White House Restricting Travel, Trade with Cuba; U.K. Minister Resigns Over Meetings With Israelis; Facebook Wants Aussie Nudes: P.M. Links


  • Prime Minister's Office

    The White House is imposing new restrictions on travel to and trade with Cuba.

  • President Trump gets the red carpet treatment in China.
  • A commander in Syria says pro-government forces have expelled ISIS from the last town which it held in the country.
  • More members of the royal family and other officials have been arrested in the corruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia.
  • The United Kingdom secretary of state for international development, Priti Patel, has resigned over undisclosed meetings she had with Israeli officials.
  • The Justice Department reportedly wants Time Warner to sell Turner Broadcasting or for AT&T to sell DirecTV in order to approve a proposed merger.
  • The Air Force Academy says racist graffiti found at its prep school was made by a black cadet candidate, who is no longer enrolled at the school.
  • A partnership with the Australian government has Facebook accepting nudes from users to prevent revenge porn.

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