Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Resigns to Spend More Time With His Fake Medals

Remember the time someone died of thirst inside David Clarke's jail?



Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigned Thursday, effective at midnight, ending the controversial 15-year tenure of one of the nation's most prominent and conservative lawmen.

Clarke was first appointed and later elected sheriff in 2002. He began raising his national profile with frequent appearances on FoX News in 2014, following the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where he made strong denunciations of Black Lives Matter and other groups critical of police. However, he was dogged throughout his career by lawsuits and reports of deplorable—sometimes deadly—conditions inside his jail.

In the most infamous case, an inmate, Terrill Thomas, died in 2016 of "profound dehydration" inside Clarke's jail.

It was far from the only such case. Last year, a woman sued the Milwaukee County Jail for being subjected to repeated sexual assaults by a guard. She also said she was shackled while giving birth. The lawsuit alleged that at least 40 other women since 2011 had been forced to give birth while shackled to hospital beds. A jury awarded her $6.7 million in June.

Another woman is also suing the Milwaukee County Jail, alleging that poor medical care led to a miscarriage during her third trimester:

A lawyer for Shadé Swayzer has filed a notice of claim against the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, alleging that jail staff are responsible for the death of Swayzer's child. The 30-year-old woman, who was almost nine months pregnant, is seeking $8.5 million in damages.

Swayzer's lawyer, Jason Jankowski, wrote in the notice of claim that Swayzer told a corrections officer her water broke and she was going into labor, but the officer laughed and ignored her. Swayzer said she told the officer that she was going into labor around midnight, gave birth at about 4 a.m., and finally received attention from officers at 6 a.m. Her child was pronounced dead later that day, although it's unclear at what time.

Clarke was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

This June, the Trump administration offered Clarke a position at the Department of Homeland Security, but he withdrew his name from consideration a couple of weeks later.

In addition to his outspoken conservatism and disregard for human life, Clarke was known for wearing large cowboy hats and fake medals.

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  1. Reason only doesn’t like him because he was a proponent of 2nd Amendment rights! (And also mostly all those abuses of authority.)

    1. He was a Dallas Cowboys fan. That’s enough reason not to like him.

      1. Fan? Don’t you mean blower?

    2. I’m just shocked that RAISIN found a black life that doesn’t matter.

  2. The Sheriff has not been a credit to his race.

    1. It’s sometimes hard to believe these people are even a member of the human race, let alone a credit to it.

      1. Agreed.

    2. Mi>The Sheriff has not been a credit to his race.

      I would argue that a great many humans have given their race a deplorable reputation, even among themselves.

    3. his race

      You talking black or blue?

      (there is a correct answer)

  3. Most damning of all he was a Wisconsinite.

    #Skol Vikes

  4. The web of fucktards surrounding Trump is truly impressive.

  5. Milwaukee County election results – Hillary Clinton, 288,850, Donald Trump, 126,111. I don’t think those were all Trump voters putting the guy in office.

    1. Ever checked the voter rolls in NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, LA – all those places with notoriously bad police departments? They’re not all Republicans running those cities, some of them haven’t seen a Republican in ages.

      1. How about the racial composition of such cities and the correlation between the same and violent crime?

        Ah, yes, the correlation is Donald Trump, Ray Cism, James Crow, Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Bull Connor, David Duke, George Zimmerman, and other white devils.

    2. He tricked lefty voters because he is black and they thought he would be their token black man.

      The difference is when sheriffs elected by lefty jurisdictions don’t do their jobs and someone dies in their custody, its covered up or minimized.

      This guy is responsible for a death, so the Republicans abandoned him and he’s a race traitor, so the left abandoned him.

      1. Let us not overlook the fact that the likes of Sean Hannity have given him a platform in part, because the Sheriff is black.

        Excuse my litotes.

    3. Fair point, but he was probably gone in 2018. The last couple of years have been when he’s really stepped into the political limelight and alienated a lot of Democrats in the process. He also won the primary by a small margin in 2014 so he didn’t have too much breathing room to begin with.

    4. Clarke was initially appointed by a Democratic Governor, and always ran for re-election as a Democrat.

    5. Clarke was initially appointed by a Democratic Governor, and always ran for re-election as a Democrat.

  6. I hope there’s a lot more attention paid to the whole “prisoner died of thirst” thing than the “crazy black guy who betrayed his race and likes Trump” narrative. This guy is scum, plain and simple, and it resulted in death and misery. One thing I’ve noticed among my leftist family and friends is a stunning lack of awareness about just how evil he really is (few people seem to know the dehydration thing), but a vitriolic hatred for him all the same

    1. Yes, he is evil.

      Yes, he has betrayed the human race.

      Yes, he is a crazy black guy.

      No, he should not be treated gingerly by white folks who are inclined to give a pass to “law and order” negroes.

      1. Oh the left doesn’t treat him gingerly at all. Interesting how that goes out the window for them in some cases. I’ve just noticed their hatred is rooted less in things like “his policies resulted in someone dying a horrible death”, and more in “look at this crazy guy in the cowboy hat talking about how he hates BLM”. I could be wrong, but it’s happened twice where the actual details of his abuses were news to them, but they still had a strong opinion of him all the same

        The law and order wing of the GOP doesn’t treat him gingerly, they openly embrace him. They’d love his policies regardless of what he looked like. It’s pretty disgusting. I really hope Trump doesn’t offer him a job again

        1. Yes, white lefties tend to reserve some of their most venomous vitriol for black conservatives or libertarians. In fact, I am convinced that white progressives are tougher on black conservatives than is the rainbow coalition rank and file.

  7. Last year, a woman sued the Milwaukee County Jail for being subjected to repeated sexual assaults by a guard. She also said she was shackled while giving birth.

    I’m gonna venture a guess and say those two things–the sexual assaults and giving birth–are not related?

  8. https://glibertarians.com/

    Now I don’t have to suffer any of Nick and Company’s stupid liberal, SJW bullshit any longer.

    for the last time…..(maybe)

    Reason, the CNN of Journalism.

    1. Troy’s always had his ear to the ground.

  9. Wow Sheriff Clarke is the Bill Cosby of law enforcement?? He went on a rampage raping women, handcuffing them while giving birth and denying people water??? Sounds like this guy should be under the jail. Wait, what he didn’t kill, rape and cause the guy who shot someone to die of dehydration. This is not to say he is not responsible for how his jail is run, but these people in jail rape, murder, extort each other all the time. Some of the people who guard them are no better and if they are part of a union good luck in firing them.

    The VA had people waiting on list who died waiting for care, no convictions. One of our local schools had some teacher diddling the girl students and they can’t even be fired, why the teachers union. If Clarke has a general disregard of human life then please prove that in your writing? You general opinion of the guy means very little otherwise, cause all I hear from you i that he was a Trump supporter and conservative. That is enough to write your article of disdain.

    1. Africanis,
      Thanks for helping wage the battle against those libertarian pussies who seek to destroy or shackle the white race.
      We need more Uncle Toms, like David Clarke and yourself, to show the courage of black submission to white supremacy. As you know, it was slavery that liberated African Americans by bringing them to the New World, including free passage!

      Infowars stands with you … not at your side, of course, but ahead of you, as you have repeatedly stated is your freely chosen preference.. God continue blessing the glorious White Race, and opposing the mixed-race mongrels who now pollute both blood and soil. Hallelujah, non-brother!

      1. You know what an ‘uncle tom’ is?

        An uncle tom is an uppity nigger who won’t do what Democrats say he should do.

        1. You know what an ‘uncle tom’ is?

          I’m not Alex Jones. But I must defend Azathoth!!’s shameful attack on individual liberty

          An uncle tom is an uppity nigger who won’t do what Democrats say he should do.

          Your trash mouth further confirms what you are. As proven here.

          1 : A black who is overeager to win the approval of whites (as by obsequious behavior or uncritical acceptance of white values and goals)

          2 : a member of a low-status group who is overly subservient to or cooperative with authority

          They teach that in high school. Like … oh … french-kissing the ass of a blatant racist like Donald Trump

          Anything else?
          Don’t bother.

    2. Evidently now, whataboutism absolves anyone of any sin.

      1. Like you do next?

        1. Oh, John, you’re so cute when you’re triggered.

          1. Oh, John, you’re so cute when you’re triggered.

            Somebody was!
            Your snark (emphasis added)

            “Evidently now, whataboutism absolves anyone of any sin.

            You’re called out (double standard and false equivalence fallacy)

            “Like you do next?”

            What HAD you done next?

            Oh sure, Sheriff Clarke let someone die of thirst in his jail.
            BUT WHAT ABOUT THE VA???? HUH???????????????????

            The defense rests.

    3. Oh sure, Sheriff Clarke let someone die of thirst in his jail.

      BUT WHAT ABOUT THE VA???? HUH???????????????????

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