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A Maricopa County, Arizona, Superior Court judge has ruled that Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, evangelical Christians who create invitations and custom artwork for weddings and other events, must provide their services to gay weddings under a local ordinance. The judge ruled the two are free to express opposition to same-sex marriage so long as they do not imply that same-sex couples are not welcome at their business.

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  1. Dear Abby? Am I in the right place?!?!?

    Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
    My life is a mess,
    Bill Clinton stained my dress,
    I can’t get it off my hairy chest,
    ‘Cause my boyfriend’s a pest,
    I can’t talk of my sexual past,
    ‘Cause he gets all aghast!

    And Abby, my boyfriend and I have been “seeing” each other for 41 years!
    Now our home state will let us get gay-married, we’re a itchin’ to go get us a hitchin’!
    But boyfriend INSISTS on us getting gay-married in churches that don’t want us, by preachers that hate us, and get photoed by people that can’t stand us, and on and on and on!

    I think it’s ’cause his pet Hamster Huey and his Gooey Kabloooey rejected him in the 5th grade, and he’s NEVER gotten over it!

    Abbey, PLEASE don’t tell us to get therapy, we can’t afford it! We COULD afford it, but he gives all of our money to politicians who say they are a gonna fix all of this mess with more laws!

    So Abby? Besides therapy, what can I do to help my boyfriend settle for getting gay-married by people who like gays?

    Love and Smooches, Dude B. Gay

    1. He’s your baby. Don’t say maybe. Never let him go.

  2. A quick trip down memory lane:

    The Arizona legislature tried to avoid this situation by passing a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2014. When the governor of Arizona vetoed the bill, Scott Shackford said: “Arizona, however, doesn’t include sexual orientation in its state public accommodation laws, so citizens don’t actually have to justify not wanting to serve gay people.” (The Phoenix ordinance at issue here was passed in 2013.)

    And Jerome Tuccile said “Arizonans already have the right to refuse service to gays and lesbians” and that “[t]his isn’t about paring back government; it’s about using legislation to slap at gays and lesbians.”

    1. Step One: Vehemently oppose a law designed to avoid situation X.

      Step Two: Throw up hands in horror when Situation X occurs.

      Step Three: ?

      Step Four: Profit!

      1. You accrue Right Side of History points in step one, which you can cash in for career advancement or college credit. Possibly sexual favors.

    2. Shackford apparently doesn’t consider Phoenix to be part of Arizona. All those damn Californians moving in I guess.

      Looks like Tuccile kinda ran too far with it and owes some people an apology, though.

  3. Their shop can always display the artwork that I saw at a bar in Thailand: a round sign depicting sodomy with a diagonal line across it.

    1. They just meant “not in the bar. “

    2. When you say “depicting sodomy”, what does that actually mean?

  4. what we need is some nice yellow stars pinned to the lapels of all the lbgtqwerty folks so we’ll know who not to discriminate against…

    1. Those were the pink triangles.

      1. And the flag of Key West

  5. oh and how many different ways are there to misspell GAY?

    1. Ghey

    2. gggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy?

  6. so long as they do not imply that same-sex couples are not welcome at their business.

    Did they in fact say that same sex couples were not welcome at their business? Or did they say they would not make invitations for a particular type of event, no matter the identity group of the people attempting to make the purchase?

    (Where’d that constitutional right to be “welcome” come from?)

    1. commerce clause…every thing can be justified under the commerce clause…even pig fucking

      1. Why would you call me a pig-fucker?

        1. Dude. Don’t say pig fucker in front of Jesus!

          1. Noted…

            Can we say shit-fuck-piss-cunt-damn-cocksucker-motherfucker in front of Jesus?

            Asking for a friend…

      2. “…every thing can be justified under the commerce clause…”

        My favorite was the case of “Wickhard and Dickburned v/s (the Native American known as) Big Moose Running Nose”, in which case the SCROTUS announced that, since hankies and other flavors of booger rags are traded across State borders, then Government Almighty is allowed to tell us when, where, and how we can blow our noses!

  7. During oral arguments in August, Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Samuel Green told the judge that forcing his clients to serve gay couples would be “compelled expression of speech.”

    He said many of Duka and Koski’s designs include biblical scriptures about two people becoming one flesh. To use such words to describe a gay couple would be a forced expression, which is against the law, Green argued.

    He said the artists would not protest selling their non-personalized goods to gay people, but they shouldn’t be forced to create artwork they don’t want to create.

    Attorney David Rosenbaum, who argued the case for the city, said Brush & Nib’s arguments were “purely hypothetical,” because no gay couple has asked for the artists’ services.

    Leftism: Then and Now

    1. Who had standing to sue? WTF.

      1. The shop owners instigated the suit.

  8. “In an interview Thursday, Mayor Greg Stanton called the judge’s order “a complete victory for the city of Phoenix.”

    “Today was a victory for civil rights and when there’s a victory for civil rights, it’s not just a victory for the LGBT community, it’s a victory for everyone,” he said.”

    The mayor went on to say that freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

  9. I have a curious.

    How many wedding type shops will not serve gays but will serve adulterous second marriages.

    “Whoever divorces his wife, and marries another woman commits adultery against her, and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery.” – Jesus.

    1. Again, they are not refusing to serve gays, they just don’t want to do certain additional things for gays since they have religious qualms about them.

      When adulterers enter cake shops and demand that owners add icing to the cake that says “fuck my first wife because I will be fucking her sister as my second wife”, then you might have a point.

      Adulterers are not coming in to ask for special art on their adultery cakes.

    2. And how many of these places actually have a “no gays” sign out front?


    3. They may or may not, but no one is putting laws in place to protect serial marriages from “discrimination”.

      1. Adulterers unite!

  10. This is what happens when you have too much government? Dammit! Stuff like this should be decided by Trump tweet!!!

  11. Umm… okay?

  12. How is this different than requiring these people to print wedding invitations for Westboro Baptist weddings? Or ISISD-themed weddings?

    1. Because FYTW.

  13. why not just add a disclaimer on everything they sell that says that (the views of “X” are not supported by this establishment, aka We don’t like your kind round here). Completely legal, and I doubt many gay couple will want to send out wedding invitations with big print on them dissociating the card itself from the wedding it is inviting you to. Similar to the surgeon generals warning on packs of cigs.

  14. “The city considers this another victory that confirms Phoenix’s non-discrimination ordinance is legal and valid,” city spokeswoman Julie Watters said in a statement. “The Maricopa County Superior Court has again ruled in favor of Phoenix’s non-discrimination ordinance that protects the rights of all residents.”

    (Except those pesky Christians, he added under his breath)

  15. So I guess this would not fly?

    Adam and Steve invite you to their immoral and sinful wedding
    on any day but a Sunday.
    At the unchristian service, they will pretend to establish a religious marriage
    in violation of Holy Scripture.
    The totally secular state marriage license, however, will be valid.

    Really, where does it end?

  16. Am patiently waiting for a moslem print shop to be forced to do the same. Waiting. waiting.
    How about the refusal to print signs for a KKK meeting (oh, not a protected class)

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