Brickbat: Nice Car You Got There


Colorado Springs Police
Co. Springs Police

Mary and Clyde Antrim's car was stolen and recovered a few days later by Colorado Springs police. But the cops refused to give it back to them, saying it was being held for evidence. A month after that, Mary saw online that the cops planned to auction the vehicle. When a local TV station started looking into the matter, cops said they'd informed the Antrims they could pick up the car. But there's no record of the police doing that until the station called them. The department then agreed to return the car to the Antrims.

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  1. What rotten luck, having your car stolen twice in a matter of days.

  2. “Well, Mr. Antrim, we figured you’d be too scared… ehh… I mean, too busy to come over and pick it up, so we just thought…”

  3. But once in a while you get a good one.

    The video shows it was raining on Oct. 1, 2016, when Wilson pulled his vehicle on the road some distance in front of the officers.

    It wasn’t until a minute later when the cruiser pulled behind Wilson at a light and officers noted the vehicle had Pennsylvania plates ? it was a rental ? that they began vocalizing that Wilson cut them off.

    But Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Steven Dankof ordered that none of this can be submitted as evidence against Wilson because the reasons for the stop were contrived.

  4. Fuck those guys. Who’s the criminal element in this story, sounds like the armed gang in blue to me.

  5. “saying it was being held for evidence”

    There is no way once the car was recovered the PD has detectives out searching for the thieves.
    The Antrims should demand documentation of the Detectives assigned to the ongoing investigation and an accounting of how many man-hours they put in.
    Then those Detectives (if they exist – they don’t) should be arrested for trying to sell the car from under the owners.
    If there was no ongoing investigation, the Police Chief should be arrested for trying… etc.

    I can dream can’t I?

    1. when you smoke the right shit, anything is possible!

      1. Goldberry makes a mean magic mushroom quiche.

        1. Who should have played you in the movie (had they not cut the Old Forest)? I was for Robin Williams.

          1. Bill Murray could’ve made those songs work.

    2. “The Antrims should demand documentation of the Detectives assigned to the ongoing investigation and an accounting of how many man-hours they put in.”

      I’d also advise them to check the odometer to see how many miles were put on their car while it was “sitting in the impoundment lot.”

  6. We reached out to police who refused to address the situation on camera or provide a formal comment.

    Seems on the surface that the police were acting cowardly every step of the way, not having the courage to admit their mistakes or apologizing, but heroes can’t be cowards so there must be another explanation. Maybe it has something to do with her being 80 years old somehow.

    1. I live there and they do not respond to reports of abandoned vehicles nor do they actively search for steals. My vehicle was stolen and an officer never even responded to my home. I put up flyers and offered a reward. I had a few vague tips from some who lived on the fringes. I did learn of a large building that had a ramshackle vacant house in front. The building was on a main drag and had no signage just two large entry garage doors. I noticed it had unusually large electric conduit supply power from large meters. Too much wire for that building. I had been told it may be a chop shop. I searched county public records to learn the owners names were something akin to “Rover and Fido” (obviously to me it was somebody’s pets listed as owners). Dead-end? I googled those names and it seems the dogs were in society page articles as attending various parties with their owner who was named. That name when I googled it turned out to be a high ranking state official…

  7. So now asset forfeiture is being used against the victims as well as the un-charged, un-arrested, un-guilty, alleged perpetrators?

    To the barricades! Save the elderly.

    1. nah, throw the elderly to the ravening horde, it will slow them down enough for you to get away…

      1. But I AM one of them! And with my arthritis, I still couldn’t get away.

        (I do not try to outrun the bear, or my companions. Second amendment, you know)

  8. Customer service, being so poor whether in private or public sector, I wait about a week to “hear back” or get something “in the mail” and then I start bugging the crap out of the responsible party. Cops, in this case, were dicks but the owners should have been all over them after a week. One can’t assume that officialdom is benevolent. And,for self-preservation, I maintain at least a nodding acquaintance with a local official or two who can cut red tape or at least get you an appointment to plead your case.

  9. A month after that, Mary saw online that the cops planned to auction the vehicle.

    Well, they need to buy more ammo. There are a lot of family pets out there that still need to be shot.

  10. Police Department = Gang of horse thieves

    Stop. Chipper Time.

    1. I’m so stealing this.

  11. Colorado Springs. The Libertarian Mecca. Sigh.

  12. Better check that car head to toe for any drugs the cops may have planted as a big FU to the people that made them look foolish.

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