Bannon Is Out, Britain Gets Its Brexit Act In Order, and An Oregon Lube Company Switches to Human Testing: P.M. Links


  • Steve Bannon & Reince Priebus
    Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

    Steve Bannon, Trump's controversial chief strategist and former Breitbart head, has been forced out of the White House. Mainstream Republicans have expressed relief at his departure. Breitbart commenters have not.

  • Britain slowly cobbles together a plan for what a post-Brexit world might look like.
  • Eugene, Oregon-based sexual lubricant maker Good Clean Love is replacing animal testing with human testing.
  • Police say the recent vehicle attacks in Barcelona, Spain that killed at least 14 people may have been part of a wider plot.
  • Noam Chomsky calls Anitfa "a major gift to the right."