Brickbat: Papers, Please


Konstantin Kolosov / Dreamstime

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control officers will begin going door-to-door in West Covina to make sure dog owners have paid their license fees. Officials admit the move is aimed at raising revenue.

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27 responses to “Brickbat: Papers, Please

  1. Hmmm… Licensing and extorting people in exchange for allowing them to keep their beloved pets is great and all, but I feel we can do better…

    Wait. I’ve GOT IT. I’ve figured out how to raise revenue, give Planned Parenthood a long-term boost, AND stick it to the Catholics all at the same time!

    1. Well it’ll certainly make chartered accountancy a much more interesting job.

      1. ..cause I’m the tax man woah oh…

  2. And cats get a pass. Evil bastards. I’ll bet Antifa are all cat peole too

    1. Cats are assholes, and so are the “antifa” fascists. It only makes sense.


    2. Just for the record; the last two letters of ‘antifa’ are not for ‘fascist’, they are for ‘free America’.

  3. What will we do if California secedes and takes all the most talented politicians?

    1. We will meet that event with mixed emotions; joy and happiness!

    2. No more TOP MEN from Taxifornia. What a shame.

  4. How much will it cost to deploy SWAT for those not answering the doorbell?

    1. Broken Front Door: 30$
      Dead Pomeranian: 500$
      Knowing That The Law Has Been Upheld: Priceless

      1. You forgot going hone safe and sound to beat the wife.

        1. No, that’s part of #3. Cops need stress relievers, you know. All that Upholding is hard work.

        2. Don’t forget the children.

          1. yes, always remember to beat the children…

  5. Remember this phrase: “Fuck you, get a warrant.”


    1. We don’t need a warrant. We heard barking and there is the distinct smell of dog biscuits coming from your place.

  6. Jesus, this will be going down in dog history like the Rape of Nanking. How many dogs you suppose are going to get shot?

    1. Damn. I thought you were going to have the police do something else to the dogs since you started with “Rape of ….”

      1. “We raped the horses and rode off on the women!”

  7. The question I have is, are these people too stupid to come up with a plausible pretext, like calling this a community outreach effort wherein animal control officers will be going door-to-door handing out informational pamphlets on legal pet ownership and if they should happen to see some illegal pet ownership along the way, oh well, or are the peasants in the People’s Republic so thoroughly cowed that their masters don’t even feel the need to disguise an unconstitutional warrantless search of the general population?

    1. “or are the peasants in the People’s Republic so thoroughly cowed that their masters don’t even feel the need to disguise an unconstitutional warrantless search of the general population?”

      Been to an airport lately?
      Any government building?

      1. yo momma’s bedroom?

        1. No restrictions there, just take a number and wait in the lobby.

          1. I kept getting cavity checks in the lobby. Those were official, right?

    2. It will probably be done the way my local county did it a couple years ago – they sent someone around to any homeowner who had ever licensed a pet to verify they still owned the pet and sold the licenses on the spot if you gave them cash or a check.

      The only real consequence to not paying your license is if your cat/dog/hamster gets impounded. The cost to get them out if they are unlicensed is about 5x the yearly license fee.

      Still against it.

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