will just stop caring about its rules.

          And what you’ve perhaps forgotten is that this is one of the goals for those types. When that happens, they win.

    2. if he were a Democrat this story would have never been reported and would have made no difference even if it had.

      Like how it wasn’t reported about Anthony Weiner? Bob Filner? Ed Murray? Bill Clinton?

      1. Weiner was arrested. Otherwise, no one would care. And Bill Clinton was elected President twice. Thanks for helping me out there Jeff.

        1. But you’re moving the goalposts. All of these Democrats’ scandalous behavior was reported upon by the supposedly hated media. People of course responded to them all differently, but they were nevertheless reported on. Right?

          1. And no Democrat cared. And they were only reported on because it became impossible to ignore. There is no standard of behavior for Democrats. You therefore cannot be surprised when Republicans adopt the same behavior.

  25. “Russia Twitter trolls deflected Trump bad news”
    “SAN FRANCISCO ? Disguised Russian agents on Twitter rushed to deflect scandalous news about Donald Trump just before last year’s presidential election while straining to refocus criticism on the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to an Associated Press analysis of since-deleted accounts.
    Tweets by Russia-backed accounts such as “America?1st?” and “BatonRougeVoice” on Oct. 7, 2016, actively pivoted away from news of an audio recording in which Trump made crude comments about groping women, and instead touted damaging emails hacked from Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.”…..345709.php

    Imagine focusing on the content of actual emails instead of some crude comments!!
    Didn’t AP break the ‘wrist-watch band too tight!’ scandal? And not one of the Russki sites picked it up!

    1. The party is never wrong. If people reject the party, it is because they have been fooled into a false consciousness by some malevolent power. Whether it is Fox News, the dreaded Kochs or now the evil Ruskies, there is always a wrecker or a sabateur at work foiling the unstoppable march towards progress.

      It is always the same thing with these assholes.

  26. There might be hope: University of Oregon President Likens Student Protesters to Fascists

    That’s because they are.

    I have nothing against protest. It is a time-honored form of communicating dissent. Often, the concerns students express very much deserve to be addressed. But the tactic of silencing, which has been deployed repeatedly at universities around the country, only hurts these activists’ cause. Rather than helping people who feel they have little power or voice, students who squelch speech alienate those who are most likely to be sympathetic to their message.

    It is also ironic that they would associate fascism with the university during a protest in which they limit discourse. One of the students who stormed the stage during my talk told the news media to “expect resistance to anyone who opposes us.” That is awfully close to the language and practices of those the students say they vehemently oppose.

    1. At some point these idiots are going to commit a crime away from a college campus and run into real police and real courts. When that happens a lot of them are going to end up in prison and with criminal convictions that will pretty much ruin their lives. These colleges are not doing this idiots any favors. They are just instilling in them the belief that as long as they are on the right side there are no consequences to their actions. The various states and localities outside of college towns and the federal government are a little more hard nosed about such things.

  27. Cenk Uygur is still a vile person

    There’s another problem that arises from your line of thought, which is first of all, factually I think you’re incorrect. You talk about Islam needs reformation and it’s a standard talking point that I hear, and “Oh, it’s five hundred years behind.” Well, no, Islam was, in many respects, in earlier empires, ahead of Europe, so it’s not a simple matter of a timeline. And people make it seem like Christianity is hunky dory and wonderful reformation. Holocaust was what, 70 years ago? It seems like Christianity was monstrous just 70 years ago, way worse than Islam has ever been, than any religion has ever been.

    If you took your point of view, in 1942, you would say, “The Christians are the worst; the Christianists are the ones destroying the world. We must reform Christianity, which is so barbaric that it has just killed 13 million people. These Christians are the problem.”

    Right, Cenk. Nazi’s killed in the name of Christianity. Muslims have absolutely no history of invading and conquering parts of Europe prompting responses such as the crusades. It’s Christians that get stabby, shooty, explodey, and crashy to kill Muslims in the name of Christianity. It’s definitely not the other way around. Your intellectual honesty and wisdom have no bounds. You are a god among men.

    1. He is just stupid. He also no doubt things the Armenians are lying and had it coming anyway.

      1. Yea. He like to play the sins-of-the-father game. If he was smart, he wouldn’t.

    2. Nazism was tied explicitly to Christianity, but even if you deny that you surely have to include the religious wars of Europe following the Reformation as being somewhat related to Christianity, and the death toll for that is in the tens of millions.

      What a stupid pissing match anyway.

      1. Nazism was based on old Germanic paganism. It rejected Christianity. There are thousands of priests and ministers who were murdered by the Nazis. Tony you are the most offensively stupid and ignorant person on earth. You are just pig ignorant. You are no better than the half wits who claim the earth is 6000 years old you think are so inferior to you. You operate below the intellectual level of the dumbest toothless hillbilly. You really do. It is insulting that people as stupid and ignorant as you exist.

        1. Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.

          Which Lord do you suppose Hitler is referring to. A pagan one?

          I say: my Christian feeling tells me that my lord and savior is a warrior. It calls my attention to the man who, lonely and surrounded by only a few supporters, recognized what they [the Jews] were, and called for a battle against them, and who, by God, was not the greatest sufferer, but the greatest warrior.

          Perhaps you feel that Adolph Hitler was a mere minor figure in Nazism?

          1. Why are you bitching about Hitler when children are dead?!?!?!??!?!

            You monster!

          2. Hitler also has a repertoire of anti-Christian quotes you could mine; in addition, his inner circle included atheists like Bormann and neopagans loke Himmler.

            Trying to characterize Naziism as a Christian movement is dumber than characterizing Bill Clinton as a socialist. You and Cenk are thorough going morons.

            1. You know I started off by saying you can exclude Nazism (and its explicit ties to Christianity) and Christianity still has a lot of blood on its hands.

      2. Nazi’s killed in the name of Germany. Any other arguments they might have used were in service to the idea that German’s were ethnically superior to everyone else.

    3. Arguably, Islam is going through its reformation right now, and Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab is its Luther. Five centuries after the fact, there’s a real tendency to think of the Protestant Reformation as this unalloyed good – it did unleash a cultural and intellectual ferment that led via the Enlightenment to this amazing world we live in now – but its immediate result was hundreds of years of war and horror across Europe. And the leaders of early Protestantism were brutal dudes who wouldn’t be discomfited at all by an ISIS snuff film or twelve.

  28. Palin’s Buttplug|11.10.17 @ 9:53AM|#

    You’re an idiot. Weiner is doing 20 months, you stupid fuck. For sexting a minor.

    He is a Democrat if you forgot.

    There was also evidence. An allegation is an allegation, no matter who it is directed against.

  29. Hey look everyone John is defending a pedophile because he has an (R) after his name.

    Get that? John defending a pedophile–not in general, but defending his pedophilia and abuse of a minor.

    Just wanted to make sure everyone saw that.

    1. Hey look Tony is a mendacious moron who thinks someone describing what Moore’s supporters will do is making some kind of a judgement on that. And everyone knows that if Moore were a gay Democrat caught on tape raping 12 year old boys, you would be saying it was okay. All I am doing is pointing out that your complete cravenness and lack of standards is starting to wear off on the otherside.

    2. Why are you talking about pedophiles when children are dead?!?!?!?!

      You monster!

  30. You can just say sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl is wrong without making it a partisan thing.

    Oh silly me, of course you can’t!

    1. I wouldn’t want to victim blame someone who suffered a horrible assault.

      Say, what’s Rand Paul been up to?

      1. Whenever a lefty commits an act of violence, it just means ‘Revolution is not a dinner party!’

      2. I was joking, John isn’t, because he is incapable of doing so.

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