North Korea's Nuke Program Advances, Seattle Adds As Many Cars as People, and Texas' Transgender Bathroom Bill Falters: P.M. Links


  • A view of a Talos surface-to-air guided missile, moments after being launched from the starboard side of the guided missile cruiser USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CG 5) at the Pacific Missile Test Range.
    Navy / National Archive/Wikimedia Commons

    The Washington Post has reported on a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment which has found that North Korea has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead, allowing it to place nuclear weapons atop ballistic missiles. Read Reason's recent coverage of North Korea here.

  • Seattle is adding cars just as fast as people according the Seattle Times. This still does not make the city's $54 billion light rail expansion a good idea.
  • The American Conservative explains why Georgia won't and shouldn't be a NATO member.
  • A Texas bill that would restrict transgender bathroom use is faltering in the state's 30 day special legislative session. Proponents are pessimistic about its changes. Read Reason's coverage on the bill here.
  • The federal government has decided to not screen train operators for sleep apnea. Panic ensues.