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The Alabama GOP's Awful Responses to the Roy Moore Sexual Assault Allegations Are Dead-End Partisanship At Its Worst

Jeff Flake wonders: Is this what the Republican Party has become?


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For an infuriating example of the depths to which simple-minded partisan dead-enders will sink in the course of defending their political tribe, look no further than what Jerry Pow, the chairman of the Republican party in Alabama's Bibb County, said when asked about yesterday's Washington Post report detailing allegations that GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 and serving as a district attorney.

"I would vote for Judge Moore because I wouldn't want to vote for Doug," Pow told Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, referring to Moore's Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. "I'm not saying I support what he did."

To be clear: Pow is not denying the charges, as Moore has, or saying that he wants to wait for more facts to come in. Instead, Pow is conceding that even if he were certain the allegations were true he would vote for Moore anyway, simply because he would not want to vote for a Democrat.

Pow is not an outlier. Amongst Alabama Republicans, Moore can do no wrong. "There is nothing to see here," Alabama State Auditor and Moore-supporter Jim Ziegler told the Washington Examiner. "The allegations are that a man in his early 30s dated teenage girls."

In the interests of clarifying what, exactly, the allegations are, it's worth quoting the Post story, which opens with a description of Moore in 1979 chatting up a 14-year-old girl at a courthouse while her mother attended at a custody hearing inside. The woman alleges that Moore initiated sexual contact in follow-up encounters:

Days later, she says, he picked her up around the corner from her house in Gadsden, drove her about 30 minutes to his home in the woods, told her how pretty she was and kissed her. On a second visit, she says, he took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear.

Again, Moore was 32 at the time, and serving in the district attorney's office. It is utterly impossible to imagine an Alabama Republican party official declaring there is nothing to see about an allegation like this if it were directed at a Democrat.

What many of the reactions to the Post story make abundantly clear is that all that really matters to Moore's supporters is that he is a fellow Republican. Dale, the Star reported, collected quotes from GOP leaders in the state yesterday and found a widespread willingness to continue supporting Moore simply because of his party affiliation.

One dismissed the entire story as a "Democratic—Democrat—ploy to discredit" Moore. The woman who made the allegation was a Trump supporter. She did not push the story herself, but gave her account only after the Post, in the course of reporting on Moore, convinced her to go on the record. The Post corroborated several details of her story, and backed its own report with more than 30 interviews with individuals who knew Moore during the time when the events are alleged to have occurred.

Covington County GOP Chairman William Blocker delivered an enthusiastic "Yeah!" when asked whether he'd vote for Moore even if there were material proof of sexual abuse. "There is NO option to support to support Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee." Blocker told Dale. "When you do that, you are supporting the entire Democrat party."

Blocker, in other words, has a line that he will not cross. That line is supporting the Democrat Party.

Apparently it has never crossed the mind of either Blocker or Pow that it is possible to vote for someone other than a Republican or a Democrat, to vote for a third party, to write in a candidate, or even, heaven forbid, to abstain from voting at all. But the partisan mind can conceive only of binary outcomes, zero-sum contests, wins and losses for the team. It cannot imagine any other goals or values.

Senate Republicans have taken a tougher line on Moore following the Post story.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who supported Moore's primary opponent, incumbent Luther Strange, said that Moore should step aside if the allegations are true, a sentiment echoed widely amongst upper chamber Republicans, including Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) offered no qualifications, saying that the allegations themselves were not only "disturbing" but "disqualifying" and that Moore should immediately step aside. The national GOP is cutting off ties with Moore.

There is a certain amount of self-dealing hedging in the McConnell-style if-trueism that leaves room for Republicans to shrug off the story down the road should Moore stay in the race and win. But it has the virtue, at least, of showing what they will not tolerate in a potential Republican senator.

Because even before yesterday's Post story came out, there were plenty of reasons to completely dissociate from Moore, a bully, a blowhard, and a lifelong opponent of immigration and civil rights.

In 2005 he argued that "homosexual conduct should be illegal," and last year he declared the Supreme Court's decision legalizing gay marriage worse than an 1850s ruling upholding slavery. He's dodged questions about executing individuals for homosexual conduct. He ran on as an anti-immigration hardliner but didn't even know what DACA, an immigration program started under President Obama, was. On two separate occasions, he's been pushed out of the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to comply with legal directives. Moore, who first lost his Supreme Court for refusing to remove a display of the 10 Commandments from his courtroom, has argued repeatedly that Rep. Keith Ellison should not be allowed to serve in Congress because he is a Muslim.

After Moore won the primary to become the GOP nominee last month, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the number two Republican in the Senate, was asked about Moore's stances on Ellison and making homosexual conduct illegal. Cornyn said he supported Moore anyway. "I don't have to agree with somebody to support them over the Democratic nominee. I support the nominee of my party." Notice that Cornyn does not even pretend to be working in service of a policy agenda here. His goals are strictly partisan.

One of the few Republicans who seems genuinely disturbed by all of this is Jeff Flake, who tweeted Pow's comments and wondered, "Come on Republicans. Is this who we are? This cannot be who we are." Flake stood out amongst Senate Republicans for his early opposition to Moore, and he recently announced his retirement from the Senate with a blistering speech that blasted his party's belligerent nativism under President Trump and its unwillingness to speak out firmly against boorish behavior. With this tweet, as with many of his other recent statements, you get the sense that he is not really asking the question but wrestling with the ongoing realization that yes, in fact, this is, in fact, what the Republican Party is.

But it is also, at some level, what political parties are. They exist for the purpose of self-enhancement and self-preservation, to make beneficial policy compromises impossible, and to make it possible for large groups of people to excuse and accommodate the behavior of people like Roy Moore. And although it is not equivalent, you can see a similar tendency right now on the other side too, with Democratic senators leaving open the possibility that they will continue to stand by Sen. Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, who is now on trial for bribery and corruption, even if he is convicted. The instinctive willingness to shrug off awful behavior in order to protect the party is a bipartisan phenomenon.

What far too many of the GOP defenses of Moore, both before and after the new allegations, demonstrate is that the endgame of reflexive partisan loyalty is turning a blind eye to bad behavior and bad policy in the service of consolidating political power for its own sake. Partisanship, at its worst, becomes an excuse for almost anything, no matter how awful, for the sole reason that well, you wouldn't want to vote for the other guy.

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  1. There needs to be a video or some sketchy audio to nail these football players politicians.

    1. Anyone else here who totally wouldn’t be surprised by Suderman pulling a Rene Boucher?

      1. McSuderman would break his own ribs if he tried that.

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  2. Can’t say I’m too crushed if he steps down.

    1. He’s not stepping down.

      1. Can’t say I’m too surprised there. He will probably win too.

        That being said, my core issue with him is still his politics.

      2. Nor SHOULD he…unless there is some actual PROOF that he’d done any of this stuff. I suggest that we check each of these women’s bank accounts to see if there are any recent WaPo checks recently deposited.

  3. The thing you have to remember is: It’s hopeless. It’s all hopeless.

    1. God damn Dennis Hopeless. First Avengers Arena and now this!

    2. We are truly fucked.

      1. Well and truly.

        Back in the day, it seemed like there was a Democratic Party that was “tax and spend” and a Republican one that advocated fiscal conservatism (even if they didn’t often practice what they preached).

        Now, there’s a Not Republican Party that’s still “tax and spend” and a Not Democratic Party that’s “tax less and spend.” Less and less pretense of any real difference on policy.

        And a large and growing block of voters who vote against the party has the most power at the moment, hoping one of the two eventually gets a clue. And neither one ever does.

        1. Also print money and spend.

  4. For God’s sake! Anyone can accuse anyone of anything! This is politics and fur will fly. Smears will be attempted. It’s not like the Washington Post doesn’t have an agenda.

    1. It could be false, so it must be false.

      1. It could be true, so it must be true.

        See how that works.

        It is why we have a justice system.

        1. One could choose to read the story critically and evaluate the credibility of the accusations, and then come to a personal conclusion.

          1. Tribalism > critical thinking, bro.

          2. One could, but then they would be operating on feelings, not fact. There are no facts in this case. Personally I give it 50/50 either way.

            1. And that is mostly because he is a politician.

              1. ^Lacks self-awareness, and sense of humor. Tony?

            2. Sure there are facts. Some people said things, and others corroborated it. Those are facts, you can decide whether their word is trustworthy, or whether you consider it meaningful enough to turn away from Moore, but those are still facts.

              Unless you want to argue that what witness’ say are not admissible as facts. In which case, make sure you don’t trust anything anyone says, don’t trust your own eyes (You’re as human and as fallible as anyone) and only trust things that can be derived from first principles.

              1. I’m not voting for Moore, either way, as I don’t live in AL.

                And no, I do not take the memory of events of 40 years ago as fact. Sure, it is a fact that someone said something, but please don’t be disingenuous.

                I’m not saying it isn’t plausible, but it is equally, if not more, plausible that this is a coordinated smear campaign. If you want to make accusations like this, and have them taken as truth, you need much more evidence than what is here.

                1. And I’m not being disingenuous. I’m just saying there are facts here and correcting you on that. What you derive from those facts is different, but you made a slur that it was all emotion here, when instead it is someone deriving a different conclusion from the facts at hand.

                  1. I made the point that making a conclusion is not possible because there are no facts besides, as you point out, what people said. Which are not facts, just that they said something is a fact.

                    The only “facts” in this case are so obvious they shouldn’t be counted in a rational case against Moore: Roy Moore exists, his accusers exist, he lived in certain areas, they lived in certain areas,they accused him of something, he denied it. It certainly warrants investigation, but skipping that and going straight to guilt is emotional, not logical.

          3. A personal conclusion proves nothing.

        2. There will be no justice here. There are no charges filed in court. There are 40 year old un-provable accusations in the media. There is mob mentality. There is guilty in the court of public opinion. I have no idea if Moore is guilty or not, but why wait 40 years to say something? Ulterior motives?

    2. But it doesn’t matter if the allegations are true or not, you’d still vote for him anyway. Amirite?

      1. I think that’s what we learned in high school civics.

      2. Works in new jersey.

  5. For an infuriating example of the depths to which simple-minded partisan dead-enders will sink in the course of defending their political tribe, look no further than what Jerry Pow, the chairman of the Republican party in Alabama’s Bibb County

    Bibb County has 22,000 residents. This article is clickbait at its worst.

    Instead, Pow is conceding that even if he were certain the allegations were true he would vote for Moore anyway, simply because he would not want to vote for a Democrat.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you’re still butthurt about Hillary.

    One of the few Republicans who seems genuinely disturbed by all of this is Jeff Flake

    Jeff is Flake is genuinely concerned disturbed by everything these days.

    1. The shorter list is people without anal pain these days, imo.

      Who do ya reckon the happiest people on earth are?

      1. Libertarian voters. We repeal antique communist and fascist legislation and write the platforms that will win tomorrow’s elections. Our stock is up about 400%, allowing for the way looters count votes.

    2. This has all the earmarks of yet another baseless Democrat political sex smear. As an exercise, I started counting these back in 1980 when they tried this same stuff against Reagan, and hit 100 during the 1992 election cycle. For those with less memory, This has been pulled on every Republican nominee since Reagan, and more than a few just running for the nomination (Caine). So far, not one has turned out to have any merit. Democrats are never prosecuted for blatant crimes, despite witnesses, pay outs, etc.

      Fool me once, shame on you
      Fool me twice, shame on me.

    3. It really isn’t outrageous or surprising that the head of the county GOP is sticking up for the GOP in the county, is it.

      I think it’s also true that a lot of Republicans are weary of the politics of personal destruction–as Wild Bill used to call it.

      Signaling has become so important to progressives, it’s really all they’re about anymore. It’s become like the story of the boy who cried wolf. We’ve seen Christians demonized for being against gay marriage, the middle class demonized for denialism (in the face of forced sacrifice for AGW), free speech advocates demonized as racists for defending free speech, blue collar workers demonized for thinking illegal aliens should be deported, etc., etc.

      Haven’t they ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf?

      If the villagers have stopped coming running every time the press cries wolf, again, that isn’t necessarily the villagers’ fault.

      Oh, but the wolf is REAL THIS TIME!!!

      Yeah, that’s how the story goes. What’s the moral of the story?

      It isn’t that the villagers are stupid neanderthals who don’t give a shit about whether their candidates chase after underage girls.

      1. I think it’s also true that a lot of Republicans are weary of the politics of personal destruction

        HAHAHAHA. Yeah that must be why they voted for Trump.

        1. Good point, I think it is more accurate to say Republicans are sick of getting smeared and their leaders rolling over and taking it.

        2. Thanks for exposing yourself as an ignorant fool.

      2. And the wolf eats the damned brat, and the story ends. If only.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty is such an outdated system.

    They should just take Moore out and shoot him on suspicion.

    Correct, or incorrect?

    Criminal charges are being filed, correct or incorrect?

    I was hoping this article might shed some light on the case, but as it turns out it’s just another breathless ‘we wish he would have done it because we already hated him’ article. Oh well. Guess I need to go somewhere else for actual news instead of pearl clutching.

    1. Come on now. With a fire breathing creep such as Moore, the only thing that surprises me is that it was a 14 year old girl, and not a 4 year old boy.

      1. So no, not innocent until proven guilty.

        1. Sometimes you just gotta follow your spidey sense Skippy.

          1. So time to buy mattresses?

          2. Yes I’m sure those members of the Duke Lacrosse team would agree.

            1. Good thing I’m just some guy spouting off his opinion and not a member of the jury.
              Note the difference?

              1. Well if you’re professing that this is all a matter of principle, then no.

                1. Gut feeling != Principles.

                  There. Codified it for you.

                  1. But you just know you’re right. One might even call that “feelings.” But we all know that libertarians never go with emotions.

                    1. If we all agree that everything’s feelings and not “facts,” will you move on to some other deflection?

                    2. Someone’s triggered.

                    3. If we all agree that everything’s feelings and not “facts,” will you move on to some other deflection?

                      No, but I might actually respect you a little if you did admit it. Humility is a difficult thing, I think we could all agree there.

                      Tell you what, I’ll go first.

                      I think Weinstein is a guilty dirt bag based on basically nothing but anecdotal evidence because I suspect that Hollywood is a hive of this stuff, and has been for decades.

                      Does that make you feel better, now that I’ve pointed out the plank in my own eye?

                    4. Frankly the whole weinstein thing has me a bit queasy that the witch hunts have begun. We all know that humans never overreact in crises like these.

                    5. The only difference between the two, as far as I’m concerned, is that it doesn’t really matter if Weinstein is guilty or innocent he’s just some fucking guy. Rich and semi-famous, perhaps, but still just some guy.

                      It makes a difference if a public elected official is guilty or not, as they have very real power that they wield. So I’m a lot faster to jump to an opinion when it comes to people who don’t matter versus people who do.

                      That isn’t an excuse for the apparent hypocrisy, it’s just the reason I differentiate; rightly or wrongly.

                      If all people like MJ are saying is that they think he’s guilty because of this or that, fine. That’s your right to an opinion. But I’d like to see evidence before demanding action from a public official, because that way madness lies.

                  2. thats not even remotely code…

        2. Is Eric a judge or on a jury?

          If not, he can come to whatever conclusions he wants.

          1. He can, but one of my points was that people who make such conclusions are idiots because they are making judgments without facts.

            Also, I would point out we are all idiots sometimes so don’t take it too personally.

            1. What’s a “fact” to you?

              And given the circumstances of these sorts of cases, is the only option for an intelligent person not to hold an opinion at all? Because there’s not going to be video or audio evidence of Moore undressing the girl in 1979, so I guess we’re stuck throwing our hands in the air and dismissing the allegations altogether.

              1. Yes, those are the only two options we will ever have. Well three if you count thermonuclear war.

                1. You’re free to answer the question as well, Skippy, as you parade around your fondness for facts.

                  1. I prefer to wait at least a week for information to settle out on any big accusation. But feelings and posturing are fun too!

                    I do have a special fondness for the whole anti-tribe tribe (which is totally not a tribe).

              2. Because there’s not going to be video or audio evidence of Moore undressing the girl in 1979, so I guess we’re stuck throwing our hands in the air and dismissing the allegations altogether.

                You are absolutely correct. The solution is to throw your hands up in the air and dismiss the allegations altogether. Why, you might ask? Because anyone can make allegations for anything. If I accuse Moore of communicating with extra terrestrial life, and two more people come out and support me, does that mean he’s talking with aliens?

                Would I recommend forgetting about allegations? No. Because they could inform the future, and one commonality between predators is they never stop. But mindlessly accepting such allegations without proof does mean you’re kind of an idiot.

                1. So, what’s a fact to you? What’s proof? What would qualify as mindfully accepting these allegations?

                  Did you read the WaPo story?

                  1. I’ll counter your question with a question:

                    What is an ‘allegation’ to you?

                    Or how about this, MJ. You fuck cats. There, I said it.

                    Does that make it true?

                    1. I once saw MJ petting a cat, and I can’t be sure, but he might have had an erection. My neighbor said he used to do weird things like walk it down the street and dress it up like a tiny backwards elephant.

                    2. Oh, dear, since two people said it it’s definitely true guys!


          2. And where did I claim that he couldn’t? Just like feinstein can come to a conclusion that we need to ban assault weapons.

            1. As relevant as a Family Guy cutaway gag.

              1. Mirrors suck.

          3. He can, but that doesn’t make it a good idea, since there’s no concrete evidence one way or the other. Anyone’s reputation can be destroyed by accusations, so I prefer to err on the side of ‘not guilty’ out of principle.

      2. I sincerely hope that this was your attempt at a reinforcing joke, because if it’s not way to demonstrate the point.

        Poe’s Law isn’t Poe’s Suggestion, after all.

        I’d just like a trial to be involved when this shit comes up. These types of accusations are, quite honestly, making people not believe women when it comes to allegations. That will come back around to bite our society in the ass, and it will be sooner rather than later. If it hasn’t happened already.

        1. Sorry. I was mostly just offering my opinion as juxtaposition to your request for fact.

          1. So, yes, a reinforcing joke. Thanks!

            1. Eh…Sure. You’re welcome.

      3. Another ad hominem from an ignorant fool.

    2. What’s title ix? And of course voting for the other tribe which has policies you do not agree with at all shows that you’re not tribal and only care about the policies.

      1. Or… and I’m just spitballing here… you could not vote? And maybe say that it’s not cool for law enforcement officers to coerce people into having sex with them?

        1. Ah, the purity test. It comes out when convenient and is quickly replaced with pragmatism when not. Lotsa libertarians life in houses with lotsa windows. They get to preach when they practice.

          1. Yes, not voting for rapists is imposing a purity test. *rolls eyes*

            1. Wow, a summary conclusion without due process. Now about those principles again…

              1. Um, due process only applies to legal proceedings.

                1. Waiting for evidence is so old fashioned. Tell me again why it’s wrong to jump to conclusions after every shooting again. It’s not like it’s a legal proceeding or anything.

                  1. Tell me again why it’s wrong to jump to conclusions after every shooting again.

                    Because the reporting hasn’t been done yet.

                2. but libeling him by calling him a rapist if not true applies to legal proceedings

                3. So accusations don’t need to be backed up with facts?

              2. You people are morons.

                Shit, sorry. I mean:

                So sophisticated.

                1. Must be more of that critical thinking.

    3. That’s some impressive dodging there.

      Reason: “Maybe don’t support a prosecutor who coerces minors into sex?”


    4. Is anyone actually alleging a crime? I think everyone is alleging creepiness and hypocrisy, against a Bible thumping unapologetic theocrat – which alone should remove him from consideration as any kind of libertarian/libertarian-lite/friend of libertarians – who apparently is the Woody Allen of Alabama politics. But he’s got the Team Red logo seal of approval, and that’s good enough for most “libertarians”.

      Which is kinda the point.

      It’s awesome how the goalposts are now migrating upstream. I eager await the convicted felon Team Red/Team Blue member that’s defended with “But was he convicted of a capital offense?”

      1. Saying creepiness and hypocrisy is assuming the truth of the thing you are trying to prove as part of your rationale for coming up with your conclusion. I live in North Alabama. I can’t stand the Bible thumping lunatic but 40 year old accusations, no criminal complaints filed, the timing etc. cast serious doubt on the motives and the validity of the claims.

    5. Innocent until proven guilty is such an outdated system
      That’s a standard for a legal system that is considering imprisoning, fining, and executing people.

      It’s not a standard for folks that are considering how to vote and who to stand by.

      1. So you think anyone can make false accusations to get their person elected or not elected?

        Your view of honesty and integrity is non existent.

  7. It’s almost as if politics and principles don’t mix.

  8. I approach politics from the standpoint that all politicians are pretty much scumbags. So in the end it’s how they’ll vote that really matters. So maybe naked partisanship is sometimes just cold cynical logic.

  9. Bill Clinton says a prayer of thanks every night over his timing.

  10. Much more reasonable to say he just wouldn’t vote at all.

    I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat either.

    The Democratic Party is about the specific interests of BLM, LGBTQI+, feminists, illegal aliens, radical environmentalists, and government employee unions–all of which, as organized within the Democratic Party, are fundamentally opposed to individual rights.

    If you’re not about using the coercive power of government to violate the rights of everyone outside of those groups, for those groups’ benefit, then why would you vote for a Democrat?

    I wouldn’t vote for someone who was known to have pursued underage girls (not that the media is a reliable narrator), but I’d stay at home and not vote at all rather than vote for a Democrat, all of whom, at the federal level, are about using the coercive power of the federal government to force individuals to make sacrifices for what they see as the “common good”.

    I’d break for a libertarian, but vote for a Democrat?

    Fuck that noise.

    Rand Paul having voted with Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren against the ObamaCare replacement bill wouldn’t inspire much confidence in Libertarian Party candidates either.

    These days, if you care about capitalism and individual rights, your best bet may be to do your patriotic duty and vote for none of the above.

    1. Agreed (Not on voting for a Republican – Fuck that shit). But, when I hear a hardcore conservative, or liberal talk about voting for a person from the opposite party all I can think of is that they have no idea how Congress and procedural votes work. By voting for a Democrat, you’d also be voting for Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. Good God!

      1. And what we don’t want is for the party that thinks Donald Trump is a credible president to be out of power.

        1. So you’re saying the #NeverTrump Republicans are good stand-up guys that you would vote for?

          1. I will never vote for any Republican.

            1. Ever? Careful what you say. Seems like the parties may be realigning.

              1. I think Tony is admitting that, were the roles reversed, he’d vote for the kid-diddling Dem, because: Dem.

              2. Okay, wake me when the Republican party is not the only political party on planet earth that denies climate change.

                1. Jesus, he just comes out and agrees.

                  1. If a kid fucker is the only person who stood between the extinction of the human species and its survival, now that is an interesting philosophy 101 question. Not that interesting, I guess, since obviously you’d have to forgive the kid fucking for the greater good.

                    But you might note that the point I’ve been making is that, unlike the current circumstance, Democrats don’t get accused of fucking kids and then get people to fall over themselves defending them on the basis of partisan advantage.

                    Or maybe they do. Who cares. This story is about Republican pedophile theocrat Roy Moore, not any Democrats.

                    1. “Or maybe they do. Who cares. This story is about Republican pedophile theocrat Roy Moore, not any Democrats.”

                      I love that.

                    2. This particular story (Peter’s, that is) is about partisans of any stripe sticking by their man.

        2. Haven’t been here for a while, so I had forgotten what a moron Tony is. All it took to remind me was one post.

      2. all I can think of is that they have no idea how Congress and procedural votes work.

        But Suderman understands that. So what’s his excuse?

        1. Maybe he’s in the acceptance phase: “There is really no discernible difference between Republican or Democrat. Thus vote for who you like.”

        2. I’m not sure Suderman understands much of anything. His articles have been incoherent, intellectually dishonest, raving, raging, drivel since DJT came around. He only speaks of libertarian ideals in ways that could benefit the Democratic Party, or make the Republican Party look bad. Turning into Chapman.

          1. NOT ANOTHER F—ING CHAPMAN!!!!!

            What is the world coming to? Someone needs to be castrated.

  11. “I don’t have to agree with somebody to support them over the Democratic nominee. I support the nominee of my party.” Notice that Cornyn does not even pretend to be working in service of a policy agenda here. His goals are strictly partisan.

    Are you autistic?

  12. Schadenfreude, schadenfreude,
    Each news cycle you greet me!
    Small and white,
    Unclean shite
    Moore looks broken completely!

    1. I seriously doubt Moore voters give a f*ck.

  13. But Gorsuch!

    I wonder when you Republican bootlickers will ever get around to figuring out that the extent of corruption, child rape, and various other forms of evil in your party is not something merely to be excused so you get your precious judgeships and tax cuts, but evidence for why the party itself and its ideas are to be rejected.

    Let me anticipate the response: But [insert Democrat]!

    Yeah this is a guy whose career is based on sweeping proclamations and actions in the real world that condemn people like me as hellbound immoral because of how we were born.

    “It’s just a little child diddling, what really matters is the letter after his name!” Self-reflection: try it sometime.

    1. “Self-reflection: try it sometime.”
      Hey! Nice to see Tony is still as self-aware as ever.

      1. I’m a Democrat, in part, because Democrats don’t say things like “Eh, what’s a little child rape? He’ll vote for environmental regulations!”

        1. Yeah, Democrats just shrug off things like assassination of American citizens (Obama), engaging in and defending prosecutorial misconduct (Kamala Harris), and being one of the architects of the modern carceral state (Biden).

          1. Don’t forget driving drunk, drowning a woman and not reporting it to the cops until the next day.

            1. Ya know Grover Cleveland once killed a man by strangling him with his legs, but the Dems just shrug that one off, too.

        2. Pure as the driven snow

          1. Note that I didn’t say no Democrats are pedophiles. But when they get caught, the state party tends not to have their backs.

            1. Hmm, their voters do.

              1. Wow, you had to really scrape for that one local politician. WND too. Hope you showered after.

                I guess Roy Moore, future US Senator, is absolved!

                1. Why wait for the future when the present will do.

                  1. Thank God, now Roy Moore is OK to go.

                    1. “My team doesn’t do that and we don’t compromise. Well, we MAY compromise but that’s just ‘cuz the other guy is hitler.”

                2. Democrats elected such a man to become President of the United States and voted not to impeach or convict him for it. Of course, in that case it was not pedophilia it was merely pressuring 20 year olds to suck off a married 40 year old in the Oval Office, and elsewhere.


                  1. The whataboutism is reaching ludicrous speed here.

                    1. Tony, you don’t understand whataboutism.

                      You made a claim which was childs play to debunk as blatantly false. That is not a whataboutism, it is negating a specific claim you made.

                  2. Well that and being accused of sexual assault before he was elected. Gee, that kinda sounds familiar…

            2. Like Jerry Studs?

        3. I’m a Democrat, in part, because Democrats don’t say things like “Eh, what’s a little child rape? He’ll vote for environmental regulations!”

          You’re joking right?

          1. Narrator’s voice: “Tony was not joking.”

        4. “I’m a Democrat, in part, because…..”

          …. you’re a communist and the Democratic party is essentially the Communist party of America.

          1. Narrator’s voice: “Gilbert wasn’t joking, either.”

          2. the Democratic party is essentially half of the Fascist party of America

            Fixed that for you….

        5. I’m sure democrats mostly run Hollywood, which is pedophilia central.

        6. Well you dems seem to have conveniently given Robert Menendez a free pass. You know the NJ democratic senator who is on trial for bribery and being investigated by the FBI for sex with underage prostitutes.

        7. Coming from anybody else, I would assume your statement to be sarcastic.

          In you case, I’m pretty certain it is stupidity.

        8. How many republican senators have killed a constituent?

          Democrats do say things like “Well, maybe so, but he is our President, and she is a little slut.”
          Then they vote for the guy’s wife.

    2. “It’s just a little child diddling, what really matters is the letter after his name!” Self-reflection: try it sometime.

      The self-awareness is not strong with this one.

      1. I’m fully aware of my feelings on pedophile theocrats. What about you?

        “The ends don’t justify the means!” used to be such a common refrain here. What happened?

        1. I’ve always believed that Roy Moore was a sack of shit. I just think it’s hilarious how un self-aware you are.

        2. Guess they startwd listening to you. Should make you happy.

        3. I’m fully aware of my feelings on pedophile theocrats.

          Am I the only one who realizes that Tony doesn’t really give a shit about pedophiles? What makes him mad are ‘theocrats’ who would say that pedophilia is wrong.

          Note that I’m not saying Tony is ‘ok’ with pedophilia, merely that his true cause du jure is to be against religion of any and all types except Islam in particular.

          1. This theocrat didn’t say pedophilia is wrong. He is a pedophile who blamed a Washington Post conspiracy.

            1. If he is a pedophile, he’s not much of a theocrat now is he.

              1. First-up, the two aren’t in conflict, however much you may think or want them to be.

                Second-up, while legally there’s no distinction, outside of a legal context there is a big break in sexual interest in pre-pubescent children (pedophilia) and post-pubescent children (ephebophilia). And while current American mores treat ephebophilia as morally contemptible, it’s (historically speaking) been very common throughout human history, especially as relating to young girls.

                To put it simply, there’s a reason that most states had differing ages of consent and marriage for boys and girls, and in most states you can marry off your daughter as young as 12 with a judge’s permission.

                So yeah. Pedophilia and theocracy are compatible. And Moore wouldn’t be a pedophile anyway, he’d be an ephebophial, which is pretty darn accepted in Southern Evangelical communities.

  14. And where is John to continue his defense of pedophilia from earlier today?

    1. John’s still here, too? Well slap my ass and call me Suzie. Why have I stayed away for so long?

        1. Child rearing? Ukulele lessons? Contractual obligations? Climbing the Matterhorn? Cocaine addiction? It was probably a combination of a lot of things.

          1. And we’re glad. At least the rest of us are – I’m not so sure Tony is glad.

      1. “Well slap my ass and call me Suzie.”

        Is this an attempt to entrap me in order to be able to level charges of “sexual assault” against me in a few decades when I might want to run for Senator?

  15. So you mean to tell me that all I need to do is round up a few hundred men and women to throw out a couple of rape accusations, and I can get rid of most of Congress?

    1. This would appear to be the strategy.

    2. Only the Republicans.

    3. Eh…

      As current events demonstrate, there’s a curve to this. The first folks to come forward probably won’t be believed, then there’s a swell where everyone will be believed, but as it goes on, more and more accusers wont’ be believed.

      Add in partisan bias, and it’s probably too late.

      In Moore’s case, he isn’t helped by him apparently having had a reputation for dating (and eventually marrying) teenagers while he was in his thirties, but even then it’s unlikely that it’ll change his election.

  16. I’ve been told my entire life that voting libertarian was wasting my vote and that picking the lesser of two evils was the right thing to do. Don’t tell me to act different now!

    1. They’ve discovered pragmatic voting just in time to elect the pedophile. Impeccable timing as always.

      1. Uhh…so that wasn’t what just happened with Trump?

        Geez, do you just wake up every day with no memory of the past?

        1. Republicans and their cousinfucking supporters have always been sacks of shit, and that includes 80% of “libertarians.”

          1. The guy who’s above partisan politics, ladies and gentlemen.

            1. I am most explicitly not above partisan politics. I’m calling all of you hypocrites because you, at least in the past, claimed to be but all suck the ballsacks of Republicans every chance you get, and for some of you that includes pedophile theocrats.

              1. Please point to where I defended Roy Moore. Feel free to skip over the posts where I called him a rapist and said you shouldn’t vote for rapists.

              2. I actually see libertarians here being harder on Moore than they would pretty much anyone else in a similar situation. Usually if there is an allegation with pretty much no evidence, the comments section just becomes a bunch of inappropriate jokes. You know I’m right.

                1. I actually see libertarians here being harder on Moore than they would pretty much anyone else in a similar situation.

                  I kind of agree. It’s something of a truism that libertarians tend to hate social conservatives, and that can get in the way of rational thinking.

                  1. It’s something of a truism that libertarians tend to hate social conservatives

                    But you lot will still vote for them, because other people’s liberties are acceptable collateral damage.

              3. A 14-yr old girl that has gone through puberty is not a child you meat-head. Fuck me, but Proggies are JUST as fucking stupid as SoCons WRT to Age of Consent nonsense. Moore is a theocratic asswipe (and probably a hypocrite to boot on “Statutory Rape”, but that doesn’t make people like you any less Authoritarian. WTF does it matter if you’re being thrown in the gulag cause some asshole screams “God Wills It!” as opposed to “Think of the CHILDREN!”. You’re still in the fucking gulag.

                1. Ugh, I hate Reason’s web design. Makes me remember the bad old days of message boards from the 1990s. Anyway, my rant was directed at Tony if that wasn’t clear….

          2. So much projection.

    2. People only get offended when you call them out on the hypocrisy of supporting one team, while criticizing the other for the same behavior, because they realize they were enabling this kind of behavior all along. They’re defending themselves because deep down they realize they’re part of the problem.

    3. Libertarian spoiler votes have 6 to 21 times the law-changing clout of votes wasted on the looter kleptocracy. Without getting into improper fractions, surely you can see a 2% LP spoiler vote delivers a clear and unequivocal message to looter politicians who just got kicked out on their asses by 1%. Their loss is our law-changing victory.

    4. Libertarian hostility to changing the two-party system to something else that would empower minority parties is something I’ve noticed over the years. As much as y’all like to complain about the big two, you aren’t really interested in solutions.

  17. “Demcratic candidate Doug] Jones has made no secret of his support for women’s reproductive rights. On Sept. 23, he posted a photo of himself at a Planned Parenthood event.”

    Planned Parenthood doesn’t simply cover up the statutory rape of minors, it kills the innocent children of rapists.

    Example from 2015 – “DENVER | Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains was hit with a complaint Wednesday for performing an abortion on a 13-year-old girl without reporting possible sexual abuse against the underage girl and returning her to the man who abused her….

    1. “According to court documents, the girl, known as R.Z., went to the Denver clinic on May 3, 2012, with her stepfather, Timothy David Smith. Although she wrote her correct birth date on forms, the Planned Parenthood employees did not question her or report suspected sexual abuse, as required by Colorado law.

      “Smith, who was later convicted of felony sexual abuse and sent to prison, identified himself as her father, although the girl referred to him during the visit as “Tim.” Colorado law requires giving parents 48 hours’ written notice before an abortion may be performed on a minor.

      ‘Smith also instructed the Planned Parenthood employees to give her a birth control injection. After the abortion, the girl left unaccompanied and met up with Smith in the parking lot.”

      Calling Roy Moore the lesser evil is an understatement – even if he molested a teenage girl in the early Reagan administration.

      1. More examples

        (and since Moore is Protestant, the inevitable snark is somewhat dulled, especially since in these cases the sex abuse cover-up involves killing unborn children)

        1. Roy Moore should apply for the job of chairman of Planned Parenthood, ASAP.

          1. From my first link, here is the caption of the Doug Jones photo I mentioned:

            “Proud to be with Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels as he accepts a Champion of Women’s Health Award from Planned Parenthood #WePersist”

              1. I presume from your joke that you’re saying it’s no big deal that Jones supports this organization.

                Are the allegations against Moore no big deal, either?

                1. As far as I’m concerned Moore could pull a Charles Sedley and still not be as bad as Jones:

                  “[Sedley] showed his nakedness – and abusing of scripture and as it were from thence preaching a mountebank sermon from the pulpit, saying that there he had to sell such a pouder as should make all the cunts in town run after him, 1000 people standing underneath to see and hear him, and that being done he took a glass of wine and washed his prick in it and then drank it off, and then took another and drank the King’s health.”

                  1. Wow, Eidde. You’re into some kinky stuff. NTTAWWT.

                    1. I’m saying Jones is worse.

      2. CN, can I get a ruling on whether this is a joke?

        1. Yo momma’s a joke.

        2. Not unless you’re bonded.

  18. He seems to be pretty much the perfect fit for alabama. Now we just need to find out that the 14 year old was also his sister and he’s practically a shoo-in!

  19. He should move to Seattle and run for mayor….they seem to embrace amorous trysts with adolescents in their pols’ histories.

  20. Sitting here with some news channel on covering Moore, Louis CK, etc. when my wife (not a Reason reader) launched into a tirade: “This may make me less of a woman but I’m sick to death of this shit. When does this end? Who’s next? Jesus Christ! On the bright side at least they aren’t calling everybody a racist anymore.”. Suderman’s analysis of the politics here is valid. But the media obsession with decades old sexual “misconduct” is frankly bizarre. Ladies: If some guy rapes you, call the cops immediately (if the rapist is a cop, get a lawyer first). If he just pulls out his dick or asks you to watch him take a shower, tell him he’s an asshole and slap him. Real hard. And call the cops if you gotta. But please don’t show up 20 years later and tell me that you’re permanently damaged. I cannot reconcile this narrative that women are helpless victims with no control of their lives with my personal observations. My grandmothers, mother, girlfriends, wife, daughter-in-law and even my granddaughter are powerful forces that you defy at your own peril.
    I’m pretty sure Moore is a total asshole but not as big an asshole as John McCain who’s willing to condemn this guy based on an allegation. I can only hope he get’s brain cancer or something. I wouldn’t vote for either one under any circumstances. Now, can we please talk about asset forfeiture, the WOD, violent corrupt cops, foreign policy, tax reform, Obamacare, monetary policy and all of that other shit that actually matters?

    1. Now, can we please talk about asset forfeiture, the WOD, violent corrupt cops, foreign policy, tax reform, Obamacare, monetary policy and all of that other shit that actually matters?

      Reason is too busy trying to pull members for its Libertarian moment from the Bernie Sanders camp. May I recommend starting a twitter account just to follow FEE, Mises, Cato, Human Progress and other orgs? Love the newsfeed that is my homepage.

      1. Yeah I seem to be wasting time here.

        1. Honestly, I think we all come here to waste time. Consider how many ‘facts’ are actually in this blog post, for one.

    2. “Who’s next? Jesus Christ!”

      Probably. I dareasay that an interest in teenage girls would not have been considered unusual in those days.

      1. Jesus had two daddies, with the one married to his mother apparently being uninterested in his marital duties, and as an adult hung out with a bunch of dudes in robes and a single prostitute.

        I think you might be barking up the wrong tree with this one.

  21. I find it hard to believe that a 32 year old public figure working for the DA would seduce at 14 year old girl at a courtyard, whose mother handling custody business probably not that far away.

    Not only that, the girl agreed to be picked up by Moore. Then they had a tryst at an undisclosed location. In exchange for….. what? He was an irresistible hunk back then? Why didn’t her mom do anything when she eventually found out, if she did at all?

    Wapo apparently confirmed certain details, but what exactly?

    People cheered for Chris Dorner and voted for Leland Yee (though it was a small group). Hyper partisanship is an issue, but until Moore is found guilty, it’s a secondary issue. If he is found guilty then enough republicans won’t vote for him to make a difference.

    1. but until Moore is found guilty

      Until the evidence of any crime is more credible than “this is just a political hit job in the final weeks of a campaign”

    2. Didn’t the MSM confirm the child abuse and satanic worship at the day care centers back in the 90’s?

    3. Wait, what??!
      WaPo confirmed details??
      Cite your sources for that whopper.

  22. “While not equivalent”

    Holy hell. I was reading this piece and thinking ‘okay, how about all the actual crimes committed by Democrats and their hangers-on from Corzine to Podesta to Menendez to Hillary Clinton, but okay, maybe Suderman is just focusing on the GOP because everyone knows the Dems circle the wagons and just expect it from them.’ But no, we’re really supposed to take Moore’s 40 year old creepiness as horrible-terrible-awful and nevermind the donkeys because reasons. This is what you used to read in TNR back when there was some sort of internal consistency (if not integrity per se) in media.

    I don’t know whether it’s worse to say you’d rather vote for your own dirty old man than see the other guy win, or to say (as the Congressional democrats have) you’re going to support your guy even if he’s convicted of a serious crime because FYTW. But it damn well is equivalent.

  23. George Bush supported Arlen Specter right up to the end. I’d vote for a convicted child molester before I’d vote for a shithead that’d support Arlen Specter.

    1. When it comes to legendary scumbaggery Specter has to make anyone’s top 10 list.

  24. Republicans: It can’t be true because she waited so long!

    Democrats: We believe the victim!

    Common sense: Victims often wait to come forward for any number of reasons, so let’s examine these allegations thoroughly and make him answer tough questions before we potentially give him a Senate seat.

    1. The problem is that, barring video evidence of the encounter in question, we can never know who’s telling the truth here. After the election it will be moot and immediately forgotten and that’s really the whole goal here for everyone involved.

    2. If he does win, this will disappear about as fast as all of the Trump accusers did after the election.

  25. As a Republican voter, I was already going to sit out the vote because I couldn’t support Moore for myriad reasons- including ethical issues, policy issues, lack of knowledge and seeing him on local news more frequently, concerns about his neurological health too. I can’t support Doug Wade because of his stand on partial birth abortions. Now I may vote and write in Luther Strange who I originally supported. But I have to say that in many parts of Alabama, there is big support for him. Not so in my city.

    1. You could instead cast a vote for George Wallace and crush them uppity Jezebels. Those spoiler votes are still writing the laws in Alabama.

    2. “lack of knowledge”?

      You’re claiming “lack of knowledge” of Roy Moore and you say you live in Alabama?

      I bet you couldn’t find Alabama on a map with it labeled in shrieking fluorescent orange.

    3. Congratulations: I really can’t tell whether you’re sarcastic, a moron, or a troll.

  26. Wow how did reason get a butt hurt Democrat apologist on its staff, conveniently claiming accusations as facts and any denials or failures to bow and believe as disgusting partisanship…smh? Bet you were one of the Clinton rape apologists, when there was proof of his “crimes”. I’m surprised you’re not quoting the idiot McCain or sellout Romney for 50% of your hit-piece slam-no compliant Republicans article. Did Doug pay you?

    1. Wow how did reason get a butt hurt Democrat apologist on its staf

      New here?

      1. Must Be.

  27. In other words, Alabamans aren’t taking a last minute obvious political stunt lie from a Doug Jones Dem activist as anything but a lie and Suderman and the Alinsky-ite Dims hate that we don’t dump our candidates on accusations any more like good little Republicans are supposed to. Those days for those of us who are awake are over.

      1. But, but….

        Jeff Flake said something…..

  28. From the linked Tweet

    After a long pause, Alabama Bibb County Republican chairman Jerry Pow tells me he’d vote for Roy Moore even if Moore did commit a sex crime against a girl.

    All the string of tweets contain explicit quotes. But in the money shot, it’s a paraphrase. I wonder why that is.


    Much like “Never Talk to the Police”, Never Talk to The Press, particularly if you’re on the Right. The MSM are dishonest propagandists looking to weave a narrative, and if you’re on the Right, the narrative is that You’re the Devil.


    Covington County GOP Chairman William Blocker delivered an enthusiastic “Yeah!” when asked whether he’d vote for Moore even if there were material proof of sexual abuse.

    Remember my comment about paraphrasing? Suderman quotes a “Yeah!”, and provides the *context* for that quote in a paraphrase.

    Everybody see the pattern now?

    From Suderman’s bio

    He is also a pop culture columnist for Vox


    1. All living creatures poop. Therefore, I know Sudeman and Chapman are alive!

  29. One of the few Republicans who seems genuinely disturbed by all of this is Jeff Flake, who tweeted Pow’s comments and wondered, “Come on Republicans. Is this who we are? This cannot be who we are.”

    The moral preening of the Cucked Right never ceases to annoy. Drama queens, where they always cast themselves as the noble hero amidst a wicked world.

    Get over yourselves.

    1. Moral outrage over a guy who uses religion as a political dog whistle while diddling kids? Must be a bunch of progs!

      1. Feel free to wallow in all the moral outrage you like. All I ultimately care about is whether Moore can stay out of prison long enough in order to vote for tax reform and an ACA repeal.

  30. Where are the Dems demanding Menendez’ resignation?

    1. What about, what about, what about….

      If there is an article about Menendez let’s talk about them.

      Yes, there are hypocrites all over the place.

  31. It’s amazing how one can be a controversial public figure for decades and not be accused of any wrong doing until one is in line for a substantial political post. Where where these women over the last thirty years? And why do the accusations skirt the sexual harassment laws by talking about legal, consensual behavior that is some how “inappropriate.” IOW, they are saying he didn’t really do anything wrong, he just shouldn’t have done it.

  32. Democrats now believe in the cost savings of privatization. Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post bring you AmazonCourts.

  33. If true, how is the incident with the 14-year-old likely to affect his legislation? Not at all, as far as I can tell. Statute of limitations is long past. We’re electing a legislator — the most dirty of all dirty groups of people — not contemplating canonization of a saint. It’s a non-issue.

  34. So the guy has been convicted in court of public opinion for allegations that never surfaced in his whole 30 year career. Sorry I am a big no on this one. The charges are a joke with exception of a woman who was underage. Her story doesn’t jibe with the others. He kissed or dated the other girls who were past the age of consent with their mothers permission, then decided to molest a girl? This is a hit job and I find it really a convenient way to destroy the guy, just like with Nikky Haley, Herman Cain and Trump himself. Then reporters run to every Republican they can find to ask if they approve hoping they will step in it. The Establishment Republicans along with Democrats are trying to sink the guy. Sorry I don’t buy it.

    The Democrats say a girl of any age can abort a baby without their mothers permission, no questions asked. Many suspect this type of policy protect older men who flout the age of consent laws. It also brings in the question if these girls can have an abortion without parental permission, then they must be able to give consent for sex. See the problem there.

  35. So what’s the solution – the end of politics?

    I’m in.

  36. This all sounds the hysteria around day care centers and child abuse back in the 90’s. Is this another repressed memory that was only brought out by a psychatrist? People went to jail back then and the evidence dissolved in the imagination of a psycologist’s mind. I don’t what is true. It sounds like only one person says anything more than poetry was done by Moore.

  37. I haven’t read the super detailed account of whatever happened… But from what I have seen at WORST it sounds mildly skeezy, but not criminal. Also by the standards of the day in the south, it wasn’t even that skeezy. It has been normal for men in their 20s and 30s to marry teenage girls throughout ALL of human history, until the last couple decades in the western world, and America even more than anywhere else as Europe is still a lot more realistic about this stuff. In most of the rest of the world his actions would still be totally normal today.

    So, yeah, not a huge deal. 14 and 32 is skeezy, but it’s not the worst thing EVAR either. If it’s even true. I find the fact that this never got brought up in the past when he was already a big wig in politics to be dubious.

    1. Yeah, I find it not particularly shocking that straight males are interested in dating post-pubescent teenage girls and do so if they can get away with it. I doubt his conduct would have been considered illegal by the standards of his time. Note that Alabama allows marriage at age 14.

      1. Pretty much. It’s important to note that while Moore hasn’t confessed to this particular allegation, he has admitted that during that time period he did hit on and date high school girls. With their parents’ permission.

        There’s a reason this hasn’t really hurt his chances much.

  38. As much as I don’t care for Moore, I think the charges are made up.

    1. Both the Dems and Ghawd’s Own Prohibitionists are awarded uncounted millions in subsidies taken from us by the IRS, thanks to Richard Nixon and Congress. I hope they spend every penny of them exposing each others’ pederasty, necrophilia, prohibition violations, perjuries, tax evasions, money laundering, bestiality, participation in the Kennedy assassination, graft, boodling, groping, interstate weekending and nekkid selfie sexting.

  39. and hereafter is how to deal with what is going on directly and immediately…

    111117 liberty headlines article, Gop cuts off funds to Roy Moore [AND the republican voters of Alabama] to get even with the voters for refusing to vote for the Parties, Ruling Gop Politi’Kal hac’K Henchmen, ‘Kandidate into office.

    The correct move is to contact every republican in Alabama and tell them all to immediately re-register as Independents…
    Actually, get the word out, and ask every republican, in every state, to re-register as an independent.

    This should drive the RINO’s in dc – the state – the county – all political subdivisions to immediately do their job, which is, support the American Constitution and every duly elected primary candidate elected by their Republican : Democrat Party voter base… Unless, of course, this is just a rerun of the Hillary democrat party primary rigging process.

    Supporting voter’s choices enforces and secures the operation of the Law through a free elective Process.

    When they refuse, as they are doing now, everyone in the world will see that the Lawless, ruling, Amerei’Kan Politi’Kal ‘Klass has seized control of the offices of the governments of America… at which point, EVERY American Government employee will be forced to decide which side of the Law they are on? the side of the Lawless thugs occupying the government Offices of America : ruling the single Party, using two pretend factions, Politi’Kal State; OR, Law abiding Citizens.

  40. and concluding with these thoughts

    An additional effect will be to exhibit to every republican ? every democrat ? every independent that ‘We’ can take over the political operations of both of the pretend factions of the Single Party State Politi’Kla operation and cut off all of the funds to EVERY candidate member of the Politi’Kal ‘Klass, den : repb in the 2018 election? just like ‘the politi’Kal hac’Ks are now doing to their : Politi’Kal enemy ‘Roy’ – and the party voters of Alabama.

    Email this to every political person that you know in the world? we cannot stop the dark web from mailing this proposal to every email address in the world; so, we work with what we have, from where we are, to make Liberty so by beating them to the punch.

    Or, you can do nothing – in which case, the people you say are wrong WILL win because you do nothing to uphold right and proper : government by Law.

  41. The fact that Mitch McConnell and the Republican Establishment all seem to hate Moore seem to be a pretty strong endorsement that the allegations are probably bullshit, dreamed up by said Establishment and executed by a person whose credibility and connections have not (so far) been examined by the MSM.

    Although, by McConnell’s own words: if the allegations are, in fact, NOT true, then Moore has no reason to “step aside” to make way for McConnell’s hand-picked stooge.

    1. Roy Moore was Trump’s preferred candidate, so it doesn’t surprise me that McConnell is quick to want him gone.

  42. “Lil’ darlin’, how would you like Uncle Roy to make all this trouble you’re in go away? Ah kin do it, so hep me Ghawd!”
    See? Voluntary and consensual… just her bad luck not to have been born earlier, hence eligible for the miracle.

  43. People are unhappy about Hollywood turning out to be infested with predators. Dems see how effective the accusation is and think they have a shiny new tool now that “racist sexist omniphobe” has stopped working.

    Accusations older than 24 hours are false until corroborated, that is all.

  44. “Home in the woods”? Who writes this crap?

  45. I find it bizarre that people who like to tout the virtues of rehabilitation, complain about our draconian and punitive justice system, and complain about sex offender registries would use a 40 year old allegation to argue that someone cannot serve in political office.

    Furthermore, I didn’t see sleazy sexual misconduct as a bar to office when Clinton engaged in it, why should I care now? It is an absurd elevation of politicians to pretend that voting for a politician is somehow an endorsement of their lifestyle or morality.

    The only thing that matters about a Senator is ultimately how he will vote. Is Moore more likely to vote the way you want than Jones? Then vote for Moore, otherwise vote for Jones. It’s as simple as that. The fact that Moore appears to be a dirty old man with disgusting habits and beliefs is irrelevant.

    1. Rehabilitation implies admitting wrong-doing and seeking to change one’s ways.

      So yeah, pushing for rehabilitation of offenders and condemning unrepentant old fogies who got away with it isn’t really incompatible.

  46. Social conservative viewpoint- thinks he did it:


    1. Quote from the comments on that article:

      In four years will these people be saying “I don’t agree with my guy shooting his political opponents, but I can’t support a Democrat”?

  47. How is voting for More because he is not the democrat different from voting for Hillary because she is not Trump?

    1. I see you believe the pizza-gate stuff…

  48. I don’t know if Moore is guilty or not. His main accuser is a partisan Dem that worked for Biden and has a felony record.

    I guess Americans no longer agree with “innocent until proven guilty”. Moore has been tried and convicted in the press

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