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Help (Not) Wanted
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Want a job with the British Transport Police? The agency holds special workshops to help recruits fill out their applications, prepare for tests and get ready for interviews. But white men are barred from taking part in the workshops.

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  1. What a wonderful, inclusive culture.

  2. The 48-year-old man was told by BTP the interview prep day was only open to “women and Black/Minority Ethnic groups currently under-represented in the force”.

    That guy’s too old anyway.

  3. Is any White man surprised by this?

  4. We must visibly, overtly give non-whites and women extra help and special treatment.

    How else can we fight prejudices of racial or gender inferiority?

  5. Well, everyone knows women and blacks are to stupid to achieve anything on their own.
    Besides, it’s just the transport police, not really police at all. The white guys should be on the real police force where their superior skills and abilities are truly needed.
    Left wing forever!

  6. I swear that the UK started importing “people of color” just to fuck with the natives and so the left would have victims to champion. Did the UK really need waves of people from the West Indies (who assimilated pretty well) or even larger waves from Pakistan and the Middle East (who didn’t assimilate at all)? Is it a better place because they are there?

    1. Re: I can’t even,

      If Pakistanis are entering the UK because the Market wants them, then yes, they’re making the UK better off. But if they were imported by the government for political reasons, then there’s no question about it: anything the government does which the Market would not do is always bad for everyone.

    2. The magazine has an article that praises the cool ethnic food that immigrants bring but “to be sure” terrorism is something to worry about. So enjoy the food but watch your back.

  7. “I think candidates should be judged on merit. It should be the best person for the job.”

    Dude, your trying to get a job in a union. Merit has shit to do with it.

  8. But white men are barred from taking part in the workshops.

    “Because you and I know that (wink, wink) white men are superior to everyone else, so they will ace any test without the help of lousy workshops.”

    The soft bigotry of lower expectations.

  9. I guess they don’t want white privilege to make the British Transport Police.

    It will now be made up of black privilege, Indian privilege, Muslim privilege, and any other racial privilege that the racists at the British Transport Police want in their ranks.
    See, when you act like a certain races are better than a certain race, that makes you a racist.

  10. And the people who think this is great idea are likely horrified by identity politics being embraced by white men.

  11. But…but…but…. what if the white man self identifies as a POC?


  12. More cautionary tales from our “mother country,” There are plenty of folks here who seem to think it’s a great template to follow…..ver-job-ad

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