8 Dead in Apparent Terrorist Attack in NYC

Truck hit cyclists on path in Manhattan


Jackson Lee / Splash News/Newscom

At least eight people are dead, many more are injured, and a suspect is in custody in what officials are calling a terrorist attack in lower Manhattan.

Details at this point are still coming together. Police and witness reports say the driver of a truck deliberately drove on a bike path, striking several people then hitting a school bus. Then he exited the truck holding guns, but the guns were apparently pellet or BB guns.

Some more info from NBC News:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference the incident was "a particularly cowardly act of terror."

The suspect got out of the truck and shouted "Allahu Akbar" and fired a BB or pellet gun, four senior law enforcement sources briefed on the matter said.

"There are several fatalities and numerous people injured," New York police said on Twitter. NBC New York reported that eight people were dead, citing officials.

More from the Associated Press here. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he believes the incident was a "lone wolf" attack and not part of a larger, organized plot.

UPDATE: NBC News has named the suspect.

UPDATE II: Sources say Saipov is an immigrant from Uzbekistan and may have come to New York City from Tampa, Florida. He is now out of surgery and has talked to police.

President Donald Trump has responded via tweet:

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  1. Luckily it happened in a city with no freedoms left to quash.

    1. They’ll make it harder to rent trucks.

      1. Unfortunately, common-sense truck control won’t work because people can just go to New Jersey and rent their trucks there. We need national legislation.

        1. But then they will go to Canada or Mexico to get their trucks. We need the UN to get in on this.

          1. Or the United States could just conquer tge whole world.

            1. No more muslims.

        2. …because people can just go to New Jersey and rent their trucks there.

          Crossing State lines? Commerce clause invoked. Nancy Pelosi will want to pass legislation so she can know what’s in it. Mitch McConnell’s jowls will shake in anticipation of crony-tastic financial opportunities. Chuck Schumer will run over children and old ladies to get in front of the nearest TV camera. John McCain will try to pass campaign finance reform whilst having a seizure.

          1. I can only presume that just as McCain is about to die he will be entombed on a throne to barely keep him alive, much like the Emperor of Man. 10,000 Virginal Psychics will be sacrificed each day to keep in surviving in eternal torment so that he can give crucial nay votes and get called a maverick.

            1. So, who are the hooved bugs in this analogy? Is it the mooslims? And what happens when the robotic zombies (democrats, presumably) wake up McEmperor’s mechanic and remind him who’s side he’s on?

          2. “…Nancy Pelosi will want to pass legislation…”
            As a resident of the area she supposedly represents, she often ends up on the tube at times you might not expect. Meaning I didn’t hit mute or off before she started spouting last week regarding some local news.
            Folks, she is no longer able to assemble a recognizable English sentence, and merely pronouncing some words is beyond her capabilities.
            She needs to start working the midway in some sleazy fair along with the bearded lady.

            1. “Folks, she is no longer able to assemble a recognizable English sentence, and merely pronouncing some words is beyond her capabilities.”

              And yet this self described master legislator stands to win yet another term in the House. I suspect if someone is “correct” enough in terms of narrative, has seniority, and of course is a Democrat CA will send them to rule long after they are pronounced dead.

    2. I couldn’t tell from the news photos. Does the Home Depot truck have a Gadsden flag on the bumper?

      1. I guess he was just imitating that one political ad where a guy in a truck runs down muslim children. I was going to post it, it was posted earlier in a thread today. When I went to grab it though the video has since been taken down. Such a tragedy.

        1. so the add was Triggering just like Palen’s targets were?

  2. The suspect got out of the truck and shouted “Allahu Akbar” and fired a BB or pellet gun,

    calling it: this will be used as proof NYC gun laws ‘work’.

    1. As well as another example of “religion of peace.”

      1. They really are unable to get along with others.

        1. That is why we need to be more understanding and why peace with them is so fragile.

          1. Hee hee. I see what you did there.

            1. Please explain. Sadly, I do not see what he did there.

              1. Who did what? Where?

    2. Listen, I believe in free speech just as much as anyone, but you can’t go around shouting “Allahu Akbar” in a crowded street while you’re driving over people in a truck with a pellet gun.

      1. The jurist of question of our time: can one tell Allahu Akbar in a crowded street while running people over with your car?

      2. I thought it’s that you can’t falsely shout “Allahu Akbar” in a crowded street.

  3. What if “Allahu Akbar” is actually code words for ‘Death to ALL emitters of carbon dioxide, an utterly EVIL root of ALL globabble warmerering”? What then?

    1. He clearly said “Admiral Ackbar”. Must be a Star Wars fan angry about the Admiral’s exclusion from the new trilogy.

      1. It’s a trap!

    2. That would make it OK. Appeasing both the econazi progressives and religious conservatives leaves only the 3.28% of delusional libertarians to be safely ignored.

  4. Cop shot about 6 times, hit once, apparently. Odds bystanders are among the injured?

      1. …Jerrol Harris, 27, was busted around 1:10 a.m. when a single bullet – out of 84 fired at him – pierced his calf…..

        I have been told that only trained professionals such as members of the military and police officers are capable of safely handling firearms.

        The running gun battle came to a head when Harris opened fire with a stolen .45-caliber pistol….

        I have been told that New York City has robust “gun control” laws to better protect the residents and visitors.

        Snark aside/on a serious note: I see the point Juice has made – eighty-three misses by the individuals employed as law enforcement is a depressing fact.

        1. i assumed he was linking to the Empire-State building shooting. Police wounded 9 bystanders while shooting at 1 guy. at close range.

          In a busy Friday morning in Manhattan, nine pedestrians suffered bullet or fragment wounds after police unleashed a hail of gunfire at a man wielding a .45 caliber pistol who had just killed a former co-worker.

          The officers unloaded 16 rounds in the shadow of the Empire State Building at a disgruntled former apparel designer, killing him after he engaged in a gunbattle with police, authorities said.

          Three passersby sustained direct gunshot wounds, while the remaining six were hit by fragments, according to New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. All injuries were caused by police, he said Saturday.
          One officer shot nine rounds and another shot seven.

          To be (sort of) fair: 34th street+madison is CRAZY crowded even early in the morning. lots of tourist traffic as well as foot-commuters crossing from penn station. You could easily shoot 3 people with 1 round.

          1. That’s called checking your background. If you can’t verify your background, you don’t pull the trigger.

            To bring this home, I remember a story from when I was a kid where a campus police officer had been shot in the face sitting in her patrol car by a passerby during a random attack. She was blinded, drew her weapon but didn’t discharge it for fear of hitting passers by.

            That’s discipline. That’s a good police officer.

          2. There was also an incident where NYPD responding near the Port Authority bus terminal. Shot bystanders, and I think missed the target completely.

          3. Hey, it’s not just the police. Paddock supposedly shot 200 rounds into the Mandalay Bay hallway and hit the security guard…..once….in the leg.

            Do not question that story, it would mock the dead.

    1. NYC trigger. 12 lb pull requirement even for Striker Fired handguns.

      1. Trust me, it’s for their own protection.

        1. And nobody else’s. Priorities, status: straight.

      2. They already accidentally shoot stuff all the time even with that amount of pull.

        But it’s still just training . Ed McGivern could do amazing stuff with double action revolvers. But cops aren’t trained.

    2. Luckily it was just black people who were shot.

    3. Good thing they kept it down to six. IIRC, in Alexandria, VA more than a few years ago LEOs fired over 19 shots and didn’t hit anybody.

      1. Those were while they were holstering their weapons.

      2. I remember reading an article where in NJ two officers responded to a Pit Bull that was running around. Both officers shot at the dog and missed. The rounds ricocheted and they ended up shooting each other.

  5. Trump just said he’s cancelling his Asia trip so he can go to NYC and execute the guy tomorrow.
    He’s the Commander in Chief. He can do anything

    1. Really? Good. Then he can proceed to get rid of all the progressives.

    2. I wonder when and if Rand Paul is going to filibuster a bill for 24 hours on the Senate floor until Trump says he doesn’t have the authority to drone bomb a US citizen on US territory.

      1. Sorry, you want Slate, this is reason.

  6. Was just talking about this with my younger cousin when we went to Disneyland. He (14) was complaining about the security theater when going into the park, and I said something like — I’m more worried about when we are all crammed waiting in line for security since we are sitting ducks.

    Told him you just gotta accept that bad things may happen since we live in a free society. If someone wants to kill people, like by running over a bunch of people, there’s really nothing you can to do stop that.

    1. Forcing large numbers of people to gather in predictable places is a good way to help that along.

      1. No one is forced to go to Disneyland.

        1. No one is forced to go to the airport and stand in the TSA line.

          1. Thank you for agreeing with me.

            1. But you *are* forced to *not* go to an airport without the TSA.

              1. You can if you got the cash.

                1. Revised:

                  You *are* forced to *not* go to an airport without the TSA if you aren’t Al Gore.

            2. No one is forced to agree with you.

              1. That is also true.

        2. No one is forced to go to Disneyland.

          Apparently, you do not have children …

          1. I have children and never went, as I think anything to do with Disney is akin to a person molesting and brutally torturing children while wearing a smiley clown mask.

            I let them go with my sister-in-law, who fully deserved the experience.

        3. That’s not the point. The point is that security theater doesn’t really accomplish anything. If someone wants to do damage you really are limited in stopping them in a free society

          1. That’s what the 2nd amendment is for.

          2. I have been saying this for years.

            They banned toe nail clippers after 9/11. They now allow toe nail clippers.

            If something is a security threat on a plane, shouldn’t it always be a security threat on a plane?

            Hence, the illusion of security which is really what security checkpoints are for. To make people FEEL safe.

            I predict someone will a bomb surgically inserted into themselves and get on a plane. Nothing you could do to stop that.

            1. This was a plot in a Micheal Crichton book “Airframe” IIRC pre-911 nonetheless.

            2. Security is rarely meant to protect YOU; security to to protect whomever you are patronizing [be it an airport, school, movie theater, whatever] from being blamed for something that “might” go wrong. And of course it looks good even if it feels miserable.

            3. “”To make people FEEL safe.”‘

              And a lot of people want to FEEL safe, regardless if it is so.

    2. Anyone running down bicyclists is driving on the fightin’ side of me.

  7. The attacker purportedly wore a track suit, so we can safely surmise he was Italian– or possibly Ukrainian.

    1. I’m reading he is Uzbek.

      Russian-style patronym, so he may have held Russian ID at some point.

      1. Just checked: Uzbekistan passports seem to still have patronyms.

      2. Uzbeks are the weak link in the great chain of socialism.

        1. “Uzbeks drank my battery acid!”

          /Hey Yorgi! on CCCP TV

      3. Is he a terrorist then or is he just pissed that Manafort got busted?

  8. It was in a Home Depot rented truck. It’s clear there are some regulations that can be passed here.

    1. It’s that damn home show loophole!

      1. MOVE… THAT… BUS!!!

  9. See? European gun control laws CAN work in America.

    1. I’m glad we are slowly enlightening ourselves.

  10. Uzbecki Muslim community fears backlash.

  11. RIP to the victims.

  12. ‘Apparent’ act of terror. Lol. C’ville copy cat perhaps?

    Other than that.

    Fuck you Deblasio, ‘Cowardly act of terror’? As if there’s a heroic version?

    1. Yeah, he risked his life so he could kill innocent people. That’s not the kind of courage that deserves admiration, but I don’t know if I’d call it cowardice. Fanaticism is the word I’d use – he valued his life very little, and the lives of his victims less.

      Ironically, if he’d had more regard for his own personal safety, he would have acted less evilly.

      1. I’ll accept ‘brave’ terrorists when they hand the weapon of choice to those they intend to kill.

        1. “Puts little value on life, not even his own” is the phrase that seems to apply to his case.

          If he wanted chivalrous methods of combat he wouldn’t be a terrorist in the first place.

          1. “”Puts little value on life, not even his own” is the phrase that seems to apply to his case.”

            Stupid does not preclude cowardly.

        2. Perhaps not the intent, but this conjures an image of a destruction derby of trucks/moving vans, where all the drivers are blazing away at each other with pellet guns.

          This is probably in bad taste, and for that I sincerely apologize, but that sounds fuckin’ awesome.

          1. “Perhaps not the intent,…”
            This was more or less a copy to Bill Maher’s claim that the WTC thugs were ‘brave’ since they gave up their own lives.
            They’d be ‘brave’ if they’d have handed box cutters to some of the passengers…

          2. Never apologize for providing me with momentary diversion. It is the highest calling.

      2. Brandishing harmless weapons suggests he meant to be killed

        1. Well, maybe the cops will find out some of the secrets he had meant to take to the grave.

          1. I hope he’s one of those talkative terrorists, you know, the boastful kind who see nothing wrong about what they did and would be happy to share the details of their behavior now that they have an interested audience.

            1. And receive endless media coverage so his bravado can inspire more like him. Yeah, that’d be just fucking great.

        2. Didn’t work very well. He was captured alive.

      3. It may be “braver” than hiding in your mom’s house your whole life or something, but compared they could do if they wanted to fight a war it is cowardly.

        Killing defenseless people including women and children with a surprise attack is cowardly. There’s real battlefields available out there.

        Suicide attacks are called cowardly because suicide is typically a cowardly act. Not necessarily perhaps, but it they are doing it to escape unbearable emotional pain like depression or some kind of inability to accept the world they are stuck in.

        1. Fair enough. I’m not going to knock myself out quarreling with the mayor on this issue.

          My main concern is not to dismiss these fanatics out of hand. Some of them seem fairly hard-core and willing to do lots of bad stuff, and take risks to do so – but if it upsets them out to be called cowardly, then by all means call them exactly that. Anything to demoralize them.

          1. And letting would-be copycats know that if they commit similar crimes, they too will be denounced as unmanly pieces of shit.

            Who knows, maybe the prospect of having their dick size called into question will be more of a deterrent to potential copycats than the fear of being called terrorists.

            1. I think you are own to something; dead or alive they take a picture of their dicks [with natural or ice induced shrinkage] and put it out there for all to see. With a caption like “terrorists all have cute little dinkies.”

              I’m seriously liking this tactic.

      4. “Yeah, he risked his life so he could kill innocent people.”

        Humans idolize that kind of behavior. We’re no different. We get all choked up when someone in movies commits suicide to defeat evil for the good of humanity. The only variable is who we define as evil.

        1. Cue in the theme from “Platoon” [Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings] and you’ve got it.

  13. Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference the incident was “a particularly cowardly act of terror.”

    Because dropping bombs from an unmanned drone is an act of courage.

    1. Those are guided missiles, not gravity bombs, you twit.

      1. We call “gravity bombs” ballistic weapons in the biz.

      2. With surgical precision; greatly minimizes the collateral damage factor, unless the terrorist is attending a wedding or a funeral.

    2. Mark, one is designed to kill bad people who are killers themselves. the other is designed to kill innocent people to make all the other innocent people live in fear. Are you capable of understanding the difference?

      1. ^^^ yeah hiding in a bunker to fight by remote control may be sort of cowardly, let’s be honest, but it’s not “particularly cowardly”, nor is it “terror”.

        1. Except in the absence of drones, we attack anyway. Our military attack killers, and do not target civilians. Again, big difference. In fact, our military probably expends more resources to avoid collateral damage than any other military in the history of the world.

      2. That difference is difficult to discern, given the US’s vast history of doing both.

      3. Once a weapon is designed to kill, the ethical questions are settled. This ground has been covered by Louis N. Rendenour and others since June 1950. Example: When Allahu pulls a scimitar on Indiana Jones, Jones can use his .44 magnum. To do otherwise would be cultural appropriation.

        1. You can’t steal culture.

    3. I condemn the act of terror in NYC today. I also condemn U.S. drone attacks including one on a wedding party in Yemen in 2013 that killed 14 and injured 22. The truck driver today was no more a coward than the drone pilot and members of his chain of command who worked in comfort and safety thousands of miles away. There is no moral high ground here.

      1. If the US military was actually “no less of a cowards” than the terrorists they could find much easier targets and absurdly higher kill counts elsewhere, rather than trying to target actual armed enemies.

        There’s also a reason our murder laws distinguish between 1st degree, 2nd degree, manslaughter, and self-defense. All killings are not equally evil.

        1. “they could find much easier targets and absurdly higher kill counts elsewhere, rather than trying to target actual armed enemies.”

          Exactly. Dresden, Nagasaki, and every town in North Korea come to mind.

          I’d like to think the US has gotten better, in that they at least pay lip service to the concept of avoiding killing civilians. And they also go to great lengths to cover it up when it does happen, which demonstrates that there’s at least some hell to pay when they do it. But when the democrat party candidate, for example, flippantly talks about killing civilians in a mission that has nothing to do with defending US soil, I start wondering whether that lip service is just lip service.

  14. A few lives matter not. Diversity is our highest calling.

    1. Pithiest saying of the day, thank you. Just doesn’t get any pithier than that.

  15. The suspect got out of the truck and shouted “Allahu Akbar”

    Serious question: Do these clowns *have to* shout that to achieve martyrdom?

      1. You always post bullshit.

      2. Yeah, about 2% of the time.

        By the way, you called me a “fucking liar” a while back and myself and another poster demonstrated that what I said was true and you didn’t come back and admit that you were wrong.

        So not only are you truly a buttplug, you’re also a chickenshit.

        1. “So not only are you truly a buttplug, you’re also a chickenshit.”

          Bust on that slimy turd every time he posts. He lies always and NEVER takes responsibility for his claims. He deserves to be buried every time he posts.

          1. Don’t forget he’s a rape denier. That one is especially gross.

            1. “So not only are you truly a buttplug, you’re also a chickenshit.”

              Sometimes these threads are the funniest things I read all day.

              While we are on the subject, whatever happened to American Socialist. I’ve wondered if he, Tony, buttplug/chickenshit and Roach Pierre all the same person?

              1. Robespierre and “Jimmy Bubba BoDean” are AmSocks. The others are themselves.

      3. Sometimes they tell ‘Baba Booey.’

  16. Has the Con Man blamed Hillary for this yet?

    1. “Has the Con Man blamed Hillary for this yet?”

      He left office in January, turd. Try to keep up.

      1. Just let us know the day America is Great again, you retard.

        1. “Just let us know the day America is Great again, you retard.”

          More bullshit; it’s what you’re good at.
          Pay off your bet, turd? Still defending rapists?

          1. There’s that chickenshit dude again. It’s like whack a mole.

        2. America is ALREADY better thanks to Obama leaving office and Hillary losing badly to Trump.

          My stocks are soaring. Gorsuch is settling the SCOTUS 4-4 ties for conservatives. Trump will nominate at least two more SCOTUS justice in the next few years after RBG croaks and Kennedy retires or croaks. Illegal immigration has lessened. RINOs are outing themselves and will lose their Congressional seats soon. etc.

        3. PB, you do understand that you’re an evil piece of shit, right?

    2. It’s nice to know that no matter the event, no matter what the impact may be, PB’s sexual attraction to Trump always shines through. To be able to bring him up in a conversation that has nothing to do with him, that’s real dedication.

      Do you rub Cheetos on yourself to feel closer to him? You act like a soul who likes that sorta thing. No judgement here.

      1. Uhm, don’t you mean sexual attraction to Hillary?

        1. No way. Not even a horndog like Bubba is sexually attracted to Hillary. That’s why he was busted with the fat chick.


          1. Fuck this is funny. I think I pissed my pants.

  17. He must have been a Gillespie supporter.

    And that wasn’t “Allahu akbar!” he was shouting. It was “Make America great again!” It’s easy to get them confused.

    1. Ah yes, Gillespie wants to go after MS-13, who targets other Latinos, therefore he is terrorizing them for their own good, something the progs don’t usually have a problem with.

    2. The creators of the Latino Victory Fund ad are going to spend the next week (plus four years) kicking themselves for releasing an attack ad that makes voters think of “trucks” right before the election.

  18. Leftards demand Truck Control, film at 11.


    1. Never, because they don’t hate trucks. They want gun control because they hate guns, not because they think it will be affective.

  19. Another reason not to have a wall with Mexico. Illegal Mexicans getting trucks from Home Depot are not nearly as risky as letting Mooslims into the USA.

    Of course, we could finish building a secure border and be more careful with letting non-Americans into the USA.

    1. Better add Uzbekistan to the list of no-no countries.

  20. When gubmint union workers lean on shovels near a road, they are protected by concrete barriers. Bike “lanes” are “protected” by paint… the same thing used to outline where on the pavement a rider was killed.

    1. “”Bike “lanes” are “protected” by paint””

      Bike lanes is a bit of a joke. NYPD, and garbage trucks use them frequently.

  21. I haven’t heard much from the Left yet. I guess they’re scrambling to figure out the Narrative: how this was caused by Trump, the NRA, global warming, and statues of Robert E. Lee.

    1. I just recently started tweetering, which I quickly learned is little more than a meeting place of the loudest, stupidest and most hateful parts of the Left, endlessly parroted by otherwise decent, normal people. The Left is all up on the “when it was a white guy, you said nothing could be done, but when it’s a brown guy, you start talking about walls and bans!”

      It’s a weird time, where people glibly point out their own hypocrisy for the opportunity to point out someone else’s, and yet never make the connection that what they are doing is, in fact, itself hypocrisy.

    2. Global warming caused an extended drought in Uzbekistan which caused him and his family to seek asylum in the US (climate refugees). The targeting of Muslims by Trump and Trump voters who surely are all NRA members and legacy of slavery represented by Confederate statues (because of course Muslims have never owned slaves) and failure of the US Constitution to provide him the social justice drove him to this act of violence, in which the emissions from the truck he drove actually killed 24 people.

      There you have it.

  22. According to Mark Steyn the name Sayfullo translates as “sword of Allah”.

    Well, certainly glad to know that another representative of the “religion of peace” is faithful to its teachings.

  23. Based on the guy’s name sounds as if he’s from eastern europe, where “white” Muslims used to be very pro-American, thanks to Bill Clinton. Now they have become very anti-American and radicalized, thanks to Obama.

    1. They might be friendly to Americans for a while, but ultimately we are still infidels and killing us is a path to paradise.

  24. I checked over at Salon dotcom and they say mohammedan berserkers are just misunderstood, and that the hypocritical right-wing media are at this moment ignoring far worse things being done by people who don’t even believe in Mohammed. I guess that puts it in perspective–the perspective being that the initiation of force for political and social goals is gooood, and that some animals are more equal than others. Maybe that’ll make surviving victims feel better.

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