North Korea's Nuke Program Advances, Seattle Adds As Many Cars as People, and Texas' Transgender Bathroom Bill Falters: P.M. Links


  • A view of a Talos surface-to-air guided missile, moments after being launched from the starboard side of the guided missile cruiser USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CG 5) at the Pacific Missile Test Range.
    Navy / National Archive/Wikimedia Commons

    The Washington Post has reported on a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment which has found that North Korea has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead, allowing it to place nuclear weapons atop ballistic missiles. Read Reason's recent coverage of North Korea here.

  • Seattle is adding cars just as fast as people according the Seattle Times. This still does not make the city's $54 billion light rail expansion a good idea.
  • The American Conservative explains why Georgia won't and shouldn't be a NATO member.
  • A Texas bill that would restrict transgender bathroom use is faltering in the state's 30 day special legislative session. Proponents are pessimistic about its changes. Read Reason's coverage on the bill here.
  • The federal government has decided to not screen train operators for sleep apnea. Panic ensues.

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  1. The federal government has decided to not screen train operators for sleep apnea.

    You know who didn’t let the trains fall asleep?

    1. Thomas the Tank Engine?

      1. Actually, that job usually fell to Sir Topham Hat.

    2. The California state legislature?

    3. Hello.

      Yyyeah. In addition to those TPS reports, I think it may be time to deal with the Norks.

      1. It’s too late, the window of opportunity closed, now it’s another country we hope will follow MAD theory. I pray that peace through nuclear proliferation is a thing.

    4. You know who didn’t let the trains fall asleep?

      UVA frat boys?

    5. El Duche?

  2. The Washington Post has reported on a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment which has found that North Korea has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead, allowing it to place nuclear weapons atop ballistic missiles.

    Coincidence or irony, but I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout recently.

    1. I made the mistake of starting to play the new Legend of Zelda game. It’s addictive as fuck.

      1. Robby?

        1. Maybe it’s a Misery situation and he has Robby tied to the bed, forcing him to watch as he plays his Nintendo Switch?

      2. I am too. It is huuuuuuuge. You can do anything in any order or do nothing at all. The amount of content and freedom of the game is insane.

        1. It sounds so awesome when you say it like that, but goddam am I tired of GADA sandboxes in lieu of compelling narrative.

  3. The Washington Post has reported on a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment which has found that North Korea has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead…

    …and will be placing inside a Trump Steak!!!

  4. The American Conservative explains why Georgia won’t and shouldn’t be a NATO member.

    Redundant to have states admitted when the US is already a member.

    1. I just assumed it had something to do with Jimmy Carter. Once that old fart’s gone, Georgia can re-apply.

      1. Not sure if YOU know- Not the Peach State.

    2. I bet the answer is that there are already enough NATO allies that can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. We have our quota met and even exceeded

      1. TAC says that Georgia can’t join NATO cuz that would piss off the Rus too much.

  5. ‘Virtue Signaling’ Isn’t the Problem. Not Believing One Another Is.

    Once you’ve decided [virtue signaling] has become universal on the left, almost any public utterance of concern becomes easy to write off as false ? as mere performance. It applies when people express dismay that a robotics team made up of Afghan girls may be barred from entering the United States; when someone frets about the American poverty rate; when The Associated Press shares information about a deadly oil-tanker fire in Pakistan. Every one of these things has been described online as the unholy product of ”virtue signaling.”

    There is a clear implication here: Nobody could really care very much about any of these things, except insofar as it allows them to appear virtuous. No one cares about Afghan girls or distant tanker fires; no one is that concerned about America’s poor. The term carves the world neatly into parts: There are real concerns, and there are contrived, theatrical ones. As one Twitter user wrote to Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey: ”Voters care about jobs, security, family, retirement. Not bathrooms, gay marriage, virtue signaling, climate and transgender.” Those who purport to care about the latter set of issues ? including, apparently, gay or transgender people ? must be doing so for attention.

    1. The real problem, of course, isn’t the signaling part: Everyone is signaling all the time, whether it’s about social justice or their commitment to Second Amendment rights or their concerns about immigration law. Those who accuse others of virtue signaling seem angry about the supposed virtues themselves ? angry that someone, anyone, appears to care about something they do not. Another Twitter user, defending Donald Trump after the infamous ”Access Hollywood” tape, wrote: ”Stop virtue signaling. It doesn’t work. Are you saying you never talked dirty in a [private] conversation?” The logic here is not that Trump or his actions were morally correct, but that no one else is, either, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

      Those who cry ”virtue signaling,” though? At least, they claim, they’re honest about it. They are, of course, trying to signal something about their own values: that they are pragmatic, appropriately cynical, in touch with the painful facts of everyday life. Virtue signaling can be a way of staking out a position in an argument ? not just the high ground, but the highest ground. (You may be against racism, but I am more against racism than you.) But calling out virtue signaling is a useful position in itself.

      1. And accusations of ”virtue signaling” are, more than anything, a way of walking out on that argument and dismissing it altogether ? a quick and easy solution for those moments when engaging and listening, agreeing or disagreeing, seem too hard, too challenging, too personal, too dangerous.


      2. Someone needs to get reacquainted with “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

    2. That’s one way to misunderstand the term “virtue signaling,” sure.

      1. You are just virtue signaling your superior understanding of virtue signaling.

      2. LOL, yeah, it’s a long article all just saying “I don’t know what the term actually means.”

        1. The author should ask Robby. He’s so woke and dreamy and signally.

      3. It’s how most people online seem to use the term.

        1. I don’t know about “most people” but I do think it is a not uncommon usage. It is true in my experience anyway, where people will dismiss your concerns about an issue by questioning your motives. That’s all it really is.

  6. The American Conservative explains why Georgia won’t and shouldn’t be a NATO member.

    I’ve heard the weather in Atlanta sucks and all they drink is Coke.

    1. Not true. People also drink IPAs there.

      1. Sounds like a hellhole.

        1. Yes, I do think there is a portal to hell somewhere in Atlanta, at the back of a Waffle House. I’ve said too much.

          1. Waffle House IS the portal!

          2. That was just the grease trap, though I can understand your confusion.

        2. They don’t call it HOTlanta for nothing.

    2. And they arrest trannies for wearing pink and carrying condoms.

    3. …and all they drink is Coke.

      Sweet Dixie champagne!

  7. Seattle is adding cars just as fast as people according the Seattle Times.

    Those don’t seem like very fast cars, even at Usain Bolt speeds.

    1. Since most of the mayoral candidates in last week’s primary proudly associate themselves with the “war on cars,” I’m sure they’d like it if the incoming cars were even slower. Mandated by city ordinance, of course.

  8. In Defense of Cigarettes

    But one thing we don’t need science to tell us is that we willingly and habitually inject a load of poisons into our system. The kind that aren’t delivered by Philip Morris, but by your cable and Internet providers: the victimhood and self-pity, the partisan rage and distrust that tend to convince us that our side alone is God’s Avenger, while the other side is dishonest, violent, and cheesy?some lab-hatched hybrid of Baghdad Bob, Pol Pot, and vape-shop owners.

    1. ‘the fuck was that all about???

    2. So… fake news causes cancer?

      I’m not 100% sure what the author is trying to say.

      1. It’s a good piece! I just chose a fun section. Gosh, you guys are the worst.

        1. More MILFs having sex with teen students, less articles that make me try to think!!!

        2. Like i got time to read more than the quoted bit. C’mon!

    3. But how does he feel about chewing tobacco?

      1. secondhand chaw is not cool

        1. True. It’s usually quite warm.

  9. “A Texas bill that would restrict transgender bathroom use is faltering in the state’s 30 day special legislative session.”

    Have you guys covered the Austin local governments pee pee diktat that mandates private business bathroom policy, or nah, we only believe in smaller government when it’s wrong think?

    1. This looks like a good issue over which you should quit commenting here in protest.

      1. Eh..maybe? I don’t know it is a pretty massive hypocrisy. And I don’t remember commenting about it that often, but OK, you’re the boss

        1. “Massive hypocrisy”

          That was my nickname in college.

        2. I mean they can’t cover every single instance of oppression. These low paid interns are a scarce resource.

          1. I guess, but they sure seem to always have the resources to cover the response to these ordinances that mandate bathroom usage for private businesses (North Carolina, Texas).

          2. ^ Skippy’s mom apologist right here ^

    2. This is going to be a big surprise to you, because this is the first time you have whined about Reason not covering something that they wrote about, but Shackford wrote about it in July.

      1. Citizen X – #6 | 7.19.17 @ 2:59PM

        I feel kinda bad that Certain Commenters are gonna skip right over your disclaimer here, Shaquille.

        1. Was i wrong? Because i sort of remember being very much NOT wrong.

            1. Saw it. You were wrong. I don’t think you grasp the point here. Actually, you definitely don’t grasp the point. What keeps being reported are the bills responding to the local government laws mandating private business bathroom policies.

              That would be as if a state passed a bill protecting abortion providers from a local ordinance requiring their doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital and then only reporting about the overreach of the state bill.

              No one people have left this site

              1. Are you confusing me with Crusty or with MJGreen?

      2. Right. He mentioned the state legislature bill, but there was no article when Austin first passed their bill. The same was done with North Carolina. I don’t think you grasp the point

        1. I don’t, but please continue to whine about it.

  10. A Texas bill that would restrict transgender bathroom use is faltering in the state’s 30 day special legislative session.

    This FEELZ important, don’t fuck it up.

  11. “The American Conservative explains why Georgia won’t and shouldn’t be a NATO member.”

    No way they should be a member; they’re too far south. After all it’s the NORTH Atlantic Treaty Organization. But once South Carolina becomes a member, I have not objections.

  12. “ElizabethNolanBrown?Verified account @ENBrown 10h10 hours ago
    Again, conservatives manage to express their dissatisfaction with liberal overreaction by being 5x as melodramatic, whiny, & “triggered””

    Uhhh, yyyyeah, While you’re working on those TPS reports, you might want to go ahead and stop referring yourself as libertarian.

    For the Love of God, ENB. Get a grip.

      1. I like how you quote pretty much the most libertarian comment ever while calling her not a libertarian.

        1. Please do expand.

          1. You expand, since you are the one who seems to think pointing out conservative hysterics is somehow un-libertarian.

            1. Nothing is more libertarian than silencing opposing view points. This is known.

              1. Nothing is more libertarian than silencing opposing view points. This is known.

                Was this supposed to be on a different conversation? Or do you consider mocking people online to be the same as silencing them?

            2. First of all, it was a jab at her original post for suggesting a guy be fired over a sandwich.

              Second, in case you two haven’t been around here over the last little while, there’s a trend among some writers here that engage in some garbage false equivalence that somehow conservatives are ‘whiners’ for having the temerity to hit back or defend themselves against campus madness.

              Have you been paying attention to what’s been going on campuses or is that just hysterics?

              So. No, he has to expand on how what she said was ‘the most libertarian comment ever’.

              1. You didn’t post anything about sandwiches, you posted a comment pointing out that conservatives responded to liberal whininess by being even whinier.

                I’ve been here for about 15 years. The biggest thing that has changed here recently is people getting butthurt that reason won’t be more overtly Republican, or play specifically to their own irrational biases.

                1. My bad for not having prefaced it.

                  I didn’t notice that but hey.

                  If you’ve been here 15 years then you should get the ‘gist’ of my musings.

                  1. Jesus, please forgive these disjointed comments. If they’re confusing it’s because I’m answering while working – which I shouldn’t do.

                    The ‘turn in your libertarian card’ bit was tongue in cheek. However, I do feel she’s more liberal than libertarian.

                2. “You didn’t post anything about sandwiches, ”

                  Then what did that link he posted point to?

                3. “I’ve been here for about 15 years.”


              2. She was playing off a tweet that this is “bad news for civilization.” I disagree with her in this case – as there are those liberals saying the memo made Google employees legitimately unsafe in the workplace and all that – but there’s nothing silly or unlibertarian about her sentiment. Plenty of times, conservatives will respond to some liberal or progressive development as endangering all of Western civilization, or resulting in widespread sexual abuse of girls, that kind of dumb shit.

                1. or unlibertarian about her sentiment.

                  Whatever happens on Twitter aside, 2017 libertarianism seems to be: if you disagree with me, you aren’t libertarian.

                  If any of you lazy hogs had read my linked Matt LaBash piece, you would know that instead of rehashing a Twitter fight, you should smoke a cigarette and become one with society.

                  1. if you disagree with me, you aren’t libertarian.

                    Except that’s true you dumb fucker.

                  2. You lost me at cigarettes and at weekly standard, but a guy with the name of Matt LaBash deserves my attention.

                    1. Fair! I think he is an excellent writer, but even if you don’t like the piece, there are other alternatives to playing True Libertarian Police, such as: everything else.

                2. It reveals her to be more liberal. Not progressive but liberal; which is a compliment.

                  1. Did you mean you meant it as a compliment to call her more liberal. Or do you mean being liberal is a compliment to being progressive?

      2. That bitly link kinda proves her point…

    1. At least we got an interesting Scott Alexander piece out of it, one that’s ridiculously timely now that the Google controversy has exploded

      There aren’t many female engineers for a reason. There aren’t many female libertarians for a reason too 🙁

      1. There can be more than one reason.

        1. Because individuals should not be viewed as members of some identity group or not a woke enough reason?

          1. Yup. Nothing is more libertarian than identity groups

            1. Well just read the article. She devotes a whole section to the “identity politics” complaint. Maybe you don’t find it convincing, that’s fine. But at least maybe try to argue the point on its merits?

            2. It’s one of libertarianisms biggest problems. Women are just too stupid to resist how useless identity politics are.

            3. Theoretically we’re a really big tent. You can be socially conservative or socially liberal and still be a libertarian so long as you don’t support using government aggression to work towards those ends. But paradoxically I think that also does naturally skew us towards being white males. The guy who says “Taxation is theft” and then immediately says “Feminism is cancer” does not necessarily lose his libertarian credentials for the second statement, but a woman hearing that is probably no longer very amenable to the first part. So in that way I get what ENB was saying with her initial tweet, and we should be careful to avoid being associated with reactionary (or libertine) social views, because that’s not the point of the movement

              But an even bigger issue is that in today’s climate, a cosmotarian who says “We should stop fighting all these ridiculous wars” and then follows that up with “Paid maternity leave is a bad idea” provokes a response that’s surprisingly close to what the first guy got, so maybe demonizing the first guy as the entire reason why we don’t have female libertarians is unfair. Remember: more people came over on Ron than on Gary. The point of Scott Alexander’s piece is that perhaps there’s an upper limit on our appeal with certain groups

              1. My guess is even “We need to stop fighting all these ridiculous wars” falls apart once it is made more concrete. People often only agree with libertarianism in the large. My guess is if you polled people and asked “Should we stop fighting so many wars abroad?” the agreement would be very high. If you asked them, “Should we fight with South Korea against North Korea” apparently many would agree with that.

                The same is true for paid maternity leave. You could probably get many to agree that it would be good to create less regulations, but my guess is once you make it concrete people would say they do want paid maternity leave.

                I truly believe most people believe that the government is the source of good things. The issue is making them do it, not that it is inherently flawed to demand such things.

                1. Well sure, if that weren’t true we’d be a hell of a lot bigger. But my point is that a lot of the more socially liberal libertarians get called all the same vicious names as the more socially conservative ones even when they don’t get involved in culture war bullshit. Rolling back welfare has become racist. Opposing maternity leave has become sexist. Perhaps that’s an indicator that some of these people can’t be reached, even when you do silence the guy on Twitter making a joke about women making sandwiches. Perhaps it’s also an indicator that trying to team up with the left in the culture wars has limited upside, as does performing a purge of libertarians with cultural and social views that the left won’t like when they’re taking a peek at what we have to offer

  13. Married mom goes to prison for sex with teenage boys

    Brooke Lajiness, 38, of Lima Township, Mich., was sentenced Monday to four years and nine months to 15 years in prison following an earlier guilty plea to several counts of criminal sexual conduct, reports.

    Lajiness, who authorities say confessed to having sex with the boys in her car when they were 14 and 15 last summer, appeared on the verge of tears while reading a statement before a judge prior to sentencing.

    Even if it’s five years…

    1. That’s just pure lajiness.

    2. Fuck this one is tragic, ugh. UGH!

      The mother of one of the victims said in an impact statement ? which was read by a victim advocate ? that her son has suffered serious psychological and emotional damage from the illicit trysts.

      “You made a conscious effort on several occasions to make arrangements to meet my son, sneak out of your house, start your car, leave your husband and children at home and drive to my son’s father’s house, back into the driveway between midnight and 4 a.m., wait for my son to run in the driveway, commit a crime and leave,” the mother wrote. “Did you know that this was wrong? Did you ever worry about the harm you were doing to my son?”

      The woman said her son, who is in therapy, was picked on by classmates who said “it’s cool” that he had sex with Lajiness.

      The kid could also get carpal tunnel from all those high-fives.

      1. So being called “cool” is now bullying?


        1. Bully!

  14. A Texas bill that would restrict transgender bathroom use is faltering in the state’s 30 day special legislative session.

    What kind of red state can’t keep itself interested in the bathroom wars?

    1. Porta potties are for everyone.

  15. A Texas bill that would restrict transgender bathroom use is faltering in the state’s 30 day special legislative session.

    Well, no one wants those trannies to get all backed up.

    1. They won’t they’re trans after all.

  16. Proponents are pessimistic about its changes.

    Maybe those changes are why its chances are so grim.

  17. The American Conservative explains why Georgia won’t and shouldn’t be a NATO member.

    More fallout from the Confederate controversy.

    1. The South shall rise again!

  18. Local Dipshit Planning On Fighting Trump Administration Through Art

    Saying he felt compelled to personally respond to the actions of a president he views as vicious and corrupt, local dipshit Scott Rudnick announced Thursday his intention to fight the Trump administration through his art.

    I Didn’t Circumcise My Son Because It’s Time We Acknowledge That Penises Are Funny-Looking No Matter What

    We’ve spent far too much time focusing on the cultural and societal implications of circumcision, and neglected the big, floppy clown shoe staring us in the face the whole time: that no matter how you style penises, they will always be the most ridiculous-looking appendage on the human body. Cut or uncut, every single one of them goes ‘boing boing’ and flops about like a waterlogged Muppet who survived a flood at Jim Henson’s workshop.

    1. Hey, Waterlogged Muppet was my stripper name!

      1. I guess there is a niche market for male strippers that cry so much that their pubes get waterlogged?

        1. I was pulling down over $7000 a year, easy.

          1. That’s a lot of sympathy singles.

    2. As long as they don’t get a grant for their art. Art away.

      1. Shit. Messed that one up.

        I’ve read artists who claim they want to do just that and…well the rest up is in the first comment.

    3. Local Dipshit Planning On Fighting Trump Administration Through Art

      The Onion is getting lazy, this is just an NPR segment with synonyms for dipshit inserted throughout

    4. My penis is beautiful.

  19. The federal government has decided to not screen train operators for sleep apnea. Panic ensues.

    They were going to make it mandatory for truck and bus drivers too? That’s a lot of money that could have been in someone’s pocket cause those tests are expensive. Takes some work off my work plate so huzzah!

  20. Damn, Glen Campbell passed away. Another one of the greats, gone.

    1. RIP.

    2. Better off dead than living with Alzheimers, but yes, Glen Campbell was great, and did an amazing job vocalizing Jimmy Webb’s lyrics.

  21. Moderate drinking is good for creativity as it loosens the brain’s controlling instincts and makes you spontaneous

    ‘We found that a small drink can indeed help with certain aspects of creativity, although it may make hard, focused work more difficult.

    ‘So it might well work for someone who is sitting down to do creative writing or brainstorming ideas in a boardroom.

    1. That’s why i always shotgun a couple of beers before going to a meeting.

      1. That’s why you’ve never made it big. Gin is the gentleman’s choice for drunken brainstorming.

      2. Pussy! I shotgun beers in meetings!

    2. The Stainless Steel Rat approves this message.

      1. I loved those books. Too bad he didn’t write more of those.

    1. They are just giving back to the community, with a cut.

  22. Trump gets a folder full of positive news about himself twice a day

    Twice a day since the beginning of the Trump administration, a special folder is prepared for the president. The first document is prepared around 9:30 a.m. and the follow-up, around 4:30 p.m. Former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer both wanted the privilege of delivering the 20-to-25-page packet to President Trump personally, White House sources say.

    These sensitive papers, described to VICE News by three current and former White House officials, don’t contain top-secret intelligence or updates on legislative initiatives. Instead, the folders are filled with screenshots of positive cable news chyrons (those lower-third headlines and crawls), admiring tweets, transcripts of fawning TV interviews, praise-filled news stories, and sometimes just pictures of Trump on TV looking powerful.

    1. LOL

      They aren’t paying that intern enough.

    2. Oh good Lord.

      And this is the man who is going to start WW3 over North Korea.

      Heaven help us.

      1. God looks down and whispers, “No.”

    3. Too funny. Or sad? I mean really.

    4. Ya know, I kind of get this one from Trump. Must be hella hard to endure ceaseless hysteria.

      This actually reminds me of during the Civil War, when Lincoln was far from the beloved status he has posthumously, he’d get torn up in the papers every day, loads of people thought he was the worst and were vocal about it. Anyway story goes when he was having a rough day he’d have an aide bring him Virginian newspaper so he could read what they were writing about Jefferson Davis — basically the same ceaseless complaining and finger pointing. Supposedly it’d make Lincoln feel better knowing that Davis wasn’t getting it any easier.

    5. Do you think he’s the first president to have a setup like this? I’m gonna lean towards no

      1. I’m still convinced that most of his narcissism is not unusual in the least. Trump is just unusually open about it.

        1. You mean people who want to lord over their fellow man might be full of themselves?

          I’m reminded of a Woody Allen quote:

          “If I were to say which Greek god I take after, I would definitely not say Narcissus”
          “Who would you say?”

    6. Why do so many of you buy this so uncritically.

        1. Who said they were? In fact, on a board where conversations happen, one wonders why, if you’re assuming things, why you didn’t assume I was addressing the people here.

  23. “I think the Straus team has already decided that they are not going to let it out,” said Mr. Stickland


  24. So ENB appears to be fully on the Google/feminist side of this whole thing. Not just on the legal right to fire him, which I haven’t seen anybody argue against, but on the merits of the actual memo. Dissapointed. It seems she’s gone off the deep end

    1. I don’t want to give credence to this. White Knight has a sad.

    2. What did she say? I just trawled her twitter and I didn’t see any statements on her part.

    3. A brief review of her Twitter timeline doesn’t reveal “cheerleading” for Google. It does reveal, however, mockery at conservatives who are typically hyperventilating and gnashing of teeth over GoogleMemoGate.

      1. It looks like she’s repeatedly trying to avoid commentary about the Google controversy.

        Off. The. Deep. End.

      2. I think a lot of conservatives would probably disagree with large parts of the memo in any other context

        But I’m still thankful for all the “Goolag” jokes

    4. It turns out he filed a complaint, so Google apparently did not have the right to fire him at all and appears to be in hot water.

  25. The federal government has decided to not screen train operators for sleep apnea. Panic ensues.

    Shouldn’t they be concerned about overtired operators directly? Sleep Apnea seems like it’s just a possible cause to the big problem rather than the issue itself.

    1. I though Sleep Apnea referred to stopping breathing while sleeping. Also snoring, which is sometimes associated with stopping breathing. It doesn’t refer to suddenly falling asleep. That would be narcolepsy.

      1. So I don’t know why Sleep Apnea would even be an issue for conductors. What do the feds care if they snore?

  26. Seattle is adding cars just as fast as people according the Seattle Times. This still does not make the city’s $54 billion light rail expansion a good idea.

    I kept reading that Millennials eschewed cars for greener, more sustainable transportation. Given that Millennials are the ones filling this city, I’m guessing that trend was more wishful hype than reality.

    1. It’s all the poors we can’t gentrify out. They keep using the money they save on their subsidized housing to buy progressively more cars.

    2. The have bumper stickers condemning fossil fuels.

      1. An bumper stickers that say “coexist” with all the religious symbols.

  27. Jeebus H Cripes, people! Sleep apnea means someone can’t sleep well at night, NOT that they’re going to fall asleep at the switch!!! Stop acting like the world’s coming to an end!

    1. Sleep apnea’s interference with night time sleep causes sufferers to be fatigued the next day.

      And the end of the world is fast approaching because they are then not WOKE enough!

    2. The world is coming to an end eventually.

      1. ~1 Billion years when the Sun starts to go all Red Giant on us.

        1. Well, technically, in 1 Billion years it won’t be “us”. In fact, if by some bizarre chance some distant, evolved form of the human race still exists it won’t even resemble “us”.

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