Eclipse Finally Actually Happens, Statues in the News, Judge Shot in Ohio: P.M. Links


  • Eclipse
    PAT BENIC/UPI/Newscom

    Oh, hey, did you hear there was a solar eclipse visible across much of the United States today? Apparently lots of folks are talking about it.

  • But there's other news, too! The University of Texas in Austin removed some Confederate statues in the middle of the night. Also, a monument to Christopher Columbus in Baltimore was vandalized overnight. And a guy in Houston, Texas, was arrested for allegedly attempting to plant a bomb on a Confederate statue.
  • Trying to protect President Donald Trump and his family with all their traveling is busting the payroll budget of the Secret Service.
  • An Ohio judge was shot in an apparent ambush attack outside a courthouse Jefferson County. The alleged attacker was killed when the judge and a probation officer returned fire. The judge survived the shooting and was brought to the hospital for surgery. (UPDATE: The Associated Press tweeted that the shooter was the father of one of the football players convicted of rape in Steubenville in 2012)
  • The suspected van driver in last week's terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, was shot and killed by police today 25 miles west of the city.
  • The White House is prepping for a less-than-friendly reception for Trump for his appearance this week at a rally in Phoenix.
  • Baltimore now has a third case of an officer using body-camera footage to re-enact the discovery of evidence. This time the officer apparently self-reported what was done.

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