Mueller Indicts Manafort, Trump Hits Personal Low Approval Rating, Obama Gets Jury Duty: A.M. Links


  • Mike Baehr/flickr

    The Robert Mueller investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections has yielded its first indictment, that of Paul Manafort.

  • President Trump hits a new personal low on his approval rating, 38 percent in the latest NBC News/WSJ poll.
  • The governor of Puerto Rico says the territory's power contract with Whitefish, which has earned media scrutiny for its generous terms and the company's perceived connection to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, ought to be canceled.
  • "White Lives Matter" activists canceled a rally in Tennessee after more counter-protesters showed up.
  • Iran President Hassan Rouhani insists his country will keep building missiles.
  • At least 23 people were killed in a hotel siege in Mogadishu for which Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.
  • Life goes on as Spain enforces direct rule in Catalonia.
  • The president of Iraqi Kurdistan announced he would resign after the region's failed independence bid.
  • Barack Obama gets called for jury duty.

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