Google Goes Facebook, Trump Picks Ambassador to Russia, New Video Shows Dangers of Occupational Licensing: A.M. Links


  • Chris Fitzgerald / Candidate Photos/Newscom

    President Trump plans to nominate Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of American to the Russian Federation, the White House announced late Tuesday.

  • Nothing excuses the way police treated the woman in this video. That said, this is why you don't give police the duty to enforce illegal flower peddling.
  • "Google is following in Facebook's footsteps, with plans to redesign its popular search page on mobile phones so that you'll get something similar to the social media site's Newsfeed," NPR reports.
  • Everyone's favorite Trump-conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch is convinced that Steve Bannon is about to be executed for espionage.

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