Friday Funnies: Jeff Sessions Fights Gang Violence


Chip Bok—Creators Syndicate

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  1. Chris Farley really has it in for Ross Perot.

  2. ///GardenGnomeLivesMatter

  3. AG Sessions patiently awaits the arrival of President Pence.

    1. Be careful what you wish for.

      That’s two old timey drug warriors in one sentence.

      1. Thats not wishful thinking, that IS the plan. Has been all along. The establishment has spent 9 months trying to set up the plausible back-storry for his removal and replacement with Pence. DO you honestly think Trump picked Pence?

        1. No! I don’t. Pence is part of the swamp! He appears to lack judgment, with his continued support for some of the items in the Republican agenda. They have fought a drug war for over fifty years. There has been a worsening of the opiod crisis, after the dealers and cartels decided to start lacing the heroin (diacetylmorphine) with one of the most potent synthetic narcotics known to man! They clandestinely produce the Fentanyl, as well. They are impure and of unknown potency! It is the main problem responsible for opiod deaths. Why, when everyone knows the dangers of use of these drugs, do they continue to use them and become addicted. It certainly is worse. Maybe, the powers that be need to start thinking out of the box, since the war on drugs has failed to reduce the problems, up to now. It is an insane behavior to continue, the same, abject failure! They still have not figured out that Prohibition just causes more crime and death?! Why do they think that failed?!

  4. SOMEONE’S hankerin’ for a subpoena.

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  6. Can I get in on that?

    1. Sure! Just hold still.

  7. I never realized I was taller than Jeff Sessions. That was surprising.

  8. I like that he labeled the bat.

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