Trump Addresses U.N., Hurricane Maria Smashes Dominica, and U.K. Will Stop Training Myanmar Military: P.M. Links


  • Trump at the UN
    Janet Mayer / Splash News/Newscom

    Trump addressed U.N. General Assembly today, warning of rogue regimes and "Rocket Man" Kim Jung Un.

  • Hurricane Maria does "mind boggling" damage to Island of Dominica.
  • San Francisco blocks development over "bulky" design.
  • U.K. stops training Myanmar military following its use of violence against the country's Rohingya Muslim minority.
  • Dylann Roof loses bid to fire Jewish, Indian lawyers—his "political and biological enemies."

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  1. Trump addressed U.N. General Assembly today, warning of rogue regimes, and ‘rocket man’ Kim Jung Un.

    He needed to do a Shatneresque rendition.

    1. Hello.

      Trump calling that little shit ‘Rocket Man’ is one of the greatest things ever.

      That comment Made AGA.


    1. I think Britches is trying to establish a brand with his “fashionable” lateness. He’s too new to know how poorly this particular brand worked out for the last guy.

      1. He needs to learn that playing with people’s lives like this is not okay.


      PM links should be posted no earlier than 7:30 est. This isn’t Florida where everyone eats dinner at 4:30 and goes to bed.

      1. Someone needs to write them a goddamned Python script that they can prep ahead of time then it uploads at 4:30.

  3. Hurricane Maria does ‘mind boggling’ damage to Island of Dominica.

    Gaia can only be appeased with impeachment.

    1. So it is decreed. So it is done.

      May the carbon be with you brother!

  4. San Francisco blocks development over ‘bulky’ design.

    Bulky is so the aughts. Skinny is in now.

    1. The building was so blocky and bulky that you could barely see the outline of it’s dick.

      1. S.F. is the only place where that’s important.

        1. Gosh, not in these last days of Sodom.

        2. I can think of few topics that interest me less than housing in SF.

          1. Would you like to hear about my stamp collection?

            1. Have any good chicken-stamps. Asking for a friend.

    2. It must be a day ending in ‘day’. This silliness is the main reason they’re the most expensive city in the country, and throwing some scraps at the poors isn’t going to fix it.

  5. Dylann Roof loses bid to fire Jewish, Indian lawyers ? his ‘political and biological enemies’

    He’s really actively trying to die isn’t he? He wants to be martyred.

    1. Then he and I agree on one thing.

    2. Damn. It’s got to take some crazy fortitude to keep doing your job providing a defense to a cretin who would murder you if he had the opportunity, and knowing you won’t get any real credit for it.

      1. If they’re like some of the attorneys i work with, they’re subtly fucking with him constantly.

        1. Even if they were pissing in his coffee every single day I admire the fact that they’re showing up at all

          1. The article didn’t seem to state though: are these just a pair of public defenders? And if so, how much choice did they have in taking on this case? I’m not entirely familiar with how public defenders operate but if they were forced to be there I just feel bad for them now

            1. Why? They can help convict him. No one would care.

              1. Why? They can help convict him. No one would care.

                Again, fuck that guy, but he’s got a point.

            2. Never feel bad for a lawyer! They deserve all the shit that they get, and don’t get near as much as they deserve!

              1. Never feel bad for a lawyer!

                Can’t argue with that.

        2. If they’re like some of the attorneys i work with, they’re subtly fucking with him constantly.

          Which is kind of why he has a point.

          I mean, fuck him, but he’s still got a point.

    3. And remember that SJWs would have us believe that every white male who refuses to git woke is basically the same as this punk.

      1. The irony is that every hardcore SJW is the same as this punk.

        1. I would refrain from putting anyone into the same category as this punk unless they’ve also killed people (or tried to). Roof is bottom of the barrel scum.

          1. It’s not just that he killed people. It’s the people he killed, they way he killed them, and his motive for killing them. It all adds up to worst person award nominee.

            1. Yes, I think it’s fair to rank him as worse than SJWs (unless they have murdered people in a similarly horrible manner).

            2. I agree with all that. I was saying that killing someone is pretty much the bare minimum to even be in the discussion with Roof, not that anyone who has killed someone is as bad as he is. Equating SJWs in general with him is fucking insane. That’s not to say you can’t find examples of people on the far left as bad as him, but to say that everyone falling under the label of SJW (probably tens of millions of people) is as bad as him is nuts.

    4. The millions of avowed racist nazi attorneys in this country aren’t coming forward to defend this guy? He must really be douche bag.

    5. Shoulda went to Georgia Tech.

  6. New nonpartisan group aims to educate on Russian interference threat

    The new campaign plans to pull together “hundreds of sources to connect the dots” of the Kremlin’s meddling efforts so that users can access the widespread data in one central online site:

    The committee will also release a video in which Academy Award winning-actor Morgan Freeman talks about “Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.”

    The group hopes to collect enough information to make it clear to the federal government that Russia is a “critical national security issue” that it must act on and protect the nation from further interference.

    The committee’s advisory board, which will oversee the progress of the nonprofit organization, includes top influencers from both sides of the aisle including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Max Boot, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Norman Ornstein and others.

    1. I’m glad people are creating a fun app for reenacting that newspaper on walls scenes from A Beautiful Mind.

      1. I picture it more like the prison cell from ‘in the mouth of madness.’

        1. I picture it more like Arthur’s bedroom wall from THE TICK.

          1. It was more like when Todd figured out that Bojack hired Character Actress Margo Martindale to sabotage his rock opera.

    2. Didn’t Mitt Romney try this same thing 5 years ago?

      1. Yes, but these people have Morgan Freeman.

        Time’s up, Russia.

    3. Will they explore CNN undermining our democracy by leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the primary?

      We may as well examine every attack if we’re gonna hold democracy in such high esteem

      1. But, she earned those questions!

    4. No word yet on a documentary regarding the CIA’s interference in elections in China (1949 through early 1960s), Albania 1949-53, East Germany 1950, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Costa Rica mid 1950s, Syria 1956-7, Egypt 1957, Indonesia 1957-8, Iraq 1963, North Vietnam 1945-75, Cambodia 1970, Laos 1958-60, Ecuador 1960-63, Congo 1960, France 1956, Brazil 1962-64, Dominican Republic 1963, Cuba 1959-present, Bolivia 1964, Indonesia 1965, Ghana 1966, Chile 1964-73, Greece 1967, Costa Rica 1970-71, Bolivia 1971, Australia 1973-75, Angola 1975, Zaire 1975 – – should we limit it to just the past 20 years? Yugoslavia 1999-2000, Ecuador 2000, Afghanistan 2001, Venezuela 2002, Iraq 2003, Haiti 2004, Somalia 2007-present, Honduras 2009, Lybia 2011, Syria 2012, Ukraine 2014.

      1. It bothers me a lot. I think it’s a silly standard to believe in anyway. To some extent they probably believe it themselves. They use the term “meddling” or something, and I’ve noticed many people fill that in to mean direct voter fraud. I wonder if they were honest about it how many people would still care.

      2. That’s OUR fuckin’ job!!

    5. “former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper”

      You mean the guy who flat out said there was no FBI wiretapping of Trump tower?


    6. Meathead and Charlie Sykes, together at last

    7. Manafort has had enough of errybody’s shit.…..oreigners/

  7. San Francisco blocks development over ‘bulky’ design.

    NOW they’re against Stalinist excess?

    1. “This building reads as too bulky and just a bit out of character with the neighborhood,” said Planning Commission President Rich Hillis. “We’re trying to build additional housing and maximize the density and I appreciate that, but I think we also have to look at the context of where it is and how it’s built.”

      I just couldn’t get through how condescending it was.

      1. Planning Commission President: next week on Jobs That Should Not Exist!

        1. It’s certainly counterintuitive to have a guy talking about how hard it is to find affordable housing who then basically prevents building from happening that doesn’t adhere to the character of the neighborhood. I can only imagine in his mind that the character is “no poors allowed.”

      2. I just couldn’t get through how condescending it was.

        Welcome to the smuggest city on the planet.

      3. No tiny homes?

  8. U.K. stops training Myanmar military following its use of violence against the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority.

    Now, if only we could get the French to start training the Burmese, the Rohingyas would have it made.

    1. Why are they training the Rohingyas? Aren’t those the ones who were supporting Sauron?

      1. The Rohirrim/Eorlingas were on the “free” hereditary-monarchist side. The Easterlings and Haradrim were on the “bad” hereditary-monarchist side.

  9. Dylann Roof loses bid to fire Jewish, Indian lawyers ? his ‘political and biological enemies’

    When will this country libertarianize its employment laws.

    1. These one-liners are kilning it!

  10. If You Are What You Eat, America Tastes Like Chicken

    U.S. eating habits have undergone a slow transformation since the 1970s, as shown through annual consumption data tracked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And it’s not a simple story of expanding waistlines and new ways to pig out. By looking at when different foods found peak favor and comparing their rises and falls, key moments can be isolated in the story of American eating.

    In some ways, U.S. diets are richer in fresh produce and variety than ever, reflecting improved supply chains and technology that keeps food from spoiling. Greater food diversity has reflected greater population diversity, with avocados and mangoes going from almost unheard-of delicacies to mainstream choices. Price has inevitably played a role: See how chicken and beef intersected as their relative costs shifted. Even marketing has had a measurable impact. Some American dietary habits never die, but in general, we’re eating healthier, fresher and more food.

    That explains why there a lot cluckin’ around town!

    1. Also, SIV’s chain of love hotels recently found some angel investors.

  11. 5 Wheaton College football players face felony charges in hazing incident

    The freshman told investigators that his teammates restrained him with more duct tape during the drive, pulled down his shorts and underwear, then repeatedly tried to insert an object into his rectum. After the freshman yelled at them to stop, he was beaten, he said.

    The players drove to a park located off campus and carried the freshman onto a baseball diamond, according to his account. The players threw dirt on the teen, took his cell phone and left him half-naked on the field, he said.

    The freshman, who had just transferred to the college, did not know where he was or how to get back to campus. The temperature that night was about 45 degrees, according to National Weather Service records.

    About 10 minutes later, a second player was dumped on the field, he told investigators. The two were eventually driven back to campus by classmates who came looking for the second player.

    Millennials are just like us!

    1. We millennials are still failing though, back in the Boomer’s day they would have succeeded at inserting an object into his rectum.

      1. The temperature that night was about 45 degrees, according to National Weather Service records.

        FFS, 45 degrees half-naked is preeminently survivable. There’s not even a risk of losing appendages to frostbite.

        1. I don’t quite understand your point.

          1. He wants to see a frozen dick, damn it!

              1. Impressively prompt. I assume this was sitting in your personal dropbox.

          2. I don’t quite understand your point.

            Back in my day we used to make a kid walk uphill to school in a speedo to haze him. Didn’t need no dad-gum National Weather Service to tell us what was mildly uncomfortable and what was potentially dangerous. Get off my law!

            Seriously, our HS locker room had locking exterior doors. Multiple times per season kids would get shoved out in speedos, jock straps, athletic shorts, shoeless, sockless, etc. This frequently necessitated running around the entire school to the front entrance, through the cafeteria, and across the entryway to the gym in full view of all occupants, wearing whatever you happened to get shoved out in. Of course, where I grew up, they also would’ve had to drive an hour one way to drop you on a baseball field you didn’t recognize.

            1. Get off my law!

              Heh. Newfangled keyboards.

            2. Ah, your point was the hazing wasn’t bad enough.

              1. Rather that after the duct tape restraints, object insertion, beating, and theft the “And it was kinda cold!” seems like piling on.

                I’m pretty sure they didn’t perpetrate the whole affair in silence. They probably shouted insults to! Probably racial or bigoted even! Let’s get ’em for that too! Who do they think they are, leaving someone out in the chilly night air like that?

        2. FFS, 45 degrees half-naked is preeminently survivable. There’s not even a risk of losing appendages to frostbite.

          More than 1,000 people a year die from hypothermia.
          “While hypothermia is most likely at very cold temperatures, it can occur even at cool temperatures (above 40?F) if a person becomes chilled from rain, sweat, or submersion in cold water.”
          Or if the wind is blowing.


      2. “We millennials are still failing though, back in the Boomer’s day they would have succeeded at inserting an object into his rectum.”

        Sandusky agrees.

    2. Back in the day we all just assumed the fratboys were all closet-cases. Yeah there was cheap beer there but otherwise nobody wanted to have anything to do with them.

  12. Taylor Swift Sued Over “Shake It Off” Lyrics

    The songwriters behind 3LW’s “Playas Gon’ Play” say Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” infringes on their lyrics. The aughts girl group sang “Playas, they gonna play / And haters, they gonna hate” more than a decade before Swift declared “[T]he players gonna play, play, play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.”

    Hall and Butler say Swift’s song copies the “four part lyrical sequence” ? but, instead of callers and ballers, she sings of heartbreakers and fakers. They say it’s standard industry practice to clear use of lyrics with the copyright owners even if they’re not repeated verbatim.

    Swift previously defeated a similar suit over the lyrics from Jesse Braham, who said she copied the hook from his song “Haters Gone Hate.” There, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gail Standish ended with Swift’s lyrics, after explaining Braham’s failure to state a claim. “At present, the Court is not saying that Braham can never, ever, ever get his case back in court,” wrote Standish. “But, for now, we have got problems, and the Court is not sure Braham can solve them. … At least for the moment, Defendants have shaken off this lawsuit.”

    Kick their ass, Tay-Tay!

    1. Who oukd have thought pablum was so similiar to other pablum?

      1. I’m surprised that kind of drivel can be copywriten.

    2. Something tells me she’s gonna be alllllright.

  13. Men with short and wide faces have higher sex drives and are more likely to cheat, claim scientists

    Scientists have found that men and women with short and wide faces are more sexually motivated than people with other dimensions.

    Men with square faces are not only have a higher sex drive, but they are also more likely to cheat, the research found.

    The researchers hope the findings will shed light on the role that facial features play in sexual relationships and mate selection.

    Round, fat faces, however, will never hurt you.

    1. What about a shovel-shaped face that always seems to be looking off to the left? Asking for a friend.

      1. Your penis isn’t “a friend.”

          1. What do they say about someone with with a head shaped like a hatchet?

            1. That it’s a good fit for an Axe-Wound.

  14. Senators pledge to defeat Silicon Valley on sex-trafficking bill

    Senators on Tuesday vowed to press ahead with an anti-sex trafficking bill opposed by the biggest names in the tech industry, in the latest sign that Silicon Valley has lost some of its luster in Washington.

    At issue is a measure introduced by Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) that would make it easier for law enforcement to go after websites that host sex-trafficking ads. The bill would do that by changing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects websites from litigation over content posted by users, even though tech companies warn that tinkering with the provision could wreak broader collateral damage to the internet economy.

    1. The legislation, which counts 30 sponsors in the Senate and 140 in the House, has become the latest flash point in Washington’s increasingly tense relationship with Silicon Valley, which once enjoyed bipartisan praise but is lately drawing scrutiny over its unchecked size and power. D.C. policymakers are taking a closer look at everything from Facebook hosting Russia-linked political ads to antitrust concerns over Amazon’s expanding business empire.

      If only the government was drawing scrutiny over its unchecked size and power. Alas…

      1. Unchecked Size and Power was my nickname in college, ladies.

      2. The bill would do that by changing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects websites from litigation over content posted by users

        That will basically entirely make speech online into an issue of arbitrary enforcement of laws. Suddenly every person on twitter saying “Death to X” will lead to possible legal repercussion for the owners.

        All of this, because there is a great inborn fear about the fact that people keep wanting to fuck even if they gotta pay.

        1. Of course by all, you don’t mean Antifa, or SJW’s that want to “Smash the Patriarchy”. Just the wrongthinkers.

          1. I believe their intention is just wrongthinkers, but that definition will change and it will just become arbitrary exertion of power.

            1. This is bipartisan legislation. I doubt the Republican sponsors want to exempt Antifa and SJWs.

              1. Yes, that’s fine. I’m saying regardless of intent at the moment of passage that it will be used unevenly as a means of enforcing a specific view of whatever those in power at a given time.

    2. So, THAT’S why Silicon Valley wants all that immigration!

    3. Reason‘s favorite “libertarian leaning” senators, Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse are cosponsors

  15. I don’t know if there’s a better space to bring this up in, but has it struck anyone how ubiquitous across the left the refusal to condemn political violence against unarmed civilians has been? I know the guy was a nazi, but he was backing away with his hands up and people online compare the assailant to someone who landed on Omaha Beach. The establishment and the left would love love love love to have major domestic tension all throughout the Trump administration because lol nothing matters except fuck Republicans.

    I think we are dangerously close to large scale political violence in this country.

    1. I don’t know. I certainly feel like we drift further and further from a system where having a consistent application of rights is believed in. Everything has become a special case, we judge every case exactly at that moment and it is right or wrong only based on however we feel at that moment.

      It would have been interesting if the Nazi guy had pressed charges as that is clear-cut assault and battery. I wonder if it would have even succeeded at trial though.

      1. A more interesting case would be, and I hope someone sets up for this, if the Nazi had concealed a gun, and boom self defense. Executing (in legal self-defense) a few of these assailants would restore some respect for personal rights.

        Maybe it’s I who wants violence, or at least some justice returned to these antifa fucks.

        I am SICK TO DEATH of people online responding to articles about antifa with “Punch Nazis. Full Stop.” like they are fucking clever and like we are all fucking two years old.

        Jesus christ I am worked up but goddamit these collectivist thugs are perverting our society.

        1. It’s bad, though a lot of it really is perception. We have constant information of the entire country. We have 330 million people here, we now have the power to find one group acting badly.

          The attitudes I don’t know, but luckily the actual action is still relatively contained to Berkeley.

          1. I suspect your measured calm is probably the proper perspective. However, I have been consuming a lot of content about the 1970s in Italy, and I would suggest that political violence can flare up quickly especially if given outside help from official sector actors, and movements can suddenly decide extremism is necessary. And it’s not like Italy (birthplace of fascism) had no police state.

            1. They’re wearing football helmets, swinging bicycle locks, and pepper-spraying people, not bombing government buildings, robbing armored cars, or kidnapping heiress’. Terrorism in the 70s was real – this is bored children play-acting.

              1. I know I’m arguing for a slippery slope, but as socialism progresses the number of those who would see egalitarianism violently enforced will rise.

                1. How many events do you think we have at this point? More than 100?

                  1. It isn’t overwhelming until it is. Yes I am probably overreacting. But it’s hard to estimate things like this due to the media’s love for violent lefties.

                    1. No, that was a real question. Do you have an idea of how many events we are talking about? I mean events you can link to this type of political violence, on the right or left I don’t care.

                    2. Of unknown value: here

                    3. I’m curious how that organization defines “political violence.” Sounds like I’m moving goalposts, but really I’m just drunk and rambling.

      2. It would be interesting to know if the guy was actually a Nazi, or if this was some pre-arranged street-theatre. If it was staged, that would certainly go a long way in explaining why the “Nazi” didn’t press charges.

        1. Surely people’s applauding of the violence is concerning regardless…

    2. It depends on how you define violence.

      If it is an *action*, then the Left are as guilty as the Nazis and Wan Supremacists.

      But if you define it as a *feeling*, then the Left considers itself blameless, because they beat those people out of Love and Tolerance, doncha know.

      Guess which definition they use?

      1. Is Wan Supremacy more or less inclusive than White Supremacy?

        1. Less. No Frenchies allowed! Or Californians.

          Why do you think we Texans wear those big hats? Gotta keep that pastiness pure.

        2. Is Wan Supremacy more or less inclusive than White Supremacy?

          *shrugs weakly*

    3. I think we are dangerously close to large scale political violence in this country.

      The late 60s and early 70s were much more violent – read something like Burroughs’ Days of Rage to get an idea of how incredibly violent it really was – and America lived through it. And that isn’t even really including the Watts Riots or the Detroit Riots. We haven’t even had anything close to something like this.

      Sure, normalizing violence is worrisome, but the worry will be when those normalizing the violence in large numbers are actually committing the violence.

      1. Imagine if Trump is reelected. I can easily imagine antifa becoming like Shining Path or the Red Brigades.

        1. I would think our police state is too strong to let an organized terrorist force operate, plus, antifa is not that organized.

          1. If Republicans continue to hold power, the members of the state, all Democrats who live in Maryland and Virginia might find it fun to ignore whatever springs up.

            1. I don’t understand your point. Could you rephrase it?

                1. Well I don’t differentiate but yes.

              1. The actual FBI/DEA/ATF/CIA/Other official sector members are Democrats. Every one of them, even if some of them vote R occasionally, they are all dyed-in-the-wool statists. If the Left is convinced violent action is the way to go, you will start to see the levers of power of the state moved to help them.

                1. If the Left is convinced violent action is the way to go, you will start to see the levers of power of the state moved to help them.

                  I think you will see the levers of the power of the state crush them.

                  1. Like how the police on the west coast stand down and let antifa viciously beat people?

                    1. It happens in Portland and San Fran and my hometown Seattle in every single incident. And the society and media around these shithole towns immediately condones all the violent behavior. And appoint even weaker police chiefs who decide to not even engage antifa to begin with.

                    2. The national media doesn’t cover it but Portland and Seattle are horrifying, often due to violent leftists

                    3. I think your drastically overreacting, but if you think that’s what’s going on, you best knuckle-up.

                    4. Well I don’t go to Portland ever and Seattle is scary too. And I am afraid that people of all stripes are strapping up for this reason, that law and order has been abandoned because the government is afraid of the Left. This is exactly what led to FARC vs the AUC in Colombia, and there are scores of parallel examples elsewhere. I’m not predicting it, I’m just saying I think the chances of paramilitary vs lefty violence in this country are slightly less remote than previously.

                    5. I wonder if there is a fundamental difference between political action such as this and a loosely affiliated gang.

                    6. The Left – from antifa to the media to the Democrat party are a loosely affiliated gang, and they tend to say violence is wrong until it isn’t and then there is a horde of violent young thugs ready to just loot. Look at Argentina – if you disagreed with the Kirchners or the Perons there was a good chance thugs that looked identical tactically to antifa would go to your home and rob and torture you. Antifa targets people personally for violence, and they have a network of professional media enablers.

                2. Got it. I agree, the biggest practical advantage of free speech absolutism is that it allows for a simple uniform application that does not fall to the questionable whims of those in power.

                3. R’s aren’t statists?

            2. With that line of thinking you should start prepping for the upcoming war between LARPing fatties who, after a battle, want to lay in their beds and brag about what they did online.

              1. or, brag online about what they did.

                1. Both the LARPing and the bragging online keep me in peak condition, thank you very much.

              2. I’m not worried about the fatties. I’m worried that the Left is creating a cult of violence where putting your hands up in self defense is not enough for them to not cheer your injury.

      2. Back in the 60s and 70s there was more violence, but the left was held at bay by the establishment center-left which wasn’t afraid to crack heads like Mayor Daley.

      3. I don’t like how your Amazon link is tricking me into using Reason as my donation target.

    4. If the establishment/left would “love love love love to have major domestic tension all throughout the Trump administration”, they’re fucking idiots.

      You want to know how Nixon went from managing to barely win a plurality by 0.7% to winning by 23.2% and the largest raw popular vote margin in US history? Despite economic stagnation, major inflation, and rising unemployment marking his four years in office, while the Vietnam War just kept turning Americans into corpses without any success?

      The American people’s reaction to violence by the idiots on the left.

      Seriously, if you wanted to design an effort to re-elect Trump, what you would do is have a bunch of left-wing whackjobs launch a campaign of violence and intimidation large enough and loud enough that middle Americans can’t write it off as a handful of localized idiots far away.

      We aren’t dangerously close to large-scale political violence in this country. If the idiot left makes enough trouble, it’ll just get smashed by a federalized National Guard marching a company or two into a few cities, with nowhere for the remnants to retreat and regroup. The countryside, after all, is full of Trump voters with hunting rifles.

      1. “Seriously, if you wanted to design an effort to re-elect Trump, what you would do is have a bunch of left-wing whackjobs launch a campaign of violence and intimidation large enough and loud enough that middle Americans can’t write it off as a handful of localized idiots far away.”

        The left is trying oh, so hard to do so:
        “Nancy Pelosi’s DACA event overtaken by Dreamer protests”
        “We demand a clean bill that protects immigrant youth without hurting our families,” the protesters chanted.”…..mer-prote/

        I’m in favor of pretty free immigration, but these folks don’t seem to understand that they are not in any sort of position to “demand” anything.

      2. If the idiot left makes enough trouble, it’ll just get smashed by a federalized National Guard marching a company or two into a few cities,…

        Military officers read history.

        Governor Blue: “Colonel, call up your battalion and prepare to march into Lefty City and take out those rioting students.”
        Colonel Flint: “Governor, Google ‘Kent State University’. We are standing by.”
        Governor Blue: “Holy shit! Nevermind.”

        1. Did you Google Kent State?

          Don’t buy the media narrative, look at the actual facts about how Americans reacted in the aftermath. Gallup polling found most Americans blamed the students, and the number who blamed the National Guard was tiny (58% blamed students, 11% blamed the shooters). All charges were dismissed against the National Guardsmen. The governor who sent in the National Guard and said the campus protesters were “worse than the Brownshirts” went on (after a break to satisfy the Ohio Constitution) to get re-elected to the office of governor for another two terms. And, of course, Nixon, whose first term the shooting happened under, went on to win his re-election by the largest vote margin in US history.

          So, whatever the media might say about it, the only political effect of the Kent State shooting was to cause a bunch of other campus protests that made the side of “law and order” even more popular.

          (Now, Governor Blue likely buys into the media narrative on Kent State, sure. But then, I specified “federalized” for a reason.)

  16. Hey guys, did you know that Mexico was just hit by an earthquake that killed more people so far than Harvey?

    1. The ‘Ring of Fire’ isn’t just a good porno flick.

    2. Did you not get the memo last year? Mexicans, Chinamen and Muslims are on this 4-year term’s “Do Not Care” list.

      Tune in next term for the excuting return of our previous 2-time champion, “Not Caring About Rednecks and Small Business Owners”.

      1. *exciting return

        Although we may upgrade to executions next season. Depends on the ratings.

      2. It was kinda weird not to see any mention of the Mexican earthquake in the PM links.

        I guess if you live in Vermont or something this doesn’t concern you. But I live in CA, which is right about Mexico. Reason’s HQ is in CA too, if I’m not mistaken.

        1. *deploys Trumpcoptors to XM’s house*

        2. People only care about Mexicans in the US because a) it drives down the cost of labor and b) they vote Democrat/Socialist.

          Actual Mexicans in Mexico? They don’t do anything for Reason or US liberals.

          1. I care.


            Ooh, Cheez-its! Excuse me-

    3. Does the Cajun Navy have ATVs?

    4. “Global warming does “mind boggling” damage to Dominica and Mexico.”

  17. FFS: How did the commentariat miss this quote by Trump at the UN:

    “the problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.”

    Sounds like a lot of people writing here must work for the guy! Good work slipping that one in!

    Read more at:…

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