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No, Harvard Students, Betsy DeVos Is Not a 'White Supremacist'

More school choice, and fewer Title IX kangaroo courts, would actually help black students.



Last week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Harvard University's Institute of Politics to discuss her school choice agenda. Students in the audience interrupted her several times; some even held up a sign accusing her of being a "white supremacist."

The irony, of course, is twofold. One, the subject of DeVos's Harvard address—school choice—is a policy that offers low-income students of color a respite from the hopelessness of the failing traditional public school systems in many cities. Two, DeVos's recent major policy accomplishment was rescinding the Obama administration's infamous Title IX "dear colleague" letter, a move that will restore a modicum of fairness to campus sexual harassment trials—trials that disproportionately disadvantage male students of color.

This makes DeVos a "white supremacist"? Please.

Regardless of what liberal activist groups like the NAACP think of them, school choice reforms have a proven track record of providing opportunities for poor and minority children that are often—not always, mind you, but often—better than the alternative. Charter schools are despised by the left because they threaten one of the Democratic Party's most influential bases of power: teachers unions.

"White supremacist" is an even more absurd smear when one considers how the secretary's revisions to federal Title IX enforcement are likely to impact students of color. As The Atlantic's Emily Yoffe noted in her extensive coverage of the problems with campus Title IX proceedings, the existing guidance occupied center stage in the widespread deprivation of due process rights for accused students. As far as we can tell, these students are much more likely to be male students of color, or immigrants.

And yet, according to the Harvard Crimson:

During the hour-long event, the President Donald Trump appointee gave a brief talk and answered questions from the roughly 100 attendees, most of them Harvard students.

She faced repeated interruptions. With shouts from the hundreds-strong crowd outside—"Education is a right, not just for the rich and white!"—echoing in the brightly lit John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, protesters in the audience periodically stood and silently unveiled large posters.

"WHITE SUPREMACIST," read one, drawn in red paint on white linen.

Three other students, representing Harvard's Graduate School of Education Students for Education Justice, Graduate Students Union-UAW Organizing Committee, and the Harassment/Assault Law-Student Team, submitted an op-ed to The Crimson condemning Harvard's "complicity" in white supremacy for allowing DeVos to speak. Given the current levels of tolerance for non-leftist ideals at elite university campuses, it's no small wonder the students allowed DeVos to speak her mind at all.

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  1. …trials that disproportionately disadvantage male students of color.


    1. yeah, this proves that they are all full of shit. Just like how they don’t care about school vouchers because poor black kids are only supposed to go to poor black schools.

      1. Teacher’s union power is more important on the intersectionality matrix than blacks not getting shit on by public institutions.

  2. Look, she was appointed by known white supremacist Donald Trump, so she is a white supremacist too. It’s so simple.

  3. I thought students at Harvard were supposed to be smart?

    1. Smart OR woke, but apparently they have to pick one.

      1. Just think how much better they’d be able to get their woke message across if they had some sort of debate skills.

        1. If you’ve seen what debate is in colleges now…they probably could win national titles. Debate today in college is honestly retarded.

          1. Maybe it’s some selection bias, but the debate “winners” I saw last year were groups of loud, fat black girls and intimidating guys screaming about how debate is a tool of oppression, rejecting logic, argument and rhetoric and then hooting and yelling about racism, ignoring any agreed-upon topic.

            I’ve always considered the term “chimping out” to be racist, but if you watch one of these “debate” videos on the same day you watch a nature documentary about our primate cousins…well, you’ll be uncomfortable.

      2. > Smart OR woke

        They seem to be mutually exclusive.

    2. Too much affirmative action?

  4. Robby’s in charge of the links this morning, huh?

    1. They’re waiting for a memo on how to treat Catalonia. /tinfoil

  5. Harvard Burgers.

    It has a nice ring to it.

  6. If you’re white and right, you’re a white supremacist, apparently. Guess nothing means what it used to mean a few decades ago. I recall as a young kid growing up in the deep South, White and Colored signs, separate entrances in movie theaters, separate seating areas, and the like. That was racism then; now it’s more like “i didn’t appreciate the way you didn’t look at me.”

    1. That was government enforced racism. Businesses had to have segregated entrances and such or face fines from local governments.

      1. Yep, segregation was already dying in the south until JIm Crow laws brought it back. As usual, government is the source of the problem, not the solution.

      2. If it was government enforced, it was at the behest of the majority of voting age citizens at the time. Government rarely acts in isolation, at least in this part of the world.

        My point being that I thought there was progress [the good kind] over the past few decades [recall the talk of a “post racial society following Obama’s election in 2006?]. With the current generation that is all relegated to history, and now we are well on our way to being called racist simply for the color of our skin. It is getting to where it is harder and harder to pass the political purity test.

        I suppose what is old is new again?

  7. There was a time, when an education from Harvard meant something good. Now, at least for me, it means “do not hire this person”. The fact a student chose Harvard and stayed there to be indoctrinated further, is a disqualifying item on a resume.

    And this, is what we should all consider going forward. These progressive institutions are running on glory from the past. In general, you are better off with a new hire with a degree from the local community college.

  8. UCLA = U C if your sorry mis-educated ass can get a job.
    Princeton = You bettter hope your daddy has a job for you in his company because if you have to make it
    on what you learned in College you are seriously fucked.

  9. They’ve already reduced “racist” to nothing.

    They’ll do the same to “white supremacist”

    1. Agree: see my comment a few posts above. I can only hope the definition will become so ridiculous that even a left progressive will have trouble with being called a racist.

      1. We’ll have reached that point when Donald can say “Looks like I’m a white supremacist after all” and win the 2020 election.

        1. Pretty sure that’s already more or less happened in this last election.

  10. In 2014, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee and Senator Ted Cruz (an African-American Democrat and a Hispanic Republican) held a rally in Houston for school choice. “Reason” even covered it in a video. While watching the video, one could notice that the crowd cheering about school choice was almost entirely made up of African-Americans and Hispanics.

    But, apparently, Secretary DeVos is a white supremacist for advocating school choice. Apparently, those African-American and Hispanic families don’t know what’s best for them, and they aren’t allowed to escape their failing schools. And we’re supposed to believe that these ridiculously patronizing students at Harvard are “anti-racists”?

    1. The media are the ones pushing the narrative that school choice is racism. Actual parents disagree.

  11. “Education is a right, not just for the rich and white!”

    I wonder how long you can go ignoring reality before people start thinking you’re genuinely retarded. It must require an unusual amount of insulation from incorrect opinions.

    1. There seems to be a special level of tone deafness for this to be coming from Havard. Being a school full of poor minorities and all.

  12. I loved how she is being blasted for making money off of school choice. As she said, the revenue of school choice is the opposite. She is spending tons to promote it and not getting much of anything back.

  13. This conflation of “white supremacist” and “a white person with whom I disagree politically” is really really bad and getting worse. In other words, if white person says that a black person is wrong, the only explanation for that is because the white person thinks black people are always wrong.

    There is also a similar misuse of the word, “racist”, wherein any criticism of a minority is “racist” by definition.

    It’s mean to tell people they are wrong, therefore if you tell a black person xhe is wrong, then you are being mean to a black person, ergo, “racism”.

  14. Education is not a “right”, at least not in the sense that it is ordinarily of Constitutional dimension. Yes, there were changes as the result of Supreme Court decisions in the 1950s, but that was not because of the “right” to education but because of the right not to be singled out for race (I’m not saying SCOTUS got it right all the time, merely addressing the theory of the litigation)

    In any event it is true that Devos’s changes will not have an adverse racial effect against black students

    It is also true that gaining admission to elite schools like Harvard has little to do with education

  15. I thought only intelligent people were admitted for study at Harvard?

  16. I thought only intelligent people were admitted for study at Harvard?

  17. Eh, she works for one. I think that’s close enough, even granting that she may be too dumb to have much of an ideology beyond rich-lady entitlement.

    1. I think you should change your handle to “mydumbbs”

  18. Liberal “logic”
    1.) Some celebrity I enjoy (professor I’m taking a class from, girl I want to boff, etc.) doesn’t like Republicans
    2.) Therefore I don’t like Republicans
    3.) Celebrity also doesn’t like conservatives
    4.) I don’t like conservatives either
    5.) Celebrity uses “Republicans” and “conservatives” interchangeably
    6.) Therefore, anything I don’t like is Republican and conservative
    7.) Nobody likes white supremacists
    8.) Therefore, all white supremacists are Republican and conservative
    9.) And all conservatives are white supremacists

  19. Of course she is a white supremacist DeVos is white and disagrees with liberals. That is all they need.

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