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Trump Let a Kid Mow the White House Lawn. Idiot Asks: What About Child Labor Laws?

We have come to see childhood only through the lens of danger.


Chris Kleponis/Polaris/Newscom

Frank Giaccio, an 11-year-old kid from Falls Church, Virginia, wrote a note to President Trump saying he admired his business sense and had a business of his own: He mows lawns, $8 a pop. But it would be his "honor to mow the White House Lawn" as a volunteer.

And he got the gig!

So now there are pictures of him all over the Internet, mowing the Rose Garden lawn on September 15. And while he's doing it, out comes the president to shake his hand. Giaccio tells the president he wants to be a Navy Seal someday and it's a giant feel-good story.

Except on Twitter.

There, Steven Greenhouse, former New York Times labor reporter and author of the book, The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker, tweeted that the administration was "Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety" by having a "10-year-old volunteer mow its lawn."

As you might imagine, critics were somewhat dumbfounded (to put it mildly) that Greenhouse was treating this one-off photo op as if it were a policy statement. The words "Debbie Downer" appeared in at least one response. So did some other names. Thankfully, other people reminded Greenhouse that it is good for kids to mow lawns. Plenty of them spent their own childhoods mowing lawns.

Greenhouse countered by recommending they all read an article on how dangerous lawn-mowing is for kids. So I read it. I immediately recognized the name of the doctor who did the research: Dr. Gary Smith at Nationwide Hospital. "Nationwide" as in the insurance company that featured a dead kid in its Super Bowl ad a few years back.

At that time, I looked into Gary Smith's record and noted that his mission in life seems to be churning out papers about how ordinary things are insanely dangerous:

Gary Smith…is the author of papers as varied as: "Microwave Oven-Related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments in the United States, 1990-2010;" "Softball Injuries Treated in US Emergency Departments, 1994-2010;" "Volleyball-Related Injuries…" "Pediatric inflatable bouncer-related injuries…" "Sledding-related injuries among children…" "Stair-Related Injuries to Young Children… " and possibly my favorite: "Children Treated in United States Emergency Departments for Door-Related Injuries, 1999-2008."

If he's worried about doors, you can see why lawnmowers would drive him (slowly and carefully, signaling all turns) around the bend. But those 13 injuries a day that Greenhouse keeps mentioning, turn out to be—thank god—mostly minor. Less than 10 percent warrant admission to the hospital:

The most common types of lawn mower injuries were cuts (39%) and burns (15%). The hand/finger was the most commonly injured body region, followed by the leg, feet and toes. While most children were treated and released, more than eight percent were serious enough to be admitted to the hospital. Bystanders and passengers were almost four times more likely than operators to be admitted.

By this measure, Trump was in much more danger than the boy.

Greenhouse also told his critics to go read an article in USA Today about lawnmower accidents. But if you read that article, you will find it features two stories of toddlers run over by mowers, and one of a grandpa who had his toddler on his lap when he rode their lawnmower into a creek.

How do those have anything to do with an 11-year-old pushing a mower?

They don't. And yet the paper still wrote in its safety tips: "Don't allow children under age 12 to operate a push mower."

What is happening here? Simply this: We have come to see childhood only through the lens of danger. There is never a counterbalance to say what is good about a childhood activity that presents even the slightest risk. We only look at what could go wrong. And then we leap to the scariest possible outcome. Then we ban the activity, congratulating ourselves as if we have fought to keep 8-year-olds out of the asbestos mines.

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  1. The precautionary principle so badly fails its own requirements that it ought to be not so much retired as impaled on a sharp spike for mockery by the populace.

    1. You mock the principle. Will someone you love have to die from a meteor strike to get you to see the danger?

      1. What danger? Everybody dies.
        Or maybe abortion is the ultimate expression of the precautionary principle — kill it before it can become a person because bad stuff will, certainly, happen.

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        2. The aborted child…errr…fetus will never suffer from an *accident* though, and that’s the feel-good part.

          For the safety advocate, and that’s what really counts, right?

    2. It depends on which version of the Precautionary principle you are talking about. If it’s the normal scientific PP known as the ‘weak PP’, then no that’s perfectly reasonable and only requires a reasonable level of evidence. If you are talking about the ‘strong PP’ where everything must be proven 100% safe before any action can be taken, then yeah that’s some BS.

      1. If it’s Trump, it’s definitely “strong PP”.

    3. It seems that everyone misses the point. This not about nanny government and overreach. Those are interesting. This is all about Trump derangement syndrome. Has any of the tweeters or NYT hacks written before about the dangers of kids mowing lawns? No. Anything and everything that Trump does, they need to spin negatively.

      1. “This is all about Trump derangement syndrome.”
        @MarioLanza I could see how you would think this is political, but I think it’s part of a larger trend of treating kids as babies, teenagers as kids, and young adults as teens. Parents hover, and kids grow up slower. All the things people do, paid jobs, sex, try drugs, walk to the store; whatever it is kids start doing it at a later age than we did.

        1. @CG AMEN! +1. It’s nearly unbelievable that anyone over age X (X=ten years younger than the reader) survived childhood back when we: wore no seatbelts/ rode bikes without helmets/ had unsupervised outdoor time/ had jobs as teens/ swam shortly after eating/ etc. The “growing up” phase seems to last into one’s 30’s now.

  2. I used to read Greenhut in the NYT, but then I got a paper-cut turning the page and it got infected and I died. Lesson – reading NYT columnists will literally kill you.

    1. You shoulda watched this before reading the NYT.

      1. You should just not read the NYT.

    2. Hopefully St. Peter likes the jacket that you’re wearing. Otherwise you’ll get the room next to the noisy ice machine for all eternity. And everyday he runs by yelling, “Everything you know is wrong!”.

    3. Don’t let kids under 95 read the NYT.

  3. I paid for my first motorcycle, my trumpet and a good chunk of my first car with money earned mowing lawns. Green tennis shoes were the badge of honor in my youth.

    Mowing yards and babysitting are the staples of early teen earnings.

    And for a large chunk of my youth I was convinced that the only reason my dad had kids was so that I could change the channel for him*, take out the trash and mow the grass.

    *back in the olden days, you had to get up and walk across the room to physically turn a nob in order to change channels

    1. Your family TV had a VHF knob? Ours had pliers to change the channel.

      1. same here

      2. You had channels to change? We had only one channel. And it had snow everyday.
        Remember snow? I do.

        1. You had a television? We made my younger brother draw pictures really, really fast.

          1. Your sister flipped the pages really fast then?

            1. You guys could afford paper?

              1. We had to make our drawings in the dust that blew in through the broken window and collected on the floor.

        2. We had three channels. Always heard stories of actual UHF stations one could get with the UHF knob in certain cities, but we were so poor we only had Cronkite, Rather, and Brokaw.

          1. You haven’t watched Television until you’ve put tinfoil on the rabbit ears.

      3. You had pliers? You lucky bastard! We had to use our fingers! In fact, we used our fingers to make hand puppets because we also didn’t have a TV! In fact, we had to use our hands because we didn’t have fingers!

        AND WE LIKED IT!

    2. Me too. I mowed a lot of lawns in my neighborhood in the days before roving bands of Mexican landscapes.

      Bought a used Kawasaki KD and beat the hell out of it.

      1. I mowed my brother in law’s yard for the summer in exchange for his TRS-80 model 1. He just bought an Apple IIC, and I scored my first computer! Whoo! Not bad for an 11 year old.

    3. 20+ acres of grass is near un-mowable by a single person in a day. I can hardly remember a time that I wasn’t able to sit on a riding mower and help mow the lawn.

      I do remember that we had a few ‘teaching moments’ with the sickle bar mower. Until we were old enough, Dad wouldn’t even let us play on/around it while it sat in the barn. All we could do was put the dogs away and go inside before he ran it. Occasionally, (until we were old enough to run it) he would ‘find’ a rabbit’s den or similar with it and use that as a teaching moment. Even then, we were mowing pastures and ditches before we were legally old enough to drive.

      1. Yes but back then people often died of smallpox and families would have eight or more children because they were regularly dying off doing chores and you needed spares. Now couples are having a single child, a single, precious child.

        1. Jokes on you! We used the sickle bar mower because it was hip. Same thing with the industrial wire spool and steel pipe furniture. Chicken pox parties were a blast (as long as you weren’t the one who had it)! Literally *none* of us got vaccinated and nobody died!

        2. Now you can just rent a dozen orphans if you need help around the house.

    4. Okay you had cool factor going with the motorcycle but followed it with Trumpet so you lost it. LOL

    5. There were 5 or 6 channels….Or if U lived in NYC 11 !!!!

  4. It’s a good thing the kid volunteered to mow the lawn for free because Trump wouldn’t have paid him for the job anyway.

    1. Well Trump is only taking $1 in salary per year after he gives the money back to the treasury or donates his $400,000. If the kid took the $8 per yard, he would make more than Trump after all is said and done.

      1. Yeah, but presidents make most of their money on the back end…after they leave office.

        1. Or in Hillary’s case without taking office.

          1. Hey! She was SoS, and that paid pretty darn well!

  5. “Don’t allow children under age 12 to operate a push mower.”

    But there always seems to be some magical age in which these sure-to-kill-you activities become OK. Why after your 12th birthday do you suddenly possess the life skills to operate a mower? Especially if you’ve never operated one before. I mowed my lawn (not a euphemism) when I was like 8 or 9 (or whenever my older brother told me to start doing it).

    1. It’s all a result of our overly litigious and regulated society. Everything has to be objective. You can’t trust someone’s subjective judgement regarding the capabilities and maturity of their children. Instead, everything has to be tied to a specific, objective number that is verifiable, like age or height. Otherwise, it would just be chaos in the courts and the legislative bodies.

      Same goes with traffic laws. Driving “too fast” is subjective. A speed limit is not. Much easier to ticket someone for the latter.

      1. I read somewhere that, in regards to our society, that Europeans are unsure why Americans would need to have directions on using shampoo. When advised that a lawsuit made it so, they would ask why anybody would be willing to admit that they didn’t know how to use shampoo.

        1. Since many smelly Europeans are not washing themselves very often, it would appear THEY don’t know how to use shampoo either.

        2. Actual instructions on one brand of wetnap: “tear open, unfold, and use”

          1. Actual instructions on US Army bazooka: “Front Toward Enemy”.

            1. Claymore mine

  6. It is clearly Trump derangement syndrome. This pandemic began as the election results came in and it was evident that the “chosen one” wasn’t going to win.

    1. If Trump was seen walking on water and raising the dead, some twit on the Left would rant about how he was ignoring regulations, destroying precedent, and generally failing to be a Progressive Left Imbecile. The sufferers from Trump Derangement syndrome (and Bush DS before it) seem to be incapable of hearing themselves and understanding how others will hear them.

      Here’s a clue, Lefties; When you accuse a mild Republican establishment figure like Bush of resembling a certain Austrian paperhanger, listeners who aren’t Hard Leftists conclude that you have a screw loose. When you carry on about a populist jackass like Trump as if he were the Antichrist, your non-leftist audience concludes that you need to have your meds adjusted. None of this does your cause any good whatsoever.

      1. Ah, but isn’t their superior virtue on brightly shining display for a while, and is that not the goal of all modern discourse?

  7. Greenhouse is just worried that someday that kid is going to grow up and take a job away from some needy Mexican grass cutter.

    1. Greenhouse is full of gas. I’m surprised he didn’t mention that his Prius causes less pollution than that mower.

    2. Hazelmead has to eat too…

  8. Then we ban the activity, congratulating ourselves as if we have fought to keep 8-year-olds out of the asbestos mines.

    Not in MY asbestos mines!

    1. Indeed. My company has discovered that by using only prepubescent children in our mines we can make our tunnels smaller and save on excavation costs.

      Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the Hamptons to discuss our plans for clear-cutting our National Parks with The Donald. *lights cigar with $100 bill*

      1. Nouveau riche rookie. I have kids light my Habanas (made with child labor of course) with rare $10,000 bills.

        1. I just roll up the $1,000 Woodrow Wilsons and smoke those.

  9. Well, yeah! Children should be given safer jobs, like polishing the monocles and blacking the boots of us evil libertarian types.

    Seriously, of course there are hazards to doing yard work. But there’s no need to exaggerate. And the way you learn to safely handle tools is hands-on.

  10. Jesus Christ, Greenhouse, what the fuck is wrong with you.

    1. He knows who butters his bread.

    2. Somewhere, someone found joy, and he had to put a stop to it.

    3. Boomer shitlibs gonna boomer shitlib.

  11. $8 a pop? The going rate in my neighborhood is more than twice that. Is this kid trying to drive up his market share by undercutting the competition? What’s his endgame?

    1. “Cut-throat Competition”! Call the FTC, stat!

    2. Problem means he’s not paying for gas or the mower and the $8 is pure profit.

  12. By this measure, Trump was in much more danger than the boy.

    Kid’s lucky the Secret Service didn’t kill him, which Greenhut still would have attributed to the lawn mower.

    1. Well, he was “mowing the yard” even if it was a bullet that killed him. That is a child labor industrial accident if I ever heard of one.

  13. I’m always amazed at the people who survived their childhood who seem to behave as if it were a minor miracle that they did so.

    I mowed my lawn and, once, hit a rock and the fucking blade disengaged and shot out the front of the mower across my yard. A split second later and it’d be lacking feet.

    I still have no issue with kids mowing lawns.

    We complain that kids are fat and lazy…then keep them in soft, padded rooms and wonder why they are fat and lazy.

    1. I mowed my lawn and, once, hit a rock and the fucking blade disengaged and shot out the front of the mower across my yard. A split second later and it’d be lacking feet.

      I still have no issue with kids mowing lawns.

      I don’t have issues with kids mowing lawns but it sounds like you had some significant mower maintenance issues (as well as probably physics) as a kid.

      1. Oh, the mower was a POS to be sure.

      2. Hey, there’s a lesson for a kid to learn that they would not otherwise gain. How to maintain/fix a lawnmower.

        This is why the lefty argument against learning unpaid skills is so bad. Gaining valuable skills while unpaid and young most likely allows a person to be a better adult paid employee.

      3. We took off the back safety guard so we could back the mower up easier.
        I still have all my toes.

      4. Fat, lazy and suffering from anxiety; unsurprisingly so since everything is out to get them. Other people are too stupid to know how to drive safely, alt-right white supremioticists* are literally causing otherwise virtuous progressive to go mad with defensive violence (totes not their fault!), skin cancer lurks in every unshielded ray, 2nd hand smoke kills everybody, some of them two or three times/year; and sympathetic magic is used to give cancer to people inhaling the vapor of non-cigarette products (FDA/CDC believe in the conversion of non-carcinogenic substances through the magical process of “looking like smoking”. Apparently.).

        Probably best to just kill the little tykes outright! After all, they might get taken by “traffickers”!!

        *-“supremicioticsts”!! Look on my neologisms ye mighty, and despair!

  14. When you have the facts wrong, your conclusion is always wrong.
    (11 years old, not 10. Volunteer, so labor law and minimum wage do not apply. Independent contractor, so minimum wage laws do not apply. Publicity stunt, so labor laws do not apply. Federal property, so local laws do not apply. etc)

    Why do ‘news’ organizations try to make articles out of social media rants?
    Like the drunk at the bar, just ignore this madness. And ask the bartender to cut him off.

    1. Greenhouse isn’t part of a news organization any more. He took the NYT buyout and is freelance now.

      If Twitter cut people off like the drunk at a bar, they would be accused of censorship, most foul.

    2. If someone can legally volunteer to work for no dollars per hour, why can’t someone volunteer to work for 5 dollars per hour?

      1. You can . It’s called running your own small business.

        1. Consider yourself lucky to make anything during the first few years of running your own business.

    3. “Volunteer, so labor law and minimum wage do not apply. “

      Can you imagine the outcry if the kid had been black? BLM’s heads would have exploded: “Trump brings back slavery!”

  15. Why just the other day, I turned on the TV and saw children acting, singing, and dancing.

    What about child labor laws?

    1. That’s different because lefties control TV and they can brainwash those kids to make movies that further lefty agendas.

      Successfully brainwashing a kid who is learning the value of a dollar, about free market, and the importance of a honest days wage is far more difficult.

  16. Today MILLIONS of people let their children walk down the stairs in the house all by themselves without bubble wrap on! Someone call Child Protective Services!

  17. “What is happening here? Simply this: We have come to see childhood only through the lens of danger. There is never a counterbalance to say what is good about a childhood activity that presents even the slightest risk. We only look at what could go wrong. And then we leap to the scariest possible outcome. Then we ban the activity, congratulating ourselves as if we have fought to keep 8-year-olds out of the asbestos mines.”

    “What COULD go wrong.” Welcome to 21st Century America; the world must be made idiot proof or we lack compassion.

    1. Obviously, America isn’t idiot proof yet . . . They’re still getting in!

      1. The idiots… they’re coming from inside the country!

        1. The idiots are lefties. You are correct there.

          Maybe some Canadians too. There are some Canadians dumb enough to like socialism.

    2. You make something idiot proof and somebody will make a better idiot

  18. Hires small child to do lawnwork and then stiff him on the $8.

    Trump really is the most libertarian president ever.

    1. The kid didn’t have to mow the yard as a volunteer.

      Its that same silly argument against internships.


      1. Unpaid interns aren’t slaves, they’re just stupid. Trading something valuable for something worthless.

        And this isn’t volunteering. Making sure a billionaire’s grass is short is not a charity!

        1. To a lefty, gaining valuable experience like: on the job training, coworker interpersonal skills, customer service, etc while being young and not having experience is stupid. You are just making those greedy billionaire small business owners wealthier.

          How do you gain valuable experience when you have no value to offer to an employer?
          -A lefty would say go on welfare.
          -Everyone else would suggest volunteering or being an intern.

          1. gaining valuable experience like: on the job training, coworker interpersonal skills, customer service

            I know that’s the line, but it’s empirically not the actual case:

            Why Your Unpaid Internship Makes You Less Employable

            Hiring rates for those who had chosen to complete an unpaid internship (37%) were almost the same for those who had not completed any internship at all (35%). Students who had any history of a paid internship, on the other hand, were far more likely (63%) to secure employment.

            What’s even more astonishing is the pay disparity between those with paid, unpaid, and no internships. Those with unpaid internships tended to take lower-paying jobs than those with no internship experience whatsoever ($35,721 and $37,087, respectively). Students with paid internships far outpaced their peers with an average $51,930 salary.

            1. Haha. Thanks for the good laugh. Gaining valuable experience when young people have no experience is bad according to lefties.

              I guess this lefty study answers the questions of how many of these interns used the opportunity to gain skills and how many didn’t. All interns are the same…you see.

              Its anecdotal but, I served in the US Military and made about $.39 per hour because of all the hours you work. It was great experience for almost no pay and allowed me to be the successful person that I am today.

              Also anecdotal is my experience with young people who make $15 per hour at fast food places and they are horrible at their jobs. I wonder if the employer had to hire them at $15 per hour before seeing if they had basic work skills and now cannot fire them because labor laws make firing nearly impossible.

              1. Actually, it’s probably a case of correlation not causation. Paid internships tend to be for jobs where the supply/demand economics are on the side of the interns (like IT). Employers pay in order to attract the best candidates and (hopefully) funnel them in as employees later.

                Unpaid internships are for the jobs everyone wants and you don’t need a lot of school for (publishing, anything in Hollywood). They’re just making use of free labor and probably wouldn’t be hiring from the intern pool anyway.

                So the study is right, but concluding all internships should be paid is like saying that since children with more books in their house do better in school the way to improve grades is to send every low-income child a book a month.

            2. But what about the people who worked for free for Bernie? Were they stupid? Wait a minute; i guess i answered my own question.

        2. You’ve never heard of companies giving away free goods/services as a form of advertisement?

          This kid just earn millions of dollars worth of free publicity by mowing the WH lawn for free. He won’t be able to keep up with the demand for his services next summer. He’ll have to hire his friends Tommy and Billy just to keep up.

          1. Lefties do not want that.

            They want government approval for all transactions, taxes on all transactions and pay for anyone learning how to transact said goods/services.

      2. In any case, I was trying to make an orphan servant joke. ;P

        1. If that was a joke, you REALLY need to try harder.

          First off, the White House yard is not “Trump’s” grass. It belongs to Americans.

          Second of all, this kid is gonna get more than $8 worth of book deals, YouTube revenue, and speaking engagements. Actually, he might not because the media will be scared this kid is smarter than them and will use the opportunity to advocate free market and the value of a hard days work.

          A joke would be more like: Remember when Democrats used to use kids as slaves to keep yards tiddy and now they are against internships because there are no chains involved?

          1. I’m pretty sure using slave kids to keep your yard tiddied is a sex offense. Probably trafficking too if you import them or move them across state lines.

        2. Commie leftists don’t get to make jokes.

          1. More like Commie leftists don’t make jokes, get it?

          2. I always find their campaigns quite amusing… in a really dark sort of way.

  19. OK, you folks laugh, but did he have a DC business license?
    If not, all those licensed grass-mowers are facing unfair competition!

  20. it’s a giant feel-good story

    On a more serious note, it’s not horrifying, but I’m not sure what’s supposed to be feel good about it either.

    1. A kid doing work today is like a unicorn sighting.

      1. Except he wasn’t doing work, since he wasn’t getting paid.

        Is being servile to Top Men something we should encouraging in our children?

        1. Funny, I do work around my house like cut trees, clean the house, repair said house and I don’t get paid shit.

          The definition of work does not require payment for task performed.

          Lefties cannot separate work and pay because they are against interns and volunteers taking jobs from union workers who contribute to the Democratic Party. Well, used to anyway.

          Haha. How many hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers will never be voting Democrat again.

          1. Hey cool. Want to come over and clean my house? I’m happy to let you glory in your conservative superiority with as much pay-separated work as you like.

            1. As a Libertarian, unlike you, I refuse your offer at this contract for labor.

              1. Apparently that makes you a lazy kid who proves the current generation doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. You out to be ashamed of yourself.

                1. What a stupid argument.

        2. Except he wasn’t doing work, since he wasn’t getting paid.

          Good to know you think everyone who ever toiled under slavery weren’t really working because they weren’t getting paid.

        3. Work is to be treasured for its own sake, Stormy. As all good free market economists will tell you.

          1. Work is to be taxed as much as politicians can and ban contract work between people. Internships and volunteering should be illegal. As all good leftist “economists” will tell you.

        4. “servile”, eh? Volunteering to do
          . Is that yoiur formulation?

          Methinks you’re projecting. IOW, if YOU offered to do something for someone for free, it WOULD be “servile”, probably sycophantic and emotionally manipulative, too. And if that’s how YOU are, that’s how you must assume others to be. Got it.

  21. The real irony of Greenhouse’s limpout is that if the kid had been a Guatemalan DACA beneficiary, he’d be praising the kid to the skies as another immigrant doing the jobs that evil, lazy white people won’t do.

    1. This does put a kink the open border supporter’s argument that fat white lazy Americans will not do menial jobs like mowing yards.

      Probably why Trump allowed it. 5th D chess and all.

      As an American, who is Cherokee, and mows his own yard, I resent that argument every time I hear it.

      1. How is preventing labor competition by closing the border any different than what a union does with closed shop laws?

        1. You know or should know, so I won’t waste my time.

          If you can’t figure it out, let me know. Just make sure that you include in your request for me to help you that you are too stupid to figure out how the two differ.

  22. I’m surprised the official “mainstream” media headline on this wasn’t “Young Trump-loving white supremacist in training steals job from poor Mexican dreamer”.

    1. The media was thinking about though.

  23. RE: Trump Let a Kid Mow the White House Lawn. Idiot Asks: What About Child Labor Laws?Trump Let a Kid Mow the White House Lawn. Idiot Asks: What About Child Labor Laws?

    Don’t worry about child labor laws.
    Once the kids become unionized, then everything will be OK.

  24. Is the the first article at Reason in a while that directly involves Trump, yet does not contain the obligatory “Trump Disclaimer”, noting his supposed sexism racism authoritarianism fascism rudeness etc even if nothing really to do with the topic ?

    Or maybe it just seems like its the first one like that.

  25. Reminds me of Michelle Obama’s deadly postage stamp series.…..ngerous-fo

  26. Normally I hate almost everything that is written here but this is spot on.

  27. This NYT reporter is an awful human being. The elitist drivel is nauseating.
    i’m not left or right but the left turns my stomach more often.

  28. Would somebody please put that maggot out of everyone’s misery?

  29. Shit, the best parts of being a kid were the risky things…

    1. Which, since we seldom knew what we were doing, was most things.

  30. Mowing the White House lawn was either Performance Art, or a Political Statement;
    neither fall under the auspices of the Child Labor Laws.
    But, the kids in media wouldn’t know that.

  31. Is anyone really surprised the Bolsheviks respond like this? Please note, none of the Bolsheviks looted work boots in Florida or Houston.

  32. If there was a god with any kind of sense of humor, it would come out that this kid is an illegal alien. Alas I suppose that would be just too deliciously ironic even for gods.

    Ah, Loki. Where are you when we need you?

  33. When I was a kid we A) played with fire, (B) jumped off rooftops, (C) rode bikes down gravel hills without helmets, (D) made our own fishing boat out of a door and 2 innertubes, (E) shot arrows into the sky straight up, (F) set off fireworks and (G) mowed lawns.

    I’m pretty sure the lawn mowing was the least dangerous of all of those.

    1. but, but, but-we didn’t have expert scientists and doctors back then to warn us of these dangers! Or big evil corporations silenced them.

  34. This kid should see how many lawn-mowing jobs he can get in his area now that he has this attention. He probably would get too much work and need to hire other kids. There’s some percentage of the population who really likes Trump, and even if most of them are broke and blaming their problems in life on people who are different from them, some of them have their act together and would like presidential-level lawn service.

  35. All kids should be kept in a padded and locked room until 21 years old. Then we can let them safely drink alcohol and drive down the road because at that age they will have experience. LOL

  36. My own son and his first lawn mowing effort. 9yo…..4G7JJsvoQ0

  37. My dad had me mowing our lawn by the time I was 10 too. It was an electric mower that often shocked me, especially when the grass was damp-I wore gloves but that didn’t help much. But hey, at least I wasn’t contributing to global warming-until I finally saved up some of my own money and bought a gas mower a few years later.

  38. They weren’t complaining when Bill Clinton was giving the unpaid interns work to do in the White House.

  39. I am shocked, Trump is a child slaver and put that child’s life in peril operating that dangerous climate killing machine of death and destruction. You people need to understand that children die by the thousands because of climate change and this mowing the lawn means children are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. It is all so obvious and I can’t understand why you don’t see this.

    1. “…dangerous climate killing machine of death and destruction.” hahaha that’s a good line

  40. Giaccio: “I cried all the way to the bank!”

  41. I got injured mowing my neighbors lawn when I was about 10. I was almost done and there dog came out and I turned off the lawn mower and started playing with her. Long story short, I literally ran into the side of my lawn mower chasing the dog like a moron and cut my knee up pretty decent. I ended up getting like 6 or 7 stitches. This was around 1998, so I don’t think I made it into this guy’s study. But he is right, mowing lawns is clearly dangerous!

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